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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  August 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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we're watching the gulf. we're watch radar and we're already seeing some flooding. let's get over to dave right now and talk about what's out there. what we know. there is ton of moisture in the atmosphere. a little bit convergence. that's all you need to produce rainfall like this. it's still raining heavily. in pinellas county where i guess technically flood advisory is over here a 9 o'clock. let me tell you there will be more of these over the next couple of days if it doesn't start to slow down a little bit. i still have long all of these roadways in pinellas county. still experiencing some rain. gulf boulevard some spots near clear water picture up almost six inches of rain. six inches of rain in the last six hours. so you can see just how much rain is still coming down. i need people to realize it's a rain day out. just slow it down, take it easy. heavy rain from spring hill heading into bay port witchy watch area. further south i've got heavier showers. longboat key this morning as
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into downtown bradenton area. >> there's your storm, it is tropical depression. however, take look at the satellite. look at the difference in the presentation from 3 o'clock this morning to now. >> looks a lot more impressive. i think once they get a plane out there, this will easily be upgraded to tropical storm. we need for it to do is start to move. because only moving north at 2. and the slower it goes more chance of intensification it will have. still tropical to remember in big bend area. troll cap storm warning from pasco county north and entire coastline levy county to sarasota is under a flood watch through friday. we'll detail all of that stuff coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thank you, dave. >> and right now we're getting several reports of flooding in the area. before we get to this we're actually just learning that the clearwater beach roundabout is being closed due to flooding they are in process of setting
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traffic. in meantime this live picture also concerns flooding as well. if you're just joining us off ramps off 275, both southbound and knot bound exits will be closed at 54th avenue south due to lots of standing water. we even had cars strand out there earlier and had to be moved out. so so those areas will be ones to i had vo northbound dries can take exit before and that will take you to sunshine can i skyway to pinellas point exit after 26th avenue drivers use 22nd avenue south, that exit instead. we've got this picture actually submitted on twitter by a viewer. donna valdez largo area 1 30th street and one 28th the lots of standing water and not too far from there. we have reports of a stranded vehicle. vaughn road. this is going to be just north intersection. avoid that area seems a though crews in that route to that to try to help that person who stuck in the water. we will get you updates op more
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minutes. wow. this is just the beginning. as van just said exit ramble on 275 at 54th avenue south in st. petersburg are closed. several drivers have ruined their cars trying to dry through all that standing water. that happened to one woman earlier this morning. she says heed no idea how deep the water was. i came down the ramp, it looked fine. but it was dark. it was raining heavy. have i kept going. slowed down to get through it and got stuck right there. >> yeah. people along the anclote river in pasco county are praying for the best but they are preparing for the worst. that's what floridians all along the gulf coast are doing this morning as we wait and we watch what's going on in the gulf. those low lying areas that are already prone to flooding are those folks are holding their breath. and shayla is in pasco county near elfers always seems to get pretty hard.
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right? >> yeah you're absolutely right. this is an area that is known to experience some flooding. one the areas hard hit just last summer in fact. i'm just off the phone thest mnagement director for pasco county coming up in about an hour he tells me about 50 people are going to be briefed in the emergency operations center. they will going to be talking about everything from power line proble flooding issues, pumping issues, how they plan top dispatch crews a needed. these are the issues they are going to be discussing. again that's coming up in about an hour. as really, at this point, that emergency management director says everyone is just waiting to see what's going to happen. they are prepared as much as they can prepare for something like this. but, of course, it's still a wait and see type of issue. it's been raining now in our
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the last three or four hours. it's ab steady rainfall, throughout morning as has been case in much the bay area. emergency management officials tell us they are paying close attention to the radar in time window they are most concerned about is tonight into tomorrow morning. that's the window where they are concerned they are going to see their biggest impact as far as heavy rain and high winds are concerned. they are encouraging live in those low lying areas to go ahead and prepare in case you have to evacuate at some point. some of the information that they are passing out or giving out to folks includes making sure that you have a plan in place for yourself, your family, your pets, make sure you stock pile any disaster supplies you might need. including food, water, medicine, flashlights ares batteries any of things you might neat in prolonged weather event.
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sort of loose items around your home and your yard, make sure those around secure. that could be a danger in the event of heavy high winds. which could be part of the system rolling through. the focus for emergency management officials though, is as you mentioned just preparing as much as they can, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. and making sure that people have the information they need to keep themselves and their families safe. right now that's t priority, guys. back to you. all right, shayla, thank you. and now while north of bay area is preparing for at worst of this, the entire bay area is going to see lots of rain. and of course that means flooded streets. fox 13's jen epstein is here now with some suggestions on how to deal with driving in stormy conditions. good morning, jen. >> yeah good morning, guys. that's right although everyone is urging the public to stay home, if you can, but if you can't, weaver got some tips from aaa to make it back home safely. first something you should do
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check your tires. make sure they are inflated correctly and they have enough tread left to make it around the slick roads. also slow down, water on the roads means everything is slick. so you know don't drive like it's nascar. make sure you brake sooner as well. you'll need more time and distance to stop your car in these rainy conditions. also you can avoid using cruise control if you need to change speeds quickly but that can't done if you're using crews control. so use accelerator instead of crews. also d't raining have your lights on, not only will it help you so where you're going allow other drivers to see your car as well. finally don't drive through standing water. there's no way to tell how deep it is and last thing you want is for your car to stall you don't want to get stuck in water as well if your car does stall get out as soon as you can. you don't know how or how fast that water's going to rise. while we probably won't see winds that strong if you have to
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firmly anticipate heavy gusts of winds and leave more space between you and other vehicles. especially bigger trucks, van and rvs. yeah. take your time. be smart. thank you, jen. we know that for opportunities and for parents, they are watching and waiting too. and rumors that school is cancelled tomorrow are running rampant especially with older kids. right now although it is still early in all of. and no school for tomorrow. that could change. we want you to. as we hear from original districts each one. you can always keep tabs on any new developments on our website at and all of our apps. one thing has already changed bucs game. it was supposed to be thursday night, but nfl and bucs change it had to tonight. the kick off is at 8 o'clock. they are taking on washington. it's last preseason game. bucs regular season starts sunday. september 11th against the falcons in atlanta. and you know wee not alone
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there's another one churning in atlantic and it's expected to dump a lot of rain and some wind on north carolina's outer banks. and those winds are kicking up the surf too. but nothing unusual for thee barrier islands ruin's last day of summer vacation though for all of those tourists when you away from your tv you can track td9 what called right now tropics with fox 13 mobile app. you can watch fox 13 newscast live also have an interactive radar at your fingertips download app for free and on your apple android devices. you can go to as well. and the other big news story today, rather sad for those of us left behind and for community opinion but it's going to be celebration of a life. and what life he had. monsignor higgins funeral is 11:30 this morning. alcides is at st. lawrence catholic church. good morning. hey good morning to you russel and laura it a celebration of life because monsignor higgins he had an incredible life. impact sod many people.
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st. lawrence parish. you can see, actually there was line waiting to get in church that line is no longer there. that's typical for live shot. there were people waiting but folks are actually in church now. i just officially opened less than minute ago. the sdeps of folks that were waiting to get inside are now inside and waiting for funeral to begin at 11:30 this morning they are more than two hours early for this that is because folks that allowed in church it's vip reserve seating had to go online to ask for a ticket. only two were allowed. but, once you get in there and you have a ticket first come first serve a lot of folks wanted to get here as early as possible. folks will be park al lopez park and taking a shuttle here. they actually have six large busses taking folks from al lopez park to st. lawrence parish with that said the park is closed until 4 o'clock. i'm hearing a lot of people are
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and they are being turned away. so again the park is closed. you know saint lawrence is no the very big church 800 seats inside. you can see their tents outside also additional seating inside of higgins hall. there will actually be streaming video from the mass to higgins hall for an additional 1100 seats are located. overall they are expecting about 2,000 people. of course all of that will depend on the weather. you know, monsignor higgins age of 29 he was sent to tampa asked to build a parish in tampa on about 20 acres. he did exactly that. he built an incredible church here. with st. lawrence. also played a factor in opening several other churches here in tampa. epiphany in carnation, st. paul he played such a role. so many different avenues. not even within the church, but outside the church as well.
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will whether it be crisis center tampa bay. whether it be judeo christian clinic so many different nonprofits that he played a factor in. no doubt he will be missed. but as bishop lynch he said it well not too long ago, that his work here on earth is done. he is home with his maker and again his celebration of life will be this morning a 11:30 a.m. then the procession will go to the garden of memories that is about seven miles away. and law enforcement they have a lot of work ahead. because they are expecting about 500 cars to take part in procession. so i imagine that will take kwoo it some time for more information go to our website, we have all the information there you can also follow me on social media a segui fox 13 or facebook as well. but again tampa icon man who has done so much. we celebrate his life today. because he had such an impact on so many people here in bay area. back to you. >> he did. all right, alcides, thank you. coming up next, we're going to get another update on the
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morning charley with former big leaguer creating the next generation. hello charley. couple big leaguers. i tell you what mike alstott a great football player. great high school football coach and great friend. when toby hall asked him to come in and do this, mike said all right. all right. i'll do it. can we turn mike alstott into a catcher? can we toby? >> it's going to happen. september call ups are coming. we never know. let's see.
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a couple of f-w- welcome back everybody it's 9:16. couple fwc interns reeled in this in northeast florida. it's called an alligator gar. as you can see, it's a fish. but it's got that big alligator-like head filled with two rows sharp teeth they can breathe both in water and air. the yellow river. two ffwc interns were studying al gart gar there they were hoping to catch big one. new research for day they caught this 100 pounder. alligator gars protected only scientist are allowed to catch them. they are nasty, scary looking creatures. >> looks prehistoric. doesn't it? it does. we've talking about this i want to ask you question.
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tropical storm, does i mean not even worried about how slowly it moving does it pick up speed? i think it will start toic. forward speed tonight. later tonight then start to make that northeasterly turn. >> the forecast hasn't changed much. just you get concerned when you start to see the clouds really starting to build. i think it's a tropical storm already. n hurricane center will wait i think until they get plane in there later to say that. but we are beginning see storm strengthen which by way i want you to freak out on me. but, biggest impact we're going to have is rainfall. i mean you can so look at all of this rain. pinellas county by way that flood advisory has been extended until 11:00 this morning they've under flood advisory for hours it seems like as wave after wave of heavy rainfall comes in. now for the rest of us in hillsborough and pasco county mostly light few heavier downpours we've seen upwards of
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pinellas county. thus far. now how going south to north and south so north. ever so slowly you will see some bands start to work their way on shore. i'm going around to show you some heaviest rain bay port we've walk moderate downpours continue. we've also seen some heavier rain move through longboat key. bradenton, guess what sunshine skyway. another round of heavy rain for you in just past six hours. look, look at all yellows 4, 5 even 6.3 right at the beach. south of clearwater. that's how much rain has come down in pinellas county. but you're talking about a storm which is hundreds of miles away. look at this visible satellite picture. now we can only use this when the sun is up. but this we'll show you exactly where the center of tropical depression 9 is. there it is. their your center of the storm. looks like it obviously is
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morning. the clouds are expanding. getting some out flow. here's tampa as reference. there is the center of the tropical depression. the plane is on its way out there. i think once it gets out there it finds tropical storm force winds you have a yourself a named storm. you can see clouds expanding. now we're on eastern side of this storm. so as it slowly drifts north and then turns, like russell and i just talked about to the northeast, you're going to take all of this moisture, and you're going that's why i'm really concerned about the rainfall. here current wind speeds out here buy buoy 42003. should name them. anyway, 29 mile per hour winds around this over clearwater beach. 18 mile per hour winds. you've got winds gusting how about this, 36 miles per hour. that's highest wind gusts i've seen off this buoy this morning. a sign that it's starting to strengthen.
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toward the north at about two miles per hour. what we need this to do now that it made this turn, start to pick up your forward speed. because the longer it sits out over the gulf, more an of a chance it's going to have to strengthen. it forecast to become a strong tropical storm. this apalachicola. and somewhere between those two land fall late in the day tomorrow. remember eastern side of storm. wetter side, we're going to have to deal with that moisture pulled up from gulf of mexico. straight through our state. so obviously numerous watch and warnings out first from the anclote river. let's say pasco county northward into indian pass. you've got a tropical storm warning. plus, a hurricane watch. just in case it was to get a little bit stronger. so they've got watch out for the hurricane and then of course tropical storm warning. meaning within 36 hours, 39 mile
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flood watch, from 2 o'clock today right through friday for entire coast. not just the counties under a tropical storm warning but it does include pinellas, hillsborough, manatee and sarasota. >> they could easily see flooding here which we're already beginning see in opinions county a rain falls. one other thing. which we don't think about a lot, but, north and east of where center of system moves, sometimes you will see tornadoes. so there is a marginal risk for severe storms today in this area shaded in green. that includes just about our entire viewing area. so don't be surprised if you're not pin wheeling a few storms through here later this afternoon. tomorrow, that focus will go a little bit further, that shift will be a little bit further toward the north. so let me just summarize it for you threat high winds medium to high further north you go. higher winds are going to be. flooding, with all the heavy
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and that low to moderate tornado risk as well. although a. lot more you can check on, breezy with periods of rain today. we're looking a at this system impacting our area all the way through until late tomorrow night even early on friday morning by late in day on friday, we'll start the drying out process. when i say drying out, meaning the persistent rains. we will get back to more normal pattern for this holiday weekend. vanessa. all right, thank you, dave. we'll talk about concerns and areas where we're seeing really impacted by the rains that we're getting. of course still dealing with blockage the off ramp, 275, pinellas county at 54 avenue south. both northbound and southbound exit ramps still affected. continue to avoid those areas. as we mentioned in last report standing water reported at clearwater beach roundabout, specifically affecting area near corp no ncaa do drive it looks like they will out there directing traffic cones on scene
9:23 am
view boulevard traffic being rerouted off gulf view on to bayway due to high water. >> to tampa, standing water reported hanna avenue west of 22nd street. we have lanes blocked here. also, in tampa. south tampa to be specific. east of west shore boulevard we have lane block an here as well. so, just a reminder please do not drive through any standing
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good day tampa bay i'm charley
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tbc baseball performance center. former tampa bay ray toby hall has attached his name chris business partner right back there firefighter, wonderful member of community himself. you guys have come together to create this baseball training center really, right? >> yep. and you got the kids here, you're training kids and little league teams. anybody that wants help. also the adults like, former tampa bay buccaneer great mike alstott who happens to be our pal that we begged him to show up here and he did. yeah looks pretty good as catcher. >> he wasn't begging? >> yeah. having fun. that's what it's all about here. i like it good. let's go. how do you start? . we're going to get down here, basically, we want to learn how to receive, catch the ball we're not framing doing all of this stuff. try to catch the ball in center of your body. we're trying to steal strikes.
9:27 am
all in dirt you say steal strikes what do you mean? we're trying to get strikes that are on outs of plate. you squeeze them in real quick. we receive with our body. so away we want to shift he's going to do crab walks right now. you're going to go side to side. middle in. you're going to go down but five, ten yards. you know what that is. look at that 40's still got it. there you go. >> so if all of sudden he had to go down and block he's ready. >> i mean, incredible got to have knees are your knees >> knees are okay >> my shoulders that's only thing shot. but still going good. >> one morissette of that. then we will actually. we've got an about a minute left. i think he's ready. come on back. here you go. >> look at that he's ready. look at that. go this way? yeah now you're going to catch some. all right. all right.
9:28 am
pitching machine. there you go. there you go. and get up there normal stance though. receive, receive, receive it, side to side. there you go. you want to catch it m the middle of your body. oh heads up charley. i'm the batter. hold on. there we go. come on in. finally very nice. what what, what's he trying to do now? just trying to catch in center of his body. >> there you go. look at that. we're going to do foot work and throwing people out later but that will be off segment. he's stealing second. he's out. he's out. well done. looking good. well done. >> oh yeah. that would have been live. >> all right. good job, buddy. thank you, guys. good job. thanks for coming in mike. thank you. good times. there we go. i it will you two of the best guys you will ever meet in your life right there so glad to keep
9:29 am
laura tbc baseball performance center. we will put all information at and whatever the weather gets indoor facility. even with this rainy weather you can get in here and get a work out. >> you always bring sunshine. bravo mike alstott too by the way. alstott can do anything. >> yes he can. all right charley, thank you. watch out tim tebow. >> who se pro ballers can't play baseball vanessa is cooking dinner time favorite in this week's good day gourmet. dave is tracking stormy weather
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((/laura//2sh)) welcome
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track of the storm. and welcome back to good day tampa bay. we've got good news about the track of this storm. it jogged farther north, but, let's not act like we're out of the woods on this yet. rain all morning long. and it's not going to let up for a while, is it, dave? you know, that's the problem. lot of people don't understand about tropical systems, especially depression and storms. as they are developing too. you've got tons and tons of moisture. you're going to storm hundreds of miles away, and we already have some pinellas county where flood advisory continues until 11 o'clock. at least 11 o'clock this morning. it's been one wave after wave of heavy rain. gulf boulevard has got to be soaked too. clearwater all the way south. because all rain that they've seen. in middle of county. we continue to have ponding on roadways several inches have come down three to 6 inches of rain right along pinellas county coast. it's steady but light as you go
9:33 am
through bay port. looks like a little bit of lightning near bay port as well. >> lighter rains as you go a little bit further inland for now. and then, right over the sunshine skyway. i mean the whole bridge unundated with third or fourth rain with heavy rain. plus in downtown bradenton i ever got very heavy rain for you. you can notice the circulation emergency moving south to north. and that's the direction that we expect everything to come in from today. >>nd boy, this, cloud mass has just expanded overnight. i mean it really has. i mean still in the western side. and by the way the center is right here. you can see it with visible satellite. you see the spin in the clouds. the western side obviously does not look like the eastern side. so it's still developing. but i think it is strengthening as we're beginning see even theeing bands of clouds try to wrap around this.
9:34 am
sheer for now. so this isn't developing this is strengthening system. how much? we'll know when plane gets out there in next couple of hours. i think, today, ask at 11 o'clock, if they don't upgrade it by then, they would as soon a plane gets out there in general. really just me appearedering drifting if anything. now slowly beginning move north. realliomy like two miles per hour. we're far away from the center. yet all of this rain is being pulled on shore. with convergence along the coastline. this heavy rain. that we have this morning. so in earnest you will start to see storm turn to north. then eventually turn toward the northeast. all computer models are saying that. so, really, nothing has changed much from last night except the watch which was a hurricane watch. that's still there. but now we've a tropical storm warning from pasco county north. so, hurricane watch, tropical storm warning from pasco county
9:35 am
hours, i'm thinking more tomorrow, you can experience or you will experience tropical storm force winds. 39 miles per hour or dpraert. a flood watch has been put in for all of offer coastal counties. so even though you're not in tropical storm warning pinellas, hillsborough, manatee, sarasota, flooding is still probably the main issue for these coastal counties right through friday and yes the potential for isolated tornadoes especially as that storm starts to tur northeast. bring some of the spiral bands through the state. a few of those could produce isolated tornadoes. >> tropical depression 9 as of 8 o'clock this morning moving north at 2. 35 mile per hour sustained winds. but i've seen since i've come in this morning to now, i've seen the cloud mass just boom, just explode. and that's something that typically happens when you drop the wind sheer.
9:36 am
with 85-degree water temperatures. there's nothing to stop it from intensifying. was we need is for it to turn and start that forward movement. because that would give it less of a chance to organize. before it hits the coast. but the forecast from here to apalachicola steen happy, those areas for somewhere to land fall between that spot. inner that they will probably have a seas or you know storm surge there two, three, maybe 4 feet where you see foot or two down around tampa area. that's why i'm telling you at least at this point, heavy factor. goes all way to panama city now with hurricane watch in effect for areas as well. and your flood watch from 2 o'clock through friday. once more the marginal risk for severe weather that we have that pretty much includes anybody even though polk county hardee county not getting a ton of rainfall this morning, especially with some sunshine, maybe a mixing in of that today you may get a couple stronger storms for later this afternoon.
9:37 am
periods of rain going on today and going on tonight then tomorrow as well. the difference tomorrow is as storm moves closer it will get windier especially in counts to the north. pasco, hernando citrus under tropical storm warnings. by friday, all pushing out, it's gone. then holiday weekend comes we return to normal. get rain chances to drop back to about 50 percent for sunday, 40 percent for monday and a little bit we'll come back with radar update, vanessa. all right, thank you, dave. >> 9:37. and we want to get a check on our majors the congestion, finally starting to lift noticeably here. we have live look in area of fowler 275. looks quite a bit clear here in southbound direction. we're finally out of the red zone here unfortunately dealing with moderate congestion where typically this time of more than we'd be in green 25 minutes 75 to i-four westbound coming into interchange seven minutes from
9:38 am
northbound selman to i-4. that should take you just about nine minutes recap of standing water reports clearwater beach, the roundabout at coronado drive traffic being reroud gulf view bayway. out of tampa, hanna, west of 22nd aseeley east of west shore boulevard. then we have that, standing water report on vaughn road largo. don't forget to avoid exit ramp still opinions county drivers 75 southbound northboun 54th avenue south still a lot of flooding in that area. we've got first birthdays for you on a soggy wednesday. happy birthday to a rea she lost bath time and kisses her family says sheest their princess. happy first birthday to he lee. i loves playing with ninja turtle and chicken mcmuths and he cannot wait to play with his little brother that due in october. happy first birth today to ayman
9:39 am
with pomeranian. happy birthday to camden he loves playing with trucks and blocks he loves to eat. happy first birthday to all oof. i'm glad we took time out storm coverage to do that. yes. all right. this is other news today besides storm. coming up in few minutes sears is doing something it has not done in years. it could be a good sign for the economy. as we wait for the rain to stop, it's time to go gourmet. vanessa, she's walking away from the traffic for just a few food. listen to this, cheesy ranch mashed potatoes.
9:40 am
the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. we're back here in kitchen for another good gay gourmet recipe. today i will show you good to soed dishes homemade mashed potatoes so many different ingredients so far my favorite
9:43 am
let's get started. i'm using medium red potatoes. quarter them. cover with water and then bring to a boil. >> let these cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. until they are super soft and fork tender. then you will drain the water carefully. place the potatoes back in the pot add to some add flavors we will start with couple table spoons of butter. now let's add some sour cream. half and black pepper. mash it up with a potato matcher until consistency that you like. this smells awesome. we're in the quite done yet. i will finish up with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese and fresh dill. to give this a final mix. let that cheese melt. i think these are ready to serve. all right here it is i just
9:44 am
with a little extra pat of butter. and a garnish of fresh dill on top. smells awesome i think it tastes just as good as it smells. >> yum. >> this is a perfect day for something like this. stay at the house. and just eat cheesy ranch mashed potatoes. all day long. >> oh my dposh. >> i just i've enjoying the breather i'm getting actually. this more than. we have thin crowd people are busy. dave's busy but we get to still do it. yes we'll take it to him. yeah he's a little bit busy. all right. here comes jen. is jen coming? oh they are good. texture is good. cody boz wants some.
9:45 am
birthday birthday segment instead. only you can turn smething like this into something exquisite. seriously. this like fine food i was too simple of a dish but it's like a good go to dish, i had dish at our house. ranch. dill, you know. it's the dill. dill is what sets it apart. like an extra bump of that ranch happy birthday sorry little man. we were having a birthday party for you today. we didn't get to it. okay. we got to take a break. we've got much more weather to talk about much more traffic to put it down.
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there has been a ton of rain this morning. that water is now making it's way all right. there has be a ton of rain this morning. all that water is now making its way into people's homes. and we're getting word that are yous working apartment units at the autumn chase apartments. this is in largo. we've heard about a lot of water in largo area this morning. let's get to walter now to tell how it's looking out there. hey. russell good morning to you. yeah, i mean let me just show you a little bit of waiterlot of water is what this the apartment looks like right here. not just the amount of water but speed in which it is moving through the complex. and moving right right through courtyard center portion of this
9:49 am
some evacuations. so let's talk to the chief here dean chester. let's talk about how many people rescued what's like out here? >> probably initially, rescued about 4 then we've got a phone or got a call from one of other engines to come out and said area was pretty bad. and by time we got out here, most everybody evacuated themselves but we ended up probably getting about 5 or six other people out of here as well. >> and now? some of them are club house. and some of them have left in their own private vehicle. mainly we had to get him out of this area because it was filling up with the water. we are just north of ulmerton on gladys if i'm not mistake in. was was your reaction very surprised seeing how much water, how much water this was and amount of it was. as well as speed that's wassing going through here. the rest of the battalion kind of moving around.
9:50 am
will check rest complex and make sure everybody else was okay and there's not other apartments filling up with water. not just apartment steve if you could pan over, slowly, this water is rushing into a house that is on the other side of the fence. so, your job doesn't end here. >> correct. another crew that's heading over there in direction now. and making sure that everybody's okay. and that particular house. my final question is what can people do it stay safe? because this is just the beginning of it. >> should do is stay out of this. because you see the force that's running through here. people get knocked down and get carried away. obviously you want to drive vor vehicle into high standing water or anything like that. if you do have an apartment that's filling up as well. go ahead and kill the power in there. >> good advice i appreciate it. stay safe. thank you. >> so as you guys can stay we'll out here and bring you very
9:51 am
out of this flooding in this apartment complex, russell. laura. >> all right walter. somethings else since i saw fire truck move through there reminded me of something. if you have high vehicle that handles water well. and you're driving down the streets don't drive down the street fast. because you're making wakes and is the other vehicle that just messes things up. so please be careful out there. slow. easy does it on morning like
9:52 am
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and for every connection we have the opportunity to make a friend. ? for that... we thank you. ? it's 9:55 and there's a lot of weather out there. ((russell)) rain and lots of all right just about 5 minutes away from top the hour there's a lot of weather out there rain and lots of it. dave was teleus earlier parts ever pinellas has gotten six inches of rain this morning. kind of stuff that causes flash
9:55 am
threatening. dave we'll get straight over to you. >> no indeed we have all that rain and more rain is just pouring into pinellas county. you know, in forecast as we call for periods of rain, this is what we're talking about. is heavy are then has lightened up. but problem is you're getting too much in one particular county that's what's cause's flooding flood advisories continue for pinellas until at least. and an i'll show alatest radar some heavy bands of rain off shore. then further south, down into pinellas park. down into reddington beach here come heavy rain. that is moving south to north. a little further north, along 19,ths raining. it's light but steady. hudson spring hill all way up through weeki wachee. there's that heavy rain moving into pinellas park again. like their fourth round of heavy rain. guess what a little little band of rain from bradenton anna maria island. that's going to move back over
9:56 am
now you're still talking about a storm, hundreds of miles away. here's the center by the way tropical depression number 9 easy to pick out here with visible satellite. plane is en route. once it gets out there, i think you'll upgrade this to tropical storm. it looks like tropical storm. compared to what it was doing yesterday. but the particulars as of 8 o'clock this morning, winds of about 35 miles per hour. drifting north at 2. to start to pick up a bit. we need it to pick up a bit. then eventually the forward path brings it northeast ward. so yeah, while technically we're not in the cone, we already have flooding in pinellas county. so that's why i want you to realize that rainfall from tampa south will be the big issue. now as you go further north we're under tropical storm warning from pasco county all the way around to panama city. also this area under a hurricane watch.
9:57 am
coastline is dealing with this flood watch which goes from levy all way down through sarasota from 2 o'clock through friday, for very latest on this another update coming up 11:00. and jim weber will have at very, very latest coming up on fox 13 news at noon. but again, just a lot of rain to get through over the next couple of days. be safe out there. roads are very wet. and we will see you back here in couple hours on fox 13 news at noon. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect
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announcer: it's "live with kelly." today we've got actor bryan cranston and ghostbuster star leslie jones. plus from "unreal," actress constance zimmer. and carrie ann inaba is our co-host. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now here are kelly ripa and carrie ann inaba. audience: [cheering] women: [singing indistinctly] kelly: hello, everyone! i love it. this is awesome.


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