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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the damage, the team had to use wooden braces but then removed them before the judging but it was still disqualified. >> and we have more left for you. >> we are following this at 11:00, tensions are running high after a deputy shot and killed an unarmed black man. >> and now people are taking to the streets in the neighbor neighborhoodwhere it happens ane >> prepare for 3 feet of water? we got 5! >> hermine hit this area especially hard with flooding and it continued throughout the day. >> there is no way to prepare for this much storm surge coming in. >> how it forced many in the nortsoutheast to change their lr day plans.
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unarmed black man in tampa has led to protests some of which have turned violent. josh cascio joins us live, and those protestors are still going wronstrong out there. >> absolutely, it's been kind of a wild chaotic night. i want to give you a sense of the scene. you see 78th stree all of the deputy cars out here, and as we pan across the street you still see people dmangd demandingjustice for a man shotd killed at the hands of police. they believe his death is unsuf unjustified. riggins with a 22 years old and
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deputies. they laid out their version this afternoon at a press conference alongside leaders of the black community, and they say after buying dr drugs fromm several ts they served a search warrant on his home but he was uncooperative and refused to come out of his bedroom, and the deputy perceived him as a threat, as he weapons but they never found a gun on him. >> mr. riggins then jumped up and moved his hands toward his waist band and the deputy fired his gun one time, just one time. >> i don't think he had time to regular his eyes. like i said, he felt he wanted to sh shoot somebody that day ad
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>> the state attorney is going review the case and determine if the shooting was justified. the deputy is on paid administrative leave and the vibe is half protest and half party, meaning that emotions are running high. this party or protest whatever you want to d call it is likelyo go on into >> we certainly hope those emotions don't spill over into something else. thank you for keeping an eye on it for us tonight in carmel. >> hermine left behind significant flooding and damage but rescuers had to help with about 40 rescued today. damage was so extensive to fortt
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closed throughout the weekend. >> daylight revealed floodwaters and downed trees and entire neighborhoods without power. that meant cleaning up for neighbors and business owners. many roads became impassible for smaller cars and significant flooding plagued this area and the road out to fort island. downed trees knocked out power to many of the people living and they remain without power, concrete picnic tables and benches were thrown by high wind and waves. in the ozello area, streets and homes remained water-filled reminding neighbors of the no-name store, one of the last bad storms to hit here. >> this was the no-name storm.
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there. >> well, it was comparable, and we prepared for 3 feet of water but we got 5! >> fort island beach will need to undergo repairs before it can open again. >> plenty of flood damage all over the place. skyfox toured the bay area for aerial views and you see in the lake maggie area, up into the back yards of homes. in pasco county, they got hit hard with more heavy rain. we saw flooded mobile home parks there, and every street in this mobile home park was underwater. >> hermine's winds whipped through leaving dozens of people homeless, and damaging trailers
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i gis just saw that tree that ld like it had decimated one of those homes evan. >> yes, cynthia, it did. this tree came through this home like a knife. it crashed down about 7:30 last night. there were people and an entire family, several children inside of that mobile home. thankfully they made it out okay, but an here. there are at least six homes here that were at least partially damaged. neighbors said the strongest winds they have ever felt saw the through and ripped trees from the ground, leaving people run for their lives. we also saw trees ripped out by their roots in plant city. one homeowner said they were
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toward the street and not toward their home. >> the only thing in my head was i knew there was a kid in there and i opened up my window and started screaming, no. 7, because i don't know them, but when it died down i had my husband check to see if they got out and everyone got out okay. >> help them out with their needs because people do have children, but it's re r >> now obviously a lot of that tree that fell has been cut up, chopped up and taken out of here but you still see a piece of tree that hit the trailer that i am standing in front of of, and thankfully the red cross is standing by to help people out of their homes but i am told that folks are staying with nearby relatives. >> evan axelbank.
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emergencies that the scammers always come out of the wood work, and so beware of someone calling saying they are from your electric company and they need a credit card to pay a past-due bill. they are not from your electric company, and they used same toll-free number no matter what they say they help, and they have even used the same recorded gree number, it sounds legitimate. and lakeland customers, a number of them have fallen for this. >> we will never call custom by phone and ask them to give us a credit card number, we do not operate that way. >> those scammers have been impersonating several companies. >> and will standing wear can be a breeding ground for the
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little tiny things like the tray under your plant pots and people were reminded today to dump any water they find. >> remember to wear long sleeves and wear bug repellent when outdoors. everyone must do their part to protect our state. >> and researchers say funding to fight zika has all been run out, the senate is scheduled t vote on a bill tuesday when congress returns from its summer recess. >> six months after president castro announced a campaign to control the outbreak, it seems to be working. local officials say only three people have caught the virus in cuba.
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>> i would like to know what they were f fumigating with. >> and heavy rains pounded this afternoon. >> i'm not sure if it's going to be at my door tomorrow morning when i wake up. >> it just kept on raining, and paul, do you think we'll dry out at some point this weekend? >> sunday and monday shoul okay. just a analyzing the newest data on hermine, would be interesting for the northeast in it's the final days of the ford freedom sales event... and the deals just got better. ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ? just announced! 0% financing plus $500 labor day cash across the entire 2016 ford lineup. and specially tagged vehicles get an extra $1000 smart bonus cash. freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best-selling brand.
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oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple. >> more rain has created more problems for residents in this area of pasco county. floodwaters rose in port richy leaving some people stranded. couldn't get out of their homes, couldn't get in, and crystal i know they couldn't wa catch a bk
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>> yeah, cynthia, it's been really tough, and with heavy rain just adding to the flooding concerns. pasco county emergency management is scaling back to a level 2 status tonight, meaning they are no longer operating 24 hours but are still responding to emergency weather-related information. this intersection of ranch and jason roads, there is practically a lake in the middle of it, about waist deep for and for the homes nearby it's only of only two ways to get into the neighborhood and it's flooded well. this is when the rain was coming down out here and the heavy rain did come as a surprise for some residents. saying when they left their homes this morning, the floodwaters were only a few
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car, but then the waters came up, and for the brave few who tried to drive through it we saw vehicles stalling out left and right. >> i wonder if it's going to be at my door tomorrow morning when i wake up. >> if this gets worse, i don't know how anyone is going to get to work. i have to work a 12-hour shift tomorrow and i don't know even know if i'm going to get see is people trying to speed through the water that creates a wake and pushes it towards their house and only adds to the flooding problems they will be dealing with. and the people who are anyone anenjoyingthis rain? it's probably tow truck drivers. residents in this neighborhood
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them right out of their drive weres on the back of a truck. >> i guess it's the only way out unless you have a kayak. >> well, winds damaged the zephyrhills area. look at this barn, you see that the wind took the roof right awch offof the barn, and i'm noe that one is going to be able to be >> a lot of barn roofs and a lot of fences down t's going to be a long clean-up. >> is it still technically a tropical storm? >> it is and it will probably cause big trouble in the southeast for labor day or tuesday, and all of the impacts that were bad were caused by a category 1 hurricane passing two miles to our west, this is not to scare people but imagine if
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citrus or pasco county, and you take the damage we had now and multiply it by 10 or 20. it would not be good at all. but the good news is it did not make land fall here. we've gone 3,966 days in between land falling hurricanes in florida. wilma, back in 2005, and hermine did it yesterday, the last time we had a hurri landfall in fella in a was wilma, a huge storm that caused all kinds of issues in south florida. and with these feeder bands, you don't see it like you did last night but there is definitely a pool of moisture over the pins peninsula, witne and with the hg they are going to move inland, with a soupy air mass and then
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winds, and so don't be surprised if you take up at some point and see it raining. this is how much water we have in the atmosphere. the showers are dying down after a busy afternoon, and we'll stay generally cloudy. a cooler temperature with clouds held in check because of clouds and rain. right now it's very unusual, and the winds, still up in speed a i mean, this is more wind than you would normally see on an early september night at 11:00. southwest at 10, and southwest at 12 in sarasota. it eeit's amazing to see the trf
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we learned our lesson again. the tracking in the gulf with the right hand turn was pretty good, the european model did pretty well but all of the models struggled with the rapid intensification and still despite all of the technology we have, we admittedly did not do a very good job of predicting storms that will intensify rapidly. and so low pressure in the regardless of what the environment looks like they can develop, certainly in late august or early september. the winds are gusty. and it's close to wilmington now. top winds are 50, raising along at 22 and it's going to move off the carolina coast and this is going to be a tough forecast.
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figure out where this is going to go? this is going to turn into a tropical hybrid system that is going to have winds 75 to 80 just off the u.s. coastline, in fact, two of the models always do a standing thing and move it into new jersey. look at the models and can you imagine being a meteorologist in the philliy or the new york or the new jersey market? but they will be flooding and erosion and all of that next week. for us, any rain tomorrow will aggravate the flooding situations. we'll call it still unsettled
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and we'll be getting back to more typical early september we are back to 90, and it would be nie nice to see a 90 again. a 30% chance of storms. the tropics are relatively quiet and i don't see anything heading our way for seven to ten days. >> that is good news. >> i don't think paul has slept since monday. >> i know, get back to normal. >> and paul just showed us how the storm could get trapped up northeast and cause problems. how those in hermine's path are getting ready. >> and charley will he duff shows us the perks for members of congress and how they spend our money.
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>> as we just saw paul talk about hermine may be a tropical storm again but she is still soaking parts of the southeast, raining on people's labor day plans and turning out the lights on a lot of people. >> we are joined st. simon's island, georgia. >> impacts from the storm litter
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trees and windows. one spray painted "bring it on, hermine". >> we generally have sand bags to make sure we are prepared but it came to the walls. there is no way to prepare for that much storm surge coming in. >> many wisely evacuated. as the storm broke through roo but after being downgraded to a tropical storm, hermine still pasco papapacks a punch. >> about every 45 minutes transformers were blowing, about six or four in a row and that was it.
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georgian also without power after all of those transformerss blew up in the wind and rain. bill keating, fox news. >> and cobb was back on the
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>> the baseball regular season ends exactly one month from today foon for the ray it is mes
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year, including cobb back from htommy johns surgery. struck out the very first batter he faced and really handled the bluejays lineup pretty well tonight. said it took him an inning or two to settle in. he struck out seven and although he didn't get the win on his return, the team still won, 8-3-5. >> i felt back into the com competitive nature on the mound, i was not thinking about injuries, i was just out there and felt the groove of the game again. >> and by tomorrow, # 22 players


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