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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:57pm EDT

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the tropics.... and a storm system still brewing out there. let's check in with paul. ((paul at chromakey))) (kelly/ developing now in hillsborough county.. two teachers are recovering after injured by a lightning strike. (kelly/ it happened around four o'clock this afternoon outside the literacy leadership technology academy. that's on madison avenue in the progress village area. we're told two teachers were outside as parents were picking their children up after school.. when lightning and west of that out to walton bay a tropical storm watch in effect. now this is not a hurricane watch means the conditions are possible in 48 hours. a warning means they are imminent. the center is stuck and because there is the area of low pressure, it is only a
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the problem is the thinking is that the models are intensifying this before landfall up in the big bends. this is now you have to put up a hurricane watch. it verifies. and there would be and inside of the zone. removed and that's the big biggest problem for us. thursd should be the wettest of the days a tropical storm against the parallel our coast to the west. one thing they did. they have shifted a little bit to the best the european run was bullish. and has earned a lot of trust. we have to buy into the possible
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and west of us. here is the low. the rain over cuba. this brings all this. it rides with the low and the tropic moisture is over us. that's why we're bullish. and they increase around the center way back to macdill did show the pressure dropping a little bit. this could be the first sign that after two weeks the storm is finally intensifying, look at the west side. this was not here, we would be talking about probably a rapidly entensefying storm. and think about it here. are you nervous about a low in the gulf.
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and start turning our way. it should be far enough to the west. heavy rain. hurricane hunter plane zipping around. they're is the wind speeds. a 30, 35. it crosses. samples the environment. another going out later these afternoon the storm should accelerate. if you notice on the track i'll stop it here the winds here are still below hurricane force and close. you see that far enough away the impact on the big bend. and squalls and rain we should
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but with the heavy rain and flooding at high tide, rain fall amounts near the coast. lesser elements inland. as i mentioned tides will be higher as the winds pick up from the west southwest. what we're expecting the model is aggressive. 4 to 6. wind speeds picking u data. we'll have the forecast coming up. right now in hillsborough, two teachers are recovering after they were injured by a lightning strike. at 4:00 this afternoon outside of the literacy leadership technology academy on madison avenue.
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were picking up kids. they were near the building, they have non-life threatening injuries. people are preparing for the rain offering sandbags. haley hinds is out there tonight. what are you finding out there, haley. >> reporter: here at the marina people have been here throughout the day securing their boats stay off the water. it is going to be dangerous. one company has canceled trips for two days. they are packing bags. this is from largo. if you need them go to pox 13 to find out where and cren when can you get yours. safety first, turn around.
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he asked to consider using doing heavy water use activities like dish washing or wash after it passes without risking your health or high hygiene. limit the optional water usage before and during the storm. >> better safe than sorry. we're a little concerned. now is a time to consider the plan. know where you go. can you get information and at fox 13. look for hurricane prepare. >> thank you for that. people in the low lying
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inmates and deputies load up the cars. >> it the city of tampa is gearing up for rain. and the flooding around this time last year. more than 4 thousand pot holes. the mayor said we will not have to. we're >> the mayor said since 2015 the city has been trying to be better prepared. that includes outs of work on the treatment. crews say that water and storm water pumping stations are prepared and they are checking out hot spots to ensure it will willow off your face and humvees
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listened. vase i and they will block off roads if necessary. the governor had a briefing here warning people to do their part to plan for the storm. >> we'll have the potential of tornadoes. we are rip currents. everyone has >> following the storm is all the standing water left behind the threat of the zika virus spreading. and residents -- residents are urged after the fire to look for. many parents are concerned about school on thursday. the hillsborough district is hon toring the storm add alert
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can you go to fox 13 us in. so, voters have under an hour to do get tore, that he close at 7:00. >> it things have gone well today with a handful of minor problems. more than a million people are taking advantage of the early voting.@ i along the races here. he the democrats are decide hog should face him. there is a solar amendment. we'll have a bit in the cases these don't at 6:30. >> coverage for you the results at 10 or online. a suspected burglar in tampa is shot trying to get away. the home is on north b street. the wrong was not there. she saw someone trying to break
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cameras. she called someone to check it out. and we go to police headquarters to explain what happened. >> evan. >> reporter: she was not home at the time but she saw the video of him going through her things. she called 911 and her father, he went over to the house to check things out. take a look here. 10:00 here. the father said when he went to the house he encountered michael stuart in the backyard. he said that stuart had something in his hand so he shot him out of fear. no charges are tending. and why the would decline
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told what i say in his hand. he saw something in his hand. >> you have the person who just broke in. a forcible felony. now the person who comes to the house feels threatened. >> structure has been arrested before including three weeks ago for burglary. he the upper torso we har he has not been booked yet. >> evan. thank you very much. andel w this is a nuisance that neighbors in one community say they have been dealing with for two years.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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the noise was awful, but the smell-- even worse.. but peace and quiet -- and clear air -- are returning the noise was awful and the air is clear after deputies took home more than 100 chickens. they took them. they're not sure why so many but neighbors are happy they are gone. >> this may seem like a strange sight chickens being remov. bufabe neighbors have been
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>> were told that sound is just a small sample of what they have listened to all day and night for two years. >> you cannot go and not hear the chickens. >> officers found 106 chickens a ed two turkeys in the home and a empty house next door. >> i'm not se a hoarding issue or what the >> she cannot communicate, i don't think i have seen kickens in the house not 106. mr. is plenty of food and water and the house of johnson. >> it is nasty. the ammonia levels are hig the smell has been the worse part. >> are you worried about the health. >> that's why they are ready to put this hipped them.
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reporting. a woman who could not take care of herself was living in the home. johnson faces charges resisting attest and giving a fuel name. good news it has not intensified up to a tropical storm which is good. >> that could happen the more it is west the factor track will be west of us which if there is a rule don't ride off a storm until it is gone. models are locked in and here and that kind of happened with the models which have gone intensification up to a hurricane and the big rule ising into is over until it has as
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the rains that are stands are moving off to the west and it northwest. another wet day today you mentioned knee in bor toe 2 inches. an inch yesterday. more tomorrow. and more rain on thursday. stilt unsettled friday into the weekend. everything is said and done. ed a up to the rain cage a lot in some places it is off in the chance on the bay shore we're on the outer fringe, that's here. you can see hine over the state. the increase in moisture is going to be around at least through tomorrow. bands of rain from the east and southeast.
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him up tomorrow what should be hermine. wet now in casino. showers around tampa. wet in citrus. they're moving northwest. most rain in polk county and and of a raid 70s now 84 in sarasota. this nine it is cooler in the afternoon. hour and it does not mean a hurricane is for you it means with a system southwest of us and the models are showing intensification to show
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if this goes fromuropele to red that means the hurricane conditions are imminent. they would change that to a warning tomorrow and they may. maybe up here and see how it plays out hire. there is the low. lots that is good as far as we're concerned. hurricane hunter playing out today. winds at 35. 87.6. computer models are picking up on that approaching trough that will accelerate the storm. we'll be on the wet side the
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is an issue. look at the water in red or rust. west of us. rain fall can be considerable with lesser amounts as you head east and west. during 191 owe clock we could have hermine. breezy. part thursday not so good. windy with rain and squalls. 84 for a high. a hurricane watch off shore. 20 to 30. next side is a it will stuck and settle for showers over the
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trimmed down. what is the latest on lewis murphy. >> he tim breeze he bow gets clr to making baseball a career. the donald trump facing new criticism -
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'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dgerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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the first wave of nfl cuts were due today... the bucs getting down to the the first wave of cuts due today. and dye and hail. 22 players have to go by saturday. for many the game against washington is a make or break game for the pre-season. and lewis murphy acl got pmission to run around. he will not count to the 55. he cannot return until after week six. >> and aj peterson.
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process to get it heeled -- healed. >> big nice out of the nfl. and teddy bridgwater had a left knee injury under going an mri. this could to be an acl injury. then gry was during a and a the first bowl appearance to do that and more but it is the loss that has them wanting more this season. it left a bad taste in their mouth. one they hoped to get away with. and they are 18-1. it is a gimme game.
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game like it's the biggest of the season. >> i tell the guys you know play every pray like it is your last. every guy. >> this is a big game. we're not playing in front that's who we play and who we be. >> when you think jake odirizi may not come together w e.r.a. is back on the hill in boston. the same team he helped to win and 7 innings of work. first pitch after 7:00. out in s angeles tim tebow showcased his skills in fnt o 48 skews. thays they we represented. only the mariner and nationals he started the daze off running
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6.6 faster. and he went 8 of 19 two doubles. and three three strike withouts. he is just okay to some were wowed by his power in the batting tragic. eight homeruns they estimate a distance he has the power they like his speed. >> he looks like jose canceco. he would be the most buffed player. >> tough think five or six teams said they think he willet signed. >> bobble head night. >> that will be huge.
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important. we'll take a look at ways to save keeping your family safe. paul is back with a look at
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(mark/ we are continuing to track this tropical system that's got much of the bay we are tracking this
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that is important any updates. >> laborius. we were following this twow. pical storm it is laboriusnot and proondeus. from wait a minute. how can that be aurricane tch. it's a depression u tough plan ahead development in the gulf and a cat one up in the zone. and we have two days before it is on land. and this is up graded to a hurricane warning that mns the conditions are imminent.
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kind of like a severe s watch a possibility and a warning mean as warning is happening or severe weather and satellite shows storms firing up and in the gulf. and no intensity atd. acceleration northeast the same forecast reasoning and still putting us on the wet side and the squallly side tornadoes. and a side note on this models curved this back to new jersey on labor day. if you have friends up there they will be watching it. the worst weather is closer to the center. the northern counties it should be worse and a watch. tampa north.
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along the coast. if you are watching us in highlands county and polk not bad. wind speed has the swathe of windng by. storm surge. you are talking 3 to 6 storm surge up by the river curving the big bend around tampa bay. one to this. more on the forecast and heavy rain around the area now. that's 6:45. two separate systems will impact florida and north carolina. >> madeline will hit hawaii as the president prepares to visit the state, and we have the
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massive storm is churning in the gulf of mexico. the system is forecasted to turn to the sunshine state bringing heavy rain and severe storms to ah area. ot of mud thisixedn. theide and the current has been crazy. >> people in tampa are stocking up on sandbags. residents in florida are being urged to have a week's worth of essentials on storm's approval. >> we want cools radio so yo canisten to thes into. non-perishable foods. water a gall per person per day. >> a system will bring rough surf, coastal areas could see several inches of rain, we'll monitor the rain coming in.
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the storm. as of right now does not expect it to pact his trip to hawaii. and we have a list ahead of the storm. >> that's important. we know what we do cost us by tutting it off. everyone has their personal stuff that people need. and in the event of an ehavings wages there is kid cages anded d up some of the minimums toave you a hassle leader down the road. how much bottled watero you sneed? , any guesss. >> we have a case at home.
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per day. can you get a three pack for $6 at sams and wall mart this will cost you 36-dollars, l say 40 to bee. saf and non-perisbles. can you always save moneyf those bying in bul the thing you need the most your phon keep it aload of time. if youave a lot of phones and keep them offurned and the sam sg and ld pops everything down. that will save battery power closing your apps on social mea. 's a drainer.
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that's where they will keep in touch with us. >> 'technology technology? >> no. land was to my. >> we d like to see these. >> this is going to be a rain event. what about stopping water. they knowhe >> the big changes will be sandbags and water starts seeping in. wet dry vac is. they go a couple of 80. are you looking at spends 81 to 181. it does not player you have that charger andhat shop vacuum
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how much. i put this link from flood start a shows what you it could c you. >> a few inches can cause emergency. >> 20,000 is the estimate. we heard the mor talking about tooled don't drive in the ter. whatever you do. it can use injury to whwith you do you tee. >> i can make it. expensive.ange row buts very best case for you wise if you risk an oil cnge $35. driving with watern the engine can check it. and flushing it out is 100 if watch touches the dash you he to total the car that's where
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maybe you should say can i >> if you are driving in the water you may not be reimbse >> it's like your if. keep na in mind, greatformation. >> and there are several sandbag locations. can uyoind the list go to fox 13 news t is there. we heav a final minutes here primary. they are costing their battles. we want to bring in craig patrick in the senate race, we don't see it in the races they have the makings based on what wee seeing over the past 24-48 hours and let's start you have alan grayson.
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repuanblic he picked up the support of the white house. the president vice president widen, this is too much for alan grayson to overcome. what we're seeing. it shows patrick murphy up and in some case as lowout, some eight points. he is throwing firebombing made know that he has aattle and pollingthe republican case close it isarco rubio. andne o candidate has scaled things back and shod up a left an interviewefore it started. marcruo is running away with the rac no surprises there. and an interesting matchup between marco rubio and murphy for november pling has shown that one is tight.
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the solar amendment, will that pass. it needs 60%. it is never easy. it is not facing organized criticism. we should not give away more for solar. there is not the push back to keep this from g you looking at tax breaks. it may be more controversy in november. >> andoney, per, politics what is on tap. >> we were behind the sign factory and the elections office to show how the primary comes
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perspective we'll key into the races on debbie wasserman-schultz we'll show how they match up in november. that's at 11:30. >> and hillary clinton and donald trump's campaigns are and trump is hind raising andnd nar. running made is --ates in gegia. and. situation that's been unfolding r three hours in califora.
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(kelly- a victory to tell you about in the war on terr. isis spokesman mohammad al-adnani has been a victory. a isis official has been killed. he was, quote. martyred surveying operations in syria. they details he was the most public face of the group and was seen delivering fiery sermons. this is the latest in the defeats they have suffered. >> all eyes are on chris brown police are waiting for him to come out of his home. they were called out about 3 a.m. a woman called 911 saying
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of the home they recovered one gun and drugs. threats forced the shutdown of several offices around the country today a spokesperson said they received anonymous abssage s that raised concerns t the safety of the usda personnel and facilitie as o 6:46 toes no wd of tt. andfficesn colorado, werelosed today. standi by in t weather. and trackingropicsor
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>> by busy, whatre a we looking at. we have a lot o rain, we have messages past two days of people complain agut t rn now 're talki about more tomorrow a oious rain o thursday an i the weekendetween now an the wkende o coul a foot ofll told. moai take a look.
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hospital camera. e atmosphere is eeoroce storms.his morning. here is low pressure. ok the wind data. they are moving along out over the water dhings are going out in the gulf we' east side whichis going toe us east of the state. we'll have a southwest wind for manyay ds to come.aoup it will not rain all te but more rain avera. and a foot in many spots and the satellite loop we lose light.
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thicker. and a regenerated. om in. and a curl. downtown st. pete. alonoast o theay. yofety harbor. ucurves tup. and west chase down near the airport. all of tha i moving o to the stnd theorthwest. elsewhere. heavy floong up and that's a leprobm. rain dn 50 to brooksville. paidge manor.po county and cudyl and damp a meai by pta
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about this eng in pink. ound the big ben and westf wat i up. this does not guarantee that a hurricane is coming when you s pink. e situation is this, low pressure in the gulf. models getting more aggsse. some hurricane and so t cteens eye h to put aat out youget one. ifhi i up graded to a the warning area.caconditions ae it means if youatching us north o tampa b,ill get stuf gathered aroundhe house.ost
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arnd. 're not etiecngurcanein. but pressure t rcatn. e plane showing pure dropping, indicatingloy intensifying but itealing wi gusts o inheultched. unsettleeek. are dimng. eed unstled onednesd, brzy perio on. and t mh rainst ea inlandnd east.
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showersrodnd therm isoing to be long, long ro f ts for sur >>eopl a asking us, you, afrnoon.point is thuyrsda idafternoonyc cle. another tng i school canllate been asked thati >> they camsle it when they the fact i is movth northe'll goingve the rain. >> we'ell b inn the east se, nsicationsf o if i sfts maybe overhe gul not oveand.
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eks agoyo, haveone aatjob, i dt you. >> you like me.
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lu love my new but the rent is ouageo.good ti affordable rentersnsance goverage it protes pmysonal bengings shld theget damaged, en or destroyed. [doorbeluh, excuse me. shld theget damaged, delivery.
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coming up toni not t of . a polk > ouof sight bot out of a mho fled isack toace charges.'ll monitor the election results a t numbe cen and bring outco of the's te covomingour > thank y.00 new we'lee you the nsew kps on going.and we'renwitt
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that b >> d yo slleeike it's go ideao p yrself out >> lochte andori areeady th derek, sheryl and max it aons mirror ball. >> wt tin decomethi ckg forelfnd essiuty o a won f we as she shares i >> it was cking the conversation. >> i'm going to have good eingit has benitfo oprah. >>henhesaid, other eeo again m'a mustache. >> lights. camera. ss. ryan loce's road to reon takes him todaing


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