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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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distribution] ((jen developing this morning: health concerns... at a bay area school. why parents are mad... over mold. and... a ?dangerous drive. as if drunk driving isn't bad enough - wait till you hear what one man had in his passenger seat... ((jen plus... fire the cannons! raymond james stadium will be rocking tonight... first bucs ?home game of the pre-season. and it's the first chance for fans... to see some major upgrades. ((jen)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm jennifer epstein. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... walter allen has the day off. those stories in a minute, but now, a first a look at the tropics with lindsay.. any
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developing this morning in pinellas county: is one charter school a ?health risk, to students? there are now growing concerns from parents... over ?mold at the largo campus of "plato academy." it comes after several disturbing photos. but the school's c-e-o claims there ?isn't mold problem. fox 13's evan lambert talked with the c-e-o... about the confusion. 8:44you can clearly see from just looking at the chairs and the wall and the vents that it is mold.plato academy largo parent caitlin drakos is worried her childrens' school has a mold problem that could put their health at risk.she's also a nursing student and says she understands how dangerous mold can be--especially to children with pre-existing conditions. caitlin drakos, mom4:24i thought my children were safe here and to know that their overall health and well being is being compromised is very very upsetting and very frustrating as a parent.drakos isn't alone.barbara gareau believes mold and air quality in portable classrooms at the school are making her son sick. barbara gareau, mom12:03he's been sick since the day after he got back in school.but the ceo of superior schools--the company that runs the charter-- says there is no mold.steven christopoulos, superior schools ceo26:17we firmly believe that there is no mold there because we don't see any evidence of that.steven christopoulos says the pictures were likely taken over the summer.the parents dispute that--saying people inside the school tell them they took the pictures in the last few weeks.documents christopoulos gave fox 13 appear to back him up--that the mold is no reports--from pinellas county
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increased humidity--but don't make reference to any visible mold in visits this week.but those parents--still worry any mold may just be hidden. christopoulus says he's doing all he can to reassure parents--adding dehumidifiers and replacing broken air conditioning units.30:33we are taking every preventative measure possible as fast as we
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the pinellas county school district says charter schools are individually managed--even though the school district does provide some oversight. the district did not have any comment on the mold. detectives in pinellas county say a father put his baby daughter in great danger. and now he's facing charges for it. "douglas fountain" was busted for d-u-i... while his baby was deputies were tipped off by someone who knows fountain, and told them he was using drugs... and driving his pickup truck...with his baby in the front seat. deputies pulled him over in largo. his baby was strapped into her car seat... next to him. detectives found crystal meth next to the baby's bottle... along with a glass pipe and several knives. he's charged with dui, child abuse, and drug possession, among others. the baby is now with child protection investigators. has the sun set... on the
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apparently not yet. the tampa sports authority is now working with the promoter... to avoid further issues. back in may, two people died of drug overdoses at the festival... and many more were transported to hospitals. 22-year-old alex haynes and 21-year-old katie bermudez died of ecstacy overdoses. 57 people were rushed to the hospital and 25 were charged with felonies. at city council thursday, the sports authority said it would be working with the promoter to avoid what happened last year. the festival announced it would be taking several steps to increase safety. they pledge to expand the size of the cooling tent, to increase the amount of free bottled water they give out, to increase the number of k-9 units, police officers and medical personnel. it will also do more social media to educate patrons on the dangers of heat and drugs. councilwoman lisa montelione, who asked the sports authority to present to the council, says she's largely satisfied
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the sports authority says on september 12th, it is having a special meeting to determine the future of the event at raymond james stadium. homeowners in south tampa are about to sleep a little better at night. but for some businesses... it could be a nitm council just voted on strict new limits, on nightlife noise. the noise ordinance... approved by a 6-1 vote... will limit bars in downtown, ybor city and channelside to 85- decibels or lower... after ten p-m. but in other parts of the city, like south howard, the noise limit drops even ?lower... to 55 decibels. a cap even certain councilmembers believe is too low.. and may have to be changed: the penalties for noise
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violations can be for noise the penalties the penalties for noise violations can be steep. the fines range from 150 to 450 dollars per violation. and two violations in a 6 month period could mean losing the right to serve alcohol entirely. the issue returns to city council in september -- and council members say they may loosen up those limits. senator marco rubio is in the bay area today... to meet with supporters and encourage everyone to vote in the florida primar will visit courier field on wheeler street in plant city. doors open at 10-45 and the event begins at 11-15. rubio is running for re-election in the u-s senate. he originally dropped ?out of the race to run for president. but his calendar... opened back up. early voting is ?already underway, and it ends on sunday. election ?day is next tuesday. ?ready for some football? bucs fans have been waiting for ?months. and
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?rocking again. the team is having its first ?home game... of the season. a preseason matchup... against the cleveland browns.((more)) something else you have to pay attention to, if you're heading to the game... the security. the tight security rules from the past few seasons are ?still in affect. in fact, they just expanded them to ?all stadium events... fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live from ray-jay right now, with more on those
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and... say goodbye to the ?balls. amalie arena in tampa just got rid of the city's most unique "beach." last night, workers used small trash cans to scoop up the all the clear ?anti- microbial balls... all one-point-two ?million of them. right now - they are all in boxes.. waiting to be loaded onto big trucks.. later this morning.. and then around ten tonight.. 25 huge
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stage for tomorrow night's "drake" concert. america's ?largest national monument... is about to get even bigger. up next: why it will soon be the biggest monument, in the world! plus... it's the last thing people in central italy want to feel. the ground shaking ?again this morning... in the same place already devastated by an earthquake.
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a break-in and their car is now missing. but they have no idea why anyone would want to hurt them. the sisters were both nurse practitioners at a nearby hospital, and they spent their lives helping the poor. one nurse was 58 years old, the other was 68 years old. the aftershocks continue today in italy. another four point three magnitude quake hit earlier today. that's the same town devastated by a six point two qu since then... the area has experienced nearly a thousand aftershocks. at the same time... rescuers are losing hope of finding any more survivors. 215 people have been pulled from the rubble. 267 have been killed... the funerals start today. and tributes are pouring in for the people of italy... even here at home. new york city's famous world trade center lit up last night in the colors of the italian flag... green , white and red. new york governor andrew cuomo also released a statement extending his
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vowed that the empire state is ready to lend a helping a hand if the country needs it. and... president obama is about to create the world's largest marine protected area. the white house says the president will announce a major expansion today... of a national monument in hawaii. it will ?quadruple in size to almost six hundred ?thousand square miles... covering small atolls northwest of the main hawaiian islands. the designation bans commercial fishing and new mining. it's expected to help protect more than seven ?thousand species of sealife. not only is it the ?biggest national monument.. its also
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pronounce. the actual name is (pah-pah-hah- now-moh-kuh-ah-kay-ah)" papahanaumokuakea" .
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin, with the latest, on ryan lochte. he ?still can't put brazil behind him. prosecutors in brazil have now ?indicted lochte... for his gas station lochte admitted to lying, when he said he and three fellow swimmers were robbed at gunpoint there. security video actually shows the swimmers were confronted by security, after alledgely vandalizing a restroom. under brazilian law... the penalty for falsely filing a crime report carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison. lochte could be tried and convicted... even if he doesn't return to brazil. but he likely won't be extradited.((more)) and there ?is some good
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endorsement deals following that rio incident... he just signed a ?new one. lochte will be a spokesperson for "pine brothers" cough drops. the ads will apparently have fun with lochte's current situation, by having him talk about how ?forgiving the cough drops are... on your throat. to the diamond now... where my rays wrapped up its four game series with the red sox yesterday afternoon. a strong start for pitcher "jake odorizzi." he pitches seven innings, giving up just four. and "mike mahtook" ensures odorizzi gets the win. he gets an r-b-i double in the seventh, giving the rays a 2-1 lead. the red sox brought on david ortiz to pitch hit in the ninth inning... with the final out. he strikes out, and the rays win. the rays head to
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and now to the bucs... where several rookies are looking to shine... for the first time, under the lights of raymond james stadium. several are battling for starting jobs. you'll also see plenty of veterans take the field too... but probably only for a few quarters. head coach dirk koetter says the most important thing is to avoid injuries. and just another reminder, kickoff tonight is at eight. and we'll have plenty of highlights tonight on the fox 10 and 11 o'clock news. football, the ?college season is ?almost underway. and the u-s-f bulls are kicking things off ?tomorrow... with its annual fan fest at the sun dome. for the first time ever the fan fest is expanded to include ?all of u-s-f's 19 sports teams in one event. there will be 500 student
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pictures... there will also be interactive games and inflatables. it runs from 11 to 1 saturday and it's free to the public. the first usf game is a week from saturday... at raymond james stadium... against towson. when we come back, lindsay will have the latest track on the tropics.. plus: ready to hit the ring... weekend warriors? a check on all the hot happenings, after the break. payday presents: salty covered sweetness. i was clearly here first, buddy. you know what's clear? our budding friendship. let's go be best friends right now. now and forever? forever and always. salty on the outside. sweet on the inside.
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looking to get out of the house this weekend? well hopefully the weather holds up. and if it does... there are several hot happenings you can check out. get out your start stretching... for one ?wild run. the annual lowry park zoo "zoo run run" is happening saturday morning. the annual run-walk 5k goes all around the zoo and along the hillsborough river. money raised goes towards zoo programs. it all starts at 7:30 a-m tomorrow. and it's going to cost you 40-dollars. but that
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the italian stallion is swinging back into theaters this weekend. several of the iconic "rocky" movies are playing at the capitol theatre in clearwater saturday night. it's all a part of their "classics summer movie series". you can see "rocky" and "rocky 2". the movies start at 7... and it's going to cost you 7-dollars for both films. hip hop fans will be heading to downtown tampa tomorrow night. singer "drake" is bringing his tour to the amalie arena still ahead: people running for their lives in a florida mall. why it was all because of ?balloons.. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live at ray-jay... where fans are in for some ?big
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