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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it even looks like there's an ee that's developing south, and there it is. we have been on this unstable east side with feeder bands coming up from the south and southwest. this morning when you woke up yu probably looked at skytower and said, there's no way we're getting anything. there was a huge band of storms just off the coast. >> and then we had sarasota to 48 miles an hour. when that happened, the hurricae center said, well, we're going o put this now a tropical storm warning. so the entire west coast is undr a tropical storm warning. now the question is how many moe of these bands in the gulf will be impacting us? we put this into motion. for now they're parallel on the coast, but look at this one. this one is getting awfully close, and i think eventually b,
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to be onshore. inside these squalls, and that's a squall when you look outside, look how pitch black. windy, you've got heavy rain. when these go by, it will look really bad. that will be happening in pinellas county and even into manatee and sarasota counties by about 6:00, and then eventually some of this activity will kind of sit over the bay area tomorrw as the storm begins to move to the north and northeast. let's zoom in. bands of rain coming up from the when this areas of red go by is when the wind and rain really picks up. that's moving rapidly from south to north. now, half of hernando citrus and pasco are dry, but there's more rain heading your way from the south and southwest. we slide south -- look at this solid line of rain. at the put that into motion and you can see it is moving north, but the line itself is slowly shifting to the east and then
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of hermine, our skytower is powerful enough to look all the way out in the gulf and see what appears to be, i won't call it n eye, but you can see a definite center of circulation -- yeah, that right there is the center f hermine which is spinning about 225 miles or so to the west, northwest. that in itself, i mean, this radar presentation as far as science goes is pretty impressive. it really is. because we're in the quadrant of the storm, we have most of the turbulence and instability, so you see red. we have a tornado watch until 11:00 tonight. already we've seen a couple of tornado warnings, one up by hudson and one east of brooksville. here is the latest advisory. 28.5 north. 85 west and now moving north-northeast at 14. predicted to be an 80-mile an hour hurricane as it makes landfall.
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of tallahassee. that's a big difference. if the center is west of tallahassee or near it, we'll have big issues, with 75, 80-mie an hour winds. it's always better to be on the left-hand side or the west side of a storm and then the storm kind of spins off the mid atlantic coastline next week. as i said, tropical storm warnig in yellow, hurricane warning in pink or red. this will stay in effect for the time being. probably through at least mid night tonight. wind gusts getting up there. 26 in clearwater. we had a wind gust earlier at 48 in sarasota. this is pretty much what we expected as far as wind goes. look at the wave heights. wow. out in the gulf. building as high as 30 feet. and check this out. wind gusts, last hour, 60, at te boey south of apalachacola.
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tied will include more high tied tomorrow morning around 3:00. at that time seas running or tides running about 1 to 3 feet above normal. predicted wind gusts, this is fr 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. 78 in tallahassee. 58 in cross city. we may not see this much wind. this is a model prediction. but the thing about tomorrow is we may have one of those feeder bands kind of stuck over us for some of the day, so tomorrow may not showers and thunder showers and kind of a gusty southwest wind s the hurricane passes on our north. we have a lot more to talk abou. stay with us through the 5:00 ad 6:00 newscast. we'll break in. we'll let you know if any warnings are issued. back to you. >> for any information, download our app from the app store. >> the bridge is closed because of high winds. those wind gusts we've been telling you about your paul has
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florida highway patrol says wins are averaging about 46 miles an hour with gusts up to 56. and the city of tampa has closed down bayshore boulevard between platt because of street floodin. if you live in south tampa they're atelectasis -- we've sen kids kayaking in the streets and the crews have shut down some >> we have a look at what conditions are like now. >> residents in st. pete are caught between high tide and storm water. you can see how high the water is. still coming up pretty far on my legs. and take a look at this. the city already putting up barrels to lock off roads where the water is just getting too high. now, high tide hit around 3:00 this afternoon and likely will return around 3:00 a.m. in the morning. at the same time we could see more rain rolling through the area. city crews have been going
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places may not be passable as we head through the morning. some cars still taking their chances, but that creates a new set of problems for homeowners causing a wake to push-up towars their doors and that's saltwater coming into their homes. now i spoke to a few residents who say this is probably the worst they've seen the storm water in front of their houses n several years and right now they've got their sandbags ready just hoping for the best. >> this is probably the worst it's been in a few years. we had that storm back in june. in june. and we hope -- i know that there's a bad high tide now, so hopefully this just -- the water subsides and this is a nonissue. >> you can see some people looking for a way to enjoy all this water the best they can. and again we are expecting thins to possibly get even higher as e head into the night. the one request residents say they have for drivers is to slow down. the faster they drive, the more this saltwater is probably going
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we're in st. pete. crystal clark, fox 13 news. >> thank you, crystal. all this rain putting a major burden on waste water treatment plants. in some areas the sewage has already spilled out into the streets. fox 13's haley hinds live with how the city is working around the clock to try to control the overflow. look behind you there. >> this manhole behind me here has spewing raw sewage since yesterday and it's not only a foul smelling problem something that neighbors say really is chronic problem every time a large storm moves through this area. today we stopped by the city's waste water treatment facility o see how they're working to manae the sewer system which was pushd over capacity by the storm. parts of the city got 11 inches of rain in 24 hours. waste water manager told me it s the worst he's seen in eight years working at the plant. the water that does make it to
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sewage, but as cleaned, it has not been dechlorinated. >> that's treated waste water, not raw sewage. there's a difference between the two. the water that does make it through all the way to the treatment plant, yesterday all day we were able to treat all that effluent. however because of the construction project we have going on right now, we hav limitations on the number of tanks that we're using. >> and largo isn't alone. st. pete and sarasota we've head are dealing with similar sewage issues and we just got word a fw minutes ago that clearwater's marshall street wastewater plant has experienced a failure, it's backing up and water is flowing through man holes in several places. crews are barricading off those areas while the city gets rental
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aren't working, as he mentioned the city of largo is working on several construction projects fr a long term solution to try to help alleviate the storm water and sewage issues when storms come through the area. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about that as well as ways you can help with the problem in the short term. reporting live in largo, haley hinds,. >> how is it looking there, eva? county is okay, but we did find one spot here. this is a retention pond that is right here on iron bark drive ad you can see here this retention pond has come up and spilled ovr onto the street and right now te edge of it there is about 10 to 12 feet away from people's home. if you look over there to the left, you can see that there is some homeowners there talking to some people who were bringing sandbags in. and if you go all wait over thee to the left, there are people nw
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here along the homes that are here on ironbark. this is the intersection of ironbark and glover. so homeowners here are very concerned, very nervous about this. apparently this is a retention pond that routinely overflows when the rain gets bad, but you can see here if if you look dow, the water really does flow down hill from the rest of this neighborhood on to this street here on ironbark, so it's a very nerve-racking situation. these homeowners are used to it, but that doesn't make it any easier. >> the sandbags. everything is put up in the house, electronic wise. we have a pump, so it's never standing. this time we're expecting the worst. >> if you look all the way down the street there you see those two barricades. that's to let drivers know this is not anything they should try to come through. if you see the pike there all te way at the end.
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county wastewater truck. there was a pump there. they have since moved that. look all the way over here. there's a pump across the way here at this side of the retention pond. that is trying to keep the water from overflowing not only on tht side of the street but also get the water out of here so it doesn't overflow on this side of the street. you can see that neighbors are very concerned about this. we'll be watching this one closely linda as the rain keeps on falling in pasco. >> glad to see the residents taking some precautions. thanks,va bayonet hospital in hudson, but they are still days away from being fully operation allege. a lightning strike caused a powr outage last night. more than 200 patients had to be taken to other hospitals. fox 13 erin -- aaron mesmer joining us live. >> the good news is the main power is back on. the bag news is that a backup
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and by law that has to be the case before anybody can be allowed back into the hospitalized. before patients can start being accepted again. like i said we're at least a few days away from that happening. let's take a step back to last night. we're told it took six hours. six hours to get everybody out f that hospital safely. >> when you're in the dark and you don't have any power for any system, that's a worst case scenario. >> that's the exact scenario bayonet point hospital faced lat night and it's what stevens by surprise as she arrived to visit her elderly father. >> i pulled up to see my dad and there were fire trucks there and i could see some smoke. >> lightning struck the hospital's roof starting a small fire knocking out the generator source and the power. >> all parents were evacuated. this is what she described that process looked like. >> it was like quiet chaos. >> hospital spokesperson curt
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a full scale evacuation in the dark requiring a massive coordinated effort. >> we're working with creeling phones and flashlights to begin the process. evacuating patients. >> and everyone, including volunteers pitched in. some doctors and nurses even had to carry patients down three flights of stairs. >> the elevators got shut down because of no power. they have boards and special equipment that they use to transfer patients. >> 70 ambulances and three ambulance buses were called in from as far way as >> i can't stress enough how proud i am personally and our team, of really the coordination of assets and personnel and highly trained individuals. >> the nurses and the staff were really good. the doctors were really good. >> virginia's father is in another hospital and in good hands. but she's not exactly sure whats next. >> i don't know what the plan i. i don't know when he'll get to come home.
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doctors and nurses from bayonet point have gone to some of the other hospitals to continue caring for their patients. i'm also told that the hospital was already in emergency preparedness mode with the storm moving in, with hurricane hermie comng in. so they already had a backup generator on the way. it only took an hour, hour and a half for it to get here. it might have been longer had that not been the case. cynthia. >> it was amazing to watch last night. thanks so >> we have closings, citrus, hernando, hillsborough and pacific lass. >> citrus, pinellas and pasco county public schools on friday. >> we'll take you to manatee and sarasota counties coming up. see how people are dealing with the rain and the flooding there. still ahead. a case of road rage in pasco county gets even more violent when a driver pulls out a gun ad starts shooting. who detectives are looking for.
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we've had >> we've had tornado warnings throughout the afternoon. and a woman sent us this video when the warning went into effet there. you can see the trees blowing in the wind. it's raining obviously. paul more rain could be on the way and more weather that looks like that. >> you're right. i'm just updating -- there's so much going on.
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it's been nonstop action since the storm has been in puerto rio about a week and a half ago. you're exactly correct. could be additional tornado warnings at any time, and i tell you. the skytower presentation has been incredible. i mean our radar is strong enouh to look way out in the gulf and see what is a developing eye south of apalachicola. i mean, you talk about it from a pure science standpoint and that's incredible. if you're stuck in some of t bad way because these bands of rain that are approaching the west coast right now, they contain winds next excess of 40 miles an hour. so the question is, you know, hw much of this rain is going to gt on the coast and if you just kid of watch it, you extrapolate it looks like some of it will get n shore in the next half hour to 5 minutes. i mean this is a line that is going to contain the amount of rain 2 to 4 inches per hour.
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about wind speeds between 40 and 50 miles an hour. so we put this into motion and you can see it's kind of rotatig around the center of hermine which is kind of back by my head or behind my head. you've got ahead of this line, you have fast moving squalls and people say what the heck is a squall? a squall is you're outside and the sky turns dark and it rains like crazy for like 10 to 15 minutes, a flash or two of lightnig. the winds picks up andhe goes by and ends that's a squal. and we've had that -- in fact te video you showed tossing to me n the weather center that's a squall. right there. and here's more of it coming at us from the west and southwest. also western citrus, hernando, western pasco, odessa and lutz, very heavy rain that's moving rapidly to the north and northwest and this line, you know, for those of you watching
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one. a good time to have the skytower app and watch this approach you, because this will produce heavy rain and very strong winds, and then on the wider view, you can clearly see what is an eye feature here and that's south of apalachicola. the storm still has about anothr six hours or so where it can intensify, then it moves on shoe and it will rapidly weaken. you can see the eye feature here and that's pretty incredible, ad then this big feeder band kind f coming in from the east. you look at that and it kind of almost looks like the number nie extending out into the gulf of mexico. tornado watch, not for our southern counties, but tampa bay north, this is the quadrant has always the most unstable, the northeast side of a tropical system, more spin here and the physics of the approaching storm
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and when they rotate they can produce a quick tornado. 75-mile an hour hurricane now moving north, northeast at 14 miles an hour. it will be accelerating and then moving off the carolina coast this weekend as we said. tropical storm warnings are up for our west coast and for good reason, because there's approaching bands that could produce tropical storm winds. look at this map. storm surge forecast for the big bend where the water is very think about the gulf as a bathtub, you're throwing the hurricane to the north and you'e pushing or piling up water in te northeast gulf, so as high as 10 to 15 feet of water in the big bend as close to cedar key and even for our viewers at home you're talking 6 to 10 feet whih will cause significant storm surge flooding along the coast n citrus county. tampa bay about 2 to 4 feet.
5:22 pm
24 in st. pete. 23 in clearwater. here's the next high tide. right on average about 3:00 in the morning, give or take an hor or so and wind gusts projected could be as high as 78 in tallahassee, satellite and radar presentation shows storms on the east side. a lot of you last night were messaging me on social media tht it looked like the storm was turning to the east. you're looking at color enhanced clouds being pushed to the you can't bye-bye the infrared, you have to go by the recognizat plot. huh-uh. high level winds pushing the storm east. the storm is going this way. not going our way. that's for sure. tonight we get bands of rain, some heavy, a few thunderstorms. the problem tomorrow is we're going to kind of sit i think ina feeder band for a time, so
5:23 pm
storms. we're in the mid 80ss. we start to improve on start, bt still tropical with variably cloudy showers and thunderstorms about 86. not good boating weather southwest, 20, 25 knots. seas 10 to 14 feet. very rough in the bay. low tide about 9:30 tonight. 7-day forecast, one or two more days of hermine impacts, and thn we're finally back to normal net week with temperatures back in the 90s. back to you. >> thanks, pau >> an explosion leads to a set back for space x in nasa. what investigators are finding
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you won't find many dry streets you won't find any dry streets n this is how it has been looking since yesterday. some islanders, people that have lived there a long time have ben going with the flow. but police want everybody to pay close attention. >> it's been raining on and off again, but here in holmes beach on anna maria, there's still a lot of standing water and a lot of street flooding. many islanders you talk to say it's part of the island lifestyle, but the police chief wants to make sure everyone
5:27 pm
them. mother nature. >> cory and his family wanted an up close view. >> right now we're watching the storm and it's turning out to be really cool. >> they watched from bradenton beach as the waves came in. >> i think we're very lucky we didn't get a direct hit on it, o it could have been a lot worse. >> a few blocks down, it appeard to be worse. flooding nearly knee deep. >> few have seen this type of flooding before. >> it's the worst i've ever see. the floodingny my deck. >> richard davis was confident t wouldn't make it inside his hom. we have high tide and that makes it even worse around here anywa. >> the lifestyle seems to be one of no worries, not always the best mindset says the police chief. >> it does do a wake-up call to the citizens. we truly haven't had a really hurricane type storm that has ht this area in many many years. so we -- we know that we've been
5:28 pm
hope that that continues. >> the chief says if you're not from the island and you want to come out here and see what's going on, just stay home. he says you can observe the conditions online, on facebook and twitter, and you can find holmes beach police department n both of those. on anna maria, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> here's a live look at skytowr radar and i do believe that we have a tornado warning that has just popped up, paul. >> just came in a second ago. watching i near land o lakes and lutz movig about 45 miles an hour. we've had a couple of these tody and the situation is as such. we've had a watch since about midday today. these thunderstorms start rotating and they can produce a quick tornado. the cells themselves moving norh about 45 miles an hour, so they're trucking along. we can go back to skytower and we'll show you how things are playing out.
5:29 pm
velocity modes. can we tay-tay skytower? can you take it -- there we go. thank you. >> we'll click on this and show show -- this is a a cuplet. the gulf, there's enough spin in the atmosphere that any one of those will start rotating and when they do they can spawn a quick tornado. this cell is moving due north about 45 miles an hour and if you're watching me along 41, in pasco county, that's where the biggest threat is going to be fr the next half hour or so. it's generally right through hee and that will continue to move generally to the north.
5:30 pm
it's in effect for about another 30 minutes or so. >> let me clear this up and we will expand on this view. let me see what the weather service is saying. no reports of any damage. this is once again, a thunderstorm that on radar is rotating. there's no confirmation of a tornado on the ground. it is moving fast. there's a new radar sweep and it will continue to move generally yeah, another view here as we kind of expand on this. you're not going to see much as far as the reflectivity goes. all you'll see here is heavy rain. a little bit, maybe a hint of a hook echo. this is moving so fast that if t holds together, it could theoretically make it all the wy into hernando county and maybe all the way up into maybe near brooksville in the next half hor to 45 minutes that's how fast it is going.
5:31 pm
all the way up to brooksville, o we'll continue to watch it. here's some of the wind parameters. that's the reflectivity. we'll get back to that in a second. but the bottom line is there's a warning in effect until 6:00. so we'll stay on it -- we're going to be staying here obviously throughout the evenin. the warnings up until 6:00, we'l
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>> well, here's what the beach looks like. this is fiesta key. this is just a few hours ago where the water is pretty much n shore. heavy flooding shut down the beach access road so nobody is heading in there right now. >> the cause way boat under water. let's get over to paul because he's monitoring a tornado warning. paul, i just texted my kids because we live in that area. >> the thing is i'm -- mike bennett has joined me. a lot going on. not only do we have the tornado warning in effect, mike, we also have that line of weather approaching the west coast and that -- we've looked at some radar data has winds 50 miles an hour. so it's two things. it's the tornado warning until
5:35 pm
tornado warning in this kind of -- we'll call that a polygon, but also of equal concern is ths line here which is rapidly approaching our west coast and that one is almost onshore. you can kind of jump ahead here and as we take a look at this, it's approaching pinellas count, it's holding together, so along the beaches, pretty soon the wid is going to pick up from the south and could gust next excess , hour, mike. >> yeah. this line has been holding together for at least the last few hours and it's within -- wht is that, five, 10 miles. >> it's going to make two -- we had some discussion earlier that it may miss us, but the storm is so big and strong that the eastern side is throwing out these bands that are indeed making it to the coast. what i would say to you if you are watching me in pinellas rigt now and you see that line on
5:36 pm
road. so if you're saying i'm going to make a quicker rand and be back in a half hour, don't do it. just don't. just wait until the line goes b. you don't want to be driving around with 50-mile an hour wins and blinding rain that's not a good time at all. and also let's not forget what's going to be happening here. pretty soon in anna maria and also in holmes beach, there's nt a lot of lightning here, but there's certainly winds 40 to 50 and also we're talking about frequent lightning offshore and then wins 40 to 50 and the thing i'm tryig to say is blinding rain that wil cause some street flooding. >> this is pretty much the heaviest the rain gets. this will be some torrential downpours and we're also looking at the potential we'll see more tornado warnings pop as this moves onshore. this is the type of band setup s it moves on shore you see the quick tornadoes that we have right now in pacific county. >> this is the one here that we've zoomed in and it's getting
5:37 pm
here, you say what's the deal with this green and red? all that is doing is the radar s bouncing a beam and bouncing a signal off that thunderstorm and green and red indicates wind towards and away from the radar, so when winds are going in two different directions like this, it means the storm has to be rotating and a rotating thunderstorm will often spawn a developing tornado. this has not benzene by anyone that thunderstorm is rotating ad it could produce a tornado. it's in effect, by the way, untl 6:00. >> and just some of the places t would be again. hernando county airport around 5:50 and spring hill around 5:55 if that rotation holds together. any potential tornado would be n that area. it's moving fast. 45 miles an hour. it's almost -- when the radar updates, it like literally jumps another 5 miles, so you want to
5:38 pm
you're seeing that this will eventually, i think, get into sections of hernando county, maybe even up to brooksville in the next half hour or so, so we'll pay attention to this. it's an ongoing situation. i think between now and 11:00 when the tornado watch expires there will probably be additional -- in fact, this is the tornado watch here. so that's in effect until 11:00 tonight, and i think we'll probably see more between now ad then. >> especially with that line coming onshore onshore basically in the next half hour to an hour or so and very gusty winds. even if we don't see tornado warnings from it, just a straight-line winds, the blindig rain. stay inside. you know, don't venture out at this point. wait for the band to push through. >> this is the 5:00 update from the hurricane center 28.5, 85 west, top winds of 75. the storm is locked in moving north-northeast at 14.
5:39 pm
once it passes your latitude, i mean, you're kind of done with t as far as it ever coming back. it is heading for the big bend and the track, there's very little debate or doubt in the next 24 hours there is more dout down the road, but that's someoe else's problem in the mid atlantic states, that's not our issue. our issue now is some of the heavy rain bands. i'm going to go back in a second here. i have to kind of flip-flop and take a look at what's happening -- let's pop up we'll take one more wider view, because i think of concern here is that line which is approachig pinellas county. there you go. so here as we put this into motion, i want to remind you ths is pretty much on clearwater beach. is there anyway we can get the can we get that, just take a lok or maybe even the sorono beach cam to see how things are lookig offshore now? >> if we can do that that would be great.
5:40 pm
how dark it is, so that is the leading edge of the heavy weather. also of note, notice the wave action. i mean, we get waves like that, you know, a couple times a year, sometimes behind a cold front in the winter and quite often when tropical systems are in the gul, that's the kind of waves we get. the tide right now is going out to low tide. the tide starts coming back in later on tonight and by 3:00 a.m., it's back to a high tide so the water levels are not as high as they the good news, because with this line coming onshore, that would -- would probably add to the significant flood threat if that was to continue. you can see the line moving steadily just about on the coas. so the key here is if you're watching us in pinellas, get set for some very heavy rain. strong winds, highly recommend not driving any time soon in pinellas. wait for the line to go by. this will probably get into
5:41 pm
down in anna maria, that line is pretty much on you now. it will be onshore in the next five to 10 minutes. so this is a dicey situation. thankfully if you stay inside ad you just kind of watch what's happening to us and what's happening with us and the forecast you're going to be oka. there's not going to be enough wind to do any structural damag. the bottom line is you just want to stay off the roads. >> by the way, the tornado warning has been continued. that severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near spring hil north at 45 miles per hour. so that puts it -- and we should say spring hill, we should say - because that's a little bit deceiving. that's probably a little bit eat of where we would say spring hill, more towards -- more towards the center of hernando county. >> right. >> because a lot of us think of spring hill being on u.s. 19. it's not on u.s. 19. it's more towards the suncoast and to the east. we can show you that again on
5:42 pm
velocity one more time and we cn get a better -- this is how fast it's moving. take a look -- we have the output -- hold on one second. click on this. this is how fast it's moving. you know, if you saw us like fie minutes ago, this was down in central sections of -- this has moved all the way now into hernando county along 41 and is just south of brooksville. so you talk about some speed. this thing is along broad street, heading up 41, airs road, there's the suncoast, 589. it is approaching powell road which is a road south of brooksville. no confirmation yet, mike, from anyone in the weather service of a confirmed tornado. but it is something we'll continue to watch. so we'll go back to -- we'll go -- we'll take a little bit of a break here. we'll reset here as far as maps
5:43 pm
big band of heavy rain and win
5:45 pm
news. the tornado warning which was in effect for sections of pasco and hernando counties was expired early at 5:45. that couplet or that rotation weakened rapidly. now we're turning our attention to one of the outer bands that s producing up to 50 miles an hour right along the coastline and it's pretty much on clearwater beach now. down to about indian rocks and
5:46 pm
to about anna maria and down to about 5 miles off lido and then farther south into the gulf. this is definitely going to make it onshore and as we said a couple minutes before the commercial break is if you've given some thought or consideration to being outside r taking a quiktrip, errand or whatnot i would not. you look at what's happening on the hilton clearte you can see some of the left ovr water from the high surf kind of up the beach a little bit. this is a different perspective that you normally see. you can tell the wave action is significant. and as the water goes out now as we approach low tide, there's a lot of pooling of the water alog the beach. something you don't really see that often. so we're kind of going through a tide cycle now with the tide going out. i mean that looks like an ominos view on the beach cam and it is as the heavy rain is off in the
5:47 pm
approaching the coastline of pinellas county, and here it is. i mean, it's all in red. there's not much in the way of lightning here. have been rotating inside this line. so don't be surprised if there's a tornado warning at some point soon in pinellas county and then ahead of this line is also a lie along gulf of the bay, you can see how quickly these rain elements are moving. i mean you're talking about huge rotation around hurricane hermine in the gulf, so this stuff is whipping to the north, 45 to 50 miles an hour in speed and that will continue to be the case for the next at least half hour to 45 minutes with heavy rain along the coast. the bigger view shows another line back here. the problem for later on tonight and tomorrow is that some of the models are showing that these lines are going to get kind of strung out and stuck over us wih
5:48 pm
and squalls between now and even midday tomorrow. so even tomorrow looks kind of - probably a good idea that some schools closed tomorrow because some of these squalls could be heavy even on friday. do you want to zoom in, mike on some of the views into pinellas and we'll take a look from clearwater to palm harbor. this is that solid line of very heavy rain. so indianho ton beach. this is probably as hard as it can rain. you're looking at rainfall rates here that could be about 3 to 5 inches per hour if it were to last that long. it's moving along. winds in the sky way right now, even though it's closed, 40 to 45 miles an hour. no doubt about that. the bay way in st. pete, down in anna maria, cortez and long boa, the storm itself continues to
5:49 pm
the satellite presentation is incredible. you can see what appears to be a developing eye due south of apalachicola and the center is going to move near or just east of tallahassee and up in the big bend and just the way the big bend is shaped, i mean it kind f literally funnels all the water up in that direction, so storm surge flooding here could be between 10 and 15 feet. it doesn't matter that it's a category 1 hurricane what matters is the duration of the wind and the shape of the coastline and how shallow the water is. the intensity is one thing, but there's a lot more factors than simply, oh, it's a 70-mile an hour hurricane. don't forget katrina was a cat 3 and it produced cat 5 flooding along the northern gulf coast. tornado watch in red, that is tampa bay until 11:00 tonight.
5:50 pm
north-northeast at 14. it will be moving up over the carolinas. tropical storm warning remains n effect. so we're going to stay on this and we will have more updates obviously throughout our newscast. we'll have more and we'll talk about this as far as the rain moving through pinellas coming p in a few minutes. we'll go back -- we'll go back o
5:51 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and
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>> a space x falcon 9 rocket explode on the launch pad in cae canaveral. smoke plumes could be seen for miles and the blast was actually felt for miles. the explosion happened during a test. >> fox's derrol is live at the cape with more. >> at 9:07 this morning somethig went terribly wrong. a massive fireball entire falcon 9 rocket and launh pad. this can 10 be seen falling several hundred feet to the ground. >> this man who was camping 7 miles from the launch pad at the time, heard and felt the explosion. >> we kind of scurried up and sw the smoke on the horizon then. >> spaceex is calling it an anomaly. it was being loaded with super
5:54 pm
liquid oxygen. that's the same oxygen tank that exploded back in june of last year, destroying a falcon 9 rocket two minutes into fligh. but the cause of this anomaly ws blamed on a faulty strut that failed to hold the oxygen tank n place. in the seconds before today's explosion, the typical steam lie venting of its super cooled oxygen could be seen, but the incredible blast that followed may result in a temporary grounding of until a raza is kind. the company recently upgraded is boosters to use even colder and potentially more problematic liquid oxygen. >> might this be a reflection they were pushing the envelope a little aggressive. that's to be determined. >> the state agency believes the young aerospace can bounce back from this loss as it's done before. >> i don't think anybody has any doubt. they are going to continue to be
5:55 pm
exploration of space. >> derrol nail, fox 13 news. >> the rocket was supposed to launch saturday and an israeli satellite was on board. i'm not sure when they'll try to get that up again. >> astronauts took their second walk in two weeks. they took care of some long overdue radiator work. they installed a new docking pot during a space williams is expected to return o earth next week. >> let's check on stocks right now. they ended this first day of september mixed, a little bit. the dow ended up gaining 18 points. the nasdaq climbed 13, but the s&p dropped by just a fraction. >> it's been a really busy day. we started at noon and we had a tropical storm. now we have a hurricane. we have a wndu studios that's actually coming onshore right now. public school closings. >> five public school closings o
5:56 pm
dose, hillsborough, pinellas, pasco. no school tomorrow. that could change. that could change. >> my daughter already texted m. hey, five day weekend. we do have some serious weather that's heading our way. so the fox 1:36 news is next. we'll start with mark and kelly. >> don't be lulled by the fact e haven't had too much going on today. things are going to become interesting. parts of hermine here in a mattr of minutes. >> we have storms going up and down the panhandle which is goig just a few hours. >> we've also been dealing with our own flooding issues already in the tampa bay area. we'll take you out to the neighborhoods and see the water treatment plans are holding up. and a fireball, an explosion destroys a spaceex rocket at the cape. we're going to hear from people
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
>> and i'm mark wills. thanks for joining us. hermine gets stronger. >> quickly this afternoon the storm was upgraded to a hurricane. let's get over to paul with the very latest. paul? >> here's the deal. we're watching some views outside it's amazing. we talked about squalls and how quickly things change. actually the heaviest rain has now gone east of the hilton clearwater beach cam, you get some brightening skies in the distance, another rain way out there and then you look at this, down beach. we've had a wind gust to 41 mils an hour. if you look at the st. pete cam, you're looking east. what's kind of interesting about this view. look, you can actually see the clouds move on the johns hopkins hospital cam. there's that much wind in the atmosphere you can actually see the clouds move from south to
6:00 pm
not a good idea to be taking a walk along the bay front in the next 10 to 15 minutes with very heavy rain coming your way from the east. so we'll jump ahead and we'll show you what's happening as far as tie tower goes, and the heaviest rain with winds between 40 and 50 is right over pinellas county, and that continues to sweep to the north and north east. it's all kind of rotating around the center of hermine, which is out in the gulf of going fast, so the weather may o from good to bad in a few minutes. >> hudson, clearwater, largo, pinellas park, st. pete. if you're watching us in feather sound and northeast st. pete, that weather is heading your way and also by 275, it extends all the way down through holmes beah


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