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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 1, 2016 9:00am-9:54am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. a reprieve from the rain. for now. but it's lurking off the coast. andd our way. and good morning. it thursday. septemr 1st. d'mra rserh d we are still waiting for this thing to do what it's and that's what we have to do. right, dave? you know this thing is almost a hurricane believe it or not. as of 8 o'clock winds are going up to 65 miles per hour. our concentration around here, of course really not winds, but the rain so to speak. because we've got so much yesterday. even if we get another inch or two of rain that could be an pissue. we're expecting more rain showers to pop up as some of th aativity toov
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and a forward movement which i like. because the faster this thing goes, the faster it gets out of here. now moving north, northeast at 12, the pressures, continue to fall as well. >> again, it's been since 2005. since a hurricane made land fall in florida. that streak may end tonight as this become as minimal hurricane early tomorrow morning. you're looking somewhere just east of apalachicola. that's where storm surge are going to be. we still are going to deal with tropical storm force winds from pasco county north. your current wind sustained from that buoy showing 63 mile per hour gusts. sustaid winds are at45. tropical storm warning pasco hernando citrus county. coastal flood advisoriesllsboro. wi anticipation of high tides
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we will talk more about that. it is we the forow s laterhis tel n. >> and limited with flooding a lot cleared out overnight. from yesterday. but we do have one big thingo note out of pinellas county. skyfox took this earlier shot mlk street completely bl off due to lots of standing water you believing 38th avenue south and 47th avenue south. i just saw a tweet from the mayor kriseman saying he doesn't expect it will be passable today. so, you'll have alternate route in meti. ce again mlk38th to 47th. we have a high wind advisory for sunshinekyway bridge. bridge is open take caution as you cross the water here. then out of manatee county state road 62 a county road 39 east and westbound directions blocked by standing water. so avoid here as well. all right vanessa, thank you. >> this was the scene yesterday. flooded streets courtesy of a lot rain. ten inches in parts of pinellas
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and alcides has been out and about all morning long. looking for, first of all wre not complaining about this. let's don't complain about this at all. yeah so far so od, though? >> so, today, i have on two rait my bo and a rain jacket. and i'm swti. ck we're not going to complain. you're exactly you know what there's people walking along beach here while it's not a beautiful day out, it is better than what we've got in last 24 hours. i will tell you city officials here in st. petersburg and around the beache are asking lks to conserve as much water as possible. because they've gotten so much rain the last 24, 48 hours. that a lot of their water treatment facilities are max capacity. what does that mean? basically means that, whatever you flush down toile is g into thesereatment facilities
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that water at some point int ane numerous times today. unfortuneasot nohen s sew water, we alsoant tbe clear, this not toilet water what you are flshing down toilet just run o from your lawn. yesterday. we know millions of gallons of rain and officials have said here in st. pete, that all three of their water treatnt facilities areax capacity. that's why they need to get rid of some of that water because effects of tropical storm hitting our area. so again, they are urging folks not only here on treasury island, but gulfport, st. pete beach as well. because all of sewage water from the these beaches go into st. petethey are urging folks to
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cleaning your clothes. at least until the next 24 hours until things settle down. again we're hoping to speak with pio at some point to get better why where they stand and hope to have the although more coming at fox 13 at noon. russell laura we're not complaining at all. we rather have you know, this type of wind and these type of conditions and what folks in big bend will have to deal with in next couple of hours. looks like wind picking up a little bit out there alcides, we'll say that. all that rain caused problems in tampa as well. tampa reclaimed water service is currently not available. >> a storm water breached production site and got into the filtration system. so now, they are having to flush the before bring it back online. no word yet on when that will happen. this was scene late last night. hudson, pasco county. an electrical fire at the bayonet point hospital led to evacuation of 209 people. >> and fox 13 shayla reeves is
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with very latest on this. good morning, shayla. >> hi, good morning to you. if you could just imagine working a 12-hour shift, evacuating patients, then traveling about an hour to another hospital to help with more patients. and that is was the reality for some nurses that i encounter earlier this morning. they tell me that's how they were able to make 4 o'clock in the mornin yesterday. and this is the reason why. take a look at your screen. regional medical center bayonet point. the scene unfolding right around 6:30 in the evening wednesday. staff members checked every room and removed every patient after an electrical fire led to a power outage. we're talking about 209 people taking out of the building. some carried from the third floor. medics transported them to other tampa bay hospitals. dozens of ambulances lined up to help with the effort. ev bus were invved i
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this has been described as the hospital's largest evacuation ever. fortunately in this case everyone made it out okay. they are there are no injuries to report. right now staff and security are working to restore operations to the building. found out that at this point, all surgeries scheduled for day have been cancelled. pridedonorily member oelativ en trted her this hospital. transported ultimately to another location. if selectptio t find out whou're relative may have been transported. back to you. >> okay,haa. thank u. ter th morning we are srick hwiol goverr camine comin 11:15. and befe thate will mt with h wl discuss the' po imptn our stat
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hillsborough county park and rec centers are all open too. they wanted to provide a safe place for kids and for senior citizens to go. and you don't neat a rec card this time. they said come on in and try us out. yesterday rain did not stop the bucs. it does stop lot of fans from seeing the game in ray jay. it was the team's final preseason game. against washington. nfl and bucs move the game to last night instead of tonight. because of the storm.
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football game. bucs lost had 5 fumbles they recovered all of them most of the starters for both teams did not play. this is last chance for players on bubble bs fgame ay lefrpt in atlanta.ig waiting game. waiting for tropical storm hermine to hit florida. ve g an update coming up for us next. and charley is at the home show. and it's sort of worked out well. you're showing off the kinds of things we need during storms. >> that's right. this florida largest labor day home show starts home runs through monday. when we and back we will focus on the garage russell andng tet floor. what you should really do,
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welcome back. in a place i should not be. >> why? you welcome i'm not qualified for this. i'm not qualified for this room. once or twice a year. i want to tell are you, this has been i ever watched y'all t last f trying to figure this thing out. this has ab very difficult storm to plot to figure out. 20, 21 years i've doing hurricanes. i can't think of more frustrating system than this. really? only because it just took forever to get going. and which you can't rely on computer models until you do that then at the same time it's, you know you don't want anything in the gulf. yeah. because, if this thing had orgazed day or two earlier.
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hurricane by now. thankfully it's not the been longest stretch we can remember or in history we know of since florida has hit by a hurricane. that might end tonight. because, there's at possibility. there's a possibility. let's get into it all rain bands sitting oh of shore they are just over hovering. just waiting ten, 11 inches of rain yesterday in parts of pinellas county. so, everything is full i look at this way cup is full. any more rain would obviously start more flooding issues. that plus, higher than tides for the next 24 to say 30 hours. so, no, we're not going to hurricane force winds here in tampa area. no. that's not going to happen. but we may still deal with few issues late this afternoon and tonight with squally weather and of course higher then normal tides. big picture you can actually see now on radar, there's the center of the storm moving just ast wasupposed to north, northeast. here's apalachicola.
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smidge east of apalachicola. since the beginning of this storm it's been one sided. meaning everything is on just the about on eastern side. so all of this moisture is also going to come along with it. so while it is quiet right now, we do expect later today the evening commng i yr ur ws,re gng to have to deal with some rain and some gusty winds as well. look at the wave heights. i remember showing thi map feet. 18 feet associated with thi the storm. yes, we will propagate those waves outward. nore n though type of wave heights off our coast. just trying to show you how strong this storm is becoming and how quickly it is starting to intensify. that's why we want to get it out of here fast. 58 mile per hour wind gusts. this buoy out here earlier today reported appear 63 mile per hour wind gust. officially the winds aret 6
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the forward movement is north, northeast at 12. again you can see how lopsided it is. typically the eastern side of a. this.t's clearly apparent on ere' notng thet side right now. so as this starts to move, and we start to pin wheel some of that rain on shore, just know in the back of your mind we will have to deal with that later today and tonight. category 1 hurricane land fall, very early tomorrow morning. and on this path obviously the felt right here. in the big bend area. that's where they have hurricane warnings out. but, 140 miles out from the center of this storm you have to tropical storm force winds. hence the reason for tropical storm warning from pasco county toernando county to citrus
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then hurricane win in very small area. probable is you're going to funnel all kinds ever water up into extreme forth northeast gulf apalachee bay. and that's not good a storm surge a potential problem much further toward north we still have to deal with coast will flood advisories how many times have we had tropical systems pass us to west yet we still had coastal flooding. that's one times we have to worry about later today. coastal flood advisory until friday at 1 o'clock. two, maybe 3 high tide cycle where we will have to deal with above normal tides. that doesn't disinclude counties to the south all through hillsborough and pinellas. of course, what that really meanest seas a couple feet above what they normally would. then, you got rip currents. then you've got high surf. to deal with as well. further north you go, tropical storm warning pasco hernando citrus county. are yanticipating? some squally weather tonight
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maybe f a few hou tonight. as the storm then moves on shore. things will dtimacallyrttato mproveor rrhe for our frien to the nort may tides runny 4 to six feet above because, somying ars the citrucounty and anrndo c weilha to watch some tidal flooding in spots. high tides next couple high tides crystal river sarasota you're 1:03. tides running a few feet above normal. tonight, and again tomorrow morning and your storm surge forecast, really one to two, maybe three feet tops. tampa bay area. much higher amounts as ago further toward the north. you can tell by the sequence of these maps that the further north you go, the tougher impact is really going to felt as some of this rain moves on shore later today, you have that severe weather risk of slight risk for severe storms to too
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sumter counts where you might get a few isolated tornadoes as well. quiet now which good getting a chance to hopefully decline things out a little bit increasing wind and rain later this afternoon. as your temperatures hit lower 80s. and we'll probably be dealing with some rain again tomorrow morning. and some gusty winds and dramatically improved by t over.y afternoon we still have so some showers and stormstsel notiai rnc chaes drop
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they've issued flexible rebooking ility. details for airli mt incle tripnds inut of the ath anditieacross fridaha are ct bstm. gh now mos departure and arvang a tt could cnge the day develops andt ke will. wait over southwest airlines wi soon offer daily nonstop flights from tampa bay to havana cuba. that in several months of competition between airlines flying for thase but, yesterday was a milestone. jet blue flew nonstop to cuba from fort lauderdale. takes about 45 minutes to fly from there to havana. you can find fares online for as low a $400 right now. donald trump meets with president of mexico. finally delivers his much ticipated address on immigration reform. just as new polls show the race is tightening between trump and hillary clinton.
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the race for white house from washington. let's start with numbers. these are results of new fox news poll showing that if you factor in third party candidates, this is just a 2 point race between hilary clinton and donald trump. and that doesn't even take into account everything that happened yesterday. donald trump taking the stage in phoenix to talk immigration. serving up kind red meat first put him on path to gop nomination. we will the southern border. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. that hard line book end in da that beg with meeting betwee trump and mexican president enrique pena where tone was fridlie even from na who unt compared trump to hitl hit >> we might disagree on several
9:21 am
mr. donald trump we do have fundamental common ground. were united by our support four democracy. a great love for our people. and the contributions of millions of mexican americans to the united states. trump's campaign no doubt hoping to benefit from at optics here with trump appearing presidential on a world stage. and while trump tried to clarify his immigration policies speaking in arizona. left unanswered what to do with millions of that haven't committed other crimes. hillary clinton meantime tried to win over veterans in ohio. attacking trump over his visit to mexico. >> and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. and then flying home again. that is not how it works. and as far as border wall is concerned, who would payor t donald tmp said the issue was
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hurry. get 0% for 72 and $500 labor day cash across the entire ford lineup. plus specially tagged vehicles get another $1000 smart bonus cash. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming i'm at florida state fairgrounds today. for florida largest labor day home show. starts tomorrow runs through mo
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veterans, kids, seniors. we're talking about preparing for storms since tropical storm hermine is out there. and let's go to the garage. we're in the garage. and we're talking about getting things up off the floor. yeah, you knowage is one lowest places in your home. usually sit down and step up into your home. so t onehe first places we'veome into waters going trude.esterday i drove home in that driving rain. yeah i pulled my car into the garage. yeah where go on top of my car. it all pools down in my garage. >> absolutely. fuf agot cardboard boxes on ground you're done. or, even, beyond rain the critters will get in there. so will fish cockroaches hello is florida. >> not me. by way we have pest control here
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i also like this, kind of replacement of what we used to use peg board those things fell through.t a adjustable. these are a steel they clip underneath. almost like retail rack system you would have like at. and you want to point out same company does these i love this idea too put it up over your car. it's not going anywhere. park place ultimate garage solution. literally hey can you get your
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but what this does again whole idea keeping everything off the stuff not attic attic can get over 200 degrees. hello bugs. >> gotcha. what we need is to be an able to get access to and pull cart car underneath and we're done. russell rhodes, there you go florida largest labor day home show. kicks off tomorrow. goes through monday. great place to come out and get ideas to protect your the next storm that will eventually head our way. yeah, sure will. all right, charley, thanks. see you when you get back. all right. we're just getting word from governor's office they are closing allstate offices starting at noon today. whether offices will be open is yet to be decide depends on what happens with tropical storm. stay tuned we will bring you latest as soon as we hear anything. and one baseball best involved
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((russell/2sh)) it's just a matter of hours until tropical m hermine makes in the big bend area of florida.((laura)) while it will be in big bend area of florida. >> and while that will be hundreds of miles away from us we are not out of woods at all. rain and flooding will be our biggest concern. let's get to dave right now and talk about the latest. >> yeah. ten inches of rain in pinellas county yesterday did not help the situation. look at the hilton clearwater beach. very ominous looking start to the day.
9:31 am
tropical storm. soon to be minimal hurricane heading up tohe big bend area. so these winds, these seas are really going to start to pick up. later today and going into tonight. look at some of these lines of rain. just be glad that this is not sitting on top of us right now. that would like instantaneous flooding. we're going to see andta this e. some showers getting are'd to touch coastline. we're g later today with some windy, squally weather. at plu those higher than normal ties we're afternoon ang tomorrow morning. big picture, with tropical storm most activity is on eastern side of it. as it moves like watch my hand moves north, northeast for a land fall somewhere up here, just, just a skosh east apalachicola afterid
9:32 am
so you got all this moisture coming in about. with high tides. and some of those areas, and you know, if you live any length of time in florida if you're one of those areas. susceptible to some some higher than normal tadal flooding you may may have to deal with that for later this afternoon. >> 65 mile per hour rth, o fwafrd momenttiles p bouinimal huice. make land fall very early tomorrow could anywhere inside this cone. not just where that line is. but with all the impacts, most of impacts on on eastern side of this you mayest elementary get tropical storm force winds into pasco county. watch wind speed forecast. based on the track forecast, this is strictly based on track forecast. you can look and see, this yellow indicates tropical storm
9:33 am
of citrus. by tonight a 10 o'clock. don't think you don't get much by day's end tonight we're still going to have to deal with storm as makes its way on shore even oos we get past 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you may still be dealing with citrus county tropical storm force winds. really in general, t furer north you go, the highe the imo. and of course, great edge impacts right there in that big bend area. but wat have hurricane watch out for pasco hernando citrus county. but the tropical storm warning as we do feel later today and tonight, winds greater than 39 miles per hour. plus the higher than normal tides, around inglewood it may be a foot above normal. but as you go further north up to tampa area. one to three feet above normal. and maybe 4 to six as get up towards citrus county.
9:34 am
theto surge forecast one, we will satisctory 0 to two feet in tampa bay area. you get up into pasco and hernando county 2 to 4. yeah maybe as high as 4 to 6 as get up into citrus county. lot low lying areas and lot of water with this very shallow, shallow water here. just going to be funneled in that's whereg y all w up in tho particular areas. that's enough. yeah a lot going on. obviously highest impacts are going to be the north. but citrus county, hernando county, pasco county still have to deal with tropical storm force winds heavy rainfall potential ofdo oso. we'll here with you all the way through the afternoon through tonight. and anything changes of course you can head to well, increasing wd witai squaser ts afternoon. the perfect day. perfect day to gastrointestinal
9:35 am
radar app. wouldn't you say? because we're going to deal with that rain later this afternoon through tonight through next 7 days you will see rain chances decrease or get back to normal over holiday weekend i keep forgetting it is labor day weekend. we will go back to 90 for sunday and 91 degrees for monday. we'll check radar again coming up in just a little bit. vanessa. >> all right. soaro goo o ourrowawe hen't eve green zonell morning. typically happens when you don't have a folks going to school an. live look here in pinellas. here 27528th street - a look at traveling times right now outdoor nine minutes bearss to i-4 ideal conditions completely southbound 275 coming into downtown tampa. same here, ideal, 5 minutes mlk to 275 along i-4. eight minutes for that drive bruce b. downs boulevard taking 75 southbound. >> big sigh yesterday about lunch time. with joy.
9:36 am
schools closed for that left lot parents who still have to work wondering what to dods. thankly hillsborough county parks and r hopet'se jen is to hello. >>ey t we're cope land park recreational center in tampa just off fuente street. hf fowler. i talked to you guys earlier you saw they were dancing and having good time. i think there's about 20 kids here right now. behind me they are dancing some more. practicing t over my other shoulder running around playing basketball. there's a computer lab over to the left side o the building. i pryou that if kes here, they going to be bored. they will expel all of that energy. city of tampa decided once they heard hillsborough county schools were closing to open their doors a little bit earlier than they normally do all day long. about 24 recreational centers crosses the city of tampa. about two dozen of them open this morning 8:00 a.m.
9:37 am
6:00 p.m. two great things about this, it free you don't have to pay a dime. all ir child between age 5 and 17 it doesn't matter if they are kre ko haread before hid youutd citya's way o
9:38 am
like i said i just live down the block if anything happens just come up here. you weren't a rec member before how easy was it is to sign up today. pretty easy. yeah. >> wonderful. well i'll let you go i know you have lot of stuff going on today. you know your kidsea russell lai was talking about dancing going on you cannot dance without music, right? eoingon. have l >> nice.
9:39 am
it was going to be into orbit that's cnbc is reporting obvious a big story we will continue to report it throughout the day and the f 13 news at noon and as always at on other news now 9:irst cases a have been reported in sia. virus was found in a woman and her daughter when both who had been traveling to neighboring singapore. infection has prompted officials
9:40 am
traveler from singapore from the mo skeefkt virus health officials are also recommending a nonessential traveling advise be issued. cdc is advise american travelers to singapore to protect themselves against mosquito bites. questions linger this morning about an ex district attorney in north carolina after a man he convicted 21 years ago was set free for a murder he did not commit. >> 54-year-old daryl howard was sentenced to 80 years in prison. back in 1995. by a judge however now says he failed to share pole memo that pointed to suspects other than howard. and this is not first time that he has cover up evidence. during 200 seven duke university lacrosse rape case, investigators found he hid evidence proving lacrosse players were innocent.
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sigh of relief this morning. all-star outfielder mike trout was in a serious car welcome back l a angel breathe a star of mike trout was serious car crash we are told club is wayam wrec. you ca it was pretty bad. big casino. front and of his per saidz was crushed white car was smashed a well that driver had to ex tri-indicated using jaws of lif she's expected to be okay fortunately. there two separate crashes close tone another. investigating that. angels are saying prout is planning oh traveling with the team today. on this thou we is an actress shannon doherty when she shaved her head she's fighting breast cancer going throug chemo. this is her latest post. bit heart wrenching to look at it sho her in tmo c chaean of c. chemo day. was we call red devil being injected into me.
9:46 am
wow. well this, r kelly the black crows lincoln park and more 200 artists musicians and entertair filedri b w re aonce abo what's ruling is here againstobin thicke, pharrell and t i what that exact will have on music. you recall those three were sued about the song blurred lines. by marvin gay's estate judge ruled for gay's familyut tck ct 200 others? the industry are agreeing. 9:46 the time. coming up tropical storm hermine and gas prices. we will talk about how one affects the other. and a little later we will get dave's last look at the storm. and a look at when we will start feeling th i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind,
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h itright here... ? again, again, we going to rewind... for every hello ? is this your dog? ? waffles!
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. live picture of, , is the waves are starting to pick up. here is wind lauren simonetti talk business news with us right now. hey lauren. not. hi an dow up for dreary terrible worse month of year september. the first day august wans so
9:50 am
big news comes down tomorrow. n indication todayoo feds out you know this long holiday weekend ahead of us. already coming into this weekend august was lowest volume in two years. of participation.tion in terms >> lauren, the fist what we showed actually coming out commercial break was picture of beach. and waves and wind rolling on shore from tropical storm hermine. >> ri you're saying, that wall street keeping an eye on oil prices today, right? >> it's a nutty story. you you would imagine even if this tropical storm doesn't become a hurricane or misses the key platforms in gulf of mexico, usually market just becomes jittery and because of that oil prices go up and eventually gas prices go up too. it's not happening right now. not only did oil fall three and a half percent yesterday it's falling another one and a half percent right now.
9:51 am
opinion. i think we have so much oil on the market, record damage from any of these evacuions o whatever hapns with the storms, the marke will be fine. yeah. hope so. yeah. price gouging. when we need it most. all right lauren thank you. >> thank you. all right i'll see you tomorrow. good luck. right back with last look dave's fore i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
9:52 am
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((russell/2sh)) here's a good day, good deed for you today. a husband and good deed for you a husband and wife were in traffic accident. stay with us. that sounds bad, right wt haen s ene omepite of w law emay i day out. hearty holly posted this picture, her son getting into a sarasota deputy's cruiser. she wrote on her facebook a car wreck. they were not hurt. but because of it it made them late to pick kids at school. >> so she continued wanutig onh kiddos from school. they got to ride on cruiser and they weren't in any trouble obviously. ce very nice yeah we want to get back to story we reported a few minutes about explosion a
9:55 am
our fox station there. wofl. and this was reportedly a spacex unmanned rocket. it was a routine test launch in advance of this saturday launch that was expected. at least four explosions they are saying felt miles away. buildings miles away shook because of this. now there's a black plume of smoke over cape canaveral right now. i'm reading from orlando sentinel new was scheduled to carry a satellite as part of mark zu and facebook's plan to bring internet service to sub saharan africa. we've reported that story before that he had wanted to take the orlando sentinel. i'm sure thereby a more on that later today. >> all right. we need to get over to dave right now and last look at the
9:56 am
hey dave. looking at the radar, the showers get closer and closer to the coastline. in fact going to be out and about later today. anticipating we will have some of these rain squalls moving through gustier winds as well. boy they are right off the coast of pinellas county. so another whiches possible. could aggravate some flooding. so be careful and i'm worried about that. worry about that later today. 65 mile per hour winds. all side of tropical storm hermine. it is strengthening. believe it or not it doesn't look like it o satellite it stremth enningecast beco a category 1 hurricane. with a land fall just east of apalachicola. very likelially toe tomey more expect pasco her none do citrus. 39, 40, 41 miles per hour. hurricane force winds it is a
9:57 am
confined to very small area which is going to be right here in the big bend area. so from tampa in tampa we're expecting our tides which will be this afternoon to run just a couple of feet above normal. we still have flood watch that we have to deal with as well. and we'll have some of the squally weather. i do encourage you to check back in on fox 13 news at noon with jim weber and head to for the very latest. very latest. there's your seven-day forecast i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. mited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple.
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