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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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heavy rains have heavy rains from plagued tampa streets for many years. how in new fee can change all of that. with rain in the forecast, health officials across florida are worried about the effects of lingering pools of standing water. dr. jo helps explain what can be done to prevent the spread of the zika virus. and trouble donald trump. his ceo under no scrutiny as reports of antisemitic comments come to life. from tampa bay's number one news installation, this -- news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning to you. welcome to "good day tampa b bay." 7 a.m. on this saturday morning. i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: i am alcides segui. we have lindsay to talk about the forecast. everyone is wondering what is out there and how will it
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disturbance to the south and gives us a better rain chance this week. this weekend classic rain coverage which is up near the coast. how about this. i knew it would be nice. gorgeous. filtered sun and high clouds and also lower clouds behind downtown tampa. sunrise officially in a couple of minutes and looks beautiful. go out and enjoy. mid- to upper 70s. even a few 80s. 80 in clearwater. 80 in st. pete. lakeland you are at 77 this morning and we it heavy storm. lots of lightning last night and please be cautious this afternoon and look toward the eastern sky where our rain will be coming from. also a couple of clouds around this morning but no rain bearing clouds. closest shower 26 miles offshore that is moving away. we are actually looking to the east for midday inland rain and late-day storms building west about a 50% coverage. here is invest 99 l which pretty much is a broad area of low pressure with a lot of moisture. there is a lot of wind shear.
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stronger. see the reds near southeast cuba and portions of the bahamas. that is the deep moisture being sheared by some of the wind shear. a 20% chance in the next few days this will develop and a median 40% chance the next five days, but it is looking more likely like a weak system. we will head into the central gulf into the middle part of the week and some models bring whatever left of this over to our state. this is not going to be a f full-blown big storm at least at this point for our local impacts. we will are to of mexico temperatures, but i think our main deal will just be enhanced moisture and enhanced rain chances. where that is depends where this tracks. the further west it tracks, the lower amounts of rain we will see. this model doing a good job of showing tampa points south near the coast. highest rainfall totals through thursday at least several inches of rain is possible. today some heavy rain, but that will be building west later this afternoon. rain chances at 50% today. so keep your eyes to the eastern sky as we have moisture
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>> anjuli: thank you, lindsay. lightning is being blamed for the death of a woman at a sarasota county park. the 50-year-old was walking between gazebos 59 martin luther king, jr. park last night when lightning struck. the woman was homeless and seen around that park for about seven years now. this is now the 7th deadliest lightning trike in florida just this year. five new travel-related cases of the zika virus have been discovered here in the bay area. and the latest announcement have some seeking for a new weapon to fight it. state and federal lawmakers want permission to use genetically modified mosquitos to kill off others that may be spreading the virus. a british company currently creates nonbiting male mos mosquitos that can kill the females that spread zika. state representative chris spralls from pinellas county wrote the letter to the department of human health and services. has been encourage by tests of those mosquitos in brazil and
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>> a very high success rate and should it be used to get rid of this virus in pinellas. we will be able to do it. hopeful ly won't need any of these tools if it is not an issue, but should we need them, we want to have them. >> alcides: he say it is zika ends up spreading even more in pinellas county, it would end up being the county commissioners' decision if they move forward with in genetically modified the u.s. coast guard said this week alone they sent 1671 cuban migrants. officials have seen an uptick of isolation that it may lead to harbor punishments for cuban immigrants. since october of last year, 6300 cubans tried to migrate to america by sea. day of national mourning in italy for the 284 people killed in a powerful earthquake this
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for as rescuers begin a l last-ditch evident to pull out those survivors. three more bodies were recovered from the rubble. those who have been left home vls been spending the night in tent cities where volunteers have been working to provide food and water. the 19-year-old florida state student accused of a double murder in martin county has awoken from his coma and is responsive this morning. aaron harro hospital after attacking a couple. he still can't speak so haven't given investigators a statement. but he could be released from the hospital this weekend and taken straight to jail. winter haven police are searching for two thieves using stolen credit cards taken from a nursing home. two men and a woman were used on surveillance video using the stolen cards at several locations across the polk
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them, please contact the winter haven police department. a pasco county man is facing attempted murder charges this morning after shooting at two deputies. this incident happened friday in port richey as they att attempted to serve a search warrant. deputies say a man fired at least one round as they came through the door. fortunately no one was hit and kamu senior was arrested and arrested his son. the pair were selling crack cocaine within child care facility. deputies confiscated self-guns and a large amount of drugs and money. a crossing guard was honored for keeping children safe in clearwater and there she is. received the crossing guard of the year award for her dedication and selfless service to the city. the award was in memory of that man, doug carey. you may remember him. he was hit and killed on duty back in 2014. city councilmembers in pinellas park have unanimously
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the late radio host dave mckay. city officials decided to rename part of 81st avenue north changing it to dave mckay way. the change will officially happen october 1 at the city's barbecue cookoff and rodeo. worked 20 years at 99.5 wkyk. he died suddenly at his home in st. pete earlier this month. let's talk about some football. bucs look like a solid team taking a 30-13 win over the cleveland browns. mi connected five times. that one of them. 115 yards and a touchdown. winston ended his night 16-25. and what was likely his final tu-u regular season. theesson game thursday againstns. and if college sports are more your style. the usf bulls are holding their annual fan fest today over at the sun dome. all of usf's 19 sports team also be there.
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be on hand. willing to sign autographs, take pictures with you. runs this morning from 11-1. and it is free to the public and first usf football game is a week from today against towson. on the campaign trail donald trump's new campaign ceo is accused of making antisemitic. the ex-wife of steven bannon said made those remarks when couple was trying child in a private school. bannon didn't want his girls, quote, going to school with jews. court papers also show that bannon faced a domestic violence charge in 1996 following an altercation with pickard. the charges were dropped when she didn't show up to court. he denied he made any antisemitic remarks about that private school. meanwhile, the state department say it is won't be
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she was secretary of state until after the election. about half of the schedules have been released so far. the associated press claims that more than half of the people outside of the government who met with hillary clinton while she was hillary clinton donated to the clinton foundation. clinton says the -- says the ap only looked at a small porks of her time and she describes the story as all smoke and no fire. still ahead, tuesday is primary day. we will see why democrats see florida as a and major flooding overnight in the midwest. have you seen this? wow. roads in kansas city looking more like white water rapids. we will have the latest out of there. good morning, lindsay. >> lindsay: good morning. luckily nothing like that locally next week. with the squalls that set up, we could see minor street flooding. lakeland, no street flooding or rain. look at that sunrise, warm and dry. we look to the east for our rain today and look to the south for added moisture as it
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part of the week. i have the latest odds of development and talk tropics and it is busy as we expect
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time right now a 7:13. a mississippi man accused of an unthinkable crime is behind b bars this morning. >> anjuli: police arrested rodney earl sanders in the stabbing death of two nuns. officers found their bodies on thursday in their mississippi home after not reporting to work. the nuns worked as nurses at a nearby clinic care for those who could not afford it. sander s is awaiting first court appearance. the cousin of miami heat dwyane wade has been shot and killed in the hospital. nya aldridge was shot as she walked with her baby. heading to the elementary school on the south side of the city to register her kids. aldridge was not the intended target and her child was not hurt. wade's mother who is the vi victim's aunt says the shooting is obviously senseless.
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sensitive grieving place where the wade family, the moore family, my sister, diane, that was her daughter which she lost today. she is -- this is actually the second child she lost to gun violence. >> alcides: when will the violence end in chicago. i mean, honestly, when will it end. dwyane wade said my cousin was killed in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no unreal. he ended that his statement with the hashtag enough is enough. in kansas city, missouri, a flashflood emergency was issued after multiple waves of storms wounded that area with heavy rain. dramatic video there. the rain continued to fall overnight. many roadways became flooded keeping emergency crews busy rescuing stranded motorists. the storm system brought tornadoes as well hail about an
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cede see we were talking about this before with lindsay. not much you can do with that. you can't track a system. >> anjuli: happens so fast. >> lindsay: the training lines up. rain continues to go over the same place, the same place, the same place. if you were on the roads during that mess, it is like what do you do. so you have to get from point a to point b. never drive through flooded roads if you can avoid it. we have seen it here during our tropical downpours, and we play to watch out for street flooding of ou the week with added moisture. that moisture just now starting to build in southeast south florida. where between now and primarily sunday and tuesday, we will be dealing with the heaviest rain down in south florida. but our tropical disturbance still a ragged mess which i will show you coming up. the radar a little more activity on the east coast. our area showing some rain as well. we have spot showers that developed well west of tampa bay and guess where they are moving. not our way. the east wind. they are moving the opposite
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questionable boating by late day as storms fill in across the interior. overlooking downtown tampa. some filtered sunshine this morning. couple of extra clouds kind of leftovers from rain near the coast last night. it is 79 degrees. winds are out of east. humidity is up. dew points are up. we feel that tropical feel to the air as we head into the workweek as well and that's where the best rain chance will move in. for the weekend, i want to stress, we really aren't going to see big impacts from tropical moisture. maybe a l classic florida sea breeze weather. 79 today. 78 in palm harbor. westchase, 7 7. 76 in land o lakes. inverness good morning at 73. 76 lakewood ranch. pop over to portions of polk county. haines city at 76. sebring at 78. moisture aloft is in place. the gray shade on water vapor. over the weekend i will see the rain chance both days at 50%. notice we are not seeing the influence or moisture to the south.
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that's all to it today and tomorrow meaning late day, heavier downpours with lots of lightning. please, please stay weather aware. still need to watch this disturbance in the tropics. the computer models that are investigating. an area that we are watching for gradual development. even though we see a lot more moisture today where you see those pinks and reds, this is disorganized moisture thanks to strong wind shear kind of knocking that moisture east of whatever kind oce the odds of development city low the next two days. looks likely over the weekend that something will develop. 40% chance the next five days and we won't write this off completely. the odds of organization going down. because of it the computer models as we set this into motion show the west-northwest track. the portions of south florida. and kind of squally weather sunday and possibly early monday. by monday afternoon, if this holds together and makes it into the gulf, that's when we
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the good news for models that more of them are tracking west. more showing a weaker system. even if low pressure spins to our west and weekly over our area, we will still see moisture and that is the bottom line. our rain chances going up. the question remains how much rain are we exactly going to see, and it is still not really set in stone until the moisture makes it into the gulf. on monday, we will have a better idea. the further south you live and near the coast, the best amount of rain. the best rain chance you will see an evening, these numbers pile up. so the numbers down from a few days ago, but still three, four inches of rain not out of the question in our coastal areas. it depends on where the moisture lines up. nearly impossible to predict that at this point. at least we know these percentages going up. today a 50% rain chance in tampa. 60% down in sarasota county, manatee county. these storms push west late in the day and do it all over again on sunday. we will be watching this as it
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as it does on the east side, the moist side, that is why our main impact regardless of development which looks lower today will be extra rain early next week. today, though, scattered pm storms pushing west. we will hit 91. not 95 like yesterday. coastal storms ending generally by 8:00, partly cloudy overnight. back to morning sun. afternoon storms filter in west. 91 with a 40% to 50% rain chance. boating an east wind. seas 2 feet. a moderate chop today. a high tide pete pier. the forecast subject to change. the trend is rain chances going up to 70% monday and tuesday, dropping a bit late week, but still up there as we still could have lingering tropical moisture. a lot to watch this week. >> alcides: grab those umbrellas. lindsay, thank you. tuesday is primary day, republican senator marco rubio is being targeted by democrats. >> reporter: fox's phil keating hat the latest. >>reporter:if democrats are going to retake control of the
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considered a critical must win, and the democrats wanting to do just that include two sitting congressmen. third termer allen grayson and second termer patrick murphy. once a registered republican, he calls himself fiscally conservative and socially progressive. he narrowly unseated gop incumbent alan west in 2012. grayson is the most liberal of congress and belittled republicans during the health care debate. >> health care plan for america, don't get sick. he has also been the subject of ethics investigation. for that senators harry reid and chuck schumer asked him to drop out. grayson's ex-wife made domestic abuse claims against him which grayson staunchly denys. >> 26 grayson bills passed the house, passed the senate signed into law by united states. farce i know i don't think patrick has passed a single vote by the house or signed
7:21 am
i think live i have been a legislative hero. fact checkers say his claims are inflated and mostly true. >> congressman grayson is a bunch of bully and name- name-calling. >> reporter: he has been accused of inflating his resume and buying his way to congress with family money. >> i am proud of my voting record protecting those with social security and medicare. protecting a woman's right to choose. these are s priorities, but at the same time, addressing climate ch change. >> reporter: kevin wagner, professor, says the biggest challenge of democrats versus rubio is name recognition. >> the good thing for murphy and grayson is they are not well-known in the state and they have a chance to build up how they want to be seen and what they want to be seen like. >> reporter: three other democrats in this race are all polling below 5% while rubio also has a primary challenger. at this point, both he and murphy are already campaigning
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show that match-up will be close and competitive. in miami, phil keating, fox news. coming up, imagine being bitten by a brown recluse spider and surviving. >> alcides: a what? >> alcides: recluse spider -- you are saying it right. it would be scary is what i am saying. what else this man actually survived and why he is called the unluckiest guy in the world i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico.
7:23 am
so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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meet kyle cook. he meet kyle cook. he may be the i want to introduce to you this guy named kyle cook. the unluckiest guy -- or the luckiest too. he was bitten by a 5-foot rattler. yeah. that is just par for the course. >> anjuli: that's right. ken suarez reports on his incredibly bizarre luck. >> reporter: just by mowing his
7:25 am
would be taking his life in his hands again. he turned off the mower when he heard a sound that he thought was secadas. it wasn't, hidden in the underbrush, a 5-foot eastern diamondbaccaratlesnake. kyle snapped a picture, stepped back and it struck. >> reporter: did you know what was happening when it was happening. >> not until i fell back. and it struck me again i knew i had to get out of here. >> reporter: through its ra razor-sharp fangs, it injected its he was rushed to the hospital where he got the care he needed to survive. >> reporter: for most people, that would be a one of a kind or deal. but he is used to is. >> i am in the wrong place the wrong time. >> reporter: his wife cringes every tie the phone rings. >> he likes oh, sarah. i am oh jeez. >> reporter: he got bitten by a brown recluse.
7:26 am
they scooped out the tissue surrounding the bite. four years ago he was working outside. he had one foot in the water, the other on a truck. lightning struck nearby and traveled through him. a sensation he will never forget. >> mike tyson and a jackhammer hit me in the jaw. >> reporter: the gator thing. out fishing he hooked one by accident. >> i was trying to get the line off and as soon as i did that it turned around and got me -- you can see where its bottom jaw slit me right here. >> reporter: even afte bitter but -- >> it needs to stop now though. >> reporter: because even when you are this unlucky, you don't know when your luck is finally going to run out for good. in lakeland, ken suarez, fox 13 news. >> alcides: he say it needs to stop now. [ laughter ] >> anjuli: enough is enough. everybody knows that person though that can't even walk by without getting hurt. >> alcides: at least he is alive and he is walking and, you know, his wife says stay home.
7:27 am
>> anjuli: bless her heart too. still to come on good day, cell phones, socks, pacifiers, a few of the items uncovered in the floor of amalie arena. plus kimberly kuizon has a preview on a plan to lessen street flooding in tampa. good morning to you, kim. >> reporter: good morning. time after time we have seen this area flooded whenever it pours. coming up, we will talk about an important city council vote that could soon change that issue. and we have seen street flooding from time to time this summer. typical this the week, moisture could mean more of that in spots. today if you have beach plans, switch gears. take you overlooking our beautiful pier 60. looks great. we are dry. we are at about 80 degrees; however, storms will be developing, especially after 3 p.m. so i encourage you to get out early. these storms holding that rain chance back. to our south is a tropical disturbance. looks like a mess right now but still has a chance to organize
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good morning. thank you for joining us this saturday for good station. this is good day tampa bay. >> alcides: thank you so much for joining us this saturday on "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. check with lindsay in a moment but a quick look at the h headlines. lightning it blame for the death of a 50-year-old woman at the park. she was walking through gazebos at martin luther king, jr. park when lightning struck. the woman was homeless and seen around the park for seven
7:31 am
the 7th deadliest lightning strike in florida this year. winter haven police are looking for three people responsible for breaking into cars outside the palm gardens nursing home. police say they took credit cards and checks and have been seen using them at stores across polk county area. they may be driving a light-colored dodge truck and a gold colored sedan. a tallahassee judge has side with families fighting school standardized testing. schools need to look at other things besides test to promote a student. class grades and assessments from teachers. it family filed lawsuits to make reading test scores a requirement when it comes to advancing to the fourth grade. dry start of the day area wide until lunchtime and a couple inland showers popping overlooking brookdale, bayshore, high clouds and a beautiful start. warm and humid.
7:32 am
beachgoers early the time i want to get out. by mid afternoon, our storms may be pushing your direction. they will start on the east coast though. on the east coast, gosh, mid-80s. for us upper 70s to near 80. brooksville, you are the exception in the mid-70s out the door and we do have some rain out to the west. it is over 30 miles offshore. the closest cell near pinellas county and southeast florida this morning, we have added moisture. this will be going up on sunday and tropical moisture just gets a little closer to our state. this tropical disturbance which is still called the same thing, invest 99 l in areas we are investigating. not a named storm. the odds of it becoming one continue to drop. only a 20% chance the next two days. even though you see all that flare-up of showers and storms and say this looks stronger not because of wind shear. very strong inthis vicinity pushing the cloud tops east of a ragged center. north-northwest of the keys
7:33 am
is west of our area, we are still in the path of pretty deep moisture. we will have to monitor what happens if this makes it into the gulf, but with the trend i am seeing right now, i am seeing no reason why we shouldn't up our rain chance to 70% by monday which is high, not to say it will rain all day long but with heating tampa south, locally heavy rain possible. we will talk rainfall totals from the workweek ahead coming up. >> alcides: you just heard lindsay. we expect a lot of rain next week. in south tampa, flooding. the stormwater fee is up for a vote. kimberly kuizon joins us live in bayshore with what councilmembers are hoping to accomplish. good morning to you, kim. >> reporter: good morning, alcides. we have seen it time after time again. this area of bayshore boulevard behind me. we have seen flooded out and this year tampa city council could be voting for a fee that could hopefully change things for the area. this is the second straight year that tampa city council has voted on creating a fee to
7:34 am
last year's city council voted yes to part of a plan to raise existing fees. that helped to pay -- to clean out ditches and unplug storm drains, but city councilmembers shot down mayor bob buckhorn's plans to create a new assessment to pay for drain improvements. some critics of proposed fee are worried it could hurt homeowners on a budget. this year the mayor's office have come up with a few changes to the plan saying they will also spend 20 million of the city's investment tax. they have also created a h hardship progr or disabled homeowners pay the fee, and they have made it easier for property owners to apply for mitigation credit to lower the fee. the fee will start at $45 for a medium-sized home and could go up to $09 over a period of six years. now this will only affect homeowners in certain parts of the city. those who have already had drainage improvements won't face the fee. mayor bob buckhorn went to twitter and facebook asking city residents to go ahead and
7:35 am
on this plan. and we will find out thursday what exactly they vote for, but it definitely is something that is needed for this area. >> alcides: kimberly kuizon reporting from tampa. kim, thank you so much. the past three weeks thousands of people dime amalie arena to play 234 n what amounts to be a giant ball pit. >> anjuli: they encouraged people to put their things in lockers so they would not lose them. interesting wh work were cleaning up the plastic balls and found 600 items underneath. they found coins, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, cell phones, hats. one item swallowed up more than any other. >> shoes and socks. lots of head wear. a lot of sunglasses. things of that nature. >> reporter: so you have people walking out of here with one shoe on? >> yes, but we also prepared for that. we had a full stock of flip-flops that we had available for people who had
7:36 am
wouldn't hurt their feet on the way out. >> anjuli: some people have already claimed their items from the lost and found, no one has stepped forward to claim this. check this out, alcides, a g golden tooth. >> alcides: what? >> anjuli: they found a golden tooth. i guess we are not showing the video so only the real owner can describe it. other bling left behind, two engagement rings, a ruby ring, and a high school football championship ring. if you lost something, give amalie a call. we posted the number for you on ou >> alcides: how do you use a gold tooth. >> anjuli: yes. >> lindsay: must have gotten too crazy in the ball pit. john kerry said he and his russian counter part has achieved clarity in restoring a truce in syria. the pair met for nearly ten hours in geneva. they are working on a plan to reinstate a cease-fire and improve access to humanitarian aid. the details, however, still
7:37 am
kerry says experts will say in switzerland to finalize the unresolved steps before a formal deal with be reached. police in bangladesh ahave killed three suspected militants involved in a terror attack that left 20 people dead. police raided a two-story ho house. a bang teshish-born canadian who is believed to be one of the two masterminds is believed to be killed. rainstorms could leave behind pools of standing >> reporter: dr. jo explains simple steps you can take to
7:38 am
7:39 am
a potential welcome back.
7:40 am
a potential double whammy from mother nature has put emergency officials on high alert. >> governor scott's office is concerned that strong winds and flooding water could help spread the zika virus. we asked dr. jo what people could do to protect themselves. >> dr. jo: good morning. you know, we always worry about standing water whether from storm or heavy rain, and we get lots of those here obviously in our area. for mosquitoes, they can hatch their eggs in as litt bottle cap of water. so when you have a storm, when you have a heavy rain, and you have water accumulating in areas where it normally may not accumulate, then do you -- you give those mosquitoes an opportunity to breed. now in order to spread the virus, of course, they would have had had to have bitten someone who was carrying the virus and certainly they love humans. so at that point in time. when you increase the mosquito population and increase the number of individuals who are bringing zika back from other
7:41 am
that we could then be exposed. after the storm, if there has been wind damage to roofs, to screens, certainly when you think of gutters, for example, where there is water standing in gutters. all of those things can contribute to the increased risk of getting bitten by a mosquito. if that mosquito has been carrying zikao or anything e else. it can increase your risk of getting it. so many things homes to discourage those mosquitos from breathing. obviously removing standing water this that could be number oe. anything from filling up depressions and holes in the yard to taking plants like bromeliad s that can collect watr and either spraying them with something like an oil base, i have heard even garlic oil, various things can be utilized. it can be very natural or using a dunk that you crushed up and
7:42 am
of flowers. those can be -- that can be helpful. other things you can do certainly is to wear repellent. make sure that all of your screens are in good repair. another thing that i think might be helpful to lots of folks is to just reach out to your neighbors. anyone who may be a little bit older. somebody who really can't do those things for themselves because, guess what, those mosquitoes can obviously go from their yard to your yard. just that helping hand is not only going to help them but >> and county officials adds that having a backup generator may be a good idea. in the event of a storm, people could be left. in the florida heat. the florida summer, many will open their windows to cool off allowing all those mosquitoes inside homes. and coming up after the break, the couple is saved while stranded on a remote island in the south pacific. >> their actions brought them to safety. and strap on your invisible
7:43 am
we will take to you the international air guitar championships that exists, lindsay. >> lindsay: i was going to say no idea. learn something new every day. 7:42. out the door this morning. sunshine, warmth. high clouds but really lovely start. at least the way it looks. not necessarily the way it feels in lakeland. you starting out the day in the upper 70s. near 80 in tampa. closest shower, 36 miles offshore pinellas, and it is moving away, but as we head through the day, moisture slides a lot of moisture from the south with a tropical disturbance still disorganized. we are still watching it closely. either way if it develops or not, some of that moisture moves into the gulf and makes it our way. what does it mean for our rain chances and rain totals? i will marco...!
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time now is 7:xx... time now is 7:xx... time is 7:46. people will no longer be writing news descriptions and headlines for facebook popular trending topics. the company is turning it over to algorithms that pick topics and generate text. it comes months after facebook was accused of political bias
7:47 am
freelance articles labeled liberal topics over con se servetive ones. facebook did an investigation and said no evidence of bias was found. a u.s. coast guard has rescued those stranded at an inhabitable island. after seven days after searching islands near micronesia, they spotted the couple's makehistory, sos sign in the sand. the two were safely rescued and are now waiting to go back h will come home with. with olympics over, wannabe rock stars are taking on an international competition. the air guitar world cha championships. yes, that's a thing. it took place last night in finland. 27-year-old american matt byrne took top honor. now in its 21st year hopes to celebrate and promote world peace. >> alcides: how do you win the air guitar.
7:48 am
you can play for real. good for them a peaceful event. >> lindsay: world peace. i love it. >> anjuli: what is shaking out for this weekend. looks like a lot of rain more toward monday and tuesday. >> lindsay: any kind of tropical enhanced rain early in the week and we will still see storms this weekend as we will typically see in late august. the past few days, some have been locally heavy but they wait until the afternoon and evening to move in. so the morning time for your time for your outdoor work outing on bay shore boulevard. looks lovely this morning. couplele of clouds and an east wind which means boaters and beachgoers love the east wind. they can get out early. no weather worries to start out the day. if you have plans at the beach, 3:00, 4:00 keep your eyes at a eastern sky and lightning can be explosive with the storms those push west, but later on today. starting out the day on another warm note. 78 in sebring.
7:49 am
already feeling like the mid-80s near the coast that the early hour. it is muggy. kind of locked into the dark with the dew points well into the 70s, and as we head into the end of the week, we may flip-flop the winds a little extra steamy in the morning hours. cloud cover-wise, we have high clouds to start off the day. a few near the coast with leftover rain. on the east coast clouds as well because that's where we have a couple of tiny showers. in our near shore waters. fairly helpy shower that is now moving away from us 30 miles offshore of rain is as well. it is moving away from us. down into southeast florida. no heavy rain yet, but moisture is building in the wake of our tropical disturbance which is still disorganized, but there is a lot more moisture to work with today. i am going to step out of the way so you can take this in. an active atlantic basin ci circled in yellow. a disturbance that is about to move over land. a 10% chance of development. 99 l has a 40% chance it will pop up over the next five days.
7:50 am
invest 91 l which kind of the partial remnants of fiona. that is near bermuda. some of this energy may make it into the carolinas but a 30% chance because of dry air and lastly gaston on its way of becoming a hurricane again. it has some wind shear involved right now which is the same thing that invest 99 l is combatting. hearing master when you watch the clock, more moisture. this is getting more organized. well, it is not because of the wind here is that is driving most of the islands in the bahamas, but because this isn't moving much will create a flashflooding threat. the a 40% chance this will develop over the next five d days. as it moves west, south florida the keys dealing with hefty rainfall amounts sunday through tuesday. for us, probably monday through wednesday. so here is the models. here is monday morning into the southeast gulf. if it makes it. there is a chance that it may not because of the wind shear, but even as this enters the gulf which more models keep it well west of our area.
7:51 am
with some wind shear, we just -- we just can never ride things off in the peak of hurricane season in the gulf of mexico. but the odds going down of a -- of a full-blown system. a little dry air too punching in here. limiting the organization over the weekend of this tropical disturbance and computer mo models. the gps which kind of nailed last week showing this was really going to be a weak system. here is the clock. here is monday. no development, but a lot of moisture creeping in. giving us a 70% rain chance. byue broad low and swinging across the state late in the week. that means through much of early week, we could in some locations near the coast see heavier downpours adding to minor street flooding, but r rain, that is mainly it. that is what we expect for us at this point in time. still only saturday though. scattered storms building west. the coverage at 50%. a little higher further south, and near the coast of tampa bay. 78. coastal storms ending most by sunset.
7:52 am
couple of layers and we will be on the lookout. morning sun and a 50% chance of afternoon storms. those build west. and the weekend itself does nod feature that plume of tropical moisture that may impact us later in the week. east wind at 10 knots. get your boating in early this weekend because early in the week, well, may be more rain hanging out near the coast. rain chances 70% both monday and z22sjz zy6z
7:53 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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z22qzz zy6z y22qzy yy6y you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: i think a finally this hour, the agape in venice flie island nations. we talked to the crew after they returned from their very first flight to cuba. >> this has been -- been in the works literally years. [airplane sounds] >> we just got back from the first flight of its kind into cuba, where we were able to bring supplies. we had 26 water filtration
7:56 am
chicken and rice meals, that will provide over 10,000 meals. the actual cargo was 3091 pounds. just under 3100 pounds. when you think about the average cuba, where they don't have a whole lot. the average cuban income is equivalent to $50 a month or less. it is not just water. it's bringing them hope. you know, there are a lot of hands across the country that have helped make this day possible, and i just get to be the representation down there. the impact to -- for me was as we were coming into the cuban airspace today, realizing that -- that for the first time, we are bringing these things into -- to these people that we have never been able to bring to them before. that kind of hit home for me. and how this was such a significant event. >> anjuli: i think a the agape ministry serves four countries
7:57 am
they hope to make six more trips to cuba in the coming year. over to alcides with whatg . >> alcides: a lot more to come on in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." think twice before you throw something in the garbage can. in earthwatch, lindsay is getting a firsthand look at pinellas county recycling facilities. we told you how the lion fish are invading tampa bay's waterway, what do you do when you catch one of those lion fish. you cook it up, of course. i am very i hear lion fish come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes at half price during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch.
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from tampa bay's number one news occasion, this is "good day tampa bay. >> alcides: five new tr travel-related cases of the zika virus have we will tell you about the extra step the fda is taking to protect you. awake and responsive. the fsu student responsible for a gruesome attack awakes from his coma. what his father wants america to know. good saturday morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. those stories in a minute. but lindsay with a wet forecast. >> lindsay: a wet freak. storm this afternoon but dry this morning and if you were


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