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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell a one year old.. asleep in her bed.. awoken when a bullet pierces her little body. this morning - a one-year-old asleep in a bed an awoke enwhen a bullet pierces her little body. this morning at search for drive by shoot era prehistoric giant found off the coast of florida. a fisherman reeled it in and could not believe his from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an 8 o'clock i'm laura moody. good morning everybody we thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning it ugh august 29th. a start of a very wild weather week. we're bringing you team coverage this morning with everything you need to know to keep you safe and prepared. >> and we're going to begin with look how storm is developing with lindsay milbourne. we'll get over to you and then anjuli davis.
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and you said it right, it is developing. that's key. we don't have tropical storm yet we no longer have an invest. we have what kind of in between a tropical depression that starting to pull away from cuba. overnight, you know most of this moisture and most of these showers and storms or over land and out over water. haern hunters are out there checking out environment. that running into, because we need our computer models to get a better grasp. what we know right now is that this is on its way. into t wind sheer values will be dropping. it's going to take some r thi t organize. the question remains how strong is this going to get and where is it going to head. at least we're getting better consensus as to whether where models take it as of 5:00 a.m. i know it's 8:00 a.m. we will get new track at 11:00 a.m. we have tropical depression. 35 mile per hour winds moving west at 9. west northwest movement over the next 24 hours, perhaps becoming tropical storm her mean or ian by late tonight that northerly
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wednesday morning can't stress enough the intensity may be changing track focus on big bend of florida some time thursday. late wednesday and thursday, our wettest days, also our days we'll have to watch coastal flooding. yes you see winds going up threatening as this moves east of our state. this morning we have one small sprinkle in highlands county we're in upper 70s. in days ahead not only will our rain chance be going up but cloud cover winds could be increasing. so we'll watch temperatures drop mid week. have to watch what happens in gulf into middle part of the week as well i will toss it over to anjuli davids just a tropical storm how we can get a lot of reason and some flooding. absolutely, lendz. no joke with major rainfall expected pinellas county is doing its part to make sure people there or protected and also prepared. sand bags being offered multiple places all around the county gulfport just started making some available in 8:00 a.m.
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locations open up at 9. >> people liuing in gulfport can pick up their bags any time between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at city hall located at 240153rd street south. there is ten bag limit and proof of residency may be required. other locations are john chestnut senior park in palm harbor lealman community park in st. pete. and also taylor park in largo. bags and sand are free. there's 20 bag limit. you will have to fill bags your there for you. locations aromy open during daylight hours. be sure to bring proof of residency too if you do go. other things you need to do to prepare, let your family know where you are, do have an evacuation plan. and make sure your phone is all charged up and that you have a being back up charger with you. turn your fridge or freezer to coldest temperature and only open when necessary. that way if you do lose power your food will stay colder longer. check your tv or radio or check
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website every 30 minutes to get latest weather updates and emergency instructions. and you don't have an evacuation plan the state of florida has a site that can help you put one together. just log on to fl get a and as that storm develops be hurry to stay here on fox 13 as we continue to monitor it. for now let's check in with courtney for are look at the roads. thank you anjuli. we're still seeing some pretty big delays in pinellas county. earlier serious accident that occurred about 5:45 this morning. authorities still o the intersection of 34th street at fifth avenue north remaining blocked. unfortunately, confirmed fatal accident we do expect that ongoing accident investigation. expect detours in place. you can also take 49th street to avoid 34th street here. and then another crash real close by 66th street at fifth avenue north. rescue units on scene delays north and southbound along 66th street. especially heading southbound
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just about 8:05. an innocent baby is in hospital this morning after being injured in a drive by shooting. the pasco sheriff's office says this baby was asleep, when she was hit by this bullet. fox 13's shayla reeves is live for news port ritchie. deputies do not think this is random either, right? >> but why? >> yeah, that's the latest information we're getting from a pasco county sheriff's office. i've had some communication with the spokesperson this morning. and he has confirmed for me this morning that they do not that the shooting here off westcott drive was random. that is coming from a spokesperson here within the hour. that spokesperson telling me this morning that inside the home at the time of the shooting, was an infant along with her mother who the sheriff's office has now described as a documented gang member. that information has just been released to us hours after that
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i want to take you back to this video. this is video from the scene that we arrived to overnight. according to the pasco countyfi department received a call right around 11:30. reporting shots fired at a home here in the 7300 block. well during the course of that investigation, deputies learned that a child, an infant, one-year-old girl was asleep in front bedroom of a home. a bullet struck the child on her wrist. medics transprtd her to hospital for treatment. she's expected to be okay. i did ask this morning if there was anyone else inside of the home besides the infant. and besides her mother. and according to the a pasco county sheriff's office there were other people inside of the home at the time. but no additional comment could be made on who those individuals might be. certainly a lot of questions out
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still unfolding but we can tell you within the last hour, the crime scene tape has been removed. and pasco county sheriff's deputies have cleared this scene. we will continue to follow and keep you posted as any details are released here in port ritchie, shayla rooefts reeves fox 13 news. >> at least the baby is all right. russell. what is must have accessory in florida this season? insect repellent. bug busch gardens seaworld disney universal all making it available at hand san tideser for park visitors m theme parks are offering guest complimentary epa approved insect repellent to calm any fears visitors may may have interest mosquitos. over weekend park stand thing out repel leapt at various locations check with guest services if you have any questions. >> and not just theme parks. governor scott is asking everybody to be mindful as heavy rainfall is expected to move across the state. it's asking everyone to do their
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virus, especially when it comes to standing water. governor scott released a statement saying any amount of standing water can serve a breeding ground for mosquitos and everyone should dump the water around their homes and businesses following the storm. it is 8:08. florida fisherman made catch of a lifetime. it was all caught on camera. take look at this 17-foot, 700 pound saw fish. after fighting animal fisherman was an able to cut the hook and then is it back in wild. if you ever encounter one of these to keep it in water to cute line the way he did as closely to the hook as possible. and then report the encounter to them immediately. fment wc says they are trying to learn more about this endangered species. actually not a fish is ray. >> and fwc wants to remind you keep your hands off baby sea turtles a they start to hatch.
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make their way to water your help can actually harm them. they know where they are going. it against state and federal law. officials suggest you watch them from distance, instead and let them make the trek for themselves. nothing cuter than that. it's so true. nver heard of a saw fish, did you? spectacular though >> it was. cool. time to prepare for lot of rain. lindsay's back in few machines with latest on skytower radar forecast plus no more cheap clothes our consumer reporter shows lis number of women walk out their doors and saying no to cheaply made clothes. donald trump is citying struggling in polls not just swing states that can help him, but swing votes the religious group that trump needs to help keep his presidential dreams alive. and then charley belcher, i am headed to this place as soon as i can get there. swing on by speaking of swing states. swing on by.
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((laura 2shot)) ok ladies - many of you are probably getting dressed for your day right now... all right. ladies, a lot of you are probably getting dressed right now for your day to begin. do you like what's in your closet? you having a hard time? if answer is no, you're not alone. apparently not just you the industry. and consumer reporter sorboni barn injury is here to explain why. yeah >> you know my monday morning starts with me laying at my dress night before to make everything calm and then deciding i don't like it trying on other things. you end up with trail of destruction that's how your week starts apparently we can blame the industry. the clothing industry on a whole. washington post reports that while shopper ares spending more on things like big ticket mrienz and trips you wouldn't know
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basis. some of the big is names in women's clothe have stayed stagnant with sales or dropped off. according to wat j crew an taylor and gap, banana republic all down. reason why is really interesting. apparently, they just cannot design clothes that we want to buy. the translation kind of ugly stuff in stores anthro policy jihad too many fancy gresz dresses not enough normal every day anne taylor acknowledged needing to revamp to modern point of view. too much out of date. gap had all sorts of regular t-shirts over the summer and you know what everybody want off shoulder styles that were so hot this season. and this one made me laugh. banana had blazer woman couldn't even get their in iokwell, my a little too. if you're in bad mood you leave feeling bad about yourself. exactly. exactly.
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discussion as to why this is happening. is it that they are just not keeping up with trends? there's moving social media pace? or and another interestings here as well is customers, consumers they are not interested in spending money on these expensive items. what this want to do is wait for sales. we're used to that because of the recession. and we would see all of these sales, all of the time. so they are kind of holding back. and studies also show people more into spending money clothing industry hasn't really caught up when we do head out mall guess what. we there don't go to mall. we go online because it's so much easier. it is so much easier. sxun ai think that amazon probably affected them a harder for them to keep stay competitive. maybe they are trying to cut costs maybe they make the clothes a little cheaper than they would, amazon effect. probably clothing one thing amazon is trying to catch up on
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shopping you buy something you may not really want you wear it once then it hangs in your closet. and guess what happy monday morning everybody because you can blame clothing industry not yourself. go eat that muffin. have fun don't worry. thank you, sorboni. >> you got it. all right. we should, you deal with this? >> i read this article yesterday. in washington post. one thing that i took away from it was the constant sale.
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banana republic a lot i notice banana republic always has a sale going. >> so. you're right about that. that's, i think that's really hurt more than anything. these cheaper clothing things that you can just it's like disposable clothes. wear them once or twice. >> quality. you decide. so true. >> all right. let's get over to lindsay milbourne right now. who is in for dave. keeping an eye invest. rain chances going up this afternoon skytower will be busy and days ahead but only rain to show you is a tiny little shower, well south of lake placid. well to our south and east. some more moisture. we're heating up, we're a 79. 80 in clearwater. 80 in sarasota. with humidity, well on track for feeling like the upper 80s in spots. rain chances today building. moisture creeps in around this. no longer invest 99 l.
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still close to cuba. but pulley away. and hurricane hunter are finding this week appear moving into environment an itty bitty more favorable. we have deepest rain over cuba we will get this to wrap back around as this glides east notice on the official track from hurricane center, we will be dropping depression status bringing in a named storm. depending on if this become a named storm first or system near carolinas become as named storm intensity will be correct since this is developing system just too tricky to say this will be minimal tropical storm. this what models are showing now 2:00 a.m. well to our west. 45 mile per hour winds. more models in line with big bend land fall. we're in cone of error with 50 mile per hour storms. as muches we look a winds and oh just a small storm. you know, if it makes land fall to our north we are we're on south and east side we have we
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flooding. by saturday, this is well to our east possibly strengthening east to seat perhaps tropical storm force winds. models are in line most of them that somewhere from big bend to possibly the panhandle and fewer of them take them into tampa bay. so late wednesday and thursday, our days where the most active weather. even today, and tomorrow, more rain. will add upso my concern is no the only will we see that fresh water flooding from rain adding shore wind shift. we will have to watch high tide cycle late wednesday and thursday. here's gfs through friday at 5 o'clock pinpointing red shade near coast and just off shore. upwards of 5 inches of rain possible. lower amounts of further inland you live. but dpen, since nothing has formed. we will be tweaking these numbers in days ahead. we've got all models running on, jim weber will be in at noon with a fresh track from the hurricane center. we hope to continue to shrink
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92 with storms pushing west. appear 60 percent chance of them this afternoon and this evening. more active then yesterday. but most of these are doen by sunset. the evening commute at looks wettest more numerous showers and storms on tuesday. lots of clouds too. 89 with a 70 percent rain chance. on the water, breezy east winds today, seas two to three feet. obviously our waves will be building mid week as well high tide 12:23 on st. pete pier. as we head to next 7 days rain an wednesday and thursday by weekend we drop t f. at lst wall rain we're in mid 80s. we don't need too much, that's
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i'm ready. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a tampa this morning right kitchen and to to you is name of the place. open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. what is vietnamese breakfast do you have particular breakfast menu, no an all day menu. people come in i guess some people they are hung over they wanted, it's perfect for >> especially all rainy weather they want that soup. you >> look at fresh breads, and pastries all of this made in
8:24 am
from the back. it looks incredible. obviously that will be a good grab for breakfast. lot of people do that with vietnamese coffee. you're right. good coffees. let's start. that's one of >> overeasy egg. >> i can't bieve these are $3.50. i can't get over that. they are really, that is a big sub. and it's on our freshed baked bread every day. these i call them spring roll you said what's in those? >> this is grilled chicken, grilled pork, this is with an an egg. ground pork and this is a standard one that you see lot in vietnamese restaurant shrimp and pork. >> what do you have here? lot s pla don't makehi ts in house. you rarely see that in restaurants. steamed rice roll with ground pork and mushroom. it's rolled, chiend bowl here
8:25 am
there. that's our special with grilled shrimp, grilled pork, our, the i think egg roll >> yep. right here and veggies. >> yep. and then look at this giant plate. this is as it is served. you get a little bit of everything there. we have guild short ribs. grilled pork. the shrimp. yeah. yeah. and then the sausage patty, and egg quiche. right here? yes. >> that's like a pallet cleanser you eat while you're drink while now this is weirdest thing i've trying to be this is weird. what is this? >> it's a dessert. with beans red beans and looks like black eyed peas. you stir it up and eat that. atmospheres cold dessert. >> with beans. >> all right. when we come back will you show us how you make tofu. vegans love this place.
8:26 am
i'm going today. those singol look pretty good. summer rolls. i called the spring rolls too. wrong season. nice. glad you found this place, thanks, man. >> all right. an officer is turned away at local restaurant. and his facebook post about that goes wild. fox 13's ken suarez tells us how the business responded. next. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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((laura 2shot)) traveling near amalie arena is about to get a little tougher.. lane closures on mor traveling near automatic lee ar tougher. lane closures on morgan street begin today. well and while it may seem like an inconvenience now, maybe an, when it all done it's going to be worth it. jen epstein is live near morgan street and you have the vice-president of engineering with you. >> we're going to get the official word about what's going on here, right? >> not an ooi yay yay situation. moving along, morgan street. today is day 1 of 18 to 24-month project to transform this whole channelside district in downtown tampa area. it's exciting time for tampa. but i also know a little stressful for drivers in this area. i tell you what's closed as of right now. it's lanes along morgan street closed between old waters streets. now, you'll see that one lane is
8:31 am
so not real big traffic headache as of right now key thing for this project lane cloeshgs radar cloeshgs are going to happen phase it is doesn't cause a huge heart. court wis us you're vp of this whole project. is tell us a little bit about te project itself. >> basically, spp has partnering with city of tampa. and we're doing a roadway utility improvement project. we're going resurfacing and create new roads, we're going to be widening the sidewalks and going to improve overall infrastructure in this whole area. that's really what's going to help drive this new mixed use development that we've working on. let's talk about that project. that's really exciting. a lot of changes going to happen in next couple o there's going to be a mixed use development done over three phases going to be up to nine million square feet over 50 acres. and there's going to be a lot of
8:32 am
there's going to be millions of square feet of office. and of course uss college of medicine is coming here as well. so morgan is 1 of several lane closures i know next one will be september 5th. i believe. part channelside drive will close one lane, correct? that's right. we're always going to have access to channelside drive. we did shut it down last year, last summer. we did that so we could never have to do it again. so the work will be on north side of channelside. we will always have movement when we're done, channelside between morgan and meridian will become go from one way to two-way traffic. that will definitely ease up traffic at the end. going to be much more efficient for the drivers and going to be more typical of system you see in downtown urban environments just like we had in cpd. we are becoming a big downtown urban area. it's exciting stuff thank you so much, court. i know few rumblings on facebook.
8:33 am
impact liabling court mentioned going to kind of one phase at time. so morgan street is closed. rest of lanes will open on channelside drive. and the other surrounding areas. so they've got a plan in place. and we posted a link for the updated information to all the road closures in this area. on our facebook page. you can look on seen on tv section. so, brace yourselves going to take about two years for this whole project to be completed. but sounds like they are know what they are doing. we're not seeing any traffic delays in this area as of right now. back t best here. thanks, jen. see you later. >> all right. bye. it 8:33 now. in this morning top stories, an important and influential member of local catholic community is being remembered today about with a public memorial. monday seen or lawrence higgins passed away last wednesday. he was founder saunt lawrence catholic church on himes avenue and was pa to there for almost 50 years. public viewing is happening today and tomorrow at the church from noon until 9. there will also be a rose reand
8:34 am
and tomorrow night at 7:30. fural service wilbe on wednesda 11:30 a.m. >> and tampa police department is mourning loss of one of its officers who died in an off duty accident. >> master patrol officer fred arnold the third was on vacation in nevada and diving in lake mead. investigators say he surfaced and when he does he was unconscious and emergency crews pronounced him dead on the scene. arnold served community for 27 years. and his wife. officer arnold's cause of death is still under investigation. disrespect will not be tolerated that's message one local business has for an employee accused of refusing to serve a police officer. fox 13's ken suarez is live in winter haven. kenny, the store did act very quickly after a complaint was filed. we give them a lot of credit. >> yeah and not only swift but
8:35 am
essentially the set down the employee and said you don't respect cops, well you're definitely not going to work here. >> the two officers walked in tropical smoothie yesterday oke winterhaven cop. winter haven cop in uniform at the time. when they go to order, the employee turns to his co-worker and says, i'm not going to serve them because they are cops. so what did police have to say about that this morning especially here in winterhaven what spokesperson for winter haven police told us >> one bad employee that makes a bone head statement like that, you know that doesn't, it doesn't really show the true character of the businesses or of our community. >> i've covering polk county for 20 jamie brown is certainly right. that's unique situation thanks goodness for most people supporting cops for example over last couple of months you see people going into police departments all over place
8:36 am
couple of months. last couple of months for police officers. not only here but also across the country. so they fired this guy also sent an apology saying that his behavior was totally unacceptable. i think jamie really sums it up best when she says, it was a bone head move. back to you. >> all right. talk later.kenny. thank you. >> okay. >> we have a lot to talk about what's going on in the gulf. what could be coming up later this week. >> lots of track. and lots just watch it had evolve. las week our computer model trending one way now trend towards florida north of area question remains, how strong will this tropical depression b% if it still is depression when we see local impacts. sour impacts today will be kind of like what we saw over weekend. east wind, a little more moisture, so mornings are beautiful. really a great start to the day here in tampa as we warm to near 80 degrees this hour.
8:37 am
little earlier this afternoon. but dry times to be had great view in clearwater beach. heating up around the bay area. flirting with 80 in most spots. 81 in st. petersburg. humidity, which is high, kind of that tropical feel to air the next few days it feels as warm 88 in st. pete. and 83 here in tampa. and lakeland. skytower has been pretty quiet. but i do want foent out couple small showers that we'll see if they are kind of left around south of lake placid at the faded away. southeast florida they are under gun for higher rain chances today with deeper moisture sliding in from northwest west. further south. 70 percent rain chance. 60 percent here in tampa. and 50 north. then, kind of gradually bringing in more rain into the middle part of the week. so not only do we have tdumber 9, but td number 8. carolina m hurricane gaston. and anoer feature, we'll have to watch this one next week as this moves into a favorable environment for organization. speaking of moving into a
8:38 am
organization, our low that was over cuba, now over the water. moving withest into an area of lower wind sheer and warm waters. we know gulf is warm this time of year. what we need to track is this official track as of 5:00 a.m. a new track 11:00 a.m. 35 mile per hour winds moving west then kind ofting north. as it a weak system hopefully what models show as of now. but intensity is something we watch. we know the track at this point appears to be mainly north of our area where show as moderate tropical system, and then shifting out to sea. oh if this track holds that cone ever air will be shrinking in days oof heed late wednesday and thursday our wettest days. also during thursday some coastal flooding and possibly some winds in the tropical storm range. we'll have to watch that. 92 with afternoon storms pushing west. they will heading for evening commute they should end by sunset at 7:54. and on tuesday, we're out to 89 with 70 percent chance of not
8:39 am
but heavier downpours mixing in. everything running we will continue to keep you post in our broadcast more clouds mid 80s mid week. by weekend rain chances dropping as whatever develops ian her hermine, we're talking about active weather this week i want to see you beautiful shot. we see these lot here in central florida. terry collins sent what we call crepuscular rays the sun is shoulded by clouds and race perfect timing to snap the picture. #welivehere. beautiful picture. we're very busy this morning on the interstates. and our city streets. got quites to tell you about toriraveling through apollo beach ruskin areas northbound i 75, big bend road, vehicle fire reportedly blocking three right lanes. that means only a left lane able to squeeze by. about a two-mile delay in building right now.
8:40 am
around these big delays through this stretch. pasco county drivers dealing with slow down eastbound state road 54 at wesleyhal boulevd. about two-mile back up through thisas well, two lanes here reportedly blocked at the time. and pinellas county drivers we've telling you about this one since just before 6 o'clock this mrning. serious accident unfortunately a fatal here, still has intersection of 34th street at fifth avenue north closed. expected to be ongoing investigation he when this reopens. and another slow spot for you, rescue on scene of serious crash now, west bay drive at missouri avenue. >> laura. >> yes. i can't let it go. just because dave's not here i can't let it go. lindsay, what kind of rays were those >> crepuscular rays. i just had to and we have anti
8:41 am
early voting wrapped und sunday and there was quite turn out pm early voting sites that estimated to be around 9 percent register voters in hillsborough county, more than 104,000 people voted early. that about 13 percent turn out. saving on track to go ser pause 2012 primary election that year more 2.3 million people voted. seems like donald trump is finally turning things around. a new mni trump closing gap. but he's still having trouble getting many groups on his side. turns out the biggest one is catholics. the problem, this religious group is consider a swing vote. and could be a major factor in who wins. new poll by public religious institute research institute shows trump is down by double digits and reports of majority of catholics are pulling for clinton now. some say the recent trumping
8:42 am
earlier this year. rep pope francis criticism of candidate as well. >> it can be a pain in the neck and head. pretty much everywhere our doc on call is talking about children and headaches this morning. he's got what we need to look he's got what we need to look out for after the i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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in this welcome back. it's about 15 minutes away from top the hour now. in this segment we're talking headaches. they can bad for us adults. we know that. what about our kids patrick mulrony is joining to talk about it good morning to you dr. mulrony. >> good morning. >> all right. first let's, we're going to talk about difference between a headache and migraine. i think something all of have hard time distinguishing. first let's get to headaches. are they common in children? >>, you know headaches are common. there's multiple different types
8:46 am
as a parent if you know types of headaches you can think about reasons why they are happening. three major type of headaches are tension headaches, which tension headaches are headaches caused lot by stress. they kind of go up the back of the neck, the muscle spasm and the headache moves up back the neck second type headache is sinus type headache children will complain of pain face in their forehead a parent who might have been on antihis me before allergy symptoms but astop medicines if they are complaining about of that when they bend down they might neat to go back on antihis me last migraine. migraine headaches are accompanied by pounding. children will often complain of a pounding over temple over the top of the forehead. >> what do you do in those? i mean i'm thinking stress. and you say children. what age are we talking about? >> well you know, any, children react differently to lot of different types of stress when
8:47 am
headaches stress can cause migraine headaches as parent when children have migraine headaches that can caused by lot of different things sometimes they are familial and a hormone but there some things parents can control. the first is sleep. you know as children are going back to school, they might have gotten used to going to bed at 11 o'clock or midnight. but they are still having to a wake up 6 o'clock in morning average child needs 9 to 11. a younger children needing more slip. i think second thing maybe ieye strain if ayour child wears glasses and optometrist urnd think about that last one erratic caffeine use it reese interesting. 80 percent of americans use caffeine every single day. and a lot of our kids have gotten into habit of going to coffee shop or going to gas station picking up an energy drink throughout summer now they stop doing that migraine that is associated with caffeine use or not the use caffeine but withdrawal from caffeine. if you use caffeine every day you stop cold turkey,
8:48 am
you can have with drawl type headaches. if child chooses to drink coffee on regular basis, unfortunately that something they will stuck doing or they could have headaches like this. >> yeah. we all deal with that. even, even us in the adult world. >> i want to ask you this last question before we go, what about headaches that happened and they have fever along with it? >> right. parents are often very concerned when child has fever and then they also have headache. fever with headache common. most, most viral illnesses that cause inflammation could cause headache as well. but things to be really concerned about for parents of children of all ages, if child has headache and they will altered mental status maybe not making sense or coordinated something you should see your doctor about. second one in a child headache and fever midline neck pain. pain over their spine especially when they flex their neck that could a sign of very rare illness. meningitis is very rare, child
8:49 am
fever and headache, that's something you should be seen by doctor. with regards to headache their couple other red flags we should think about, any child having headaches in morning having makes many morning when they wake up headaches get better throughout day. that's not normal. you should definitely see doctor why that. head trauma hit in head and headaches after that should worry about concussion or worse things child has headache and then some type altered mental status or snur neurologic change, problems with speech or that should definitely present to er for that we know how uncomfort fortunate comfortable to think our kids have to suffer that ties so sad. but you always help us understand it a little better dr. mulrony. we'll leave it there. thank you. >> thank you. all right. we will get over to charley right now. with look at what he's up to today. showing it off. yeah. new vietnamese restaurant in
8:50 am
and you're looking right there at the versatile. great source of protein. they make all their own tofu here. we will see what they do with these soybeans when good day
8:52 am
good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to
8:53 am
from a new vietnamese restaurant called thin and kitchen and tofu. vegans love this place. meat eaters do too. we're focussing on to if you for this segment and how actually made. melinda is here to take us 32 it. that's big batch of your tofu right now. right in way of everything going on. this tofu that cans you make here in and then that's finished product you serve, right? >> yeah that one finished product too. you know >> so you you can eat it just like that. you can put that the in your soups. >> we're that's all right. all right. in, out. in or out everybody. in our out i say to my daughter all time. let's see how this made. >> so those are the fresh soybeans. and, put into this.
8:54 am
fulls. >> how long does it take to make tofu? >> from beginning end? >> one hour. one hour. >> oh, really. that's not too bad. most places don't make their own. they will just buy it from somebody else, right? because of all this different equipment you need? >> yes. >> and that's why you taste a difference in all of our difference. because it's, and on >> where do you get your >> we get them from distributor. all right. adding a little bit of water. >> yes. >> and then, what's this doing? that's grinding the beans. >> yeah. lucas will going to come out over here. i guess. >> yes. >> what's it come out like a little, does it come out. yeah.
8:55 am
not exactly appetizing. >> no. but it is interesting that's how this works. so then that substance will fall into here. then what do do with it? puts putts it in that machine. it squeeze squeezes all the water out. and then it goes into that bucket over there. then it goes in here and cooks it. cooks it. 15 minutes in that cooker. like a there from here to suck owl moisture out only for 15 minutes. and then does it come out looking like that? >> this ep then he puts it in there and forms over there. oh wow it ends up looking like this. a great source of protein. that's good meat substitute for vegetarians vegans. no carb, no fats. >> very low carbs. you have very b operaon
8:56 am
i guess when you fry it, you get a little bit of oil that sort of thing. very little. take me through those flavors. lemon grass. mushroom. scallion and tofu. can i try it? yes. that's the plain one. then you put that in sandwiches soups >> scrambled egg quality to it. >> and it's healthy. we have a vegetarian fish sauce. we use a regular fish sauce. we have vegetaian one also. there you go. look at that. doesn't look great but it's good for you. stick around everybody. we're talking about fresh bread
8:57 am
introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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gonna have a good day with a new job? there's a job fair.. and our consumer reporter will tell you how to rock it! a family dinner that could have our consumer reporter will show you how a rock a job fair >> a family dinnerould have been an ugly becau a mt down motherly love won in end amazing kindness of strangers get tissues ready for this one russell rhodes. >> i'm scared about this. we might both this one. we're inside today because we're watching and waiting that thing has become tropical depression number 9. at least we get rid of long name invest 99 l. it depression in gulf of mexico. as it pull w from cuba. models show gradual organization into early part of the week. so what we know right now is today's the day we will see a little bit more storm coverage in the afternoon and evening. but it's mid week. we need to watch this closely. a hurricane hunter out there he is st. guillen environment around it.


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