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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> developing tonight a deadly lightning strike.
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>> a lightning strike, and they were severe. >> that lightning also turned out to be deadly. we're going to take you to a sarasota park where a woman was struck and killed. >> had a very high success rate. >> the use of modified mosquitoes to fight zika is very controversial but one lawmaker wants to use them here. >> and once you get out here and feel the light and the energy and the atmosphere, bro, i mean, anybody, it's a total difference. >> fans fills raymond james stadium tonight for the buc's pre-season home on on opener. find out what they think about
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>> good evening, everybody and welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> and i'm mark wilson. we glad to have you with us on this friday night. first up a fierce storm that rolled through the tampa bay area tonight turned out to be deadly. a 50-year-old woman died trying to take cover from the storm after she was struck by lightning. this i cocoanut >> that woman we are told was homeless. a few of the parkgoers say this is a popular spot for the homeless. with the covered gives them a br from the rain like we are seeing right now, and just a sad reminder of her condition. her few bongs, a bike and a
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when she died. the sherriff's office says the woman who is 50 years old was struck about 5:30 this afternoon, and when it struck she was talking from one gazebo to another, and before she made it officials say she was struck by lightning. i found a pile of clothing that appears to be charred just stepped away from the gazebo where she was moving and will is also a burn mark on the concrete ground. that bolt which sarrasota county firefightfirefighters extinguisi fspoke with a man who frequents the park. >> i can feel the pain of someone's loves one l lost here today. we have to be more vigilant when
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this is florida, the lightning capital of the world. >> and the facts certainly validate that. according to our chief meteorologist paul dellegatto this is the seventh deadly lightning strike in the state just this year. at last week we don't know the woman's name. investigators are reaches out to the know of her death. >> and paul dellegatto is joining us now. is there anything we need to be worried about this weekend? >> wet co condition cond conditn the afternoons. this is an indicator of the tropical moisture and this rain
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the invest itself, that is gaston way out in the atlantic. the hurricane center just updated chances to 20% over the next two days and down to 50% over the next five days. the same old song and dance, folks. we have some upper-level sheer, but not evening enough circulation to classify this as a tropical depresentation. depression, you always have t pressure systems in the gulf off mexico, but right now i don't see much beyond rain for us, and maybe even not that much. it will be increasing in coverage monday and tuesday, the system moverring to the west-northeast, and then getting into the gulf of mexico, staying west of tampa bay. and accumulated rainfall between now and wednesday, it's a lot,
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once. it will be en intermittent, arod we'll does that, plus an incredible time lapse from st. pete. i will have that coming up a 10:20. >> and more than a thousand people in st. pete are in the dark rht now after a car crash. 40th avenue south and mlk street. the crashive power it also lit a palmree on fire. the power compaad toe he power off until the driver would be removed from the car. >> and an unconditional tool to help fight the zika virus in the bay area after the first nontravel-related case was announced in the area. some are now calling for the use
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mosquitoes. we'll explain what this means and representative david jolly wants more specifics about the exact location of this case, doesn't he? >> he does. pinellas county is nearly 600 square miles and near lay million people live here and all we know is one person here has the virus they didn't get from travel. they got it from here. >> the state does not want to release the information and the federal government does not >> congressman david jolly is calling out stat state and fedel officials for hiding information about the case in florida. all we know is that the person lives somewhere in pinellas county. >> the mess f r message from the and federal government are "we'll tell you when it spreads" but i think florida families should be able to make decisions
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>> the surgeon general celeste phillips gave this statement. >> when we are instigating a specific case, and if there is not a need, if we don't find additional cases and there is not a risk to the public we won't give the area. >> meantime some are asking for permission to use genetically modifies mosquito as a kill other mosquitoes. the fda approved a trial for monroe county but it's on hold over concerns about the mutant mosquitoes. some worry they could be a risk to humans or animals. animals. and the developer says no negative effects have been proven in tests. >> should it be something we
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virus in pinellas, i think we should do it. >> the state announced 15 more travel-related cases of the virus. they are not as worried about the travel-related cases because they don't indicate local transmission. >> but it's all concerns for sure. thank you so much, evan. >> and football is back in tampa bay. the bucs are taking on the cleveland browns in home preseason game, and fan are getting a chance to see all of the upgrades to raymond james. and the bucs would not have done a better job welcoming these new additions to their digs here tonight. >> i tell you what, what a night so far for the bucs. first impression walking inside, i have to say wow! those new video boards are huge,
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audi sounds amazing. it will blow you away. it really feeling refreshed inside and that is what a lot of fans said as they got their first impressions. >> new sights, new sounds, a new fan experience. >> they couldn't have did a better job. >> inside raymond james stadium. >> look at the light and the sound and look at everything. >> >> fansetting their first state of the $40 million renovation project including 9600 square feet of screens for your viewing pleasure. you also want miss the other video boards sitting in the corners. the stadium has been wrapped with a video screen.
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receive some tlc. 400 speakers surround the stadium providing booming surround sound, upgrades so good thatine cleveland can appreciate them. >> i love it, you have had super bowls here, and i like that coming from cleveland. >> they are expecting big things from jameis and the season. >> i want to get to the play-offs, don't you? >> we absolutely do want that. if i can facts, the bucs say they have eight times the video space this year compared to last and it took 275,000 plus man hours to get all of that work done. when you combine the upgrades and the way the team is playing it is one of the best times to be a bucs fan in a very long time. >> that is true.
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james, and it was a great start for them. how could you not have a better night so far. >> we just hope there is more to come when it counts. >> cell phones, socks and pacifiers, just a few of the items that workers uncovered on the floor of amalie arena. >> after they removed all of the balls that people have been playing in for the past weeks weeks. we are taking you back to the ball pit but this time for the lost and found. >> we are going to take you behind the scenes to show you what goes into the making of a ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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>> for the past three weeks thousands of people came to amalie to play in what amounts to a fun! amalie encouraged people to put their belongings in locker bus t based on the amount of stuff found when the balls were removed a lot of people did not heed that advice. >> cry chris let's start off wih your list, did you lose
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workers uncovered over 600 items one of which stood out above all of the rest. >> it was a tedious job to clear away the balls in the attraction known as the beach, but once the workers got down to the real floor, they treasure. coins, watches, jewelry. >> this is an ear ring? >> who is to say. >> sunglass, cell phones and hats all lost by the people who frolicked in balls for days. >> shoes and shocks. shsocks.>> so you had people wat with one shoe on. >> yes, but we were prepared for
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flip-flops. >> but that is like the walk of shame, having to limp out with one flip-flop. >> but there is one valuable items that no one has called about... yet. >> there it is the elusive gold tooth. >> a gold tooth. she asked us to blur it for that the owner could describe it. >> we are very, ver what we do. >> now who could have played so hard in the balls that they lost their dental work? >> if you fall, you will catch -- i just get lost this that song. don't you guys? charley was not the only one to
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rings and a high school ring were also lost, most have been reclaimed by their owners. and we posted the number for you if you lost something, on >> that was well done. anywayse are talking about -- you heard about the action tonight? check out this time lapse and watch for the lightning bolt right there. see that was pretty cool. the rain bands coming in in an awesome time lapse, and the rain was especially heavyn northern pinellas and pasco county. in fact, right along the coast it was a very busy day. if you want to see that again i stedtn my facebook page. and we unfortunately had that lightning fatality, and we are
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united states this year, way above the arrange. we are generally around 23 or 24 late in august. highs today before the rain moved in? we hit 95 degrees today and we are going to be hot with an east wind. no sea breeze today, that is a record-tieing high, and 75 in 1941 and the morning low? 77 degrees. we stay with a pretty good east and northeast wind along the coastline we had thunderstorms erupt late in the day, in fact there was rain in tampa and it jumped to the coast and got going for our viewers down in ana maria. and even know know now there ise thunderstorm activity and our friends from venice to north pst
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the atmosphere is loaded with water, and so although it's not going to be a wash-out, with no heating at all, right now 70's and low 80's around the bay arle around the invest and we'll be tracking this all weekend along looking forook t t right now it's just a sheered area of low pressure and looks like it's going be a rain maker but even how much rain we are going to see. perhaps spotty areas of rain, of at least a couple of inches. saying whi the bess to look at says t-v-c-n this ishe model
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rainfall would be several inches around the bay area, and it is august. it's our rainy season and so additional moisture from the south certainly does not help at all. in areas south of tampa bay, we are partly cloudy with an east wind, and tomorrow, sunshine giving away to afternoon storms. we'll be in the 90's again and variably cloudy, showers and thunderstorms redeveloping during the day, and we'll go for an up- early next week but i'm not
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here's what ed narain believes i'm all about public schools. and i oppose private school vouchers that take funds away fatio i opposed "stand your ground" gun laws and i'm against rick scott's hate-filled agenda. i strongly support medicaid expansion
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endorsed by florida's teachers and kathy castor. hey girls wanna be in the commercial? no, we're good. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. >> new at 10:00 tonight, pasco county deputies faced a dangerous situation serving a search warrant today. it happened on congress street in port richy.
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fired at least one round a depu coming thrgh the fohely no one has hit and he was arrested for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. deputies also arrested his son. they say that the pair were selling crack cocaine within 1,000 feet of childcare facility. they also confiscated a large number of guns along with drugs and money. >> overturned car during rush hour on the courtney campbell, but fortunately this off-duty deputy, deputy matt mccutcheon was there. he saw the vehicle on its roof and he ran over and found 60-year-old donna mullins trapped. he radioed for help and went
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and i laid on the ground to comfort him telling her he was not going to lea her until the fire department arrives on scene. >> i just asking her if they felt okay, and if she could feel her fingers and toes. >> this was nothing new to this deputy. he has been recognized for saving two other lives but tpd says she following to closely and she did get a ticket for unsafe driving. >> and he is a hero. >> and how many other lives that we don't know about has he saved. >> and rescuers were forced to stop looking for survivors of a powerful aftershock.
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((mark/ developing >> developing tonight at 10:30, hope fades for any more rescued in italy. more than thousand aftershocks have hit the area after that quake. >> and a power aftershock cut off a town. >> a magnitude 4.8 aftershock rocked the levels by the earthquake. >> there is a lot of fear for everyone. the one thing is people are safe in tents. at least there is that. >> there have been hundreds of aftershocks since wednesday morning including more than a dozen today. this adding another problematic layer to the already exhausting search and rescue efforts now slowly and painfully becoming a recovery operation. >> the crews are basically
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and putting it in files like this and in the piles we are seeing people's family pictures and children's school books. the stories of survival have given some hope that more eem pe will be found but time is of the essence and time is running out. critical roads and bridges running into towns have been damaged foefor the heavy equipment needd to help. this firefighter told me that the firefighters and search teams here are exhausting but undeterred. >> this is a terrible history for our area. we have so many missing people and so many died people. is horrible.
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very hard to rescue missing people. >> officials are still trying to get a handle on exactly how many people may still be missing. that said it is now early saturday morning here in italy and the government has declared today a day of mourning now as we learn that the death toll is now up to 281 people confirmed dead. >> tonight back here in the states police in rural the murder of two catholic nuns found stabbed to best to the their homes. they failed to show up as a clinic where they work as nurse practitioners. the nuns, st. m sister paula and sister meryl.
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nobody has gas and they let us use their kitchen and we cooked out of that and everything. >> the region's catholic diocese says there were signs of a break in, the nun's car was found a short distance away and now it's being examined by the crime on a person or persons. >> and this explosion killed 68-year-old contagious, and her husband, 67-year-old harry justice was injured in the blast, and they also found animals killed, they found chickens nearby, a gas leak may have been to blame but authorities are not sure yet.
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hospital were on board this plane that crash understood a house. one is in critical condition and the other in stable condition. the plane was apparently trying to land when it clipped tree limbs. >> and this is all about dogs. the new barker is celebrating its seventh year. they publish four times a year and the 40th i 40th today. >> you just have to check out the cover. that is the artwork for it and a half is my rescued greyhound, and this was a process that started months ago, and allowed us to go behind the scenes on the making of a cover dog. >> trying to get just the right shot takes time.
10:35 pm
>> patience. >> and sometimes a little hide and snea seek with a rubber chin chickenbut will ka carmen slow g enough to get it. >> alan's photo will become the cover of the summer edition of the new barker. ana cook and her the barker ten years ago, tapping into the early days of the exploding pet market. >> how can you go wrong on the subject of a dog. >> and if this looks familiar, it is, she is a fan of the new yorker. >> i sat up in bed one night and said i have the name for the magazine! the new barker.
10:36 pm
has grown and spread from tampa bay to all of florida. >> the cooks hire a few "rover" reporter but write most of the magazine themselves, never out of ideas. >> i was afraid we would have a shortage of content and after the very first issue, it snowballed. >> the next step for carmen's cover is choosing from laura's photos. >> that isyp tical >> so many good ones it's hard to decide, but deciding on the artist to paint her pai was easy >> i love greyhounds. >> st. pete carrie jadis has been painting since she was 12. known for her own style of
10:37 pm
landscapes, cityscapes and pets. >> i know i have it right when i get the eye and the smile. it's all of a sudden there is life. >> there is no peaking while she paints, that is new parker policy. we get to see the cover when it's published and not a minute before. >> everything has to be kept under wraps and then it's unvunveiled formally. >> that >> that really is neat. >> and ana cook was here for the cover reveal, and there is the finished painting by the artist and the cover of the new edition of the new barker on the right. it's kind of overwhelming and i have to say she really got the eyes and it importantly includes an article about greyhound
10:38 pm
greatest mess "new message in a. >> and when this woman saw a drone over her famous neighbor's home she did what they thought
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coming up tonight at >> coming up in a few minutes at 11:00, he may be the luckiest man in florida depending on how you look at it. bitten by a venomous spider and snake and an alligator, and struck by lightning. and he survived all of that. we'll introduce you to the indestructible man. and changes that airlines are being forced to make to make one. >> a virginia woman shot down a drown flying over an actor's home. >> jennifer youngman has been a long time friend of the actor and saw two men around his property flying a drone, and
10:42 pm
the drone on to her property, ando she shot it down with a gun. two men tried to come orehe y am and scared them off. >> i just reached my gun up like this and pow! got it. >> a police report was not filed by i would discourage that sort of behavior, because scott, if i'm not correct since they are registered by the faa now they are vehicles you can't shoot them. >> sniping things out of the air is generally frowned upon. >> and the bucs bringing out the big guns in their third preseason game. we'll have the lea latest up nen
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind?
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can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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((kelly the atlanta everywhere. >> the atlanta chapter of this satanic temple plans to take their pro program for an aftersl
10:46 pm
>> but many parents are angry about the idea. >> katherine is frightened by the prospect of her children being exposed to an afterschool satan club. >> it frightens me, i'm completely against this. it's not what the kids at that age should be learning. >> the club is being proposed by members of the satanic temple to meet in points. they say their satanic group does not follow the concept of evil, but rather concommence, ce and individual ri liberties and they believe they should have a place like other religious clubs. >> we would like to see no religion in the schools at all
10:47 pm
presented a christian view we are going to go to those schools who are presenting an afterschool christian program and offer a satanic one. >> staff and leaders at the school are still focused on welcoming kids and families back to school this week. learning will continue to be our top priority, they right. and other children religious afterschool clubs are closely watching. >> if they are saying it's not about satan and they are not pushing that, then why are we comingnto the school at all. >> we are drawing attention to these discrepancies between the separation of church and state and special rights given to special interest groups. >> that was george franco reporting. the group did not say when they
10:48 pm
>> they say just like all clubs it's up to children's parents to see whether or not cl children n join. >> and they have to make a movie,"darmoveand the fans knews coming. jennings just could never get over the injury bug. with hamstrings and currently coming he has stolen just seven bases over two years. kevin cash saying it was quote, time, and unfortunately they just couldn't get jennings on the field as much as they would have liked. brad miller is still learning first base. with this easy to get toss over
10:49 pm
throws the ball back, the runner hustles to third, and that lets to this single which brings in two in the inning for the astros. tampa bay down 3-0. they get one of those runs back, as dicke dickerson comes in to , and he sends this one to the gap. logan is score and tie it up. dickerson is three for t mikey justit a solo in the ninth. and now to the big game at ray sunday. dirk koetter saying first he wants to come out of it healthy and second to see crisp execution. we cannot show you the
10:50 pm
the bucs are currently leading 30-13. winston out of the game after throwing 259 yards and two touch downs in the first half. aguayo a perfect three for three from fieldgoal range, the longest 48 yards and the defense also racked up five sacks. and we can show you highlight for this one. cam newton and company. he completed six or 14 passes and throwing two interceptions and has two turnovers so far this season. meantime tom broady coming off brady -- coming offthe bench --s have you heard that? the partic patriots lead lat int
10:51 pm
always confuses me. cal around hawaii h in action, and this your first touch down of the college football season. 43 yards for the score this one currently tied up at 7 in the first quarter, but sidney time i believe it's about a quarterto o 1:00, saturday afternoon. >> and give impressions. obviously aguayo, breathing a sigh of relief. >> and jameis looked great. >> that's right, he did, and a little glimpse of what this could potentially be but they are definitely throwing the ball around and they looked good and defensively came up with big
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>> we just don't know how good the bucs are or how bad the browns are. brutally murdering a florida couple.. has regained conscious in the hosptial. the new developments in the
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>> it's pretty fantastic
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check this out, cypress view park with a little rain shaft out in the distance and the setting sun. nicely done. a fox 13 umbrella and that umbrella will come in handy this weekend as more bands of rain come in from the east this weekend. almost 11:00, goes to show you the amount of t tropical moistue around. it continues to jump south and there is just a ton of tropical moisture. this is an indicator that this weekend, even thoug most of the time will be dry, there will be bands of rain moving across the peninsula, east to west especially during the afternoon. heavy rain just east port, some rain could get into sarasota, and bradenton, we'll ask for that. decent rain chances in the aive
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(mar lots of us have been paying tribute to man's best friend today... it being >> a lot of us have been paying tribute to man's best friend, it
10:59 pm
ownership cost, the aspca says first year 1300 to 1800 for the larger breeds and that includes one-time expenses such as spaying, neutering, training, med fees and a crate. so after the first year the animal cost develops to around 580 and breeds which gobble more food and emergency vet bills and teeth cleaning add to that, but they are so cute. >> and if you're walking on bay boulevard, you might want to watch out for this guy. one walker says she has seen the gator before and he apparently
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>> it's salt water. >> well, they are connected to the drainage ditches and they move around down there. and maybe it's the same one. it is a nice view down there. >> i guess, just hangin' out and enjoyenjoying sights. >> we are following a sad and developing story out of sarasota. >> lightning struck and killed a >> tragedies like this happen and it's sad, it's sad. >> what we are learning about the victim who was trying to take she w s shel shelter from . >> and it's his father who is apologizing for the gruesome murdmurderers of which this stut


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