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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:58pm EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is fox 13 news at noon. a tropical wave we've tracking appears to be struggling good afrnoon everyone i'm linda hurtado thanks so much for joining us. let's the good right to jim and see what that could mn and our weekend >> hey linda, yeah. we've watch this all through overnight hours. really struggling but this morning we've seen a nice flare-up of convection with this system. so it's tried to regain some of that organization. but remember, yesterday, it was dealg watt mountains of hispaniola. this system really got hurt pretty b yesterday. so it' going to take some time for it to kind of try and redevelop itself. but with those thunderstorms kind of flaring ups center looks like it's located right about
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so the storms, they are very close to the center, so that bodes well for maybe some reorganization of the system. and remember we've been talking about the waters in this area are obviously very warm. and that's also where we start to see some of that lower wind sheer. now we're starting to to get into this point where if it's going to do something going to do it here really, within the next say 24 to 36 hours. at least start to get its act together. it's going to take some time, because it's really had to start back at square one with this system because of all production they had yesterday. hurricane hunter plane flew down there this morning to sample the atmosphere in and around system. we a we will start to get even better information as we go through the next couple of days. but at this point. and a basically just a big rain maker across the state. as we get into first part of next week.
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five days. we're not talking about a hurricane. we're talking about a tropical system. so, could be a depression, outside chance of a tropical storm. but essentially it looks likes will be working its way towards the gulf of mico and the trend has been wit these models to shift further to the west. remember yesterday, they are basically right over the state. so we're starting to see these push up further to the west. which obviously will give it chance to develop over gulf of about rain over t state. we'll talk more about this and weekend forecast coming up in a little bit, linda. thank you, jim. new development in fight against the zika virus. food and drug administration now wants all u.s. blood banks to start screening for the virus. this is an effort to protect nation's blood fly super mosquito born disease. this means all ustatesnd a will need to test blood donation zika. requirement was limited to area with active ookz transmission
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puerto rico. this order follows confirmed reports. today governor rick scott holding another one of those zika round tables with leaders in miami. >> the bucs are back. it's their first preseason home game tonight. they will take on cleveland browns in off season, they made a lot of changes to raymond james stadium. fox 13 shayla reefs takes look at the changes and what you the fans need to keep in mind if you're going tonight. >> if you want to get inside you'll have to follow the and public safety begins at the gate. right now we're a raymond james stadium thousands of fans are expected to fill the parking lot in just a few hours. but before the players can take to the fields, security must take center stage. right now we are talking about some of the msures that are still in place. these are anges made back in 2013 raymond james stadium. that means you will see more screenings for home games and all upcoming events held here at the venue.
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restrictions on how the items are stored. we're talking about things like your cell phone your keys, wallet and your make up. each fan i say lewd to bng a clea plastic bag n larger than 12 inches. purses are limited to clutches. now there are a lot of new changes to see on the other side of the gate, multi million dollar renovation is over. and t screens are in place. these are four times larger tha. the ribbon screens circl line. the new sound system even inudcl surround sound. 750,000 watts of power. so, you'll find all of these items inside. but, you'll also find some new items on the menu. if you head to concession stand. there's been some there have been some changes. including a new burger on the menu. it is a grilled cheeseburger. this is a burger where instead of your traditional bun, you
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whiches, serving as the bun. and you're seeing some of that video there on your screen. again game starts around 8 o'clock tonight with kick off. and fans will be able to fill parking lot starting 4:30. some tickets we've seen are still available starting as low as $50. and parking in the official parking lots will start around $15. reporting here at raymond james stadium shayla, fox 13 news. that looks thank you. >> our sports director scotty smith will join us live from ray jay starting tonight at 5. a dramatic scene on courtney campbell causeway this morning a car flipped over on bridge and woman was trapped inside. an off duty hillsborough county deputy was driving by and stopped to help. deputy matthew kneeled down next donna mullen's car and held her hand until emergency crews got there and could get her outthe woman was conscious and a talking with rescue crews up
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are or what caused that accident. small plane went down near st. pete clearwater airport. clrwat aviion hangar. in front officials believe that the nose gear probably collapsed. the plane is registered to address in delaware. and we don't know yet we're not getting any information if anyone was hurt. strong after shocks continue to rattle italy. they are in the same area where a deadly earthquake hit earlier this week. cutting oh of key access road for first responders. >> fox's john huddy has more from italy. >> there have been a nearly a thousand aftershocks following deadly earthquake here this was strongest hitting just before 6:30 a.m. local time magnitude of at least 4.7 damaging a bridge and cutting oh of a key access road causing even more damage in towns that have been essentially wiped off the map. >> we enter very quickly there are still after shocks.
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retrieved the essentialatlnw th recovery effort. the government has promised tod thousands are homeless in need of assistance. the government says assembling temporary shelters a multi billion dollar aid effort ramps outereoth on left a right so ts can sleep here air conditioners also being installed for daytime u the rvis the damage, many homes completely. others told they can't return until they rebuild. residents say they are grateful for aid pouring in but also anxious to a start the recovery process when ever and whatever it may be. >> i have no idea what i'm going to do now. because i had restructured house two years ago. its was all new and now i don't know what to do. i'm 76 i don't know if i can rebuild. i tall can govnment declared a national day of mourning saturday followed by funeral
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news. new york's famed world trade center lights up inre, ite iconic landmark was lit up in colorstaan flag last night in honor victims of italy's earthquake new york governor also released a statement extending his condolence and vowed empire state is ready to a lend a helping hand if that country needs it. firefighters went above and beyond to save animals from fire in riverview. just after seven this morning crews r animal hospital. firefighters started an evacuating animals from clinic and tampa electric was then called. and used thermal camerato find the source of faulty ball las. but their joss wasn't done. crews helped employees get their four cats and three dogs safely back inside. job well done. well something will remind you constantly do not text and drive. now a new psa is hoping to hit that message home for drivers everywhere. why it may change your habits
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road signs bent over because of the force of the water. you know, gushing down the street everywhere because we're on an incline. anything thaanyone's left out is moving down the street. we always think we're the keeper of the house... it makes a lot of sense you would have flood insurance. knowing that you have that and if you need it, it's going to be there, and you've done everything you can that this house might be here in a hundred years for another family to enjoy it.
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a dramatic rescue -- caught on camera.. geoia police of a dramatic rescue caught on camera a georgia police officer being hailed a hero after sieving a passenger from a fiery car wreck. i mean you can see it. atkins officer was responding to early morning highway accident when this rese and body cam footage shows a man trapped in an suv and that suv is engulfed in flames. when you quickly grabs a fire extinguisher from his car or tries to put that blaze out fire was just too strong. that's when officer decided that really the best way to get that passenger out vehicle alive was to a bend the door frame and pull that man out. wow. i've seen the whole video he does pull the man out safely. >> it's on my facebook page if you want to see resth a florida
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after allegedly trying to fly a plane while intoxicated. charter plane was set to fly out michigan before police got involved. police say co-pilot was removed from the plane right before it was scheduled to take off from cherry inransrs ty. the piled called police when he sspected hisco-pilot of being under the influence. so authorities arrived on scene man was given a preliminary breath test and blew 0.3. that's 15 times limit. that's a very high blood alcohol level. i can honestly say in 15 years of law enforcement this is first time that i'm aware that the city police is arrested somebody that was planning to pilot a plane. >> wow. >> well luckily there were no passengers on board at the time of that incident. >> a close call for billionaire richard branson. check out pictures he posted on social media today.
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his bicycle. he fractured his cheek and torn ligaments and some severe cuts. ouch. he said he saw his life flash before his eyes during that crash. he was wearing a helmet at the time. which he says saved his life. >> well despite the warning some drivers continue to text and drive. and you've probably see them at the lights, right? but even taking your eyes off the road for 5 seconds could be a life or death decision. fox 13's alcides segui has some sobering statistics. and a v need to put your phone down and pay attention to the road. if you have four minutes today you got to watch this video. it will change your driving habits. they interview teenagers young adults. they are pretty open they text and drive. listen. >> i've always been really good about it. passenger has pretty role of driving red light. red light. if someone you like texts you can't just like let it sit there without just knowing what they
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every time i do i think about why am i doing this i just keep doing it. they admitted texting driving using nap chat, facebook twitter whatever social media platform they can to communicate now towards end video a woman actually walks into that room and she tells her story. she says she was involved in serious crash. her parents were killed in that accident. she was in intensive care for several months and during rehab she had to learn, walk, talk, eat very basics all over again. what's interesting, those teens and young adults start crying because they realize is not as important as someone's li t e othe video, there's a #it can wait. video has viewed nearly 4 million times sharedly nearly 95,000 times. this statistics staggering a well in 2011, 23 percent of all collisio in cell foeps about 1.3 million crashes.
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you text drive. overwhelming number of people said they do not do it. so maybe this psa and others are actually working. >> in hillsborough county action alcides segui, fox 13 news. thank you, alcides. i hope that's true. there's a new proposal to limit how fast trucks and buses travel on nation's highways. it would impose a nationwide limit by electronically capping speeds with at device on newly made u.s. vehicles that way more than 26,000 pounds. the government capping speeds could reduce hundreds of crashes involving heavy trucks. it will be subject to public comment before becoming final. >> a cab ride with no driver. the world's 1 self driveing taxis were picking up passengers in singapore. customers use smart phone. select members of public got a free ride. some of those were a little nervous. i was nervous. because really scary to think
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car. and when a car was move i was kind of shocked in there by myself i felt car was, car moved forward it was totally surprising yes. quite smooth. and very controlled. >> the company behind this technology study small just six cars in singapore right now. they hope to have dozen on road by end of year and lot more after that. friends, not only is it friday, which is always day. it's national dog day. so in celebration i'm giving shout out to my two boys english bull dogs while attending a university of georgia go dogs. and sanford stadium junk yard dogs play i posted more pictures of my dog sanford one driving our rv it's on my facebook page i would love to he your dog pictures some of them posting them i doer rabl you can follow
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continue conversation on twitter, just look for linda hurtado fox. speaking of dogs there was a very, very cool moment this morning for my 5:00 p.m. co-appearing or and friend cynthia smoot. check it out. oh my god. that is so beautiful. that's beautiful. >> really is neat. >> now i saw the painting it really is beautiful. cynthia smoot's greyhound karma is on cover new she won this at an auction tux and tails event and cynthia will take you behind scenes of this photo shoot tonight at 10. >> can't wait to see that. >> jim, the weekend has arrived. here it is. what are we looking at? i know there will be rain a some point maybe sunday. i don't know. one of these things going to watch as we go through the weekend obviously we're still talking about invest 99. it's be all over the place as far as what we're expecting with
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disagreement in the computer models major computer model really starting to come in line with what we can expect. basically talking about some rain. now you look outside right now. not a bad looking day partly cloudy skies. we will continue to see some building clouds a we go through afternoon. scattered showers still a little bit of dry air over portions of the state. we saw that yesterday. so rain chances were lower yesterday. didn't see as much around especially as you worked your way to the north. you can see few scattered showers over towards orlando. maybe just to the east of orlando. we will better chance of rain further south that you go today. we still have some dry air we're dealing with. so here in tampa probably an about 30 percent chance of showers during the mid to late afternoon hours. a little bit better as you head further to the south. sun's out. inspect degrees here in tampa. brandon has a 91. bartow currently at 86. lakeland you're at 90. you head down to sarasota, currently sitting at 92 degrees. bradenton has a 90.
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so, obvlyious we're still talking about the tropics. we'll tracking this all weekend long. this is invest 99. it was really hurt bad yesterday for mountains over hispaniola. todahis this morning we started to see that region. a big flare-up of convection with this. right near the center of the little swirl with this. so things are starting to look a little bit better as far as the organization of this system. now still dealing with some dry air. but getting more moist, we're across portis the bahamas, so this is that area that conditions are to start to become more favorable as we go through the weekend. so here you see it continues to work it is way towards the west northwest. through see that big flare-up right there. the reds and bright colors there. that shows thestorms. electric's still 60 percent chance of development over next five days.
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development wee not talking about developing into hurricane. developing into a tropical system. now computer models have been shifting further to the west which is certainly good news for us. because it moves it off the state. still wearing a lot moisture over the state. we're still talking about a good chance of some strong showers and some thunderstorms as we get into the first part of next week. and if it moves out into gulf. very warm waters. conditions are ripe. so there's that chance we could see at least some development wi the first part of next week. now the gfs has been very consistent with this system over the past week. basically just keeping a minimal, either tropical wave or at best really a tropical depression. and essentially just bringing heavy rain over the state as we get into the first part of next week. so we'll keep you posted as we go through the weekend. partly cloudy, some scattered showers and thunderstorms for today. daytime high 93 degrees. storms wind down overnight low of 78.
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during afternoon. daytime high of 92 degrees. only one tide remains a low tide at 5 o'clock this afternoon. winds will start to pick up a we go through the weend. coming out east about 15knots. seven-day forecast you can see rain chance, we do bumpo out 70 percent as we get into the first part of next week. now, if you're heading out to bucs game tonight, they have a few storm around but i thinky time we get into game time which starts at 8, storms will be done, althoughths going to be a steamy night. linda. thank you, jim. one man did not have to go far to find kidney donor. micl match?
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(linda) we have a miraculous match to tell you about out of georgia . it all started when a man was diagnosed with kidney disease. he spent several years looking f we have heir rack includes match. he spent several years looking for donor. he wound out finding roof the whole time. foxx's marissa mitchell has more. >> victor is smiling now in his barnesville home. but his journey to happiness and strength took time. >> there's a bit of tough, trying to find kidney doctors diagnosed him nearly three years ago and placed him on dialysis. his wife sharon was with him every step of the way. >> in and out of hospital all
12:25 pm
going been a d fia lrince he an together. amputation, he says he tested 5 relatives to see if they could be donors. then his wife sharon tried her luck >> the i didn't even know. i know that if i did get one from her it was going to be good one because of her exercise, eating right and drinking a lot of water. the two or proud long-time members of bethell church in barnesville. he services there a deacon couple's pastor says their union of 15 years has been inspirational to watch. >> two shall become one. >> and in spirit, spiritual realm first and in this case, it is really, really manifested in life of this couple. now they hope their story inspires others on their own journeys of hope and healing. for god to use me to give him
12:26 pm
you're just really showing out. you're just doing your thing. >> president obama is set to create the world's largest marine protected area. he'll expand marine national men meant off coast of hawaii. move will ban commercial fishing for more than 1 half a million square miles of the pacific ocean. it's aimed at protecting more 7,000 marine species and improving the ecosystem issue in rt curb effect climate change before he leaves office. attraction centering around late music icon prince. we've heard all your complaints and frustrations about
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the presidential campaign takes a nastyurn with both candidates slinging racial the presidential campaign takes nasty turn with both candidates slinging ci accusations an at each other. fox news correspondent lauren with at latest. dueling web videos from both presidential campaigns. hillary clinton trying to tie donald trump to clan members while trump push racially insensitive comments from 90s. they are on the kids that called super predatories. donald trump will be best for job for president? >> 83. we know who trump is he says he
12:30 pm
seems to be make america hate again. >> trump firing back and again, calling his opponent a bigot. >> hillary clinton isn't just attacking me. she's attacking all of the decent people of all backgrounds who support this incredible, once in a lifetime movement. time will tell if trump's new pitch to minority voters chips away at clinton's lead. a new qipnnc universy pol owser h aad of among minorities, 77-15 percent. the poll taken after trump said he was willing to rethink mass deportation policy. a stance that fired up his base during the primary. >> he's waffling. he's going, you know, strong rhetoric, backing off strong rhetoric backing off. that's confung a lot of voters he has to find his footing he clinton on campaign trail trump
12:31 pm
to make his case to his panic leaders. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. family and friends are mourning loss of two nuns, brutally murdered in their mississippi home. sisters margaret and paula were both found dead yesterday. police say home was broken into nun's car was stolen a medical examiner yet to confirm a cause of death but priest that worked with the women say police the women were stabbed. they worked as nurse as clinic providing healthcare for people living in wanted to do was help others. naturally we're deeply hurting on this. but these were two women of great faith who live the gospel. and they came here to mississippi to outreach to the poor using medical services. >> police have not identified any suspects but they are checking surveillance cameras in area to see if they spot anything unusual. police in colorado arrest ad
12:32 pm
in kidnapping of her three children. fox robert gray has latest on this investigation out of l.a. >> a man and woman wanted in the murder of a mother and the kidnapping of her children in california are captured in colorado. >> both suspects are now in custody. 22-year-old britney humphrey and 27-year-old joshua robertson are accused of a killing kimberly who is humphrey's half sister and taking her three ki they were arrested thursday without incident after a massive multi straight manhunt. after local motel. that's when they came in contact with britney. she was seated inside of a vehicle. upon contacting britney, they became aware that joshua robertson was couple blocks away. they were travel with one infant who is safe. one and a half-year-old madison was taken into protective custody by pueblo police department.
12:33 pm
related to a baby two-year-old joslin and three-year-old braden watkins and 5-year-old riley watkins were found earlier this week in albuquerque, new mexico. the good samaritan had recently bee friend ad joshua and knee at the motel and left in the care, of these three children were left in his care. a certain point, he became suspicious that they were not returning. that's when he called the local police albert, authorities are now working with los angeles sheriff's office to return them to california. they are working with investigators in order to bring them home safely. los angeles sheriff's offices now trying to get humphrey and robertson extradited back to california. in los angeles, robert gray, fox news. >> steps on brakes in warning for apple users. lauren simonetti has the midday market report.
12:34 pm
upgrad latt operate 9.3 after discovering malware. sploiding vulnerabilities in iphone. spy ware has capability to collect password read text ag and microphone to recor conversations. >> it's being called one the most sophisticated pieces of cyber espionage ever seen. latest read on how fast economy grew during spring disappointing. gdp pace. they spent lesson equipment strength came from consumer. we increased our spending fattest pace in year and a half. more controversy for mylan maker epipen a new federal lawsuit seeking class action status se the company is engagingrice gouming by forcing conmesu to buy the pens in packs of two. it says there's little evidence that dtors ever recommended pens be sold as pairs. mylan has at the center of firestorm for not lowering the
12:35 pm
>> the mega merger anheuser busch is leading to layoffs reports say budweiser maker will cut about 3 percent combined companies work force. after the deal is finalized company expects to make cuts gradually off course of three years. >> and all kfc top secret fried chicken recipe might not be such secret any more. it was accident radio he would have by a nephew of founder of company. recipe calls for len s pepper two coupes of flour. rec incorrect. for more log on to in new york i'm lauren simonetti. it was a company acquisition that caused all sorts of headaches when frontier took over for verizo customers complained of everything from a slow service to no service. a those growing pains over?
12:36 pm
different for people is? >> it is the too thatere utilized in the new systems that we had to learn when we transitioned over. so, sometimes the software as i said didn't speak to the other components of the network. frontier senior vp for florida says the software discrepancies came from updates and changes to systemonines o da that tk pce o the past 12 years.
12:37 pm
frontier should have known? there was flash cut on night april 1st. and as a result, we probably did do a lot of testing we would ash cut ammediate change in complex system. with no phase-in peod froner had done a year's worth testing ahead of that moment we d n expect for it to happen what happened out rve soadme cal attorney general to demand compensation. what he sheid customers credit when they right after transition the attorney general's office said they got more than 1600 complaints. that was back m may. by june, overall complaints were down, they were looking a 500. july 3, '00, and so far, in august, 200. and not ever complaint is directly related to the transition. >> so, where do we stand today? >> for those of you complaining about customer service, frontier blames the decision to initially use off shore call centers but
12:38 pm
states. slow high speednternet it has toezelyd o casy be o see if related to someone personal route o extra s from schedul maintenance t bad weather. frontier sets best of their knowledge they've credited everyone for initial time they spent without services pam aski them to address new spike in complaints regarding billing issues and trouble getting refunds. >> so our customers are getting what they paid for are? absolutely. if a issu that comes up that they are not getting what they paid for, we will do everything to make sure that happens as quickly as possible. >> sorboni banerjee, f >>ince'se will soon open for public tours it a transformed into museum and open in october. prince siblings say that something that prince always wanted to happen. he was 57 years old when he collapsed and died last april
12:39 pm
and a boxing buy out all in knee terraces this weekend take look what they are wth your moy ne donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it."
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ne up don'treat revie for me. here's why it's brutallily re there's intense and scare. i will never ever w fm in my life.isturbing experience i've had in theater one paicular sceat mht irie yor per. by sam, direct by guy who a remade sam's el does work 's about 3 friends who robbing a house that possibly has $300,000 in it and man who lives there is blind. played by steven lang here. a phenomenal actor a great after at that actually only good part avatar for me i just and didn't find, film kind of left entertainment, and went into just brutaelensviolce.
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on fox 5. that's fox i will say, it's a very cool seeing robert de-nero in a boxing mow we know him raging bull. so, i love seeing him again. these trailers, and the review is on fox i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. now you know. here's a lie look outside right
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daour four leg be that if a trapped in a hot carne of you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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school is back in session.... which means the return of the f school is back in n. which means return the fox 13 iday p rly.this morning onoo ou arley belcher celebrated with students of river ridge in port ritchie. remember when the lightning had the play off. football team tells us they will growing out their hair. me and myuddyer just we had hair not very long. middle of our hereads. why don't grow it out. that will be so cool relivehe good old days. >> my good olddays. way back before us growing it out i told my parents, whole football team to do this, no going to do it with you. i talked to all of them someone
12:48 pm
i kind of like it. we will give shout out to schools as they cheer on the royal knights. >> you know jim, this like really one of my favorite times of year school starting again. weather is supposed to at least start cooling down. you've got friday night football charley in morning at schools. it's just fun. lots to do. we're all sitting here counting down when is that first cold front going to come through here u offcan't come soon enough. we're looking pretty nice looking wth still very summer-like outside. we continue to see partly cloudy skies. strong easterly wind across state once again today. we have a little dryer air work its way over the state. yesterday still around today. the overall rain chances still a touch on low side today. as you head to our south. likely see a better chance of a storms there. more moisture in the atmosphere once you get say south of tampa. you can see a couple scattered showers overon eastern side of
12:49 pm
and look really closely into southern levy county. you see couple showers, maybe heading over towards cedar key in just a little bit. as we go through the a ltle bit we will start to see more activity sta now in tampa 91. headown to sarasota. currently at 92 degrees. bradenton has a 91. degrees. new port richey currently sits at 90. but we've t here. and invest 99, this one it is has been all over the place. you know a couple of days ago was looking very, very impressive. then yesterday, the convection started interacting with some mountains over hispaniola. basically just really disrupted the system. it hurt it bad. yesterday. so it was just basically kind of falling apart this morning early this morning started to see big flare-up of convection once again. the center, les swirl right
12:50 pm
so, at least we're seeing the storms closer to the warm in this area. they aretill air. but the wind sheer is dropping as well. to conditions are going to slowly start to improve with thystemough the next couple of days which willl develop more. hurricane hunter went out eay fly over this area. getting nice sample of the atmosphere to help better predict go. so here different computer model as we go through the next several day. that overall trend has been to shift it more towards the west, remember yesterday's basically right over the state. so there's that possibility when it gets into the gulf of meco itldome now, we're not talking development into a hurricane, we'r just talkingbout maybe up into a tropical depression, a tropical storm really as best. now s has very consient wh th system.
12:51 pm
working itsr the state. there's still that possibility of heavy rain as we get into the first part of next week. we'll keep you posted on this, as we go through the weekend. so for today, partly cloudy skies. some scattered showers and thunderstorms. as we get intooon, 93 dn overnightand then for tomor see sun and clouds some storms during the afternoon with that high temperature back up to 92 degrees. seven-day forecast, you see rain chances, they do work their way up as we get into th of next week. now fury heading oh out to the game tonight going to have storms around. if you're tailgating by game time i think the rain is done. although it's a steamy night. linda. >> thanks, jim. hundreds of local students had trip they will never forget.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
the hot ticket today is garth brooks! tickets went on le this morning for his three shows coming to the amway center the hot ticket today garth brooks tickets went onfo sal ree sh apparently tickets are going so fast they've ad ad fourth show. they bringirro amway thursday october 6th through sunday october pok?mon go craze to whole new level. look at this. in sydney australia there a pok?mon inspired restaurant. the menu features characters nd. urgeform. that right sni ahope b the despite it's limited supply of only 100 burger as day restaurant has been a very big has it in that area. wh azing exper group young people from tampa bay area had this summer.
12:55 pm
concentration cam in poland and they were in pope francis's presence at world youth day. it was life changing pilgrimage for nearly100 students a jest high school in tampa. and tonight it'hat' right with tampa bay. just amazing. life changing. it was awesome world youth day really pilgrimage john paul the ii started more than thut years a gathers youth from young catholics and crist yaps from all over world ust lik a really cool and ejuvenating >> for many boys a ifint. there is so chnergy for whole grou we should not be pilgrims of the couch. we need to be up and active and
12:56 pm
people and spread god's word. >> we went auschtz and visited concentration camp. it was really sad just walking through there. we were all really silent. reay reverent time. coming out of that trip i was, i was, more focused on where i need to be gngfaith. when you get to the side of world youth day it kind changed me andushed a more of leader here a school up lifting and giv future. it was just a great experience and one that i'll n i really made a lot of new friends and i'll probablye fries with some them the rest of my life world youth day more than trip to europe or cultural trip, it's about real life. it's about faith. and it's about these boys growing into young men of faith. >> so great so many of our young men could te that trip. >> yeah i know you're keeping an eye on invest 99. >> right? invest 99, you know little engine that could. yesterday remember we were
12:57 pm
you can see swirling down there. trying to get its act together. we'll keep you posted throughout day right here on the news and of course well throughout weekend. very good thank you, jim the news does not end here we will keep pos latest all day on and on news ap on your phone plus lorook f mor beginning a 5 clock. rht back h 5. we will leave you with a little charley pep rally.
12:58 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
1:00 pm
you introduced lou ann and tom? >> i did. >> oh, the fallout from that dramatic housewives season finale. move orve lou ann and bethany stealing the spotlight. >> oh, my god, shs going to win an academy awards. >> christy and ashley, a modeling match made in heaven. but maybe christy missed her true calling. >> we talked about having babies, he wanted a little boy. >> why linda thompson could not marry hernandez.


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