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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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chaos in a florida shopping mall... after people ?think they hear gunshots, and start running for their lives. it wasn't a shooter, fortunately.. but several people still got hurt in the panic. all of the chaos was captured on shoppers running through the halls of "the florida mall" in orlando. the loud pops -- were followed by an alarm. it turns out-- it was just popping balloons. and it was part of an inspection... done ahead of the grand opening of "joey fatone's" new restaurant -- "fat one's." but not
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several people suffered minor injuries during the chaos. officials say an announcement was made over the p-a -- warning of the test. but some say the whole thing should've been handled differently. the state of florida won't be getting any emergency funds... to help deal with a growing algae outbreak. fema just rejected governor scott's request for a federa actually the ?second time they're rejected it... so the state cannot appeal it anymore. the governor started asking for the money in july, when the bloom started showing up in several central florida counties. it was linked to discharges from lake okeechobee. the algae ?has started to go away,ever since the state ordered discharges from the lake to slow down. florida is also waiting on more federal funds to fight the zika virus. it's been tied up in a partisan battle in congress. congress will
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it's expected they'll continue to be at odds over the one-point-one billion dollar proposal president obama made to fight the spread of the virus. experts warn that texas and louisiana could be the next states.. hit by zika. state tourism officials are monitoring the zika virus -- and how it could impact our multi-billion dollar tourism industry. they met thursday in orlando and say they're "in prevention mode" at hotels and theme parks. the orange county mayor says -- for now -- they are not telling hotels and theme parks to do ?extra spraying to kill mosquitoes. but most have already been taking precautions. disney world is about to clear up a ?lot of standing water. workers have started draining and filling in the pool... at it's ?abandoned water park, "river
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never torn down. it's now mostly covered in overgrown weeds and algae. disney will now drain a 300 ?thousand gallon pool on the site and then ?fill it in.(more)) it's right next to the fort wilderness campground, and disney says it was too much of a liablity. the park has been taking extra precautions with its waterways... ever since a deadly gator attack, over the summer. an update on tampa's d-u-i setup scandal. all three attorneys involved, have now been permanently disbarred. the florida supreme court handed down the decision thursday. this scandal started three years ago. attorneys "stephen diaco"... "robert adams"... and "adam filthaut" were found to have set up a rival attorney in order to have him arrested for d-u-i. the attorneys used a legal assistant and a tampa police sergeant to help them do it. the court just ruled to disbar adams and filthaut ?immediately. stephen diaco was disbarred back in january. ?wanna see country mega-star "garth brooks?"
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?today. the only catch... he's not coming to tampa bay. the concert will be in orlando, at the amway center. it's on saturday, october 8th. the public can start buying tickets at ten this morning on ticketmaster. they start at 65 dollars. brooks was ?planning to perform in tampa last year at the amalie arena. but he had to cancel because of the lightning playoff games. in just a matter of finally hear those ?cannons again. tonight is the first ?home game of the season! and yes... its only the ?preseason... but this is also the first time fans will get to see all the new upgrades at ray-jay. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the
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toss to weather...
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it's home sweet home...
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ending with a splash. plus... a ?grand celebration, for american history. and the talk show ?queen who just helped kick it off. oops... they did it again. the "late late show" picks up another pop star... for some "carpool karaoke." you can sing along, in just a few minutes. ((jen but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 76 million dollars. good luck good day is back in less than two minutes.
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a grand birthday wish... from oprah winfrey. she was at the grand canyon yesterday, to help mark the 100th anniversary of the national parks service. and one way people can celebrate this weekend... by ?going to the parks. ?every national park in the country will have free admission, the next three days. there are more than four
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in the bay area is "desoto park" in bradenton. (vanessa/jen))
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today first up: britney's... back. the pop star has a new album out today! and overnight... she rode shotgun... for the latest
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that's britney spears singing with james corden on the "late late show." they also sang "oops i did it again"... "toxic"... and britney's new single, "make me" and... its a day to give a shout out to all our furry friends. this is "national dog day." it was created by the national dog day foundation... to raise awareness for rescue and homeless dogs. the goal of the group is to rescue ten ?thousand dogs a year. and of course we have to a give a shoutout to ?our dogs this
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and in honor of national dog day... we're going to meet with some very courageous canines later this morning. i'm going to head out to t-i-a.... to meet with some of their bomb and drug sniffing dogs and their trainers. to see how they work to protect passengers, 365 year. that's starting in our ?eight a-m hour this morning on good day. the force is strong... with movie goers this weekend. up next: a classic comes back to bay area theaters. plus, lindsay has another check on
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in other headlines this morning: if you're an i- phone user... you better install a new security update. apple says they pushed out the update.. after powerful espionage software was found targeting an ii-phone in the middle east. the spyware takes advantage of three previously undisclosed weaknesses in apple's mobile operating system... taking complete control of the phone. apple says it fixed the vulnerability immediately after learning about it. later this morning... a private spacecraft is ?leaving the international space station. the spacex dragon delivered more than five thousand pounds of supplies and equipment back in july. the craft will start ?detatching from the station around 6-10 this morning. it's expected to splash down in the pacific ocean just
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california. the ship is also bringing ?back about three thousand pounds of experiments for researchers to analyze, here on earth. busch gardens in tampa is rolling out the red carpet tonight... for comedian, actor, and singer "wayne brady." he's appearing in the morrocan palace theater, as part of their "red carpet series." and this is ?not included in park admission. in fact, you don't need a park ticket to get in. tickets for the show start at 35 dollars. the "oddball comedy festival" is at the midflorida
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tampa tonight. this guy... garbrielle iglesias will be there... along with hannibal burress, and tampa native "bert kreischer. tickets to see ?all of them start at just 22 bucks. the standup starts around five p-m. and... you can see these cute guys screen tonight. the bishop planetarium at the south florida museum in bradenton continues it's "space-y film series." tonights movie is "return of the jedi" ...starring the ewoks... and some ?human characters too. tickets are just seven dollars.
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((vanessa developing this ? find out how much your car is worth at ? morning: sick at school? new health concerns for students... why parents... are ?mad over ?mold. ((jen shopping stampede... but this wasn't a ?sale... why people were so anxious to get ?out of a big mall in orlando... ((vanessa calling all pewter pirates! time to fire the bucs are gonna rock raymond james stadium tonight, for the first ?home game this pre-season... we're live with the security... and fancy new upgrades... fans will notice. ((vanessa)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm vanessa ruffes, in for walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast,


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