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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  WTVT  September 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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((russell overnight - firefighters rescuing people from their home.. an elderly couple.. brought to safety, after floods rushed their pasco county home. an elderly couple brought to safety of a floods rushed to their pasco county home. >> and this will provide a challenge for mailman. look how high the water is in some parts. the rain keeps coming in. news station, this is good day tampa bay. hae efkdz 8 o'clock welcome i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning. we thank you for waking up with this friday morning september 2nd. another busy morning on good day. very active morning of weather. and we are bringing you team coverage. on top of all weather concerns, we have a news alert out of indian shores too. this condo complex that caught fire. and there are a lot of firefighters on scene right now.
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get him in just a minute. first we need to get over to dave. hey dave. >> now that the sun is up we're getting a chance to show you some cameras, what a dreary look and ominous look. hilton clearwater beach camera. you see dark clouds. you see the rain. that is just sitting off shore this morning. and we have had wave after wave of rain earlier this morning the storm tides were very, very high. so we had still having an issue with fresh water flooding where do i start on radar here. we will zoom into a couple of areas dealing with pretty strong thunderstorm activity. and a just east of zephyrhills, another one near lake wales. another one near just south of the brandon area. you probably getting gusts stw 25 to say 30 miles per hour. and the roads are wet. and the ground is saturated. that may be causing some trees to come down.
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some urnl on cars and houses and other things like that. because, of just how much rain has fallen. there's a huge thunderstorm by the way. over the sunshine skyway now. that is running from southwest to northeast. so a hey ruskin and sun city center, that thunderstorm is headed straight at you. it will be there soon. and the rain is really going to come down, just driving rain. so a try to avoid getting outside. let that particular storm pass. but look at this moisture channel. goes all the way out into the just streaming the rain our way. so while it won't rain every second of the day, we're going to get these numerous showers and some of them are going to come down heavy. more skytower radar views we'll check some wind gusts as well in few minutes. obviously many issues that vanessa has to talk about this morning. absolutely i will touch on skyway bridge in just a moment by the way is coved. but i'm going to show you live picture in just a second. we are getting an updated list of pasco county roadway that is closed. i just want to read a couple streets.
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have them on my facebook page and twitter at fox 13 traffic. but we are seeing, out of new port richey closures here green key read at channelside. new port richey as well green key manner beach river view grand boulevard all way to oak ridge. out of hudson, hudson avenue guava street. old dixie highway sea ranch. just to name a few. there are a couple other ones that i can't get to. but like i said you can check that out on social media live look closed, lots of wind. we saw camera being batted around by rain and wind. you can even see out on water itself looks pretty choppy. so, drivers will take 75 in the meantime. closure here bay shore boulevard out of south tampa area bay to bay to flat platt street. that is still closed. and then some flooding reported channelside ashley. dial mabrey san miguel manhattan el prado boulevard a road closure to talk u.s. 19 citrus county drivers you guys are
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u.s. 19, cardinal street and ho ho massa is a sheriff's office wants you to avoid that area. it looksic ayou will be forced to avoid this area. u.s. 19 closed fort island trail to crystal river mall. local traffic only for areas west of u.s. 19 here. >> pinellas county no surprise, big flooding shore acres that's reportedly impassable worker and residents only allowed in area. also restricted access we're seeing to a snell isle. just a few areas we will get do more in >> all right. coming up, it's 8:04. almost 8th:05. we're following a news alert out pinellas county as well. crews are responding to a fire at a 3-story condo complex. there may be injuries. fox 13's walter allen is live there this is in indian shores. good morning, walter. >> hey good morning, guys. really at this point, as far as we can tell there is traffic incident that's going on here the traffic tie up. people are not allowed to go
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shores. because of this fire. because so much fire personnel. and fire equipment on the other side. so that's why we're being kept over here. but you can see right over that tree line, that is where the water is being sprayed on two alarm fire. this condo fire. seniors injuries we've ab able to confirm that yet there a possibility injuries. and a they are not allowing people over madeira beach indian rocks beach. and to hope fortunately the good you more information. russell, laura >> 12 units on scene. another dozen requested. all right walter, thank you. yeah. all right. this morning more than 100,000 people are waking up without power after a night of terrifying storms. that's if they have homes at all. tropical storm hermine brought high winds, lots of rain left behind a path of destruction as it moved through the bay area. and these storms are not done yet. the storm is here.
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it's closing roads and it's creating a huge mess for people already working overtime. fox 13's alcides segui is live in crystal river. not looking good out there either, is it? >> no, it's not. we actually are in the back of a pick up truck. ryan is driving, ryan i greatly appreciate you to give us a better perspective of what it looks like here again. thanks so much. just idling so folks at home, can see what's going on. so right northeast third street and northeast third avenue. and some areas are worse than this. this is about a foot and a half, possibly two feet. we've gone to some areas whereths two feet and above. i spoke to sheriff's office earlier this morning. they were telling us 18 families were evacuated from their homes. it was a voluntary evacuation. as of right now, they are
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now, crystal river is literally about 100 yards from where we're at right now. so at 7 o'clock this morning, thanks to storm surge as well at high tide, at 7 o'clock this morning there was 6.7 feet of water in this area. in crystal river area. these folks are waking up this morning, looking at the disaster. you see those guys over there. those folks just waking up and seeing garbage cans everywhere. seats ev roadway. because again, the storm, that storm surge and high tide just causing flooding crystal river area. ryan, go ahead and stop right here if you can. joe, rig behind you. and you can get a better idea. sorry. stand by here with us, folks. >> you can see just, just below that house, that's crystal river. and that is what is causing all of the issue.
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slowly coming down. again earlier this morning 6.7 feet. now lot less. depending on where you go, i say we're, we're at right now, a little less than two feet. as you get closer to crystal river. obviously, the water continues to rise. so a lot of cleaning up to do for folks. we'll continue not only shooting video but trying to gather additional information from sheriff's office to try to give folks a better idea of what they are having to deal with. i tell you lot of clean up. and the power is still out to much of this area. duke energy has been working throughout the morning. this they've got crews out here up and down street u.s. 98 to try to restore power. but again very, very difficult. because of all the water. how you doing? >> good. you doing well? how bad is it? >> not too bad. >> well i tell you what, considering. i would disagree with that. all right. i know, i know crystal river
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has as well. for more on that let's talk to shayla reaves. hey good morning to you, alcides. we're already seeing worker with pasco county, parks and recreation, here near the hudson beach. beginning the clean up process. they have their buckets out ready to collect debris. if you check out this area right here behind me, just a few hours ago, this whole area was under water. in fact that water stretched from the wall you're seeing there all the way about 20 away to a nearby hotel. the entire area under water. we spoke with a man who was here around 2 o'clock this the morning. he told he tried to drive down nearby roadway but could not make it. because there was so much water in the roadway. still as we make our way into daylight hours, you're seeing a little pops of blue. seeing here in sky throughout morning. we understand from dave that's not going for stay that way. we're expecting some more rain, more weather out this way as we make our way through, through
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county, i've had a chance to speak with the emergency management director. he tells me they have now reached about 22 people, 22 people have been evacuated. including one person was special needs. that's up from about 20 people i told you a few hours ago. he tells me he expects that number to continue to rise as people wake up. again to assess the damage. >> and look at what's happening in their own homes in their own yards in their own is saying the impact of this storm, it's a little bit farther reaching then they first imagined. hudson beach and green key beach were the areas reportedly hardest hit during early morning hours. a lot of people needing some assistance. people who decided to stay in their homes we're now finding out this is stretching as far as crystal springs. southeastern part of pasco county. they are seeing damage in that
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water damage in the center of pasco county. lot of closed streets. flooded streets. flooded neighborhoods. we're going to keep following this throughout the day. and keep you post new information becomes available. of course this has ab busy overnight for pasco county firefighters. pasco county sheriff's deputies. they've been out in those high water vehicles working to rescue people trapped in their homes. they could not get out. and get them to higher ground. i'll back for another hour with i'm going to send it back to you, now, laura. all right. we'll see you then, shayla, thank you. >> and this flooding is everywhere as we've showing you all morning long. no one it seems is being spared. these are some photos we've got from twin river marina in crystal river. citrus county sheriff's office posted a few hours ago showing a few feet of water inside the building. there at the sheriff's office. saying hermine is definitely leaving behind a lot of damage.
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part of our area. these are photo from valrico. hillsborough county fire rescue posted them overnight showing the daniel caused to the town 'n country mobile home park on valrico road. several tree and a branchs came crashing down on homes and cars causing what they say is catastrophic damage to at least 5 of the homes. somehow nobody was hurt. u.s. coast guard is asking all boaters to stay off the water for their own safety. until the storm blows through the area. this appes including commercial boat operators. coast guard has already responded to several calls of people in water, needing help because of the weather. swimmers and surfers should stay clear until local life guards and law enforcement officials say it is safe to get back in. we do have a one bit of good news, tornado watch has expired and cancelled for our area. problem is, it's still raining. and? inn some spots we've got heavy
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oh boy a couple cameras to pass your way. sirata beach, gulf is still pretty angry despite fact you have this hurricane make land fall a long time ago. it's hilton clearwater beach camera. look at the rain sitting off shore. and it's this persistent band of rain that just keeps coming at us. and coming at us. and you get a half to three quarters of an inch then it stops. then another inch of rain comes through and so on and son on. moisture channel goes out into gulf. high resolution models, i mean, they are keeping this in. right into the afternoon hours. so while you may not get rain
8:17 am
still got a lot more rain to get through in some of these spots. let me get it down to that big thunderstorm that was over the sunshine skyways now into ruskin area. boy it's raining heavily. probably sideways in ruskin. over to sun city center. and right along this part of i-75, as you go east through manatee county, 62 into duette. duette heads up more heavy rape coming at you. >> southward down inside some of these storms. while the majority of us are not getting tropical storm force wind gusts. still getting wind gusts, 25, 30 miles per hour. we recently had in winterhaven a wind gust of 38 miles per hour. again tropical storm in georgia. we're still dealing with some of very heavy rain falling. gusty winds. back up to citrus county. where it was quiet for a while.
8:18 am
moisture channel decides to throw some rain your way. inverness down floral city. where the rain continues at this hour. and we back it out. let me tell you this goes all the way to southwest. so i would anticipate all of these areas continuing to get more in the way of shower and thunderstorm activity as we move in to even the afternoon hours. that's just going to exacerbate some of the flooding that we've had. jim weber is with me this morning jim in to monitor twte together pictures to pass along to the viewers. jim you have tons of them. we're getting a lot of pictures. you know we started out before sunrise getting a lot of flooding pictures. where people are just poking their head out the door. now you're starting to see more and more of these damage photos don foster 29, tweeting that picture in. and the fishhawke area seminole you can see another one here. palm trees you don't normally see palm trees coming down during the storms.
8:19 am
so wet at this point, that we're seeing a lot of the root structures failing. we're seeing lot of trees being uprooted. a lot of branchs down. frank in tarpon springs, in his backyard just seeing a lot of branches down because we get very strong winds embedded in the cells of. taylor dakota tweeted this one in to you dave. actually a video actually we just got still shot of it. they were in a car. which their cared and up in a back doors. it was seven second video. i assume they are okay. hope you're okay. i don't know why you're tweeting that out. get out of the car. yeah we're in ditch. that was video that was sent a little bit earlier. that's the perfect example of why we say just stay at home, don't chance it. anot see road clearly, don't drive through that water. because you think the road's there. you drive this road every day, you go, i know where this road
8:20 am
you've lost all landmarks. that's what happensyou end up in water. sarasota you've been hit hard through the morning as well. the heavy rain bands continue to work their way through sarasota. whipping up the bay. driving rain, and at this point coming down sideways. so, sarasota, being hit pretty hard. those are just some latest pictures that we've gotten we got an updated radar look. i do want to bring in vanessa, because we want to talk about what's happening in some of the roadways. some closed bridges n on. so we're going oh check in with her we'll come back with more skytower radar views in just a little bit. yeah dave some some flooding reports to get to for folks just joining us on hillsborough avenue on sheldon road and east bound along hillsborough, not getting reports of any closures at this point. according to sheriff office just moving very, very slows eastbound hillsborough because of flooding george road to handling road or better yet avoid.
8:21 am
right by hillsborough river. definitely avoid that area. looks like we're starting to new reports of flooding keeping here in tampa area bush apparent. bush at 26. bush to annie on 26 the under water. but apparently passable according to city of tampa. >> out to the beaches, of course, we've got flooding here along gulf boulevard we saw yesterday. and it's continuing to in today. looks a bit more widespread right now. sebl all way from 180th down to johns pass. reports of flooding here. specifically thou 170th we have reports of standing water. one to two feet. then from this south to johns pass, reports of it being down to one lane. because of flooding. madeira beach 143rd you have flooding to deal with pinellas county, a little bit closer here pinellas park. 49th street north. southbound lane closures 126 to creek side. we've got flooding apparently one to two feet.
8:22 am
that's between waverly court and river side drive. then for those folks travel through kenneth city ear seems like your main concern will be 58th street between 49th and 53rd. we will get to couple other spots in next report.
8:23 am
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y23ppy yy6y welcome back... the time is 8:xx. we're continuing
8:25 am
continuing to follow what's now become tropical storm hermine. there has lot of damage left behind. lot of areas are seeing flooding a lot of it. some people are forced out of their homes. some of the worst flooding is in citrus county this morning where fox 13's alcides segui joins us live. he is in crystal river. he's been there most of the morning now. good morning, alcides. good morning to you. we are in ryan's pick up truck. he was just driving by assessing damage. i asked him for ride thankfully he was open to do i up truck what we're able to kind of give everyone at home a better perspective of how bad flooding is here in citrus county. let's just, pan over, this is more specifically crystal river. and this is you were saying, ryan i will interintru you you've living in crystal river for anyone years in citrus county. first off i have to ask you. have you seen crystal river this flooded before, something that is new to you? definitely new to me. i heard about it. but, since i've been here, we
8:26 am
some time now. and taking us an around for last couple minutes. really depends on where you are. as much 3 to 4 feet. it's incredible deep here. >> and i was speaking with manatee, excuse me citrus county sheriff's office. they were teleearly this morning a 7:00 a.m., they had, the peak, peak water was at 7:00 a.m. they had 6.7 feet of water. and it was of course from that storm surge also from high of crystal river. causing most if not all of the flooding that you're seeing right now. and that's why the residents around this area, they are having to deal with the waking up this morning they are seeing all damage having to clean up this mess. and it's not just here citrus county we're hearing reports pasco county bay area. of course we will continue our coverage of storm impact in bay
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(russell- this is good day tampa bay. 8:30 welcome back. we're going to take look if we can at the tropical storm hermine as it moves across florida. yes, know. maybe. >> i've i've seen all i want to see there is we can show it one more time. not out on the woods yet. a lot of rain still to come. affecting a lot of people. and stirring times like these we tend to see the best and the worst in people. this morning, florida attorney general pam bondi is with us at fox 13 to talk about a couple of things really. pam. we're talking about price gouging and scammers. you were telling me in the break that's two different things
8:31 am
reporting rach oog all night download radar app and kept me fully informed. so thank you for that. price gouming something we dealt was long time. because we're in a state of emergency, we need to worn or bad businesses and most of our businesses are very great. but you cannot inflate the price of essential could mood tees lumber, fuel, anything, anything food, water, anything needed during a hurric to report it to my office. because they can face up to $25,000 total fine for doing that. you can't take advantage of people in a tragedy in a hurricane situation. >> pam, give us number. we 1-866-9 no scam. or anyone can go on our website, my florida okay. that's price gouging.
8:32 am
large business doing something. but then there are at scammers. these are the ones that really set me off. because they tend to prey on the people who are most vulnerable. they sure do. they sure do, russell. they prey on our seniors. of course we have so many great senior populations. here such as sun city. and what these criminals do, they go in and they come up to, they knock on your door, or they cold call you and they s clean your gutters you need hurricane shutters you need reinforcements to your roof. and they prey on fear. and vulnerability. so our advice to you. do not pay any money to anyone up front before work is done. and also, check and be sure that you need the work. get multiple estimates. do not lehtinen come to your door, call you on the phone or bully you if you do, try to get
8:33 am
right away. and we'll go after them. but also, folks, look after your friends and your neighbors. call your parents. and parents, if you're not sure about someone who is approached you saying you need work on your home call your kids talk to them about it. talk to your friends. get a second opinion. sadly that's going to happen. any time we have a storm of this magnitude, but people our citizens need to be vigilant and take care of each other. and if somebody's knocking on your door, make certain they've got fury going to go go with it do it, make sure they are licensed. yes in absolutely. make sure they are licensed go on on our website on department of agriculture's website to make sure they are licensed. absolutely. i got to ask you about one more question. because this is one more thing. this is a new problem we're going to have this year when this is all over with. i know it's not necessarily your office.
8:34 am
florida i'm talking standing water and zika. we will have to worry about that as kb net we discussed last cabinet meeting we sure are before i left this morning i put on my bug repellent. be sure and do that. and you know, just look out for one another. if you have a puddle in your driveway, sweep it out of the way. that's how moevenths breed. sadly it is in our state. we're doing everything we can to combat it. but these mosquitos we now know have been te so folks need to be careful. don't be paranoid. but be careful. use common sense again and make repellent part of your daily routine. and now after the hurricane, check for standing water. you'll be helping a lot of people by doing that. >> so that was the new fragrance i couldn't tell exactly what it was. thanks, russell. that's what it was. it's lovely.
8:35 am
1-866-9-noscam. i will put that on my facebook and tweet it out. be safe i know you drove in just for us this morning i love you for doing that be safe heading back. thank you for everything you're doing. bye. >> new fragrance. i like it deet number 5. tropical storm hermine has dumped inch and inches of rain across the bay. some parts feet and feet. and pinellas county has seen the worst of it. with ground soaked. that water just does not very anywhere to go. right neighborhood in st. petersburg is closed off because of this flooding. fox 13 charley belcher is live there this morning. charley, good to see you. how does it look out there? not good. good day to you too, laura. one of those area in st. petersburg that will flood during an afternoon thunderstorm sometimes. severe enough. you can only imagine what will happen. if we have the effects of a hurricane and now tropical storm. feeder bands coming through. here comes a van coming through.
8:36 am
where it all kind of comes in here. give you kind of an idea where i am. the water's actually receding now. but it's a mess back in here. assistant chief jim joins us now from st. pete police. chief, i mean this is one of those areas you know you will have issues. but obviously worst of the storm the worse the issues. we were prepared for this we expected this overnight officers out here high water vehicles that were prepositioned during early morning hours a tide came back most the water was pushed back on to shore acres. so, we've had several calls for people tuck in vehicles trying to drive through water a getting stuck in people's yards. we made it a number of we assisted a number of people out here during night water levels has begun to drop we're still restricting access to shore acres right now. biggest problem as you get farther into shore acre as a lot of water up to people's front doors. when people come by and a pushing water into their houses,
8:37 am
two different places where lines are down in water. we're concerned about safety right now. but we're hoping we're talking to storm water. and they are telling us that, the bay, there was tidal surge into bay at that held high tide in a little bit that will begin to back out a little while and we will begin to see watery seed even more it's coming down 5 or six street in a last 30 or 40 minutes. you make great point. not only not spart sma are the to drive around in roads sometimes you cannot tell where road is you're in yard or ditch or something like that. but as, you're cre like if you're in boat. this needs to be no wake zone that water will end up in somebody's house there are people behind four wheels pretty sure boston whaler coming through area full throttle and trying to slow them down and educate hey these are your neighbors you are flooding out. we talked to number of respects, pretty happy to see the control traffic going in we will continue to monitor the situation. and make a decision here in the next few hours. >> power outage spotty, if people are watching on fox 13
8:38 am
watching, what do you need people to know here in shore you didn don't need to go good day to stay home just better to stay then come out give us a chance a storm water to assess any possible dangers like power lines and allow water to go down some. also a number of vehicles charley that are blocking intersection where they broke down. that need to be removed. even if you wanted to or needed to travel it's going to complicated to get around shore acres. chief thanks i know you're on top of it. there you go guys latest shore acres place unfortunately all too used to this. but, worse laura with the effects of this storm. >> yeah we know it is all right charley, thank you. firefighters continue to deal with fire a condo complex at indian shores. we know past few days kept firefighters busy as it is. this is just one more thing that they are having to deal with. fox 13 action walter allen is
8:39 am
complex. good morning, walter. hey, good morning there guys. yeah this call came about 7:00 this morning. believe it or not, in some parts condo behind me there is still fire showing they continue to battle, pour water on this blaze. as you can see, numerous firefighters are here. numerous trucks are here. trying to get it under control. chief dew angelo joining us this morning. chief you said you believe one person was transported. i just confirmed we had one police officer from indian shores transported for smoke inhalation. remaining of residents in the unit we're working with american red cross. they have, they are fine. and they are currently with personnel waiting in red cross. let's talk about this. what 4 unit building? what you have here is salt air condos. three stories, 4 unit condominium complex. parking garage on first level and then the living quarters are on floors 2 and 3.
8:40 am
too high. not tall structure but wind is significant here. you guys have a number of challenges fighting against you. yes. what you have here is mother nature unfortunately impeding progress of trying to put this fire out 35, 40 mile an hour winds. storm shutters on building. impact windows. and right now, it is working through the attic, attic area. from the south to the north. as you can see we have active fire going right now. and the wind is fueling the fire as unfortunately you're kind of land locks you only have gulf boulevard and park boulevard behind me, right? that's absolutely correct. you have you've got gulf to the west. and that is it. and these, these crews have been working very, very hard as you can see we've got approximate 28 units on scene. you've got almost 70 personnel from seminole, pinellas suncoast madeira beach. largo truck 41 assisting with seminole with aerial operations trying to put the active fire
8:41 am
guys all coordinate your efforts to get the job done. >> let's talk about the that go standing out in my mind is police officer who was transporting for smoke inhalation. first on the scene. that is surprising to you? it isn't to me. no, not at all public servants they deserve, they deserve a lot of thanks. you had indian shores pd on scene first. the gentleman reported the structure fire. and i will continue to get the information in regards to the officer's name. make sure he's okay. transported to the hospital. going door to door trying to get people out? absolutely. he's making sure that you're knocking on the doors. in essence conducting truly a first primary search to make sure that if there is anybody in there sleeping to get them out of the units. scary situation. on top of everything you guys have to deal with. chief thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much. stay safe. appreciate it. there you guys have it. yeah chief don't go anywhere we
8:42 am
you have one person transported to hospital turns out to police officer first on scene reported the fire about 7 o'clock this morning. and we're going to update you hopefully in the coming minutes and hours as that see how that police officer is doing. but as far as the traffic is concerned, it is completely blocked on gulf boulevard. just south of where we were standing pretty much in the area of park boulevard on this bridge over here, i would just avoid this area completely at least for the next hour or and that's, that's it. we'll check in with you guys in the next half hour to an hour. russell, laura. all right, walter, thank you. you can see that wind picking up out there too. let's get straight to dave for look at the latest skytower forecast. let me tell you. we have more rain heading into pinellas county. now, we've fortunate enough over the past couple of hours to watch this heavy band of rain settle a little further south and east. i say fortunately for areas like tampa and st. petersburg. because of the tremendous amount of rain overnight.
8:43 am
upon everybody. but that will be into polk county. pretty hefty rain southeastern hillsborough county too. here's plant city. you're going south. but along 39 down through pinecrest. over into manatee county. some rural roads out there which could flood pretty easily. a lot of rain headed straight into duette. and eventually, it allhades eastward. bartow down to fort mead highway 17 going down to wauchula. this area is going to be inundated with heavy rain. go further south and take look into venice area where they are getting into rounds of heavy rain. and from sarasota down to venice light to moderate rains on 41. even on 75. i mean, everybody, it's just soaked. i mean just, no one else put some rainfall and see how kind of building up again into southern portions of pinellas county. so while some of the heavy it's rain may be down to the south we're still dealing with rains.
8:44 am
citrus county. still occasionally getting some light to moderate rains. i want to bring jim in. because jim, monitoring twitter all morning long. and we do appreciate the pictures folks. we want you to be safe as you send them in. but we want to get this information along to viewers as well. jim looks like we've got some power line issues. yeah. we're getting more and more damage photos now sun is coming up i think people are starting to venture out in and around their house. again we don't want you to put yourself in harm's way. but jack picture in showing power lines are down on that on the lines that are actually heading into his house. so we're seeing lot power outages just simply because of a lot of power lines down with all of these tree limbs down. no. officials always tell us if there's a power line down, assume it's live. assume it's hot. okay. go near it. so in case like that just stay away. exactly. very good advice there.
8:45 am
i've seen, numerous pictures of trees blocking roads. and the interesting thing to notice is these are big trees. we're not talking about little small trees being knocked down in part of this because of the wind. part of it because the ground is just so saturated that we're now starting to see the root systems of these trees failing allowing trees to come right over. the jasmine lakes area up towards holiday, you've been hit very, very hard with rain on top of that, we've got the surge. gulf harbor look at this dave, look at this picture here. >> wow. this happens too. gulf harbor obviously looks likes a sailboat there. that has sunk. i'm sure might be more than one. but, i mean hey you're getting 5, 6 foot waves popping over some of these boats and doesn't take much. and this one, jim. wow looks like pool cage going. we're seeing lot of these awnings, pool cages, trees down on cars.
8:46 am
more of these types of pictures. very unfortunate. yeah, it's a combination too. we still getting some pretty hefty wind gusts. i mean look in and around st. petersburg. these are recent wind gusts. just constantly updating 26 mile per hour winds with gusts. 31 in brooksville. 33 in st. petersburg. remember we showed you just that heavy band of rain moving into venice. a tropical storm force wind gust. all the way down to so we still have a rain. we still have wind. storm is well up into georgia now. but you see this moisture band going all the way back. we're going to be in this for at least a portion of the afternoon. time now is 8:46. stay dry.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
welcome back. about to be 8:50. quickly before we get to some of our maps here i just wanted to an update you on hernando county roads. we haven't talked about you guys. we did get an update recently from sheriff's office. basically telling us that all of major roadways should passable. they say there might be some concerns they say with side roads ask coastal areas that might remain closed due to debris or water. they didn't give any specific areas if you're driving t hernando county. that being said we have specific areas to touch on here now. live look here, we'll get you to this, 75 lee roy selmon expressway. we have reports of some standing water on the exit ramp off southbound on to the selman. it is open. we're seeing cars driving through. but just using caution in the area. that will be a slippery go for you. >> meantime, some flooding concerns tarpon springs area we already knew about alternate 19 maris boulevard. some other spots we are adding
8:51 am
pinellas avenue. kind of that cluster of roads in that area. >> and also, sea breeze drive. the entire length. that's going to be blocked with flooding. dunedin from here. harbor view subdivision going to west alternate 19 south curlew road a lot widespread flooding in your area also seeing that new report flooding state road 580 at lake hasten road seeing heavy eastbound westbound delays it appearance traffic is able to pass here but moving very, very just a heads up for you folks as you're heading out the door. just quick note. and david mentioned you know, live power lines down. we also want to be a remind you, about what to do if you encounter traffic signals. because we quite a few out in the area. of course, the big one, if they are dark, you're going to treat those 4-way stops. if they are flashing red treat them a stop light. if they are flashing yellow you will proceed with caution. been telling folks if you check out my facebook page i have
8:52 am
and all flooding and downed trees. and what not. that's being updated constantly throughout show. that's on my facebook page. if you're not following on twitter, i'd highly encourage that at fox 13 traffic. we put out some of the smaller incidents that we cannot get on the air there as well. >> so we will back in a little bit. 8:52 is the time. and we'll see you in a couple
8:53 am
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from st. petersburg this morning from a shore acres neighborhood. st. petersburg police have closed this neighbooo for traffic coming in. because they've got a couple of reports of power lines down. two different reports. they want to make that's taken care of before they let traffic back in here. because, of course with water covering the street. if there were to be a power line under there, that's deadly. if you walk across that and even drive across it, if you're not careful, could really mean trouble. so that's they are trying taken care of before they let people back in here. and as you can see, this neighborhood is look, they they are used to flooding here it floods here sometimes during really bad summer storms.
8:56 am
hermine blows through and these feeder bands. it just makes it that much worse. so neighbors here, frustrated. some irritated with st. pete police. they cannot get back into their neighborhoods now. but rest assured police are just trying to keep everyone safe and make sure that this area is indeed clear before they let people back in. and if you xhk back out live, this is not an uncommon sight in shore acres. we see this from time to here come the kayakers. yep. they are kay yakking down arkansas avenue in northeast right now. probably the best way to get around shore acres at least this morning. you definitely want to be careful in this water. though, because it's again if their downed power line, that means electricity flowing through some of this water. there's also oil and road gunk for lack of a better term in this water. bacteria, and also, remember this is sal water. most of this salt water the bay
8:57 am
if you drive through this, that's not good for the under side of your car. you're driving through water like this especially in this neighborhood, make sure you clean off your car. stick around everybody probably best way to get around we hope you don't go anywhere especially if you havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't.
8:58 am
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don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry ends monday! ((laura/wipe vo)) too know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. much water. and no where to go. all along the coast, dangerous flooding. too much water. all along the coast. dangerous flooding. and it's not just water. look at this downed power lines on fire. highway 60 in beverly in brandon. look at that. >> and good friday morning. it may be end of week but we've got a dangerous mess on our hands. 2 o'clock this morning. coast getting pretty hart too. let's get right over to dave for a look at the weather.


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