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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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just a terrible shock. the whole community's in shock >> a tampa police officer is killed while on a diving trip. how master patrol officer's legacy will continue to live, and we are tracking the that has its sights set on florida. what you should do now to prepare for impact. >> and the state's tourism industry takes a major step in the fight against zika. the new line of protection being offered at theme parks all across florida. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. thanks for being with us, haley
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the path of tropical depression 9 remains uncertain but predictions have it taking a turn toward our state. >> that update just coming in right now from the weather service. still at this point we are talking about a tropical depression. winds 35 miles per hour, so no big difference there. it's the track that has shifted a little bit, but i want to start you off with the enhanced you see it's not a very well organized system, but it does have closed circulation and is's going to continue to track to the west. but until it gets by cuba it's not really going to get its act together at all. winwinds 35 an miles per hour ad moving to the west. we are going to watch this go
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morning expect it to strengthen into a tropical storm. at this point once it turns to the north and east, this is where the models differ a bit on how fares north or east they bring this system but the conesconsensus is near cedar ker big something because of how close it's coming to tampa bay that we are going to have to pay close attention to. rainfall totals, surge, and coastal flooding, all things we are going to be talking about. >> and don't forget, and you can get the app free in your app
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this delta flight was on its way from atlanta to fort lauderdale when it has some type of issue with his flaps. it was diverted but landed safely, and just yesterday passenger o were surprised whenn engine blew. the pilot had a safe landing but there was a burning smell and oxygen masks deployed. and our evan lambert reports that master patrol officer fred arnold devoted much of his time to training the next generation of law enforcement. >> he was well known for his
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explorers program. his death a shock as family and friend didn't think he had any known health problems. dove to the wreck of a b-29 bomber, but when he surfaced he was unconscious. he was a volunteer for with the explorer program where he met and inspired many young people where some became his colleagues. >> he would volunteer his time at least three to four time as week to meet with a group of young people, it was like grown-up bioscouts and if you met him, he would never forget him. >> he is survived by his wife and three children.
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rescue crews are out in the handle looking for a missing person following a massive chemical explosion just after noon in escambia county. the explosion detonated the air gases inside. nearby residents say they felt the blast from inside their homes. >> it was a bottom that was so, so loud, it sou of the earth. it shook the windows. the pictures on the wall, it even shook me. >> no injuries reported so far, and plant officials say there is are the currently an active gas leak. a call to a late-night home invasion led deputies to another crime.
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house on dewdrop lane. two men were shot by a man inside that home. that man took you have. the two men drove from miami to the home and kicked the door in. they were armed with tasers. >> neighbors say they were shocked. >> i didn't there, you would see someone mowing the launch once a month >> both men were taken to the hospital but both are being uncooperative with at the point. and a truck was stopped on i-75 and this picture was posted to the department's twitter. no word on the driver's name or
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and the state theme parks are making the night against zika into their own hands, today several started offering free mosquito repental out of as they say, an abundance of caution. he should check with guest services but so far florida has seen a total of 43 l transmitted cases of the zika virus, including one inmm my. in miami. >> troopers say a water main break caused a turnpike sinkhole, and then another one opened up nearby. the turnpike turn understood a parking lot and crews worked throughout the night to fill
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been much more. >> could you imagine a car running into this at 70 miles per hour? it could mean lots of damage and eeven death. >> the road reopened this morning just after 10:00. >> still to come, it's the calm before the storm. we are tracking the tropics with emergency officials and
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all eyes are on the >> -- emergency officials are urging folks to prepare for severe weather. fox's matt treza has some of the essentials for riding out storm. >> with tropical depression 9 bears down on central florida the emergency managers say the time to get ready is now. >> review your plan and look over your kit, if you need to buy additional supplies, do it now. >> he used to recommend a 72-hour kit, but with a storm
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must, and water is most important. >> about a gallon of water per person per day. >> he also recommend that homeowners batten down windows and secure them and remove tree branches. >> some shoppers say they are ready for nature's fury. >> just getting our boards and the flash lights and a few cases of bottled water, that's about it. >> others not so much. >> i moved here the end of and i missed all of the fun the last go round but i'm thinking i'm about to find o about it. >> but it's never too soon to prepare. >> prepare. >> when is the best time to
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pull it together. >> matt tr treza for fox 13 new. >> the county started to make sand bags available to allow people to get them before the rains arrived. they will also be available tomorrow at three locations. we have posted more details on our website, >> you know that is certainly a good thing to do at e this poin is prepare. make sure you have a plan for your family and you have your kit ready, it's good to have even if nothing happens. and as far as tropical depression 9, it's moving to the west. over the next 24 to 36 hours it
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starts to hea back northeast. near the big bend, by trsday evening, that is when we are looking at land fall and if it lands in the big being, certainly for us heavy rain and coastal flooding. that is not a good place for it it hand. it is just north of havana, and sitting in the florida straits, heading to the west. the models are at this point in taking the turn, it's just a question of how sharp the turn will be and how much the storm intensifies over the next couple of days. there it goes becoming a tropical storm likely at least tuesday morning and remain a tropical storm -- maybe a higher end tropical showers and tropics
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intensity forecast coming up and down, or west or east as well. so make sure you pay attention for updates to the track but if it did said for the big ben right there, that would mean for us potentially heavy rainfall and the potential for localized flooding but also pushing the water up against us we could see some coastal flooding as well. and this slug of moisture eventually heading for our area as we head into wednesday and thursday and a lot of it. a lot of atmosphere and moisture with this system and the potential to that flooding rainfall. this is the european model shows a lot of heavy rain across the central part of the state including the i-4 corridor, and if this is verified you could be
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that. is a great resource for the latest tracks and models, and as soon as they come out you get to see them and in fact one just posted about an hour o so ago. check that for updates we start to see showers and ststorms working their way acros the state, and you get bigger storms in the dry tomorrow night and tuesday tarstart to see the moisture one increase, this is a sign of what's to come at least for the middle of the week. for tonight, 77 and partly cloudy and warm and muggy. the seven-day, rain chances 60% the next couple of days bumping up to 70% on wednesday and thursday and then we'll see the temperatures back in the low
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>> all right, mike, thanks. critics are classing donald trump about the latest tweets about the shooting death of a nba player's cousin. nba player's cousin. here from trump z22szz zy6z y22szy yy6y come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes at half- price... ...during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five...
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hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ? helping you connect to what matters most. bright house networks. z22rfz zy6z y22rfy yy6y >> as candidates across florida get ready for the tuesday primary election early voting
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saying they cast their ballot early to avoid the long lanes and headaches that go along with the election day rush. election supervisors say the last day of early voting is usually their busiest. 27,000 people cast ballots this year, up from 20 from 70,000 people voted by mail this time. police say they've arrested two men in direction to a deadly shooting but one presidential nominee is getting heat for some recent tweets. on saturday, donald trump tweeted dwyane wade's do cousins just shot and killed while walking her baby, just what i'm saying, african-americans will vote trump.
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condolence. critics say this is trump's way of politicizing tragedy, but his campaign manager says otherwise. >> trump has been trying to make the case into the increase in random crime and senseless murders, the poverty and the job lessness in cities is unacceptable to all of us and other c other way and not done everything they could to help people of color. >> hillary clinton spent the day attending campaign fundraisers while her supporters made the talk show rounds disputing the
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>> this is the day that the players in training camp fear the most, cut-down day, a knock on the door asking players to bring their playbook and there were dozens who got that call today. now, there are a couple of surprises starting with veteran safety wright, he started nine games under lovie smith and has been playing behind mcdougal and smith. the former gator is the odd-man out and jacob shunt was the sole punter last year but anger
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yards better than shunt. and davis and westbrook, didn't take the cut this time. most of these remains names were kind of long shots and the bucs still have two cuts to make by tuesday. but let's go to the chris arch picks up a season milestone, with 200 strike-outs and he had plenty of support behind him today. this is when we just break the game wide open. duffy smacked a two-run shot,ers ,his first in a ray's uniform. and 99 is the lucky number
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that is on a car. chip had not had a winner in victory lane in 99 straight sprint cup races but then the yellow comes out. on the restart kyle larson takes t lead and eliot falls back to third. they take the c eliot's team is just in disbelief. >> all right, thanks. and just about 9:00 rescue workers got a call with a stuck kicken in a storm drain. it had been in there for two days. and they trued to lure it with food but had to get creative when it couldn't budge. the kitten is safe and sound
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>> with prime areay on tuesday we push the candidates offer the talking point. >> i am pushing. >> one took off before an interview started and another let it rip. >> because he is a callow t tool. >> well yet another took a goat. >> i had. >> we put the candidates to the test and explain tuesday's ballot and revealing the prediction to tuesday night and in our humor segment we'll bring you the best. this is money, power and politics. we'll started with up up debate alert. we're seeing something different in vote by mail


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