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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> i'm mark wilson. the sun is coming. >> and there is a ton of rain to the north. paul can we exhale yet? >> a little bit. we have some issues tonight. most areas are try. we are draped over the peninsula and produce heavy rain. and there was a food warning up right now for pasco. the problem is that there have been a couple inc from the cells going by. they are moving along but we're watching the rain develop behind it. there is more rain on the way. this is like a training set up. and we're referring to that. rain is heading for pinellas t is moving along and there are breaks not as much rain as last night. the rain is not good. and it is heavy along 52.
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break and there is more off the coast. >> and there is more rain. >> and lake tarpon and dozen. >> and more on hermine that will cause problems in the mid-atlantic states we'll talk about that. >> and years since people in crystal river had flooding. and hermine hammered the area and caused some of the worst flooding and parts under water. now people are trying to figure out what can be salvaged what is ruined. and aaron mesmer is live in crystal river.
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aaron? >> this is a recovery process. what they can save. we're less than a quarter of a mile away. we're an eighth of a mile they're not used to this up. this may be impossible to do. >> hurricane hermine pounded crystal river and for hours neighborhoods -- >> the water was two feet high in the restaurant. >> and businesses in downtown and along u.s. 19 looked like they were part of the river, we were at 2 feet here. >> the last time it was that bad. >> march of 1993.
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23-year-old article reminding him of what many call the no name storm. he said hermine nearly caused as much damage but he is positive. >> a lot of people have more to worry about. our concerns are with the people that need us. william ayers is one of those people. when he talked out. >> he saw the damage. >> it is quite a b surprise, the flood toppled boxes and ruined ideas wrecking the store that's been in his family since 1965. >> it is a lot of money because i'm one of those that live by the week by the paycheck people it has taken me years to collect this stuff. >> it could take him just as long to get on his feet. this will set me back years what i was trying to accomplish, for
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cleaning walls. >> it is a matter of clean up, nobody was hurt, add quickly as possible. >> you do what you can do and go on to the next. >> and some of the business owners hoped they could hope the store tomorrow or sunday and i know a lot of people are watching the story and hearing them say not name storm nodding their heads since that came into the area. and you can imagine 23 years two decades since they saw this, this is bad now, i remember clearly going up there when the no name storm happened. damage was awful then, too. our thoughts. that is an amazing neighborhood. everyone comes out and helps each other which is beautiful. we're all supporting them. >> thank you very much. too. the water is coming from
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ingman street. it is causing problems at sewage treatment plants. officials say many cannot handle all the water from the run off. they're asking people to conserve the water. ease up on running the dishwasher the laundry until systems can get back up to speed n a couple of days. >> a lot of lines down as well. look at this. this is brandon catches fire along the line. this is why they say to stay away from them. it even if it is not on fire you should consider the lines to be alive and it does not mean it's not live. call the electric company and the massive oak tree another line that's crashing down through the roof of a home. and quite a call for a disabled vet. here he is in seffner. now how he made it out alive.
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>> we're talking about a guy being in the house. two brothers could have been killed. around sunrise. del was awakened. the ceiling falling on the chest. he is a disabled vet. he is 76 years old. he has medical issues. he cannot move quickly and get very far without the help. of the house and did not go any further. he stayed there for several hours. that eswhere his brother found him. figured out what happened and called loved ones who ran here as quickly as possible to see for themselves what happened and of course to make sure that del was okay. >> i said he was lucky that with the power lines and everything
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you have no idea about the man up stairs he sat over you. >> del made it out and his brother, who run has business out of the place. he may have been a goner as well. if the tree had fallen later it would have hit him. he sits at the same desk. does telephone work. i would have been there when the line and tree hit. he the end of the story. they're very well. they have a story to tell. >> we're glad they are okay. >> ken suarez, thank you very much. and the rain was coming down when the disaster assessment teams were checking damage on siesta key it was minor damage like downed trees and rains and winds a few dozen people in pasco, they're staying in
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richey with the latest from there. kelly. >> there are some difficulties with the rain and it is loud out here. we're experiencing a lot of flooding on the roadway just in the last two hours. the water has crept up so much we can spin around here. ky show you what we're talking about. two hours ago and through day the orange barrier that you see here was out of the water. now it is submerged a lot of stranded people because of the flood waters. the road is a complete wash out now. no cars can navigate it. you can see how low the mailboxes are. just because this water is so deep in the area but flood something not the only thing that's put people out of their homes.
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in the crystal springs area. crews have been scrambling throughout pasco to take care of downed lines. and more than 3000 homes were without power. and in new port richey the winds sent a tree smashing through the front door of this home, luckily the parents and kids inside were awake and huddled together in another part of the home. all of them are okay >> i'm glad. >> officials are urging people to stay away from downed lines. mother will come down. it has been hovering over us for the last two hours. and whether it was brought down this morning or more recently they are urging anyone that
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do not touch it. they are live they don't need to be sparking or jumping or moving in any way to be live. that's just another thing to be careful of if you are out there. report them. and it is a scary scenario if you are in water like this. don't want a power line coming down. another reason to stay out of the flood waters. for now we're live richey. kellie cowan, back to you. >> thank you so much. amazing how much rain is coming down like that. >> it is too bad. how about this a storm rolls through there is flooding in the shore acres area. after the break how the neighborhood fared. after being closed for 24 hours and winds from hermine. we can all exhale. and the bridge is back open. around 4:00 today.
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as we head to the break some of the damage in hillsborough. pictures sent to us by some of the viewers. the tree on the truck and business in plant city and the roof peeled off and badly
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. ((mark--vo-)) people who for people at true acres they know the routine it is not
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for a permanent fix. and kimberly cuz can kuizon shos what does the mayor have in mind. and what is going on? >> it is dry out here the mayor was surveying how bad it was. he is hooking into what can be done. we know since before t acres has flooded and flooded often. we have seen it when there is a storm. let aknow a storm or hurricane it causes headaches t is not just the heavy rains that cause the issues but the tide levels to increase. and he plans on looking to see what can be done to help the area. >> we're going to look at and after this is over look at the
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issues with flooding and how to deal with it the issues. it has never been dealt with and it will take a considerable involvement but we have to do it. >> and now the mayor says that for two long the state and federal government has helped when the city asked for a new system. when the systems are replaced it will be expensive but one he believes needs to be the roads are clear it was up to where we are standing. >> and the thing that was running issues going by and the trucks and cars they were pushing up some of the flood waters into the yards and into some of the homes so they asked if it floods out to be findful of that again. it is always an issue everything is nice there.
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damage. and this is outside of zephyrhills. the cows did not mind. they were just fine. and you know what i'm truck with. we were awakened by that front, that is scary. we are saying how bad that was. the eye of this was what, 350 miles >> everything okay up there.
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technical difficulties stand by. >> another batch behind that. that's a training effect going along the same train track, that's training and then a couple more showers strung up in citrus and into hernando and then we slide south if you are watching us in sarasota. some of the rain is moving your way. it is weakening and a big rain threat of the evening it will be around tampa bay.
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above average for the year this is going to end up being an above average year for rain fall even if it never rains another drop between now and new year's eve. the average is it will be above average. look at the track from hermine, most was in invest. it looked like the storm would not get going. this is why we're concerned is that when was bad enough. that is sharper and intensifying. this is the set up that's not good for us. that's why we were concerned going back 7 to 10 days ago. now the gusts of 25 to 30s in
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and down to 50 a tropical storm. it will be stuck and next week. >> and looking at the models imagine deciphering this. bogs ton and all concerned for what the winds are gusty. and unsettled. there will be sun and a bit drier. and partly cloudy.
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where they long between 30 and 40% through most of the week. i shared part one of my sit down with willie taggert. the turn around he is experienced and why his class is so special to him this year. the bucs trim the roster to get down to the roster. the well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it.
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pping is a pleasure. (scott)the bucs final 53-man the roster is taking shape and tomorrow they will release it but the times is reporting some moves have been made and a few of the key ones at receiver and throughout camp and evan spencer will win the fifth a final receiver position. kenny bell and reedy and the guys are out. they will hang on to five tight-ends. alan cross makes it over the sixth round pick. moves could be made in the coming days to include players at the. a great event next week. and fox nfl sunday teaming up with the foundation for an event
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i will be emceeing. visit the seen on tv page. it will be a big night at the trop as alex cobb makes his way to the mound recovering from tommy john surgery. and have him on a kevin cash to have cobb on a tight pitch count. the start is more correspond towards next season and the rays place the blue and willie taggert is entering his fourth season and his best yet. they return the roster. confidence and the head coach that the players believe in. >> he is a father of three but willie is a father to all of his players. sometimes they need discipline.
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they grew up around here. but you thought the first time going there. >> it has not been a walk on the beach he went from two wins to conference front runner. >> we had a vision and a cole of what we want this to be. >> and. >> and. >> and can you see that you expected. >> and i know we wanted to build this up here. and something special. they wanted to be the guy, and i didn't carry that out.
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>> it is like whoa i'm on the head stet not saying a word. he got this under control now. >> and a lot of change in four years but some unfinished business. >> i do hope that the they finish what they started and what the i think it will be one heck of a story. >> that kicks off tomorrow night and ray jay they face towson. >> we have more and we asked about a couple and moving to possibly the big 12 or
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together. we are done with hermine and the east coast is not, when we come back we'll go live to the area and getting ready for the storm to come to them. and the rocket thatxploded on the launch pad and hermine is gone but she left her mark. re som of the wind damage in pasco. a trailer flipped over an rv in zephyrhills a tree sheered off. look at that.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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hermine is heading north... heavy rains to parts of south hermine is bringing heavy rain to charleston and a lot of rain and flooding. hermine is headed up the coast. and we go to the coast in kill devil hills. what have you got? >> good evening to you. the winds here are kicking up in just the last hour or so. the waves increase in size. are you seeing more wake as
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coast and getting ready to bear down here in north carolina. >> it is tracking over land up the east coast bringing the rains to a number of states t is weakening and dozens of local and state officials in florida are starting to assess the damage that the hurricane left in its wake. >> there will be a lot of debris and trees and limbs. do not travel on the roads until they are clear and safety to do so. >> a touch those in north carolina are bracing for the potential of heavy rains strong winds and deadly flooding. >> the goal is to be over prepared and under helmed. we want everyone to be steve safe and with the high waters on the roads or the ocean or on rivers. >> it is disrupting plans for labor day weekend and creating problems as far as north as new
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>> and it brings more people down so it depends on what occurs and it works out. we get a lot of people you cannot go to the beach but come out to eat and have a good time. >> the main eoc or emergency operation center is open and ready for business should they need them. there are guards men keeping in mind the worst of the storm is expected to hit overnight thank you. as hermine rolled through last night it made a mark on cedar key. and one store left a message, bring it on hermine. it did not disappoint. it left the debris. look at this. no injuries that we heard of. people in homosassa dealing with the waters over the banks of the owners of rental
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but they're facing cancellations on labor day weekend. >> and the river is a huge attract in homosassa with hermine, the river brought headaches particularly for those who own rental properties here. >> we lost a bunch of money. >> and can is a taste of old florida. the owners were booked for the last big weekend. bookings that became cancellations. the year for the scallopers and erything. big three day that goes on to the 24th, but this is the last big weekend. >> long time property owners say that this is the worst flooding they have seen since the storm more than 20 years ago.
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>> done it before, across the road from the river matt roberts was flooded from two sources. >> a lot of water we have a canal and the river here, they met in the middle. and it is about knee deep down by the, we have a cook house by the back. knee deep there inside the house it is all standing water. >> with the river receding the work starts, putting things togeth behind them. in citrus county. in other news space x trying to figure out how to move forward with a launch of the pad explosion of a falcon 9. they were getting ready to do the launch and this is one of the busiest years. derrol nail looks at how they
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>> the spectacular explosion of the rocket and the fire that engulfed the pad and toppled the payload was so intense that it took air force emergency personnel more than nine hours to put out the fire. the damage structure that held the rocket could be seen from a dance. and the they lost their satellite which social media giant facebook would use in part to provide internet to >> lift off. >> it was in the middle of the year launching one rocket a month. >> the question now with their customers who pay $57 million per rocket waiting in line how quickly can it rebound if launch pad 40 suffered damage. >> they often times take a while to fix.
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in state and believes there are options, we. >> it is easing the old shuttle launch pad 39 a for the past two years the company has been pouring millions into retrofitting the larger launch pad with the falcon 9 left lift rocket which was scheduled to launch later this year. it may be they can move operations to 39. >> and after 90 days. and convicted of assaulting a woman outside of a fraternity house. he was sentenced to six months in jail.
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and sporing controversy over the issue of rape and the protestors were there as he was released. it does not make sense how they can do that to someone who is unconscious. turner said he will le his parents where he must register as a sex offender. and the release of e-mails into hillary clinton's server. among the revelations investigators were told she could not recall any training on handling classified information and did not remember every detail of her transition out of the state department.
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>> reporter: as millions of americans were starting their labor day weekend, the f.b.i. released a summary of the interview conducted with hillary clinton on july 2nd. it was based on the interview that the f.b.i. recommended to the justice department not to indict the democratic presidential nominee over an e-mail scandal going back to her time as the secretary of state. >> washington likes to take out the trash on friday. the turkey you take the bad stuff, put it on the curb before everyone leaves. >> despite denials from hillary clinton and surrogates. there is evidence she received classified via a unsecured server and retailed control over which e-mails would have belonged to the government. donald trump, who is back in pennsylvania, held a round table event in philadelphia just as
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place. he is trailing hillary clinton in the state has seen a uptick in his numbers since making changes to the top staff. >> this very to get in front of a press conference something where she can open up to stay behind the scenes that will hurt her. >> trump has come under fire for his stance on illegal immigration is trying to court the african-american voters and will visit a predominantly black church well from nun to saint why millions will be all talking
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((mark)) the catholic well the catholic church is bestowing an honor on mother tree ya. >> she will become a saint on sunday. >> it is a declaration nearly two decades in the making. >> another on either and 19 years after she will be a saint. and more than 100,000 will come. >> the holy father will say she is in heaven and from there she intercreeds for us and her life is a example for us what it means to be an christian. >> mother teresa founded the missionaries of charity in india in 1950.
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poor and sick. >> and her efforts earned her the peace surprise. >> she had the gift of inviting everyone to take part in the work and to make everybody aware of their own responsibility. >> a person had to perform two miracles. the first was recognized 13 years ago after a woman said she was cured of the pope officially acknowledged her second miracle last year. she is believed to have helped a brazillian man survive brain tumors in 2008. >> today it was me, maybe it could be anyone else. i don't feel i'm special. good is merciful. >> her path to saint hood started a year after her death. it was the pope who then waived
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kitty logan in london.
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samsung hits a snag with its latest smart phone.
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phone. it recalling smartphones. this is after they caught fire while they were recharging. and it launched and it is unclear how many are defective but it has sold millions. it will replace all the phones sold not just those with faulty batteries. stocks ending on a slightly higher ne. jumping 22. s&p up 9. remember the juneau craft. nasa released pictures of the north pole and they're stunning. look at this. they are from last week and or bitted the planet. can you see they are bubbling up over the north pole and more incredible.
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north is formee and appears bluer than the rest of the planet. after a five-year journey. it is closer to jupiter than any other space craft. who knows what that means. >> you know w do running the european model on jupiter. the swirls are great, look now. ed model did a good job with hermine after struggling for about a week. when the storm got into the gulf and we had something to track and now we look outside and still you know this is not chamber of commerce weather. it is dark and losing daylight
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and you know i looked at new runs coming in it is wet. and the afternoon. and showers and around can you see the train of moisture. we're moist in september stuck. it was extended. there is a hinted that the rain is diminishing. and briefly in hudson. but roads impasseabled for a time this afternoon. new port richey. odesa is getting heavy rain. and dade city and now it is approaching brooksville from the
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another batch in the gulf. and land o' lakes the rain is west of you. near clearwater. it is mostly cloudy. and citrus, levy line. and light rain in sarasota. not doing much. i don't think the rain will impact the weekend as it northeast. inland the forecast there. they worked out there was rain inland. no doubt about that the jackpot was at pinellas. and many spots. and largo and the canal. going back to wednesday. this is like the huge delug next august last year.
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sarasota had 9.38. tia had just about an average monthly rain fall for this time of year in three days. and two and a half days. look at what was invest 99 l. we started watching this and the news cast 5 to 7 days. it was going to intensify. it was a depressio problem starts with the turn. and thankfully it moved on shore before a cat 2 or 3. now a tropical storm at 20. i looked at new model runs. this is going to sit and the escape hatch will get shot. this will spin off the coast line for at least a couple of
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probably maybe a hurricane off shore. it will drift to the west and accelerate but this is going to be a dicey situation. and just off the coast of new jersey. and cloudy and some sports -- spots. september day on sunday, partly cloudy back up to 90. after that next week it is average, i don't see anything on the docket that the would indicate and concerned about a big wave off the coast of africa but that does not look like much and movie into the sea for the next five to seven days, we can take a break and track out the storms. >> i know that you need that,
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adrenaline goes before you know it, 3, 4 days goes by. >> and hanging on the line, people appreciate all of it, that's what we do. >> thank you for all of the notes on social media. we appreciate it. >> i did you see the sand, that's my favorite, that is good. >> you go on, sorry, take a break. now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale.
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from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom? have you see my iguana? the labor day sale is on now, at havertys. life looks good. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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it has been a long week. >> it has. >> and hurricane hermine behind us for the weekend. >> hopefully you don't have much clean up and can you catch up on movies. there are a few new ones. >> let's show what you is going on. >> the only one is the keeper's
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>> why are you laughing? >> you have to have rocks in your head to marry me. >> she does and the light between the oceans is about a newlywed light housekeeper living off the coast of australia who raise a baby they find adrift in a boat. >> gentlemen, take the night >> and it is now in session. >> oh that seems scary. 31, five carnival workers are kidnapped and held in a compound. all are forced to participate in a game. the goal of which is to survive 12 hours against a game of clowns.
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risk management consultant. >> to assess my viability. >> morgan is a corporate risk management consultant who has to decide whether to terminate a artificially created human. the decision is difficult when morgan breaks free. crazy stuff. >> good choices.
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