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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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let you watch tv in more places lightning 50 is perfect for streaming movies with access to over 450,000 free wifi hotspots nationwide. call 855-319-1319 today to get standard tv and lightning 50 internet for only $94 per month for 12 months! from flooding to storm damage.... to more rain.... from flooding to storm damage to more rain, tropical storm hermine is leaving a big mess behind. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. we are continue our live coverage of hermine. we want to go back to dave and
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and how long it will hang around. gentleman i just got email my day labor day soccer tournament schedule. fields are saturated our viewing area saturated. it's water polo tournament now >> saturated, that's an understatement at this point. yeah, we continue, we're still watching the rain on skytower radar. it's going to continue throughout the afternoon. has to been shifting a bit further to the south. but behind the main band, wee actually watching these smaller areas redeveloping. pete beach. still rough. >> it is. it's rough. going to get better though. a couple of concerns we have for the afternoon, one of course any more rain, just aggravates fresh water flooding situation. number two we do have high tide. we've been on air long enough high tide to low tide. tide coming back in again. so at the time of high tide we may see a be a normally high they won't a bad as they were this morning. we've seen this before. where you have that wind coming
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miles an hour. it still causes problems in some areas. so, you know, we're certainly going to see at least some minor issues compared to what we saw overnight. through that tide cycle we will go ahead and call it minor issues. but still, you're looking at the rain, and places that have been hard hit, northern pinellas county. the rain going redeveloping over those areas. down to our south, that's where the heaviest rain's been. that starting to wind down. highlands county, lake placid you're in clear right but there's more rain kind of streaming up out of the gulf of mexico. into charlotte county. sarasota, was that about an hour and a half going close to about two hours ago now, that we were still seeing winds gusting to tropical storm force down towards venice. so things are starting to kind of wind down. i like to see that too. i mean even though we have rain in many spots too back up into pasco county still dealing with rainfall. just nice to see heaviest rain
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and east. even though i. gloom afternoon a big holiday weekend. and it will get better. still some little showers too. i tell you, been that northern pinellas northwest hillsborough has gotten some tremendous rain over the past thee days. >> yeah. you know, you look some rainfall totals coastal pinellas, northern pinellas and up in pasco, we're anywhere from about 10, 11, up in some cases 18 inches. whats one area that saw 22 which is west of oldsmar. and that little river that connects to the bay, coming out lake tarpon going down to the bay. that's where they had 22 inches of rain in the past 72 hours. >> absolutely amazing. now, as far as the winds, still in the breezy side out there. you can see here in tampa. even not much going on couple small showers moving through right now. and we're still seeing winds gusting up to 25 miles an hour
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venice, things have certainly settled down for you. two hours ago you were still look ago tropical storm force gusts. now only down to 17. up in brooksville small showers working there way through there. currently gusting with winds up to 23 miles an hour. and we talk about all of the rain. it's got to go somewhere in rivers. that's where it's going. going to take couple of days to get all of the water, all the water to actually come down into the creeks into th into the streams. so i mean, the anclote river at elfers notoriously known for some bigger floods. now, currently as of 9 o'clock this morning, you've got that river at 11 feet. flood stage is 20. i know what you're think. plenty of. this how fast this river is going to rise. by i think it is sunday, 21.9 feet the expected crest.
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foot less than the crest that we had last summer in elfers on august 9th of 2015, jane. obviously issues with next couple of days if you live near a river the flooding is not done yet. yeah look some pictures. absolutely amazing. we continue to get these pictures in. and you can see, this is, this is long alafia, nick lucas, sending this picture in. not sure exactly what happened there. but cer plans. >> right. my mooi goodness that is really alafia? he tweeted out that picture there. and just absolutely amazing. im not sure if wind caused that or the waves. but you can see, obviously it's been blown right up along the coastline. and we're seeing these kinds of pictures everywhere. that's the street right through there. ukly you parked your car far enough away from street up your driveway to keep that safely out of the water.
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as it got. but we're seeing all kinds of pictures like this, aren't we dave? here another one, jim, of course we've talking about all morning long, that i know what you're thinking wow, look at the winds. the winds doing to trees. but not necessarily that. saturated soil. the roots are giving way. right, so right there. while trees aren't breaking they are just falling over. so many times. throughout and we're seeing, trees that have stood for and you expect these trees, they can with stand this. but ground is so saturated, it's not the tree that gives way, its basically root system and the ground. and whole thing comes right over with the roots. and there's another one, dave. you know something about this picture here. >> yeah. there was an elderly gentleman in that house when that tree came down. and thankfully he is okay. last i checked i believe ken suarez was talking to i refused to go to hospital he said i'm okay, i'm okay. you seek how dangerous even a
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>> yeah and ken suarez interviewed him. he's got report coming up on that certainly good news that for most part he's okay. but, you know we've still got more rain we will tracking on skytower radar. good news is things are starting to really settle down across the area. we have more view coming up in a little bit more about that track and where this thing will eventually end up going, linda. thank you, jim. hermine closed roads and created a huge mess in crystal river. fox 13's aaron mesmer is there live. so what's it look aaron? >> well a little bit of good news out here linda. it is starting to dry out a little bit. this over here behind me is u.s. 19. this was under four feet of water earlier today. and just a little while ago the citrus county sheriff just opened up this middle lane of u.s. 19. but the entire road isn't completely open yet. that should happen soon. according to the citrus county sheriff's office facebook page they wanted to get that open by noon. we're almost at fully open on
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difference from what we saw earlier this morning. this road was under three feet of water homes and businesses still under water. just now getting the chance to assess the damage. and this some video we shot earlier this morning. yeah. we had a crew going through one of the neighborhoods near where we are here in crystal river. and it is just completely, completely under water. still, dealing with, some flooding issues in that neighborhood right now. 18 families were evacuated from in crystal river. they are in shelter right now being assisted. by the red cross. but that's just part of the issues people are dealing with out here. we're talking about thousands of power outages. at 1.1900 in homosassa. 4,000 in crystal river. that's on top of all of damage. according to emergency officials, right now the assessment is just simply at hundreds of businesses and homes. they haven't even had a chance
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been damaged by these horrible floods that they've dealt with for literally hours throughout night. and it wasn't just you know residential homes. we're talking also about the crystal river fire department. they got flooded out. so they had to relocate oh to make sure they went in an area they could still respond to emergencies. also part of crystal river city hall was also damaged by flood. so this isn't just, this residence, this is municipality these floods right now. again, u.s. 19 is just getting open again. if you come back out here to me live. i want to show you just how far up into this parking lot here this water went. i mentioned four feet. you see all of that debris over there. still a big puddle out there. this was completely under water. and all of that debris came out of the crystal river, the bay that's attached to just near where we are now past tree line
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out of. and it's just now drying out, linda. but there's still so much left to do and we're not complete out woods yet emergency officials here in citrus county are concerned about next high tide cycle and that could push more water into areas that are already badly flooded. you said not quite open yet, aaron. i'm trying to get a feel for look thing behind you is it busy? are people getting out now driving on other roads and doing their business? >> yeah. i mean you can see, this is, trying to get to their businesses. we've seen people in fact, in one of these businesses that has about two or three feet of water. we'll come back over here i'll show you. two or three feet of water in the j & j auto sales. we've seen them in and out of that business trying to clean out. it still has water still some damage. but yeah, right now just people getting out and trying to figure out exactly what they have to do to i guess get their lives back in order. and it's been now the rain has stopped for about let's say
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11:00 a.m. give or take. that's when we got here to relieve our morning crew. rain stopped at that point. that's when you start to see traffic build up here. again, i know sheriff's office they just posted on facebook page is hoping to get u.s. 19 completely open within the next few minutes. that would help, thanks, aaron. >> take a look at these photo that is came from valrico. hillsborough county fire rescue posted them overnight showing damage caused to town 'n country mobile home park on valrico road. several trees and branchs crashing down on homes a causing a lot of damage to at least 5 of those homes. but good news to report to you this afternoon is that no one there was hurt. >> well fox 13 ken suarez is taking a look at the storm damage in eastern hillsborough county. ken i know at least one resident had to get out of his house after tree crashed on top of it. he's okay. and i'm so glad to hear that. but what a lesson on downed power lines being live for all of us. you know we all think we're safe during a storm you never know what will happen.
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he is sleeping in his house, minding his own business president obama 4, 5 o'clock in morning and what happens? but tree behind me right there, splits. a massive old tree part of it goes towards martin luther king, jr. boulevard. other part of ends up on the place where he's staying. this is combination business and house. and somehow he gets out. gets around back, puts his hand on the fence you see right there. and because there was an electric line down, he gets thankfully he didn't get hurt i can tell you was shaken up. he's again 76 years old he happened to be disabled veteran. so really a tough situation. the other situation here is this is a business. so a business is out of business. at least for a while. let's go to this gentleman's brother. this is ron collier. gentleman we're talking about is dale collier. he was here for better part of morning now recuperating you got a call, who called and what did they say in i come in here this morning to go to work. i didn't even recognize the
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i seen what it was, the immediately i thought my brother, staying in the back. so i decided to try to get in there and to him to see if he's okay but i couldn't get on because it was all blocked up and house was collapsed. and i called hillsborough county fire department. they came in. and they didn't go through the front. they tried to go around to the back. when it went to the back, back there, brother was sitting back there they tried to get him out and go over the fence. that's when he got e going up his arm again the second time. that he's all right. and he's out with his daughter right now. did he have a cell phone? if so >> he didn't have cell phone. and i have my phone is with the computer and all of that as a package deal and with electricity wept down all of that went down he couldn't even call out. he stayed there waiting for me to come in to open up this morning. and then that's when we found
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right. >> was he kind of stunned? because i would think if happened to me i might go to neighbor and say hey i've got to get a hold of fire department got to get ahold of my family embers. he can't get out of there he's more or less in invalid like type. he can't get out. he doesn't get out and just go to doctor and back. so he couldn't get out on his own. but he did climb out of there and drag himself out i don't know how he got out. he was sitting on back porch there when the fire department come by and picked >> you're retired firefighter. you've seen lot of situations. i've never been on this end of it. >> what's that like to be? position that you're in now? definitely different. because i get feelings and feelings of people i had when i was trying to tell them no you can't go in there. now they tell me i can't go in. yes i can. you know, like that. souths a confrontation there. i realize now, what those people are going through a that time.
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thought this you were last person in road i never think nothing like this would happen, you know, because tree looked good and healthy. but iernt parentally it was rotted inside and during storm here it split apart and hit the house. >> and this, this house is totally destroyed. its a frame house. it won't be able to repair it. >> now the house where your brother lived but also where you ran your business out of. >> i have lawn mower repair show and sharpening shop it's can get in there and get a temporary place set up so we can start back to work. i'm sure customers will see oh my lord my mower is in there we will get it out eventually and get them taken care after you make sure your brother is okay you called insurance company not very happy about that call >> citizen they told me they had no record of it. >> no record of insurance? >> no. no. so i told them yeah i'm paying
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company had that. they sent me policy it's inside and i cannot get to it. they said well, you go get that and get the number off from it and call us we'll start working on it. >> the other thing is this income for your family. that means you're not going to have any income until you relocate. where you going, what are you going to do? >> i live at another place. so agot a place to stay. and i am retired. i do have a little pension coming in. so i have that covered. yeah but you have location where you're going to business too and if so what do tell folks at home so customers know you cannot come heir any more you might be able to next week or so >> i'm going to stay here. yeah. i got another place i can move it but i don't want to move it right now. i'll just be here i've been here for 17, 18 years. people know where i'm i don't want to move to another place. labor day weekend. what do you think about starting it off this way? well i wasn't expecting this. not expecting to have holiday
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house and have a little party there around the pool. but don't look like that's going to happen right now. because i understand he's in d.c. now. and his house got hit too. so we'll just play it by ear. do what we got to do. you know i figure you have party at your house or somewhere else no longer about labor day your brother surviving. surviving yeah. that's only thing. i was really worried about. best kind ever party you can have you're right. back to you really kind of a dramatic situation. but good news for whatever reason the 76-year-old man you heard disabled a frail guy gets out alive. and you have to thankful for that. kenny so glad he's okay. a good time to remind people if you have damage, you know aument document, document, document, document it take pictures. thank you, ken. yeah. >> jim and dave are continuing to track the storm and jim it looks like it stopped raining where ken and aaron around >> yeah certainly good news there. things are starting to wind down
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largest portion is now shifting to the south. same time amazing, this system is now basically about 55 miles to the west of savannah georgia you can see we're still feeling effects gusty winds and large area of rain wrapped back across state. more views skytower radar views coming up in few minutes. we sure do appreciate all of our viewer who have been sending in pictures. here's some damage photos to show you from crystal springs. would you. looks like part of mobile semitruck on top of an rv. my goodness. strong gusts for that. we've seen these pictures all morning.
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we continue our comp. so important we want to thank our viewer you say do become a part of team when pictures you send. it helps us tell story. and understand you some cutting edge video to show anow. linda, before we show that remember last time we went through a tropical storm like this we didn't have twitter. we didn't have facebook. it's been that long. so, this why people need to understand yes you've helped us out so much. for instance, how about this, this individual, ed runyan from cutting edge photography.
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absolutely amazing to see this. really kind illustrates flying this drone over it, you can really start to grasp how widespread this is. this isn't localize to a street or two. >> this is a large, large area dealing with this flooding. you can see how many of the streets are flooded. and how many of the cars are doing just not such a good thing. trying to drive through these luckily it looks like that there, you kind of looked huh-uh not goi exactly what you should do. and this was taken earlier today of course. but looks like shut down, not much they can do. and that tidal flooding came they were talking 5, 6.4 feet the time high tide above where it should have been. and it just was pouring in and pouring in. yeah. just i guess the good thing is you're just not seeing many people on streets. so everyone heeding the advice.
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because, it's widespread flooding. going to take some time for this to go do un. you know, the thinking not all of this is fresh water flooding. there's a lot of stuff mixed into this. >> salt water. salt water. you don't want to got play in this you don't know what bacteria. what kind animals could be in this, snakes, fire ants, all of those things you do not want to be messing yeah. let's jump over to skytower radar. still raining some spots. shifting a bit further to south northern pinellas up into a pasco county as well. but buy and large the heaviest portion of this has shifted to the south. you had heavy rain about an hour and a half ago highlands county. now on breaks. you can see a working its way okay from arcadia and heading over to lake placid heavy rain
12:24 pm
right along the coastline that rain just continues in these area. starting to see few breaks. i think good thing we have to understand is that we're getting some rain out of here. because, this morning it looked like that band was never going to stop. just going to sit on top of us even though we're getting more showers up there to west of lutsz there. up around odessa, at least we can say accumulating rain jim is starting to come to an end. certainly is. you're seeing these are pretty small showers. and moving very fast. so they are just not going to 100th or two. they can see winds are starting to die down. we started first thing this morning we are still looking a tropical storm force winds gusting across much of the area. down about two hours ago. we were still seeing those in enhave is good news those are starting to settle down now. the rain, it's all got to go go somewhere rivers over next several days continue to be an issue. you can see forecasted crest
12:25 pm
so certainly that's going to be a big, big issue. there's the center continues to work it is way away. and it's amazing to think, we're still, feeling the effects of this system, and it's, sitting up by savannah georgia. now look where this is going to go over the next couple of days. and you wonder why this is often referred to as spaghetti models i guess that's the reason right there. you can see it goes up off the coastline of new york along east coast and it kind me appeareders days. that's obviously going to continue to cause all kinds of headaches along the east coast as we go through the really, rest of next week. combhn you dealing with much
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we continue our coverage of tropical storm hermine
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welcome back. we continue our comp tropical storm hermine. kimberly kuizon is monitoring situation for in pinellas county. tell us where you are and what's story there >> linda, we're here entrance of shore acres in pinellas county. in st. petersburg. i want to show you yesterday, the water was up to here. actually rather this morning. now you can see luckily the rain has gone down. tide has gone down. and the water has receded out over there. but the one that go we are seeing right now, we're seeing a lot of trucks driving through here. while you may not see flooding in these main streets, back in the back streets of shore acres there's lot of flooding still. and they are asking people to not drive through here right now. obviously it's bad for your trucks. and second off, if you drive back there you can create a lot of wakes that can go into people's homes. now shore acres is pretty familiar with flooding whatever storm events come through here. mixed with tides we can see lot of water coming through here. now the mayor says this is definitely something that they need to work on. and it's something that he's
12:29 pm
future. no matter what the expense. part fortunate is geography. but i mean we've had these rains that we've had you look at the last couple of days. on wednesday, it all three of our treatment plants, we average almost nine inches of rain. then all the rain that we had yesterday combine that with high tides that have been higher than normal because of the surge, you know of the tidal surge. it all, always of those things combine create this situation. the mayor says this is something he would looking into include other parts of st. petersburg. he says the flooding is definitely a situation that has gone on for way too long he to homeowners out going to very expensive fix. but no matter how expensive it is you can plan on something being done by him and his offices. now right now, again, the water out here has gone down. we will watching because when high tide comes back up even
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back to you, linda >> all right kim i know you will keep us updated. thank you a thank you to our fox 13 knew family. here m from pasco county. port ritchie, hudson and dade city. our live coverage continues next. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water.
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people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. welcome back we are continuing our live coverage of hermine. welcome back. ernie. we're continue thing our live comp of hermine. we want to get back to dave ask jim. during kim's live shot a lot of people driving getting back on on roads. what's still in store for us this after noon? things are stato wind down. that's the good news. but you still have to have a lot of caution, because, we've seen lot of power lines down. and that's going a big issue as we go through the afternoon
12:33 pm
unperceived dangerous where you ever got power lines, tree limbs down. you've got some roads that might be compromised by some of the flooding. some rivers that are starting to rise are going over certain roadway and so i mean, yeah, heavy rains about over, lindh. but, we're still going to have to deal with river flooding for next long time. yeah. yeah. it's not going to be at best of labor day weekend. but it seems like we've seen a number of messed up by tropical storm events. you can see on skytower radar right now, still continuing to see the rain. it is letting up across the area. heaviest rain is now down mainly to our south. but even this, you know all things considered you know this is mainly just that moderate rain. we're not talkin about the torrential downpours that we were seeing earlier this morning. >> yeah. a couple of thunderstorms over okeechobee. but, for the most part, it's starting to wind down with a
12:34 pm
i'm not hugely concerned about the afternoon high tide cycle. but it is something you have to put in back of your mind because tides will be higher than normal. again, this water has got to go somewhere. tide will come pushing back in. that may bring a few places back up not to where they were last night the levels. but they will come back a little bit. >> yeah. probably biggest thing it will do slow down drainage of areas where when that tide cycle comes back up and just not going to allow the water to drain off some coastal areas, that's going to obviously kind of slow things down and maybe make some of this go up a little bit. there you see, things starting to wind down in enhave is. starting to see some breaks. sarasota, north port all way down to punta gorda looking a that moderate rain right now. and i guess, you know, these areas, they've been hit hard throughout morning hours. but you know, some of these areas especially away from the coast. kind of missed out on a lot. torrential rain at least they
12:35 pm
better. because places like coastal pinellas all the way up into northern pinellas we've seen upwards of 18, close to 2 feet of rain when you get up near anclote. just absolutely amazing type of rain that we're talking about. lakes tarpon canal. i still just, 22 inches of rain, jim. where do you put all of that water? yeah it's going to go somewhere the rivers. that's what going to be happening as we go weekend. alafia, look at that. and we're just looking, this is right near gibsonton. and gibsonton. near gibsonton. right near the mouth of the river where it heads into the bay. and so you've got that large open area there. this is at the williams park boat ramp. so obviously some issues there. with i don't know if this came loose if it was moored out into the river. but obviously coming he shore
12:36 pm
of that boat. we're seeing more and more of these pictures as the sun comes up. and people are starting to survey the damage in and around their homes. and we've seen so many of these where you see the tree itself it's completely fine. just been toppled right over because strong winds that combined with completely saturated ground where basically the root gives way. root system of trees gives way. we're seeing trees, which normally, are much better at withstanding these kind of situations. and we're seeing it with oak trees. we're seeing 60, 70-year-old oak trees. people are saying as long as i can remember. and it's coming down. and time and time dpen we're also seeing these kind of pictures on homes. we've seen some pretty significant roof damage some of these topples of trees and some larger limbs kind of breaking off as well.
12:37 pm
far that storm surge was coming. basically it took the dock, which was out in the water. look at that dave. yeah. time for a new dock. because it made its way right on shore. just breaking these free. looks like the sea wall right there and just pushing this right up on to land. so obviously a lot of clean up this weekend. look at at the flooding that we've had in crystal river far as storm surge goes citrus county probably highest in our viewing area which was anticipated closer to where center was. yeah you can see just so many areas looks like complete lakes. and still we're dealing with rain at the same time we're talking about rain over central florida heading basically fort myers and naples look at the center. it's up there by savannah georgia heading up into south carolina right now. so that just shows you how big this system is.
12:38 pm
is. now it's going to continue to cause problems through threw out weekend into next week. but as you look at the computer models, you can see they are just all over the place. you don't want to see this one here. basically coming right back down the coastline. maybe going for a lap or two. that kind of gives you an idea of the kind of problems there are in the forecast any tropical systems. because as it gets up off the east coast looks level support basically gives way. and this system doesn't know where to go. continuing to talk about more skytower radar views. we've got much more information to come we will talk more about coming up in a little bit linda. >> thank you, jim our crews out all over out viewing area kelly cowan is monitoring situation in pasco county where there some downed power lines. she filed this report a short time ago. >> across pasco county right now energy companies are rushing to
12:39 pm
downed power lines sagging power lines. the point is, that energy companies are trying to stress right now, if you see something like this, report it and definitely do not touch it. even for the sagging ones. that includes any tree or brush that's nearby. that happens to be touching those lines. and especially any water if we can pan over this way, you can see this roadway here is completely flooded out. so even if you have seen companies addressing the situation, you need to treat every wire that you see as if it's live. so definitely don't touch it. and obviously this is another good reminder to stay out of pooling and flooded water all kinds of dangers and downed power lines are just one of them in pasco county there is a flood watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight. so we'll be following the situation here. but for now we're in new port richey, i'm kelly cowan, fox 13
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debris left after hermine. you can see all over the roadway. so if you have to get out of roads this afternoon, be careful.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. we continue to follow a developing story out of indian we continue to follow a developing stour oh indian shores. storm actually made it difficult to fight that fire. fox 13's sorboni banerjee is at the salt air condo complex. sorboni i know we had one injury and some people displaced. what's going on now? one injury was police officer actually first to notice the fire jumped into action.
12:43 pm
we can tell you right notice he has been released. that's good news. let's show you what we're talking about. road just opened up for first time today. and if you look at the flames you will understand why. there was just so much damage here. this started at 7:00 a.m. those police officers happen to be driving by. do out smell smoke. they looked up and sure enough they saw flames shooting out of the roof. they quickly alerted residents. they got occupants out. vice mayor indian shores actually lives here. now all of those people are no injuries that responding officer out of hospital now. but the way the smoke and fire was billowing just way the wind was flow blowing off ocean that is what made this so difficult to fight. fire chief describes what he saw when he first arrived here a little after seven this morning. as i was coming over the bridge there were embers flying over bridge hitting my vehicle. you could tell the wind, my vehicle was shaking obviously we
12:44 pm
arrival that insect they were doing a great job getting water on the fire. and that fire said he has never seen ember flying like that across street over bridge unless there was brush fire. that givers you an idea how intense wind was two other officers with one who treated for smoke inhalation. one was fine even though smoke was blowing in his face he took rain soaked hat and put it over his nosey and mouth. so, we talked to him, he's fine as well. as far as residents, we did touch base with two of them who have just been standing here and looking shocking what going on understandable way too upset to go on camera his head spinning. they are waiting to find out exact cause. state fire marshal's investigating fire marshal heading out here later on today. that is normal when ever there's more than million dollars worth of damage. looking at this three story
12:45 pm
to get this one out. certainly that will be case. live in indian shores, sorboni banerjee. thank you. let's hope it doesn't start raining and they get some help. thanks for that report. here's a live look outside right now jim ask dave will have another check on hermine when we
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
here we go. you know things are starting to wind down. but, yep, still very active on just amazing how this band even though shifting to the south, it really just continues to kind of hold its own. at least shifting to south i was concerned for earlier this morning it wasn't going to move at all and would have been lot worse. we still have ton of water on roadways. but still not done raining. at least as you mentioned. we're pushing a lot of it further south down toward forth meyers. models say really were hinting this band would stuck over us at least through morning hours.
12:48 pm
good job. high resolution models that we were looking at yesterday. was showing band setting up over central florida. just wrapped right back over us. any time you get these, you can get that just tremendous amounts of rain which really caused some of that big time flooding through the overnight hours. there you see heaviest portions really are now moving over towards vero beach and over down toward lake okeechobee. still looking some light to moderate rain in highlands county. towards the coastline. there you see down towards forth meyers as well. >> it will be interesting to see what rainfall totals are when this all over. weather service will be updating those. because last check we had parts of our area 15 to 20 inches of rain over past few days. tropical system making land fall, and the big bend area. and we're getting 20 inches of rain in few spots. that's what amazes me the most out of really all of this. we're getting 20 inches of rain.
12:49 pm
just shy of hurricane force with some bands that made their way through here late yesterday. so, really kind of that's a bit of wake up call really. you know just how bad these something like this could be if can you imagine if this. don't even don't even jinx it. don't say it jim. my thought it i talk about it it's not going to happen. okay. okay. that's plan i'm going with. could you imagine in it made land fall in pasco or hernando just how bad of a situation this could be. you know a lot of storms surge hit in an area where there's theirs no the near as much population obviously people up in those areas are still dealing with some pretty bad situations. hearing some of reports out there you're talking about a county that has essentially 99 percent of the electric knocked out. that's what the governor was saying. >> which where storm made land fall near st. marks.
12:50 pm
this too, this southwest, oops. i accidently pressed play. the southwest wind, let me go back. let me go back. the southwest wind that we have is still bringing the water in. okay. we still have wind gusts there of 25 miles per hour. you've got high tide coming back in. next high tide cycle will bring jim some high higher than normal tides. certainly along coastline you have that threat, notice compared to what we saw couple hours ago we were still a tropical storm force gusts. down towards sarasota, and venice you've drop those gusts significantly right now 24 miles an hour in sarasota. winds still gusting up to 21. but still, with these gusty winds and the ocean so churned up at this point, obviously still going to cause some minor problems along the coastal areas we get into next high tide cycle later on this afternoon. look at this looks like it's crossing over border working
12:51 pm
we're still talking about heavy rain across the state. you can see how you get the winds, just kind of funnel right into this area. and that's what's helping them produce all of these strong showers and thunderstorms. and just copious amounts of rain. when you look amount of moisture that these tropical systems pick up, and then you squeeze it out, that's what's basically happening there. just explains why. you were talking about nearly two still you can see strongest portion of this is working its way through the carolinas right now. winds right now are still at 50 miles an hour. it continues to work et cetera way on to the northeast. you look at the computer model and how hard this system has been to forecast. over the past several days. remember, this started out a tropical depression for so long. we were talking about when we finally get that center of circulation.
12:52 pm
idea of where this system will go. most part modelpretty good job once we got that. but watch, as we go through coming days, basically moving right through carolina normal we say good-bye to these systems. not this one it just does loops out here you can see computer models are really all over the place. that's because the upper levels support for this system is basically just falls apart. and that's why it's going to a struggle throughout weekend and into next week. now i wt talking about. i know we've got rain around today. we're still going to have c copious amounts of rain or but at least we're getting back to more scattered showers. notice by time we get into labor day we're talking about 30 percent chance of some showers and thunderstorms and daytime
12:53 pm
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things are starting to really wind down on skytower radar. some showers working there way out gulf of mexico. but the heaviest portion of this is really shifting much further to our south. but you can see as we go through to be dealing with some off and on showers. some of them could be locally heavy. good news they are not going to last all that long. so you may see one of these brief downpours from a few minutes. but then quickly race on to the north and east. you can see on skytower radar, much of the rain has shifted further to south. so places like highlands county, wauchula, arcadia, then stretching back towards the coastline, starting to see some
12:56 pm
but more rain is lined up into the gulf of mexico. so we will continue to be dealing with off and on showers, but, there you see the strongest portion of this is now pushed to south of our viewing area over towards forth myers. and push pushing over towards the lake as well. winds, they continue to die down as well. but still seeing some gusts across the area. you can see in just past few minutes, clearwater, that's pretty good there. winds gusting way up to 28 an hour. st. petersburg 26. so, still some pretty windy conditions across the area. even throughout interior, places like bartow, some light rain there. but your winds are gusting up to 29 miles an hour. so good news is as we go through the next few days, we are still talking about some rain but we will get back to more scattered showers and thunderstorms. we dry things out by but time we get into labor day we're back up
12:57 pm
so finally we will get all of this out of here maybe we will sun again, thank you jim the news doesn't end here we will keep posting latest all day on and on our fox 13 news app on your phone. continuing coverage beginning a 5 i hope to see you with me at 5. until then everyone be safe. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list at's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products
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