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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> it's now tropical depression 9 and it could be headed our way in the next few days. in the next few days. what you need to know about the here's what ed narain believes i'm all about public schools. and i oppose private school vouchers that take funds away from public education. i opposed "stand your ground" gun laws and i'm against rick scott's hate-filled agenda. i strongly support medicaid expansion and i want to increase the minimum wage. endorsed by florida's teachers and kathy castor. hey girls wanna be in the commercial?
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whole community is in shock >> it's terrible shock, the whole community is in shock here. >> right now at 10:00, the tampa police department loses one of its own. officer fred arnold died while on a scuba trip on vacation. >> and two men with gunshot wounds and a grow house. and tropical depression nine forms in the florida straits and it's one we are going to have to watch very closely. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. haley has the night off. that wedder system we've bn watching is now tropical
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something we need to keep a close eye on this week. hey, mike. >> lloyd, we've been talking about invest 99l for the last ten days and finally today it becomes tropical depression 9. but it's not that impressive looking. a little depression over cuba near havana. the depression is just south of key west but lot of organization. the reason it's now a trop dal l depression is because the hurricane hunter finally found some circulation. central pressure at 1009 millibars. here is the forecast over the next couple of days. it's going to continue working off to the west, say by tuesday
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tropical storm and starts to stall out and then a trough lifts it and brings it back to the northeast and this is where it gets dangerous, heading for the handle around big ben. the official forecast calls for winds of 50. having said that you have water temperatures in the mid to upper 80's and you have to watch out for intensification with that. a watch out for heavy rain and coastal flooding. as we take a look at our headlines for tropical depression nine continues to move west over the next couple of days. at this point landful somewhere near big ben but that could
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uncertainty -- as we watch this approaching system. now, if you're go aheading ready for this and need sand bags to protect your home, head to our website >> officials say 48-year-old master patrol officer fred arnold came up from a dive unconscious. he joins us live from the tampa police department with more. >> barry moon has known officer
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with him and that is makes his death all too real. >> in his 27-year-old with tampa police, friends say 48-year-old fred arnold made a lasting impact on almost everyone he came across. they've been friends ever since meeting at a high school football game. >> i have never seen him in a bad mood and never curse and he has never had a drink except for half a cup of wine on the day he and linda married. >> i loved the water, and loved to fish and dive. >> this was a very big trip fom, one he was looking forward to. >> and a dive to see the site of a downed b-29 bomber would be his last.
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unconscious, and he couldn't be removed. his death especially hard on long volunteer with the polices- explorer program. >> he would volunteer his time at least three to four times a week to mentor the kids, it was like a grown-up boy scouts. >> now all the way are shaken by the death of a man who devoted his life to service. >> the whole community is in shock here. >> officer arres arnold is survy his wife and three children and the cause of death is under investigation. >> well, hillsboro county deputies had a surprise when they responded to a home invasion shooting.
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marijuana grow operation but the person watching over it took off before deputies arrived. now they are looking for him and trying to figure out how long this had been going on. as kimberly quizon reports. >> didn't see that one comin' that's for sure, i had no clue that has going on. >> deputies say these men drove from miami to this home armed with the back board. the man inside took off and police were called. >> things grow really well out here but i didn't realize they grow indoors. >> piper doesn't recall much activity at the home. much of the neighborhood thought it was empty. >> it was extremely quiet, i didn't think anyone lived there. i would see someone mowing the
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>> i am incredibly shocked. >> deputies were still collecting the marijuana plants and people say it's a little unnerving but that this neighborhood is still as safe as it was. >> it's shocking especially that people were shot at, but i'm pretty sure my fiance can protect me. >> deputies say n suspects are cooperating with police, and the shooter is still on the run tonight. police in ta tarpon springs have arrested a man suspects of homicide. authorities say he shot and killed torenzo smith at a hotel early saturday morning.
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facing murder charges. >> and a carjackijacking outsida bonefish grill. the car was later found crashed and burned. a witness spotted mclaughlin at a convenience store not far from what the original carjacking happened, he was arrested and is >> and an engine on a southwest flight caught on fire and blew up. tonight we hear from patterning who captured pictures of the incident. we still don't know what caused it or the accident of the damage. southwest only saying they are
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some people say they heard an explosion. >> with an extreme fear of flying stephanie miller was uncomfortable getting on a plane but nothing prepared her for a loud explosion. >> it sounded like an 18-wheeler tire blowing on the interstate but a lot louder. >> southwest airlines says there was the number one engine on flight 3472. 99 passengers and three crew members were on board when they heard the boom. the oxygen masks dropped. >> and we were rocking and shaking and you smells something was on fire. >> the pilot was forced to divert the jet for pensacola,
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for the next 30 minutes all she could see was water. >> miller has never met her flown passenger but know the pair say they are bonded for live, tied together by the tragedy. >> i was praying for everyone on the plane including myself. just praying that we could get to land, we could deal with what we had to deal with. >>heotafely landed the jet in penc to southwest no oneas hurt, they are trying to figure out justow the engine blew. >> and primary election day is coming up on tuesday. the majority of people who took advantage of early voting mailed in their ballots. voters we talked to said they
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on election day. >> i don't like to stand in line too long, so i walked in and out. very, very fast. >> again this tuesday, day after tomorrow, august 30 is primary election day. if you have a vote-by-mail ballot and have not turned it in, they can be turned in until 7:00 p.m. on mike is back with your seven-day right after the break, plus a big job fair tomorrow to tell you about. and hillsboro fi firerescue personnel saved tiny kitten that
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. nd of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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tampa international airport is holding a big job fair tomorrow.. -- they have nearly 300 positions arai available and all ofortofthe shops and new restau. >> we have a lot of things opening this fall and the positions include servers, bartender, utility workers, sushi and prep co cooks and some supervisor -- important to
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>> we have learned that 70% of the food concepts will be devoted to local brands. this job fair is happening tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the aviation authority board room at the airport, on the third floor of the main terminal next to the blue amelia earhart elevator. two-month-old kitten which had been stuck in a storm drain for about two days. they had to lure the kitten with food but it couldn't budge and then they were able to get it to move toward a net by spraying water down the drain. the kitten is back with its
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spraying water at it. and mike has been watching invest 99l for a week now. >> it's been around longer than i've been at this station. no, finally we have a name -- well, not really a name, but another number to throw at it with "tropical depression" attached at the front end, to tropical depression hard to predict and determine whether it's going go but better today than it was 12 hours ago. the impact time frame would be late wednesday and thursday. let's start with this, because i have to start you off with the showers and storms that rolled through today, and before they did, look at that. this was the place to be, through widow afternoon or so,
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thunderstorms roll through, picking up good rainfall amounts at the beach, and this is showing the showers and storms continuing to push farther offshore, a couple making their way towards the east coast. so the weather headlines: moisture increases over the next few days, tropical depression 9 helps to bring up some of that moisture, and so those are our rain the potential there certainly for heavy rain. maybe some coastal flooding. that kind of remains to be seen just how close the storm getting with that. the high today 93 in wes when iy chapel and 90 in lake placid, that is four days in a row that we have seen the temperature in tampa at or near 94. you see the seven-day and there
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temperature-wise. 83, right now 76, relative humidity 78%, and barometer rising. 81 in new port richey, 81 in when wesley chapel. 78 down in arcadia. and here you go, the computer models locked in now, and just about every mo model agree it's going to head some time around tuesday or so and then move on toward the northeast. some have this stalling around cedar key, or back towards panama city. this is where it kind of makes land fall, the question is how long and how close discuss it dt to us and how much storm
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murky but you see the shading, that increases our rain chances quite a bit and the darker shades increases the chance of localized heavy rain and flooding wednesday, and on into thursday. so at the very east i think we'll very heavy rain or increased chance of flooding. by the way, for m head over to you get the latest tracks and models. and fly along with the hurricane hunter as they search the storm and also some great tropical blogs as well. parpartly sunny skies for tomor, and then you will see the sea
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those push off shore and then we may start to see some of the rain from tropical depression rain. we'll watch our rain chances increase, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and we'll call it 60% and maybe closer to 70% heading off to the south. 77., partly cloy for tomorrow, scattered afternoon showers building in the west still hot, and 90. and watch the rain chances on their way up. 60% the next couple of days bumped up to 70% wednesday and thursday.% and of course we'll continue to watch tropical depression 9. should have a better update for you on that coming up in about a
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this election season the candidates are both questioning each other's health, meantime one doctor telling the story behind his note. >> and what about the receiver with the big hair? kenny bell? he is on the bubble this season and we are
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(lloydbw ) as the race for the white house heats up -- the topic of the >> -- the topic of the candcandidates health is hittine headlines. what donald trump is saying about hillary clinton atb abilio be president. >> the health of the candidates is a notable issue in this election. in t trump wins he will be the
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winswins she will be the second oldest behind ronald reagan. >> she doesn't have the strength, the stamina or the ability to straighten out our country. >> the clinton campaign has responded with multiple statements saying she is in excellent health and trump has failed to provide the fub with trump's attacks on clinton's health is drawing attention to his own health as well, including a four paragraph number released by his doctor lauding his physical strength and stamina and declaring he would be the healthiest president ever elected. the doctor said he threw that
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while a limo was outside waiting to pick him up. >> i think some of the words didn't come out exactly the way they were meant. >> now former candidate and advisor dr. ben carson is calling on both candidates to release a more detailed medical history. trump says they will do so when the clinton campaign does, but the have no intention of doing so. so.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america.
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een made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? re. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. >> -- arrested two brothers in the shooting death of the cousin of nba star dwyane wade.
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waves throughout the country, leaders are saying this is part of a much bigger problem. >> two brothers are behind cars arrested in the shooting death of dwyane wade's cousin. police say both are documented gang members and on parole for previous gun charges. >> this reprehensible example of violence is why we need to an offenders in the city of chicago. >> c she was killed while pushig her newborn in a stroller in front of an elementary school. >> -- she was just another mother who wanted her children to get an education just like any good parent would. >> civil rights leaders across the country are saying this
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larger problem. >> it's clear that none of us -- too many guns, too much violence, and drugs and guns and plan to address the issue in a comprehensive way. >> according to the chicago tribune, there have been 450 homicide in chicago so far this year, compared to the whole of 2015. aldridge was not the ended victims. her baby is being cared for by family members. >> and a charter bus looses control and crashed in indiana. indiana.
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rooj on their way to help with the flooding. police say the driver did not have a license to operate that bus. >> fox's kristen fisher reports on the presidential race. >> hillary clinton spent her day attending campaign fundraisers while her supporters took to the sunday shows to defend the so-called privileges. >> when republicans meet with their donors they call it a meeting but when democrats do that they call it a complex. it's not pay to play unless someone says i need 50 cents to meet you, no, they meet because they want to bring a matter to your attention. >> on the other side, trump's campaign manager made her own
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can go back to your home country and if you want to come back you need apply through the many different challenges that allow people to apply for entry into the united states legally. so that is imorpt. important. we all learned in kindergarten to stand in line and wait our turn. >> he is saying there is a massive problem with immigration, while she ignore it. >> she is for cash and release, and for sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants. >> the next big campaign swing will be on wednesday. in washington, kristen fisher. fox news. >> two men from the same remote community in canada have discovered they were switched at birth. in 1975 dave and leon were
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hospital in man to manitoba. as they grew up people noticed how they resembled each other's families more than their own. >> when i was 20 years old people started accusing us of being switched. >> they want answers they want answers. >> the hospital where the two were switched serves indigenous cree nation people. the hospital says it will hire an independent party and look into whether or not there are other cases of babies switched at birth. and a pair of sailors stranded on a deserted island are found thanks to a mess "news edge thee
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in micronesia in the pacific. the pair set out and a vessel on the 17th but they never arrived at their destination. a navy aircraft rescued them after spotting their cry for help in the sand. and a colorado man is making
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>> who won't want to fly? a colorado man is really getting that chance. he is making sure that summer goes out with a blast as he entertai help of a jet pack. >> on a priceless summer evening, these people got a taste of something both beautiful, and bizarre. >> this is the smartest thing i ever did. >> that taste is a slice of nick's adventurous life. you see nick works for apollo jet pack. >> this came to me and i was meant for this in a sense.
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area, he has always been into extreme sports and so when a colorado man asked him to check out his device, he said sure. >> and then i started doing research and i was like holy cow, this is real. >> he is taking a selfie. >> most because of stunts like this. on this night, a jet-pack propelled nick a view of most of loden and it's cooler than most things he has ever done. >> i just imagine yourself flying. that is exactly what you're doing. >> u unfortunately it only lasts 30 seconds and then it's back to earth. >> it's business and you can die doing it but i love it.
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flavorful career. >> that is my destiny i guess. >> unbelievable. >> but you could die doing it, maybe we'll get a couple next week. >> and preseason is over and we are glad of that, right? we want real football to begin but the buc's roster must be reduced first, and we'll play got a minute for the t marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo!
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and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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>> this is the toughest time of the nfl coaches and gm's. it's time to say guantanamo bay good bye toplayers who really hn grinding it out with them. the bucs called a dozen into the office today, and it's surprising the timing of this. wright starting nine games under lovie smith but has been playing
10:45 pm
so the former gator is the odd man out. and jacob sough was beat out by anger for the job. he averaged 49 yards her punt in the preseason, nine yards better than sough. andre davis is released along with kevin westbrook, and johnson whoid most of them were long shots anyway, and they still have decisions to make before does. did you recollect koetter says does, dirk koetter says he is following jason licht on the calls. >> this is a business and we're going to have to say good buy bo a few days this week.
10:46 pm
means. i would not want to single out, i think people with figure out the guys that are in, but we still have competition at multiple positions -- running back, wide receiver, running back, corner, safety, defensive line, linebacker. >> a lot of decisions there. well, dirk koetter did mention wide receiver as a position that is style they have nine and will likely keep six. kenny bell was on injured reserve last year and not a lot of fans know him and i tracked him down to play "got a minute"? >> are you ready for the rapid fire questions >> how many times are you asked about your hair? >> ten to twenty.
10:47 pm
>> tree branches a lot. >> but still not going to shave it? >> never. >> if you were not playing in the nfl, what job do you think you would have? >> dream job in i would go back to boulder and coach my high school football game. >> and who do you have on your phone? >> vince vaughn, he is really, really close frids uncle. he is a chicago guy. >> could it take a lot to twins convince him to switch over to the bucs? >> thank that is happening. >> greatest move? >> remember the titans. >> all football players have to love that one. >> i feel like if you're a human being, i mean, who doesn't love denzel and football players. >> and greatest feeling of your
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james tunnel. >> and what do you like about h. >> getting to know the fans and the public -- >> and you have to switch vince vaughn over. >> absolutely. >> and chris arr arrange zonstone as did the rays because has a good record. the rays up 1-0 in houston and longoria driving this one into the cap. corey dickerson scores, it's 2-0
10:49 pm
support. the rays take a 4-3 lead into the eight and that is when they butt this game wide open. it's 6-3 table and then dicker dickerson launched a three-run homer. 10-4 over the' strohes kevin cash on arranger reading 2k for the second time this year. >> elite stuff and you put yourself in a category that not a lot of pitchers get into. coming in we knew arch's stuff was tops in baseball and that shows it, how elite it can be, and if it's continued to p stayn the zone he is going to be in
10:50 pm
>> he is trying to avoid being a 20-game loser this season. >> hot and cold for him this season. >> mike is back with a look at your seven-day forecast, and have you ever thought about combining bicycling and
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>> all right and welcome. this is our time lapse from river viewriverview. you see a little bit of fog to start the day, and showers ro afternoon and into the evening. monday i think we'll see just a little bit more in the way of storm and shower activity. tampa is seeing a high at or above 94, here is a look at the rest of the county. 98, 99 in phoenix, and co coolen
10:54 pm
other temperatures across the area, it's 82 in marathon, and 84 in sarasota. -- certainly due in part to tropical depression nine, and we'll see that start to throughout the area into the next few days. most of the models take you out west, most of them focuses somewhere around app apalachicoa bay, but that would still be close enough to give us impacts in terms of rainfall and perhaps
10:55 pm
this model brings the tropical storm right through big ben. and boating? probably not the best time to boating. we are talking significant waves regardless if something develops out in the gulf. future cast, this is a different model showing this working its way off as you see, there's still a lot of uncertainty as to exactly where this will go and what the intensity will be but for updates get the latest tracks and mol models by heading over o for tomorrow, once again we see the afternoon showers building west, 92.
10:56 pm
the next couple of days. again, make sure you stay tuned at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, dave osterberg will have the latest on t.d.9. >> and check this out, people ride underwater trench. olive ver mckenna was crowned this year's winner. congratulations to him and all who participated. here is a look at what we are working on for your fox 11:00 news. tampa officers mourn one of their own. we sit down with his friend to
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community. >> and a massive explosion at a chemical plant rocks one small town, and the nation's theme parks is getting in on the effort to protect guests from zika.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give.
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just a terrible shock. the whole community's in shock >> a tampa police officer is killed while on a diving trip. how master patrol officer's legacy will continue to live, and we are tracking the that has its sights set on florida. what you should do now to prepare for impact. >> and the state's tourism industry takes a major step in the fight against zika. the new line of protection being offered at theme parks all across florida. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us, haley


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