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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news occasion, this is "good day tampa bay. >> alcides: five new tr travel-related cases of the zika virus have we will tell you about the extra step the fda is taking to protect you. awake and responsive. the fsu student responsible for a gruesome attack awakes from his coma. what his father wants america to know. good saturday morning, everyone, thank you so much for joining us, i am alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. those stories in a minute. but lindsay with a wet forecast. >> lindsay: a wet freak. storm this afternoon but dry this morning and if you were
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that direction with my clouds. filtered sun. looking east from st. petersburg. a lot of sunshine and good b boating this morning. questionable boating by later this afternoon and temperature update features more upper 70s, st. pete, 81. lakeland at 81. we are at 79 in brandon. 76 in brooksville. humidity creeping in. now time at 8 a.m. to show you the heat index. feels like the upper 80s for a few spots in pinellas county. now offshore in pinellas co have some rain that is moving the opposite rain as we have the east wind. as we look toward the eastern part of the state and especially southeast, that is where some moisture is gathering the wake of our tropical disturbance that we have been watching. and still watching it closely, but even though you see this looks a little more impressive in terms of convection or showers and storms, they are being south and east of the center because of some strong wind shears. because much it the odds of development remain very low this weekend over the next two
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write off this 40% chance of development the next five days. because of the weak system the model trend makes sense. by the time we hit monday. notice in the keys. by sunday we will see some squalls. by monday, moisture just to the west we are on the back side, even if this is disorganized which it probably will be, we will see a better rain chance. computer models itself show a more westward track. a more weak system at this time. need to monitor over the next five days because our rainfall amnt in spots. probably monday, tuesday, wednesday, possibly even beyond that. today, though, just classic storm coverae before renoon, 88 degrees. maybe an inland storm. by 3 p.m., scattered storms developing some heavy as they build back west. rain chances tomorrow similar to at 50%. we will discuss more in detail on this tropical disturbance and how much tropical moisture it means for us coming up. a woman is dead after being struck by lightning in sarasota
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friday evening. the 50-year-old woman was taking cover under a gazebo during a storm for some reason she decided to walk from one shelter to the other. before she made it to the second she was hit. witnesses say the woman was homeless and seen around the park for about seven years. the woman's name has not yet been released. if you live in south tampa and have been through a bad storm. driving through it can be dangerous as well. something about it. kimberly kuizon is along bayshore boulevard this morning. good morning to you, kim. >> reporter: good morning, a, lcides. we have been talking to members -- residents out here rather of bayshore boulevard and they say something needs to be done, whenever.pours, it floods and that causes a lot of issues. and city council will be voting to improve storm drain improvements. the second time they will be voting on a new fee to pay for
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residents to vote yes. this is the second time in two years they voted on the issue president last year city council vote it down saying they were worried it would hurt for the budget. it will make it a little ch cheaper for homeowners. a hardship to help older or disabled homeowners and made it easier to apply for a mitigation credit which will lower the fee. the fee for medium-sized home will start at 45 over a period of six years it could go up to $90. now city council will vote on this issue on thursday. and again talking to a lot of residents out there, they are asking councilmembers to vote yes on this and the fees won't go up for everyone in the city, it will only impact people in certain areas of the city that have not had these storm drain improvements. we will see ha they decide. back to you guys. >> alcides: tell you an issue that needs to be taken care of.
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council votes on this. kim, thank you. there are five new tr travel-related cases of the zika virus in the bay area. three of them are right here in pinellas county. one in hillsborough county. the other in sarasota. plus one of the cases in the miami wynwood area originally believed to have been nontravel related have been reclassified as travel related bringing the total number of nontravel cases to 42. the u.s. government is trying and the food, drug administration is calling on all u.s. blood banks to start screening donations. up until now testing donated blood for zika bass limited to the areas affected by the virus like puerto rico and parts of florida. at the same time, doctors ababy born with zika in miami is not showing signs of the virus linked to microcephaly. they say her chase could change the way the medical community can think about gleeka.
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zika virus are set to run dry at the end of september. new development in a gruesome double murder case. the suspect a are ron harrouf f has awaken from his coma and is responsive. he has been in the hospital since that attack on august 15. friday, they say hurricane ar rouff was awake and was able to smile to his mother. he still can't speak and have not gin hospital this weekend and taken straight to jail. harrouff is accused of killing john stevens and michelle mishcon in the garage of their home. when police got there they found him trying to bite steven's face. harrouff's father spoke to dr. phil in an exclusive interview and apologized for what his son is believed to have done.
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like that. i am truly sorry for those people. >> harrouff went on to say that his son.underwent a dramatic personality change. unclear if his son was under the influence of anything at the time. a truck flooded a bait shop after crashing into a store on gandy beautiful. this happened at the sailor mike's bait shop. posted these pictures on the facebook. the truck sped out of control crashing into the truck's fish tank and sent a wall of water into the shop. fortunately no one was hurt. pinellas county city council voted unanimously to rename a street after the late radio host dave mckay. he worked for more than 20 years on 99.5 wkyt. mckay died suddenly at his home in st. pete earlier this month. city officials decided to
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north changing it to dave mckay way. it runs along england brothers park. the street will officially be renamed at the state's barbecue cookoff and rodeo october 1. if you walk or run along bayshore boulevard. that's out there where kim is at this morning. watch out for this guy. sent us these clips of a gator spotted it swimming offshore from howard and rome. other people say they have seen the gator before and he likes to hang out in that area which makes sense. there is a lot of runoff there. >> anjuli: always something to see off of bayshore. watching your baby take their first steps make you feel proud to be a parent. >> anjuli: turns out a officer and his dog are no different. the k-9's first catch. the game wins their opener against the browns and sports director scott smith has all
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an exciting weekend to get out in the morning hours before storms crank up. they build west. some locally heavy later today. now is your chance lakeland. you might see rain by midday. a couple of showers here and there. we have rain to the west moving away from us, and we are on the warm side in the upper 70s. storm chances are elevated. second half of the day to 5% here in tampa. 60% south of the bay near the coast and to our south is that tropical moisture. we continue to watch closely. development and how to play a role in our local weather
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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k-9 officers do a whole bunch of training... they k-9 officers do a whole bunch of training... they need to be prepare k-9 officers do a whole bunch of training and they need to be prepared for everything. >> anjuli: a pasco county k-9 is showing how this work pays off. they were called to a domestic violence. steve mckieran got into an argument with his fiancee. and he ran.
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k-9 t+ itan. the dog flushed the man out and deputies were able to catch h him. he was charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest. by the time the first time that k-9 titan had caught a suspect. good for him. >> alcides: they are an important part of any law enforcement agency. >> anjuli: amazing the training. >> alcides: when the guy knts go in ther, they call the dogs and they come running. >> lindsay that's for sure. >> alcides: lindsay, a system brewing and hopefully will be okay you. >> lindsay: hopefully will stay weak. the moisture north and west some of it makes its way, but even though we likely won't have a named storm at least for the next two days, we need to monitor the progress of this deep tropical moisture. it is not here obviously this morning. high clouds are. nice start of the day to enjoy before the heating builds.
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yesterday. at the beach today many dry hours, but as we look east, many storms will be building between 3 and 4:00. some of the men make it to clearwater beach and i encourage you to get out early. at the beach and pinellas county in the low 80s. westchase flirting with 80. so are we here in tampa. 75 in crystal river, dade city you are at 75. down south flirting with 80 from venice to sarasota to bradenton. no surprises. we have been this warm all w week. just 79 in lakeland. feels hotter though with the humidity which is elevated. it feels like 87 degrees. at 8 a.m. in st. petersburg. and so hydrate, stay cool. we have more of that onshore flow. it feels like the mid-90s in south florida. where they are gearing up for more active weather, a better rain chance for them today as opposed to our rain chance. a couple of showers and storms, 30 plus miles offshore moving away from us. but as we look south, in the coming days, gradually going to
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and there is more of it this morning in the tropics. notice as the clock goes, and notice the shades of yellow turn to pinks and brighter pinks. those are cooler cloud tops. deeper moisture, but with some strong wind shear while the center is here, the moisture is south and east. while this looks to your naked eye a little more organized, it's not. the odds of development still 20% the next few days. the wind shear. the gps windshear forecast. in this to 25 knots. somewhat high makes it a struggle for systems to develop. monday morning at 5 a.m., still some wind shear and this may be pushing toward the keys into south florida. by early in the week, we had enhanced wind shear as well. and a broad, weak system. and we are to the east and puts us in the path of pretty deep moisture. here are the odds of development. 20% the next two days. 40% the next five days that s that are bumped down from yesterday. our confidence is increasing. we will see rain out of this.
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surf, but by any means, we are not expecting a massive storm system to push our way. monday at 4:00, that slug of moisture gets closer and you will notice that rain chance up to 70% on monday in our coastal area. as we head into the end of the week. models hang westward and a few will bring this over the state which means we may be in the path of at least some teacher me week.s it is painting a good picture showing a fairly accurate forecast. southeast florida showing much more rain than us, four, five inches. parts of our coastal area tampa points south could see several inches over the span of monday, tuesday, wednesday, possibly a liorttlee at the end ofhe week near the coast. rain chances ramping up early in the week. this weekend at about 50% with dry times. this weekend just classic storm coverage. maybe a little more moisture south tomorrow. 91 today.
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a lot of lightning. a lightning fatality yesterday. i hate hearing that. please respect those dangers. storms will be packing a punch near the coast. they end most of them by s sunset. 78 for the i don't every night low. back to morning sun and afternoon storms building west. 91 for a high on sunday. boating, you want to get out this weekend early in the day especially before earlier in the week when it may get ch choppy. moderate shop with an east w wind. at 10 d 04 on st. pete pier. the seven-day forecast which is subject to change, keeping the rain chance 7 tuesday, highest amounts near the coast down to 50% by thursday and friday. all right, in sports this morning, the bucs first home game under head coach dirk cutter is a good one, plus changes for the rays. here is fox 13 sports director scott smith. >> scott: well, good morning. start with some football. plenty of excitement surrounding's pre2013 game. the home opener. new renovations at raymond james and the most important
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big night. the bucs hosting the browns last night. and getting off to a fast start . here comes that offense on the second play from scrim age in. connecting with vincent jac jackson. next play. winston finds his other big m man. that is mike evans. another gain of 16. the offense coming out fast, running no huddle. fast tempo. the moment of truth. roberto laguir caps off that drive. yes yes, forget about the shak shakiness. that 48 yarder was a thing of beauty. three for three last night. even when things weren't perfect. jameis winston. recovers the snap. rolling out. taps into old baseball skills. beautiful slide right there. a gain of 9. later in the possession. winston again moving around, buying time. finding receivers. making people miss. that is charles sims, capping off the 12 play 82 yard drive. a three-yard strike right th there. 10-3 bucs.
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absolutely special last night. adam humphreys. look at him go. nobody is going to catch him. 73 yards on the punt return. the bucs roll, 17-3. defense also pinning their ears back. a total of eight sacks. robert ayers and gerard mccoy sharing the sack held the browns offense to 254 yards. how about second-quarter highlights. winston going deep to evans. 34-yard touchdown. a touchdown on five catches. winston 16-25. 259 yards and two touchdowns. bucs win 30-13. >> we were went no huddle the whole first half, and it wo worked. jameis came out on fire. made some beautiful plays. of course our defense was -- was unreal. five sacks in the first half. special teams, shoot, they did
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on that punt return by adam. so special teams -- roberto, roberto, of course, huge night. not just field goals but the kickoffs. and you know the only thing that could have made it better is we could have scored more touchdowns in the red zone and the second half on offense sloppy. other than that we did a good job. to baseball, the rays make a move that they knew would come one day. release desmond jennings end his seven-year career with the rays. jennings just could never get over the injury bug. he was on the dl earlier this year with hamstring issues coming over a knee injury. hit 200 with eight extra base hits. one-sometime speedster stolen seven bases. saying, quote, it was time. said unfortunately, you know, he couldn't get jennings on the field so much as we have liked. a difficult end to the game last night. rays taking on the astros and
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dickerson a huge night. sends one to the gap. logan morrison scores. ties this gape up. dickerson finishes 3-3. doubles by the way. all doubles. in the 9th. comes out of his slump, a solo home run in the 9th, gives the rays the 4-3 lead and we think will be a good end, but especially when you have it in alex kalamay's hands. first pitch takes it deep to right field. now it is gone. ball gam next batter. evan gattis. a monster shot. this one over the train. gaddis walk-off blast. tough loss for the rays last night 5-4 your final. that is sports this morning. that is sports this morning. send it back to you looking for something fun to do this weekend. >> alcides: what are you doing -- this weekend. >> anjuli: i have a baby shower. >> alcides: who is putting it
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>> anjuli: that sweet girl there. >> alcides: you will have to show you some of her gifts. >> anjuli: she is spoiled already. i have to tell that you. >> alcides: a lot of hot happenings including a chance to -- maybe you will go to. >> anjuli:'s baby shower. maybe not.
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looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house all right, looking to get out of the house this weekend? we have just the thing for. >> you a bunch of hot happenings going on all across the bay area. >> alcides: a taste of cuba without having to take the trip. i love the sound already.
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exhibit, cuba, the natural beauty. features picture from renowned photographer clyde butcher. las vegas-style games and music and food from peoples cafe. tickets start at $60 bucks and tickets start at $60 bucks and all starts at 7:00 ? she's my kind of crazy ? ? little game she plays ? will never get old ? she's too cute to get >> you can catch brantly gilbert at the amphitheatre -- he does have a soothing voice. [ laughter ] cede see i was wondering if you were going to save me -- what is he saying. >> anjuli: i think a the country singer is one four country acts with back-to-back platinum albums and joined by justin moore.
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? ?" t .> anj >> anjuli: the opposite of soothing. you want to go to the gym and get pumped up. catch some iconic "rocky" movies. the summer series comes to an end with the viewing of "rocky" and "rocky 2" the movies start at 7:00. >> alcides: i know it is on your ipod. >> anji: >> alcides: football season is back, the usf bulls with their annual fanfest at the sun dome. the first time ever, the f fanfest is expanded to include all of the usf 19 sports teams and one event. there will been 500 student athletes on hand to sign autographs, take some pictures as well. and will be interactive games as well as inflammables -- not imflammables, inflatables.
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it is free to the public. it is free to the public. ? ? ? i know one thing ?. >> anjuli: drake brings his tour to amalie arena. nine-week run in the number one spot on the charts. if features future, roy woods. tickets are pretty much sold out, but more could open up right before the show. >> alcides: last hour.talking about linds her head bop like this. >> alcides: lindsay, see a couple of moves. >> lindsay: we need to talk about the tropics, guys. starting out the day tropical moisture makes it feel humid. feeling like the upper 70s -- not upper 70s, but 87 in st. pete. hang in there is heat building. rain pushing away from us, but as we look toward the east, our rain chances will be building to 50%. as we look at a lot of moisture
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wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. . fr tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: at 8:30, a nice dry tart to the weekend. heating up we tied a record in tampa at 95. more like 91, 92. but heat building until it r rains and it will later today.
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81 in clearwater, sarasota. good morning at 79. near 80 in sebring and frostproof. with the humidity, low 80s in winter haven and lakeland and upper 80s in much of pinellas. well offshore of pinellas, 42 miles now. some rain moving away from us. we will be looking toward the east for spotty rain by midday and to the south and east gradually by the end of the weekend. we will tap into deeper moisture as we try drag some keys, toward miami. just tropical moisture. doesn't appear to be an organized system by the end of the weekend, but by the early part of next week, still a 40% chance this disturbance, if you will, will develop. there is a lot more moisture to work with today. and so that has really been our concern all along. development or not, if the moisture is there and if it makes it into the gulf, close enough us to, we are going to get rain and plenty of it. we will be monitoring this moisture and while this may
8:32 am
more convection. more wind holding it back. as we get to monday, the moisture will be close enough us to that we will up the rain chance to 70% in the coastal areas and models are in tune and the north section of the gulf and across the state. first half of the workweek appear to be the wettest, but this weekend features classic east pattern. that means a 50% chance of storm. some locally heavy near coast today and tomorrow and a real tropical influence hold off for the workweek when the rain may add up. one model by the time we head into thursday night, several inches of rain near the coast, tampa south. >> alcides: thanks, lindsay. 8:32. some of our top stories. winter haven police are looking for two people responsible for breaking into cars outside a nursing home. outside the palm garden thursdaying home.
8:33 am
checks might be driving aight light-colored dodge truck and gold-color sedan. if you know whoer, contact the winter haven police department. deputies come under fire serving a search warrant. it happened on congress street in port richey. the man fired at least one round at deputies who were entering his home. luckily no one was hurt. kumo has been arrested for attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. his son was also arrested for selling cocaine within 1,000 feet of a child feet of a child care facilities. and in new port richey, authorities are looking for a jewelry thief who pulled a switch a radio. the man was trying on the gold necklace. he put on the gold necklace and replaced it with a fake one. wanted for grand theft. if you know who that guy is, you should contact police. the democratic vice-presidential candidate should continue his two-day campaign swing of florida.
8:34 am
tallahassee touring a private start-up company. also spoke at a rally at a & m university. he will tour a event production company in miami lakes. the current vice-president joe biden. the government investing big in amtrak giving the company a $2.5 billion loan for the northeast corridor. the transportation department's largest loan ever. loan will be used for new trains, track upgrades and platform improvements police charge a man with capital murder after two nuns were found dead inside their mississippi home. police say ronald earl sanders was a suspect very early on in this investigation. the 46-year-old was charged last night after being que questioned. sisters margaret held and paula mere rell were found dead. the women's house was broken into and car stolen.
8:35 am
a philadelphia police sergeant is recovering after being hit by a driver who kept on going. you got to see the video. give a second. the deputy standing by a car here. and the whole thing was caught on video. you see it right there. it is absolutely crazy. and you can see officer joseph can jr. talking to another officer, and all of a sudden, he is struck and thrown 15 feet so hard both his hat and shoe fly off. that man colin murphy was late arrested for assault. the officer suffered a broken collarbone, shoulder and arm, but he is in stable condition. what a miracle. >> anjuli: truly is. first very responders in austin, texas say the spike in synthetic marijuana cases is so large that they are treating it as a mass casualty situation. a steady stream of patients have been rushed into the hospital there. doctors say they have seen 40 patients in just 24 hours.
8:36 am
nations and even death -- hallucinations and even death. drug overdoses are taking services away from other citizens. it is affecting people who ingest it. surf is up for group of kids with autism in south carolina. they got free surfing lessons. the organizations surfers healing help kids with autism to have fun in the sun. to get one on one surf le lessonsons. free for everyone and those involved are all volunteers. the goal is simple. have fun and raise awareness about autism. >> the kids are capable of more than they think they are. a connection to the ocean and if a real expert takes you -- takes you out to the water, it can be -- it can it be very therapeutic.
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-- >> anjuli: she is sassy. you go girl. according to the cdc, one in every 68 kids in the u.s. are on the autism spectrum. big ruling in the case of states suing the state over standardized testing. >> alcides: why a judge has sided with the families. think twice. in earth watch with lindsay, a in earth watch with lindsay, a first
8:38 am
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z22rfz zy6z y22rfy yy6y we've been all right, so we have been
8:40 am
the hunt is on for lion fish. the invasive species is in the waters. what do you do when you catch them, patrick is here to talk to us about lion fish. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. glad to be here. >> alcides: we were talking about this and lindsay and. >> anjuli: are in the big f fans. it doesn't look good. an ugly-looking fish. >> it is ugly. eats well. it is like a hk light and flaky. >> alcides: hawk fish is good. >> i just had it for the very first time myself the other day and i was impressed. we have a couple of dishes to show the versatility of this. the first one we have is baked. you can substitute this in for a at this lap pia. a little bed of polenta with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and a little parmesan cheese and kale.
8:41 am
harico t v+ ert. and a cook little browning. >> alcides: you say cook this like t ilapia. >> exactly. we are doing a quick saute and make this brown butter sauce real quick. just dropping a little butter in here. >> alcides: why is a lion fish sufficient a big problem in the bay area waters. >> the problem is that the native fish aren't used to having this predator so they don't have any instinct to f flee. and these guys they just eat and eat and eat don't stop. so what is problem for us that you expect really catch them in any normal style of way, so it is really caught by spear fishing. >> alcides: oh you have to spear them. >> or caught in lobster trap business chance. and a little education. people really know and understand what it means for us to -- >> alcides: i don't want to you burn your garlic -- excuse me, burn your butter.
8:42 am
it is a little pricey. >> it is a little bit. >> reporter: how much are we talking a pound. i thought i saw $30. >> $8.99. >> alcides: that is not bad at all. >> for the whole fish. as the demand goes up, price will go down. >> alcides: $9 a pound. you guys are selling the whole thing and you fillet it for us. you take off everything for us >> yes. >> alcides: that looks good. what did you do. >> butter, fresh lemon juice and capers. brown the butter up, add the capers in. let that wilt and finish with oil lemon juice. sprinkle it right on top and you are good to go. >> alcides: this popular. you seeing a lot. >> my wife was actually, you need to make that dish tonight because it looks pretty good. >> reporter: it does look pretty good. looks really good. thank you very much. i tell you what, i -- you sold
8:43 am
i thought it was more expensive. i wasn't sure of the taste.
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st. pete police arrest a st. pete police arrest a man they
8:46 am
responsible for burglaries. he is charged with three in st. pete and two in pinellas park. they are also charging with a burglary in the pinellas jurisdiction. tallahassee judge sides with families who are fighting standardized testing. the judge said school districts need to look at something other than the florida assessment test when deciding to promote the student 245 includes things like class grades and assessments they made reading test scores a requirement for going to the fourth grade. tampa's beach is officially closed but look what was left behind under all those plastic bars at amalie arena. cell phones, jewelry, watches, hats. lots of single shoes. workers also found two diamond engagement rings that have already been reunited with their owners and they are looking for the owner of a missing gold tooth.
8:47 am
bottom of the ball pit cede edie how due does that happen. [ laughter ] ing too hard and your tooth comes out. >> anjuli: lose your tooth in the ball. >> alcides: wrestling your on or something. >> anjuli: looked like a lot fun. a lot of admults there too. if you head to the actual beach. maybe you head outside to the beach. if you get out early you are fine. storms cranking toward the west coast. they will start inland. lakeland by midday early afternoon. maybe a shower for you and toward our coastal area. a 60% storm chance right here in the beach. countryle of high clouds this morning with the opposite wind flow of the gulf. really takes all day for our rain to move into our area temperatures this morning climbing. flirting with 80 in most spots. 81 degrees in st. pete with the
8:48 am
the low 80s in tampa. upper 80s in pinellas. look at stewart, 96 the heat index value. because of the onshore wind and i hate to break it for you, but by late week, we may get into the winds which means our mornings are extra steamy. satellite picture show high clouds to start off the day. none of these will bring any rain and any rain is east of our area well west. 42 miles to the west we do have showers moving away, and then across southeast florida, gradually over the weekend, starting to bring steeper moisture as it is closer to the tropical moisture from invest 99 l. impact is this one right here. the same one all week. a lot more moisture and we will talk about these odds that are not impressive of development the next several days. a 30 percent chance. a new disturbance. remember fiona. these are partial remnants of fiona. drier air and while some of the models hang this west toward
8:49 am
chance, and gaston chugging along with wind shear. could be hurricane again too. weak disturbance near land that has a 10% chance of deelopment. here is is the disturbance of most interests. we have discussed it all week. we do want to point out that even though the odds that this will be developed by the time it is west of our area in the gulf, there is going to be a lot of moisture and more of it continues to show if um this morning. look at the cloud tops expanding east and southeast of the center from some wind shear. lot of rain with it. flooding for the bahamas, heavy rain in south florida especially sunday through tuesday. models said it is setting it into motion. wet weather for the keys late sunday, some squalls as well, rough surf again. regardless if this develops at which won't 20% for the next two days. 40% chance in the gulf. this may gradually get its act together as environmental conditions more favorable for the development. all the models are west of us
8:50 am
the moist side, and that's why we will be talking about rain. not to stay is not going to pile up at once but with the heating of the day, the southeast wind monday of the coast, maybe heavier downpours and one the models we looked at through thursday. and it is showing some areas not picking up much rain. others picking up maybe 2 to 4 inches of rain in our coastal area. obviously more rain in southeast florida as they will be closest to the deepest moisture. track it on futurecast including today's 5% rain chance. the storms coast. it happened yesterday, the lightning fatality. don't underestimate the lightning. get inside if you hear the thunder. a 5% rain chance. here comes the low and as it moves into the gulf, may organize some slowly so we will watch it, on the east side, so look at all that moisture sp spells localized street flooding and training where the cells line untogether early in the week, monday, tuesday, possibly wednesday our wet wettestyest days.
8:51 am
locally heavy rain with coastal storms winding down mostly by sun. set. a couple of stragglers in our coastal areas though. 78 overnight. 91 morning sun. afternoon storms build west from the east wind. at 10 knots today. a moderate chop and maybe a little breezier earlier in the week. choppy er earlier in the week as well. right now this appears to be a weak system in the gulf. if the gulf -- and it is warm and monitor the trends over next several pete pier. heaviest amounts of rain and best rain chance along the coast at 70% monday and tuesday and by thursday and friday back to a 50% rain chance. when we may get into the west wind, and we have an extra special double first birthday this morning. shout out goes to these two adorable boys. landon and bobby. happy birthday, boys. their favorite show, mickey mouse clubhouse. they love playing in their ball pit, swimming and train rides
8:52 am
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the dr it is 8:54. a walk down the driveway to drop off recycling at the curb for pick up. a weekly routine for many and recyclables add up.
8:55 am
recognized as having the highest recycling rate in the state by the florida department of environmental protection. here is this week's earth wa watch. >> it is time to think twice about what is recyclable and what is garbage. a 2014 study showed three of four pounds of trash thrown away at the pinellas county solid waste plant is easily recyclable. >> so cardboard, plastic, containers. >> reporter: fortunately waste is melted down to make electrical energy and ash behind. in july, pinks county celebrated having an 89% -- pinellas county celebrated having a 89% recycling rate the highest in the state and a 20% jump since 2014. >> we contribute to the state's rate of 54%. the recycling weight is based on tonnage. heavy material, ward waste. >> reporter: one at the closer for florida as a goal as a
8:56 am
its waste by january 1 and 65% by 2020. each of the 24 municipalities in the county have their own recycling programs with partnerships. with nearby recycling facilities. and one of the newest programs is in st. petersburg. the city has made great strides in the 13-month-old recycling program. >> there is still room for improvement and doing very well and very pleased with the residents of the city of st. petersburg. as conditions allow us, we will look towers, businesses, all those things will come in the future. >> reporter: since the program started. they have recycled 14,000 tons of material. recyclables are sorted several several days a week at waste connections. >> one of the first things that they will do as part of the process something if there is any trash that got put in with the recycled material, they will throw that out. so ours is about 7%, which for those who don't know is very, very good. >> reporter: keeping waste out of the landfill and protecting
8:57 am
>> reporter: and here is why recycle something so important 234 n pinellas county. the pinellas landfill will be filled in capacity in just 84 years. to put that into perspective, that is closer to the average litime of a female which is 81ears. so easy to do your part to help the environment. so good work, pinellas county. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again".
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heavy rains have heavy rains have plagued tampa streets for many years. how a new fee can change all of that. plus trouble at the top for donald trump. his ceo under new scrutiny after report of antisemitic comments come to light. and how a family once living in a car is now living the american dream >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning to y you. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it is 9 a.m. on this saturday morning. i am anjuli davis. >> alcides: and i am alcides segui. lindsay to talkbout t seven-day forecast. going to be rainy. >> lindsay: this weekend typical summer stuff that does include more storms which will be heavy near the coast this afternoon. the heat building and a couple


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