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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. ((lter))] good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. our top story is morng. ?waiting r thorm. part of the bay area is w under a "hurricane watch". lets go
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gerr scott stops in the bay area... with a
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anything. that's why he has several ?thousand national guard troops on ?standby... watching this storm.((more)) as dave mentioned, the storm is predicted to make landfall to our ?north... but the bay area will still feel those storm ?bands the next few days. and ?flooding is still a very real possibility. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us from northern pasco county... which is under a hurricane watch. shayla,
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and the further north you go... the more concern there will be, from this storm's impact. hernando county is expected to see significant rainfall and coastal flooding. fox 13's josh cascio went up to spring hill... to show us how people there are preparing. we are in the hurricane watch zonea& so you better believe all eyes are glued to the radar up here. take vo we saw several people in the spring hill area -
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their homes. many of them telling us - a strong rain shower - can lead to floodinga&so td-9 definetly concerns them. the storm could also bring 3 feet or more of storm surgeaso folks along the beaches in hernando are staying alert too we spoke with one resident - who's tied down his boat and is keeping his fingers crossed. take sot 18;39;29 just double liens - tie em down - take down the bimini cover up center console thats all you can do butt18;39;40 you want to keep it in the water, if it gets too high thats your way outjack evans hernando beach south take vo the county is urging people to be prepared a head of timea& that means, keep a cell phone chargedafill your gas tank a head of timeget batteries in case the power goes out..basically all things you hear over and over again the county quoting ben franklin sayinga "if you fail to plana&you are planning to fail."in other wordsaget ready
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are packing sandbags to protect their homes from the potential storm surge. this was the scene at taylor park in largo, one of several sandbag sites thoughout the county. the coast guard is also warning ?boaters to stay off the water. they say that sailing in those conditions could put lives at risk. we caught up with a few boaters ?already packing up. they say-- better safe than sorry: and no word yet if any bay area school systems will close on thursday. but as soon as we get an update from them...we'll let you know. classes are ?canceled this morning at one charter school in tampa. and it comes after two teachers were injured... by lightning. it happened during dismissal yesterday afternoon
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technology academy." because it was raining... students stayed inside, while teachers directed parents through the car line. they heard a clap of thunder... then seconds later... a male teacher holding an umbrella took an indirect hit... along with a female teacher standing under an aluminium awning. the same bolt struck the school building... putting three holes in the roof. the teachers were taken to the hospital as a precaution, but they are okay: that lightning strike also knocked out air conditioning in three buildings... the main reason for the closure. no word yet on ?when classes will resume. later this morning, influential catholic leader monsignor laurence higgins will be laid to rest. his funeral will be held at the church he founded... st. lawrence catholic church on himes avenue. monsignor
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church for nearly 50 years. the public service begins at 11:30 a-m. the results are in from florida's primary elections. and the state's biggest ?november matchup... has now been set. marco rubio won the g-o-p nomination for u-s senate... and will go head to head with democratic congressman patrick murphy. (jen/ the two men didn't face much competition from their primary rivals. on the republican side... rubio easily beat manatee county businessman carlos beruff.. and several others in the race. alter/ and murphy beat his democratic competition as well. grayson.. who was expected to be his biggest opponent, didn't even come close. and it didn't take long for rubio and murphy to start
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a abright day for teroved me"a. fri urlast nhtig it s tax ea to home and siness owns whstall to pass... and it got 75 ?another solar amendment will appen e ballot in november... giving residents solar energy.o o?lease and of course there are many other ?local races from last night. you can find ?all the results on our website "fox 13 news dot com". in the ?presidential race... the bay area is getting a visit today, from donald trump's running mate. mike pence has ?two stops planned in the area. first, he has a private fundraiser in st pete... along with florida attorney general
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then, pence has a town hall in sarasota. it's at the hyatt regency hotel. the town hall was p-m... but according to the ur trump website it's now starting a few hours ?earlier... at two p-m. and doors will now open at 11 a-m. the event likely moved ?up... to avoid that storm in the gulf. you can seree two free tickets on and while pence is here in sarasota... donald trump is heading even ?further south. the presidential has accepted an invitation to meet with the president of mexico today... ?in mexico. trump tweeted out the that he is looking forward to meeting with president "enrique pe nieto." trump is also expected to give a formal speech focused on immigration tonight in phoenix. also happpening today: the first ?commerifl between the u-s and cuba... in more than half a century. the jetblue flight is taking off from fort lauderdale just before ten this morning. it's expected to touch down in santa clara, cuba about 72
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will have more than four ?hundred flights a week between the two countries. a plane...crashes right into an r-v park. up next: why the people in that park... just got ?really lucky. and... a pop star... ?back in police custody. why "chris brown" is facing new charge.. after an
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making headlines around the world this morning: tragedy in japan... after a ?typhoon leaves a deadly path of destruction. typhoon lionrock made landfall on tuesday... and this morning, rescue workers made a grim discovery, inside a nursing home. crews found the bodies of nine people in the home.. it's not clear what happened to their caretakers. the nursing home is in northern japan... surrounded by floods and partially buried in mud. rivers swollen by the typhoon broke through their banks, flooding several communities. many other people were trappein their homes and had to be rescued by atand hecopter. this is the first typhoon to hit that area in more than sixty years. a scary sight, in the middle of a trailer park... outside reno, nevada. a small plane crashed right in the middle of it. the plane was trying to land at the nearby airport when it apparently had some engine problems. thankfully it crashes onto a patch of asphalt and not any of the r-v's. no injuries were
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still not said anything about the pilot. ((jen/ singer chris brown in trouble with the law again... after an incident at his los angeles mansion. he was in a standoff with police all day tuesday... after a woman claimed he threatened her with a gun. she called police in the morning, and brown refused to leave. brown actually started posting videos to social media... complaining about the police presence. they eventually got a search warrant. brown was arrested and charged wi according to his lawyer... mark geragos... the singer
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infused with avocado oil & shea butter extracts. restores and moisturizes for naturally-beautiful, nourished hair. time to talk some sports garnier whole blends avocado oil & shea butter. this morning. and we begin with the rays. who just pulled off a big coba the rays got on the board first inni. boston would later take the lead, 3-1. but in the seventh, that all changes. luke mailie ties it up... with a two run ?blast over the green mote and ah. evanongoria has his rn. he sends another shot into the seats... and e ys take the lead. rs win... 4-3. the serwraps up
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and a reminder for bucs fans... their next preseason game is ?tonight at eight p-m. they moved the game up a a day...because of the storm in the gulf. they're facing the redskins at raymond james stadium. and yes... it's the ?fourth preseason game... which means you probably won't see the ?starters very much. but for all those ?bubble players... they really need to shine, if they want a job. an update now... on tim tebow's tryout. he put on a show yesterday in los angeles for teams. hitting and fielding, hoping to land a contract. the results? somewhat ?mixed from the scouts. he struggled with live pitching, and his fielding needs work. although he did hit one shot about 400 feet. several teams are said to be ?interested... but no major leag offers yet. and of course the reason dave's not with me right now... all this rain coming our way. he has the latest on this storm in the gulf...
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a big party in boston-- to honor a woman who is hanging up her hat, after spending three ?decades on the job. she worked at her local mcdonalds... running the fry machine. and even though it doesn't sound glamorous... it actually had a huge impact on the community. fr massachusetts has down syndrome. and she's run the french fryer since 19-84. she got the job thanks to an innovative program that placed adults with disabilities in community jobs. 32 years later, david says it is time to move on. so mcdonald's invited the entire community to take part in a big party to bid farewell to the neighborhood's
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as part of the celebrations, david was given a proclamation.. as well as a french fry necklace. still ahead: dave is keeping track of that ?depression heading to florida. and fox 13's shayla reaves will be ?live in pasco county... which could see a ?significant impact from
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