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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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by punta gordat is moving north. we had 5 to 10 inches of rain in pinellas and maybe another 10 to 15 to go between now and friday. this is a lot more to come and rain moving in we saw some spins here. northeast quadrants could you have a tornado at any time tonight and tomorrow and friday is a rain fall totals this is going back to last night and you are talking 3 to 4 around the immediate bay area but in pinellas with widespread street flooding. generally 7 to 9 inches of rain. as i said we're not even close, close to being done yet there is more rain lurking to the south and the southwest, for that reason we have a warning up and
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it is not including our inland counties at all. an additional rain fall another 5 to 10, 4 to 6 lesser amounts as you headin land. this is a situation where this evening you know i don't recommend driving, you don't want to deal with the standing water. there is a lot of standing water, a good night to stay inside. the satellite and it organized today. can you see the features here the development of one a break in the overcast. better to sign with the outflow on the quadrants. as it moves not a perfect circle. not the best defined storm i have seen but models do indicate
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will approach the folks up in tallahassee, you have kids that go to fsu think are hurricane kate that knocked out power in 90% of tallahassee. it will not be another one but like it in. and computer models show the storm ting a accelerating northeast. it will not be where it hangs around it will move along. we're not expecting hurricane
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if you have that tropical storm warning in effect as well. anclote to indian pass. two high tides the one midafternoon tomorrow and the one tomorrow night double times with surge. similar to tropical storm collin. higher storm surges in citrus. if you're watching us and the river as the storm passes well to the area. more we can talk about. and that's coming up at 520. >> manatee, hernando they will be lowed and citrus and pasco. if you missed those.
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huge tree fell on a house in tampa. this on 13th street north. and the family hanging out in her bedroom when they heard a noise and a massive limb from a tree came crashing through the roof. >> it felt like an earthquake. it holy holy name hit my 5-yeard daughter i had to move shield her. >> look at that tree. it is not a surprise it has happened before. last year a limb from the tree went through her bathroom and another limb crashed through her neighbor's roof. >> wow. we have crews all over the area and kellie cowan, lloyd sowers they're in pinellas t is wet everywhere. let's start with kelly in largo and all day long they have been
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the wind is picking upment we're at indian rocks beach. we have surf coming in and the water levels are rising all around here we see cones and other barriers set up on several streets near the beaches because of flooded out roads and other traffic hazards. the barrier islands are not the only ones with some road hazards now. , before she earned her name she was causing problems. drivers on the 275 off ramp to 54th street south were caught off guard in the early morning hours. this had to be towed after it stalled out and water started pouring in. >> this is the first time. i have been here all my life i have never been stuck in water. >> near the largo golf course
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water built up in the roadway. >> driving through was crazy this morning. we had a car accident on the corner it woke me up the cars were crashing, i thought -- lightning, flooding, it has been crazy though. >> those who stayed off the roads could not avoid the headaches. six families in the apartment complex had to be evacuated when the water rushed through the parking lot and into the units. cars left in low areas risk >> if they're parked in the lower level area, they're being moved or you know let them know there is a possibility of something happening. >> the pinellas county emergency officials said low lying areas will flood but many neighbors are bracing for flooding all the same. >> i have sandbags in front of the driveway and in front of the back door.
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area putonning up at all of the entrances as well. as you mentioned pinellas county schools are closed for tomorrow. >> that one apartment complex a raging river amazing to see. >> thank you very much. in st. pete all the rain raised concerns over the sewer system. lastjune it overflowed and pump the gallons into the bay. and lloyd sowers joins from us downtown st. lloyd, will they do that again? >> reporter: the the mayor hopes not but he cannot guarantee they will not have to do that. the mayor said, look, he and a lot of others are surprised by the rain so soon from the weather system. take a look at the video. we have been all over the area looking at st. pete and just had streets inundated and the flooding overloads the sewer
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we're watching the sewer plant and this one they reinforced they pupped the -- upped the capacity. the storm is going to put it to the test. it gives us three million gallons of capacity that we would not have had but you know given how much rain there is, i am not going to make any promises we will not be in a position where we're having to >> notice the mayor called at this time a rain water mix. it's not straight raw sewage but rain water if they have to do it they have to liver with the results and an emergency permit they have in situations like this. there is a lot of flooding here and all through pinellas and the sewers will be watched tonight. we'll watch this here and get here if there are any changes.
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doing laundry and showering. >> and pasco county it is watch and wait there. flooding again the concern it is there. many areas flood so easily that's the same remembers to watch. and and how is that. >> and the residents here and it looks good but where we're seeing the water collect in ditches and the side of the it is ankle deep around standing a couple of inches here but officials say that this is just the beginning. let's give you video that we shot today. can you see the water splashing up alongside the suv. we're not looking at anything unpassable but the management officials are monitoring the anclote river. that means that it should be at
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people are listening to the warnings from officials, lines to get bags reached two hours in some places. they are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and people were making plans for when the waters were going to rise. >> if it starts i'll go to my daughter's or granddaughter's i'm hoping it will not flood. water was the gator they found doing flood checks another reminder to never swim in the flood waters. they are urging people to be on the safe side and evacuate if the waters get high so they tonight have to rescue you. they have many resources available on our web site. they are telling people to use social immediate were to report
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things are picking up, we hope we don't see any rescued. evan lambert, thank you. >> for information on closings, sandbags, everything is on and we'll be keeping you posted on facebook and twitter. we would like to share your weather pictures of hermine. post them when do you use fox 13 hash tag we may put them on the air. next, ready to and crews on stand by getting the juice on. >> we have an an amazing medical story. two babies born conjoined at the heart. a rare surgery they had and how they are doing now. >> sky tower radar and rain continues. look at that to come. this is just starting t is a good night to watch tv.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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e he was goodbye to mongisnor higgins, he did good for the congregation and beyond the church's walls. anjuli davis has more on the legacy he left behind as a legend. >> he knew how to captivate a crowd and drive home the message of faith and family. >> it was like he was calling news a huddle he would speak directly, passionately and not
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huddle with let's do it. >> the mongisnor higgins passed away at age 87. and wednesday more than 1000 packed into the church he built when he arrived in tampa at the age of 29. back then he was given the task of turning a cow pasture into a parish. his personality made the mission a success. he had charm, chairis ma and the looks, a tnk combined with a grin, he stayed on at as the pastor for 49 years. but his service wend beyond the pulpit. he was a friend and some of the biggest names and former bucs head coach tony dungy. >> you may want to give the ball to the young fine boy. he is a fine boy. i remember thinking is he
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boy or we have a better chance to win. >> laughs aside he said his heart was was in helping. he was involved in a number of charities. >> all those places that he was there, he was there gladly. and he was there reaching out and being that person who was the lord >> he will be remembered for deeds not for your life span. >> anjuli davis fox 13 news. he was laid to rest today at the garden of memories cemetery seven miles away from his parish. the power crews are getting ready for whatever comes our way. and they are staged at and ready
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plan ready to roll out if need be. about 180 workers from the southeast are here if they need backup. now, your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto. >> the winds will pick up but we'll not see any more wind than we had during collin back in june. and the biggest impact is going to be t we have picked up 10 inches. between now and friday the coats, this is for the week. the rain is building and expanding. we're in the sweet spot of moisture where we're well east of the center but there is a
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our way. this is solid. this is not a light. can you get point a to b. and i don't think so. i think there is the flash of lightning. in the systems you get more rain temperatures and the rain is down for the viewers in sarasota county. as you trek inland the rain fall across inland. a lot of messages from highlands you will have squalls.
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here is sky tower our radar can you see the storms in the case don't get high. during the systems you don't get a lot of elevations that's not like storms when they go up in the sky. and this is mostly rain coming up and a lot more of the way. 10 inches and now 2.8. and 7 inches and a flood watches and warnings continue along the coastal counties t is simple low pressure west of us. and 5 to 10.
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>> it is elongated t is not going to intensify but the models indicate intensification and the time it makes landfall that would be fsu 87.4 top winds. and move northeast. and it will accelerate. and near the intensity.
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a northeast motion. and and i don't think that is going to happen and occasional rain. and bands and the wind speeds 35 with squal we're in a train of moisture. and you don't want to be boating 9 to 11 feet. the day water is rough. and labor day weekend will not be a wash out it may be problematic in the northeast but for us back to 90 by sunday with some afternoon storms.
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>> and caught on camera in broad daylight a woman setting fire to a car. what is being done to find her
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clearwater police are
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police are looking for a woman who torched a car at 7:00 on sunday on little john trail and investigators say she then took off on a bike. here is a video. she just fanning the flames in the car's trunk. and matter of fact about it. if anyone knows who she is, give them a call. >> there is another list that is contractors, not need them. >> and some advice to save on the repairs, we're all crossing our fingers, you would wait until you had a problem to make them and in this case you don't want to do that. having a list of people that you just ahead of time can keep if you are being price gouged or scammed. you want to get recommendations now so you don't hire the first
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license and credentials worker's comp insurance and written manufacturer and labor warranties. >> that's a lot; know you that ask for it it, people are trying to get ready for it, we make the lists we want to say we're going to get to it but we are caught. surprised when something happens. if they don't want to hire a contractor after done, you know here are precautions that can you take at this point. there are things to look out for. be careful and fliers offering insurance compensation and repairs. talk how to proceed. don't be rushed.
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or the ab office you should be able to change your mind. when it comes out to scammers it is reported that some pretend to be safety investigators or even utility workers they say that immediate work is required. and fema inspector, they do not ask to be paid to do any inspection or line up any repairs. >> so you need to be careful about that. >> and hotline. if you feel like there is something amiss after the fact. 866-9-noscam. >> easy thing if you are not brighting it down. >> hope we don't need to take that. >> we hope. >> all right. donald trump make as trip to mexico. the meeting with the president that's ahead. what it may reveal about the immigration speech tonight.
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at radar. 10-niches -- 10 inches. more to come. paul says maybe 2 feet for some of us bid end of the week. we need to be prepared.
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? you and me.
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hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ? helping you connect to what matters most.
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all the rain is causing well all the rain is causing high water and flooding in areas of the bay area. this here is kings manor estates park and largo. this happen as lot to them. and many of the homes and cars that you can see surrounded by water and kids they just cannot resist. they're out playing in it. that's not recommended. it is >> it is coming down. it is a very wet evening and rain generally along the coast line. it is building as the bands come up from the south and the southwest it is ending to the south of us and the rain kind of redevelopments in the spot. the water in the atmosphere now it is about as high as it can
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this evening. steady rain through all of hillsborough county and obviously the yellow and red it is down to bradenton and sarasota. not as much and there is a break down by fort myers and pun da gorda. it could filter in for a time. inverness and raining in brooksville. inland scattered showers right now storms near sebring and rain fall totals h incredible. this is just from today. 5 to 10 in pinellas and lesser amounts as you head to the east. the storm is getting strung out not perfect so i think intensification will be slow and the problem is they show hermine near hurricane intensity as it approaches the panhandle.
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i had so many messages because it is slowing down. turn our way, i remember charlie. and move our way. it is not. it is going to be picked up by a trough and accelerate. it will be over 300 miles, 200 miles west of us. we'll be on the wet side. gusty winds will be heavy rain and some squalls tomorrow with a gust and be watching for the possibility of storm surge flooding. we'll talk about that at 5:45. >> we'll check in with you. >> here is a reminder of the closings. hillsborough, manatee. hernando. all closed tomorrow along with citrus. pasco county if you missed any of those we will poverty them on as we get them. >> and hermine will make
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>> and what are the conditions like there? >> probably not as wet yet. >> i can tell you it is a beautiful day here in panama city beach. there is rain and a few drops. and nothing you can see they are enjoying it and taking advantage, people laying out. going swimming and the pier here to go the flag that we're dealing with. and hazards and moderate surf right now. the governor stopped by the emergency operation center and an hour and a half ago for a briefing of the service chief said they could do not plan an activation of the eoc and they are monitoring hermine.
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battery, bags stuffed and here in panama city beach. i spoke with a few people who are taking the storm lightly and wait a little bit longer before making plans. and meteorologists say we should have showers tonight and we can see the heavier rains developing tomorrow morning especially before lunch, we can be seeing the winds in excess 560 miles per hour by tomorrow night. >> and thank you very donald trump went to mexico. flew there to meet with the president of mexico. the president asking for that meeting. and issued the invitation and how many don't care for trump because of his statements on immigrants sending in rapists. they can work together and enjoy happiness with goals. >> ending illegal immigration not just between the countries
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immigration and migration. >> and trump and the president say the boarder between the countries must be solid to stop the illegal movement of drugs and weapons. >> time to bring in our editor craig patrick. what are you making of this flying down to mexico. did he gain anything. >> and he is trying to look presidential. that's what it comes down to. he is trying to project country and stand together and work on common goals it takes tough talk to get the attention of other countries as reagan did with the soviet union before he struck a cord with gorbachev. i would not be surprised to draw that correlation.
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these is a precursor to what he will say in arizona later tonight in terms of explaining his policy and why he is backed away from the premise of wants to work in a order of priority. if they pay back taxes. that is going to be the biggest challenge of his campaign. >> so trump was asked, did you talk about the wall. they did not talk about who pays for it. that why did he say he didn't talk about costs. >> if you say are you going to pay for this. and a time for this later. this is an opening step he
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corner stone. and you don't bring it up. it is one of the challenges that he faces but he had no choice. he was taking a gamble going to mexico. i don't think he wanted to do anything to have it collapse and have the talks break down and have nowhere to go. >> trump's run running mate. mike pence made a stop in sarasota today. >> thank you, craig, 300 people midit out through the rain. he touched on saying when he speaks in arizona they will hear him talk about security and plan for the the wall. he makes that speech in arizona. baby girls born joined at the heart. the rare surgery they had and
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conjoined twins connected at the ?heart are conjoined twins connected at the heart are separated. the rare surgery took place here in florida at the children's hospital. the girls have been through a lot it sounds like, they have when you look at the babies they were born in april. they went in for an ultrasound to see if they were going to have a boy or girl. they found out not only were they having two but they were conjoined, it was a complex and
5:42 pm
and they were and terminate the pregnancy. there were problems. >> they went to the hospital and spoke with the doctors there. they have opinions. and listen to with what the dad had to say. >> and three doctors we were elated. let's look at it this way there is hope we want to go forward. >> they did. they have been recovering. this very undergone a dozen surgeries each but you see them
5:43 pm
home next week. >> that's amazing. and what was the biggest challenge for the doctors. that's why they were told that chance of surviving. maybe not even being born and surviving after that >> and they were then print out the heart and blood vessels. one of the babies had a -- had a reversal of her heart arguery that's another complications and hole in the heart. they were attached at the top and they had a liver that was joined together. very complex. and they had to do that during
5:44 pm
they would separate the liver. >> and and i hope are you a sweet under a shelter or something. >> and in the hall of fame club here. can you see they started pulling the tarp off. -here rain ory to play football and final pre-season game for the bucs taking on the redskins
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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now your forecast with paul dellegatto. and models show a break in the rain later tonight and but for now we have a ways to go. there is rain still over the gulf and a lot of that is moving northeast over the bay area. and inland this is going to be the trend i think and all the way into friday with the rain near the coast and shifting north and goes in that direction. a lot of you are thinking about going to the bucs game tonight.
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the team. redskins are here. the game will be played. and it is not a great set up. the final pre-season game if you want to go check out the game be prepared for maybe a tough ride with areas of rain heavy throughout the evening. north and east. and a few and squalls, nothing dramatic. it is wet and there is widespread street flooding underway in pinellas and lesser amounts of rain. the models do indicate a break in the rain in a few hours and probably more rain arriving as the storm starts to parallel and get closer to the state. 10 inches.
5:49 pm
and i'm concerned with the line from the yucatan channel all the way around the center of the storm. this is on the east side. and watching this band. that t that gets over us, we can easily peck up another 5 to 10. that's the concern to be watching radar tomorrow and later tonight to see where this band goes it could miss us and come on shore. tough to be exact on that. can you see the weather is all on the east there is nothing on the west side. 1004 milli bars. 45 and picking up speed. moving east northeast. confident about the track. i don't think anything whacky will happen. going up to tallahassee where they near hurricane force winds. they had a hurricane up there and hurricane kate kind of
5:50 pm
and warnings are up from the anclote river. and inside that line. there is a hurricane watch currently in effect. here midafternoon and another cycle comes up tomorrow night and tides are running about 1 to 3 feet above normal. that's what we had during collin and a south and southwest wind. it will cause flooding. the highest likelihood is there could be flooding and along the gulf where it is shallow up in the big bend area. tomorrow increasing wind. the wind will be a big problem. there will be squalls around near the coast.
5:51 pm
83. left over tropical moisture this weekend. that means more showers the question is. will they use the pirate ship tonight? >> that may be the way they get out. welcome out here a very soggy night of football the fourth and final pre-season game the bucs taking on the redskins. it is a steady downpour. look a the crew here at raymond james keeping this protected. the sidelines have been draining well it should be okay. a little concern they are pulling the tarp off. this very exposed the field. and hopefully too much water does not build up because injuries are always a concern when you have the weather like this. this will be important one that
5:52 pm
starters for the bucs or the redskins for that matter. the guys in danger of getting cut, this is the biggest game of of their career. and position with the wide receivers ten players competing for six spots. among the challengers jonathan krause. you have bernard reedy and kenny bell. there in the mix. they will keep four safetys, smith he is looking to make an impression and in the return game a dirk koetter says the guys are always analyzed at practice he wants to see it transfer over on the game field. >> there is a different level and we have different tempos and you play pre-season. some guys can make plays in practice. don't make plays in a game. >> and top to bottom whether
5:53 pm
put it together. there is a talented group in there. the guys here will be talented, he guys that don't get to be. regardless the talent level is phenomenal. up in boston the rays taking on the red sox the end of a three-game set. a road series win. let's go to fenway and 3-1 in the fourth. a deep shot over the bullpen. that's the first homerun since july 5th. and tampa bay down in the 8th when logan forsyth comes through here. single up the middle. and we're now tied at 6. >> but that would not be the end of the storm. and boston answering back.
5:54 pm
storing and bradley junior doubles. and scoring another run. boston takes the rubber match and the series 8-6 is the final. back here we wanted to be down on the field to experience the element so that you at home and in the studio could experience it through us. they made us hang out here in the mercedes benz facility, you look so >> yes embroidered leather backed seats.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now.
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and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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on wall street... the the dow dropped 53 points and the s&p lost 5 points. the 6:00 news is next. here are mark and kelly. >> we have a lot to update you closures as the storm hermine well it is cranked up. we have seen a lot of flooding and there are concerns and the systems not keeping up. and a judge in trouble for blurring the lines delivering
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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right now at six... tropical depression nine strengthens into tropical storm hermine... bringing heavy rains and flooding.... ((kelly--vo-)) drive themselves suddenly becoming victims of the storm... ((mark--vo-)) along the beach.. getting ready... lifguard towers are pulled closer to shore... along the beach. towers are pulled close to the shore. >> as the waters rise look at that the best way to get around is by paddle board and this is only the start. from tampa bay's number one news station this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening, everyone,
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>> i'm mark wilson. >> all the work of hermine. >> 2:00 this afternoon the storm was officially up graded to a storm. >> more rain and moving and high resolution and indicate a later, rain will get to the eastern side. and parallel the west coast. it is a wet night you get rain heavy this is all heading for pinellas county. can you see it developing in the gulf. rain near sarasota and in the county. we zoom in and watching us a dry


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