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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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evacuations underway in pasco >> mandatory evacuations underway in pasco county as
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right now at ten... mandatory evacuations are underway for many people in >> right now at 10:00, mandatory evacuations are underway for many people in pasco county, for the rising river. >> it sounded like a big car crash to be honest with you. >> a home just built by for humanity for a needy family, has to start over again. >> and crews are searching for aman swept away when he jumped into the peace river to save his little sister. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> i'm haley hinds. >> i'm aaron mez mesmer for ld
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several neighborhoods in pasco county are under mandatory regulations to get out. evan lambert is live in new port richey. evan. >> haley we are at the blue heroin heron point community. this park is still floodwaters. at new port richey's blue heron mobile home park, trailers look like islands. paddles and boats are the only way to get around. >> the storm took it all away, took it over. >> the punishing rains from hurricane hermine pushed into
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>> i lost everything, i have nothing. >> judy checks on neighbors as first responders rescue young, old, dogs paddling where they would prefer to walk. in elfhurst, they saved karen motts and her days-old kittens. >> she can't thank them enough. >> they are awesome, so nice that they >> so much water her refrigerator floated. >> she says she has to stay. >> what's in my apartment is everything i had left from my daughter she passed away. and i don't want her stuff taken. because i know when this stuff happens, people rob you. they break in they steal your stuff. i will not leave this park.
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watch people not want to leave when they are under evacuation orders but really there's nothing anything can do to make these people to leave, except to advise them. there is a shelter that the red cross is helping people, that is in hudson, where they can get food and anything they may need. obviously we are watching to see if this is a problem again tomorrow as it's expected to be as that river crests. >> thank you. >> fox 13's kellie cowan was in new port richey. >> this is what jennifer letham saw, her front yard driveway and street she lives on, all underwater. >> it's been emotional.
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>> she and her husband spent the morning pumping flood water from their home and stocking up on supplies during a break in the rain. hurricane hermine left the state 36 hours ago but rain has continued to drench polk county. taking a toll on the homes and nerves of many neighbors here. >> looking at the baseboard starting to split and just wondering you know what rain is going to comeex repairs and stuff we're going to have to do. >> with fans, pumps and perfectly placed sandbags, they are staying put but elsewhere, families are evacuating their neighborhoods. >> it's awful, i don't understand why they can't do something about this. >> like letham this is not linda's first experience with flooding. >> we were told this wasn't going to happen again and here
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>> pump trucks went early, to get neighbors back on solid ground. >> is it a relief to hear that? >> a little bit but it stops around yesterday they quit about 3:30. and so that was kind of a nightmare, not you know, it was scary, not being able to sleep last night. and seeing them again this weekend i don't know how much longer they'll be out for us. >> polk county emergency are all in. holiday or not, these pumps will continue to run until the neighborhood is dry again. kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> for more information, head to
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>> as fox's holly bristow reports, this family just received their home from habitat for humanity. >> one orange city family's home was destroyed when an oak tree fell on it. >> several feet high on the ground. >> this was our house we from habitat from humanity, worked really hard, just moved back here in june. >> the perfect house for the family of 10, the one patricia and her husband and a team from habitat is now damaged after the trunk of one of their trees split. patricia says it happened around 5:30 this morning. >> it sounded like a big car crash. >> she went outside to check in the weather.
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the house i turned around and saw it all. i'm still in shock. still devastated by it. >> the tree left a big crash inn the roof. patricia's car is totaled, the trunk and gas tank crushed. her husband's back window shattered. while the insurance will cover the roof damage, the news on the cars not but patricia and her husband and all eight of their kids were home when the tree cake crashing down. >> it's upsetting, everyone is safe and sound an human life is precious, can't be replaced but cars can. >> holly bristow, fox 13 news. >> hurricane hermine is making a
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we'll have an update in five minutes. >> person disappeared after jumping into the peace river this morning. austin welch was fishing with his 11-year-old sister. he jumped in to save her. they are looking by air and by water but so far have not been able to find >> tense moments on the alfi river. one boater comb swim, hillsborough rescue found that person clinging to a limb and pulled him out. two others made it to the bank, a third boater swam to a dock a little further away. none of them were wearing life vests. >> new at 10:00.
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6210 westport drive in new port richey. very early this morning before 4:00. one person was taken to the hospital for burns. fire officials still investigating what started that fire. we have an update of a case of a woman accused of setting a car on fire last weekend. clearwater police arrested carmen chamblis, she was arrested this morning, said she thought the car belonged to an ex-boyfriend of hers but it turned out not to be the case. >> well her mein is gone from our coast but the eastern seaboard is brace. >> worried about storm surge, update next. hi mike. >> hi haley, little bit less of
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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. hermine is intensifying... packing up to 70-mile-per-hour winds... and heavy rains.. ((aaron 2sh)) it's being felt in parts of north carolina and virginia.. >> hermine is intensifying, it's being felt in parts of north carolina and virginia. >> fox's joe well has the story. >> lingering along the outer
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slammed into north carolina. once again nearing hurricane strength. this storm system drenching g dozens of communities in north carolina friday night. >> some those gusts were probably 50 mile an hour, it was blowing knee from one side of the street to the other. >> leaving many homes and businesses damaged and dark. thousands are without >> big gust of wind. popping and loud explosions. >> reporter: parts of virginia also seeing effects of hermine. major power outages. one thing for sure, residents are looking forward to a much quieter second half of the labor day holiday weekend. >> it's going to be nice. it's going to pass and there's always great weather after hurricanes.
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coastal areas from virginia to connecticut are affected. joe waldman, fox news. from the outer banks of north carolina. to wake up to the sound of raindrops on the window. >> those folks in polk county, you got to feel for them. >> not your wind bands that go through but additional moisture in the atmosphere, something we don't need after all the rain that we saw over the last week. here's the time lapse view that gives at least a little bit of hope though as you head through next few days. hilton cam still ominous,
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after that went through though, you could see the blue skies that start to move back in and certainly set the stage for a nice looking ending to the day. now here's the flood warnings and there are a ton of river flood warnings but perhaps none more dangerous than this one. the anklote river, there are mandatory evacuations, has them lited out. but flood stage is 20 major flood stage is 24 feet. at 6:00, we saw it as 14 feet. turns out that rain gauge or rather that river level gauge probably not too accurate. they went back got a new reading, 25.08 feet, above major flood stage at this point, continuing to rise. the forecasted crest is 25.8 feet. that should be sunday early
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above major flood stage until at least monday evening and above flood stage for several more days. this is going to be an issue for you above the anclote river for at least the next week or so. skytower radar, no showers now, but off shore here, associated from an outflow boundary of storms that was out over the gulf making its way east and because of t showers have a pretty good chance of making their way onto the shore. downtown st. pete, more showers headed in, towards very, ven, ten, 15 minute downpour on this. not expecting a lot on this. more substantial rain, sitting
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county. this may give half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain as it moves to the north and east. temperatures didn't get up that high, 75 for low this morning, other, 81 in bradenton, 70 in arcadia, 77 up in brooksville, dew points in the mid 70s. so yeah it's going to be a pretty muggy night into the day tomorrow. satellite and radar, you see the cluster of storms, this is all pushing towards coast and that is what we're seeing right now. it has its origination back in the gulf. as it heads inland, i don't expect it to blow up into a rain event but a sign of how much moisture is in the atmosphere that we still have that ability to produce showers this late in the evening. here is your satellite and radar view. posttropical hermine, still
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barntion. right banks. bringing showers to the delmarva area. that is because hermine has strengthened. 70 miles an hour, moving to the east northeast at 12, next 24 hours are going to be critical for hermine. it's moving this way at this point. it is expected to slow down and essentially curve back in and meander t at the next update at 11:00 if this thing is still moving 12, 14 miles an hour, that may push the forecast back out to sea and that would be good news for mid atlantic coastline. i don't think it will do that. i think it will meander a bit back in and that's going to set the stage for major major coastal flooding and erosion over the next couple of days. amount of moisture in the
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from hir mein. hermine. for tomorrow, dryer air, by tuesday, maybe still liability of moisture left across south florida so highest rain chances for middle of the week are the further south you go. 76 for tonight, mostly cloudy and muggy for the day tomorrow, warmer with scattered thunderstorms. seven-day forecast. rain chances about 50% tomorrow i don't see the widespread heavy rain that we've been seeing over the last few days though so that's good news. but any kind of quick shower or downpour could easily reinvigorate the rain threat. 30% rain chances pretty hot out there by next weekend, temperatures back into the low 90s. >> mike thanks. >> a touching memorial being put together for the florida east
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911 terror attacks, that story is next. >> i'm kevin o'donnell, special night in the swamp as the gators open the season honoring the old ball coach. >> timing couldn't be better. >> the swamp is now steve >> the swamp is now steve spurrier field. z23mkz zy6z
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good day.. what you need to look for in a sunny florida retirement home.. -- and where you can find free food this month.. -- it all
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((haley 2sh)))) next sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the twin towers in anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in new york. >> work has already begun on the east coast to honor the people who lost their lives that fateful day. >> a display in volusia county. nearly 3,000 flags at daytona
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victim first responders and honorary member. local community members and the staff of lohman community outreach joined forces to put the flags in the ground. >> reply dad is a firefighter, i relate to those firefighters who gave their all, in 9/11, they knew it was their duty to d >> the flags are being placed for never forget tribute, half mile remembrance walk and ribbon pinning ceremony to honor the memory of the vims and vic. kirsten delgado fox 13 news. >> next week's event at daytona
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at 5:00 p.m. >> how can a two-year-old get a ticket? >> she's caught littering, $75
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? ? ? >> donald trump made his pitch not african american community today while vistaing what hillary clinton told the fbi about her private e-mail server in early july. fox's peter ducey reports. >> addressing a large african american audience for the first time as a presidential candidate, donald trump spoke to hundreds of church goers saturday morning at the great faith international ministries in detroit.
10:30 pm
african american community has suffered from discrimination, and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> trump vowed if elected to bring jobs back to port communities and provide better education to the children who live in them. he has increased his appeal, indicating that the policies of the democratic party have failed. >> nothing is more sad that when we sideline young black men with >> o justice. >> no peace. >> while trump is trying to make inroads, dozens of demonstrators held signs. hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine are off the trail saturday. in these documents, roughly hillary clinton said roughly three dozen times she couldn't
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information. whether fbi officials questioned her about using a private e-mail server while secretary of state. trump said he wanted to lihn and learn in communities like this one and continued that on his way to the airport, stopping in a neighborhood and even seeing the house that dr. ben carson used to live in. in detroit, peter ducey cxg fox news. >> this morning a 5.6 magnitude earthquake gave people in north central oklahoma an unexpected wakeup call. so far, no injuries have been reported but buildings have structural damage. the quake's epicenter, is near pawnee, oklahoma. the earthquake's rumble could be
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texas. after 33 years, the miss remains are a missing boy have been found. the 11-year-old was riding a bicycle with a brother and a friend in 1989, whether a masked gunman abducted him. he hasn't been seen since. the fbi isn't commenting but lead suspect, daniel told police where to find wedderling's body. >> it surveillance video shows two groups of men walking minutes before two officers stopped one of their cars. a passenger inside fired hitting one of the officers.. the second officer fired back, hitting the person in that car who later died.
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police are not saying why that car was stopped. the officer involved was critically injured. >> heated words between a white house aid and a chinese official. >> in his 11th and final trip to asia pacific, president obama will take part in the final g-20 meeting. choifns officials chine, even national security advisor susan rice was temporarily refused access to the president. moments of calm during a nighttime walk but the two largest economies were committed to the paris agreement. >> this is the single best
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a problem that could end up transforming this planet in a way that makes it very difficult for us to deal with all the other challenges that we may face. >> indirect talks with the chinese president, mr. obama raised questions which the united states and china are seriously at south china sea. >> china if you don't the u.s. will restrain you. the chinese needed to hear that. countries in the region needed to hear that and the american people nighted to know how exceedingly dangerous things are now in southeast asia. >> the president is expected at some point to meet on the sidelines with russian president vladimir putin. inclusion the ongoing trouble in syria and the russian incursion
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traveling with the president in china, kevin kirk. fox news. >> somehow a two-year-old has been fined $75 for littering. a letter on the ground has been addressed to a public counts as littering. the city is expecting $75 from the toddler, her mom teresa says she's been on the phone with the department to straighten it out. so far the ticket has not been voided. >> can you believe they issued a ticket to her for littering? harper says that's not good, because we know we don't throw trash ton ground. >> the city is looking into the
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>> a host of big names currently appearing on some of fox's big shows are making their way to a big screen this fall. >> fox reporter will show us who. >> audiences will find several of their favorite stars, including teraje p. henson. in the new movie hidden figures, katherine math metz katherine johnson. mathematician katherine johnson. >> good talk, good talk. >> no plans yet, we would love oto. would you be open to it? >> i would be open to it.
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>> you're in the holding cell. it would be really fun. >> i'm going to be a father. >> and are morris chestnut, when the bow breaks, end up with a troubled and jealous surrogate. >> that is our baby. she cannot leave. >> their stories first. >> i've asked to be on his tv show. morris. >> we offered the job. she declined. >> he asked me, i was shooting something and never asked again. >> the real truth came out. >> oh no, i'm busy. >> we're going to have a family. in hollywood, michelle pollino, fox news. >> it's closer to fall.
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willie taggert's bulls, would they live up to the hype in their season opener? we'll show you coming up next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us.
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? ? ? ? >> well usf head coach willie taggert, is just as curious about his bulls as the rest of us. usf is coming off its best season under taggert. the spotlight does some strange things to people. if the lights go out in raymond james studio, the opening drive, quinton flowers, to adarius, 7-0 usf.
10:45 pm
marlon mack, bulls train-3 after the first quarter. mack would have to leave with an upper body injury. gets closer than willie taggert wants. perfect pass to mark constantling, usf leads right before the half, trying to come back and checking out nigel harris. heading the to the end zone, they're going to drag him down yrd .1 -yard line. usf up 21-10, they roll to win this thing, 56-20! >> i have been very fortunate and blessed since wing a florida
10:46 pm
griffin stadium, here in the swamp is the single biggest honor i'll ever receive. thanks. >> now steve spurrier fired up on this night, that they turned the swamp into steve spurrier florida field, even takes over for mr. two-bits, getting the crowd cranked up. down the field on an 11-play drive, luke del a scare into the gators. , time score in the second quarter, this is not tim tebow. the gators gators gave to tr freshman kicker, eddie pinero. gators really struggled, generating very much of an offense, the minute men came up
10:47 pm
here. the gators would manage a field goal, 21-7 lead late in the fourth quarter. the mark rick era, then brad kaya is going to convert it, williams, kaya comes back with another td strike in the second 21-nothing canes. he breaks this one. watch these moves right here. 64 yards cutting through this defense to help the canes to a 28-3 lead, opens the season an impressive 7-3 win over a&m. there is the cougars team
10:48 pm
great play design off the play fake. wide open duke catalon, this team is for real, up 14-17 in the third quarter, oklahoma's field goal attempt, how about this, brandon winston brings it all the way back, 109 and a half yards for the incredible touchdown. cougars, go on to beat oklahoma for the first time ever. the sooners were a 4-3 favorite. tim tebow time is coming to atlanta. the atlanta braves showed as much interest after tebow's baseball tryout.
10:49 pm
but have not commented if they have any interest at all. the rays playing a spoiler, al east, one-nothing, they load the base he for evan longoria, a nice single to left, then brad miller walks, then matt duffy, driving this in off the wall. put the rays up, they take a 5-1 lead, they take a 7-1 lead to the 9th a 7-5 win over the first place jays. justin chavez brings the rowd rowdies, they are in 10th place and need to come up with some wins. college football is back and what an excitings time it is.
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seven-day forecast when we come back. >> they don't look much like their mother yet, but they will, two tiny i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> can now your skytower forecast with meteorologist mike bennett. >> a little bit further south down pinellas county, you're talking about an area you could see some of the water still from the high tide across part of the beach there, overall this area has been soaked the last few days, really needed this, blue skies this afternoon. helping to set the stage at least for a better second half of the day. skytower weather view, talk about through southeast polk and northeast hardee county. pretty quickly, flair owe looking showers. expect about ten minutes of a shower working through maybe even less in some parts. this one heading towards venice has kind of fallen apart, eng l
10:54 pm
englewood as well. wauchula heavier downpours. a little further inlatched, that's good news, inland folks you haven't seen quite as much rain up against the coast. you have been seeing all the rain. the heaviest of the rain monday, tuesday and beyond starts to shift a little bit further south. that dry air works in especially tampa to the south. and drier air and war as we head towards next week. 86 the official high in tampa, 92 in ar caid arcadia, and s are calm. that's some good news there, proven cns right? we conditions rights? we haven't seen calm winds for a
10:55 pm
radar view. you see this plume of moisture just sitting offshore, outflow boundary cause a couple of showers out across, working on shore right now. you widen out this view and this is pretty interesting, this is hermine. hermine is still packing quite a punch. winds now 70 myspace, mile. that's from hermine, dragging th there's a significant amount of dry air just waiting to be tapped into. we start to attach into that as we head towards tuesday. computer models on hermine is expected to drop back towards coast eventually slowly move out to sea, but in the meantime, big waves, coastal flooding erosion as well, kind of ruining labor day plans if you have them up
10:56 pm
warmer with scattered thunderstorms, 30% range tuesday, wednesday, thursday, back to 40% friday and saturday. guys. >> a bird day celebration, a 19-year-old panda named lunlun, gave birth, cubs were bor 45 minutes apart. guess we'll be able to see them in december, or january. >> they are cute! >> they are very cute. >> not as much fur as babies. >> if you could imagine human mothers wanting to give birth to twins 45 minutes apart? interi don't want to think about
10:57 pm
underway, who is affected and potentially who would be out of their homes. >> a morning fishing trip has turned into an all out search. a repliesing bartow man in heath river. >> and plain crash in the atlantic. that's all next on the fox 13
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z23mkz zy6z
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to look for in a sunny florida retirement home.. -- and where you can find free food this month.. -- it all ? >> now at 11:00, hermine continues to pack a punch. the storm impacting folks along the coast of north carolina and virginia as it intensifies in the atlantic. >> i lost everything, i have nothing. >> yeah d affecting folks in the bay area, with more flooding and more evacuationing. >> the search is on for a polk county man in the peace river. news starts now. >> fox 1311 o'clock news starts now. >> good evening, i'm aaron mesmer, lloyd has the night off. >> i'm lealdz. tropical storm hermine is


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