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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  August 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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((vanessa developing this ? find out how much your car is worth at ? morning: sick at school? new health concerns for students... why parents... are ?mad over ?mold. ((jen shopping stampede... but this wasn't a ?sale... why people were so anxious to get ?out of a big mall in orlando... ((vanessa calling all pewter pirates! time to fire the bucs are gonna rock raymond james stadium tonight, for the first ?home game this pre-season... we're live with the security... and fancy new upgrades... fans will notice. ((vanessa)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm vanessa ruffes, in for walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast,
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(vanessa) developing this morning in pinellas county: a possible health risk for students, at a charter school. (jen) parents are getting increasingly worried about ?mold at the largo campus of "plato academy." (jen it all started with some disturbing pictures... showing what appears to be mold. there are some questions over ?when those pictures were taken... the school c-e-o says: earlier in the summer... parents say: in the last few weeks... but documents officials gave fox-13 show: the mold is gone... but parents worry: it could be ?hidden. "i thought my children were safe here and to know that their overall health and well being is being compromised is very very upsetting and very frustrating as a parent. --jen the school is
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replacing broken air conditioning units. they're trying to be proactive and preventative in treating this... as well as ?fast. (vanessa) detectives in pinellas county say a father put his baby daughter in great danger. and now he's facing charges for it. (vanessa "douglas fountain" was busted for d-u-i... while his baby was in the car. deputies were tipped off by someone who knows fountain, and told them he was using drugs... and driving his pickup truck...with his baby in the front seat. deputies his baby was strapped into her car seat... next to him. detectives found crystal meth next to the baby's bottle... along with a glass pipe and several knives. he's charged with dui, child abuse, and drug possession, among others. the baby is now with child protection investigators. ((jen)) new this morning: a new awareness campaign hopes to ?drive home the risks, of texting while behind the wheel. and it's not pulling any punches... a new video... definitely gets the point
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((jen fox-13's alcides segui is live in tampa on the story for us... alcides: distracted driving is a huge problem... with potentially tragic circumstances... but maybe this time, people
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((jen thanks, alcides. pasco detectives are searching for the thieves who stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of boat motors from a business in hudson. they broke into pelican marine on u-s 19 wednesday night. officials say a ford f-150 dropped off several people... who broke in and stole 5 yamaha outboard motors from four boats. that truck came back with an excursion nearly 3 hours later. the thieves then loaded the motors into both vehicles... some of them weighing nearly
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anything... call the sheriff's office. ((vanessa) happening today... football returns to raymond james stadium.(jen) the bucs are hosting the browns in the first preseason home game of the season... fans will notice a few changes at the stadium... including extra security. ((jen fox-13's shayla reaves is live outside ray jay
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((jen)) good news... your trip through the airport should be a lot quicker, next time you travel.((vanessa)) what the ?airlines did, to speed-up those long, annoying security lines. ((walter and... this will ?perk you up! turns out... your coffee cravings aren't just ?habit... the joy of java... is in your ?blood.
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time now is 5:xx... a day of rememberance today for a local news station in roanoake, virginia.. today marks one year since w-d-b-j reporter ''alison parker''.. and her photographer ''adam ward''.. were shot and killed on air.. alison was interviewing the head of the city's chamber of commerce... when "vester lee flanagan" opened fire at least eight times.. flannagan was a former reporter.. who was fired two years earlier... today -- the station plans to hold a
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there will also be off-air tributes to both alison and adam's lives. alison's boyfriend "chris parker" -- remains at the station as an evening anchor.. he won't be there today -- instead taking some time off with family members and close friends.. (vanessa remember those monster long lines, at airport security a few weeks ago. they're gone. part of it is: summer's over... and fewer people are flying. but the improvements started before then. t-s-a beefed-up staffing... and three of the nation's biggest airlines-american, united, pitched in to fund that effort. and airports hired contractors to pick-up bins and direct lines, so t-s- a workers could focus on screening. (jen new this morning... if you're one of those people who just can't function without multiple cups of coffee-- blame your genes. researchers looked at people's d-n-a and asked how much coffee they drank. they found people who drank less coffee than average... all had
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they break down caffeine slower... meaning it stays in the body longer. so that one cup of coffee might be enough for some...while others will need to drink up to get that same bolt of energy. ((anchors)) it's now 5:??. time
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". no closed
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((vanessa)) the zika virus is a valid concern here in florida... and not just for pregnant women and children...((jen)) later this hour: the effort to keep everyone safe and healthy... at florida theme parks. (jen and... final frontier? lots of people had lots of problems, when frontier
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they straightened out? up next, we go right to the
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((vanessa ?aquisition ?anxiety. when frontier took over for verizon, customers complained about everything from ?slow service... to ?no service. (vanessa) so now that it's been a few weeks, are the growing still getting a lot of calls and e-mails... from people upset over frontier service. so fox-13 consumer reporter, sorboni banerjee, took those questions... straight to the company. frontier's takeover of verizon this past spring had an admittedly rough starta and customers are still contacting fox13 with complaints about service or issues getting refunds so we went inside frontier's facilities to learn what exactly went wrong with the transition. same facilities? yes. same employees? yes. same fibers same wires? the only thing that's diff for people is??it is the tools and new systems we had to learn when we transitioned over so sometimes software didn't talk to each other frontier's senior vp for florida says the software discrepancies came from updates and changes to the systems 440 million lines of data that took place over the past 12 yearsisn't that something frontier should have
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was a lot of testing we would have liked to have done more.... a flash cut is an immediate change in a complex system - with no phase-in perioda& but frontier had done a year's worth of testing ahead of that moment. we did not expect it to happen til it happened what happened was an outage of phone service so bad, that customers called the attorney general to demand compensation from frontier. why did it get to the level the company had to hear from ag pam bondi? once we assessed the issues and looked at the trends and what was necessariy then we were going to evaulate giving customers credit what she did was ask that we give customers credit immediately when the transition first happened there were more than 16oo complaints to the ag... that was back in may it went down to 500 in june - 300 in july and just under 200 in august, not all are related to the transition so where do we stand today? for those of you complaining about customer service? frontier blames a decision to initially use offshore call centers but says they're now back in the united states slow highspeeed internet? it has to be analyzed on a case by case basis... to see if its related to someone's personal router... or extra traffic getting clogged in frontier's servers for any number of reasons from scheduled maintainance to bad weathe they've credited everyone for the initial time they spent without services but pam bondi's office has sent out letter to frontier asking them to address a new spike in complaints regarding billing issues and trouble getting refunds... melanie if a customer has a situation that comes up they are not we will do everything to make sure that happens as quickly
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(vanessa) "trouble reports" are down... from 47- thousand in may to 20-thousand by july. frontier reps say: that's a sign that they're heading in the right direction . and yes, some people are still problems... but like the regional v-p said, it's "case-by-case," now. ((jen)) for 15-years, he was part of our fox-13 family... this morning, a sad farewell to a talented journalist... who made all of us... proud to ?work and ?live here. ((jen plus... ready for some football? it's a whole new game for the bucs... and their fans. up next: the new upgrades at ray jay...
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?? know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investing can make retirement closer than you think. know. althe guidan, because when you hav ((vanessa)) it's 5:--, on friday, august 26th. i'm vanessa ruffes.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. hope you're ready to roar! tonight is the first ?home game of the bucs pre-season...
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stadium. (jen fox-13's shayla reaves is at ray-jay... where there are lots of upgrades for
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((jen thanks, shayla.
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((jen the time now is 5:??. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: nine people are recovering this morning after a scary day at the florida mall in orlando. people heard a loud series of ?popping sounds, and then an alarm. they thought it was gunshots, and
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lives. thankfully, it was just a misunderstanding... the sounds were caused by balloons popping... during an inspection of "joey fatone's" new restaurant... but the panic started a stampede, and that's when people got hurt. ((jen the florida supreme court hands-down the ultimate punishment in a d-u-i set-up scandal. all three tampa attorneys involved... are permanently disbarred. "stephen diaco," "robert adams" and "adam filthaut" were all found to have set-up rival attorney "phil campbell" in order to have him arrested fo used a legal assistant and a tampa police sergeant helped them do it. state supreme court justices described what they did as "shocking"... "unethical"... and "unprofessional." ((jen a sad farewell to a member of the fox-13 family. larry elliston passed away thursday morning. he was a reporter here for 15-years... from the late 70's to 19-92. he roamed the state for his "assignment florida," series... bringing us stories from key west, to pensacola. he also hosted "down-home
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t-v-t, larry worked with jack hanna... our thoughts and prayers are with his family. (vanessa) we talk about it all the time... how dangerous it is to text and drive... but people still do it. now, a new campaign hopes to finally get the message across... with brutal honesty. ((vanessa fox-13's alcides segui is on the story for us. alcides... hopefully, this will make the difference... it affects all of us. ((alcides/take cg3))one in 5 drivers surf the web55% of young adults claim it's easy to text and drive77% are very/somewhat confident they can text safely while driving in 2011, 23% of all collisions
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thanks, alcides. (vanessa) so, has it been a long week? do you need a good laugh? we can help. (jen) let's take a look back at some of the ?lighter moments of the week, in today's "good day goodies." 00-05 good day
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((jen)) it's supposed to be the ?happiest place on earth. but there are some serious concerns at disney, and other theme parks this morning.((vanessa)) what ?they're doing... to keep everyone safe from the ?zika virus, when we come back. ((vanessa and... she could have made millions... but olympic gold medalist, katie ledecky, turned down ?all of e to do ?instead... of endorsements... introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection dwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. (vanessa) florida is still america runs on dunkin'. waiting on more federal funds to fight the zika virus. the issue has been tied-up in a partisan battle in congress. (jen) and there's special reason to speed-up the response here... especially, for ?tourists.
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(russell) we know that schools have had to address zika concerns... now theme parks are dealing with it, too. (russell state tourism officials are monitoring the virus... to see how it could impact our multi-?billion dollar tourism industry. they met thursday in orlando, and say: they're in "prevention mode," at hotels and theme parks... "if everybody makes sure that those containers are dumped over so they don't contain water, we can tamp down the population." ((russell the orange county mayor says -- for now -- they are not telling hotels and theme parks to do ?extra spraying to kill mosquitoes. but most have already been taking precautions. (russell/ disney world is about to clear up a ?lot of standing water. workers have started draining and filling in the pool... at it's ?abandoned water park, "river
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never torn down. it's now mostly covered in overgrown weeds and algae. disney will now drain a 300 ?thousand gallon pool on the site and then ?fill it in. (russell) it's right next to the fort wilderness campground, and disney says it was too much of a liablity. the park has been taking extra precautions with its waterways... ever since a deadly gator attack, over the
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(jen) now to the sad picture on facebook, that's breaking hearts... but spreading love... and
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(jen/ look at this sweet elderly couple from canada... wolf and anita. they've been married for 62- years... and are still infatuated with each other. but they're hurting right now... since they have to live apart... in separate nursing homes. every-other-day, their granddaughter ashley makes the 40-minute drive, to get them both together, even if just for a few minutes. and every time, the visit ends in tears. she took this picture hoping the community would rally behind them, and help get her grandparents pled home. it's been shared ?thousands of times... but still no progress on reuniting her grandparents. (jen) making all of this even more agonizing: the race against the clock. ashley's grandpa has congestive heart failure, and was just diagnosed with lymphoma. he also has dementia... and she wants him to be able to spend time with his wife, while he still remembers her. the nursing home staffs feel bad about all of this, too, and they're doing all they can to reunite the couple. we'll keep you
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the stadium renovations are complete... and the giant video boards will be lit up tomorrow night at raymond james stadium... when the bucs host the browns in the preseason home opener... starters will see extended playing time... atleast a full half... but position battles continue... with the first round of cuts coming up on tuesday... final cuts next saturday... and the bucs have a strong battle at the 4th and 5th receiver... a guy thats making a case is donteea dye... with a series of 4 straight catches in yesterdays 2 minute drill... he also shows some flash in the return game. dirk koetter taking in some high school football tonight... watching berkeley prep and clearwater central catholic... not as a coach, but as a dad... his son, davis koetter is the buccaneers quarterback... connects with zach mathis for the 57-yard td strike... berkeley prep hanging close with the marauders... night.... but ccc is a powerhouse... their only loss last season was in the state semifinals... jakob parks finds amari burney for the touchdown... parks finishes with four total td's on the night... ccc gives coach chris harvey his first win....44-27 the final the best pitching staff in the american league since the all-star break has been the rays... and no better starting pitcher in the a-l than jake odorizzi... a (6-0) record and 1.58 era since the break... doing his thing again today against the red sox. odorizzi in a jam in the sixth... bases loaded with a run already in... odorizzi gets the inning ending double play.... limiting the big innings is what's ordorizzi has been doing so well during this streak..... odorizzi pitches seven innings, throwing only 96 pitches, giving up just one run, while striking out four.... mike mahtook ensures odorizzi gets the win... a ripped shot to left... steve souza junior scores from first... mikie mahtook ends an oh-for-34 hitless streak with the rbi double... rays lead 2-1 enny romero then ends the game by striking out david ortiz... picking up his first career save rays win 2-1....
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(vanessa olympic swimmer, katie ledecky, has the world at her feet, after winning four gold medals in rio... and she's been ?swamped with endorsement offers... that could be worth up-to five-million dollars a year... but she turned them all down... at stanford instead. she told interviewers yesterday: she's always wanted the college experience... and all the bonding that comes with it. ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day. ((vanessa)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. ((russell/2-shot)) it's a big night for football.. charley belcher is getting us ready for the high school opening games!((laura)) and: shayla reaves is live at raymond james stadium... where security and a gigantic ?scoreboard are the talkers,
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(russell/take vo) also ahead: a big ballot blunder.. donald trump's name didn't make the ballot in one state.. what's being done to fix this problem.. (laura/take vo) and: concern at a pinellas county school.. pictures of ?mold.. ?everywhere.. at six - the health department's findings... and what the
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havertys. life looks good. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist." >> you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >>russell: new accusations against donald trump. hillary clinton said he's taken hate groups mainstream and we have his response. >>laura: and the city of sarasota held hostage by hackers. an online threat that's bringing business to a crawl. >>russell: security is tight as the bucs prepare for the preseason home opener. what fans should know before


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