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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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as dave keeps tracking that storm for us this morning... time is running out to get your emergency ?gear in order. and for many communities... that means plenty of ?sandbags. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from one of ?many sandbag
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in just a few hours... voting machines all over the bay area will be up and running... for another election day. it's florida's ?primary day. the state division of elections reports nearly two million floridians have already voted... either through early voting or voting by mail. the hillsborough county supervisor of elections reminds everyone to ?know your polling place. also... make sure to bring your i-d with you: if you are unsure where to go vote... check your voter
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your county supervisor of elections. and when it comes to all of today's big political issues... there's now an ?app for that. and it was created in central florida. its called "hear my voice." you won't find candidates on it -- but you will find information about the issues they talk about. from immigration to some of the issues you'll see on the primary ballot. the creators of the non-partisan app say -it's all about putting democracy in your hands: if you feel strongly about how something's being handled in tallahassee or d-c the app will help you call or email lawmakers. you can also use it to start the voter registration process...or find
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a developing story in marion county this morning: detectives say a man broke into a home and attacked two people. and they believe he was under the influence...of a designer drug. deputies say 19-year-old "nico gallo" took the street drug "dibutylone" before he crashed into the front window of a stuart home on sunday. investigators say a mother was hitting gallo with an alumium bat... to stop him from fighting with her son. when deputies got there -- they had to restrain "gallo's" hands and feet because he "violently" resisting them. the woman was treated for minor injuries from broken glass. her son wasn't injured. "gallo" will face burglary and assault charges once he's released from the hospital. the marion sheriff says that case is very similar to the one involving f-s-u student "austin harrouff ." he's accused in the violent and random murder of a martin county couple earlier this month. investigators are still waiting for drug results in that case. but the sheriff says both men demonstrated "incredible strength" and a "high pain
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in orange a suspected cell phone thief picked the wrong store to rob. two managers saw a man inside this apopk"metro pcs" store try to take off with an iphone 6s. so they took matters into their own hands. the managers ran and tackled 26-year-old "matthew smith"... and held him until orange county deputies arrived: the suspected thief was checked out at a local hospital for bumps and bruises. he's charged with robbery and criminal mischief. the incident caused about 2-thousand dollars worth of damage. tampa's controversial new transportation plan... up for
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there was another public discussion on "tampa bay express" at the robert saunders public library. t-b-x, as it's called, is a series of projects that would add express-toll lanes to sections of i-4 and i-275. it will also include replacing the northbound howard frankland bridge and redesigning the interchanges for i-275 and state road 60: right now the project is still in the development and planning stages. another public informational meeting is planned thursday night from six to eight, at the seminole heights branch library in
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has the biggest feature revealed? up next: the ?message from apple, that may confirm it. and later this half hour: remembering a king of comedy... "gene wilder." the heartwarming story... from the ?set of "willy wonka"... that sums up, what made him so special. ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 84 million dollars. good luck... and
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let the countdown begin "iphone" fans. apple just sent out the invitation for its annual media event on monday. and just like every year... it's filled with hidden meanings. the card just reads "see you on the seventh"... with several light flare dots on it. the seventh stands for ?september 7th... next wednesday. a lot of tech bloggers think the and the ?black background indicate the new iphone 7 will have a brand new camera... that can take photos in ?low light. we'll have to wait til next week.. to know for sure. and, in colorado... im dreaming.. of a white ?labor day? yup, some people in colorado springs are already seeing white. it's not snow though... it's actually hail. a storm dumped piles
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?rain elsewhere in the state, and even some flooding. several vehicles were also damaged... from either the ?hail... or the floods.
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today and we have to talk about that story that was trending all ?day on social media. the loss of a legend. wilder" passed away. wilder had a huge impact on hollywood... making some of the of the 70s and 80s. including several films with mel brooks... including "the producers", "blazing saddles" and "young frankenstein." he later teamed up with richard pryor... for another series of classic films. wilder's family says he passed away sunday after complications from alzheimers. he was 83 years old. almost everyone in hollywood was on twitter monday... sharing tributes for wilder...
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and one tribute for wilder... came from a very unlikely source. it was one of his co-stars from "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." and ?on screen... the two ?definitely didn't seem like best of friends. we're talking about "veruca salt"... the spoiled brat who wanted it ?all. well the actress... julie dawn cole... just shared a pretty amazing story about her time on set with wilder. during an interview with i-t-v she said gene was quote... so patient with us kids! i was out on the movie for three months, and i didn't have any family with me. "he used to sit and tell me stories, and just a very very kind person. always generous. always helping you to get your moment. again... gene wilder was 83 years old. one of the ?biggest rock concerts in world... makes its stop in florida tonight. where you have to drive to see the historic set... after the break. plus... the newest
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in the gulf... ?just came in.
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in other local headlines: a professor at u-s-f is now playing a big role in nasa's year-long simulated trip to mars. doctor wendy bedw simulated the isolation astronauts will experience on a future trip to mars. she emerged sunday with five other crew members atop hawaii's (mona-low-a) mauna loa volcano. bedwell is a psychology professor at u-s-f. she spent the year analyzing the group. nasa hopes this will help plan the first-ever human mission to the red planet. the year of seclusion on the fake "mars" is the fourth such mission and the longest to date. it was aimed at determining how crew members might deal with rocky red
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during a prolonged trip in outer space. today in bradenton: the community is invited to a town hall meeting... to talk about the growing ?drug epidemic in manatee county, and its impact on foster care. the y-m-c-a, the d-c-f and the manatee county government will all take part. officials say drug addiction leads more parents to ?lose their children... to state custody. and the county is now in need of ?more foster parents. the meeting is
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the year's most ?talked about rock tour... makes its ?only florida stop tonight. ?only florida stop tour... makes its ?talked about rock the year's most the year's most ?talked about rock tour... makes its ?only florida stop tonight. unfortunately it's ?not in tampa bay. "ac-dc" is performing at the b b & t center... in fort lauderdale. their lead singer for the tour, "axl rose" from "guns n roses." he's been filling in for ac-dc frontman "brian johnson" , who has tonight at eight... if you want tmao he roarip. ((//2shot)) toss to
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toss to shayla....
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((walter all eyes on the tropics... a storm spinning in the gulf... has floridians on edge... the new five a-m advisory should shed some light on the latest track. dave's here with that. ((jen hovering off our coast... it's time to stock up and prepare... from sandbags to supplies, what you need to do... to stay safe. ((walter and... they're our best friends... but there's one thing you absolutely, positively ?shouldn't share with your "fur babies." the new pet trend, that surprised... and disturbed... researchers. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks


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