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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at thousands without power, water-logged streets and debris everywhere. cleanup starts in florida as hermine makes its way up the east coast. plus, the zika virus now labeled a "global health emergency." how officials in florida are fighting the spread in the wake
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taco trucks on every co corner? why those words have sparked backlash and mockery on social media. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> jen: well, well, well, look at this line-up. >> alcides: what day is it, friday. >> jen: 7 a.m. on a -- >> alcides: filling in. >> jen: i am filling in for anjuli. >> aid in. thank you for. >> dave: i am filling for lindsay. may they don't want to work with him. >> jen: you had a really buzzer day. >> dave: he will take his k kickball and go home. very busy but tart to quiet things down. a lot of moisture in the area, but i want to show you this beautiful sunrise. it is gorgeous! i mean look at that orange and
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of cloud cover with the extra moisture that we have though. this is what is going to ha happen. more showers are going to form today. the overall rain chances will be running 50% to 60% as that activity starts to move onshore later today and eventually it will move inland. and the forecast is not perfect for the first part of your labor day weekend. more clouds than sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s with rain chances by the labor day holiday. rain chances drop and that forecast in a >> alcides: all right, you just heard it. tropical storm hermine makes a path across the mid-atlantic. >> jen: here in florida cleanup efforts are just beginning. governor rick scott says the main impact of hermine came in the form of power outages and damage from storm surges. hermine is being blamed for one death. a homeless man was found dead after a tree fell on him south of gainesville. right now an estimated 325,000 people remain without power statewide.
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some of the people up in citrus county as well. the sheriff's office says 40 people were rescued with many neighborhoods still flooding even this morning. residents have begun the holiday weekend cleaning up from hermine and taking stovbing damage. many recalling the intensity of the no-name storm that hit back in the early '90s. >> one our viewers -- no-name storm. >> right here >> the water was higher than yesterday? >> it was comparable to that. we prepared for three feet of water which is mo unprecedented. >> alcides: they got a whole lot more than that. many businesses in citrus county are preparing to take a hit to their bottom line as well because rental and hotel owners along homosassa river are facing cancellations this morning due to the flooding from that storm. and in pasco. the water works department has sent out pumps across the country to help drainage system deal with a large amount of stormwater. in one neighborhood off of u.s.
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completely submerged under feet of water. some made ware way out and other tried to drive and others stalled out. jasmine boulevard and scenic drive. every street in this home park was under water. someone was trying to order pizza. >> alcides: you got to eat, right. ariels in pinellas county and lake majory and it was completely flooded out. you can see it there and you can see where the water started creeping up into the backyards of a a lot of homes. we saw a lot of streets under water as well. >> jen: hermine took a devastating toll in the eastern portions of hillsborough co county. as evan axlebank show us trees came crashing down on homes leaving some thankful to be life. >> reporter: when she heard h hermine howling, she went to her window. >> we watched that a tree fell on our neighbor's trailer and i knew there was a kid in there.
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alive. >> the husband made a pathway to get to his daughter because she was underneath something. they could are been killed. >> reporter: the day after the storm rolled through, residents of the town and country trailer park in valrico counted six trailers with significant damage. one woman reportedly had a bruised head. >> something like 15 trees. and we are still working. it is going to take a couple of days to clean it up. >> reporter: indeed, trees came down across eastern hillsborough county. >> i came ou the front window and just absolutely couldn't believe what i saw. >> reporter: margaret stevens was home wth her husband in plant city when the tree in their front yard crashed down. roots ripping through the pavement. if it had fallen in the other direction things could have been worse. the power was out nearly a day. >> we were just so fortunate that the house -- nothing happened to the house. >> reporter: for many this is a storm for all of its frightening misfortune leaving the most important thing,
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people, if not property, intact. >> we will try raise a little money for them to help them out with their needs. people do have children. but it's -- it's real bad. >> jen: that was evan axlebank reporting. six families in the mobile home park are out of their homes this morning. many are staying with friends or family. and, of course, florida wasn't the only state watching hermine. the end of the summer may be coming a lot faster for parts of the northeast as they watched the storm move direction. the tropical storm watch is expected to last through tomorrow for the jersey shore area, as well as delaware's beaches. that is making some businesses up and down the coast very nervous as they count on labor day as a final money maker before the fall and the winter set in; however, some are pretty optimistic. >> sometimes works out in our favor we get a lot of people. you can't go to the beach or do anything but come out to eat and have a good time.
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a push along the carolinas and up and down the east coast. a potential for drenching rain and deadly flooding as well. time is 7:7. scientists are warning that 2 billion people are at risk of develop zika virus. the wormed health organization declaring zika as a global health emergency. around the world, more than 70 countries and territories now have continuing zika transmission. the un health agency wrapped up its committee on friday aimed epidemic. the committee's chair says the considerable gaps remain in understanding the virus. meantime, crews across florida are taking acongress sieve measures to stop the virus from spreading, and with hurricane hermine leaving standing water behind, it could make the days can more difficult. >> we have done over 2,000 inspections and sprayings in and around miami beach. we continue our -- our efforts. we will continue our efforts in miami beach to -- to start to
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down. >> florida officials are also fighting for more zika funding. federal dollars are expected to run out by the end of sept september. protesters took to the streets of clair mel demanding justice for an unarmed black man who was shot an killed by a hillsborough county deputy. protest began after the sheriff's office laid out its version of the shooting. according to deputies, 22-year-old lavenia riggins told drugs to them du undercover sting. as they executed a search warrant at his home they say riggins was uncooperative and refused to come out of a back bedroom. shot by deputy ca leb johnson who.said he feared for his safety. those on the streets last night believe that riggins' death was unjustified. >> they were out there high fiveing each other, rewarding each other after they done murdered this boy. yeah, we angry. we upset. >> you perceive me as an
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it my clothes? the color of my kin, my hat, my hair? i don't understand that in until we get some kind of answers, i don't know what to tell you. >> alcides: no weapon was found on riggins. the state attorney's office will investigate the evidence and determine if that shooting was justified. deputy jobson is currently on paid administrative leave. my culture is a very dominant culture, and it is impulsive and causing problems. will have taco trucks every corner. >> latinos for trump gutierrez making controversial comments saying if trump is not elected president, there will be taco trucks on every corner. hundreds of tweets and social media immediate posts have been popping up morking the comment. a lot of people think the idea of taco trucks on every corner isn't such a bad idea. >> let's say you are really busy and it is 10:00 in the
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are not prepared to make breakfast or something, you go to a taco truck and you get it prepared in, what, five min minutes. >> we are more than just a lunch truck or for construction worker or a drug dealer, you know. >> the controversy comes amidst a new poll that find young minorities are most likely to trust hillary clinton than donald trump when it comes to dealing with immigrants currently living in the u.s. the survey was conducted by the black youth project at the university of chicago along with the associa they found that young white americans tend to trust trump more both on immigration and securing the border. as for donald trump him himself, he spent much of friday with leaders of the african-american community in philadelphia. one woman told trump about the brutal murder of her young daughter. she said of two the attackers were illegal immigrants. trump told participants his campaign is is the only hope for people who have lost loved ones to violence. on the democratic side, the fbi has released an 11-page
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with hillary clinton while they were investigating her use of a private e-mail server. according to the highly redacted documents, clinton told the fbi agents she could, quote, not recall when she got a security clearance or any briefing on how to handle classified information. a separate document shows 13 of her mobile devices are unaccounted for. without examining them, the cannot determine if they were hacked. . with her background experience. she is an attorney. 25 years in government. and suddenly she has selective amnesia. it is not plausible. the clinton campaign say the newly released documents show why the justice department believe they could not move forward with that case. speaking of clinton, she will be here in a rally tuesday in tampa. clinton's campaign says she will discuss national security and her plans to keep the
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still ahead, fans sent scrambling after a 13-year-old is shot while cheering on a local high school football t team. plus president obama arriving in china this morning for the g-20 summit. what he plans to focus on during his final visit to asia. sky tower radar active again; however, this morning, offshore for now. but slowly we are going to see some of the showers and storms creep toward the coastline from pi the best rain chances today around 50% to 60% for the rain chances. starting off this morning, in the mid- to upper 70s. it will continue to be uns unsettled today with more showers. highs in the mid-80s and back up closer to 90 tomorrow. and we will drop the rain
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time now is 7:xx.. time now is 7:15. a high school football game in oklahoma has ended in horror as one person is shot. >> alcides: people ducked for cover after a 13-year-old boy was shot in the head cheering in the fans. it happened in tulsa around 9:15 l there was roughly three minutes left in the game when a single gun. shot rippled through the stadium. police say the 16-year-old g gunman -- 16 -- 16-year-old gunman dropped his weapon and then ran but was arrested outside the stadium. here is the good news, the boy who was shot was taken to a local hospital. he is in stable condition. he had allegedly gotten into a verbal altercation. a verbal altercation with the shooter earlier in the day. a connecticut is accused of phoning in a threat to the new
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newtown police arrested 28-year-old pierre boville yesterday on threatening harassment and breach of peace charges. police say someone called the school's main office a couple of weeks ago and asked when the first day of school was. after he was told it was august 29, he made a threat against the school for that day. moville was detained on $150,000 bail. federal officials say it will take three or months of testing before a new pipeline is ready to distribute water in flint michigan again. lead-tainted water crisis. when their water system was switched from detroit to the flint river back in 2014, corrosive water caused lead to leak from the old pipes. now environmental officials say the city must show it is able to provide clean, safe drinking water before activating the new laid water pipes. hawaii is bracing for the impact of hurricane lester. the hurricane is continuing its path across the state.
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expected to tower at 15 to 25 feet today. forecasters are also tracking another tropical depression. madeline has shown post tropical remnants overnight but no longer seeing a threat to the state. hawaii not having luck this year. >> alcides: you know what, a lot of people up north did not have luck. crystal river. we interviewed someone yesterday and the day before that. they weren't expecting that storm surge, the high tide to bring 5, 6 feet. almost dave. but we have been talking about it for a couple of days. >> dave: by the way on lester. lester is not going to make landfall on hawaii which is good. it will drift to the north. you said 15, 25-foot waves. the surfers were salivating. >> jen: i bet. they live for that stuff. >> dave: you know they had to be. >> jen: it is a dream. >> dave: i showed you the net cam last time.
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see and look at the sun coming up right over downtown. we have different layers of clouds. we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, and we are starting like this. i do believe that showers are eventually going to take back over, so it is a nice little start of the day considering the past up withle of days around here. the our current temperature runs at 77 degrees in the tampa area which is pretty normal -- normal is 76. and notice all this rain sitting out here and for the past couple of hours, it haven't been moving much. again, the winds are relatively light considering yesterday at this time we had tropical st storm-force wind gusts. and now we are slowly -- and i mean ever so slowly beginning to see some of this rain get closer to the coastline. so as we move along during the morning, citrus county,
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pinellas county, you will start to deal with some shower activity and then by the afternoon, it will start to shift inland. we still have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, and we are not going to go from the rain chance yesterday to nothing. we are going to slowly transition it back through the holiday weekend. a lot of mid- to upper avenues this morning. wesley chapel, new port richey, clearwater, st. petersburg, bradenton, sarasota. i mean, mid- to upper 70s not bad, right? we have 70s all the way through ta near 80 in pensacola. in the mid-80s as you are down into portions of the keys with, again, some cloud cover and that southwest wind just drifting those showers ever so close to the coastline. today will not be a washout; however, we will see a lot of cloud cover, and in general, those rain chances run about 60%. especially in our northern counties. it looks like -- you see this band of moisture. this is by the way thunderstorm, of course, h
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moisture trailing back and setting up shop to the north of us. the northern counties have a better bet of some rain today and we will squeeze some showers across the state and slowly throughout the weekend begin to drop those rain chances. this storm by the way, it's going to lose its tropical characteristics, and right now it is moving at a decent clip, say 20, 21 miles per hour at a forward speed and will stall out south of southern new england, and sit there, and just do loops for a forecasting nightmare for the northeast because they are going to have clouds. they are going to have high surf, they are going to have beach erosion for days and days and days. head to and in the next half hour we will track it for you those headed up to the northeast for the next few days. meantime unsettled with a high of around 85 degrees. mostly cloudy and kind of damp and muggy overnight and our low near 77 degrees.
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few storms tomorrow. and your high temperature around 89 degrees. moderate chop today, still a few lingering effects out here in the gulf but not too bad. light chop tomorrow. light chop for monday as well. and your next seven days show you. rain chances drop to 40% and eventually by the middle of next week, we will kick them back to 30%, jen. >> jen: all right, dave, thanks. president obama hags arrived in china for talks on climate change and global on the g-20 summit is expected to be obama's last trip to shaish as president. his focus on america's rel relationship to america's most populous country. >> alcides: fox's reporter has more from china. >> reporter: supposed to represent the global gathering of the economies. china's emergence as a world power. even president obama's validictoy tour. but the sum knit china may well
7:22 am
not on the official agenda at the meetings >> the chinese have scrubbed the agenda of anything controversial. south china sea, cyber, north carolina, you name it. so what i think the president is going to do is talk about the issue and on the sidelines of the event. >> reporter: but talk has yielded precious little when it comes to china. despite a un ruling that it is unlawful, the chinese has continued to expand claims in the south china sea. what began as the construction grown to include the contested scarborough shoals. >> an exchange about areas where we have significant issues. issues like human lives, cyber and maritime issues. >> reporter: that was the president back in march and little has changed since. experts say his tone won't change much in the g-20 but a newly forged relationship between the u.s. and india will give washington the upper hand long after they have left
7:23 am
about this and new dehli and washington will work very closely on the south china sea. >> this trip is really bringing together a number of the president's top priorities for the last seven and a half ye years. >> reporter: priorities including the ongoing fight against cyber intrusions. the leaders for both countries, cyber espionage in september of next year. those crimes not only drive up consumer cost. left uncheck american service personnel at risk. because often economic espionage is really just military espionage by any other name. name. let me give you another check of that. let's say a country, for example, decides to steal intelligence, proprietary information concerning commercial drone delivery systems. well, clearly that can also impact the military application of that technology.
7:24 am
example. travelling with the president in china, kevin court, fox news. when we come back, if someone calls you saying they are from the electric company and need money, it's a scam. >> jen: we will show you how this works and why they are
7:25 am
7:26 am
welcome back. the time is 7:26. a scam is spreading across tampa bay. one calls from the electric company saying that you are bill is overdue and if you don't pay it, it will shut it off. >> jen: it is all fake. fox 13 is making it seem legit. >> reporter: at the office of this lakeland dentist, mary lou witty is in charge of keeping track of every penny and she knew something was awry when the office got a phone call the other day. the caller said he worked for lakeland electric and dropped the bomb.
7:27 am
unless it is paid, we will have to turn your electric off. >> reporter: said the practice is month behind and owed more than $2,000. whity new the account was up to date and checked her records just to make sure, got back to him and let loose. >> i told him a crook and he was a low life, good-for-nothing bottom feeder. [phone ringing] >> reporter: the operation is calling people across our area as lakeland electric, teco or florida power and lig lakeland electric knew something was up when they got call after call from customers all with the same story. police decided to trace the calls. we decided to check it out ourself and we called the toll-free number 844-27-5716. >> welcome to fpl. >> reporter: same number the operation uses no matter who is says it is representing. it has even gone as using the recorded message you get when you call lakeland electric.
7:28 am
>> reporter: i told the woman who picked up my name and who i worked for spur getting recorded, so be aware of that. >> oh, yeah. hi, fbi. hi, guys. how are you. >> we asked why she says she is lakeland electric when she isn't. >> you are okay with this. >> i am trying to make money. >> apparent they are. lakeland electric say some customers paid the bogus bills. >> we will never call a customer by phone to give us a credit card nu number. we do not operate that way. >> reporter: unfortunately investigators say that group is still in investigation and possibly just a phone call away from you. in lakeland, ken suarez, fox 13 news. >> jen: be especially on guard if you were a customer of florida power and light. investigators say that is the front they seem to be using most frequently right now. and still to come on "good day." the usf bulls are getting ready to kick off their season
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>> alcides: we hear from head coach willie taggert in their clash ahead of towson. despite constant studis, psa and billboards, well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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you know what i love? when i see all the savings at the bottom of my receipt. it's proof that i'm a smart shopper. which is why i always show it to my wife. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning and thank you so much for joining us on this "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> jen: and i am jen epstein in for anjuli davis. a check with dave with the forecast in just a while. tropical storm hermine is
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showing downed trees, power lines. roofs ripped off homes and, of course, flooding. and while many people are still dealing with high floodwaters in other areas, the water has started to recede. if you picked up sandbags before hermine came through, you know -- now you have to try to figure out what to do with all of that. officials in pasco county say sand pages and sand that haven't come -- sandbags and sand that haven't come in contact with the water can be reused; however, if the stormwater you need to get rid of it sooner than later and could be harboring harmful bacteria and they can be taken to your county landfill. protesters took to the streets of clair mel demanding justice for an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a hillsborough county deputy. officials say 22-year-old lavonia riggins sold drugs to them during an undercover sting and refuse fused to come out of a back bedroom during a search warrant. he was shot once from deputy
7:33 am
no weapons were found on riggins. the state attorney is investigating. almost 7:33. and it is quiet right now. in fact a little bit of sunshine first thing morning, but we do have rain on sky to you irradar, inching ever so close to the coastline at this hour. not there yet, but getting close to pasco county to around anclote, and this is big for boaters too. a big weekend with the unofficial end of the summer here and i want you to be that rain sitting out over the gulf and some of that will move onshore. the overall rain chances, well, not as high as yesterday are still above normal. starting at 77 degree with a southeast wind at 5 and finish with showers and storms. rain chance 60%. and your highs in the mid-80s. okay. >> alcides: thank you, dave. later tonight the usf bull also get their 2016 season under way at raymond james stadium. the bulls are facing off against towson university.
7:34 am
mack and adams will bring the team another record season for the program. last season, the trio combined for over 5500 total yards of offense, but don't tell head coach willie taggert he did a good job. >> people use that, you know, too freely, good job, good job, good job when really it wasn't a good job at times. like i said, this football t team, we are getting all the good jobs and we haven't done an or the team in the past when all these pats on the back, you know. i always tell that guy winning can beget softness and we don't want to be a soft football t team. >> a lot of expectations. kickoff between the u.s. and towson is tonight at 7:00. good luck. people weren't the only ones dealing with thunderstorm hermine. a lifeguard on the east coast jumped in the water to rescue a deer yesterday. this happened near st. augustine.
7:35 am
st. johns county sought animal struggling in the atlantic. the deer was not able to make it back on shore, so lifeguards jumped on a paddleboard and staved. once on dryland it ran into the dunes safe and sound. hernando county along with the rest of the bay area saw a ton of flooding when tropical storm hermine went through the area. after things kawmentd down a bit they toured the damage on hernando beach. the water up into that area. boat markers were almost completely could have had. in a lot of spot the water is over seawalls and flowing into their yards. also a lot of downed trees. u.s. department of justice appeals a judge's ruling on a battle over the 911 calls. two dozen news outlets are suing the city to make the calls public saying it will help people evaluate police
7:36 am
releasing the calls could disrupt their investigation. a federal judge ruled the decision was a state matter and that federal officials lacked jurisdiction. earlier this week, released nine of the 4u7bs of 911 call. the search continues this morning for a 22-year-old man who went missing off the boat in south florida. authorities say tyrone robertson was on the boat friday night when he went into biscayne bay and failed resurface. it is unclear how robertson got into the water in the first place. the boat was anchored at the time of robertson's disappearance. the u.s. coast guard as well as miami-dade county officials are assisting in that search. police arrested ex nfl player lawrence taylor in palm beach county on a dui charge. officials ahe was involved in a crash on florida's turnpike around 5 o'clock last night. local reports say the 57-year-old switched lanes, hit a motor home, then sideswiped a
7:37 am
the new york giants helping them win two super bowl titles. in 2011, tail, why pled guilty to sexual m+ isconduct and patronizing a prostitute in new york city. he is currently still on probation for that charge. space x officials continue to core information explaining why led to that, a huge explosion on launch pad. it happened during a prelaunch test on thursday. eight minutes before the falcon 9 rocket's engine was supposed to fire. multiple exp area and smoke filled the air. the blast destroyed the rocket and israeli satellite that was supposed to launch into orbit. yesterday space x started going through 3,000 channels of day which recorded that explosion. in world news, the president of the philippines declare a state of lawlessness after a bomb blast at a night market killed 14 people and hurt 24 others. local militants are claiming responsibility for the bombing. the country's new president was
7:38 am
hurt. witnesses are giving cont contradicting accounts as to what happened. the area was under a heightened security alert because of the military offensive against local militants who may be connected to isis. when we come back, would you take a financial cut for more free time? >> alcides: maybe. almost sounds like part-time work, right? we will have more on amazon 30-hour-workweek day announced earlier this week. and who doesn't love pizza? i don't know anyone who like pizza. >> jen: love it, love it. >> alcides: another benefit can make you a more efficient can make you a more efficient worker golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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?? this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today.
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if you have been waiting for science to confirm that pizza isn't entirely bad for you. the time has come. >> alcides: may not improve your health, but a new study says it will motivate you to be a bettewo factory worker it is they hit a certain goal, they would get a free pizza, a voucher, a compliment or a bonus. the control group received none of those promises. surprisingly the workers promised pizza outproduced the control group by nearly 7%. cash only outpaced them by 4.9. compliments were a close second at 6.6%. so if you were trying to make some friends around the office, apparently a slice of pizza is
7:42 am
you enough, i don't know how, but maybe 30 hours a week is still getting some benefits as well. >> jen: fox's matt king has more. >> 9 to 5, weekends off. >> tuesday, wednesday, thu thursday. >> 10 to 6. >> overnights. >> reporter: whatever our current work schedule, our dream schedule. some abide by a schedule decided by someone else to economically support ourselves desire a little more flexibility. >> one of >> one of few personal days off. >> reporter: amazon announced it planned to try out some of that flexible scheduling offering three quarter office salary, full employee status and full benefits in exchange for a 30-hour workweek. >> it always surprises me when one of the cool company everybody assumes it is new and innovative. nothing that they have ann announced that companies haven't been doing for decades. >> reporter: but chief human resources officer says amazon and every other company is smart to explore alternatives
7:43 am
working with its workers to find the best scheduling option for both employee and employer. >> if gives you a greater ability attract and retain talent. >> reporter: the best employees are not able to work every available shift in a row until they die. they are moms and dads and freelancer and vacation takers and will look for something other than monday through friday. >> want to have more time to sleep or hang out. >> reporter: offering fewer hours or work from home days or any companies might inspire loyalty in their charges and, ther therefore, increase their productivity. >> you get that extra discretionary evident that you might not spend if you are not feeling that loyal to your company. >> reporter: amazon is testing this program with only few dozen employees. to start, all those working 30-hour weeks will work on teams with only 30-hour-a-week employees. in the upper east side, i am matt king, fox news. >> alcides: i will take a 30-hour workweek. that will be nice.
7:44 am
fallout from colin kaepernick seated protest. >> jen: what the local police are now saying. the folks at nathan's famous are back in the record books. books. we will tell you why coming up 7:44. quiet start to the day. may not last too much longer though. you look at the radar, sky tower radar north of tampa and back to the coastline with showers, thundershowers approaching our coastal counties. so sky tower radar views, got a big weekend forecast coming up,
7:46 am
7:47 am
some troubling news some troubling news heading into well, some troubling news heading into the holiday travel weekend. police say laws aimed at stopping texting while driving apparently aren't working. in fact they say the problem is only getting worse. last year 3500 people were killed because of distracted driving. that is up from 3200 in 2014. members of the is aen at that clara police union have threatened to stop staffing san francisco games in quarterback colin kaepernick continues his
7:48 am
according to the association, officers are frustrated with colin kaepernick's comments of police brutality and decision to wear socks during practice that depict pigs in police uniforms. 70 santa clara police officers work each home game. how about this, new york's grand central station saw record-setting lines on friday, but instead of travelers, it was a long line of hot dogs jen jennifer what? >> alcides: 191 they reached 950 feet in length which is a new record. the hot dogs spelled out 100 all to celebrate nathan hot dogs turning, of course, 100 years old. >> jen: all right. the age-old question what you put your your hot dog, ketchup, mustard cede see i like it all, the onions, relish.
7:49 am
new england, put meat sauce. new england, put meat sauce. >> dave . >> jen: doesn't sound very appetizing. >> alcides: meat sauce on your hot dog. what do you put on your hot dogs. >> jen: i like turkey dogs and ketchup. >> dave: clouds and moisture still streaming in and we do have some rain that is about to make its way about on shore and that is kind of where i want to go with the sky tower radar. now in general, i think the highest rain chances today will be to the north as you can see an access of moisture just setting up, sitting out here, but ever-so-slowly sliding toward the immediate coastline. so here you go. running -- i mean, right down along coastal portions of pasco county, even northern pinellas. boy, it is close, isn't it.
7:50 am
bourque their way onshore. sorry, boaters. sorry, folks. the last thing i want to deal with on this saturday are rain. we still have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. but further south -- the further south you go, it looks like it is a little bit bet they are morning. a little bit more sunshine which is nice, but, again, getting closer and closer. some of these showers to coastal portions of pinellas and in fact here is the shower in pinellas county near st. petersburg, and that looks like it is going over the gandy bridge. so now with the sun is up to destabilize our atmosphere and a lot of moisture sitting around and the forecast does keep the rain chances high. 50 to 60% overall. tropical storm hermine. look at the moisture channel it has left behind and all that moisture streaming in, and that's where we have the ab above-normal rain chances again today. here is a storm that is just not going to go away.
7:51 am
see if you can figure this out. moving north-northeast at 21. winds of 60. it is projected to slow down, even stall out, do a couple of loops maybe and just hang out here, all the way through until the middle of next week. look at this. this would be a huge problems for waves and coastal flooding for new england down to long island. we will have to watch that. if you have t check in with their local people there and i know this will cause forecaster fits over the next several days. we had our turn with the forecasting problems with it. now it is the northeast. 85 for a high temperature today. mostly cloudy. i am just going to use the term unsettled, and that is the best way to describe things for today. 40% the rain chance for tomorrow. 40% for labor day, an eve eventually we will drop it to 30%.
7:52 am
>> alcides: all right, dave, thank you. what better way to defeat the heat. a family of black bears deciding they will take the day taking advantage of their
7:53 am
kick, scream and beg for any food you want baby belly it's not a problem. cause with the help of a blue shirt you got the samsung family hub refrigerator with four door flex from best buy. it switches from freezer to fridge to store whatever food you want whenever you want it. yeah that's a t-bone steak and whipped cream, baby needs her vitamins.
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> jen: finally this hour, no
7:55 am
taking a dip in the pool. how a group of bears beat the heat in southern california report were this store be the three bears, no one named goldilocks. danny, miranda and ken share their neighborhood and so some degree their homes with these bears. they showed up in ken's back yard at 3:30 in the morning. >> they stay in that tree a lot. they are here two or three times a week. we have bear huge bears. >> reporter: this morning, one of the cubs wandered into ken's patio area and broke a pane of glass in the back door. his dog is named ginger. went bang, knocked it out and went in after the dog. then the dog -- is a bully dog to begin with out of the pound. and the fight came back out and they are fighting out here. >> reporter: from there, the mother bear and her two cubs went to a neighbor's home where they found danny brimcone and
7:56 am
he shot it on his smartphone. >> i have been up here 40 years and bobcats and bears. they got into the trash can last night which is unusual, but i knew they were here. >> reporter: as the bears moved leisurely on the house of fair point. dogs could smell them and chase them. deputy sheriffs were on the lookout for trouble using nonlethal bean bag rounds to scare away the bears, not to kill them. they expect them to eventually leave on the loan as m point out as she take a walk by her young daughter she doesn't feel threatened with her four-legged neighbors. >> you just go inside. they leave you alone. they don't -- they don't come up to you at all. they have been here since before us. we are used to it, you know. it is part of living up here in the mountains. you have to live with wild animals. >> reporter: in sierra madre villa, tony valdez, fox news. >> jen: incredible.
7:57 am
up at 8:00. >> alcides: thank you, jen. kellie cowan is live on the cleanup efforts in pasco county. and finding dory is a hit at the box office and thanks to researchers at the university of florida, you can earn dory of your own. we will tell you how. we know that jen is obsessed with her dogs. no doubt about that. she even has a poem for them. she will have to say it during this segment. a local company is letting dog obsessed people including jen celebrate their pooches style. we will show you how people are we will show you how people are throwing dog birthday welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay. ". >> alcides: still picking up the pieces. everyone are cleaning up after hurricane hermine brings a lot of wind and rain. >> jen: protests break out after a black man is shot and killed by deputies in clair mel. what protesters had to say. >> good saturday morning. thank you so much for joining us, our alcides, segui. >> jen: i am jen epstein in for. >> anjuli. and first dave is in for lindsay. >> dave: a great start to the


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