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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 25, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell a ?proper farewell - to three men who fought for our country.. what a local a proper farewell to three men who fought four our couny. did when they found oh three war veterans were to be buried with little fanfare. epi pen frustrations it is at an all time high. that cost, this morning four ways to a save money on this lifesaving tool. from tab's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's eight!. i'm ssl rhod i'm lau
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us on this thursday morning, it's august 25th. >> first thing to do go down to hisp hispaniola. this disturbance even though you see a spin in the clouds, there's no low level center. so this is still just a tropical disturbance. all bee it, a lot of rain over puerto rico hispaniola. it is headed in general direction of our state. i think at the very minimum we will get heavy rain late monday, tuesday, wednesday. for now we're at 79 and rain chances about 40 percent. >> all right thanks, dave. 8:0 one. fur adjust joining most serious incident will be a deadly crash out spring hill area. blocking lanes here, harold root at elk lane. we don't know any details about the actual involvement who is involved, but as far as traffic standpoint this is in a neighborhood. if you do want to avoid harold road take mariner. we will get check majors now live look 275 i-4 downtown tampa interchange. not bad here.
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34 minutes is that drive time. nine minutes westbound i-4mlk and 14 between bruce b. downs and i-4 taking 75. >> tampa police officer happens to roll up on a car accident on kennedy and west shore. and a what he finds is nothing short of a miracle. investigators think the driver hit three different power poles before wrapping the car around one of them. by looking at the video you would think he has serious be fine. he was taken to hospital and checked out. officers say they believe the person was drunk. sexual assaults are happening on high school grounds, college campus and in every did i life. definition of assault varies. and that can be a problem. fox 13's jen epstein is here now why the confusion could be preventing a fix. good morning. >> that's right, guys federal government has lot programs to try to put an end to sexual
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and part of the reason is that there are 23 different terms used to describe it defining something may not sound like a big deal, but it is. it helps government agencies track certain trends and focus on what needs the most attention. and if one group considers something rape, and another considers the same exact thing nonconsensual sexual acts it can really throw the estimates off. these numbers are used to help prevent and fight criminal activity. and without proper data, that the director of national women's law center says even with all disparity the biggest factor is that sexual assaults is a serious problem in the country and more needs to be done to stop it russell >> all right jen, thank you. it is a rude. it is wrong and it is against the law. usf is looking for man she say is going around flashing people on campus. and they want it to stop. fox 13's shayla reeves is live there this morning to talouk abt the investigatioand shayla,
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a person. they are stopping short of calling him a suspect. what do we know so far? >> now, good morning to you, authorities are calling this a person of interest in connection with at couple of cases. both of these involved someone flashing people inside of dining halls on the usf campus. and authorities are hoping someone out there might recognize this person and help them identify this person of interest. i want you to take at your screen. again this person has not been charged with a crime. but this is someone investigators would like to speak with about these cases. two cpus ding fsomeone entered exposed themselve t several people. the first report came in around 6 o'clock in the evening. then another two hours later. the incidents took place in the juniper poppy larry dining hall. police believe a man between 25
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the nsoffees. authorities say again they would like to interview the unidentified man we showed you there on the a screen. so if you have any infortion or any clues, any tips, any details, you can pass along, usf police would like to hear from you. back to you. thank you, shayla. also in the news this morning a deputy involved shooting did not end with anyone hurt but it did
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than5 million in unreimbursed costs. various other options to cover immediate medical costs includg the one orlando fund. florida hospital was treated 12 of the survivors says it won't bill for any services either. leasing a statement that said, we hope this gesture can add to heart and good will that defines orlando. happening today at the council members will talk about a thou prevent an incidents like music festival. sick.eople died 57 others we the examiner ruled those deaths accident up drug ecst w found in their streams. tampa bay mayor box buckhorn says he doesn't think future festivals should held on public property. city leaders will talk about improving safety ask cutting back on drug use and even deny the festival a permit next year. new breast cancer released
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chemotherapy. and the reason is in their genetics. european researchers say people used in study were considered high risk based on their tumor size and age. and would usually be referred for chemo by their doctors. but, a 70 gene test called ma'am print found that about half of the group was actually low risk because of their genetics. that group was split into two half receive the chemo. half did not. after five years the >> it was 1.5 difference between the the two groups. which researchers consider not significant at all. they say it means about 46 percent of the women with breast cancer who are classified as high risk play not need chemo in the end. okay. get the rain boots regardless of anything developing in tropics dave says we can expect a lot of rain from this thing. his skytower radar forecast is coming up. plus how you can help kids fighting cancer by going on a
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program to help its vets with mental health problems too. it's not medication. the furry friendly prescription that may work wonders. and hello charley. what are you looking for? >> nothing. just doing my research, laura. heaven forbid i go out to tell you about someplace i haven't properly vetted the area and made sure i know exactly what i'm talking about. i'm strachan's ice cream and dessert they are famous for carrot cake and ice cream. and yes carrot cake ice cream is thing here. .e willhow you howhee ma i got a friend only kids should eat out ice cream cones and adults should eat out of cups. stick around everybody. you know it's going to be a good
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior oone of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing s mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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you're watching good day tampa bay. 8:11 rig now. welcome back. if you want to b astronauthen you gro up you could have new place to explore. scientists with the european
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discovery of a red dwarf star. and they believe it is a within a habitable zone. meaning it's closer to the sun but not too close. and that water could exist on it. researchers say planet will be prime target for search for extra terrorist all leaf. scientist plan on sending humans to the star as part of project star devastation in louisiana. more than 60,000 h damaged. 13 people have died. 106,000 survivors who hav filed formergency aid. but humans are not only ones impacted by flooding animals are affected too. and jen epstein is back now with the story of a little girl making a big sacrifice to help those furry friends find a little comfort again. local girl right? boy do we have an extra special good day good deed this morning.
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heartbrokeny bthe flding in louisiana, she's willing to give up concert tickets to help animals in ed. katie is senior a plant hh school. her 7-ar-old maltese named yosh. wh she hrd that the humane society of tampa bay was taking in 18 dogs displaced in louisiana floods she wand to help. but so katie and her mom donating blankets and food to an mall shelter this weekend. they also wanted to make monetary donation. she' 5 tickets tonight's fifth harmony concert. the tickets she says are in section 14, they go for about $95. take at least bucks for each one. she's giving them all up to help some local animals in need. this isn't first time katie has reached out to others. her mom says she completed over 160 hours of community service. and she's always looking for ways to help people end in need. so the question is, who wants to be a 5 concert tickets for pretty saw some cause? what do you think?
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giving up ccert tickets. yeah that's a pretty big deal. big deal. yeah, big deal. >> welcome.. all right today to dave we go. busy guy right now tryin to trk whatever is growing in the tropics. or not growing i guess i can say too, right? >> and there, there is the problem. growing not growing disorganized organized. that's been the situation we've had to deal with over past few days. and we don't have a clear path yet. things are the next few days. but i'm going to give you latest. first as you get ready to walk outdoor like yesterday sitting a 79, 80 degrees depending on wrur along the coast mid to 70s inland. similar rain chances around that 40 percent for later this afternoon. 50 percent over south florida. 30 percent as you go further toward the north. so still very disorganized system. with disorganized system and the way it is set up slow development. meaning, you may wake up
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not organized. but then maybe as you get into the weekend or late in the weekend it starts to develop. and it may wait until it gets very close to south florida. i know that's a pain. but that's when it will move into an area much more favable for development. general, prepare for at potential f some very heavy rainfall ate-wide. xt week. i'm south florida, l flor en going allay upo i-10. ashis syste ste. whatt looks like this morning. again no low level circulation. lot of convection. low level circulation is trying to develop. it's been disrupted no doubt by the higher elevations that we have here. in hispaniola. now it's going to continue to a move very slowly west, northwest even though models are saying even though they aren't agreeing on end result. high pressure forcing to move in that direction. we go into early next week monday time frame, this high is
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that's all it's going to take, to start to turn this system to the north. and that's what we have to watch for very closely. latest computer model that came in this morning, doesn't develop the system. however, it does dump 5 to 7 inches of rain on top of us. >> yet the some molds's las night they still want to develop this as it wks it is way through the florida straights. and still many question mark i can tel happens it won't saturday or sunday. it likely be monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week that gives us plenty of time t it. you can watch it with us on our newscast o head to so really, kind of a weekend to really watch and see how things play out. 92 for a high today. the rain chances go up. late this weekend, into early next week. but that is, subject to change. vanessa. >> all right, thanks, dave. >> heads up for drivers. traveling in the south tampa
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plano close downl. bay to bay to ndy. going to start at 9 o'clock tonight. and it will end tomrow mning bayhime can take dale mabrey for water main destruction. want to check in on majors good news we don't have any new some pretty notable congeio ve along i-4. westbound direction. basically starting from mlk area backing up towards about 75. overall travel times in red here fr 21 minutes isha drive. good news for you folks who are traveling between pinellas and hillsborough county taking 275, pinellas bayway to i-4 just 34 minutes. that's in the green moderate congestion here northbound 75. 13 minutes that drive between selman and fletcher. all right. thank you. epi pen users have more to be frustrated about. as it turns out people in canada ve not seen a price incree inyears.
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>> here's why. pfizer candidate distributes it which owns the brand.m my lan. and t oth reasons drug prices are regulated through a patent medicine that this review board, yesterday white house spokesman josh said he was not going to make any comments on a private enterprise strategy but says he will observe that some drug companies that do portray themselves as investors as inventor lifesaving medications being greedy and jagging up prices in his words. since we are in america, and we have to deal with the increase in price, there there som ways yon save on this very important medication. health experts say always check your insurance. if you have high deductible plan try to change it when open enrollment takes comes around look at health savings account. this will allow you to pay petax dollars for high price
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bit of sting out pay teengs aspiration dates. if you can time it out you met mpe pharmacy pres. nse. not every pce charghe same even more frustratingmy lan just announced it is offerin $300 coupons inste o $100 os it hadoffeng.also said it is doubl eligibility for it's patient assistance program which is one that will get rid of out-of-pocket costs for uninsured and under insured. >> t people are furious about this. this is snow balled quickly and finding out the raise the ceo got. all of it unacceptable. it is. ve's main concern right now is tropics. he's keeping an eye on radar. last night we received a lot of pictures from fox 13 viewers of a weird phenomenon in at sky. kind looks like spaceship. we will talk with dave a bit about what caused this sight in
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we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to
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cream anddesserts. pies and cakes and homemade ice cream it was mr. and mrs. strachan that started in up in palm harbor in the 90s. mrs. strachan made cakes. mr. strachan made the ice cream. they have since passed on. but new family for last couple of years carrying on this a tradition. we're at there dunedin star. these are mr. strachan's recipes you're still usi yes, yep. every ingredient we use has just originally owned by them. we also use it to please the customers. all of our ice creams are very good. oh, yeah i'm i'm a guy that likes stuff in my east cream.
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>> my favorite flavor right now banana ice cream. i got. oh. yeah. yeah. we will make carrot cake now. people just love this. so mrs. strachan said let's make ice cream out of this. what is happening in there? right now just freezing up the milk that earlier. like a vanessa ice cream? >> yeah. an is a vanilla based ice cream. secret ingredient? >> yeah. oh, 30 seconds now. can we go ahead and do it? >> oh, yeah. right now, this is like perfect time because it's all fluffy. we don't like put flavor, we
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the ice cream going. you see that? all right. so now put it in there? >> well was we do for this. i need a spatula. a professional why don't you have your spatula. look at that. magic. we have a spatula. what we do, we mix this fluff this through there. just dump some in there. yes, oh that feels kind of fun doing that. nice and cold. >> you tell me when to stop. you can stop right there. then we add a little bit more just to even it out. >> and now is there in carrot cake flavoring in that ace cream too? >> yes, sir. >> oh, no. yeah. get that in there. >> oh yeah. there we go.
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making world famous strachan carrot cake ice cream. when we come back we'll show you how they the actual,hy am i shouting? the machine just stopped. >> sound like regis. very regis on your part. i'm yelling. i was yelling because ice cream machine and now it stopped. i'll stop yelling nownd tel you when we come back we will make carrot cake. >> all right. we'll that was funny. see you. all right, they fought for our country. when it came time for their burial. no one was going to show up until sarasota county sheriff's office stepped up.
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((laura 2shot)) it's 8:xx now.. a tropical storm is brewing welcome back. it's 8:30 now. a tropical storm is brewing it could bring a lot of rain to our area next week. do you realize it's been a decade since florida saw it's last hurricane. even though this storm doesn't even seem to really know we sure need to be ready for it. first you need to know if you are in an ecuation area. assess your risks and know if your he vulnerable to storm surge. flooding and wind. next make an emergency preparedness checklist put all law enforcement offices and emergency management offices, hospitals, local utilities, american red cross and your insurance agent's phone numbers on that list. make a disaster supply kit too. make sure there are medical supplies, medications, extra
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flashlights. food, water. and memorize your evacuation route. >> zika is spreading. and concerns are growing. health officials confirmed another nontravel related case. this one in palm beach county. bringing the total now to 43. >> and just like what's happening in miami-dade and pinellas county, the department of health is going door to door talking to the neighborhood, testing people. it's important to know that health department spokesperson in pinellas county says one case does not mean that active trsm that will not be determined until later. mr. fla is back to just being mr. 305. visit flft has decided no the renew contract with miami rapper tour if boa bull proing a followers and used his song sexy beaches a marketing tool.
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on june 30th. did you know who that was? >> yes. okay good because i didn't new mental health program coming to vets in need a help. walter is here with that story. good morning. russell good morning to you. if you get service dog program you'd been 100 percent right on. on tuesday va announce it had would cover the costs for a service dog for veterans with mements health conditions.pthis. we're talking about patients who cannot get out bed in more than can't go shopping can't go outside. can't go to social people are usually diagnosed with anxiety depression schizophrenia interested veterans will an assessed by dctors to see if they would benefit from service dog whether they can care for it and what goals could be achieved by having it. if approved the va would cover the cost of getting the dog, the equipment for anyssary veterina. va already cover as cost for service dogs that blind and deaf bets, and those with mobility issues.
8:33 am
those with mental health issues. now russell i do want to add last year i did an stared ordinary piece canines for warriors. veteran i talked to said he wouldn't be here he would one 22 veterans that commit suicide every day if it wasn't for the service dogs. they really do remarkable, remarkable things. nice to know. nice to know. thanks walter. you bet. >> no man gets left behind. it's a motto we should all live by. some sarasota county sheriff's deputies made sure three veterans did not get left behind. they showed up to pay their respects at their funerals when no one else was there. fox 13's alcides segui is live for us outside of sarasota county sheriff's office with this touching story. alcides, is so sad to think we would have never known had deputies not done this and they deserve so much more, don't they? >> oh absolutely. just heart breaking. you know i was speaking with sarasota county sheriff's office. they were telling me this apparently happens maybe once even twice a month.
8:34 am
our country and just no one there to even receive the flag. that's what i mention it had absolutely heart break colonel cutter hoffman joining us from sarasota county sheriff's office. again thanks so much. absolutely. so first off i got to ask you how did you hear about it? we heard local radio station indicate some areas burials and not be any family members there long standing tradition of supporting military and agency we couldn't let that stand we got group of volunteers and we represented the sheriff's o in honoring there service and their sacrifice. just heart breaking to know that someone would give their, time, their life at times. and then not have anyone there to even seif the flag. >> sure we couldn't accept that. three veterans from 40s, 50s and 70s. one during vietnam conflict that, when i put out call for volunteer as lot of people want to come down there and represent. and actually we were able to take one the flags back with us
8:35 am
too. yeah. when we left, it dawned on me that, with no family members there no place for that flag to go as final resting place for the flag. one members of cemetery approached and asked if we could lime it absolutely. we will fly that in place of respect and dignity and helicopter hangar in our venice airport. you chief pilot is army veteran he assures me it will be a hanging in place of respect and the prominence. absolutely incredible. what's even better is that you're going to work public information officer work with her and see if other groups can get involved to make sure this doesn't happen, right? it came to our attention that this happens more frequently than we would like. so, sheriff's office will certainly step up and a we will try to get law enforce the partners as well to go down there for there are burial at their final resting place. the at least we can do. hopefully beginning of, i appreciate your time. i know you're busy. thank you, thank you, sir. thank you. look at that. that's just wonderful and started with a iernt apparently
8:36 am
county sheriff's office. you know picking it up from there hopefully other law enforce the agencies involved and hopefully that doesn't happen any more, i'm interested laura, russell how many times that does happen, not necessarily here in sarasota county, because now they are picking up the you know what's left, but hillsborough county, manatee county, other counties around this area is that happening more and more? i mean that's heart breaking if that's the case. >> yeah, it is. it is. honestly ooi heard of it happening other places not necessarily heard of it happening other places. glad they came to rescue on this sweet story. pasco county charges are still pending aer a drir and lled a 79-year-old man on a mobility scooter. troopers say around 8:30 last night joseph frost was driving westbound on massachusetts avenue in new port richey. at the same time nettle givings was crossing intersection. two collided sending him to the
8:37 am
we need to get over to dave osterberg with look at the forecast now. hey dave. morning. the forecast and short-term, meaning today, tomorrow, going into saturday is easy. straightforward. it's more like it was yesterday. it's the long-term that we're going to have to pull our air out until we can fine tune this, this is tropics you ever got gaston a hurricane by way still heading oh tout sea. invest 99 l. keep getting people invest is an area of investigation. they label them 90 to inspect go in order go back to 90 again. l meaning atlantic. none of it really means anything sgrus an area they are investigating. a lot of rain with this. right now, based on what their computer model are showing, over past 36 hours, rain is going to be major factor from this as it works it is way toward state and eventually through the state. watch computer model they are all pinpointing on to florida.
8:38 am
most is the intensity. because for instance, let me show this, gfs model latest one coming in shows it working its way slowly up west coast of our state. but not really developing the storm. just kind of working all of that moisture up through the state. well that will give us a lot rain of indicating 5 to seven inches. european model which came out last night and another one will get probably several more hours. this one shows a stronger the same path working its way just running up west coast of our state. also, throwing down several inches. so we're pretty confident this far out that this is going to be a very heavy rain maker. not only for south florida but for us and maybe going all way up to i-10 corridor with 75 as well. the big question mark is, is will it be a tropical storm. because right now it's nothing. will it be hurricane? will it be depression? one ever those we will have to
8:39 am
fine tune that part of the forecast. and, thinking, that this is going to be like a late monday, tuesday, into wednesday thing. okay. this is not going torques i don't think it will ruin your weekend unless we have to plan for something more. but i think weather wise, it would be a sort of a late monday deal all the way through until wednesday. so there you go late owes n that. 92 for a high today. in fact stay in lower 90s right through next seven days rain chances obviously go up monday and into mug. and i want introduce you to my friend captain murphy. captain murphy in front of boat on bow. taking charge over there near the ringling bridge down to sarasota. and jen. jen sent that picture in to us. don't you love it? >> just like hey, where we going next, mom? >> fox 13 mug for you. i' follow that captain everywhere. there you go.
8:40 am
all right dave, thanks. 8:39. trouble stso talk about starting off in tampa. we have a crash reportedly involving vehicle that struck a bike bibicyclist. we have notable lane blockage southbound, twof lanes seea northf waterswe have delays back towards village drive. and so se work arounds for you possible to take anderson just based on the lengthiness of dela wre se mabrey. you can take orange grove drive to bush to himes. we'll kep keep you we will get to pinellas county now a crash with minor lane blockage southbound a marshal street southbound of course where we're seeing lane blockages. here to area of u.s. 19. south of bellair. where we have lane blockage and delays. i'm noticing some 19 sensor are asking act funny. other data showing this red is closer to where the crash site is. delays i'd say about 5 minutes or so. so give yourself that extra time please. all right. time to lace up your running
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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for a run z236cz zy6z
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?? ?? ??
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here we go. okay. bells. shall we take them? no, just. i like the sound of it? go on. get it over. isaiah ring the bell. okay. days away electric children's cancer awareness month. i started this. you can help families who live with it on a daily basis just by going for a run. september 10th children's cancer center fall stampede this morning an executive director patio leader. wonderful lady to talk about it. she brought along isaiah special guest. thanks thanks for coming in. thanks for having us. how you doing, man?
8:45 am
>> uh-huh. you've been sick? >> you weren't sick? >> a little bit sick >> few years back. it's been a few years. and how's he doing? i think he's doing great. stronger than ever. right? you want it tell him how old you were diagnosed when you were >> two. and you're how old now? >> five years old. >> i hear you even know what you were diagnosed with. what's the name of it >> ma when he hear those words. >> nobody wants wants to hear those words, especially when you're two. he really is. he in clinical trial to keep it under control. so he's committed to that. colonoscopies healthy. and he is still part of our family and comes and plays, he's our ambassador for the stampede. >> are you really? what does that mean? what does that mean you get to do, do you know?
8:46 am
have fun. and >> yeah. and just have a good day? >> right? >> tell us about the day. >> september 10th. it is september 10th. it truly is one of the best 5 k road race as 5 k timed race if you're an experienced run other novice also one mile walk. we'll have probably close to 30 to 40 families that are currently on treatment. that will be out with their own individual teams. and we have chick-fil-a od 3 d j bounce houses it's it's a fabulous day for family to come battling cancer. >> you know, i, the one of the things i know about y'all besides just this amazing work that you do, is you find creative ways of making us aware >> sure. but also, raising money. chi know in your business it is hard to do. it is. so many people out there, but you know, then you have this.
8:47 am
more can i do? i want to do more. fund raising part is challenge. we really do put a lot of thought. we're trying to be mindful. we know kids need more than medicine to be well. it really is about living life to fullest we really try to put that in our events and fuse that so community is enjoying themselves while they are really making huge impact on lives of their kids and their families. what do people need to know about the event? they need to know the date september 10th. they need to know cancer center's website they need to know they will have fabulous time while making a huge difference in the lives of children like isaiah. most important stuff to know. i so i a will be breaking history for us. can you tell them what you're going to first time ever, we will have a child do what? what are you going to get to do at the race? >> you're going oh run. >> with who? >> who are you going to race? >> the cows. >> the cows.
8:48 am
is that true? you don't know. you don't don't like cows. is that not true. i've also told one of the things i was told you've been to a lot tv stations talking about this. but you had never come here. and you were really looking forward to coming to fox and seeing the place? right. shall we walk? how much time we got, chri come on. let's get up are you attached no he's no the attached. what do you want to see. what do you want to see? kitchen? >> our fancy kitchen. come on. all right. i'm coming. our kitchen set. i think i know something he likes in here. isaiah. what? what did you see? the fox 13. here can i can i pick you up >> all right. isaiah you're not, you're 5,
8:49 am
is this good? is this good? >> all right. hey listen. we've got to get to charley. you want to say hey charley. >> we we love charley belcher. he's right. look right there into that camera. you see hum right there. say hey charley >> hey charley. >> we love charley. hey. charley i don't know if you can see cutist kid i ever saw right here right now. >> fantastic and warrior and a fighter. i love it. you know all about this. >> he doesn't want a pet cow, he's going to make millions. rancher. south fork. maybe we'll have dairy cows because you know what you can do with that milk. you can make ice cream out of it yes, sir you can. a they will use that here strachan homemade ice cream and desserts. we're watching gabe and ashley making waffle cones hot off presses. put in a little really thing and make your magic magical twist.
8:50 am
live tv making a waffle cone. oh, nice. and ashley dipping them in chocolate. oh stick around everybody. we're going to take you back and show you they make their world famous, world famous carrot i'm not jumping h hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons,eay? i'm still looking for their socks.
8:51 am
oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one d sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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welcome back. 8:52. look at my little co-anchor. say hi. >> i've got prompter. >> yeah. florida state trooper has been caught in a random moment doing something pretty great. tony sent us this picture here. you can see, her daughter got a flat tire on a busy highway early yesterday morning. officer cloud pulled her over to change it f he also jumped another person's car who had stopped to help. and as if that was not enough, the officer gave her his card to turn in as a tardy pass to get to class. woman's mother said his dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed. >> what do you want to say there co-anchor? >> anything? hi everybody. can you say hey charley. >> let's get over to you.
8:54 am
in fact, russell is worried about me taking his job. that's going to take his job right there. >> say i'm ready. i'm ready. well done. yeah. you got it. you got it, man. get yourself an ear piece, you're off and running look good on desk there i'm in dunedin. strachan's homemade ice cream and desserts. location up alternate 19 the original. the what are you adoing over here? i'm like the rest oh. you do the arms then. there's a location up on alternate 19 wit building. and lots of really nice people who work there. >> and then we're at this. we're going show to show you how, come on how we make carrot cakes. this is. my new co-host. carrot cakes mrs. strachan was famous. carrying the tradition. what's secret? definitely our glaze. our recipe of course does have a bunch of secrets.
8:55 am
>> what does that mean. they are done. that's really good thing. all right. pull that out of there. this is hot. hot, hot. i'm sorry. >> all right. all right. so, what's inside the cake actual? inside the cake, we actually have a few things over here. what sets us a part from a lot of carrot cakes we do use coconut 5 pounds of freshly shdded carrots and pieces as well pineapple. nice. now do you pecan and/or pecans. >> and, a minute away. cake is first come out. piping hot w put our secret glaze ont this ho keep the cake nice and moist a adds a lot of flavor. definitely tops it off. >> all right. then after that what would you do? then after that, that ite stuff.
8:56 am
charley this cream cheese icing. all right. so after glaze we go to icing. after glaze we let it cool. hit it with cream cheese ice cream and hen hit it with carrots. and then look at you. >> now do you want to in come in with green top? i do. i do. what's a green. what top of carrot look like? just like a little? >> you're a natural. >> like? >> a natural. >> yeah. perfect. i dig it. >> all right. all right. let's get more. we're a pretty good team. i feel it. i think you just found a new co-host >> ihink you j fndke decorator. i've fired after your shenanigans. stick around everybody. that's, classic carrot cake at
8:57 am
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now through august thirty-first. more than just a player. kobe bryant is a profitable businessman. more than just playing. successful business man and what he says the key to success is, and something all of us can do. >> and gorgeous sunset. with dave is going to explain. he's going to take his shot an explaining what is behind all of those shadows. and good thursday morning i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. we're inside today. because there's a lot of weather that we need to keep an eye on. and dave's been tracking a lot of stuff. and we're still trying to figure it all out, right, dave >> yeah. a lot of disturbed weather. but it's, it's really disorganized this morning down


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