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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay. ". >> alcides: still picking up the pieces. everyone are cleaning up after hurricane hermine brings a lot of wind and rain. >> jen: protests break out after a black man is shot and killed by deputies in clair mel. what protesters had to say. >> good saturday morning. thank you so much for joining us, our alcides, segui. >> jen: i am jen epstein in for. >> anjuli. and first dave is in for lindsay. >> dave: a great start to the
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i am about to ruin it for some. we have tons of moisture in the atmosphere, okay. we are not going to go from all that rain to nothing. and transition slowly and notice the showers. the tropical downpours approaching the west coast. again this morning. and, boy, they are so close if not onshore already right around hudson, southward. new port richey, port richey, holiday, a batch of heavy rain that is moving through anclote now and that is going to come minutes or so, and i know -- i know the last thing you want is more rain. here is another shower too. right over the pinellas part of the gandy bridge and that is moving toward south tampa. so we may have started off quiet. got the sun up on a quiet note, but this is what we are going to have to deal with unfortunately. and i think the best rain chances will be -- let's say if you drew a line, i-4 north where the best rain chances are going to be throughout the day
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and just more scattered showers and storms at least by labor day. we will knock those rain chances down a little bit and back to 40%. >> jen: thanks, dave. new this morning, pasco county officials are investigating a house fire in port richey. it broke out just before 4:00 on westport drive in port richey. one person was taken to the hospital with burns and we will bring you an update as soon as we get more informing. and sarasota police are investigating a crash involving a drunk driver. th intersection of fruitville road and south tuttle avenue near the sarasota fairgrounds. as you can see two cars are heavily damaged. police say alcohol was a factor, and people were hurt. we will update you as soon as we get new information. this was the scene as skyfox toured the bay area yesterday for aerial views of some of the flooding. we found several parts of st. petersburg under water.
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lake crept up into the backyards of some of those home. we also saw a lot of streets under water. and after all that rain over the last few days, many people are still cleaning up all over the bay area, especially in our northern counties. fox 13's kellie cowan is live from pasco county this morning. kelly, how are things looking there. we are in port richey and things are looking a lot drier than yesterday evening when we were live out here. but as you can see just behind me, roadways. we actually became stuck on other side of this massive flooded-out area here in the roadway that you can't even see the yellow lines here. that's why we did not try attempt to get through here last night. we -- our news crew actually had to be towed out of here. and with sustained rains throughout the evening, you can see it is just as messy as it was last night. the waters have receded a little bit, but not enough for cars to get through.
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there are a couple of cars around here that have just gone ahead and parked and not even bothered attempting it this morning. and we have seen plenty of vehicles throughout the area approach one of these intersections and just turn right around. you can see there is another one coming this way, and so we will stay with it. but eventually i will bring in a representivefrom pasco co county. emergency officials will just talk to her as we watch what this vehicle does. yep, it is going to turn around. so the advice which is the strongest advice that you are goyving people right now to look out for those road bar barriers that you see because they are obviously telling people a very important mes message. >> we have throughout the county several locations that have encountered this situ situation. so public works have gone out and placed barriers. we are asking citizens if they do encounter them it is not safe to be out, so we are expecting probably a little bit
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it to increase a little bit more. still exists. so if you do encounter, turn around. don't even try to attempt going through them. >> reporter: great vase, mollica because we saw how quickly this water can come up on us. with the rain that is expected -- i don't know if we can get that wide, but the clouds are getting really gloomy right now. we have a lot of gray stuff coming over us. and it -- it started raining on us yesterday around 4 p.m. and the water rose to quickly that we had to to higher land just to avoid how fast this water can come up on people, and i think what is deceptive is, if you were on the major roads around pasco county, you probably don't realize this going on but this is actually happening in a lot of neighborhoods, isn't it. >> it is happening through a lot the smaller neighborhoods and whatnot. and as the ground is already saturated based on the last couple of days it has been raining. the more rain that falls, regardless of how much it falls, it will continue to rise these levels.
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try to attempt going through them because it is not safe. >> reporter: okay, we have some public works that are actually bringing some heavy equipment through here. can you explain actually -- do you -- are you aware what they are trying -- trying to do back here? >> so probably -- what is going to occur is that public works work is out. and they are going to start pumping or continue pumping areas such as these so that citizens can make it to their home and so on. that is what is going on it's an ongoing effort. you won't see as much fire and police. it is more public works. and damage assessment teams. we are trying to get a complete tally of how many citizens are impacted and affected by these waters and -- and the storm that just occurred. so we are asking citizens that if you do have damage no matter how minimum, call 727-847-2411. >> reporter: and go ahead and
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another great piece of advice because they were stressing yesterday just because you have driven by something five or six times, doesn't mean that it has necessarily been reported yet and very important to report any downed power lines, flooding, downed trees, tree limbs, anything that you see no matter how minor it may be, reimportant to report right now. we will be staying out here. hopefully the skies don't especially up on us but it it is not look gooing right now. check back in with you guys in a little bit and well. live in port richey, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> jen: kelly, you were mentioning those power lines and reminding people as well, when you are walking by that downed power line whether or not it is sparking or looks like it is thrive make sure you don't walk on it or anywhere near it, that will be a huge danger as well. >> reporter: absolutely. you have to assume that any power line that you come across whether it is sagging or down on the ground is still live. so definitely don't touch it.
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and another reason to stay out of water like this. because the two don't end well if you happen to be in the water. >> jen: looks like a truck behind you that might be trying to go through the water. i hope not. do you see it? >> reporter: yeah, this is not advised but it is happening. >> jen: don't do it, don't do it. all right, kellie, thank you for the update. we will see you again soon. hurricane hermine left behind significant flooding and damage. rescuers many of those were water re rescues. the damage was so bad at fort island beach that it will be closed through the weekend. they describe the winds that went through as the lion's roar. daylight revealed flooded waters, downed trees and entire neighborhoods without power. many will be back out this morning cleaning up in crystal river and the citrus county area trying to assess the damage as well, and many roads in that area became impassible for smaller cars.
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and the road on to the fort island. downed trees and power lines knocked out power to the majority of people living in that area. island beach concrete barrier as well as picnic tables by high winds and waves. businesses were hit too. water made its way inside shops along citrus avenue. the storm reminded neighbors of one of the last bad storms to hit the area in the early 90s. >> right here. >> and the water is higher than that yesterday? >> well, it was comparable to that. we prepared for three feet of water which is almost unprecedented, and -- prepared for three feet of water, and we got five. >> alcides: probably got more than that too. fort island beach will need to undergo repairs before it can reopen again. >> jen: 8:09. protests in clair mel over the shooting death of an unarmed black man. laid out its version of how the shooting happened.
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justice for lavonia riggins shot and killed august 30. they believe his death was unjustified. protesters stopped traffic with shouting. 22-year-old riggins was a drug dealer according to deputies. in an effort to promote transparency, they laid out their version of what happened. deputies say after making undercover buys from him, they were executing a search warrant at his home. they say he was uncooperative and refused to come out of a back bedroom. he caleb johnson when johnson feared for his own safety. riggins 4 priors for drug dealing and he had a history of weapons but they never found a gun on him. >> mr. riggins then jumped up and moved his hands toward his waistband at which time deputy johnson fired his firearm one time -- just one time. >> i don't think he even had the time register his eyes to all of that whatsoever. like said, he felt like he and and withed to shoot someone
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>> the state attorney is reviewing the evidence land determine if the shooting was justified. deputy johnson was currently on paid administrative leave. time for a good day, good deed this morning. a manatee and her calf were rescued after a high storm surge left them stranded. the mother and baby were pushed up into a normally shallow area in citrus county. when the waters receded, they were stranded. the mom was trapped inside a culvert with the nearby. staff and volunteers from crystal river national wildlife refuge came to the rescue, pulled them out and took them to a nearby canal where they swam happily away. not just humans who are having to deal with all that water from the rains yesterday. and the flooding. little manatees too. >> jen: big manatee county. i never seen a little one.
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miami area test positive for the zika virus. >> jen: a new strain of the virus overseas has people worried. a very busy sports weekend in the bay area. the usf bulls get ready for their first game of the season. fox 13 sports director scott smith sat down with their coach ahead of the game. and unfortunately, i have got more rain moving on shore this hour. pasco county, hernando county, even northern pinellas in your sky tower radar showing some of the showers are heavy once again. the overall rain chance is running 50% to 60% today especially the further north you are. high temperatures mid-80s and a lot of cloud cover as well.
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three mosquitoes test three mosquitoes test positive for zika in three mosquitoes test positive for fleeinga in miami beach and singapore has 31 new cases of the virus. >> jen: fox news correspondent patricia spark gives us the latest on the global outbreak. >> unfortunately we got news today that three traps have come back with positive for -- for zika-infected mosquitoes.
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has been elevated to a new level in miami beach. while there has been dozens of cases of zika in south florida recently, the new discovery is the first. >> the first time that we have seen actually mosquitoes infected with zika, but not something unexpected. >> reporter: this comes as florida deals with a hurricane which governor rick scott says could leave standing water, a breeding ground for the mosquito-borne virus. >> we are dealing with zika in our state, right. we are trying to do everything we can to make sure we don't have any more we have been doing every day getting rid of standing water. >> reporter: officials say the discovery of zika doesn't change their aggressive measures to stop the virus from spreading. >> we have done over 2,000 inspections and sprayings in and around miami beach. we continue our -- our efforts. we will continue our efforts in miami beach to start -- to start to drive the mosquito population down. >> reporter: meantime, other countries are dealing with their own outbreaks including
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currently that -- that we detected gleeka infections most are mild. only minority. a small are being in the hospital and we continue to monitor them. florida officials continue to fight for more zika funding. as federal dollars are expected to run out by the end of september. in new york, patricia spark, fox news. cuba says they have successfully contained the zika epidemic in the country. six months after raul castro launched a national campaign to maintain the outbreak. the monitoring and quarantine system seems to be working. only three people have caught the virus in cuba and 30 people caught zika outside of the island. they started a military-led fumigation campaign when the first cases were found. i know that is a lot of the worry here with all that rain and standing water. people are -- people are wo
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>> alcides: perfect example where kellie was life. standing water and they will pump it out. imagine across the county and all across the bay area dealing with the same thing davis i think at this point until we get into the dry season almost impossible to get rifted the standing water. mosquito needs a tiny little bit to breathe. it is not even that much. we have a dirty tampa cam. we need to get out there and wash that thing. i guess the storm made it a little dirty. the point is cloud cover around this morning, and i know the last thing you want to hear is that it is going to rain again today, but north of i-4, it is going to rain again. it is already raining this morning in pasco county, a little sliver of northern pinellas as well. and i do have a heavy batch of rain which is slowly going to approach the pinellas county coast here over the next hour or so. look at that rain right around 19 from spring hill southward.
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the hudson area. once that squeezes through, it will lighten up, but then another heavier shower will come in maybe 30, 40 minutes after that. here is heavy rain from new port richey down to -- not quite holiday but soon in a few minutes. a quick little heavy downpour as well. and it was one little tiny shower working its way right over tampa bay, between the howard frankland and the gandy. it is falling apart but you may get a tampa, but a lot of this activity is not going to fall apart and i think people have to understand it is just a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and we need to continue to see the showers develop, move onshore, and really across i-4 and across the state as our saturday moves along. but mild this morning. 7 in west chase. new tampa, sun city center at 76 degrees. mostly cloudy. showers you off to your southwest. brooksville at 76.
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-- nobody needs this rain but unfortunately with all the excess moisture we have in the atmosphere, there is -- the rain chances are high for everybody. 76 in bradenton. 77 in seat, and low to mid-70s for polk county this morning. there is your cluster of showers and some rumbles of thunder and see how it is beginning to work its way toward the east. and if you propagate this whole area to the east from i-4 north with the best rain chances that we have and a few more scattered storms to the south. no today. i think you will set up like yesterday. a lot of cloud cover streaming through, and you are also going to have to deal with rainfall from time to time. so just unsettled. the best way to describe to today's weather. mostly cloudy. you get a shower. quiet. and then another shower. 85 degrees for a high temperature tonight. 77, the overnight low, and i think the rain is over tonight. just kind of mostly cloudy. it will be damp. it will be muggy and for
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going to eliminate rain cha chances. you have to remember it is labor day weekend and typically afternoon thunderstorms on labor day weekend. tomorrow take the rain chance and drop it back to 40%. extended marine forecast does include a moderate chop today. but the rain offshore and then a light chop tomorrow. a light chop on monday. that is getting a little bit better. your next seven days out by the middle of next week, i know, middle of next week, dave says, rain chance also drop to 30% and dry okay, alcides. >> thank you, dave. in sports, the rays get a starter back and some bad news for nascar fans, and the bulls get ready to kick off their season. here fox 13 sports director scott scott. scott khat good morning and welcome back alex cobb, the r rays starter returning to the diamond for the first game since the end of the 2014 season. a long and difficult road back from tommy john surgery but
8:22 am
of the hill at tropiana field facing the blue jays and here is how you want to come back after a long hiatus. striking out jose bautista looking. first battle of the ball game. takes a little bit of time to fully come back, edwin incarnation shoots one to the gap in left center and that stores a run. settles in after the first -- first and second inning. two earned runs. struck out seven innings of work. 84 pitches. and then the home run parade begins. how about logan morrison in the 6th. unties this ball game with a two-run shot 4-2 rays lead and luke maile goes left field. that one is gone, solo shot and brad miller. gets a hold of that one. so from the 6th to 7th inning goes away with game one. 8-39 final. here is cobb after the game.
8:23 am
-- almost like debut feelings again. major league debut. things were speeding up on me. the home plate looked big. once i got past that first inning and took a second to settle down a little bit and yet, part of that was seeing the pitch count, i realized i needed to fill up the zone. to nascar, dale earnhardt jr. will not race again this season. he is making progress from coming back from the concussion daytona in february. both jeff gordon and alex bo web site wman will share the duties in the 88 car in the time being. nfl teams have until 12:00 to cut their final rosters to 53 mayors. greg almond reporting that at receiver, the bucs will keep evan spencer and parting way with others at tight end. they are keeping five. dan vitali not one of them. being released.
8:24 am
the undrafted tight end alan cross. four undrafted guys end up making the 53. well, the buccaneers don't host a game at raymond james until week three of the season, september 25. but coming up tonight, usf will take on towson of the fcs at ray jay. kicking off their season. usf has won eight games last year. they went to a bull game. willie taggert has a ton of talent but don't tell him "good job." he doesn't care for the term. >> people use that, you know, too freely, good job, good job, good job when really it wasn't a good job at times. and you know -- like i said with this football team, we are getting all the good jobs and haven't done anything. not fair to this team or team in the past with all these pats on the back. i always tell my guys winning can beget softness, and we don't want to be a soft
8:25 am
>> scott: much more from coach t on that i facebook, fac facebook@scott myth. you can hear his future as well as big 12 expansion. onside kickoff at 7:00. that is sports this morning. giving it back to you. >> looking to get away from the rain this weekend. >> alcides: a lot of people are. a bunch of hot happenings including your chance to stay inside and watch a classic movie in a magical setting. we will tell where you you can watch the wonderful "wizard of oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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looking to get out of the looking to get out of the house ? ? ?. >> alcides: are you welcoming to get out of house this weekend? with we have just the thing for you. >> jen: a bunch of hot happenings going month bay area like this. take part in license-free salt water fishing. >> alcides: i expect believe you have never gone fishing before. >> maybe when i was younger? >> alcides: really? >> jen: i don't know. happening all over the bay area to introduce foreign to fis fishing. the license requirement is waived anglers, residents. i don't want to put a hook in the fish. all other rules regarding season, bag and size limit applies. a snook or spiny lobster permit are not tlird weekend. >> alcides: what if you threw a castanet. >> jen: i will do that. >> alcides: you won't eat it, of course. gecko fest. the family street fest that will and zygetgo.
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theme. and acrobats, aerialists and it is free. you are all for this, costumes are strongly encouraged. >> jen: you dress up like a get go. >> alcides: whatever you want, i guess. >> jen: check out coimmediate then godfrey. best known for comedy special and roles in "zoo lander" and "30 rock." one at 7:30 and one at 10 ? you are off to see the wizard ? the wonderful wizard of oz ? ? a bizard of wiz ?. >> alcides: my son is watching and saying, what movie is this. we need to watch this. >> jen: you have to. >> alcides: taking in a classic. you can watch "the wizard of oz" at the theatre. all part of the classic movie series. 77th anniversary for the movie.
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you are a member. ? if ever a wiz ?. >> jen: good indoor activity. >> alcides: waiting to come out of that graphic. there we go. dave, what do we have for the forecast? >> dave: more rain. raining in parts of pasco, parts of hernando. getting ready to pinellas county. sky tower radar slowly inching its way back to the coastline this morning with the highest rain chances along and north of i-4. rain chances will start t 60% today and then 40% on tuesday. tuesday. back to 30% on wednesday i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> dave: what a nice little break overnight with the rain and slowly sliding back and especially areas north of i-4. that whole complex of showers sliding on shore. i know it is raining right along 19 in pasco county. and getting over to parts of hernando county. i ow with moderate showers as well. and a couple of heavier downpours. new port richey and about to start raining heavily in the holiday area and in clearwater heads up heavy rain as well. and a few sprinkles moving over tampa bay so far, but i think in general, just an unsettled weather pattern today. starting off temperature-wise at 78 degrees. dew point 75. those southerly winds once again greeting you and that will keep the moisture streaming in. and the overall rain chances
8:34 am
today. favoring areas along and north of i-4. alcides? >> alcides: all right, dave, thank you very much. 8:34. heads up a new phone scam is going around. if someone calls you and says they wok for your lek company and want you to use your credit card to pay for an overdo bill, don't believe them. callers are said to be from lakeland electric, florida power and light. don't believe them. they are not. an elderly man is left dead in his back yard. investigators say 47-year-old carlos alberto cordero beat a man up on august 17. he was arrested two day after that. cordero was hired to help walton around the house. walton suffered a skull fracture in that beating. cleaning up after the storm. people in pasco county continue
8:35 am
hermine leave a mess. station's kellie cowan live in port rich the morning. kellie, how does it look out is there? >> reporter: pretty wet out here. pretty much the same yesterday afternoon when we were out here and they had really intense rains in the late afternoon into the evening and those r rains sustained through the evening and now they have just picked up again. i am going to show what you we are dealing with just behind me. this flooded-out portion of the street has cars stopping in their tracks around. that is exact hely what emergency officials want them to do. there are so many flooded-out neighborhoods in this area in port rich thank you are just having to deal with this, and unfortunately, it seems like the rains aren't about to let up any time soon on pasco county. and our viewing area in general, but especially pasco county where you have so many of these flooded-out streets and neighborhoods. emergency officials are told me they are going to have to bring in pumps and pump these areas out because this isn't expected
8:36 am
these roads need to be pas passibleable for the neighbors here. neighbors here won't be able to dispose of their sandbags any time soon because these rains are expected to condition and the water rises very quickly and the ground is very saturated. even after a little sprinkle gets the water filling up and pooling up into the streets again. we have seen some streets that are just completely flooded out all the way up to people's up into their driveways and approaching people around here not able to dispose of their sandbags yet, but a word of wisdom to those who have sand bags and in a clear zelienople at this point. if your sandbags did become wet during the storm. you will have to business toes of those, take them -- dispose of those and take them to a landfill. if they stayed dry, keep them for the next rain that we have and this is florida, and you guys know we will have more. we are live in port richey. i will send it back to you.
8:37 am
morning. your same exact live shot exactly what it looked like yesterday. my goodness. >> reporter: yeah, just a bit. >> jen: kellie, just stay dry out there. thank you. the food and drug administration ban 19 common ingredients used in anti-bacterial soaps and washes. companies will no longer be able to market anti-bacterial washes that have ingredients such as trichlosan or such as trichlosan or trich locarbon. the industry has not determined if they are safe for long-time use and are more effective than plain soap and water for the spread of certain infections. the new rules also apply to anti-acceptic wash products. after days of waiting a golden retriever is rescued from a building in italy. happened in amatrice after a 6.1-magnitude earthquake. they were accompanying a couple back to the home when they
8:38 am
from the rubble. he and to be in good health despite being dazed in the rubble. a catholic church one of the highest honors to mother teresa. she is being canonized as a saint. the group conditions to help the poor and sick and has more than 130 houses around the world. it for those efforts, mother teresa earned the nobel peace prize. she is receiving another honor. pope francis is said to formally declare mother at t theory is a as a saint tom tomorrow. >> the holy father will say definitively that mother teresa is in heaven and from there she intercedes for us and from there, her life is a good example what it means to be an excellent christian. >> in order to be declared a saint, a person has to perform at least two miracles. mother teresa's first miracle
8:39 am
after an indian woman said her tumor was cured. pope francis acknowledged her second miracle lathe last year. more than 100,000 people are expected to visit vatican city for tomorrow's canonization. cede see exciting time there. lead a procession through the street for the honor of st. arnold. the patron instant of brewers. all part of the blessing of the beer. the procession ends at the cathedral where there is a consecration to of beer. it all marks the beginning of beer week in brussels. do they have beer for dogs? >> they sure do. we will talk about that coming up. >> alcides: what it called. >> alcides: bouser beer. area code, you have to sit. he is making a mess. no secret that we love our dogs no other than this woman right here jen epstein.
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>> jen. i don't want to mess up their names. you guys are with fairy tale pet planning. and tell me that i am not cr crazy. you can have parties for the pup. >> absolutely. all the time. a huge trend. people love their pets, of course, and they want to celebrate them on their special day. >> brought in a whole bunch of cool stuff when you are at home and my dog's birthday is coming up or cat, i want to have a party. first of all, invitation invitations. >> yes. >> jen: alcide s thinks we are nuts. >> alcides: cute. >> our dogs. we rescued brother dogs and their birthday are the same. we have to throw a party for them, of course. so invitations, we sent them out and everybody came. a huge party at the dog park and sent out these cute invitations. >> jen: aid fifth birthday party for cody.
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>> awesome. >> turkey burger for the dog and pizza for the humans. >> alcides: more people showed up to that than your birthday. >> jen: you can do it at a location, why at your house. >> the dog park is always a good location. >> alcides: is this popular. >> extremely. we love doing stuff like this. >> alcides: you guys set it up. >> jen: you help them plan it. >> we do as much or as little as they >> alcides: what goes into dog's birthday. >> outfits, invitations. >> jen: you can make little goody bags for the dogs to take home. >> custom treats. >> you can see some of the cool ones we have over here. some of the same thing that you would give your kid like the party hats. cody likes to wear party hats. >> it's perfect. >> jen: party outfits. cody's birthday -- we were supposed to do this wednesday
8:45 am
birthday day outfit. >> popcorn, cheese that puffs. >> talk about these things. you can get little. >> they have everything. little bowties. >> it is my bark-day. a blue one for boys and pink one for girls. ties. >> jen: the good stuff. >> alcides: getting a cookie or something but he is not feeling it. >> there we go. >> alcides: there we go. >> all natural. >> we got this one special made for cody bakery. they do custom birthday cakes, custom treats. >> everything that -- dog friendly of course. what it is made with. >> all natural. >> a peanut butter cake. >> alcides: pea nut butter. >> happy birthday and birthday boy or birthday girl or a custom one. >> it's going to vary.
8:46 am
>> want to include how big they go. and. >> we've got to talk about this before we -- before we toss to break. bouser beer. human drink beer. >> not actually beer. nonalcoholic of course but has glucosamine in it that is really healthy. >> he likes it. >> exactly. pour it in a bowl. pour it on his food. >> jen: cody, do you approve in. >> the get custom labels. super cute. bouser beer. >> check out fairy tale pet care. i will post it on my facebook
8:47 am
8:48 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
8:49 am
a news alert right now of oklahoma. north east of oklahoma city in a town called pawny, a strong earthquake several minutes ago. and one the buttons we have on sky to you irradar is detect earthquakes. a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. 14 miles northwest of pawnee. getting reports that they could feel this quake all the way up to kansas city. definitely felt it in oklahoma city since it is about an hour and a half away and close to
8:50 am
this just happened a couple of minutes ago. so i don't have any reports right now of any damage, but if there are, we will pass them along to you. a strong earthquake in oklahoma. i know -- i know you are thinking the same thing that i a, but they do get their earthquakes there from time to time. we have a lot of rain on the radar this morning. unfortunately, that rain hitting spots that are already flooded. and, you know, this just came down from the national weather service. we have a flood for hernando county, for pasco county, and for pinellas county. and this is going to be until 10:15 this morning. you look at the -- at the hilton clearwater beach camera, and it just -- it just looks nasty out there, doesn't it? you have the dark clouds coming in and another band of heavy rain. under normal circumstances meaning didn't have a tropical system, this probably wouldn't be a big deal, this rain coming in., but we've had upwards of
8:51 am
our area. so any rain that we get, and this could easily be a couple of inches of rain on shore into pinellas county is totally going to set up the flooding set-up for many of us and hence the flood advisory which again is out for hernando county, for pasco county, and for pinellas county. i mean this is heavy, heavy stuff. you just saw kelly's live shot. you can barely see her with the wind and the rain and everything and especially down arou holiday, you are about to get hit with this heavy rain. the potential for more flo flooding. let's go further south where you see this solid line of rain getting ready to work its way onshore in the coastal pinellas county and guess where that is going eventually it will come straight across and toward the east. areas from i-4 north have to deal with, again, this heavy rain as it works its way through. i know, you think -- you would be done with it by now but we are not.
8:52 am
flood advisory is for hernando, pass koshingts and pinellas as a -- the thunderstorms are starting to move right on shore. watch this set-up. tons of moisture. here come the rain. gradually work its way across the state. the overall rain chances today run about 60%. mainly areas along and north of i-4. we will be watching it for you, and again maybe in one of those days where you are hanging inside. mostly cloudy skies. unsettled with more showers, more storms around the area. then it quiets down tonight. it will just be very damp and muggy, and that soupy feeling, right, with all i wanted is rain all over the place. 40% the rain chance tomorrow. a little bit better. 40% on monday, tuesday and eventually 30% on wednesday. a couple of first birthdays i want to pass along to you on
8:53 am
seth loves playing with his big brother and his family. so happy fifth birthday to you, little buddy and kai -- look at that -- hey, guys, look at this picture. [ laughter ] that is exactly how jennifer epstein eats her breakfast too. it is amazing. playing outside, dancing and, of course, eating [whispering]
8:54 am
i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks.
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oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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if you were wondering what is new in theatres. fox's will carr takes a look. >> do you think it is normal for friends to lock each other in cages. >> reporter: a story of a hu humanoid locked in a research facility with humans evaluating the risk of keeping her around. >> don't be afraid. >> reporter: until morgan of their creation becomes even greater. >> when i first saw you, i felt like i knew you. >> reporter: an emotional drama "the life between ocean." michael fastbender. the lighthousekeeper and his wife desperately trying to start a family and the moral dilemmas when they keep a baby washes ashore on a rowbolt. >> a lovely baby but you can't keep her >> the idea of losing a child and trying to have a family a
8:57 am
trying again and what it is like to sort of endure that and then, of course, something almost like a fairy tale comes about when a baby arrives on a boat on shore. it is -- and the choices that are made from that point on. i just thought it was a very original piece. and in a day and age where we really don't get those sort of human stories so much anymore. >> it is lovely to meet you. >> rachel weiss and based on a best-selling novel by >> is there. >> man, just chill. >> reporter: audiences can see the number one film at the box office. the horror flick starring steven lang "don't breathe" three friends whose failed attempt to break into a blind's man's house takes a fright
8:58 am
8:59 am
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thousands thousands without power, washington-logged streets and debris just about anywhere, cleanup in florida as hermine makes its way up the east co coast. >> labeled a global health emergency. how officials are fighting the spread in the wake of the storm. taco trucks are on every corner. why those words have sparked


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