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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> more rain leads to new flooding issues in a pasco county neighborhood. get a look at the trouble it's causing w it's the final days of the ford freedom sales event... and the deals just got better. ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ? just announced! 0% financing plus $500 labor day cash across the entire 2016 ford lineup. and specially tagged vehicles get an extra $1000 smart bonus cash. freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford.
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hurry. get 0% for 72 and $500 labor day cash across the entire ford lineup. plus specially tagged vehicles get another $1000 smart bonus cash. >> we had about 2 feet of water in the building here. >> parts of the county is still underwater after hermine went through flooding dozens of businesses and homes in its wake. >> i thought it was over yesterday and it g today. >> more rain is bringing more flooding to pasco county and residents are wondering when it' going to stop. >> good evening and welcome here on this friday night, i'm mark wilson. >> and i'm kelly ring. thanks for joining us, everyone. in citrus county sheriff's dep
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to hermine and recess contents d businesses continue to clean up in the area. more on the latest conditions there. evan? >> kelley, those floodwaters even closed down portions of u.s. 19. most of the water, though, was on the roads leading out to the coast where in some spots it was several feet covering those roads. >> prepared we got 5! >> people in citrus gulf thought they were prepared but hermine churned up winds and waters that these people did not expect. >> you could hear, physically hear a roar, like a roar or a noise and i think that was the point where everything came from east to west with a tremendous impact. and just took everything right out to the canal.
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water from the canal up over the boat dock and under the silted house. this is a total loss. >> right about here. >> right here. >> and the water was higher than that yesterday? >> well, it was comparable to that. >> business owners spent the beginning of the holiday weekend having no fun, up and taking stock of the damage. hermine hurled waves strong enough to they are cement picnic benches like feathers. >> the water starting coming through the actual walls. >> this is what tammy's home looks like. water still collecting inside. although the clean-up will be expensive, she knows that lives were spared and that, she says,
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>> everybody seemed to be safe and it's a lot of mess but things clean and so good that no one got hurt. >> officials say the beach will have to undergo repairs before to be open for this holidaygoin- weekend. >> evan lambert reporting tonight, thank you so much, evan. and people in home dealing with water spilling over the banks of the river, and owners of properties are now facing cancellations and as you can imagine on labor day weekend they were supposed to be full but now they are not. the owners were booked for the last big weekend of the summer but those turned to cancellations because of the storm. >> pasco county can't seem to get a break these days. they got more heavy rains today
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recrerecede but then it startedo come back tonight. recresidents returning from woro find their streets completely flooded again. >> i can't get home! my cats are sitting at my house right now. >> so close yet so far away. getting home was impossible for brandy davis, as came rushing back into her neighborhood. >> if you try to walk through that t's up over your waist. >> for some, wading through it was the only way out. >> very poor drainage around here, everyone is walking through it to get to the store and everything else. >> and for those driving, there was no shortage of stalled cars.
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their way through the flooding only creates more problems for them. >> every time someone drives by, we get surges right into the house. >> it may take days before the area dries out. >> i wonder if it's going to be at my tomorrow morning when i wake up. >> residents is hoping the waters flow back to the retention ponds. >> i have to work a shift tomorrow and i don't know even know if i'm going to get there. >> that is crystal clark reporting and she said she saw neighbors getting tows and one says resident said the last time flooding was this bad it took a week for it to go down. they are hoping it won't be that
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of this metal barn, all that is left are the rafters, and a free toppled over in this home's yard and then the shed went with it. >> the wind was really loud. this is my first time with high winds like this. every time pennsylvania so this is my first time in florida to witness something like this. pretty bizarre. >> ken said swing set was toppled but they were able to put it back together. >> and hermine did devastating damage in the western portions of some counties, toppling trees and leaving some grate to feel some grate to feelbe alive. >> when this woman heard hermine howling she ran to her window. >> i saw the tree fall on the
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kid in there. >> the trees actually destroyed two trailers. >> the husband said he had to make a path to get to his daughter because she was underrer under something. they could have been killed. >> residents of the town and county trailer park counted six trailers with significant damage and one woman reportedly had a bruised head. >> there were something like 15 trees and we are still working. it's going to take days to clean it up. >> indeed trees came down across eastern hillsborough county. >> i came and looked and could believe what i saw. >> the tree in this front yard crashing down, its roots ripping through the pavement. if it had fallen in the other direction, things could have been worse. their power was out for more than a day. >> we are just fortunate that
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for the most important thing, leaving people, if not property impact. >> we'll help people out with their needs because people have children but it's really bad. >> evan axelbank reporting for us from all other the area and i think we are going to see this for the next couple of days and if we get more rain, it's going to be a while before the waters >> neig neighbors helping neigh. >> a free fell on me and i made toothpicks out of it. >> an elderly disabled veteran we'll hear from him next. >> and if the electric company calling you saying they need
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>> and still showers offshore, and i think the radar will stay pretty active into the weekend. you have bands of rain approaching from the west but nothing like last night. we'll have the labor day weekend forecast in detail and an update
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>> a man from seffner counting his blessings after a tree took down his power line and then fell on his house. >> a little been sunrise the tree split in half and came crashing down on dell home, and a part of the ceiling came down on his chest. poor guy, look at him. he was dazed for awhile. his ex-wife and others came over frantically to help. >> he was so lucky that with the power lines and everything that it didn't catch on fire, and dell you had no idea, he said it was over the top of you.
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and he said he doesn't like hospitals and could not be combined to go and get checked out. >> and this is still causing a lot of headaches to everyone who lives there, with trucks and cars driving through the flooded streets caused wakes that caused water to surge into some homes. >> perhaps they should come out and stand and see. i don't know how they could not know they with their vehicle and it's not so bad now but at its worst it was pushing it up further and we didn't know how far it was going to go. >> the water for the most part has gone down in shore acres. the mayor said he has asked for help from the governor and federal government in the past but has not had a response.
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island for atime, but some of them reopened bridges today. some homes and businesses were flooded by 4 to 5 feet of water, including a liquor store. >> i got upset. upset. it was sad. i mean, this is -- this is a mess this is a pretty little store. and it's a mess. >> the owner says it's a mess but the damage could have been much worse but there is a lot clean-up ahead, and we are thinking about folks out there because it's going to be days or longer before they are fully dried out. >> and the power is out up in the tallahassee and fsu area and they are saying it could be days before it's back on. >> and speaking of florida state i just remembered we have to do the football boards because you have college football starting tomorrow. >> you were distracted.
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end, and florida plays the umass minutemen, and could be showers especially early in the game, and imagine boards with logos on it, but we'll do that next week. but first things first. we somehow always find a way to squeeze in a decent sunset. we say good bye to the tropical nice sky, very late in the day, and this is scott haines in clearwater, but notice that the gulf is still choppy with waveaction, and from jennifer muller, a nice little blue and pink c combo special from downtn tampa this evening.
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still along feeder band strung r the state, and we have lost the heating for today, but once in a while with a west-southwest wind there could be showers and thunderstormthunderstorms bumpie utonight, the models are still pretty aggressive predicting that, and so we'll watch but i would not be on tonight there are showers and thunderstorms bumping on shore, and even tomorrow. we wrapped up august on a very wet note. 12.71 for the month. 7.77 is the average. it's been kind of a whacky rainy season. afternoon thunderstorm activity, meh! kind of so, so, but these storms
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for 48.87 and if it doesn't rain another drop for the year, we'll still be above last year. rainfall from the storm going back to wednesday, this is incredible. 22.36, and largo, 16.11. almost a baker's dozen in dunedin and the airport had and tia6.83. that is a lot of rain in a couple of days. here was invest 9 99l. we were tracking from this day one. you know that because you heard a lot about it. seemed like it was never going to get going and then finally in the gulf conditions were more conducive to development and this is why we are so concerned
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our way, look at this little hook. if you imagine if it was more pronounced and heading east. think it was bad from a hurricane 200 miles west of us? imagine that hurricane making landfall in pasco or hernando, that would be c catastrophic, en at a cat 1. this storm is going to cause it is literally going to spin off of the midco midco mi midatt line, and this is the ultimate spaghetti model, one was back here and this one like this. the escape route out of the northeast breaks down because of the blocking eye, and it could
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back to new jersey next week, that is a possibility. 80, dewpoint 76 and a south wind at 8. the rest of tonight? a couple of showers or thundershowers would roll in off of the gulf but not many, and tomorrow, 78. variably cloudy and clouds and sun, but still very soupy, we stay in the mid 80's and more sun, and fewer thunderstorms and that tend should continue on labor day as seven-day forecast, and next week there is actually zero signs of tropical trouble heading our way for the next seven to ten days. >> all right yay, thank you, paul. >> and some of the most memorable moments of hermine came from you. >> we appreciate all of it and
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>> okay, when it comes to covering storms like h hermine e could not do it without the help
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you guys and social media viewers are really incredible. >> chris is here with more eye-opening photos. >> everyone with one of these is a journalist and we certainly could not do it without them in an event of this magnitude. powerful will bands of rain and storms that continue to pull across the bay earks area and f you certainly got it worse than others. this photo and if not for the mailbox in the foreground you would not be able to tell where the street is in this photo. and this one from dee campbell. in new port richey, showing how water went into the carports there, and this woman checking on her neighbor, and this is at
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drivers out caught in this absolute downpour adding to an already soggy situation, that photo courtesy of mary jane strauss, and maybe drivers should have considered this mode of transportation. a couple of guys kayaking down a street, in new port richey and this just shows the whole scope of the neighborhood. you see the two bodies of water that were streets in port richy looks like this this evening. and all of the rain brought out the creatures. check this out. to two sandhill cranes purchased on a narrow strip of grass, and what are they giving the eyeball to in the water there? mr. gator.
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ccalf were stranded in a culver. rescuers jumped into action, pulpulled them out and took theo a nearby canal and they swam off, but there were certainly a lot of you out there with photos helping us out, and we are going to leave you with a positive feeling. this is the capital of sunsets and friday would not a gorgeous sunset, this photo courtesy of dale owens in clearwater. >> and remember, you can still send them to us, on our individual pages or e-mail or tweet us, we have all sorts of ways to get us pictures. and how about this, protestors took to the streets angry about
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man by deputies. >> i don't think he was a threat. >> we are going to take you live there to i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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but then there is weekday me, no time for anything... except bogo's, and publix has tons of bogo's. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> new at 10:00, protests in the streets following the shooting death of an unarmed black man tuesday morning and the protests are growing. josh, what is >> mark, somewhat of a chaotic scene out here right now. take a look, you see the large crowd of protestors out here demanding justice for lavanya riggins. emotions are really running high but deputies are here keeping a close watch on all of the action. this comes after the sherriff's
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what they say happened to mr. riggins. >> tensions raising following the shooting death of a black man. >> it's not okay. nobody out here means nobody no harm. >> riggins was shot one by deputy cabeb johnson, a seven-year veteran. >> this occurring when deputies were treatmenting to purchase narcotics from street dealers. >> i believe there has been a certain level of transparency that has gotten out earlier than elsewhere in the county, and we should build on that.
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guys from him, he refused to come out of the bedroom. >> and he jumped up and moves his hands suddenly to his waist band and the deputy fires. >> no weapons or ever found, and that is when the protests started. it's led to at least five arrests. >> people are high-fiving each other after they murdered this boy. yes, we are angry and upset. >> and nation-wide tensions are hitting close to home. >> if you perceive me as a threat, is it my clothe? my hair? my hat? i don't understand that, and until we get some answers i don't know what to tell you.
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street you see hundreds of people gathering for this protest. we do know the state attorney's office will determine if the deputy's actions were justified or not, but many of these people are calling for his arrest. riggins was shot only one and in the upper body and not in the back as many of the folks here believe. and the sherriff's office did not allow their press conference which is pretty uncommon. and came we were not, which is causing these folks to ask even more questions about what happened, and one other thing, mark, you want to point out. you see a jeep that is crashed near that dollar general, that happened an hour or so ago. not sure if it's related to what happened but we looked up and that car had crashed. no one injured and we know at
10:34 pm
hospital but no serious injuries. a chaotic and wild scene out here that is likely to carry on into the early morning hours. >> and i know every single one of these cases is different in its own right, but i just wanted to ask is there any body or dash camera video of what happened? >> mark, we asked about body cameras. the sherriff's office does not have body cameras and so there is no body camera video, and again the state attorney's office will be reviewing the case to determine if the shooting is justified. >> josh, thanks. >> we also have a sad update after an elderly man is beaten, rrobbed and left unconscious in his back yard.
10:35 pm
imcarlos cordero was arrested. watton suffered a skull fracture in the beating. and new tonight, someone is calling residents across the bay area from tampa electric saying that your in bill is overdue anf you don't pay up now, shut off your power. it is all fake but the scammerscammersare making it se. >> at this dentist's office, mary lou is responsible for keeping track of every penny, and so she knew something was awry when a man called saying you owe on the account and if you don't pay, we are going to have to turn your electric off.
10:36 pm
behind and owed more than $2,000. >> she knew that the account was up to date but got back to him and let lose, calling him a crook. >> a bottom feeder. >> and other companies are experiencing will the same. lakeland electric knew something was up when they started to get call after call from customers all with the same police are trying to trace the calls and we tried to check it out ourselves. 844-275-5716. >> welcome to fpl. >> the same now it uses no matter who it is representing. >> my name is ken suarez i'm a reporter with fox 13 in tampa. >> you are getting reported so
10:37 pm
>> oh, yeah! hi, fbi, hi, guys, how are you? >> why asked why she says she is lakeland electric when she is not. >> i'm trying to make money. >> they said some customers will paid the bogus bills. >> we will never call a custom and ask for a tr credit card, wo not operate that way. >> still in operation and may be just a phone call away from you. >> be especially on guard, if you are a customer of florida power and flight. light and a half is the front they steam be using. >> don't give them any money. >> and after a week al golden
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the rubble in italy. romeo appeared to be in good health despite being buried for a week in the rubble. the quake claimed nearly 300 lives and left thousands homeless. if only he could talk. >> wow, one week under there. >> and donald trump is shifting his focus to african-american voters. >> find out what he plans to do to help his golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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>> coming up in a few minutes at 11:00, hermine may have been downgraded for a tropical storm, but it's far from finishes. >> before you go out and spend hours cleaning up we'll have more on the fox 13 11:00 news. >> donald trump shifts his emphasis from immigration to the economy and racial politics. >> today he held a rally with african-american and religious leaders and he met with the
10:42 pm
murdered execution state in the yard of a newark school, and at least one of the gunmen was in the country illegally he says and that is one of the reasons that illegal immigration has to stop. >> we are the only ones who know what is going on with illegal immigration, hillary clinton has no clue. >> not at all. >> and doesn't care. >> tomorrow he has an interview with the impact network, and he is going to an inner city church. >> and hillary clinton says her next public appearance will be announced and we'll let you know. already, scott. what is going on. >> it is college football eve for the usf bulls and taggart
10:43 pm
good enough, and then it was the return of cobb after 705 days away from major league baseball. his highlights are coming u
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>> you know these days you can have just about anything you want delivered right to your doorstep. >> and it's a beautiful thing, and now a busy mom has created a business to take your car to the auto repair shop. evan shows us how it works. >> the inconvenience. >> studies show that people would rather go to the dentist >> julie jones family owns this car repair shop, and so she came up with an idea to launch an on-demand car car valet. >> aimed at the busy mom who doesn't want to cart her children off to the auto repair store. >> her idea is to use it for
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>> they would rather do things with their kids, errands or whatever they need to do. >> the latest iteration of the on-demand market, right now they are only serving northern virginia. >> go on line and pick an appointment that is easy for them and we send a valentine's valet totheir preferred pick-up. >> and they will even bring you a and the car goes into to the full-service shop and there are updates to track the progress and when it's done it comes back, and the cost? >> $15. >> i think i might pay that. >> sure, i'm sure a lot of people would but hopefully you don't need to. >> take care of your car and hopefully you don't need to. >> well, let's go over to scott.
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starting returning since tommy john surgery but finally back for the first time in a long time, and strikes out bautista. first up, but not a perfect outing. a pretty good night, struck out seven in five innings of work, through other 80 pitches and struck out his final three batters, too, not a bad day for a guy who has been away from the big leagues for almost two years. with this two-run shot, it's a bit of a home run parade, and a solo shot and the rays up 5-2.
10:49 pm
take game one in the series, 8-3 the final. and here is cobb after the grahame. game.>> when i started it was le major league debut feelings again. things were speeding up on me, and once i got past the first inning and settled down a little bit, and yeah, a part of that was seeing the pitch count i realized i needed to stay in the zone or >> well dale earnhardt junior jr jr. sayshe is making progress s concussion but will not be back racing this season. and will at receiver the bucs will keep evan spencer and that
10:50 pm
vitalli was released and they are going with four undrafted guys who ended up making this team. will tomorrow, usf takes over ray-j, kicking off their season. willie taggart's team returns a ton of talent, to go further but don't tell him 5"good job" he doesn't care for that term. >> people use that too freely, good job, good job, when really is wasn't a good job. and this football team is getting a lot of good jobs but we have not done anything, and so it's really not fair to this team or teams in the past. the pats on the back.
10:51 pm
>> and check out my facebook page, we have more information on smith's thoughts on the potential of building an on-campus stadium and they kick it off tomorrow, and don't tell them good job even if they win, it's a long season, around we don't want any of that flattery. >> but we need to know what his favorite snacks
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10:55 pm
below average again in the mid 80's and we've been complaining about the heat. >> >> >> tomorrow morning with the west wind could be showers near the coasts and showers and thundershowers building inland, hopefully not aggravating the flooding my more, we'll track
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10:58 pm
>> folks in france were craning their necks to watch a man scale a building. >> urban climber albert did his best spiderman impression
10:59 pm
bare hands, he climbed up a 600-foot-high skyscraper and it was a familiar stunt for him. he has climbed more than 100 buildings. including in new york and dubai, the world's tallest building. >> and some bears were spots swimming in a backyard pool in pasadena. precious. it's been hot there and the bear two bear cubs didn't bother anyone, but left after a while to dig through a dumpster for a snack. >> and how is this for disappointment, it's the world's largest sand castle but it's not the largest record holder. it was disqualified on a tech technicality because half of it
11:00 pm
the damage, the team had to use wooden braces but then removed them before the judging but it was still disqualified. >> and we have more left for you. >> we are following this at 11:00, tensions are running high after a deputy shot and killed an unarmed black man. >> and now people are taking to the streets in the neighbor neighborhoodwhere it happens ane >> prepare for 3 feet of water? we got 5! >> hermine hit this area especially hard with flooding and it continued throughout the day. >> there is no way to prepare for this much storm surge coming in. >> how it forced many in the nortsoutheast to change their lr day plans.


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