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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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any additional rain is not good. the rates now in pasco runing 1 to 3 inches per hour. additional flood something likely. and the storms are not moving as fast as last night. more rain is likely along the coast some moving into pinellas. a couple of capitallerred showers. rain is still ongoing and then additional thundershowers shore, we're not completely out of the woods. i think tomorrow will be so-so with -- you will notice a change on sunday. this is incredible. these are totals going back to wednesday. lake tarpon 22.36, largego 16,
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6.83. the update on hermine. it's on the map. it is near charleston moving northeast at 20. it will move off the coast. it will move off the midded a lan tick states and spin and flirt with new jersey. the winds are gusty. myrtle beach at 36. charleston is gusting you have to take a look at the computer models from the storm. you talk about our forecast being difficult, look at this, you know mainly being a meteorologist in the new york market or the providence market or boston or philadelphia, things are spinning around in a circle, winds are light problems for them. our weather will improper especially on sunday. a lot going on i'll have it at
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left behind. citrus county is seeing the worst flooding. and flooding on both sides of u.s.-19. and cutting edge photography shared this video, can you see the flooding there. >> pasco county we saw flooded out mobile homes and this is video from jasmine wonderful. every street in that park is under water, we saw it i this is skyfox. can you see that water crept up into the wynyards of a lot of homes. >> wind was a problem and made for a close call for a 76-year-old man when a tree fell on his home. and that tree took down a live power line he had to avoid as he escaped. >> and we have an incredible
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r home is our home sweet home but for guy living there in that place his home was a house of house of horrors. >> just the outer bands of hermine left dell collier with a nightmare. >> it ruined everything. >> at day break an old tree 6 or 9 feet in diameter tore and deadly trunk and limbs came dow the tree was good and healthy but rotted inside and split apart. half landed to martin luther king boulevard the other was a place where the vet was sleeping. first a noise then he felt something crushing him. out nov where the ceiling was bearing down on his slightly built frame. he slowly navigated his way out.
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which was electrified and shocked. as he sat covered in debris he showed us again what a tough market he is. >> the free fell i made tooth picks out of it, he is battered and bruised. >> i ain't going to the hospital. >> his ex-wife rushed to the scene. >> lucky don't describe what i feel, you going a million miles an hour, i look at this house here standing in front of it and i feel like i'm drunker than a coute the house is slanted. >> the house served two purposes, it was the home of mr. collier. his brother ron worked a business out of here. he has a lawnmower repear and tool sharpening if that fell
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desk back there. that's where the tree hit. cynthia. >> that's scary, that's a tough gentleman there. he is not going to the hospital. >> he is 76. >> you heard that. >> cool to see that spirit. >> and thank you very much, ken suarez. parts of crystal river a under water. several feet flowed through streets and days before people there know how bad the damage is. and aaron mesmer is live in downtown w what is going on now? >> this is the process of what can be salvaged. these are a lot of businesses and they are pulling boxed out needs to be thrown away. what this is why things were that bad. that water is out here on the road kind of in the downtown historic area of crystal river.
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into the businesses and neighborhoods, they're dealing with the same thing today. let's show you what we have shot this morning. and we went through the streets in crystal river. they were under water. like i said four feet and along u.s. 19. the storm knocked out power. we hear the same thing from the residents, this is the worst flooding they have seen since 1993 and a lot of people know as the know that moved here that's ahock. they may have lost anything they don't know what to do next. >> and. >> we don't know. what we brought with us and stay
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know it may be gone. >> and county wide 19 people evacuated to a shelter. the sheriff said emergency responders rescued 40 people using a car or a boat. parks, beaches, trails, they are damaged. so are so many businessed and out on to u.s.-19 as well. it wild take years to recover. one talked to us. we'll have >> can you hear the emotion in mr. king's voice. we feel for all the people displaced. >> that's a beautiful part of the area there. and look at this. this is the view from skyfox. how bad the flooding is. it was not just flooding.
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surveying the damage, it is raining again. though were receding but in the last hour we have received more rain. >> it is becoming submerged the street is pretty much only naff gamble by a boat or we have ducks out here. people in up to the driveways. they cannot get out. the barricades are set up for a reason that's what the officials are stressing today. the barricades indicate that you should not navigate the roadway. this why. some of the roads they can be completely washed out. they said that more than 150
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repaired. if you see standing water, especially barriers in front of them you need to turn around. another angle of the neighborhood here because we had to move positions because of how high the water rose just in the last hour alone. we were on one street it started creeping up. we needed to move for safety. and the roadways are completely flooded out for several blocks here by a spilled over the banks. the only thing as i said get down these are boats and docks. >> this is bad. and checking it out. >> and they have the day off
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he was out of the water. >> and they were playing and neighbors who live here they just have one question. >> and where are the parents in this stuff i hope that you can taking a shower when you get home. >> water like thisou don't know how deep it is. it is full of bacteria there is a risk of snakes and gators in the water and i actually was in a city where a man did lose his life being sucked down a manhole in high waters like this. he was trying to help a stranded vehicle. you don't know what is down there. it's not worth the risk as far
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sick after. >> we're live here in port richey. >> we'll let you dry out a bit. mentioning the bacteria. dr. jo will tell us what may be in the water that could make you very sick. maybe some other things, too, not all good. >> the rain has overwhelmed some sewer systems, the manholes are overflowing. it was bubbling up in clearwater. and okay let's face it shore acres is always one places to flood. this does not come as a surprise for those who live there. this time the water did not flood homes. there is one thing residents are concerned about and kimberly kuizon is here to show bus that. kim kimberly. >> reporter: the water started to go down i want to show you what is going on. there is flooding out here and when the trucks and cars go by f they go too fast it can cause a wake and that can go into some
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used to the flooding when a storm moves through. and the rape and have done a number on the area. we talked to the homeowners who say it came close to getting in the homes but everyone here was spared. but they are asking people to make sure when they come through not cause a wake zone. we have watched many barrel through the area. and it upsets the homeowners. just, i don't know how they could not know they're having a reaction. it was pushing it up, we didn't know how far it was going to go. >> hopefully the police are stopped and the residents respect that he put up a bake and flood a house. shame on you.
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people that were going too fast telling them to stop. as the water recedes, this a problem that is not brought up until the next storm comes through the area. hopefully that will not be for a while but remember this, now one thing to note, when the cars drive through the flood water that's not just fresh water they are driving through but that's tampa bay water it is filled with salted water that's not good for the cars if you are driving through the standing do some damage. linda, back to you, very good reminder. as the storms move to shore this morning, a condo caught fire and it was not easy to put out. how everyone got out and the damage left behind. we'll survey the damage north and people there saw a storm surge in six feet.
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hermine dumped a lot of hermine dumped a lot of rain and the high winds knocked several trees into homes in tallahase inside. the governor declared a state of emergency in 50 counties. hermine is being for the death of a homeless man when a tree fell on him. john mays wasn a tent when they were hit by the tree. and a oak tree fell through the kitchen of a home. the woman there said it could
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, i have angels i was unletter my car add things that i need to survive were not hurt. >> another tree fell into a bank of america. no one was hurt but the drive through lanes were blocked. >> a place that saw a lot of wind, rain and flood something cedar key. that island was shut down for a while and the bridges r today. and tom johnson is there surveying the damage. >> the rain and wind it was crazy. >> and the water is mostly gone. >> and it was a mess and it is everywhere on cedar key right now. ask nancy maier. >> it is very slippery.
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>> she manages a liquor store and it was drowned under hermine's storm surge. and. >> and and front to back and several feet up the shelve. >> it is a pretty little it's a mess. but they can and will be cleaned. >> nobody was hurt. >> nancy is just counting blessings. >> and no lives were lost. >> i get the radar going back 72 hours. the thing i want to show you is
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the gulf. coming in thursday morning producing heavy rain and breaking up a squall line. another band going through last night. and. >> and thundershowers. and show you the wind gusts. and 5 to 6:00 last night and you are thinking of a tornado we think down bursts or straight line winds. >> a closer look and.
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island and 55 the wind gust to 46 miles per hour. talk about the rainy season. a lot of the rain came from collin. 12.71. the average year for the year. 34.24 is the average. it never rains again between now and new year's eve it will end up being a wet year. think about that for a moment. the satellite radar we're on the tail end of hermine. we will not get out of this any time soon, it will not rain all
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the rain can pick up. heavy rain and hudson dade city had it go and dade city another heading your way. add to they are moving fast to the east. and out in the wonderful. and a lot of you and wave off the coast of africa. it will not do much. and i think it goes due west so a nice break.
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and lingering parties and nothing like we had. and. 86 and on sunday. and southwest winds. the 7 day forecast. back to normal and by the first couple of days of next week. back to you, thank you, paul, normal sounds good. viewers send us pictures of hermine like this here.
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when we have a storm like hermine... it reminds us how we rely on the voters and followers to be our eyes and ears out there, you know do you
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chris is here with a look at your best work. >> you know we have some of the best reporters and photographers in the business. they cannot be everywhere especially covering an event of this magnitude. we're grateful if you shared your pictures and certainly hermine gave you photo opportunities. we cannot show all the great photos but we'll pick a few. the knew newer ones. and this mother manatee and calf was stranded. she was stranded and her nearby but staff and volunteers from the refuge came out and rescued the manatees took them out to a canal where they swam away. we're glad they are on their way. this sis an above ground pool that's not supposed to be an above ground pool. the ground is so saturated and in bradenton it pop the out of the ground. this is by hydrostatic pressure.
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pushing up ward. >> lots of stand on the beach due to the storm surge there. as paul put it if you are going to eat at a table, bring a shovel. you know we have seen a lot of photos like that and oak tree and van. tree wins. no one was inside the van. we may see more of this if the wind kicks up. the root systems can not hold you think differently when you see the trees outside. it does not happen to the oak trees. this photo from joe taylor a palm tree. lots of damage to clean up around largo that stayed in the ground like it is supposed to. it did not pop up. look at this. the town and country mobile home park here. this is a triple whammy it cut through and took out two vehicles that were parked beside it.
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homes were destroyed. and falling trees. no one injured in that. they are out tonight. here is a tree that did not fall over. we, we don't have that. i'll describe it. it is a palm tree that took a beating in see it's key it was bent that way. and the sheriff's office. why did i courtesy them for a photo we do >> it is says a lot at the damage, you ride to. what very more posted on fox 13 on facebook and share more coming just more of those coming up with you at 6 p.m. >> linda. >> we appreciate the viewers and you, too, chris. >> thank you. gusty winds make it tough it put out a fire.
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fire and a storm a destructive combination. anderson has more. is everyone okay there? >> that's the thing, everyone is okay, you know, people are checking out the beach. they are wandering around. residents say this level was here. the level he emotion that's what you you don't expect this you can see this singed through the roof. and luckily everyone made it out. flames out the window. flames off the occasion. it got the attention of three police officers driving by.
5:33 pm
out of the building. >> , an officer had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> he was coughing. >> and i could not see him any more. >> and that worked. >> it took 70 firefighters from all with equipment to fight this. the chief never seen embers other than in a brush fire. they were over the bridge hitting my vehicle. >> and finally it was out the early afternoon. residents too upset to talk on camera saying their heads are spinning trying to grasp what happened here.
5:34 pm
wind was pushing over the gulf and it is a total loss. you can see a shutter on the unit. and hindered here as well. they could not get the wind inside but in the top. there have been investigators here the state fire marshal is investigating the cause of this. we can tell you that the police officer though he released from the hospital. live in indian shores. that's good to hear. >> a 1-2 punch in lakeland. this tree, take a look here fell on saint anthony street off new jersey road. the biggest part fell and the branchesnded up hitting them both.
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>> it could have been worse. but it is -- >> it's a house. >> and she was living there 20 years. she will tough it out. she will sleep there tonight. there are 10,000 outages in pinellas and 6000 in hillsborough and polk county. the outages further you go north. and policy people are asked to conserve water. no unnecessary dish washing or laundry until the systems get time to catch up. the f.b.i. released documents into the use of an e-mail server. summarizing interviews with clinton and staffers. it extends to her time as the secretary of state. she told investigators two months ago she could not remember a lot of details.
5:36 pm
judgment of her staff not to send e-mails containing classified e-mails to her account. they include technical details about how that server in the basement was set up. and clinton said she was unfamiliar with some markings on e-mails indicating the level of confidentiality. so, time to bring in craig patrick. how could she be unaware of that, people are asking that. >> based on the noteds >> and she must know the rules but never went through them to understand the system. she sees an e-mail and doesn't understand what that means. and alphabetised. >> you combine that with the
5:37 pm
>> you know what happens in washington when you follow the bureaucrats. she made a mistake. combine that with the fact based on the notes she does not appear to be extremely tech savvy. there are attacks coming in and relying is this really you. >> you combine that and it led to a he sequence and created a problem that's dogging hillary clinton to this day. >> the phishing attacks how many times have reheard about how much will this do to the campaign. this is really nothing new. she has been dogged by the controversy but gives the camp an opportunity to go after her on grounds she was compoliceit or ignorant and didn't know. how could she not know. she is caught in a squeeze. look at the polling and the average of polls show that hillary clinton is leading by four points.
5:38 pm
7 points. and the race is already narrowing. you expect that. historically. it does as you head into labor day weekend. with this trump has an opening to continue to attack hillary clinton. i would not be surprised that he will employ it and be surprised to see that gap shrink heading into the first part of next week. we'll take a deeper dive coming up on money, power, politics and the fight on zika as t back to work, that's tonight at 11:30, 11:30, thank you, craig. hillary clinton will hold a rally in tampa next tuesday. she will discuss her plans to keep the country safe. this very not announced a location we'll let you know when that happened. the standing water left by hermine may look to play in if
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when a street is flooded, it sure can look like fun for children. but remember, when a street is flooded it looks like fun. but there can be dangers. let's talk about this why should people stay out waters. we heard kelly talk about gators and uncovered manholes. tough think about the things that you cannot see. back bacteria, viruses and amoeba add thing even like worms. those can be there, too. tough think about pets. pets are in the environment. when we have septic systems
5:42 pm
increases the risk that you have fecal bacteria. when they looked at katrina, they found elevated levels and elevated cases of gi issues that have undergoing the floods. the thing tough worry about is chemicals. we forget about the chemicals in the run-off. pesticides and things that people use to you get in contact make sure you wash your hands. do not track it into the home. >> lots of water is mosquitoes, what is the that have standing water. we have to be vigilant. we have it. and make sure it is emptied.
5:43 pm
clean those things out. use a potted plant. and plants that contain water and think about your gutters. barrels, can you use ducts out there are ways to contain them but the more we do contain that standing water after this storm, the less likely we're going to need spraying, there are fewers out there that are worried about it. and they are sending about spring. >> let's hope this is not a problem. >> thank you, dr. jo. >> thank you. scott, what have you got. >> the bucs make the final cuts a few surprises on who made the team and who didn't. >> and i sit down with willie taggert and the bulls kick off
5:44 pm
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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well still not a chamber of commerce day. you look out the waves are still up the areas of heavy rain and there are breaks in the overcast. we'll see sunshine and tomorrow there will be sun and some of you may see a sun set. and you have the idea it is moist and unstable.
5:47 pm
don't see storms rolling in. this is having impacts from hermine. we saw this a trailing line over us all day. that played out. and still heavy rain. and a flood advisory from pasco until 6:45 it is wet. any rain is going to aggravate the moving along another area and rain moving over the here it is developing. and safety harbor the east and you cannot ignore this, folks, another line of rain holding together. >> and a little bit of a
5:48 pm
way. showers. >> and that's moving northeast but weakening. we'll be watching these down in englewood. it is mostly dry. and temperatures again today kept in check. we would say this is a lot. the winds should not be a
5:49 pm
hermine most of the time moving across the straits and becoming a depression and taking that turn. this is the setup that always makes us nervous. it's that big right hand turn. it was not sharp enough to move it over the west coast. this was bad it was 200 miles west imagine it moving and all different type of games. lingering showers. we'll see the shun. and there will be showers developing and moving inland during the day. we're back up to 90. the forecast shows a half and half day tomorrow and back to
5:50 pm
request the rain chances. >> thank you, paul. >> the final cuts can be the best or the worst for a player on the team. a lot of nervous guys they the bucs will release that final roster tomorrow. and the times great is reporting that at reefer bucks will keep evan spencer and cut kenny bell. and dan vite they go with the undrafted guy alan cross. undrafted guys played the team and kept a player from last year. jude abareno. >> i approached it off season you have to make yourself, you want the staff to see your value. it feels good last year at this
5:51 pm
it is good this year to my goal was to be on that hope day 53. , the opening weekend and tomorrow night usf towson. willie taggert has been working to kick off what will be a very special season. >> counting down the showers. take us inside willie taggert as the >> like the player you are tired of going against each other. excited about an opponent. get the season started. and you know new year and for us it is -- it is september. always september area and we're excited about it. >> they are excited to play against and outwit and maneuver a coach?
5:52 pm
exciting to see they made a lot o improvements. , four years in you have turned it around. >> the two unfortunate words good job. explain that and how that feeds into the good job. it was not at times. with the team it is not fair to the team in the past. we don't want to be a soft team. >> we'll have more with the coach at 6:00. when he was at western kentucky
5:53 pm
better than this. watch this. it was a domino. [ laughter ] >> let's forfeit this one. actually. it was embarrassing western kentucky beat rice soundly. >> my goodness. >> the fog, the fog did not help the >> he doesn't have a chance. >> a ton of players. >> good. this is serious if you have a
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and the damage is not. >> there is plenty of damage up and down the coast. and the flooding in crystal river where feet of water flowed in less than 24 hours ago. the swimmer convicted of rape walks out of jail. what they are saying about the sentence. >> pictures of john hume ter. what they show coming up.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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"this will set me back years in the stuff i was it would set me back years. >> if you thought the wind and rain was bad at 4 a.m. you have no idea what our friends. we'll go there live at 6:00 >> lucky does not describe it. >> you will understand why. >> power lines and a problem all day today. >> this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening and tgif. >> that's right. >> thanks for joining us.
6:00 pm
>> i'm mark wilson. the sun is coming. >> and there is a ton of rain to the north. paul can we exhale yet? >> a little bit. we have some issues tonight. most areas are try. we are draped over the peninsula and produce heavy rain. and there was a food warning up right now for pasco. the problem is that there have been a couple inc from the cells going by. they are moving along but we're watching the rain develop behind it. there is more rain on the way. this is like a training set up. and we're referring to that. rain is heading for pinellas t is moving along and there are breaks not as much rain as last night. the rain is not good. and it is heavy along 52.


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