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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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((russell- starting to turn. a tropical depression that's already startin >>russell: starting to turn. tropical depression is already starting to drench our area and some of us are already under a tropical storm warning. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm lau the rain from the storm is already causing traffic trouble. vanessa is following your morning commute. good morning. >>vanessa: good morning. lots of our concerns are coming out of pinellas county with flooding and crashes. if you're just waking up and joining in, we're looking at the exit ramp off 275 southbound to 54th avenue south where you can see lots of standing water. we actually have vehicles stranded in the water. we counted three at the most but you also have lots of cars backing up, trying to get off the interstate onto this
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please avoid. it looks like we have a road ranger now just showing up on scene. we're waiting to see how they handle the situation. we also know that walter is going to be out there giving us a live report as soon as he can. but big mess out there. drivers, if you do have to exit here, make sure you're doing it and exit earlier. don't go all the way over here. you'll get stuck. we have standing water reports northbound 275 near 175 so passing by tropicana field. left center lanes are blocked.p, northbound and southbound on 2 5 itself. we also have an overturned semi truck causing northbound lane block blockage. we'll get to those congestion points. you can see 275 southbound coming into the interchange well into the red. this is very, very heavy for this time of morning. leave early, almost 30 minutes of a drive, 10 minutes mlk to 275 and 16 minutes fowler avenue
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southbound. dave? >>dave: this rain is definitely slowing things down. a couple of minutes ago, a flood advisory for pinellas county and this is until 9:00 this morning. this is not unexpected. guess what, pinellas county? i have more heavy rain coming straight at you and this is a problem with periods of rain over and over for the next couple of days. it's not going to be just today. it will be tomorrow as well. hae has moved into southern portions of pinellas county. indian shores, st. petersburg, watch as we lapse it meaning we put it into motion. that is heading due north bu the same spots where we're experiencing some flooding this mor morning. north and east, veterans right now, has to be slowing down with all the heavy rain which is now moving up through, say, the dale mabry area into the airport.
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heavy rain that has reached plant city, southward. how about southeastern hillsborough county? pinecrest, some very heavy rain this morning and that extends southward into dewitt. bradenton and sarasota, you picked up rain this morning. this trend will continue, this south to north trend will continue. tropical depression nine, winds of 35 miles an hour moving north at two and the pressure is beginning to fall now. plane is heading out to investigate this area. outflow isoo satellite. i think it's only a matter of time before it's upgraded to a tropical storm. it's going to make landfall in the big bend area of florida tomorrow late in the day going into very -- we'll see 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow night. so the tropical storm warnings have been issued for parts of our area from pasco, hernando, citrus county north. anclote river all the way through indian pass, not only a hurricane watch but now a
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tropical storm force conditions are expected, 39 mile-per-hour winds or higher in those counties within the next 36 hours. probably not today. i think it's going to be tomorrow. and for the rest of us, including those areas i just mentioned, let's say from levy county through sarasota county, you've got a flood watch from 2:00 today all the way through until friday. and of course, the anclote river, that's where a huge concern is. we tic they're under a flood watch, a tropical storm warning and we find shayla reaves in that area today. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is an area when you talk about the alfers community, it's an area that sees flooding from time to time. just last year the river over flowed and the water pilled into the community here.
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the mess left behind. today the emergency managers are watching the weather closely. biggest concern, heavy rain and high winds. we did find out from pasco county emergency management, they anticipate the storm causing the greatest impact of this area sometime between wednesday night into thursday morning. so already, people who live in some of those flood prone areas, low lying areas are already possibility of evacuation being necessary should the situation warrant that. we can tell you just yesterday, there were people in pasco county making their way to the government center. residents looking to prepare ahead of the storm. dozens of cars lined up to collect sand bags to prepare ahead of this weather event. this is one of at least six
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your screen. we can tell you just last year, again, when the rain struck here in the alfers community, some roadways were soaked. they were left impassible. emergency managers are urging people to prepare, take time to create some sort of plan for yourself and your family and your pets. secure loose items around your yard, in your home. stockpile disaster supplies, food, water, medications, anything that you might need for any sort of event. emergency management officials are saying they're preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. but at this point, they're trying to keep people safe, get information out there and safety at this point really is the top priority. back to you. roich how much rain are you getting right now? is it heavy or light? what's it like? >>reporter: the rain, we've seen it pick up in the last hour or so. when i did my report about an
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just starting to pick up and it's been pretty steady for us at our location not far from elvers parkway for an hour. >>russell: a reminder because of the storm, the bucs last preseason game is being heldt i. they're going to play the redskins at raymond james stadium. game starts at 8:00 and there are still some tickets available. don't forget, you can find the list of sand bag locations at our website, you can also use track the storm. a lot of other information there as well. >>laura: and of course, the storm is raising the risk of mosquitos that carry the zika virus. centers for disease control is running low right now on money to fight the virus, too. tey say the cupboard is bare. that announcement yesterday came hours before reports of three new non travel related cases in florida. total now to 46. congress went on seven-week recess without funding. they're not set to return until
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a tampa firefighter who lives in pin em as county. they don't have the virus anymore. it cleared. they've gone back to work but the fire station three, everybody who works there had a test done. so did the family. no one else has zika. mosquito spraying has been done where that person spent time. >>russell: hillsborough county's office and tampa police search for a man who ran from a traffic stop. deputies pulled over two men and while stopped, they spotted during the search they found 20 bags of heroin. while waiting for a spanish speaking deputy, the man took off running towards copeland park. police set up a perimeter to search for him but they've had no luck. >>laura: two teachers are recovering following a lightning strike during dismissal at a tampa charter school. because it was raining at the time, students stayed inside.
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they heard a clap of thunder. seconds later, a male teacher holding an umbrella took an incorrect hit along with a female teacher standing under an aluminum awning. teachers were taken to the hospital as a precaution but they're okay. that lightning strike put holes in the roof and knocked out air conditioning. so classes will be cancelled today. it is 7:09 and u.s. senator rubio won his republican primary. >>russell: and it wasn't even close. 72% for rubio. rubio chose to seek re-election after losing the republican presidential race. he said there's too much at stake to let somebody else take his senate seat. >> we were going to not just potentially lose the senate seat but lose the balance of power. with a vacancy on the sum supreme court, with all the issues facing america and i'm so grateful now as i'm back with
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that so many people have given us. >>russell: he's not totally in yet. he has to beat patrick murphy in the general election in november. and patrick murphy won over representative grayson. murphy has endorsements from the president and the vice president. >>laura: and in another high profile race, debbie wasserman schultz won her primary with 57% of the vote. she beat law professor. schultz still is not a she has h to resign as chairman of the democratic national committee. that amid allegations of rigging the presidential race to favor hillary clinton. that made bernie sanders and his supporters very angry. >>russell: governor pence is coming here today. donald trump's running mate will attend a private fundraiser in st. petersburg before going to sarasota. he's holding a meeting at hyatt regency is held at 2:00. you can get free tickets on the
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>>laura: donald trump is planning to meet with the president of mexico today. that's happening south of the border. trump accepted an invitation. mexican president also sent one to hillary clinton. no response from her yet. trump has been very vocal about i wllegal immigrants. he even said that he would make mexico pay for the construction of a wall. >>dave: 7:11. i have a lot of heavy rain out there. flood morning. they've had wave after wave of rainfall and now a third area of heavy rain moving from southern pinellas into central and also heavy rain in hillsborough county, manatee, sarasota, a lot to talk about. tropical depression nine, still not moving much out into the gulf so stick with us. we'll have more radar views and all the latest watches and
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>>dave: rain started early this morning and the heaviest of the rain has really been centered over pinellas county.
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downpours in other spots, but they've had so much rain that a flood advisory has been issued for the pinellas county area until 9:00 this morning. northern hillsborough as well. we've really been getting the in the pinellas park area to largo. flood advisory is for the whole county. it's not just for one particular spot and again, waves of rain from south to north, south to north and tre to get before you get ponding on the roadways and slowing things down and that causes some issues. you have to understand that this is not a one hour, two hour thing. this is a two-day thing and even though you may see breaks in the action, you'll occasionally get periods of rain along the coastline until we can get this tropical depression through the state. that's why the flood watch was issued for that reason. also inland locations. here is pinecrest that goes to plant city.
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64 and 70 running east to west k right there -- or west to east, whatever, through manatee county. they're wet. 75 wet where it merges with 275 in that part of town to the south over in manatee county. you have heavy rain all over the place. you need to slow it down this morning. not only this morning but you're going to start to see more of this rain spread northward throughout the day and it's really on the verge of even county as well. polk county may not get as much rain as the coastline. you're going to get some. this storm has been meandering in the gulf over the past 12 to 18 hours. i can tell you this. as it looks like it's getting better organized, where have you heard that before? but i think this morning, it really is. this would be outflow from the storm. on this side and this side. looking more and more like a tropical system.
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convection near the center of the storm. presently there's not a hurricane hunter plane inside this storm. one is heading out there today. once it gets there, i think they'll upgrade this to a tropical storm. whether or not this gets a name, the impacts are still pretty much what we thought they would be or going to be over the next 36 hours. this morning, a tropical storm warning was issued from next 36 hours, and i'm thinking really tomorrow and tomorrow evening as well, tropical force storm winds, 39 miles an hour or greater anticipated pasco county north. a flood watch for all coastal counties from sarasota county going all the way up through levy county, a flood watch begins today and goes right through, listen to this, friday with the anticipation of waves
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the coast tomorrow, you may start to deal with isolated tornados. it will be mainly north of tampa but that chance is there. 5:00 a.m., winds of 35 miles an hour drifting north at two. we need this thing to start to pick up forward speed. that's what we need because now the conditions have become a little more favorable, we don't want it sitting over 850, 86-degree water temps. forecast was shifted west a few miles. obviously with th coastline is set up, that makes it look -- i mean, the cone has shifted to the west as well. still, the primary impacts from a system like this will be on the eastern side of the storm. obvious ly that includes us. thursday afternoon, 65 mile-per-hour winds and it approaches the coastline east of
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from anclote all the way through indian pass and there again, your flood watch out from 2:00 all the way through until we get into friday. obviously where the storm makes landfall, we'll see the most rain and right along the coastline in our area as well. you could be looking at a potential of five to 10 inches of rain between now and friday. i'm really focussing on the rain. not that we won't get some decent wind gusts around h rain and that's going to cause some problems in itself. 85 degrees for a high today. more rain along the coast than you'll see inland. rain tonight, rain tomorrow. it will turn windy tomorrow. again, tropical storm warnings from pasco county north. then we start to improve on friday and then the rest of our labor day weekend does look better with rain chances returning to normal by sunday. vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you, dave. we have some developments here off 275. we want to take to you a live
7:20 am
this is from our photographer so 275 exit ramp to 54th avenue south, some cars in standing water as we showed you before. we're learning not only the southbound exit ramp is closed due to the flooding but also now they've shut down the northbound ramp so definitely an area to avoid. we have lots of vehicles that are already stuck on the ramp unable to get through and even you can see from this shot, we have a little bit of standing water on be careful if you're heading that way. with that we'll get to other trouble spots on the roadways. big delays southbound 75 backups basically from the area of fowler avenue to bruce b downs. we have a crash reported southbound direction blocking a center lane so avoid, if you can. if not, give yourself plenty of extra time. you saw basically stop and go traffic there, still dealing with concerns from the overturned semi truck northbound sunshine skyway bridge. a left lane is blocked heading that way. you have backups to the south
7:21 am
take 75 and while we're here, maybe you're heading here in the southbound direction. we now have high winds reported over the bridge so please be careful. standing water also reported in pinellas. remind you once again northbound near 175, the 175 exit, two left lanes are going to be blocked with water and we have some travel times for you right now. veterans expressway southbound looking a little slow, backups toward state road 54 taking about 45 minutes to get from 54 to tampa international. we'll get to charley no >>charley: a busy couple of days for you and dave. good job. thank you for what you do and i know you're going to be busy. i am in oldsmar and look at this, vanessa. look at this. this is toby hall's major league catcher's mitt. i almost called it a catching glove. how embarrassing is that? i was in theater. it was a catcher's mitt. when he played for the rays, this is the actual mitt he used.
7:22 am
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((laura- welcome back. the time is 7:--. singer chris brown spent the >>laura: welcome back. singer chris brown spent the night in jail after a standoff with police at his home. >>russell: officers were sent there after getting a call from a woman that brown made threats while pointing a gun to her. he wouldn't let police in the house without a warrant. he went on social media to criticize the police and media for portraying him as a he was taken into custody for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. that's him wearing a red baseball cap. he has a history of violence, including a domestic incident with his former girlfriend, rihanna. >>laura: it is incredible that this crash did not kill anyone. york is releasing police cam video. a semi plowed through traffic, shoving about 10 vehicles
7:26 am
mayor is hoping this video will help identify the people who ran to help a woman out of the car. he wants to honor them for their bravery. the woman is okay, only a few cuts and bruises. the breaks -- the brakes on the semi were not working properly. >>russell: a giant snake skin was from an anaconda. the skin fuelled speculation and rumors that a mysterious reptile was living along a river bank and even caught the attention of big foot seekers. police are trying to capture the snakes but the harsh winter will soon cool off the sub tropical species anyway. heavy surf along the coast. big waves are from tropical depression eight which is bringing high winds and a lot of rain to that part of the east coast. it's not expected to come ashore. the projection path has it
7:27 am
>>laura: and we've been tracking tropical depression nine. you can see it on the radar. it's already affecting us. a lot of rain on the radar. >>russell: we have some flooding to show you right now. it's the i-275 ramp at 54th street south in st. pete. this is just rain, guys. i mean, look what it's doing. dave and vanessa after the break with team coverage of what we
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>>dave: a lot of heavy, heavy rain this morning, especially in pinellas county. we have a flood advisory through 9:00 this morning. that's not the only place that's
7:31 am
skytower radar tour, i will start in pinellas county, especially at the beaches. boy, it's like wave after wave of heavy rain just moving into the area in parts of pinellas county, not to mention some flooding on the roadway but gulf boulevard, no doubt, has to have ponding all over the roadways from the rain they've literally seen since we came on the air at 4:00 this morning. we have moderate downpours in the hillsborough countyre from plant city. and as you get into bradenton and just north of bradenton and sun city center, yeah, those areas picked up moderate rains. in general, these periods of rain are going to go on for a couple of days. it's not just today. it's going to be tomorrow as
7:32 am
because conditions are becoming favorable for it to develop. i don't want it in the middle of the gulf and not moving when you've got, you know, favorable conditions. it's forecast to become a strong tropical storm making landfall east of apalachicola sometime late in the day tomorrow. notice how it recurs back out over portions of georgia and south carolina so they're going to get the rain as well. us, because we're on the eastern side of to see stronger impacts than, say, pensacola even though they may be closer to the actual center because that's a lot of activity that's on the eastern side of this storm. tropical storm warnings from anclote river up to indian pass and what that means is tropical storm force winds 39 miles per hour or greater anticipated from pasco county north within the next 36 hours. i don't think you'll see a lot of it today. i think it's going to be during
7:33 am
night when you have those tropical storm force conditions from pasco county north and of course, because of all the rain anticipated, we're talking along the coastline, four, five, six, maybe even a few more inches of rain from levy county down through sarasota county, we have this flood watch. it begins at 2:00 this afternoon and extends all the way through until friday. predominant issue in the area is going to be the heavy rain which will cause some flooding. i've got muchor minutes, but i know that vanessa has also got some issues. we have issues already on the roadways this morning. >>vanessa: absolutely. we'll get back here to the big one that is impacted by weather. this is 275, live look near 54th avenue south. st. pete area, we have both exit ramps that are blocked so northbound exit and southbound exit due to standing water. we had some vehicles stranded earlier in the southbound ramp and looks like cars waiting to
7:34 am
including a school bus. avoid the ramps. use other ones and as we promised, we do have walter heading out there so as soon as we can get him a live report from us, we will do that. we'll get to other problems. southbound delays 275. this is the live camera near bird street looking towards the south so between bird and sly, we have a disabled vehicle reportedly blocking a center lane. as you can imagine, this is an area you want to give yourself extra time. not only are we southbound delays, 34 minutes from bearss to the interchange. also southbound delays on 75 taking 19 minutes. we had that crash reported near fowler avenue which is kind of jamming things up as well. westbound i-4, 16 minutes is that drive. don't forget, we have standing water in pinellas on the interstate itself. northbound direction passing by tropicana field. inside and left center lanes are going to be blocked here. overturned truck here, sunshine
7:35 am
northbound lane blockage and delays. alternate is going to be i-75. don't forget, you can get less serious crashes that i can't get to on air on my twitter at fox 13 traffic. >>russell: thank you. a lot going on. 7:35. also happening today, a funeral for monsignor higgins. he left quite the legacy. alcides segui is in tampa with details of the funeral that will be open to the public and i'm sure they know they're going to have to contend with the weather ou right? >>reporter: yeah. to be honest with you, they've been planning this for quite some time. not only law enforcement from the organizers at the church and they have different plans in place in case this continues all day today and they're hoping that it won't but you just heard dave osterberg's forecast so that's what they're expecting. father chuck, who is a priest here at st. lawrence church, thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. you knew monsignor higgins for about a year but i imagine that
7:36 am
for those not familiar with lawrence higgins, describe him. what type of person was he? >> monsignor higgins was a priest who was constantly present, who is known and well loved because as a priest, when he was called to go to emergencies, to hospital beds, when he was asked to be at baptisms and weddings, when he was asked to counsel people for over 50 years, he was there. he was present to families, to the richest and also to the he's a man who loved incredibly well and loved his priesthood. >>reporter: the longest serving priest in the st. pete diocese. almost 50 years. incredible. really was. started this parrish but was also a critical role in starting several other parishes, incarnation, st. paul, epiphany and his outreach was more than
7:37 am
profits. >> monsignor higgins came to florida when this was all mission territory for the catholic church. the jesuits were present but not really anyone else. monsignor higgins came to be with the catholics who found their way to tampa already and to minister and give and provide to them. in the process, as the church began to grow in the local area, he established these other parishs. later on he got involved in so ma that it's incredible. he had a hand in building up ways in which we can care for our local community. he was a man who loved tampa and took incredible steps to be able to provide for the people of tampa. >>reporter: i appreciate your time, father. just to give you an idea, the funeral is this morning at 11:30 a.m. and they're expecting thousands of people. now, the church only fits about 800 so they've set up tents and
7:38 am
higgins hall is across the way. 1100 people are expected there. overall, they're hoping for about 2,000 but again, this weather will play a factor in all of that. for more information on the services and more information on monsignor higgins, go to our website at >>russell: see you later. thank you. >>laura: 7:38 now. orange county sheriff's office released calls from the pulse nightclub shooting. some viewers may find them disturbing but here's a listen. >> like i'm not in the club anymore. there's a whole bunch of cops right now. >> okay. okay. how many shots did you hear? >> more than 10. i can tell you. >> more than 10. okay. did you hear anything after the gunshots? >> no. >> no? >> as soon as i heard that, we ran. >> the shooters are there. >> she's saying the shooter is
7:39 am
>> no. all she texted me right now, the shooters are here. the shooters are here. >>laura: and that shooter killed 49 people and wounded dozens of others back in june. mateen was killed in the gun fight. orlando police department has not released their calls, saying it would disrupt their investigation. a pinellas county woman is accused of trying friend out of jail with a stolen credit card. 21-year-old spent a week in jail after failing to pay a cab fare. >>russell: rays and red sox finish a three game series tonight at fenway. >>laura: the rays beat boston last night. they had to come from behind. evon longoria had a home run
7:40 am
left field. that's his 31st home run this season. closer came on to get the save. the rays have come from behind to win 27 of their 56 wins this season. >>russell: tim tebow waiting for a phone call, hoping somebody from a major league team is on the other end of the phone. former gator quarterback feels confident about this workout yesterday in southern california, about 20 major league teams sent scouts to watch him play the field and hit. itas he took batting practice against two former league pitchers. did okay, too. better than some thought he would. they thought his power was impressive and that he was pretty fast. >> i love it. you know, since i was four or five years old, there's been two things i love the most in sports. one was playing quarterback, having 10 other guys look at you and depend on you to win a game and then hit a baseball. specifically those two things.
7:41 am
i ever made was giving up baseball to go to the university of florida and play football. >>russell: he was all state. he told one reporter yesterday that he's done trying to play in the nfl. >>dave: heavy rain and pour i don't go shore in pinellas county. flood advisory is out through i can't caution people enough. everybody is focused on where is tropical depression number nine going to go? but look. the rainfall is going to be our dominant issue. we have a lot of heavy rain, especially from clearwater down gulf boulevard all the way down through the beaches. a lot more skytower radar views to talk about and plus the
7:42 am
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>>vanessa: welcome back. we want to check on the trouble spots on the roadways. we'll start off with a live look here at sunshine skyway bridge. we are looking towards the north so this is northbound traffic approaching the top of the bridge where we have that reported overturned vehicle. lots of delays, only one lane is passing so if you can easily get to 75, please do so. it could save you some time. we want to get to this as well. travel times right now look bad. heads up for folks coming from maybe pasco county and north trying to get to the hour to get from 75 to i-4, taking 275 southbound. not a whole lot quicker, by the way, if you're taking 75. southbound travel times between 275 and i-4, 27 minutes, 21 minutes the drive westbound to i-4, buchman to 75. you can see the picture here, make sure you're leaving early no matter where it is you're going. we have wet roadways out there. we want folks to slow it down.
7:46 am
we're starting to build bigger delays in the area. traffic crawling at 15 miles an hour northbound direction so keep that in mind. you have to leave early here and use caution. speaking of standing water, we want to get out to walter now who has arrived on the scene here. we're learning 275, offramps that are closed at 54th avenue south, wow, you're in the thick of it right now. >>walter: right in the thick of it. bad news is that i'm standing in the middle of it so it is closed. water is almost up to my knee. good not as deep as it used to be and all the traffic behind me, some has cleared out. all the cars were able to turn around and go north. a couple of cars got stuck in the middle of this. they're on loaders right now. they got bogged down with all the water so they're going to be towed away. we've done numerous stories about how devastating that can be for your engine when you get
7:47 am
make sure you turn around, don't try to drive through water that you don't know the depth. this water is not as deep as it used to be and this will be closed off until all the water subsides. dave osterberg, let's get back to you. the rain is continuing to fall. not as heavy as it was earlier this morning, though, thankfully. >>dave: just to your west, we have some very, very heavy rain moving back into parts of pinellas county so you be safe, too, my fr along the coast and beginning to move onshore. flood advisory for pinellas county. this is going to run until at least 9:00 this morning. this has to be the third just wave of rain that has moved onshore. i'm talking about heavy rain from palm harbor, dunedin, clearwater, especially right at the beach, gulf boulevard just soaked, several inches of rain have come down so far this
7:48 am
activity in general moving south to north. but you see how some of these heavier cells slide eastward. while the focus has been pinellas county this morning because of the more imminent flood threat there, we have other areas that are picking up some pretty hefty rains, too, and that's around ruskin area, 75 all the way through hillsborough county is just wet and that ints slow things down and we've also seen a few showers sneaking to the lakeland area so parts of polk county are getting wet as well, back to plant city. it is just a rainy mess in and around tampa and st. petersburg. best way to describe it. but you go down south of sarasota, not much. get up to the north, rains are just beginning in citrus and hernando county this morning. tropical depression number nine. they just put out their 8:00 advisory on it, hasn't changed
7:49 am
this to a tropical storm until they get a plane in there. there's currently not a plane in there. honestly, in just my opinion, i think it's probably there in terms of tropical storm strength. look at the outflow that you're getting and all these different sections of the storm. the wind shear has relaxed and enhanced convection around the center of this. it does look like it is beginning to we've been forecasting that all along. what i want to do is get this out of here quick because it's not moving much. this is the latest. all these are particular buoys and the latest i've seen are wave heights up to eight feet or so with winds gusting 35 miles an hour. center is back here somewhere. we have no buoys in the southern gulf that we can check.
7:50 am
check real time buoys. 35 mile-per-hour winds drifting north at two. you can walk faster than that right now. starring that northern movement, i also think it is starting to strengthen a bit. it's projected to turn to the northeast by tomorrow and then make landfall late in the day east of apalachicola. but wherever this makes landfall, whatever, you've got to understand that a lot of the weather is on the eastern side or even just in general for weather is on the eastern side of it. and that puts us in the mix from tampa south, the dominant issue will be rain. obviously we're seeing all of that first thing this morning. as you go further north, with the same type of rain, then you've got to throw in some wind. tropical storm warnings were issued at 5:00 a.m. for the anclote river up through indian pass. that includes pasco, hernando and citrus county. those three counties under
7:51 am
along with the hurricane watch. within the next 36 hours, anticipate winds above -- say at or above 39 miles per hour in these warned areas. not that tampa or st. petersburg or sarasota won't get hefty wind gusts but in general, the tropical storm force winds based on the path it's supposed to take now would be further toward the north. everybody is in a flood watch. along the coastline, several inches of rain are going to come pinellas county so my primary -- our primary threat is flooding and a bit of a storm surge as you get up to citrus county as well. just a lot of rain today. it's going to be periods of rain and this is going to go on today, tonight and tomorrow as well plus the wind further north. by the weekend, by the holiday weekend, conditions will start to improve and we will
7:52 am
>>charley: thank you, dave. appreciate you keeping us up to date and informed on everything happening weatherwise this morning. very important stuff. i'm talking about this gentleman right here, number 44, toby hall. he had a great career with the tampa bay rays. and then the l.a. dodgers and white sox. known for his hitting, finished with a batting average of .270. not bad. he knows all about this sport from pitching, hitting, catching and he's giving it all back whole other generation. stick around, everybody. taking you to tbc baseball performance center in oldsmar when "good day tampa bay"
7:53 am
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>> >>charley: look who it is. number 44 in the program, number hall. gl good morning, tampa bay. >>charley: how are you doing? >> good. how are you, charley? >>charley: fantastic. you just opened tbc performance center and you tried to get away from baseball. you're doing all kind of stuff with your charity work but baseball can't get out of you. >> i've been want to goi -- wanting to do this for years.
7:56 am
a store where you're going to sell new but also preowned merchandise. >> it's $300 a bat and then they get a new one next year. we're giving them an opportunity to get a new one or, you know, trade theirs in and that way they can try different sizes. >>charley: some of that stuff, a bat and even the gloves, you can use it over and over. >> over and over and when we were younger, we used one bat. these poor kids, i think it's the parents we're trying to they don't have to spend that much money. >>charley: this is where all the work happens. what all are you offering? who is this place for? >> well, this is for everybody. kids and we have adults coming in, senior leagues and we have a membership style where they can come in. we want to be a home away from home for kids and that way i can reach out to the little leaguess and help them out, too.
7:57 am
and parents to teach them what it's about to be like once they get to high school and college and the pre-draft kids. >>charley: i love it. toby hall says he can teach about anybody to be a big leaguer. here's a great tease. how about a former professional football player that would love to get into baseball? maybe we'll have a surprise guest right here on "good day tampa bay." stay tuned. you also want to stay tuned because lots of weather out there. dave osterberg back with skytower hd he's going to let us know exactly what the storm is doing, what we need to prepare for. stay tuned. stay tuned. no matter the golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. ((russell this is just the beginning. a lot of rain is headed our way and this is just the beginning, a lot of rain headed our way over next few days. and already big problems are developing. and adding insult to injury. there's still flooding along the anclote from our last storms. now more rain >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm law laura moody. good morning it's a busy morning here on good day. it's wednesday, august 31st. and sand bags are being filled, people are lining up to protect their homes ahead of tropical depression number 9. this storm our weather team has tracking since last week. and now there are warning and watches warnings watches in effect for parts of the bay


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