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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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developing this morning: rescue crews are digging for survivors... after a deadly earthquake.. in italy. ((walter it's finally here. the first ?local zika case... in the bay area. and today... what local ?schools are doing, to keep students safe. ((walter plus: get ready for the crowds... get ready for the traffic... get ready for the protests. donald trump ?is back in tampa ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. jennifer has the morning off. those stories in a minute, but first.. we need to get to dave.... who has a storm system we ?really
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new this morning: bradenton police are searching for man... in connection with the death of a ?baby. police say they got a call yesterday about a ten month old child that was brought to manatee memorial hospital and died. the child was last seen in the
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patrick neri." they say he was supposed to be babysitting the ten month old and a three year old child. it's not clear if neri is ?related to them. police now want warrants for neri's arrest... for both felony child abuse and child neglect. if you've seen him... call bradenton police. developing right now in italy... a city is waking up ?buried under rubble. the area was just hit by an earthquake overnight. it measured a magnitude six point one. and at last check, at least ?11 people have died. it was centered by the city of "amatrice" ... just north east of rome in central italy. and the aftershocks were felt as far away as the capitol city. but ?most of the damage was centered in "amatrice." several stone buildings came crumbling down... leaving the streets filled with debris. a local news agency says one family of four was ?buried under the rubble of their home. emergency workers have been trying to dig them out... but there are no signs of life. this is the same area that had an earthquake back in 2009. that quake killed more than
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governor scott is in tampa today... holding another roundtable discussion, on the zika virus. and it's pretty timely. that's because the bay area has its first ?non travel related case. state health officials say it's in pinellas county. but right now, the governor says there are no ?areas of active transmission there. the governor and state surgeon general say they are now retracing the woman's steps, testing her relatives and speaking with her co-workers to figure out how far it has gotten. so far, she is the only ?confirmed locally transmitted zika could be an isolated incideent. the governor said the only places of "active transmission" right now are in south florida. the state says there are 620 ?total zika cases in florida... with about fifty of them in the bay area. but all the rest,
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the governor held another zika roundtable tuesday in pasco county. he says the area of active transmission in miami has been cut in half, from a square mile, to a half mile. and that case in pinellas county has health officials ?reminding people about mosquito prevention. ob-gyn doctors are advising pregnant women to try to stay indoors or in and wear deet-containing bug repellent outside. they should also spray clothing with mosquito deterrant called "permethrin". zika tests are being offered to pregnant women for free, in every county in florida. and that zika case also has pinellas county ?schools being extra vigilent. officials are now taking extra steps to keep students safe in the classrooms. the school board released ?this statement, about how they're handling zika: quote... pinellas county schools will continue to work with the pinellas county and
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in place to deal with mosquito control (dumping standing water, etc.). teachers will share information with students provided to them within the governor's teacher's toolkit. at this point in time recess will not be affected. concerned parents should spray their students skin and clothing with insect repellant before coming to school. fox 13's shayla reaves will be in pinellas county this morning covering this for us. she'll have a live update, in our next half hour. the florida highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash this morning in clearwater. a man ?tried to cross the street... but he never made it. it happened around nine-thirty last night at the intersection of roosevelt boulevard and morgan street. a 57 year old man was trying to cross roosevelt when he went right into the path of an oncoming car. the car hit him, and he died at the scene. the man's name has not been released. troopers say he was ?not on a crosswalk, and no charges have been filed. but neighbors
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stretch of road is known for deadly crashes: the accident happened just down the street from a bar. and trooper believe the man may have been drinking before the crash. polk county deputies are searching for a man who carjacked a woman in lakeland. and they just released some video... taken ?moments before the attack. the surveillance video shows the suspected carjacker at a nearby seven-eleven last sunday morning. he's wearing a black t-shirt and a baseball cap. deputies say the man was acting "erratic" and at one point, tosses his hat on the ground. moments later, he was in
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road. an employee was getting into her car... when he approached. he had a chain wrapped around his hand... and demanded that she get out. the car he's accused of stealing was later found crashed and burned a few miles away. if you recognize him from the video... just call the polk county sheriff's office winter haven police need your help... to find two men who have been stealing credit cards. police say they've identified one of the men as damaris matthews. he goes by the name "pappy".. and has an extensive criminal history. they say he used one stolen card at a family dollar store. a few minutes later.. another man used the same card at the store.. police haven't been able to identify him. if you recognize either man.. crimestoppers is offering a 3- thousand dollar reward. the florida state fairgrounds will be ?packed today... but not for a concert. it's another campaign stop, for donald trump. he promised his supporters earlier this year... he would be coming back here a ?lot. and looks like he meant it.
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this year. including the u- s-f sundome in february and the tampa convention center in june. trump also had a private fundraiser here in july. today trump is at the fairgrounds entertainment expo hall. doors open at ten a-m... and the event starts at one. you can r-s-v-p on trump's website. and one trump supporter won't have to come to tampa to see him today. he can just look at his ?leg. a guy by the name of sean, from st. pete, just got a trump's face there. sean is only going by his first name for now. he says he wanted a patriotic tattoo, and said there was nothing more patriotic than trump himself. the tattoo took
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the tattoo was done at a tattoo shop on st pete beach. the owner says he's a trump fan too, but would tattoo other presidential candidates if someone asks. another online hack has been reported. this time.. involving one of the country's biggest newspapers. up next: the ?country that's being blamed. plus: the president finally touched down, in the disaster area. look at the devastation in
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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? ba da ba ba ba ? headlines across america: president obama touches down in louisiana. getting his first look at the flooding devastation up close... and the recovery efforts: the president met with flood victims, first responders, and local officials yesterday... pledging his support. at least 100-thousand homes have been damaged or destroyed... and some areas are ?still? waiting for waters to recede. the president has received criticism for not cutting his vacation short... to visit louisiana sooner. but the governor of louisiana said ?he told the president to wait. and the president addressed the criticism yesterday... saying he doesn't need to score political points. the f-b-i is investigating a stabbing incident in roanoke,
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ties to isis. 20-year-old "wasil rafat farooqui" was arrested over the weekend. agents say he attacked a couple as they were trying to get into their apartment. farooqui lives with his parents and ?is an american citizen. but the fbi says he flew to europe earlier this year... trying to go to syria. but he never actually got into the country. the man and woman stabbed... are now recovering. the f-b-i is investigating cyber attacks targeting new york times reporters. the agency says it's looking at the possibility that russian intelligence agencies are responsible. investigators don't believe the newpaper's entire network was affected... rather individual reporters were targeted. this comes as federal officials continue to look into the breach of the democractic national committee... which experts have attributed to russian intelligence agencies.
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time to talk some sports this morning. begin... with tim tebow. the former ?quarterback is now hoping to start a baseball career. and we've just learned that the tampa bay rays are one of 20 teams that will have scouts watching his official major league workout next week. tebow hasn't
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and maybe the rays could have used tebow last night... because their offense really needs a spark. chris archer had a solid start ... in game two against the red sox. he had some issues in the third inning though. first, he gave up an rbi single to david ortiz. and then... something you'll probably ?never see again. ortiz... running... all the way from the first... to home! steven souza junior missed that throw to 3rd. ortiz scores...and it's two-nothing sox. the rays would get on the board in the 5th... kevin kiermaier with the liner into right... plates corey dickerson. but it wouldn't be enough. the rays lose... 2 to 1. game three against the sox tonight at 7-10.
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where the struggles continue for their rookie kicker. "roberto aguayo" missed three of his six field goal attempts. he's also missed a few kicks during the bucs first two preseason games. he's been taking a lot of heat from the fans... since he was a second round draft pick. the pressure apparently getting to him... and don't forget he ?is just a rookie. his bucs teammates are now
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and now... another update from the little league world series. and not a good one, for my warwick boys. they were taking on iowa yesterday afternoon... hoping to move on to the next round. and it ?looked like rhode island would have the advantage in this one... coming off ?two days of rest. iowa just played the night before and lost by ten but you have to give those iowa boys some credit. they forgot about that blowout... and beat warwick north in a dramatic comeback. iowa tied the game with a homerun at the bottom of the fifth. rhode island takes the lead back with their ?own homerun in the top of the sixth. but iowa comes back in the bottom of the sixth... bases loaded...and one single
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warwick gets eliminated... but a great ride for those boys. when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. plus: a new study that ?students will be ?very interested in. the lawmaker them hit the ?snooze button... a few more times.
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one of the ?toughest things about going to school for kids... having to wake up so early! we feel your pain. but one lawmaker in utah wants to change all that. she just introduced a bill... to push ?back school start times. representative "elizabeth spackman moss" taught high school before becoming a lawmaker. she wants school to start later, so that students can get a good night's rest. and moss uses recommendations from doctors... that kids are ?not getting enough sleep. they need between eight and a half and nine that lack of sleep has a ?direct connection to how kids
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those changes cost money though. later start times would cost moss's school district an extra ten ?million dollars. it would also leave ?less time for afterschool activities. still ahead: the bay area gets its first ?local zika case. fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in pinellas county... with a look at how schools are preparing. many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain,
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payday presents: salty covered sweetness.
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've been waiting forever. i've been waiting forever. to meet you! you sweet baby angel! you sound like heaven on earth, on a phone. you sound like love feels. salty on the outside. sweet on the inside. payday. bites!


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