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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  August 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> we are following breaking news tonight a hospital in
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>> it is the first time wii done we've done a full-scale evacuation of a facility. >> as rain pour pours down, an electric outage and a storm prompt the evacuation of an entire hospital, in pay point. bay net. >> and streets are continuing to flood and rise with more than 10 inches of rain. >> the water is already halfway up the driveway. >> an aging sewer system continues to be a big concern.
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with overloaded treatment plants. >> good evening and welcome. i'm mark wilson. >> and i'm kelly ring, we are dealing with a lot of rain as we track tropical storm hermine. >> well, here we go. record rainfall in some of the bay area, in fact, sarasota had its wezzest august day on record, 7.2 inches of rain and it's still rains. and the inland counties through high lands are now getting their share of rain. bands of rain are moving your way from the southwest. we'll zoom in around tampa bay. mostly light rain in her hernano and all of pasco. the good news is the rain has diminished but there is more rain heading for sarasota and
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wauchula and avon park, and palm dale, and punta gorda, there is soupy tropical air heading our way. the rainfall amounts just incredible. ten plus in largo, and generally speaking in pinellas it was around 6 to 10 and about 7 in manatee county. that is incredible. the flood watch is still up generally along our coastal counties. not in effect across our inland counties and the satellite presentation of hermine is slowly improving. the storm is ea language gated from southeast to northwest, and the issue tomorrow is going be
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get to us. it may end up that today was the wettest day of this spell -- not that it's going to be dry tomorrow, but it's awfully tough to duplicate on back-to-back days. here is hermine, winds now up to 50, pressure 1001 and the motion is increasing in speed, north-northeast at 8. and the storm gets very close totaltota 2:00 a.m. and they may have big issues in power outages in the state capital sat friday night o saturday. we should be far enough removed and on the wet side but i don't expect there to be a lot of wind issues for us. i mean, you will know tomorrow that is tropical storm is going by. the winds will pick up from the south and the southwest during the sunday but not at speeds
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around the panhandle there is a tropical storm warning and a hurricane warning up, i do not expect hurricane force winds, and we have a high tide coming up midafternoon tomorrow and then various later on on friday morning. tides running about 1 to 3 feet abovenormal. and this is the heaviest right on the coast with the rain bands just aftershore, we'll have a lot more on hermine coming up at 10:20, i will see you then. >> sounds good, paul, and we want you to know about school closings for tomorrow. >> most schools in the bay area, pinellas, manatee, hernando, pasco and citrus and others have canceled classes for thursday and the usf campus will be
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closures running at the bottom of your screen, so you can take a look. >> the floodwaters are rising ahead of tropical storm hermine, and haley and crystal clark are covering the floods. >> but first evan, i understand there are emergency crews that evacuaevacuated bayonet point ml center. >> this is a a fire in a transformer room, 290 patients evacuated, 12 crit critical at the time and this entire hospital is now closed and hospital staff are working room by room to get each patient in that hospital into a waiting ambulance. and look at how many ambulances have staged. this is just about one-quarter
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this street and into the hospital parking lots. they are collecting them one by one, and firefighters and nurses and paramedics and doctors are carrying them down by hand from sometimes the third floor in their we we wheelchairs andl beds because some are immobile after all. there are three evacuation buses here and we saw two buses come handle stretchers and other medical equipment. this is a very serious situation here. we understand that some power is back on to the hospital, just about 10%, not enough to stop the evacuation but so far only about 15% of the 290 patients have been evacuated. let's show you the scene here. more than 40 ambulances have been brought in along with five buses as i said to get the patients out. they are being brought out
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critical down to the least critical. this started when a fire in a generator room forced firefighters to turn off power to the building. >> our dispatch center is calling the facility saying how many patients can you take from bayonet point. and we take them from there. the fire was sting about 10 minutes of the ar arril of the first engine but unfortunately we had to cut off power and so the hospital is without power. >> some of the ambulances are coming from hernando, citrus country, every available ambulance in the area is coming here to bayonet point and i was
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reunification area for some patients that have not been brought to local hospitals. the number they want you to call if you want to be reunited is 877-344-1313. 877-344-1313. they are asking you to choose option 9. so as you see, this is just a very hospital scene here. this is all you know, coming down second-by-second as they try here. some need more car than others but obviously a very tense situation as they try to move some of these critical patients. >> we are going to put that phone number and if you didn't get to write it down we'll put it on our facebook page, and put it throughout and i'm sure it makes it doubly hard because of the weather having to do the evacuation in all of this terrible weather. so we'll be checking back. >> yeah.
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well, a heavy helping of rain leaving streets flooded and some sewer systems are too overloaded. haley is live where neighbors are dealing with a foul-smelling problem. >> we are on donigan road and this manhole cover has been sw >> at king's man more, a kayak would have been a way to get around and if you drove a smaller car, the entrance to whispering pines is about as far as you can get. >> i needed milk and so i had to walk out. >> but one place you d don't wat to play is near donigan road
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because of all of the extra water filling the pipes. people are ver v being asked to conserve water, and here the mood is a little more laid back. >> we are just making the best of it, see what happens. >> while some businesses closed up shop. shop, others are >> and they are not the only ones finding a silver lining to this storm. >> let's go! >> as you heard her say, pinellas county schools are closed tomorrow, that goes for students as well staff, and whether the schools reopen on friday depends on what the storms bring our way.
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officials especially concerned there. >> what they are asking recess residents to do to keep with all of the heavy rain? we'll b hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his
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ce in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> well, nonstop rain has created a major problem at the water treatment plant in st. pete. today the southwest plant reached capacity and the city
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rainwater downtown to the airport plant and tonight we are learning it, too, is nearly full leaving the city with no option but to drain it. and so what exactly is going to be pumped out here, crist snl. crystal?>> well, mark to be cles is not the water in your toilet, it's the water on your lawn, and from what they are telling us this facility is pretty much at capacity a the water coming up and there is only one other option and that is to move it out to the bay. >> despite the city taking steps to prepare for hermine, with so much rain in advance of the storm, the pipes are taking a beating. millions of gallons of water all need to this facility, and by
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was nearly as capacity. >> given how much rain there is, i'm certainly not going to make promises that we are hot going to find ourselves when they are having to discharge this rainwater mix. >> they have notified the state and the department of environmental protection that they will likely need to release nontoxic sewage water into the bay prior to wednesday. >> others spent the day sand bags. >> but there is one more step the mayor is asking residents to take to help will the city's old sewer lines. >> if they can avoid doing the dishes or laundry, or taking a shower, we would ask them not do that for now. >> not easy for some. >> definitely we'll have to shower some. >> the city is hoping to prevent
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when the city was underwater. >> that water gets into our sewer system and it just adds to our problems of what we have to process. >> now, earlier this summer, the city actually increased their water storage by 3 million gallons and as you can see,ine , eventhat was not enough to hae what we have seen with this tropical storm, and this facility actually sandaled for st. pete beach, and treasure island and gulf port. >> crystal clark, live in st. pete, crystal, thanks. >> well, the family who lives in this tampa home cannot stay there tonight. look at that, a f tree fell on their house, and linda and three of her children were hanging out in her bedroom, when all of a
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neighbor's tree came crashes through the roof. she dove to protect her little girl and pieces of the roof actually struck her. >> half of the living room is gone, and you can't open the front door. >> the tree left a gaping hole, rain has been pouring in for hours and the red cross is tonight. and this is not the first time, either, our ground is so sog judge. soggy. >> paul, we have two things against us here. >> you have the fresh-water flooding and then the coastal flooding from the southwest winds, so you're right t's two effecters to consider. and now the rain has shifted a bit more inland. take a look, this is sky tower,
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rain is diminishing but we are unfortunately going to stay in the sweet spot of the storm, as showers and thunderstorms continue to produce very heavy will rain in highland county and up by frost proof. we'll zoom in, nothing as far as wind goes matter. the rain is temporarily diminishing in hillsboro, and nearly all of polk county has rain over by frost proof, and now there is a line of storms heading for sarasota, so this is going to add to their record wettest day in august ever. they have had 7.2.
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easy, and it will be overthem by midnight for sure and may even move up by tampa bay in the next half hour or so as the rain is moving right along. here is a different perspective from skytower. the clouds and the radar echoes are not getting very high in the sky, and the rain coverage not that extentive at least as far as elevation goes but tropical moisture and it continues to produce heavy rain. and probably over 10 now in largo, and there is the 7.2, and tia at 3.72. a lot of our rain came from colin back in june and from hermine today and tomorrow. the thunderstorm activity? yeah, we had some rain but maybe a little bit below average overall.
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that reason a flood watch remained in effect for our counties through friday, but tomorrow is really going to depend on how the rain bands set up. it's going to be a rainy day but perhaps in such as much as today. it's hard to duplicate ools theh the storm will be passing to our west. and here is the situation. the h noticing that winds are gradually increasing and the barometer is falling and there is a chance this storm could briefly reach hurricane status as it tracks up toward apalachicola. the next report will be out soon, and it is picking up
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millibars and we are not in the cone. the storm is not going to take a right hand. a lot of you contacting me saying could this do a charlie or an ea less wil elena but ths no, and no. it will be up over cape cod by about monday, and you see the momodels big bend is going to have tide runs 3 to 5 feet 5 feet above n. in the winds tomorrow, they will be gusting between 30 and 35. you will know a storm is going by but not enough kind to cause
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just off the coast of fort myers. a lot of this wind thankfully could stay just off shore. the tropical moisture is in red, and you see it around on thursday, and then on friday, even as the storm accelerates northeast, we are stuck in that trailing tongue of moisture, and so even friday looks like of so-so, but even saturday should still be fairly wet with more showers. and so potential impacts. let's zoom in, and we'll talk about that. and so rainfall amounts, additional, the models are going 4 to 8 and i kind of agree with that. with lesser amounts inland. below tropical storm strength or
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stronger winds north and west, and as far as coastal flooding goes, you have to have some storm-surge flooding. there is the wind coming frup coming up fromthe southwest, anm susurge, especially in the afternoon. and tomorrow there will be increasing winds getting gusty, with squalls near the coast and west-southwest wind and tropical showers at any time during the day and a temperature of 83. we slowly get back to normal over the labor day weekend with sunshine coming back on saturday
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> all right, tico is ready for whatever comes our way. hundreds of trucks are staging in a police report next to the
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electrical lines go down. the company's emergency plan according to a spokesperson, is ready to go if needed and she says about 180 workers from other states are on hand if tico needs back-up and they may. and then police are trying to find this woman. she was caught on fire setting a facar on fire. authorities ste tell us this won left the scene on if you know her call clearwater police. >> and a funeral mass for monsignor higgins was today. he was involved in many, many charities and was a friend and advisor to several of tampa
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>> he was there and gladly, reaching out and being that person who is just the lord's representative. >> more than a thousand people -- look at that -- turned out for his funeral despite altogether of the rain. he was buried at the garden of memories in tampa. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news after a hospital is being evacuated due to a fire. >> and we also how conditions look with tropical storm hermine, we'll be
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>> hermine is expected to make land fall tomorrow night in the panhandle and fox's napoli pozo
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what are the conditions like there tonight? >> i can tell you it's pretty quiet in franklin county, we are near battery park and we have seen the water levels rise just a bit here but we are not dealing with anything too serious. serious. we have been told that schools in franklin county will be closed tomorrow and this storm will make i city beach, about 70 miles west from where we are right now. and we want to show you some of that rain video. we had heavy rain and saw wind gusts reach about 70 miles per hour, but then it clears up and it was just a gorgeous day on the beach. we saw people out on the pier fishing and others just going for a swim and laying out on the
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i did speak with some residents there who tell me they were really not putting any plans into place or making any precautions. they wanted to wait to see if this storm was really going to go through their hear, let's take a listen to what some of them had to say. >> we've been asking people what is going to be the big deal? i mean, it really don't look that bad right now. i'm wind o it's going to be like tonight. i stay stay up and along around. >> they shut the bridges down and you can't get off if you need to. we are always cautious. and we rode run out down here and it was an experience and we probably won't do that again, but looks like we'll have some gusty winds and rain and things should be fine.
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changes now for the residents in ppanama city beach now that the storm has shifted. the bulk of that hitting in about 24 hours and this could become a category 1 hurricane after midnight tomorrow, we'll go ahead and send it back to you guiseguys in the studio. >> and continues to rush patients from a hospital in hudson to other care centers. fox 13's evan axelbank is live out there. >> this is the first time that a full-scale action, meaning an tire evacuation of bayonet point hospital has been done. it all started with a fire in a transformer room but now it does
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coming back on, i'm told it's low power, like 10 to 15%, so not enough to stop the ea cak evacuation, and what is incredit joining the paramedics, carrying the patients down from their third or second-floor rooms to the ambulances by hand. it's been very arduous and difficult work but a lot of the patients are in wheelchairs or hospital beds, some are on oxygen or i.v.'s. so this is a very difficult process and one that could take
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we understand at about 10:00 they were about 15% of the way through 230 patients and so could this take several hours and they have some buses here to take outpatients who have able to move under their own power, and they have buses equipped to handle stretchers and other heavy medical equipment, and this is a large-scale evacuation but here with doctors and nurses literally carrying them down from their third-floor rooms to the ambulances because the power is out in the elevators. we are waiting to get an update from bayonet point and they said they would be down here about 10:
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10:30, and will the reunification sn number there, d they are asking family members to dial option 9, we are waiting here for more information on bay bayonet point on how long this will last for. >> and high water causing problems at park. some residents saying they will have to find another place to stay tonight. water is going into homes in the back of the park and some of the roads are absolutely covered in water. residents say the flooding is causing a nearby creek to overflow. >> the pond is here and the creek is that way and they will be meeting up especially after tonight, and more rain comes.
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>> residents said they started to see the water rise around noon, and at one point it was getting close to highway 153. >> and high water caused a really problem for a fedex semi truck when it jackknifed and got stuck in the water. >> a donald trump as he flew to mexico and met with the mexican president, and now his speech is still going. >> he is laying out a plan for how he would deal with illegal immigration, and chris? >> that speech is still in progress, he took the stage in phoenix and told the crowd this would not be a rally, he was
10:40 pm
plan to stop illegal immigration and he said in the first day of office he is going to build a quote empen tritrable wall that mexico will pay for and he says he will put an end to president obama amnesty and he is going to hire many more officers and he says data shows there are currently 2 million living in this country. >> police and law enforcement know who these people are. they live with them and they get mocked by these people. they can't do anything about these people and they want to. they know who these people are. day one, my first hour in office those people are gone! >> he also named specific
10:41 pm
through congress giving sentences to people convicted of crimes in this country, and he met with the mexican president and said they had a very respectful and productive conversation but trump said in this meeting they did not discuss how the wall would be paid for, saying that was for another meeting but president says he made it clear that mexico will not pay for a wall, but trump said mexico may not realize it yet but they are going to pay for it 1 100%. >> and hillary clinton spent her day in ohio.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton addressed veterans at the american legion in cincinnati. her speech coming as she battles donald trump for key votes in a handful of swing states.
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the 98th annual convention tomorrow but it comes after she cacalled out trump for criticizg the parents of a diseased soldier. >> i learned at the dinner table that can he with being disagreeable. >> her lead is larger and she is ahead, in other swing states like michigan and new hampshire. >> all right, what is going on? >> some bad football. one to forget at ray-j. sloppy conditions on the field
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
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starters. horrible weather. if you were looking for entertainment value in the bucs redskins game, you are sorely disappointed. the redskinning in control, 20-6, and as far as the bucs offense, they laid a big egg tonight. 180 yards of total ea offense w but they had less than 70 going into the five fumbles and they recovered all of them luckily. all right to, baseball and the rays. dropping a rubber game with their series today. back to back 8's put boston up for good, but there one was play
10:50 pm
never have happened. beckham trying to come home but the ump does not count beckham's run after this. why? you see him slowing up as he reaches the plate and kiermaier is ca tagged out before beckham reaches the plate. >> yeah, it is disappointing. we are going to stay at it, no doubt. and we'll continue to talk about it through and threw. through, h longo coming up you are roabl probablynot looking to force an, and in situations it might be
10:51 pm
longo to up to the plate with two guys on. >> is it a mistake not to -- >> not h hustle? yes, that is required of us in baseball. >> and a big heart off of the field. they were visiting a school and this judge noticed a by himself and he plopped down and joined bo for bunch. but what he didn't know is bo's mom would later see this and burst into tears because most lunch times bo, who has autism, eats all by himself, but this streets... school closings... and tomorrow's commute. what you can expect as hermine
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s. >> we are waiting for the 11:00 advisory to come out.
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and i'm going to click on it because i need to read something really quick, yeah, winds are up to 60 and pressure is 998. and watch the plane speed around and do some sampling. without a doubt, the barometer is falling thus an intensifying storm and wind speeds new advisory. back on the computer just a second good. 25.8 and 87 west, moving northwest-eanortheast and the pressure has dropped to 998. so it's certainly winding up and it could be certainly a hurricane before landfall, that is not going to happen until tomorrow night and it will be up
10:56 pm
spencifyiintensifying storm is y going to pick up and the one around 2:30 will have tides runs a few feet above average, even tomorrow night that one will have flooding as well. the storm will weaken over land and impact new england over the labor weekend. and all of high lands and into hardee and desoto. this rain is moving along, and we'll zoom in on this.
10:57 pm
light rain north of tampa bay and then heavier rain is located just south and east of tampa bay. sebring, avon park and that band of rain near bradenton is moving up near tampa bay. our radar has been scra scanning around and most is east of tampa bay. we'll have a look at the latest
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13 eleven o'clock news... >> it's time for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> cynthia and chris with more straight ahead. >> we are starting with a news alert. >> a hospital lost power and the patients are being >> and we are going to be here probably throughout the night. >> what happened and why. >> and we are tracking now tropical storm hermine. >> i had to get milk and so i had to walk out. >> where flooding is the biggest worry. >> let's get straight to it.


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