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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 2, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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((russell- while you were sleeping. hurricane >>russell: while we slept, hurricane hermine came ashore stronger than we thought. >>laura: and it is causing a lot of problems along the coast. we have team coverage. let's start with the roads and vanessa. it is a mess out there. >>vanessa: certainly is. lots of flooding we're dealing with, handful of crashes and lots of reports of debris in the roadway. live look here skyway bridge. we have high winds reported, gusting over the bridge there. alternate is going to be i-75. just a couple of trouble spots we'll touch on. tree down reported across the interstate, 275 northbound near pasco county. traffic is passing on the shoulder. some floodg reports out of south tampa, tampa area.
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completely. flooding at ashley drive, dale mabry at san miguel. i downgraded this one, manhattan at delprado because a crew said they were able to get through. use caution there. also caution here, gandy at west shore. previous flooding reported here, previous flooding reported as well, manhattan to gandy boulevard. railroad crossing is blocked state road 60 road. it is blocking traffic. avoid in and out of pinellas. this is just area where we're seeing bad flooding, shore acres completely impassible. workers and residents only allowed and we'll update you on a few other spots. >>dave: i can tell you, more heavy rain moving through the metro area for the height of the
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let me start up in pasco county. we have that flood warning out for 7:15 and a lot of times when you get a flood warning, they'll say for this area, for that area. it's for the whole county. we've had six inches of rain so obviously flooding is an issue as more rain comes along this morning to the east of 75. a nice break from spring hill to newp port richey. good for those folks because they needed it after all the rain right in the middle of it, you have lutz, citrus park, town 'n' country and oldsmar, odessa, just the rain continues to come down. then is stops and then like 30 minutes later, another band of rain comes onshore. and unfortunately, if these computer models are right, this is something we're going to be dealing with on and off for the next few hours. at least for the next few hours. now, from palm harbor to clearwater, another thunderstorm moving through.
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the bridges right now. gandy, howard frankland, courtney campbell and some heavy rain even though you can't go over it, the sunshine skyway is about to get hit again. notice inland how we're beginning to pop up some big thunderstorms as well southeastern portions of hillsborough county. say around highway 39 and then into manatee county as well, you're getting some of the heavier feeder bands moving through duette and 62, heading back to parrish and coastal areas of also picking up very heavy rain. wt's almostnlitt, you isre just feeding and feeding and everything moving from southwest to northeast and inside some of these rain bands, which is another issue in itself are the winds. the winds this morning, we've got wind gusts as high as 46 miles per hour. again, a tropical storm warning continues. the tropical storm is centered
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tropical storm warnings along the west coast of florida. so 31 mile-per-hour winds in venice:these are the gusts that average over a 10 second period. 26 wind gust in clearwater. inland not as gusty but you're still having some gusty winds so i just need people to understand that number one, the rain is not done. tampa, st. petersburg, bradenton, we have more raining to. high tides will come around again this afternoon. while i don't think they'll be as high as what we had earlier this morning, they're still going to cause only issues, especially since the water has nowhere to go. other than those three things, we're doing okay this morning. i hope people are sitting at home with a cup of coffee. >>russell: i hope they're staying home if they can. we see alcides segui there.
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this morning. started at tarpon springs earlier, did some flooding there. i guess looks like it's probably one of the worst places we'll have to contend with is crystal river, right? >>reporter: i would think so. we'll find out as the sun continues to rise. i think we'll get a better idea how the bay area was hit. from what i have seen so far, not only in the news cast but just my travels to crystal river, i would say this is the worst. we're at the corner of and northeast fifth street in crystal river. easily two feet, possibly more than that and what you're looking at there, that is duke energy trying to restore power in the area. they've been without power for quite some time. it was hit pretty hard, this area was, and several people were evacuated, including this faum over here. i have brenda and roger joining us this morning. so take me back at about 1:00 this morning.
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from the sheriff's office. how deep was it? >> i was -- i had went to bed -- i was nearly sleeping and brenda and my sister, she said -- she woke me up and said, roger, we understood to get out of here. i put my feet on the floor and water was already above my ankles. >>reporter: inside the house. >> and the house was like two foot above the ground, you know, or more. by the time we got out, it was at our i held her hand and got her out, you know. my brother-in-law had his jeep parked on a little hill. we sat there for awhile. i called 911. they just -- i don't know if they didn't know how to respond or whatever but then we sat there for awhile and they come by in the truck and shining flashlights and all and helped us, you know.
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>>reporter: they got you out of your house and put you on higher ground near fat boys barbecue. >> we've been here three hours. >>reporter: you're waiting for assistance, red cross or someone. >> i don't know. i think it's kind of -- they need a better plan coming on to help people. don't just leave us stranded out here, you know. >>reporter: and i'm sure they're trying to get to as many people as possle one. >> i thank god i'm here, you know what i'm saying. >>reporter: brenda, you guys moved from tennessee and only been here a couple of months. >> yes. >>reporter: what are your thoughts about this florida weather? >> i never would have thought i would have been in anything like this. >>reporter: heartbreaking, huh? >> they kind of wanted to leave but i said, no it's not going to be that bad. >> we were told it was just going to be a little flooding.
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is. >>reporter: thank you very much. i really appreciate it. and when i spoke to the sheriff's office earlier this morning, they were expecting five to seven feet storm surge here and of course, all of this water, most of it is coming from crystal river. high tide was roughly 5:37. good news for these folks and the folks who live in the neighborhood is that water is slowly, slowly going down. i would say from where i'm standing out and from where it looked like it was at one point is a good 20 area. of course, folks in hudson are also dealing with flooding conditions as well and for more on that, let's go to shayla reaves. good mornport hi. good morning to you. we're beginning to see that water recede. in fact, this is a much different scene from the one around 2:00 in the morning. i just had a chance to speak with someone in the area around that time. they tell me at that hour, you couldn't even stand in this area where i'm located now.
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and if i show you righte told t right here to the second cinder block on this wall. that's how much water we were ok at. and it stretched at least another 250 feet way from me all the way to a hotel just down the roadway. a person i just spoke with told me they were planning to drive down the roadway, i believe it's clark street that's nearby, and they could not make it all the way down the road because there was so much water here. throughout the overnight been busy working to rescue people who maybe decided to stay in homes originally but later decided they wanted to evacuate. you're looking at an evacuation happening on the screen. this is video captured as pasco county firefighters worked to transport an elderly woman leaving her home, trying to get to higher ground. stories like this played out not only here in hudson beach but also in green key beach as well.
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lying areas. pasco county emergency management tells me they received at least 10 calls from people in those areas who are looking to evacuate and they were trying to get first responders in but in some cases, they were delayed because of the weather conditions. we've seen them change all througho the morning when we first arrived, we described seeing strong winds, heavy rain. that rain falling sideways at some point and other moments, it was simply quiet, later, you would see it all pick up again. so this has been a fluid situation thrghout the overnight hours and now we're getting our first daylight look at some impact left behind by this overnight rainfall. we've been out here looking at neighborhood streets and we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. i'll be back with another live report for you in the next half hour. back to you. >>russell: i'm wondering, i know you said the flood waters started to recede there which is good news.
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are the wind still kicking up a little bit? >>reporter: yes. the winds are still kicking a little bit this morning. at points it will calm down a little bit and then it will pick up again like what you're seeing right now so this is something that's been playing out throughout the overnight hours. we're still making it as we make our way intoaylight and we'll be back and keep you posted with another live report shortly. >>russell: it's amazing to me to see how that water went out so it came in quickly and to see you standing where you are, i'm sure how high that must have been a while ago. that's really something. >>reporter: i know. it's really incredible to think -- you couldn't even stand here just a few short hours ago, not even five hours ago and this is what we're seeing now. >>russell: i'll let you get back to it. talk later. thank you. >>reporter: all right. thank you. >>laura: and it's not just along the coast where we are seeing damage where shayla reaves is.
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fire rescue sharing these photos a while ago. you can see trees down on cars and homes. look at this. torn to shreds in the town 'n' country mobile home park in valrico. there are no reports of any injuries so far. and so it's another day off for a lot of kids. no school today in hillsborough, pinellas, pasco, hernando, citrus and manatee counti. students in sarasota and polk counties have school, though. they will have to go. and so for the second day in a row, tampa will open all the recreation centers. they'll be open to anyone in the city that needs a place to go. that includes children ages five to 17 and parents can drop them off starting at 8:00. it's free for the day, too. allow time to fill out paperwork when you get there for the children's safety. >>russell: don't forget to
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it's free in the apple and google play store. just search for skytower. a lot going on this morning. let's get back to dave. jim is here as well. we're still watching this storm. >>dave: i'm glad to see water receding. we talked to alcides segui and shayla but fresh water flooding is still a huge concern this morning. look at skytower radar, too. this may go on for seval with these bands of rain moving onshore from pasco county all the way down in through sarasota and the heavy rain on and on will obviously cause more flooding on some of these area roads. more skytower radar views. we're getting tweets and some pictures and we'll show you in a
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>>dave: almost 7:17. we've been here since 3:30 this morning. right now the primary issue has
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we have fresh water issues because of the tremendous amount of rain. thank you for joming in. >>jim: early morning. >>dave: it was tough, some of these roads. let's talk about the rain and i just said this to you. we just talked about the one concerning thing to me is that notice how -- while it's been quiet in northern pasco and hernando but some of that rain is beginning to build back in again and obviously a cause for concern because we just had way too much in the way of and some heavy rainfall, jim, continues moving eastward now into parts of polk county, too. >>jim: you can see embedded in this, you get that kind of light to moderate rain but then you get those embedded heavier cells, and it comes down. you go from basically light rain to just torrential downpours in a matter of seconds and it's a driving rain inside those cells. you've got the winds still gusting close to tropical storm
7:18 am
portion looks like it's right now working its way just past the airport. so town 'n' country, over to carrollwood as well, temple terrace and then right across the bridges, the howard frankland, also through pinellas county, you can see some very heavy rain and sliding on to the northeast right now. probably about 30 miles an hour into the interior as well. you know, we're focussing so much along the coastline but these cells, they've been just racing right into eastern hillsborough county, over to polk county as well. you can see south of lakeland, over to bartow, then stretching back down to manatee county, you've got the very heavy rain as well. go ahead. >>dave: look at the rainfall rates. it may not rain an entire hour at that rate but the point is you can get in very short order an inch, inch and a half of rain which on a normal day might not be all that bad.
7:19 am
rain we've had on and off since wednesday, this is an issue. jim is clicking on, say, town 'n' country area. there's a heavy cell area moving over town 'n' country. that is 2 1/2 inches per hour. if that cell sat over town 'n' country for an hour, which it won't, you would have 2 1/2 inches of rain. how about north of temple terrace? bearss to 275, that's how hard some of this rain is coming down. and with the water we've had overnight, there's absolutely no somewhere for it it will just continue to build on the side, build on the side. at least the tide is going out which may help a little bit but at some point, 10, 15, 20 inches of rain, you're not going to be able to put the water down that much. >>jim: see rainfall rates over five inches an hour, that's as heavy as you'll see the rainfall come down. your windshield wipers have no chance of keeping up with rain
7:20 am
out on the roads in the next few minutes, just not a good idea. wait a little bit at least. if you have any choice and you can choose to stay home today, it's a good idea to do that. >>dave: lake tarpon canal has picked up almost two feet of rain since wednesday. and these are the 72-hour rainfall totals the past couple of days, two or three days, and you can see how much is building eventually that water will go to the creeks and waters and streams and we'll have problems with that, too. >>jim: we're talking about the immediate problem which is just the heavy rain and it's not draining off. eventually this water does drain somewhere and it's going to continue to cause problems down the road for days to come. >>dave: brandon sullivan sent this picture to you. we had him tweet back to us where was the water taken and it was ridge road and highway 19
7:21 am
donuts. let's avoid that area. >>jim: that will be a common problem just because there's so much flooding, you've got that idea of, okay. the road is here, the ditch is on my right. with the roads completely flooded, you can't tell where the road ends and the ditch starts. don't try it. >>dave: some wind gusts have been tropical storm strength in eastern hillsborough county. enough toal awning off the top >>jim: trees down. lots of pictures of trees down across the area and this is going to be caused inside of these cells. and even that threat continues through this morning. you know, we really kind of have that twofold problem. not only do you have the heavy winds, the strong winds which can cause the trees to go down but the ground is so saturated that the roots start to fail on some trees and you're going to see trees you thought were
7:22 am
over. >>dave: how about this of the water coming up through gandy beach and the st. pete side? before you get on the gandy bridge to go to tampa, you can see the water coming in. there's nothing to stop that storm tide from rolling up towards the roads there. here is one, jim. >>jim: this -- you know, we have a couple of happy customers out there. that's the ducks, the frogs, the snakes. >>dave: somebody is loving it. >>jim: they're about the only ones weather. rest of us, it's not a good day. >>dave: no. jim was talking about some of these near tropical storm force wind gusts coming in and with the heavier thunderstorms, get up a few thousand feet to the atmosphere. some pretty rough winds and sometimes they'll be brought down to the ground and still, a 32 mile-per-hour wind gust in the tampa area, you've got to remember you've got a tropical
7:23 am
hundds of miles away. and we're still dealing with this and this southwest wind flow. look at these winds. st. petersburg, 20 gusting to 31. venice 21, gusting to around 29. here's your storm up here in georgia and it's moving and working its way toward the north and the east. eventually this is going to cause a major headache for forecasters up in the northeast over the holiday weekend. but of moisture and look how far this moisture goes all the way back to the gulf. so with the southwest wind, you're pouring this moisture onshore and now, the sun is coming up to create more instability in the atmosphere and throw some more rain down. so yeah, we're not done with the rain yet, especially in the tampa area, down through sarasota, down through bradenton. we'll have to deal with this and i know that highlands county is
7:24 am
you'll have some showers today. i just need people to understand and realize that many of these roads, many of these creeks, rivers, they're done. there's not much to do with the water and we have the flood watch up still all day long and the flood warning out for pasco county and of course, i'm sure we have just as many issues on the roads as we do in the weather so i do want to bring in vanessa and talk about that. >>vanessa: we want to check out bridges. howard frankland is lots of water on the roadway here. this is a live look north of fourth street north so that's going to be closer to the pinellas side. make sure you're giving yourself extra time anywhere you're going because it's going to be a little slower than you're used to with all the rain out there. some flooding spots to mention out of citrus county for those just joining us, homosassa all the way to state road 488, crystal river. sheriff's office reporting lots of flooding. they would like you to avoid the
7:25 am
according to the sheriff's office. fort island trail to crystal river mall and traffic west of u.s. 19, they're enforcing local traffic only. so only if you have to get to your homes or anything in that area where you live will you be allowed in the area. we'll get to pasco from there. the sheriff's office just tweeted this out. thousand oaks at torchwood drive. we have quite a bit of standing water in the area. might be a few inches from what i can tell and we always like to remind folks when we talk about stdi through it. if you absolutely aren't sure that you can make it through. this picture also from the sheriff's office from earlier this morning. u.s. 19 at ranch. seeing delays, indications of some sort of obstruction. it's likely flooding from what we can tell in pasco as well here. i would avoid it if you could. i will get to hillsborough county. flooding reports hillsborough at sheldon near the hillsborough river.
7:26 am
avenue north to riverside drive, portion of 49th street north just the southbound lanes closure here, 126 to creekside and then kenneth city, your main concern is 58th street north between 59th avenue and 53rd avenue and if you are just joining us, we do have a compiled list of closures and flooding and live wires down, traffic signals out on my facebook page. check that out if we'reot mentioning a specific area where you're living. we're going to take a quick apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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(laura- welcome back. the time is 7:--. >>laura: welcome back. time is just about 7:30. a few other headlines, zika virus threat reaches a new level of concern. >>russell: up until now, they hadn't found any actually carrying the virus. they knew they would eventually since there are nearly 50 non
7:30 am
get it here in florida and they get it while travelling. there's fear the standing water will be perfect breeding grounds for mosquito. cdc is running out of money. lawmakers went on a seven-week recess without approving any more money. >>laura: donald trump is ahead of hillary clinton. 40-39% with a 3% margin of error. 21% candidate or have not chosen one yet. same poll had clinton ahead of trump by four percentage points last week. >>russell: brock turner is getting out of jail today. early release. half of his six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. case made national headlines after the victim read an emotional letter in court. the judge threw criticism for the lenient sentence. he'll no longer hear criminal
7:31 am
>>laura: explosion after explosion. as you can see, there will not be a space x launch tomorrow from cape canaveral as planned. it blew up yesterday while fuelling. no one was hurt. the cause is still unknown. this is an effort by facebook and mark zuckerberg planned to use the satellite to bring east and to europe. >>russell: keapernick did not stand again during the national anthem. he took a knee. some fans were heard booing and he is protesting what he calls the unfair treatment of african-americans and others of color in this country. >>dave: a lot of heavy rain still and some is beginning to build into some counties where it stopped for awhile.
7:32 am
bands developing. this moisture, i'm going to call it a moisture channel. it's literally sitting on top of us this morning. tat means at any time, you can get some rain. we do have heavy rain in downtown tampa going all the way down through the bradenton area and then inland locations, polk county, we have a lot of rain. it's not over yet so freshwater flooding a huge concern and we'll take a quick break. weome bk and more skytower
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h wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >>laura: welcome back. we're talking about thisfire thn shores beach. it's at 19,000 gulf boulevard
7:36 am
we're told it's ahree story complex. >>russell: we hear it's a pretty big fire, too. walter is on his way over there right now. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along to you. whether or not it's weather related, we'll let you know but it doesn't matter. there's a fire there and we'll cover it and find out what's going on. >>laura: said, 12 units on scene right now. pinellas fire, ems, another dozen so we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantime, over to you, dave. >>russell: first responders don't need this, do they? >>taylor: no. i know. there's just so much water on the roadways. earlier this morning, as again, we'll call it the moisture channel and this feeder band drifted south. we saw a break in the action in sit russ county, hernando county but now -- and i want you to focus all the way to the gulf. you see that whole line is
7:37 am
so places that got a brief reprieve from some of the rainfall, it's beginning t rai again. and i'm going to go through some heavy rainfall and after i'm done, i want to check in with vanessa and see how that's affecting the roads. still sit have yous -- citrus county, another heavy rain band coming through. over the course of the past 30 to 45 minutes without a doubt, the heaviest rain has been coming down from really just north of tampa all the way south down through the bradenton area and of course, there's been some lightning in there as well and inside the heavier cells, for instance, the one moving just to the east of lutz, the one that's down just east of downtown moving over highway 41 there in hillsborough county, runs parallel to 75, you're getting windver 25, maybe evenes an hour with that.
7:38 am
after wave ofn this morning. we've seen the same thing from bradenton to sarasota. don't want to forget about our friends inland. i know polk county has begun to see their fair share of rain as well from bartow to lakeland to haines city, some thunder, some lightning, gusty wind. i know you've got a tropical storm which is sitting in georgia and it's not stalled out or anything. it's moving. it's trying to get out of here but it's leaving behind all of this tremendous amount of moisture and the computer m awhile. we are going to be in and out of this for the next several hours and that's going to leave even more problems on the roadways but before we get to the future problems, let's deal with what we have now, right? >>vanessa: we have a few problems to deal with. i want to update folks on hillsborough. we mentioned isolated flooding but now we're hearing that eastbound hillsborough avenue is going to be closed completely. eastbound hillsborough between
7:39 am
for folks trying to get into the tampa area from points west. we'll get to some of our beaches and parts of pinellas county that are dealing with flooding. this is an update. gulf boulevard looks like it's more widespread than earlier reported closures. we have basically from 180th all the way down to john's pass flooding reported. then specifically, we're seeing from 180th to 170th, this is accord two feet of standing water. so that's going to be a big problem for folks. also bayshore drive, 143rd to 140th dealing with flooding as well. tarpon springs still seeing the also alternate 19, the area west ofe, south of curlew causing problems as it's in the
7:40 am
your main problems appear to be along shore boulevard, specifically between 54th and 58th and then also on 22nd avenue south between 57th and 54th and thenus like we saw yesterday, we have reports of flooding pretty big here, mlk street that's going to be closed, we'll say once again, 38th to 47thhat's js a quick update on some areas we haven't touched on as dave alluded to, we have quite a few more to get to. we'll do so in our next report. >>russell: befor this fire anywhere?hing about - >>vanessa: so i am checking the delays. you said it's -- >>russell: the information we have is 19,000 gulf boulevard. >>vanessa: that's where gulf and park meets up. we have northbound-southbound delays. looks like just south of where they meet up. let me see. particularly passing by near park boulevard boat ramp northbound and southbound delays, south of the meeting
7:41 am
that'sha seeing so far. >>laura: it's early still. >>russell: now to this. in case you forgot, it's labor day weekend. a lot of you planning to somewhere. the storm is not affecting many flights at tampa airport. everything is pretty much leaving on time except for one cancellation to tallahassee. certainly a different story yesterday. we had a dozen cancellations and almost 100 flight delays. if you are headed to the airport, give yourself way more careful. >>laura: we need to get over to alcides segui who moved farther north to citrus county. they've seen the brunt of it. he is in crystal river. are you there? >>reporter: yeah. i'm here. crystal river and fifth street and hoorz -- here's understood news. the water is receding. the low lying areas obviously,
7:42 am
storm. but at 7:00 this morning, according to the citrus county sheriff's office, at 7:00 a.m., the storm surge and the high tide from the crystal river peaked at 6.7 feet. 6.7 feet. i asked her, you know, when was the last time you saw that type of flooding? and she couldn't -- to be honest with you, she said i don't know. that's how long it's been. she said at least 11 years, possibly more than that. area have a lot of cleaning to do but again, the good news is that the water is receding. crews are actually going from street to street trying to figure out how bad the damage is. so -- and the video, these are pictures that were tweeted by the citrus county sheriff's office as well. this is twin river marina in crystal river and you can see it's underwater. crystal river fire department
7:43 am
of their fire trucks because of all of this flooding. so again, these folks are having to deal with a lot but again, the good news is, it's receding. a lot of crews are going into the neighborhoods trying to assess the damage. at least 18 families have been relocated to a shelter nearby. it was a voluntary evacuation. 18 faeps decided to leave their homes. we spoke with someone earlier this morning who said at about 2:00 this morning, they had house. by the time they got into the street and got the help they needed from the sheriff's office, the gentleman i spoke with said that the water was waist deep. so again, it really depends on where you were. low lying areas receiving the worst of the flood. we'll continue following this story throughout "good day tampa bay." our hopes, laura and russell, is to -- and you can see. this is obviously not recommended. this is not something you want to do. but i will tell you, since we've
7:44 am
hour, people have been going up and down this road. there has to be an alternate route. they feel that it's okay and thankfully, they made it through. i will say on the drive from tarpon springs here, u.s. 19 just within a three mile range, i saw at least six, seven cars broken down. one of them was stuck in a ditch almost completely submerged. the only thing y the very top of the roof. the headlights and the windshield wipers were still on as well and that person got out of their car, hopefully they're okay. not something that you want to do. we talk about it all the time on "good day tampa bay." take a different route, be extra careful especially if you need to go to work, whatever the case may be. be careful out there because there's a lot ofg and the low lying areas, depending on where you live. back to you. >>laura: that worked out better than it could have. that's a brave person. >>reporter: i'll tell you.
7:45 am
i jt don'td it. i really don't. people get on bikes and andfu oe down the street. why? i don't understand the concept behind it. what if there's a power line down? there's so many risks involved in doing that when they can just simply go arod or justwait. wait it out. >>laura: wait. right. all right. thank you. and don't even t about going out on a boat today, especially north of tarpon the only except could beboats. no one else. they have already had to respond to several calls from people needing help that were stranded because of the weather. they say they have too many other things to contend with right now. stay home. >>russell: and take a look at this. the storm is pushing snakes and other creatures out of their natural habitats. a man in treasure island walked out of his house and found this, a python in the backyard. and the man doesn't believe it
7:46 am
reacted because it gave him a scare. humane society says if you come across a snake in your home or backyard to capture it in a bucket like this and send it back into a wooded area away from other homes. you can come to my house and capture a snake if you want because i'm not going to be doing that. right? >>laura: not at all. >>russell: that's not going to be something i will do. >>laura: you can get updates on evacuations, cancellations and more by going to everything you need to know is broken down county by county on our home page there. dave, we'll get over to you. >>dave: yeah. before we head to the break, a quick look at skytower radar. it's lit up. we still have heavy rain. we have thunderstorms and some of these rainfall amounts are really going to add up quickly as guest what? the little feeder band, not moving much. we're going to see more and more of this as the day moves along. please stick around. we have more photos coming to you off of twitter of some
7:47 am
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>>vanessa: a couple of trouble spots we're following. ashley street, this is not ashley drive, this is ashley street but also in tampa at yukon, a tree is down and another tree is about to fall and authorities are in the process of blocking the roadway so avoid. updates, railroad crossing that was blocked state road 60. eastern hillsborough, delays are clearing. knowing they finally got the tree off the tracks which were blocking up stuff and causing lots we still have reports out of ybor, downed power lines, very dangerous situation. avoid seventh avenue at 18th street and a general reminder for folks on the roadways or what not any wires you see down, treat those as if they were live. we don't want any injuries reported here. out of gibsonton, we still have a closure reported to us, u.s. 41 at sims road. that will be closed due to flooding. i-75 is going to be the work around.
7:51 am
compiled list of closures current on my facebook page. check out your area specifically as you wish. dave? >>dave: jim and i have been sitting here all morning just watching this radar. you wish you could just turn off the tap. that's what it seems like. just so much moisture in the atmosphere. with skytower radar, we can go into the gulf and show you this moisture channel. as this moisture channel is just streaming our way, watch. we'll go all the way out the southwest wind, all this left over moisture, now the sun is up and we're creating for instability and take a look at that line of rain. it's waiting in the wings to we're beginning to see places like hernando and citrus. >>jim: it's just like a river. it keeps flowing over the top of us and that's that pem we're going to have throughout the morning with the extremely heavy
7:52 am
lighter amounts. so you might get little periods where you've got the lighter rain but then the rain comes with the heavy storms right back in and some rainfall amounts we've seen inside these cells, about as heavy as you can possibly see and inside of those cells, that's where you're going to see the strongest winds as well. you go from basically practically calm winds to suddenly 30, 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts and really just a matter of seconds. >>dave: we went from flooding around the area to now we're dealing with the freshwater flooding and every time you get heavy bands of rain to come through with these 25 to 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts, pretty hefty and as you were mentioning, jim, everything is soaked. the roots are soaked and trees want to come down. we're starting to see trees come down in isolated areas because the ground is so saturated. >>jim: yeah. once you get the ground saturated, you get the root systems which, you know, they've
7:53 am
basically they lose hold of the ground and then you get one of these cells that comes through and you get that sudden burst of wind where you go from nothing to suddenly 30, 40 miles an hour, it's now catching these trees and we're seeing more and more of these trees starting to topple. >>dave: look at the thunderstorm over the sunshine skyway. it's intense. you would think with all the rain you've gotten, you're stabilizing the atmosphere, but no. it's unlimited moistur working with this morning. the problem is yes, you may stop for awhile but then coming in from the south and the west, this is what you see. can you jump over to -- i'm sorry. which camera is that? fdot camera. >>vanessa: or my maps, whatever you like. >>dave: you've got to see what it looks like oef -- over the sunshine skyway. thankfully it's still closed.
7:54 am
that thunderstorm is moving over the bridge. i would be so scared. i would be so scared. >>russell: look at that. >>dave: exactly. the bridge is still closed. >>jim: and it's coming down so heavy, your windshield wipers cannot keep up with this. so had this road been opened and people driving over it, that would be a really extremely dangerous situation right now because your visibility is down to nothing at that point with that kind of rain there and that wind gusting up t tropical storm force inside that cell. >>dave: a couple more skytower radar shots and we'll talk about a few other things this morning, too. bradenton, sarasota, just wave after wave of rain. only a matter of time before we start the street flooding again in that spot, but earlier it was quiet in citrus and hernando county but now the moisture is just there. it's just riding in, jim, and look. we have more rain coming into those spots.
7:55 am
period here with no rain and you're starting to see areas filling in through hernando county, pasco county, rain starting to work up to citrus county through inverness as well. so the heavy rain is going to continue not only through the morning but signs are it's going to carry into the afternoon. >>dave: unfortunately. by the way, looks like they cancelled the tornado watch for us. one bit of good news. but obviously that wasn't our major issue right now. look at the lake tarpon canal rainfall unreal. 22.36 inches of rain and it just continues to come down from time to time in those areas and we want to thank everybody for tweeting to us some of these pictures. please stay safe when you do this. it's not about getting the best picture, folks. we just want to pass along to everybody out there what areas they need to avoid. >>jim: you can see a large tree coming down in hudson. melissa says basically, thankfully no injuries or damage
7:56 am
the problem there. here's a tree over a road. kathleen sending this picture in and we're seeing more and more of the pictures of trees toppled, holiday, this is a mobile home park, travel park and you can see lots of flooding all around the area. kelly saying all the streets in the area completely flooded. shore acres, always that problem area and we continue to see a lot of flooding in the area as well. and one more picture to sho this is behind the h.h. gregg and that's not supposed to be a lake and it looks like one. >>dave: and a lot of people, i get it. they have to go somewhere. maybe not school but you've got to get -- i understand that. but we're passing these pictures along to you. you need to understand it's going to take you longer to get to where you've got to get to with all the heavy rain showers moving through. how about winter heaven? 38 mile-per-hour wind gust. polk county, tropical storm is up in georgia.
7:57 am
so we're also looking at another high tide this afternoon. while it won't be as bad as the tide we had this morning, that will have to go in the back of your mind as well because we're getting all this rain. fleshwater flooding a big issue this morning. high wind gusts and tidal flooding a possibility this afternoon. a bunch of things that we are watching and we'll head to break fobout 2 1/2 minutes and then we'll come right back with the
7:58 am
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((russell overnight - firefighters rescuing people from their home.. an elderly couple.. brought to safety, after floods rushed their pasco county home. an elderly couple brought to safety of a floods rushed to their pasco county home. >> and this will provide a challenge for mailman. look how high the water is in some parts. the rain keeps coming in. news station, this is good day tampa bay. hae efkdz 8 o'clock welcome i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning. we thank you for waking up with this friday morning september 2nd. another busy morning on good day. very active morning of weather. and we are bringing you team coverage. on top of all weather concerns, we have a news alert out of indian shores too. this condo complex that caught fire. and there are a lot of firefighters on scene right now.


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