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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it's here, t >>russell: it's here. the first locally transmitted zika case confirmed in tampa worried parents. >>laura: a deadly crash at an intersection that has already seen its fair share of tragedy. a witness who is now saying enough is enough. >>russell: and a garage overflowing with packages from amazon. why the shipment never made it to your front door. welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. we're keeping a close eye on the tropics right now.
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>>dave: before you walk out the door, it's 79 degrees. actually better than yesterday but still above normal. dew points are running 77. just steamier than that outside. we've also got that easterly wind flow back at us again today, so sunshine and temperatures in the 90s to start. we'll finish with a few thunderstorms late in the day. now you mention the tropics and of course, we're keeping a close eye on this disturbance and that's all it is right now. a disturbance. and it's over the virgin islands in the area near guadalupe. that's where the forming center is. they're going to send a plane to investigate later today. this may take a few more days to develop, but once it reaches the bahamas, it could become a tropical storm or hurricaneful then it has the potential to move through south florida or up the east coast of our state. that's two different solutions and we'll talk about it in a few minutes. >>vanessa: we're on the roads
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of incident, both in pasco county. first off a crash could be causing eastbound delays here, state road 52 at the i-75 overpass. that's where we have some lane blockage going. please give yourself extra time this way. they be try to avoid the area if you can. morning side drive east of 201. we'll keep you posted as soon as we learn more about the cleanup there. >>laura: a town in ruins as strong earthquakes rattle center italy. overnight, levelling buildings as people slept. some reportedly buried under the rubble. the streets are covered with debris at this hour. >>russell: the mayor of the hardest hit town says it's not even there anymore. rescue efforts are still underway. dozens are feared dead . we'll follow the developing story. >>laura: also this morning
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>>russell: health officials have confirmed the first non travel related case of zika in pinellas county. here's the map. along with a case in pinellas county, there are four new non travel related cases in miami dade. that brings the statewide total to 92. first it was in the wynwood arts district and last week more cases in miami beach. there's a travel advisory for both areas. so far, though, that case, not the case for pinellas county. officials still recommending taking precautions if you're in pinellas county. >>laura: and shayla reaves is there. clearly a concern for sending kids to school. >>reporter: this is certainly something parents are paying attention to and we've already seen the word is spreading on social media. in fact, we're here at lake st.
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harbor where the pta active on social media did share a message yesterday from the principal on just some of the steps that are being taken here in pinellas county to address this concern. so students are going to be returning to the classroom in a few hours and the district, the pinellas county school district did release a statement about this non travel related zika case tuesday. a spokesperson said in that statement in part, pinellas county schools will continue to departments. there already is a policy in place for the district to deal with mosquito control. teachers will share information from the governor's teachers cool kit with the students and at this point, recess is not affected. the message encouraged concerned parents to spray their child with mosquito repellant saying that some brands provide up to
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the teachers' tool kit is part of a state health education. we can tell you the cdc reports that it takes as little amount of water in the bottle cap of a bottle just sitting for about a week or more than a week for those mosquitos to breed and multiply. it doesn't take much water at all. we did find a message attributed to the principal for saint lake in that message, the principal let parents know that pinellas county schools do take some steps such as using the air conditioner, taking steps to make sure there's no standing water around the schools and they also try to cut down on mosquito risks wherever possible. over in hillsborough county, we can tell you later today, there is a round table scheduled for local officials to meet with governor scott and talk about the zika virus, discuss some
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throughout the state and i will have more information coming up for you in the next half hour as far as tips and information parents can use after looking for ways to not only protect themselves but also protect their babies and their children from mosquitos, too. back to you. >>laura: thank you. we're going to hear from you a little bit more at 6:30. we'll see you then. >>russell: most floridians are concerned about zika. 79% of adults say to somewhat concerned about the virus. that's up from 71% in june. 11% say they're somewhat concerned while 7 1/2% say they're not worried at all. >>laura: one of the best ways to protect ourselves and our families is to use bug spray. but florida attorney general pam bondi says we should be careful when we're picking a brand. some insect repellants are advertised as effective against the zika virus when they are not. these brands can give people
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repel anlts that work against the mosquitos have ingredients like deet or oil of lemon eucalyptus. according to consumer reports, these are some of the most effective brands to protect against zika. some can provide up to eight hours of protection. some other brands that provide excellent protection are benz insect wilderness formula, r woods eight blend. >>russell: florida highway patrol investigating a deadly crash in clearwater. >>laura: this is at an intersection in an area that's gotten a lot of complaints in the past. of this at roosevelt boulevard and morgan street. a pedestrian was hit and we're still waiting about the details of the victim. he's a 75-year-old man. witnesses tell us it is a busy
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crosswalks. >> i will say this area right here is a 15 out of one to 10. it's very dangerous. it's not street safe. they have crosses everywhere. there's crosses everywhere. i don't understand why, common sense won't tell the people to put stoplights where people are dying. that don't make sense to me. >>laura: in may department of transportation plans a traffic study at the intersection following another fatal crash. robert lane was walking when he was hit by a car. we have yet to learn the results of that traffic study. >>russell: a new video shows the moments before polk county deputies say a man carjacked a woman in lakeland. it was outside of 7-eleven. after leaving the convenience store, he walked over to the bone fish grill.
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car. she said the man had a chain wrapped around his head, told her to get out. deputies found her car a few miles away. it had crashed and burned. if you recognize the man in the video, call the sheriff's office. >>laura: the college student suspected in a bizarre face biting double murder may have ingested chemicals from the victim's garage. austin heroof hospitalized after he shot a couple outside their home in jup jupiter. he ingested something like a solvent from the garage. f.b.i. is running tests to see if he was under the influence of any drugs. an earlier test showed no common street drugs. he'll face one count of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder as soon as he's released from the hospital. >>russell: a delivery driver
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$120,000 worth of amazon items because he was never paid. look at this. man's garage is stacked from floor to controlling with packages. they were supposed to be driven from the amazon distribution center in ruskin to fort worth, texas. well, clearly they never made it. deputies say hernandez refused to make the delivery after claiming he never received $1,800 that he was owed. he's charged with theft and extortion. >>laura: all right. get ready to >>russell: after rebooting his campaign, donald trump is holding a rally today at the florida state fairgrounds. this will be his fourth stop in florida this year. you can rsvp on his website. it will be interesting to see what he has to say. he fired top staff members to start anew and even started using a teleprompter. some are accusing him of
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people outside of government who met with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state gave money to the clinton foundation. either personally or in groups. 20 gave more than a million dollars. that could raise ethics challenges if elected president. >>russell: there may be no such thing as the monster in the closet but a local family found something much more in a little girl's closet. and as the cost of the life saving epi pen skyrockets, ceo of that company gets an eight figure raise. new outrage in today's headlines. >>dave: upper 70s in polk county and highlands county. 80 along the coast. st. petersburg, sarasota, dew points, they're sky high like yesterday. today is going to be almost
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rain chance around 40%. same for tomorrow and of course, we're going to track the tropics
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check this out .. it's th >>laura: take a look at this. this is the latest picture of tropical storm gaston from space. this is from the national hurricane center facebook page. the storm could be the next hurricane. that's what we're keeping an eye on. but dave, not a threat to us, right? >>dave: actually, gaston is not going to be a threat to anybody. that's the way we like it. but it's so interesting because that will be a hurricane and i'm barely even talking about that this morning. we're more concerned about a wave moving into the caribbean right now. as you get ready to walk out the door, i know you would love to have it about 10 degrees cooler but 81 in clearwater now. 81 in st. petersburg, down to sarasota where it's at 80s. our temperatures this morning, they're running within a couple
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that onshore wind, it's 85 degrees in west palm. 83 in miami, down to marathon as well. look at the wind direction. northeast to east. that will take the moisture from the east to west coast later this afternoon, bump into a little sea breeze. i anticipate today to be a lot like yesterday. low to mid 90s for highs. rain chances running 40% late in the day. watching this -- and agai you're seeing here, it's not a depress. it's not a tropical storm. because there's no low level circulation. now based on some satellite pictures, it looks like it's trying to organize that low level circulation. reconnaissance aircraft is going to fly around today and keep a close eye on this. once they find the low level circulation, i think that's when the computer models will be their best because right now, they're all over the place with
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it's got a lot to get through. first of all, it's got to achieve a low level circulation. then based on where it is now, it's going to have to interact with part of hispanola and puerto rico. that would keep it from strengthening too much and that's what the models are saying. even the strongest computer models with this system are saying nothing, nothing, nothing, until it gets into the turks and bahamas. when you're out here in the bahamas and into the gulf, you've got record warmth in terms of water temperatures. so it wouldn't take much for a system that's very disorganized to quickly organize itself over the bahamas, over south florida and then perhaps into the gulf of mexico. the water temperatures are
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85. i mean, this is record breaking stuff. i'm going to show you the european model which based on the past, the history has been a reliable track model, not intentionity model, track model. what this is saying is basically, bringing it up weak, weak, weak. once in the bahamas it starts to form. then is moves over extreme south florida, gets into the gulf. by the way, let's just say happens. i'm going to tell you right now, this is probably going to change but if it did, very minimal impacts here. then is mrojts -- projects the storm to move west and that will continue to make the storm much larger. so trust me when i tell you, southeast texas and louisiana are watching this very closely
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this very same computer model yesterday had it up here. then it brings it over to here. that's just a 12-hour difference in computer modelling time. that's why i have to say we have to wait another 24 to 36 hours to get a handle on what's going to happen with this. another very reliable model, gfs, do you know what this does with it? brings it to the east coast of our state would give us very little impact around here. so we have to watch and wait. that's all we can do. you can always head to a 92 degrees for a high. lots of heat, scattered storms until we get into the weekend. we're just near normal. rain chances run 40%, maybe 50% to 60% over the weekend with extra added moisture and highs in the lower 90s. >>vanessa: thank you. we have an update to an earlier crash. i believe it would be at the tail end of our 4:00 hour of "good day" but it was reported
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water. hearing from an officer on scene there was nobody found in the vehicle so this is a picture from the photographer who went to check this out. looks like this is totall off the roadway. a live look showing no delays in the area. it is off to the shoulder. that's what's going on. we'll let you know if we hear more about this crash. >>ussell: a road side bomb killed a u.s. service member in afghanistan. it's the first combat there since january. one service member and six afghans were killed in the crash. officials have not identified the service member killed. there are currently 500 troops still stationed in afghanistan. >laura: president obama toured the damage in flood soaked louisiana. many criticized him for not cutting his family vacation short last week saying that donald trump's rift is what pushed the president to make the trip instead but president obama told the victims that this tour was no photo op.
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leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >>laura: federal government set aside $127 million in emergency funding for the victims. also on this trip, the president visited the family of sterling. he met with the families of two officers that were killed and another three hurt in an hurting just 12 days later. >>russell: coming up as we keep an eye on the tropics, internet is having a field day with one of the storm's names. >>laura: and then it's a feast fit for bears. a whole lot of them, too. we'll explain what got so many of them in the same place at the
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it's time to see what's clicking on >>laura: time to see what's clicking on the web this morning. >>russell: walter has a look at hot clicks.
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workers don't get along typically. a visit from a mailman can send a dog into a frenzy but the dog in our first hot click formed a special bond with her mailman. she loves getting records. her mailman doesn't disappoint. he works in australia and passes pippa almost every day on his route. when he doesn't have any mail, he'll write a note and deliver it to the excited pup. pictures of the special delivery have been linked and shared thousands of he said he loves dogs. all right. this one is for dave. tropical storm gaston intensifies. folks on twitter are having some fun with it. here is gaston filling in for dave. a physique wise, they kind of look the same. >>dave: it's hard to tell the difference. >>walter: one thing is for sure.
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of our heads. ? >>laura: there it is. >>russell: fix that. >>walter: this is hot clicks, after all. have you ever seen many happy bear cubs? recently got a big donation of apples. they needed them. right now they're caring for a record number of 25 cubs and as you can see, the cubs love more than 100,000 times in the past 24 hours. >>laura: just looks so happy. life is good. all right. thank you, walter. >>walter: have a good one. >>laura: you, too. >>russell: still ahead, recommendations about zika from the pinellas school district before you send your kids to school this morning. >>laura: and alcides segui with a horrifying discovery in a girl's room.
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>>reporter: a 21-year-old man hiding in a 13-year-old girl's closet. apparently he travelled from new york to pasco county and he used a social media app called snap chat. we'll talk about snap chat, about this case and more donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
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order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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((russell 2shot) good morning.. i'm russell rhodes.. >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's wednesday, august 24. we'll get straight to dave. >>dave: it's 79 degrees, lovely degrees outside in the middle of the week here. look at the east coast. we're going active with some of these showers pouring onshore. notice as they reach the florida turn pike, they fall apart. this is a sign of what i think the afternoon is going to be like.
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you'll see showers work across the state, interact with the west coast sea breeze and hence, we'll have to deal with the afternoon and evening thunderstorms. nothing out of the ordinary. we'll put the rain chance at 40%. you've got your high temperatures today which are going to be in the lower 90s and notice how the rain chances slide up for the weekend, bringing them back to 50%. big story is how much, if any impact will this disturbance in the caribbean have on our weather early next week? we'll try to few minutes. >>vanessa: thank you, dave. 6. 367891. we have a disabled vehicle. it's actually a bus, transit bus on the selmon expressway. it's near kenned and it is taking up a right lane. road rangers cone off the area. there could be delays for you, of course. you have all the traffic funneling down to two remaining lanes as they're pushed over there. do take extra care heading that way. we'll watch and make sure it doesn't turn into a bigger
6:32 am
detour. >>russell: thank you. dozens are dead after a devastating earthquake hits italy this morning. right now crews are racing to dig out survivors from all the rubbles. six point quake fell across a broad area of italy, including rome. some areas have felt as many as 39 after shocks since and in response, pope francis invited pilgrims to recite the rosary with him in st. peter's square this morning. >>laura: st. petersburg polic a park. it happened about 3:00 a.m. on pinellas point drive south. police say a 25-year-old and a 29-year-old were shot. one man drove himself to bay front health and another man was found at the park and was transported by emt's. we do not know what led up to the shooting at this hour, but we do know that both men are still alive and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. >>russell: governor scott confirms the first locally transmitted case of zika in the
6:33 am
been travel related. state health officials are still trying to figure out how it got here. so far they're not declaring pinellas a zone of active transmission. >>laura: until now, all locally transmitted cases have been in miami. maybe giving us a small sense of security. >>russell: and now we're left wond wondering, and this an isolated case or the start of something bigger? shayla reaves has ways parents can protect their kids as they head off to scho >>reporter: good morning to you, russell. we know that parents and educators are paying attention, and there are still questions that remain unanswered as state and local health officials work to answer some of those questions surrounding that first non travel related case here in pinellas county. there's some information already going out here in palm harbor for parents. now, we're in front of lake st. george elementary school where parents are going to be returning to the -- students are
6:34 am
classroom, parents dropping them off in a few hours. we can tell you already a message was posted online on the lake st. george pta page attributed to the school's principal and in that message, it talked about some steps the districts are taking to make sure that schools are safe, including running the air conditioner and making sure there's no standing water. but there is more that parents can do. the district releasing a statement just yesterday any concerned parent, they're encouraged to spray their child's skin and clothing with insect repellant before bringing them to school, adding some brands can last up to eight hours. spraying before coming to school should provide coverage for the school day. other tips that parents can use if they have babies or other small children include making sure you follow the instructions for that insect repellant, don't use any insect repellant on babies under the age of two months old.
6:35 am
any cuts or any sort of irritated skin. dress your children in clothing that covers their arms and legs, cover your cribs, strollers and baby carriers with mosquito netting. they're encouraged to spray it on their hands and then apply it to a child's face. if you have a child under the age of three, you're en can you remembered to not use any product containing oil of lemon eucalyptus or paramethal oil. keep the windows closed or also if you have repairs in the areas that need to be make, make those repairs to prevent mosquitos from entering your home. we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning and keep you posted as we learn new details about this first non
6:36 am
pinellas county. back to you. >>russell: see you later. thank you. >>laura: so with the virus potentially taking hold in pinellas county, the stakes are higher. if that was not already clear, a new report reveals the potential dangers that zika poses to an unborn child. researchers examined medical scans from fetuses and newborns in brazil infected with zika and they found big, white patches where brain matter should be and rough ridges in the areas that should have been the doctors say the virus appears to be most harmful when transmitted during the first trimester of pregnancy. that's when it's most likely to cause the more severe brain defects. >>russell: you know, it is a parents' job to tell the kids that there's no such thing as a monster in the closet. >>laura: now imagine being a parent and finding something much worse than a monster in
6:37 am
pasco county where we're learning more about this disturbing case. good morning. >>reporter: that monster, according to the pasco county sheriff's office, was a 21-year-old man from new york and travelled to pasco co investigators, he was here in the bay area to perform sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl. we have a picture of him. he was arrested earlier this week. again, he's 21 years old, his name he was arrested after deputies say he was found hiding in the closet of a 13-year-old pasco county girl. according to the arrest report, he was found by the girl's mother. detectives say he travelled from new york to meet the young girl and to engage in sexual acts in her bedroom. when deputies searched his phone, they found nude photos of the girl apparently, young teen, 13 years old.
6:38 am
and snap chat f. you're not familiar with snap chat, it's a popular app used among young people. it allows users to capture and send photos and short videos that self destruct after a certain amount of time. here is how it works. when someone takes a picture or a video, they send it to a friend or a family and they can determine how long it is. it can be one second, it can be all the way to 10 seconds and after that, simply you can no longer see it again. so apparently, according to law enforcement agencies, people are using the apps to lure in young teens as well. we'll talk about snap chat, we're talking about this case here on "good day tampa bay." i would love to find out what folks at home are thinking about, social media app like snap chat. if they ever heard about it before or others just like it. it's not like facebook or twitter. again, these videos and pictures, they go away after a certain amount of time.
6:39 am
snap chat me and let me know what you think and also use facebook and twitter. i would love to get feedback from folks at home. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: it's been a busy morning for an animal rescue group in sarasota county. they have just taken in 20 pets from flood ravaged louisiana. they arrived overnight in englewood. these dogs were surrendered or abandoned at a shelter before the flood and then the shelter flood. sanctuary needs volunteers, foster families, cleaning supplies, crates. it's not clear when they'll be up for adoption. we'll keep you updated as soon as we find out. >>laura: what a good job they do. our thunderstorm chances are going up and there's some action in the tropics. we're watching the radar. dave has a look at the forecast coming up next. >>russell: and the executives who hiked the price of a life saving epi pen got some big raises.
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>>dave: 6:43 and beautiful. just like yesterday at this time. temperatures are pretty similar. humidity levels pretty similar as well. what do you want? it's august. it's late august. apollo beach, sun city center, good morning plant city. you're all at 79 degrees. so is tampa we have palm harbor, the same. even our counties to the north, which you know, they've been known to dip back to the lower 70s, not this morning. a lot of 77's on the map. citrus, hernando and pasco county. bradenton, lakewood ranch and north port are at 78 degrees. how about northeast polk county? haines city, good morning to you. auburndale, good morning to you. you're at 78 degrees.
6:44 am
sebring down through lake placid. we're going back to the 40% rain chance today. it's not going to change. it's a very similar setup to yesterday. this is what's been giving the computer models fits and i think the reason is, because it's not organized yet. you don't really have one central point to work off of with these computer models. so you get this weak disturbance down here in the caribbean. you do see how it is trying to organize. reconnaissance aircraft out there today. they level center. they may not find it. they may not find it for a couple of days. that doesn't mean something is not going to form. as this thing continues to move west, you have to understand there's land here. there's very high mountain tops between the dominican republic and haiti. if it was to interact with this area, it would be a complete, disorganized mess. it's known as invest 99. it's an area that the hurricane
6:45 am
they're watching the l stands for atlantic and they just number them 90 through 99 and that's it. once they find the low level center, then all the computer models will get all that extra data, good data, and they'll ingest that and come out with more reasonable solutions. right now you do see a general trend toward the west-northwest. why is that? because you've got high pressure up here for the southeast which is going to act like a block and it's going to force it west-northwest. where they'redisagreeing and they're disagreeing tremendously is in intensity. hurricane center will be the first to tell you, guys will do it all night long. that intensity forecast leaves a little to be desired. they need to work on that with some of the models. european model brings the storm, this is last night's model and it will change through south
6:46 am
right? doesn't develop into the bahamas, though. then it brings it across the gulf into a major hurricane somewhere near southwest louisiana by wednesday. wow. that's obviously a horrible situation for the northern gulf coast. then you look at the other pretty reliable global model, which is the gfs. what does this do? it doesn't even develop it until late in the weekend and then it keeps it kind of like a tropical depression or less. just monday over south florida. that's a big difference. that's a huge difference. what i expect is over the next couple of days, these models are going to come to a more similar solution. a little bit of rain and wind or major hurricane in the western gulf. it's a big difference. that's why i've got to tell you that i want you to head to and check out these models from time to time throughout the next couple of
6:47 am
together. right now there's no one solution. i can tell you it's going here definite. i can't do that yet. but i can tell you if it takes a path well to the south, the impacts would be minimal around here. just maybe enhanced rain chances for the weekend. 92 degrees for a high temperature today. i really just -- i could spend 2 1/2 don't b where it's going but it's true. 40% rain chances. i would say once the storm gets way from the land, gets into the bahamas, you have a good idea of what the intensity may get up to. for the latest on that. we're looking at seasonable weather. 40%, 50% rain chances going into the weekend. >>vanessa: thank you. we have sky fox overhead i-4 westbound. we have a new crash that just happened in the area of the connector.
6:48 am
we are seeing some delays in the westbound direction. left lane is blocked due to the crash. you could see crews there picking up some debris and we'll check in with how bad the delays are in a few moments. we'll show you a live look. howard frankland bridge closer to the north end, of course, picking up in the northbound direction heading toward tampa. six minutes or so crossing the water. westbound i-4, seeing some impacts due to the crash i mentioned. first crash i-4. mlk to 5, 11 minutes from the selmon to fowler avenue. it's 6:48 right now. we'll say hello to charley belcher. >>charley: good day. how are you this morning? >>vanessa: not too bad. we're halfway through the work week. >>charley: it's one of those days where you have zika and earthquakes and possible hurricanes and shootings and guys being fnd in girls' closets. my goodness.
6:49 am
story. >>charley: and i just texted alcides segui so he might have a little more information on this later. he was talking about snap chat and how it disappears. facebook i noticed just launched through their messaging secret conversations. have you seen that? it's facebook, the messaging so it's like the email, the text but through facebook. i saw this thing pop up that says secret conversations. it's not encrypted and it disappears. i don't know. it just sounds like either going to use that for shenanigans or kids trying to hide from their parents. maybe you need a conversation about banking or something and maybe people will use it for the proper reasons but my goodness gracious. it's not just snap chat, parents. parents, beware. my 15-year-old, we were sitting down and looking through her social media together last night. see the word that guy just used? i don't like that word.
6:50 am
yeah. we have a conversation about it. you can't just go, give me your phone and throw it away. can't do that, either. this is the world they live in. that's my advice you didn't ask for. then when your kids, you want to reward them for something fun, say them to junk again -- sunken gardens. it's the oldest living museum, beautiful botanical gardens, great animals here, too. if you're wondering what that is on my shirt, they're for a reason. new flamingos here this year. we're going to have a "good day" despite some of the negative news. we'll still have a "good day." you can still get the family together and visit a nice attraction that's been here for a long time in beautiful tampa bay. >>vanessa: sounds good. thank you, charley. >>laura: what would you do if you found thousands of dollars lying on the ground? >>russell: we'll tell you what one florida man did when he was
6:51 am
burning up. chick-fil-a pulls the spicy chicken sandwich off the menu in favor of a more healthy conscious option and the response is setting social media
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a lot of people still upset, after a huge price hike for the life-saving >>laura: a lot of people are upset after a huge price hike for the epi pen. >>russell: let's get to lauren simonetti to talk about that. a lot of upset parents, a lot of upset folks who rely on this thng. >> this story just keeps developing. life saving allergy treatment for many kids out there. a pair might have cost a hundred bucks a decade ago. now about $600. head of the company, her pay went from $2.5 million about a decade ago to $19 million last year. percentage change, up 670%. okay? so they jack up the price of this drug. she's at the helm. she's raking in all the money. guess what? she's the daughter of west
6:55 am
now lawmakers are calling on the federal trade commission to look at price gouging. >>laura: there's some questions worthy of an answer to be sure. >>russell: wouldn't that be something if she had to testify in front of her daddy? >>laura: if you need the drug, it's a matter of life and death quite literally as are a lot of medications. >> just the company, in their defense here, they did give out hundreds of thousands of these for free to schools so nurses can have them in the case something happens to a child. but still, if you don't have a quality health plan, you're paying a lot of money for this drug. >>laura: we need to move o. we have another story causing
6:56 am
this is the kind of outrage we like to talk about. what about it? i was outraged this morning because i went to the 24-hour mcdonalds and they said they were out of the food. not kidding. real story. but if you go to chick-fil-a and a lot of people love their spicy chicken biscuit that was on the breakfast menu. they pulled it off because they thought everybody who goes to fast food companies wants to be healthy with the egg white grill. so many people want the spicy boycotting chick-fil-a and some of these messages on social media are downright mean. when you look away, my spicy chicken biscuit -- when you took away my reason to get breakfast. there's nothing better than that biscuit. we're boycotting the company. what do you think is going to happen? are they going to bring it back? >>russell: should. sorry. we made a mistake. it's here.
6:57 am
on. we have to run. >> and i love the assumption. if you go into a fast food restaurant, you probably want something fried. probably. just saying. >>russell: you're right. you're right. okay. see ya. >>laura: bye, lauren. if you're not sure where to find the fox business network, log on to fox and look for channel find he were. >>russell: an entire town in italy has collapsed. >>laura: and crews are trying to rescue any cases they've been successful. in some cases they are not and the death toll is growing. >>russell: also ahead, a little league with a big heart. what this coach said to his son before pulling him from the game. >>dave: we approach the 7:00 hour of "good day." we'll go 40% for a rain chance this afternoon. i think a day very similar to yesterday. thursday, friday, 40% rain chances and of course, we're watching this.
6:58 am
caribbean. still disorganized this morning. we'll show you the latest
6:59 am
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on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple. ((russell- close to home. >>russell: too close. our first non travel zika hits the bay area. protecting our kids. plus -- >> where the ties between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. we'll have more on recent allegations coming up. >>laura: and big tipper. $500 for a 37 cent purchase. it was actually someone's way of saying thank you. and welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody.


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