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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 1, 2016 8:00am-8:50am EDT

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((russell kissing the coast. all morning long - the rain has missed the bay kissing the coast all morning long the rain has missed the bay area. we won't be so lucky for the rest of the day. and when that rain arrives, let's hope this does not happen again. coming up, st. petersburg's in his city.requestor everyone >rom tampa bay'sber one it. rain came down so fast that drainage and sewer systems could not keep up. while those flood waters receded ast as more rain is expected da dave is tracking that and tropical storm hermine this morning. do you have an update on it yet?
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stronger here 8 o'clock winds are now up to 65 miles perouf e. again this was anticipated probably going to become a minimal hurricane before making its way on shore in big bend area tonight. you mentioned how much rain we later today. we will definitely exacerbate the issue make it harder because this water is still trying to go and get back to the bay and gulf. so tropical storm hermine 65 mile per hour winds. other noticeable change here at 8 o'clock is the forward movement is just a smidge faster. i like to see that. faster we get it out of here the better. so it is moving north, northeast loth preure hour. lerumr goes the stroenger. forecast they don't update that 8 o'clock. that is updated every six hours. so i don't think even if they
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at all still look a category 1 storm. just east of appear lash cola. really some time very early tomorrow morning. let's say around sairnt mark's throwing that around if anybody fridays that other travelled to that area. but you're going to see huge funneling of water. big storm surge i t spot as far as wind speeds forecast tropicalto for
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really out pinellas county area this will beht now. completely avenue south. we had skyfox check that area out earlier. and it was quite flooded as far as widespread water everywhere. you will want top avoid that tht recently from may to be passable the rest of the day. to sunshine skyway bridge high wind advisory we especially ivehicle. otherof manatee westbound an apparently a lot of sta so please 8:03 right now. hours upon hours of rain inches of water. the majority of it in pinellas along the coast. while some people had a little fun it for the most part created
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told us we can expect more rain over the next few days. we're going to get back to weather in just a few minutes. but first we're going to talk about this developing situation in hudson this morning. >> more than 200 patients had to be evacuated from a hospital there after an electrical fire. started in at generator room the bayonet point regional medical center. firefighters were able to get it extinguished within ten minutes. problem all the power to the building had to be cut off. including the back up generators. after it was put out, some power had been restored. but majority of the patients in the hospit. officials are now rushingo get itng at full capacity agn. right now we're going to be getting hospital back in order. and we will do that as quickly as possible. shayla is there right now. she's getting more info. we will hear from her in the next half hour. you know not every day that criminals return to scene of a crime. but police say that exactly what
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>> tampa police received a call overnight about a robbery at a circle k on gandy boulevard. well shortly after officers say ashley ramirez drove across the bridge into st. petersburg, and ran inside to cvs store on fourth street north. come to find out 28-year-old had allegedly robbed that same pharmacy about 12 hours earlier. st. pete police don't know why she came back to the store. she's under arrest facing several charges. it is 8:05 no sewage spilling into the streets, into homes. that is was fear yesterday in pinellas county as they were dealing with yesterday's downpours. now while waters quickly receded, more rain is on the way. and city officials are urging residents to go easy on the water so that the sue war systems can keep up. alcides is live in treasure island which saw a lot of street flooding yesterday. >> yeah, exactly right. as you mention those city officials including a mayor
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dishes, washing clothes, until things settle down. and here's how it works out st. pete beach gulfport and treasure island all send their sewage water into st. petersburg. with all that rain that we got yesterday, their treatment facilities around max capacity. that's where issue is. they wereiscug wr nighr this rning if they were going to discharge some of that water into the bay. now to be clear, when we say sewage water we're not talking about the water we're talking about the water running off your lawn, pipes have been taking a beating since yesterday. millions and millions of gallons of water. officials say all three the plants here in st. pete were operating a capacity. and that need to make a move bfore the effects of the tropical storm hit the st. petersburg area. they've contacted the department of environments protection to notify them. that likely they will be discharging partially treated water into the bay. now back in june, tropical storm
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so city was forced to actually dump ten million gallons of city sewage into the bay. and the city actually spent about $400,000 to add an additional 3 million gallons of radar storage in one of their treatment plants. the issue that wasn't enough. i mean treatment plants are still at max capacity. and the storm is still out there. and we're likely going to see effects here in the bay area. so the city needs to make move. that's what they are discussing today. i'm hopin some point to get a better idea of if they, discharged some of that water into bay already and waiting for next cell to move in or what their next step will be. coming up 8:40 hopefully we will hear from them, back to you. all right, alcides see you then. thank you not just st. petersburg, but largo also dealing with sewage mess. system is having hard time king on extra that's making its way into system. this video was taken at north of
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was spewing sewage for hours. just like in st. pete,ffe are skrg ple to cut back on at use.>> school closures were announced yesterday for nearly every district in the bay area. except for polk county and counties. and if you're struggling to find something for your child to do you have an option. we saw jen epstein there a moment ago with mayor bob buckhorn tampa parks and rec opening up all facilities today until 6:00 p.m. for everyone aging 5 to 17 even if they do not are a rec free. parks and recreation department is oh open a lottery bay areas are close florida acquire aum lowry park zoo are both closed they plan to reopen tomorrow according to both websites we heard a moment ago busch gardens tweeted out they will be closed today for latest on evacuation and cancellations in your area, head to everything you need is on our home page and broken down by county. all you have to do is click on where you live to find the
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this afternoon. but when? dave's back in just few minutes with look at the skytower radar forecast tropical storm is moving toward the panel handle. we're there. we have live report from apalachee cola. and live roth from a charley belcher belcher as well a little bit closer to home. are you getting me a new roof? i may need a new roof by time this is over with my friend. well i want you to pay attention to my next segment russell rhodes. because we're florida state fair day home show. and we are going to talk about the newes and lt and greatest technology when it comes to our roofs. talking about protective leaks, and the winds that can accompany a bad storm. tell you all about it.
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almt 8:.ytower radarnnglet h w. and it's been a nice break by just looking off shore. you got oh look at this radar really starts to get lit up you go few miles off a couple isolated showers. then much farther off. you see at although of heavy rain sitting out here main core main rain band is a continues to work way toward north, northeast. as of 8 o'clock. it is moving a little bit faster then it was. i like that. the fasteit gets out ofhere. even though it's quiet now we will start to deal with some of hese showers and squall weather will settle itself in for later this afternoon. i don't think we will see repeat
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pinellas county but kind of at that cup's full no where else for water to go if we were to get some heavy rain this afternoon. within some of higher wind gusts. we may have to deal with a little bit of that fresh water flooding as well. at least right notice as you're out and about we should good for next few hours. here's storm itself. obviously it doesn't look like textbook almost hurricane. as all activity is on eastern side of the storm as moves north, northeast ward this apalachicola here atchee, this spot here, this is where it is project t very early tomorrow morning. but i want you to notice all this convection on eastern side of it. that lick lool get thrown into west coast of florida late today. and going into tonight. in fact we may go several hours today. and everything's fine. then during the evening, wind and rain starts to pick up. so don't just think because it's 2 o'clock and it's not raining, keep checking back with us. okay. winds, 65 miles per hour. we left you yesterday morning this thing was a tropical
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intensify. and on this ?pathmovingorth, northeast at 12, pblgo ge a min huican so with winds about 75 miles per hour. making land fall against near st. mark's. some time very early tomorrow morng. so whenou wake u tomorrow, escially up in citrus county, we may still be deang with tropical stoor f wind gusts the. ao4hours,henhings will dramatically start t >> tropical storm warnings. they continue pasco hernando citrus counties. then they after levy county they shift to hurricane warnings. i think the one spot in state going to get hit t hardest use, jl like allfbig bend. if buildingo sigficant stormo la
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from tampa south, don't though oh storm will be well to our north, we have a coastal flood ad vuz other. and what that means and it starts today a 1 o'clock goes through friday at 1 o'clock. we will lkely go go through two, clo toes three high tide cycles at least for this afternoon could running two to three feet. okay. plus high surf and rip currents that you're going to have to deal with as well. that runs all way down coast as further north you get into o winds. which will run from pasco county and areas further north. 39 miles per hour plus late this afternoon, and then going into at overnight hours tonight. their storm surge or high tides will be running maybe 4 to six feet above normal. that's significant. so some of the lower lying areas of si trust county, hernando county. you may get some of that, and a four foot storm tide i want to point that out to you.
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crystal river, 3:14 this afternoon. again a 3:41 this morning that would be pretty high as well. you go down to st. petersburg 2:41 tide. just note that these tides, until this storm moves on shore, are going to be above normal. storm surge forecast a foot or two. tampa bay, further north you go higher. 4 to six feet up around citrus county to chassahowitzka. and then 10 to 12 foot storm with a strong tropical storm or category 1 hurricane. but, the way that water is funneling up to the northeast like that, that could definitely happen that's an area you got to look out for east of appear apalachicola. and from two two cls wednesday to friday. any rain we get no doubt going to aggravate the situation one are thing i want to pass along to you pasco county north chance
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no storm stlell o sh naiqualls as we. mperatures g back to lower 80s. next 17 days, things start to quiet dow lemoow and bysuay, wrek to 9 degrees, 40 pernt chce. for lor pretty nice, vanessa. all right. thanks, da. here at18. we have signals out out venice sarasota county area.
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you're heading 75 northbound also give yourself eight minutes to get from selman to fowler. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect
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>>ood day tampa bay. i'm charley lcher coming to you from a florida state ounds. here f florida's largest labor
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with tropical storm herminening ask your is your house ready in closer. remember we're not even half way through hurricane season just about to reach the peak of hurricane season brian santos is here good friend of show serve a. spokesperson. and let's talk about. this particular company is called this is an affordable roof system. >> yeah. now technology, i'm noticing has changed hugely. one first thing we understand most corrosive agent in the world is? >> wind? >> water. >> water. okay. now, the >> one of the elements. one of the things you have to really understand it is all starts with roof down. >> and seriously. so, what's interesting about the new technology is and this is an architectural composite which means that it, will take 130 mile an hour winds. which is really impot,rtan especially if we have a little bit of stronger wind load coming in. roofs lift. other thing interesting about
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architectural dimension it makes it look thicker although it's a flat roof. air actually belows over the top of this. it goes deeper and further. way they apply these a lot of these haven't thought will roofs in way they haven't wind events know membranes rubber and they actually hold the roof together. so that the winds don't blow th obviously this company means lifetime warranty not replacing every 50 more expensive. look at investment. i mean seriously. think about what happens if your roof degrades and then water and oh, all oip ery sheetrock once in while. this is all, this is all right here one piece. exactly. if you think about this, new one greatest technology as gal niced steel roof. steel, yeah a metal roof. and it's the designed.
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and the idea here is the fact that it's going to give you a little thermal insulation which is really good. also going to give you the uv protection and the water, this has an al ja side built in you get streaking. yeah it doesn't do that. >> but it'metal. not going to sound, i just wondered you know, what it m t. sound, that t roof. and then finally, these look like spanish tile that we see in others composite and metal standing metal roof you see those a lot now aaddin architectural characters d s foh, y can see it co rightn colors. but the idea here is having proper installation. havi apanyanding of what the under laymentses are and what needs are having membrane and
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brian santos when we come com about how about windows and doors. there weot roofs seted now. floridaarge hom sw labor day weekend kicks off tomorrow grtlace to ce ask qus tou fprepared a ura. setngt ca tll not a thoughou don't every de. nowvee' e'one it. yo segment was interestings and inform thanks, russell. surprise. surprise. i stepped it in there, didn't i? sorry. >> it's all good. come on. all right. families are left scrambling after a hospital catches fire. it happens in the middle of a storm too. after break fox 13 shayla reeves is going to talk about this hospital evacuation. more than 200 patients had to be
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i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only?
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running from a place of safety.. more than 200 this is good day tampa bay. saty.ning fmlaf a mo than00 peoe were becaef aut wrtals officials ati
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shift. helped evacue tits. he tvera aut an houro another hospital to hel prov ceoetits.or adi an gional online. get i want to show yesterday. this i unfolloweding a massachuses undertaking here in hu just image, fst respoers acuate a hospital near t caci. trying to do all of that work in the rain. well that's what happened here
8:31 am
help. 5 buses pticitepa in the effort as well. staff removed all all 209 patients include some in critical condition. other even had to be carried from the a third floor. now medics transported each one of those patients to another bay area hospital.officials telling electric fire and aator om outage. and that' what staff here at e sp, t dealing wi athis point we can tell you all surgeries have been cancelled for today. those patients have been notified. and then, staff members are also inside with security as well working to restore their normal operations to the building. so it's unclear exactly howongi back up power source in place. but we can tell you a number is available if you have relative
8:32 am
another hospital 8 cleven did 77-344-1313. you can dial that number and selection option 9 to find out that information. back to you. all right, shayla, we'll satisfactory you later. thank you. it is 8:32 now. girl scouts motto is to help out when ever and where ever. but a sarasotaoman dew d. not ask for help she just took it. now she's behind bars facing theft charges. st the ceo contacted sarasota county sheriff's office after $75,000 went missing fro their account. she was on suspe ithcase tocausehe managed fdseascial ha ney, couldtstop.
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again. i look behindou and a lot of rain on that. i mean y see. just how much rain is sitting out there over the gulf. and i mean some of that n going to me itn shore just going to pin wheel ad the center of hermine. we will a rain a sly r ter today. i'm just glad that we've madis niceit brk.beus ge ahance for canar atero o pill well, not that, i mean not that it's gone away but at least it's better this morning. notice how you're getting scattered showers and storms to pop up. we will see more of this moving on shore during afternoon and evening hours. and this main brunt of rain will start that shift toward the north. and the east. it's a littlbitronger
8:34 am
believe it or not, yesterday morning tropical depression now. you've got winds of about 65 miles per hour. and we're begin to be ableo t you see it here?tor that's moving north, northeast. so it's really on the path of just east of apalachicola. so you take that, and you swing all of this moisture in through the state. and even though is quiet now, later today, and tonight, is when we will get gusty winds in deing with lo at the wind gts hour wdces.wi thatll moving north, northeast. the worst of the storm will be right up here in appear apalachee bay. no doubt about it highest storm surge. highest wind gust. we still have tropical storm warning even though we know this could become a
8:35 am
4,000 days since hurricane hit florida. we may break that streak tonight at winds right now around 65 and it forecast to strengthen into a minimal hurricane. so, just east oficola a rricane forceinds will be co tnfinthis area up y out0 miles or so from the storm. and that's why from pasco county to herpd county, citrus county, continuing with tropical storm warnings. and if you look, the way it sets up the wind speed forecast, will n tropical storm force winds tonight for a few hours at least. pascoernando and citrus coun.
8:36 am
st. petersburg, 2:41 we do have coastal flood advisories because one to three feet above our normal tide will be enough in somefhoseow lying areas to a few issues. so take yesterday's de add t t what's you can likely expt today. just b loo for that. t of p don't understand, don't realize that even though that stos passing wello
8:37 am
three fee a noale more thing i s tormht f stetlad tay b arot scouyornd a sliswe e fth nth youhego iac going tot se upis storm thet i
8:38 am
we have green travel times for folks not lot volumes you miept suspect with lot of kids home from school today. just to recap some flooding concerns, not too many. but pretty big here along mlk stetnd iin oid tha area thrght daand th temanae co rd east and westbound afkd by standing water a highway 39. running list of weather related traffic concerns on my facebook page. you can check out twitter and please let me know if you're seeing anything in your neighborhood. pictures greatly appreciated as long atheyaken safely. all right thank you. a stinky problem that people in pinellas county have had enough of. the sewage system cannot handle storms and those who live there. so, it's the people who live there who are having to suffer. alcides is live in treasure
8:39 am
>> to conserve war. you know we were just talking about this on social media. s kim kui tetut some iormationbout saraasot coty. and sarasota's also asking residents to conserve as much water a psible. because again, they just gotten so much. in past 24 to 48 hours their treatment favlths are at max capacity. so here where we're at lated in tureasland,ty la st. pe bea whepo sde water all way into st. petersburg. so st. peturersbg hases to deal with that issue. so their water treatment plants are also at capacity as well. so what they are going to do, if they haven't already is dischargeom oef tobay. and 're hoping tor hea froon of st. pete at some point toda the pipes took beating yesterday. we all know that. millions of gallons of water
8:40 am
plants here in st. pete around operating capacity. they need to make room before effects of tropical storm hit this area they've contacted a department of environmental protection to note them. back in june tropical storm colin presented area with very similar situation. the city was forced to dump about 10 million gallons of city sewage into the bay. so the city actually spent about $400,000 to add an additional million gallons of emergency storage at one of its treatment plants. unfortunately, laura and russell that's not doing whole lot either. because again they are at capacity even now. >> so it would be very interesting to see what's going to happen in next 24, 48 hours as we start to see more of the effects of this storm here in st. pete and throughout the bay area. but for more, on i guess, jen probably has best assignment so far this morning.
8:41 am
basketball today. got to love it. good morning, jen. i know you got to be jealous of me i was prepared for the storm. i brought my rain boots my rain coat i figured walter watt out in rain they are sending me out. no i'm inside, nice and cozy. got the bathrooms nearby. i got my food here i've got whole bunch of kids hanging out at the rec center. such a cool concept. rec centers all across tampa bay. all across the city of tampa. they are open to kids normally after school and during the summer months. but onc the hillsborough county schools were closing right aund 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon they decided to open all of the rec centers in tampa. about 24 of them. they are opening them today from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. not only free but you don't even need to be a rec center member. you don't need to have that car card to drop off your kids here today idea they head because even though schools are out, parents still need to go to rk, they are probably worried don't know where to take their kids they don't want to take day
8:42 am
just sou o fowler. andhe i e' some ds in here. about a half dozen,rialm good. you've got twoids here tell me theirames a ages an9 ryis you're single mom you've got full time job when you found out that school was closed was going through your mindesterday havo ally that' wstou wou mi' verankful ey ww th yewhere t o work them ke them you're single mom you got to get that paycheck, right? yes, i do. got to get tha mone at kind actit do they do here? seems like they are having a lot of fun already. yeah they, they going in pool they do basketball. and they, arts and crafts. just good old time my daughter
8:43 am
step. and it's really good for them. even today is free you said really cheap to get rec card for all year long. for whole year long $15 per kid they are here from 2:45 until 6. all right. thank you, so much. i know you have to get off to work thanks for hanging out with me. kids dying to be on tv this more than i can't even explain this to you. where's my girl? she got a little cheer for you. one, t hit >> sheot it go. youaw that toto super great. i love it. i love it. man, i'm satgut here.s hardo kee kids. we're having fun out here. go. free.great thing. for all kids ang >> nice. >> very nice. cu kids
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da we slee you later.e. bye. >> cute. the energy out. as tropical storm hermine takes aim at our state airlines are trying to help travelers caught in tough spot. most carriers are waiving change fees and have issued flexible rebooking policies for trips in and out of tampa and other cities that are affected by the details for each deadline. righthere a out of tam that numbers igorhte youeaduthe door. and as this storm develops, and we're watching it, we're going online.on top of it both onir and in the palm of your hand all you need is your smart phone download skytower radar app. you can see live radar. get late edge warning and watches and it's free. you can get it in apple store on google play. just search skytower. stay with us we'll back with
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(() wre lf >ay h >>bo wle wloodinge in bay area bracing for much worse. >> fox reporter in apalachicola an area that could get a brunt. >> well windus g he in apalachicola are starting to pick up according to wind monitor were dealing with wind gusts between ten miles per hour and 13 miles per hour. we did see one first bands of rain make their way through this area about an hour and a half ago. or so. but as you can see now the rain has stopped. wind is picking up. take look right here apalachicola bay. this is boot ramp here that normally would not be covered this way but those water levels are rising even over here on the dock. that water is starting to reach
8:49 am
to a storm surge of about 3 to 5 feet. through this area. now residents in this area are preparing. we were over a gas station earlier this morning whe hadn't bad storms here as we what we used to s but it could be coming. morning rainfall and then the bulk of tropical storm hermine making its way through later on tonight. and there is chance that to this could turn into a category 1 hurricane as those winds are expected to hit 75 miles per hour or more. in apalachicola. fox news. all right for storm like it you want to make sure you have roof over your heady let's go to charley belcher florida largest home show. and, what better way to get a
8:50 am
many different roofs over your head. yes. yes and once you get a roof you got to have good doors with windows right? that's what we'll we're going to talk about next. guest.e dean martin the myster. brian santos joins us too. thanks latest and great edge in technology getting doors and windows sealed for storm protection. stick around everybody.
8:52 am
good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from at florida state here for florida lar labor day home show. i was remiss not telling you how much it was a to get in tickets are $8 then discounts for senior military children. so 8 bucks is most you pay to getin. right. something.ely. >> absolutely. >> i thought you say no, no. no, you're fine. brn stos is h spokperson fhe flo
8:53 am
related. because tropical storm hermine has me wondering about my house. we haven't hit in long time thank goodness. we also get a little complace.t. ifou're going to do renovations why not work towards something that willor you when you have those catastrophes. and these kinds of technologies these new windows and sliding doors, are one of the things. let's talk about what company is this? this is a 1. doors. and this is and windows. and this is probabl lot of us have sliding glass cminal can kick it in. wee talking security. okay. now what's good about this is this is an entire frame. look how thick this thing thing is. the entire here anchored in to the wall. double pane. double pane and sealed. and the idea here that is not only is it security as far as
8:54 am
thie but alsonergy fici heed. i will slide,ntly okay. wnowe've g lerally wallproton that o fthe weather, but also from security. i kind of like this, wood trim too. kind of pretty. something you don't normally see. this is actually vinyl. is that right? >> this islam nated. is it real?ing. >> yeah. it i now it' low maintenance. so we have the ability to create decor and safety and also wind protection all the once. you can also raise it up if you are in an area where you're back porch floods or pool over flows. yo duoavo cck with loc code there araie n things you have to make se they areevel to actual de to th area. n't jt assume that.eful. because i know tt wo
8:55 am
ll ynoou kw we want to kp >> dnd g what you pa-e back up service to it that's why you come to home show learn all new ideas and come ask the question kick the tires if you will. >> russell rhodes hopefully. car show. a car that's the car show.ah. n' kick the doors and windows. trying i was trying to be funny there. you can say it. i'm not mad at seter. okay. waiting that's hardest part. we're watching we're waiting for this tropical storm. dave has very latest and when we can start to feel some of the effects of it. and a storm pushing gas prices up as refinery and rigs shut
8:57 am
m hillary clinn and i ove is he wea t ag tsourced hisroductandtl nald u jobs t12ifferentnt on believeat you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. a reprieve from the rain. for now. but it's lurking off the coast. andd our way. and good morning. it thursday. septemr 1st. d'mra rserh d we are still waiting for this thing to do what it's and that's what we have to do. right, dave? you know this thing is almost a hurricane believe it or not. as of 8 o'clock winds are going up to 65 miles per hour. our concentration around here, of course really not winds, but the rain so to speak. because we've got so much yesterday. even if we get another inch or two of rain that could be an pissue. we're expecting more rain showers to pop up as some of th aativity toov


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