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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 1, 2016 6:00am-6:53am EDT

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tpicahermine threatens to eri's 11- yerine >>laurca srm hermin threats t 11-year hurricane drought. rnings are i governor declares a state of emergency. >>russell: more than 200 patients evacuated in the rain after attal in e medical emergency comes as first responders are already >>laura: in pinellas co sewage is spillgut o mfan le covers andhe question today is how will they cope with more rain on the y? good morning. m laura y. >>russell: and i russell rhodes. we got are bak from the rain
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last. we have teamov cerag heavy storms bear down on tampa y. >>laur shayla reaves is live at bayonet medical center for an update on the evacuation. alcides segui is live for us in largo. >>ssell: first we'll check in on dave for the latest on the tropical storm, what it's doing, where it is and what we should be doing. >>dave: just hanging tight and waiting around. we have a lot of rain offshore. we had, of course, the tremendous amount we've had yesterday. that's still sitting around in many spots but this mornin i don't think the break is going to last forever, though. as you start to see slowly, the main bands of rain inch closer and closer to the coastline and ashermine moves toward flid t,c going to sweep through the . so while we're starting quiet, as the day moves along, theain will pick up. on? see that tpil storm that's where the center of the
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system, you would see a symmetrical setup but it's not. as it moves northeast, being on the eastern side a the way up the west c tampa, you're going to get rainy, squally weather for later today. 00 a.m. moving north-northeast at 12. winds at 60 miles per hour. hurricane boreaking landfallme a up jt eorw ing. 'rot ione can see t rain to the east side. it dsn't mrattehere the center is in terms of rain coming down. hurricane warnings from pasco county, hernando and citrus county with look at winds above 39 miles per hour. in those three counties, later today, and into tonight. so i do expect the rain chances to pick up, the rain toovay t al
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county. i do want to get to vanes and see what's happening on the roads. >>nevaa: a lot of flooding we were dealing with yesterday and nitrt sg to clear out sollustus on a hafu of trouble pinellascounty, 16ttreet earea.anboev aid boing green, manatee coty hulastunwebod cou uth,ooks le ts clearedenue the trave lan alsoheck out runngppeed ay
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ouide othe hospital. mef the powers bac but the patients are still elwhere, right? >>reporter: you're right. all the patients have been trsportedother hospitals and security is working to reste operations inside the building. we're here at the regional medical center at bayonet point. if you can just imagine, a massive undertaking unf began to fall. you are looking at the video captured. staff evacuated every patient in the building. that's 209 people removed. some carried from the third floor. dozens of ambulances lined up to help, medics transported patients to other tampa bay locations. five buses even participated in the effort as well. this is described as the hospital's largest evacuation ever. in this case, everyone made it
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report. but here's what we're finding out about the cause of the fire. officials are saying a fire started in the hospital's generator room. attempts to turn on that backup power, those generators, it failed when a switch broke and shut off power to the entire hospital. so if you can jusmagine tt tuation unfolding, we're told at this point, primary power is workg on the backup power ises. ey say come bk until backup power is restored. eye abl to address that concern movg forward and for anyone out there right now, if you have any relatives, any family members, you're trying to reach that may have been receiving care here, we do know that a family reunification number has been mad aiavlable. you can reach that number at 877-344-1313nd dial option
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put you in touch with a person you're trying to find. of course, we'll be back coming up here in the next half hour and we'll hear from a woman who is actually inside the hospital when the lights went out. was scheduledo receiveome er who treatment. we'll hear from her coming up at 6:30 straight ahead. >>laura: what a mess. thank you. >>russell: something else that is impacting a lot of people this morning. closings. >>laura: most bay area public schools are closed today. that yesterday. list includes every coastal county from citrus to manatee. despite records of flooding, sarasota county schools will remain open. so will schools in polk county but outdoor activities, including sports, have been cancelled. >>russell: college students have the day off. all three u.s.f. campuses closed tote. staple for highland community college and st. pete college. university of florida in gainesville and florida state will remain open but that could
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weep you upted. >>laur a as i relates t actiere whatti irglaa oter h evning and sarata un, crews assisted with several evacu temporary set up and that's on 34th street. parts of pinellas county got hit by more than nine inches of rain overloading the sewers. >>russell: worst seems to have been in largo. sewage system had a hard time taking on extra rain water. a man hole cover spewed sewage for s. most of that water now is already gone. people in the area are still worried abouthat will happen, though, when the rain starts up again. live for us in treasure seg island. all the water there is pretty
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>>porter: yeah. you have gulfport, st. pete beach and treasur island, all send their sewage into st. petersburg and as you mentioned, all that rain yesterday, their treatment facilities in st. pete are at capacity. take a look at all the rain we got yesterday and as you mentioned, more than nine inches of rain that we saw across the bay area and of course, pinellas county g hitme extre hard as we. tveo darge all that waterel intohe bay. w,o be clear, whas being rele water here. it's what is on your lawn. the pipes tookea bng yesterday. miions of gallons o rain. ficial say ttllperating at capacity and theyeeoake amoeform hermine hits. they've contacted the department ofonmental protection to notify th. they would likely be discharging partially treated water into the bay. back in june, tropical storm colleen presented the area with
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the city was forced to dump about 10 million gallons of city sue -- sewage into the bay and they added another three million gallons of emergency storage to one of his treatment facilities and unfortunately, that facility is at max capacity as well. so the city is keeping their hands full. so is gulfport and treasure islands and other areas that use st. petersburg facilities for all the extra runoff. so again, down but the next 24 hours will be very, very critical for these ti here in pinellas county. back to you. >>laura: all righk u.yo >>russell: on all things srm related from evaationso cancellations -- sorry. prompter went crazy there. go to write on the home page. we have it all broken down by county. just click on where you live to find a whole host of
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leave the house, get information from your smart phone. just download the skytower radar app. you can get the latest warnings and watches. it's tree in the app store and on the google play store. just search for skytower. >>laura: a man escaped an early morning traffic stop while w hae came forward 18 hours late he andther man were initially sed for a traffic violation but deputies found at this time, he is charged with escape and possession of heroin and he could face charges. >>russell: take a look at this. police need help identifying the woman in this video. her cn o it happened sunday i clearwater near the littloh l. sheg.burn poce say she on a bicycle. part.the airlines are giving av break as florida
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that could save you hundreds of dollars. and hawaii is dealing with a situation very close to ours. an update on tropical storm madeline coming up. >>dave: we're going to s to deal with some squallyweather, too, as tropical storm hermin continues to move to the north and east. k the thing people understand, it's headed up to at'she they're gng to have the but all the rain is on the eastern side of the storm so we're not done with the rain yet which means we still have potential for some of that flooding. wind speeds close to 50 miles per hour and that buoy right around the center of the storm as it is strengthening and vio t theor nth and the east. 60 mile-per-hour wind. that's what the reconnaissance aircraft is detecting right now. landfall early tomorrow morning east of apalachicola. east of apalachicola. impact comin
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-thsmoo, llfuodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. >>dave: tropical storm hermine. a little stronger this morning. center still well out into the
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in rain overnight, over the next several hours theain is going to start to move back in. largo, 11 inches of rain since this whole mess started early yesterday morning. we do have more rain on the way. you can actually watch as some of the outer edges of some solid rain ever so slowly starts to work its way toward the north and the east and that will be
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bwo to thrt llo fin atig hh higher than normally be. loteas, the high tides are running 2:00, 3:00 this ternoon and they will be gher thanyester thether tngou ise gto b closer get isolated an issue for pasco hernando and citrus county later today. so in the can kind of include areas to south as well, lester impacts to the uth, we're going to have windyeaer with se rn squalls coming through for later this afternoon. although for the most part, keeping our winds below tropical storm strength, we're also going to have to dealit coast ooding ae ti o hig many areashe un coast tha are low that even two feet above a normal high tide can cause an issue so be weary oft
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and isolated fresh water e rirs, theeeks, the streams, they're full. we get another couple of inches of rain on top of that, it's going to start to back up. it could be a few issues there. a little lesser impacts but still, keep a close eye on this because this is the type of system that has everything, all of its weather on the eastern side of the storm. here is a great satellite picture to show you, how we had that moisture channel come through. there it is up to the now and now, the begng as sort of a core rain sitting out oro the southwest and as movnorth-nortast, that will srt t worts way into the area. so whilet'ot raining right now, if you're one of those people that just wants to sit inside and not dea with it at all, out and about now, go get your stuff done, come back in and plan for a rainy, win afteoo wreo ok a wind gus. ere's a60 mile-per-hour wind gust near the cr of the
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storm strength wind gust with this buoy which further t the st. st of the hefty win will be up in the big bend area but it wouldn'tpr surise me to get 30-mile-pe gusts along our coastline for later today. so yeah, just because it's not raining right now, we're still going to have some potential impacts later this afternoon. winds are at 60. technically that's what the reconance -- reconnaissance aircraft has found. i any rain,rhan normal tides and the isolated tornados, those are the three big impacts of the system, especially to north, coty. notice by tomorrow afternoon, 'sp south carolina border. the only thing i'm a b concerned about would be as the storm moves north, it leaves
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and that may lead to more rain tomorrow afternoon and again on saturday afternoon. we'll wait and see what the moisture channel sets up. in the meantime, increasing wind, rain squalls as well. 82 for a temperature. by the end of this weekend, going into labor day as well, sunday, monday, the rain chances return back to normal, 40%, 30% and high temperatures in the low 90s. >>vanessa: thank you. right now we have some eastbound delays, minor in nature. a crash reported. a few extra minutes if that's along your route this morning. meantime, head to tampa, south tampa to be specific. we have some standing water reported. that's just south of gandy boulevard. even though the water is there, reports from the city of tampa that it is passable if you have any doubts, don't chance it. we'll get to this now.debris re. this is carrying over from the last hour at seminole avenue.
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outhe door right now,us debris some might not be reported yet. just be careful and as always, let me know if you see anything along your route. you can do that on social media. >>laura: thank you. donald trump has doubled down on his vow to build a wall along the southern border. >>russell: after making the surprise trip toexic too meet the country's president, trump outlined a hard line set of propal immigration. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. we will break the of amnesty and illegal immigration. we will break the cycle. there will be no amnesty.
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points. it would triple the number of ice agents and hire 5,000 more border patrol agents. there would be zero tolerance of criminals entering the country illegally and trump says on his first day in office, he will build the wall and reaffirmed his promise to make mexico pay for the wall. >>laura: when he met with the mexican president, they discussed the wall but no cost. the mexican president he said he made it clear that mexico will not payor f the wall. >>russell: hillary clinton quick to criticize trump's trip to mexico. on twitter she writes, trump just failed his first foreign test. diplomacy isn't as easy as hase invitation to the mexican president. >>laura: southwest airlines will
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make travelore convenient and less expensive. the airport serves the third largest cuban american population in the country. no date has been set yet for the first flight. first commercial flight between the united states and cuba in more than half a century took off yesterday morning from fort lauderdale. passengers, mostly airline executives, and a few journalists came back with bags of gifts. cuban cookbooks and commemorative luggage tags, cuban flags. roughly300 flights a week will connect the united stat with ba soon. coming up at 6:30, keepour d the r aut o the water.l: major chad has aice for drivers as we get ready for more rain and the rain poured on raymond james stadium but if you were a
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out in the forecasters have downgraded hurricane madeline to a tropical storm as i goes past ha enr expecd to january island now. people arenatchingupies and boarding up wiows. presiden obama scheduled to visit oahu this week. esid house isck theing b ticit laurmeantime, as to make landfall, the airlines are waiving changing fees. all four of the nation's biggest airlines, american, delta, united and southwest, they have all enacted storm related waiver you' need to cck withou for p deil eeal cost about00 >>russell: massive u er inas countysundrfeds patients are evacuated from a hospital during the rain. >>laura:t officls are
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if you see standing water, avoid it at all costs. coming up, advice that will save
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>>dave: we're getting a break in the rain for now. however, you see what's looming offshore is a lot of shower and thunderstorm activity and a lot of moisture in place.ces srmll mean of onshe. whe qet now, i don't
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all day long. the storm itself, all of the activity has been pushed to the eastern side of it and of course, we're on the eastern side of it so as it moves to our west, you're going to start to oversp the area laterod with se, winds well. tropal storm wningsonnue fromasouco cnty north. that's where i think the strongest winds will be with the heaviest rains and some of the higher storm tides later this afternoon. 60 mile-per-hour winds. that what the official is from the hurricane center moving north-northeast at 12 and on that path,ast of apalachicola, landfall early tomorrow morning, potentiall as a minimal hurricane. what does that mean in tampa? windy, squally weather, higher than normal tidesut tropical st fce windsot that far away. just to thenorth. pasco, hernandond cit counties. much more the
6:32 am
few nutes. vanessa: latest incident here out of tampa area involving a vehicle that's crashednt a ditch. gunn highway at peterson road. meantime, a big checkere overall picture not too bad. majors, not too much to complain about. no crashes reported, no incidents to block up the travel lanes. nine minutes i-4 to bearss, 275 northbound. i-4 westbound, give yourself eight minutes from 75 dotown and tour minutes beee 75 northbound. >>laura: school is cancelled today for most bay area counties even though the weather isn't bad now, it could be this afternoon by the time school would be letting out. public schools in sarasota and polk counties will remain open. outdoor activities, though, like sports have been cancelled. >>russell: as florida prepares for hermine to make landfall,
6:33 am
>>laura: first responders are busy dealing with evacuations and their job got more complicated last night. >>russell: an electrical fire at bayonet regional center and they needed help movinged of upte o where things stand right now. good morning. >>reportder:ooorning to you. we can tell you all of the patients are out of the building and staff and security, they're workg this morning. right now we're outside of regional medical center at bayonet point after a masrtov 9. all 209 patients from this building. i want to take you to some video captured outside of the building last night. this all happened right around 6:00, 6:30 in the evening. you're seeing that scene unfold. if you can imagine evacuating a hospital near caci. staffnd first responders made
6:34 am
this is a sne iolvingozs of ambulances lined up outsidfit efrt a well. staff managed to get 20 patients, some in critical condition out of the buil be ca from the third floor. medics transported each onef to anoth baya hoit. officials, again, say some sort
6:35 am
fr some st of pso bauseat what . they're packing everybody in the hallways and we feel like we escaped. like we did something wrong, too. but i'm glad we did it. >>reporter: we're told the mother and daughter, they made it out okay and everyone else made it out okay as well. there are no injuries to report. this is the hospital's largest evacuation effort ever and we're told at this point, primary power has been restored to the building. the focus return to the hospital.eackup we do know that a number has en set up. it's a reunificaon lin f families that a trying to reac any of their loved ones who may have been receivingare and now they're transported to other hospitals around the bay area. you can call the number 877-344-1313 and select option nine and you will be able to
6:36 am
a resourcehat wi linkou to your rivate o loved have been trying reach. i will be out here throughout the morning working to gather some additional details and we'll have another live report . back to you. >>laura: all right. thank you. for the latest on the evacuations, cancellations and all things tropil storm rete hd t fox 13 we have it all broken down county by county. just click where you live to find a whole host of information and then out or you need to leave your house, you can g the latest on th storm from smart phone. just download the skytower radar app. yo can see liveradar, get the latest warnings and watches and it's free on the apple store and google play. just search skytower. >>russell: 6:36 right now. we all know that we need to be careful being out in all of this weather. wet streets can become flood streets in a second. i've been there. i know. so we're going to devote some time to all of this today.
6:37 am
county sheriff's office here to talk about it. hey, chad. >> good morning. before we get started about the high water that kind of everything you all have at the hcso, you're going to be out in it today. rapid responseteam, your high water vehicles, chain saw teams, helicopters, everything that can be will be, right? >> that's right. it's going to be a busy day and we're planning accordingly. we have the marintut there with their assets, all our school resource deputies, since schools are closed, they'll be in the areas that we susct busy day. >>russell: let's get to high water. i guess that is the biggest concern at this point. i know it's qui rigow but we kno if it starts raining rd,t back. you've got some advicehat you want to tell people. first and foremost, only drive on roads thaou yan s t road. right? >> and that's great advice. you don't know if some of the
6:38 am
and of the bad things that happened to me along the way, this was the sca that everped to me. it was frightenin >> g. theaterecom t dp- ap. the pressuref t wat goe nhe water, parents,leone f to gn yourhildren out pying in it.
6:39 am
that happens i when this happenso one car, it's abprobly hning to sev more and then you'r i a situation where not everybody -- the first responders c't always get to you. >> and we can't. we know we're going to be overed this rning. rightou y're right. everyone tnkshi isn't ba heaviest bds areet t ce alongigh tide wee goingve that stor surg as'veeenisteng al morng, it's.anealk, plege o an intersectn e couy to get thehterable but ps a four-way sto ifhtsar e t. ey're f re ceo acomp owase slow wn. >>ssell: there was a big power outage for a short time early this morning in south tampa, i think in the dale mabry, gandy area. i think everything is back on almost now but i mean, it's going to happen.
6:40 am
can go out pretty quick. >> we're out there, we're prepared. we're going to need some cooperation. there's no need to drive into that deep, standing water. nothing good is going to come out of it. >>russell: you're right. you're so right. good to see you. >> have a great day. >>russell: major chad. we may have a new name for y in a few days but major chad until it's official, okay? >> almost official. thank you, russell. >>russell: almost official, colonel. thank you. >>laura: i knew you would have o it's a big deal. >>russell: it's no big secret now. thankfully right now, the rainll is not nowhere near asye. thatould be chaing by afternoon. >>laura: dave is watching the radar. he said that all this bad f rom he's goi to explain what that
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kyadar scanning around. let's g a little trip to the g gulf. ou go i the gulf andet right get 30 miles offshore, some heavier showers. as you go furerthut and you get into this main rain, well, you know, eventually as some of these main rain bands will start to work their way toward the coastline. so while it is quiet this morning, that is going to change this afternoon. that's just one vantage point, a three dimensional look at the radar. look at the cloud tops and look at how everything is on the eastern side of this storm. places like new orleans, maybe
6:45 am
right? as it turns t thertt,no isuge enhanced cloud mass is eventually going to make its wwa rdhe big bend a pts ourrea as well. so that's my concern for, again, later this afternoon and during the evening hours. look at these wind gusts. 60 miles per hour. that's a buoy report. that's an actual live report of the winds gusting to 60 from that buoy, a little further east but still well mile-per-hour wind gusts with this system. interestingly engh, not only is hurricane reconnaissance flying around but guess at? we've drone,asas g a drone out there flying around, the to getterasat'sning he tech involved in helping to find out where this storm is andhat 'sngo d is fantastic.
6:46 am
12 miles per hour. thishaec ch they tweak it a few miles here orere. of the weather will likely be up here. ths in rk so east of apalachicola. the potential for a landfalling hurricane, i know it's 60 mile-per-hour wind but it still has time to strengthen into a minimalicane. by tomorrow afternoon it's w i still believe it's going to leave behind a l o moistu, meaning the rain is not going to stop, per se. you take all e winds to the north with it. tropical storm warnings, pasco, heando, citrus ty, they ge to hurricane warnings after that and they work their way around the big bend toward mexico beach. also tropical storm warnings for the jlle here is your wind . based o reconsae aircraft flying around, detecting the
6:47 am
eseould bro storm and then 58 want to advance thi map. watch what happens. okay. you get to tonight. you get to this evening, tonight and the tropical storm force winds are all the way down to pasco county. that's why you're under a tropical storm warning. now how they're very, very close to the pinellas county just because you're not getting a 40 mile-per-hour wind gust, you may get a 30. it's going to be quite windy even along the coast as well. once it moves onshore, about to make its way onshore, the wind speed forecast, there it is. hurricane force wind to the east of saint mark's. by 3:00 tomorrow morning, we may still be experiencing tropical storm force winds in citrus county. that's how close the tropical storm force winds are coming to the tampa area.
6:48 am
exact path that i justwed su forecast.yore talki abo a st making landfall in the big bend ea. look at this 10 to 12 feet of water expected. it funnels. the problem with the northeast gulf here, the water just funnels in and it's going to go inland quite a ways. for us, citrus county, you're looking at a four foot storm surge as it tonight and even in the tampa bay ar, maybe a couple of feet as well. you're going to be surprised to e how high thoseideso and it'seally thengsdy condio, srmce conditio the north. one other thing i wanted to mention from pasco countynorth, the chance of an isolated tornado later this afternoon as well. yeah. so even though it's quiet this morning, i do expect especially
6:49 am
downhill later todaynd into the evening hours tonit. bywafrnoon, worse is gone and we'll be left with some moisture and shower activity for saturday and then back to normal for sunday. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. sky fox is checking out a crash on tamiami trail. it's south of palm river, more specifically at the intersection with 10th avenue. we do have some lane blockage here. just a right lane has taken up. looks like it could be a right -- yep. it looks like as we pull out, we have two lanes blocked in the right-hand side. this is the southbound direction so i wouldlan extra time tsifs along youroute. we'llus erday and overnightave dissipated but out of pinellas county, we do ve some foding reported at 16th and gandy so avoid if you can. hatwaaufuty wauchula rd at hay in
6:50 am
asound and westbound and mc i will --c he will roadway atri street. youeav any questions whether or not you can make it rough the water, don't drive through it. can't reiterate that ou for you. if you do want an updated running list of all the trouble spots, i do have that on my facebook page. >>laura: the answer is yes. bucs game ar ssl: it's the last chance for lesser known players to actually make the team. we're going to have the highlights from a very soggy
6:51 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "m ake america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. n china. ake america great again". and his suits in mexico. fac t rnaeal trump outsourc ped hroduandjobs to d. so don't believe the hat.
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t about trumenba. theuccaneers preseason finale >>laura: buck nears preseason nale was moved up to avoid tropical storm heine b the raine anyway. stands were mostly empty buthe soggy show went on. it had tendance was annnced a 42,000 but there only appear to be000 die hardsnhe stan ckf. >>ruelnd the bs wju aaterhe mod.
6:54 am
bs had fumblut second round draft pick had some he naile two fld goals, including a 50 yarder. bucs lost 20-13. coac koetter said it's not how heanted to end this preseason. >> just a sour taste after what i think was a productive preseason, not at all what we had in mind. we have to realize we weren't playing our best guys out there tonight and this game serves a you have to keep in mind that and it will be great to put it behind us and get on with it. >>russell: coach and the staff have some time to digest what they learned in the preseason. regular season starts september 11. they face the falcons at the that game here on fox13. a: wkns paying atteo thebu it a b igdeal. had too theessonh seou preseas games are tough store most fans
6:55 am
guys you never heard of. when you thi thiss their team nfl, last night's game was hard to get into. russel i appreciate your positivity. they recovered them all, though. >>laura: they did. >>charley: five fumbles but the. s is half ll. >>laura: alwa 'musssel halffu erfull i'm going to be able to convince you to root for my team tonight because appalachian state is taking on the mighty tennessee volunteers. >>laura: i'm with you. yes, sir. yes, sir, i will. >>charley: kicking off the college football season. small school in boone, north carolina. we're playing against the mighty tennessee volunteers.
6:56 am
mountaineers. those kids, when they walk out and see 100,000 plus fans in orange screaming and yelling rocky top, man, they're going to be a little overwhelmed. >>laura: i'm all about the ar i hope they put up a great fight. rte ley torrow he's ahance although the game could be out of hand after the first quarter. onhe two. let's talk about tropica storm hermin ifothing else, it's a stark reminder that we are in the middle of hurricane season. th of septeero nows 0th the time to think about, are we prepared around your house? wee at fla's larst labor day home show at florida state fairgrounds and here is a great place to come. it kicks off tomorrow, goes thugh moay the weather wbe out of the way by then andt's all und
6:57 am
about -- and find out some information about these products that can make o homes more weatr f.proo ndows,al rages, getting k stuff upff the flooot of gre tis morning. now is the time to think about it. because we haven't had a direct hit in so long, demand for the products has gone down. >>russell: all right. we will check you lar, >>charley: we'll have a "good day," rain or shine. >>laura: hey, dave. >>dave: just watching skytower radar. you see a lot of activity all offshore right now. as we get into the afternoon hours into the eveninghours, it's going to change. some of that heavy rain starts to move offshore. with that some gusty winds as well. pasco, hernando, citrus county, you are still under that tropical storm warning. i've got many more details in the 7:00 hour.
7:00 am
he's tck tropi slrmheode. vehe well outse. 'vad h few sprinkles here and there. we need this tim toryout. the way storms set up, yteverhing has been shifted to the eastern side of the or as itov closer and to the state, all thatn you see in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, that's going to move clor closer towards


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