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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> the storm may be gone but the water levels are raising in pasco county forcing some to leave their homes. plus, it's official. pope francis canonized mother teresa formally a saint. and quite the emotional start to college football season. how one team paid a touching tribute to a former player. good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 6:00 a.m. on sunday morning. anjuli davis has the day off. >> i'm lindsay milbourne. we have a dry start to the day. we need to drop the tropical moisture value over the coming days will do it.
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inland, north of the by a. but nice change of pace on sky tower radar. for now, quiet. can't rule out a coastal shower later this morning. it's 78 in tampa. 74 in brooksville. we have areas of low clouds this morning. a stalled front to the north. look to the west. there is a milky gray shade. that moisture is going to rain chance this afternoon and evening. on the back side of hermine, no longer tropical in mayture, is drier air coming our way in the week. it will be a big issue. it's churning up the waves. 65-mile-per-hour winds. post-tropical hermine. today let's plan the day. noon, a couple of showers. by 5:00 p.m., heavy thunderstorms inland. highs in the upper 80s.
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for where the storms line up and long at the future cast coming up. >> thank you. after another day of heavy rain, dozens of families in pasco county are under evacuation order this morning. county officials say 200 have been evacuated from their homes since the storm began and the number is only expected to go up. the river is nearing a major flood stage and the banks could burst this afternoon. as evan shows us, it could spell disaster for some of the areas there. >> reporter: at new port richie's mobile home park, trailers look like islands. air mattress and paddle is one of the only ways to get around. >> it was with the storm the other day. it came in and took it over. >> reporter: the pounding rain from hurricane hermine pushed the river over the bay, sending water gushing in
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filling homes. >> the thing that is here, i lost everything. i have nothing. >> judy checks on neighbors as first responders rescue the young and the old. even dogs left paddling where they would prefer to walk. in elfers, volunteers went door to door by boat. they saved karen and her days' old kitten. she can't thank them enough. >> they are awesome. so nice to know people like that. >> reporter: judy shows us where there is enough water to make her refrigerator float. >> this whole thing floated down the hallway. >> the officials urge her and her neighbors to go, she says she has to stay. >> what is in my apartment is everything i had left of my daughter's. when this stuff happens people rob you. they break in and steal your stuff.
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>> reporter: evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> in the panhandle, senator marco rubio visited storm-hit residents in tallahassee and he promised local officials he would cut through red tape to help the region recover. in a round table discussion he said he would meet with democratic senator bill nelson to make sure that fema does not forget the rural communities in florida. in kissimm 100,000 people gathered for the canonization of mother teresa. known for the work with the poor and india, she was elevated to sainthood by pope francis. during mass, the pope praised the work of volunteers and said ignoring those suffering hunger, sick nevada and -- sickness, exploitation is a modern sin. a person is have to have performed two miracles to
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two people say she helped them overcome tumors. >> the holy father will say that mother teresa is in heaven and intercedes for us from there and her life is a good example for us, what it means to be an excellent christian. >> following this morning ceremony some 1,500 homeless people will be served lunch at the vatican. new this morning clearwater police were on the scene of a nasty accident near the 11:30 last night a motorcycle collided with a van near sky harbor drive. the motorcyclist was taken to local hospital with potentially life threatening injuries. the driver of the van was treated at the scene and the crash is under investigation. also new, electrical worker in pasco county is in critical condition after being shot while working on a utility pole. 30-year-old man working near
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drive when his shoulders made contact with the live wire. fellow utility worker used the man's safety belt to lower him to the ground. he was later flown to tampa general hospital. people across the bay area were with beach plans over the labor day weekend might want to think twice before jumping into the water at a few local beaches. here is what we know. the florida department of health in pinellas county issued advisories for haonnymo sand key, indian rocks beach and reddington shores. all of those beaches tested poorly for bacteria there. officials say the areas should be considered a potential health risk to swimmers. crews in polk county continue to search for a man who jumped in the peace river. 18-year-old austin welch was fishing saturday with his younger sister when somehow
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austin and his mom both jumped in the water to save her. his mom and his sister were able to make it to shore but austin was swept away. the sheriff office is working with fish and wildlife and polk fire, e.m.s. in the search. the woman accused of setting a car on fire last weekend has been arrested. clearwater police say 19-year-old carmen cambley is believed to be the woman in video. she told detectives she thought the car belonged to an turned out it was not the case at all. she now faces charges for second-degree arson. starting tomorrow, the by by hospital is going to accept patients. they had a power outage. 200 patients had to be transported to other
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indiana governor mike pence says he will release his tax returns drawing contrast with his running mate donald trump. he made the announcement on "meet the press." pence says he will release his full returns next week and trump would release his following the completion of audit by the i.r.s. trump has been under pressure to release his returns but repeatedly said he cannot until the audit i the i.r.s. said no laws prevent trump from releasing them. as for hillary clinton, she has a lead over trump in nearly every measured normally used to win the white house. clinton raised large amounts of money. she is flooding the airwaves with advertisements. the advantages are so great she has multiple paths to the 270 electoral votes needed to win on election day. the "associated press" says clinton's biggest advantage
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standing with voters. all right. still ahead, almost 27 years after their son was kidnapped a family has closure, but not in the way that anyone wanted. u.s.f. gets off to a great start in the 2016 college football season. we have the highlights up next. good morning. >> lindsay: good morning. sunday is a new week. a new slate of changeable weather. including this morning sky tower for now. very quiet. great news for morning plans and clean-up but sky tower will be active this afternoon with a 40-50% rain chance especially inland and north. that is the jock both for the lingering tropical moisture. check out tuesday, wednesday, thursday. lower rain chances and drier air pushes in. hermine no longer tropical but it will bring tropical impacts to the midatlantic and northeast for the remainder of the holiday weekend and beyond. i have the latest track and we'll talk river flooding
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it's that simple. >> alcides: welcome back. the time it has been 30 years since a minnesota boy was kidnapped. this morning police confirm they have recovered his remains. officers say 53-year-old danny henry led them to a field in central florida where the remains of jacob whiterling was found. he was kidnapped by gunpoint in 1989. for years searches turned up nothing. right now heinrich facing
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unrelated case and has not been charged with the boy's abduction. two correctional officers in fresno county, california, are recovering after being shot in the lobby of a jail. the local sheriff's office says 37-year-old vang claimed he was visiting an inmate but he opened fire. the two officers hit are in critical condition. the suspect had a long history of criminal behavior. after the shooting he surrendered saying he wanted two men in new jersey are facing multiple charges after a shoot-out with police in atlantic city left one officer in critical condition. 19-year-old kism and 28-year-old cross were arrested saturday. according to prosecutors, damon was with them and was also shot and killed by police. the officer is recovering at a local hospital. attention is being focused on fracking after a moderate
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5.6-quake hit shortly after 7:00 saturday morning. about 50 miles north of tulsa. officials have since ordered 37 wells shut down that are involved in the fracking process. the oil and the gas field wells have been linked to quakes. regulators had recently asked operators to reduce the amount of wastewater pumped into the ground. we actually reported that earthquake yesterday here on "good day tampa bay." we thought it pretty big but turns out thankfully the damage wasn't as bad as we initially thought. >> lindsay: thankfully. we have all kind of weather issues going on here, locally and other places as well and it's a holiday weekend! it would be nice to get things back to normal. >> alcides: move the rain out. >> lindsay: tuesday is the day we'll get drier air. today lingering moisture. radar is quiet for now. light winds will trigger a few
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check out a thunderstorm west of cedar key meandering. a good chunk of the morning will feature dry conditions and we could toss in breaks of cloud cover. right? it's gloomy and it's tropical. tropical feel to the air. but not overcast skies in tampa. starting out in the 70s to near 80. st. petersburg is 79. mid-70s for crystal river. down i-75, actually slightly lower rain chances the further south you liv coast. so engalwood enjoy the 76. sebring is 75. cloud cover wise, breaks inland and south. at times it will cloud up. it will give way to 40-50% rain chance. water vapor imagery. we are lacking upstairs at the moisture. the red is dry. the gray is deeper moisture which is tampa bay points north. this will be sandwiching between the area today.
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30% rain chance. up to 50% tampa points northward. shifting inland this an. obviously with the rain we have seen and the saturated ground. rain chances are lower, the content of moisture is high. we can't rule out return to localized flooding. i want to point out the river is the river we are watching the closest. it's in major flood stage. currently near 25 feet this morning. which is close to the forecast this afternoon. we have b stage most of the weekend. we won't fall below flood stage in this area until wednesday morning. so today, holding steady. reaching that crest point. gradually dropping. improvements in the coming days in the area. evacuations for obvious reasons. back side of hermine, no longer tropical is moisture. most of the rain will stay offshore of the midatlantic and new england where many areas are under tropical storm
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65-mile-per-hour winds moving east/northeast at 12. slowing down and getting stuck. so here is monday, tuesday, wednesday. near hurricane force conditions. even though this is not full blown tropical. shifting out to sea. but the coming days, the biggest concern is rough surf, coastal flooding and beach erosion. waves this morning with the storm offshore upward of 14 feet in spots. building upward of 15 feet throughout the early part of the week. for us today, time out rain, shall we? light winds this even by lunchtime we are quiet. with the heating of the day. here we go. heavy storms shifting inland. here is 7:00 tonight. these will be gliding south and east throughout the afternoon. for labor day, we will hold a rain chance back lower. excuse me in the northern counties. south of the bay and near the coast 50% rain chance. we flip-flop the winds. late storms tomorrow. the storms shifting inland today. 89 today. heaviest storms inland and
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partly cloudy and muggy tonight, temperatures in the mid-70s. that is near average. look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday. more typical rain chances for this time of year. that means more heat. we can squeeze the faucet back to the early part of the week as we need to dry out. >> alcides: thank you so much. quick check of sports this morning. the u.f.s. bulls got a big win last night. quarterback flowers threw for 178 yards and two touchdowns season with a 56-20 victory. the bulls face northern illinois next week before heading up to syracuse. for the florida gators, steve spurrier was honored with his 1996 national championship team to open things up in the swamp. during the game, quarterback luke del rio threw for two touchdown passes in his first career start. gators pulled it through here. it was a tight one but they pulled it through in the fourth quarter.
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the win means florida's winning streak in the season opener extends to 27. all right. the unofficial end of the summer is here. wait until you hear the deals chip carter is offering -- the deals chipotle is offering the customers this month. we have that and more in the week ahead. >> reporter: sunday, mother teresa is set to be canonized by pope francis in recognition of her work with the poor in india. the canonization ceremony is expected to be the center piece of mercy. the most famous nun of modern times will be saint teresa of calcutta. monday is the unofficial end of the summer. they pay homage to the achievement of the american workers. tuesday big news for apple lovers out there. the tech giant will hold a big event in san francisco where it is expected to unveil the debut of the new iphone 7. thursday, the nfl will kick off the 2016 season in a
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the denver broncos will host the panthers at mile high stadium in denver. it's sure to be an epic matchup. speaking of food, chipotle set to roll out two new promotions as it struggling to rebound from the slumping sales. they are going to have student-friendly promotions including free drinks and discount on certain deals through september. also this week, members of congress are set to return to capitol hill from the summer recess. the seven-week hiatus has bn congressional vacations in more than a half a century. that is a look at the week ahead. i'm patricia stark, fox news. >> alcides: all right. we were mesmerized by the olympic athletes in rio but this week is the return of the paralimpians -- pair olympians. we have a story about reaching the big time when we come back. are you having a birthday? you're in good company. beyonc? is 35 years old. she looks good. here is a look at the rest of
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: welcome back. the time is 6:23. athletes from around the world are in rio for the paralympic games. among them are dozen of u.s. track and field athletes. jonathan martin introduces us to woods, a sprinter born in marion county whose dedication to the sport is inspiring to all. >> reporter: woods is used
6:24 am
do. >> every time before competition, i have to put my legs together. >> reporter: it's been the ultimate fuel to get ready for the race of his life. >> it's just a great feeling to be at this level. something that they said was impossible. but what is impossible to man is possible to god. >> reporter: at 35 years old the double amputee is about to fulfill a 20-year dream of competing at the paralympics. this week he and the other u.s. track athletes are traini university before heading to rio. >> just because you are missing a leg doesn't mean they don't box jumps, not in the weight room, not squatting, not lifting. they do everything a traditional athlete does. >> when i get to that line, it's time for war. it's time for battle. i have always been a fighter. i'm going to fight to the end. >> reporter: woods was been with a condition where the bones in his legs never fully developed. before he was 3, both legs had to be amputated above his
6:25 am
in love with track and -- age 10 he fell in love with track and field. >> it's an individual sport. it's just me and the track. me in my lane. that is one of the things that gave me a sense of worth. >> reporter: already a national medalit, woods has a great shot at the ultimate prize. winning gold on the world stage when he competes in the 100 and the 200-meter dash and the long jump. the road to the paralympics has been anything but certain. >> my body is now get to it. >> reporter: with injuries and personal setbacks. you sacrificed a lot to be here. you lost your job? >> yes, i lost my job. that was my means of taking care of my family. but in spite of it all i always talk about overcoming adversity with a positive attitude. >> reporter: the attitude is rooted in his deep faith. when he returns in rio, he will also have the comfort of knowing some of the same people who told him he would only be able to compete in a wheelchair will be some of the
6:26 am
finish line. >> i have lost 100 races before i got to this point. i got knocked down but i got back up. the race is not given to the swift or the strong but the one who endures until the end. >> alcides: the games will run until sunday the 18th. >> lindsay: inspirational for sure. 6:26. starting out sunday rain-free. we need to enjoy it while it lasts as we will see storms we are in the mid-to-upper 70s. it's a light wind flow with rain near cedar keys that gives way to interior storms after lunchtime. by lunchtime, 86. by 5:00 p.m., that 40-50% storm chance kicks in. hey, with more sun it will be hotter today with highs in the upper 80s. we look ahead to labor day and
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>> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning. thank you for joining us on this sunday for "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides segui. anjuli davis has the morning off. we'll get to the forecast with lindsay milbourne in a minute. but first a quick check of the headlines this half hour. motorcyclist passed away after being hit by a van near the clearwater mall. police say the accident
6:30 am
night at the intersection of golf to bay boulevard and sky harbor drive. motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital but died from the injuries. the driver of the van was treated at the scene. the crash is still under investigation. the woman accused of setting a car on fire last weekend has been arrested. clearwater police say 19-year-old carmen chamberly is believed to be the woman in the video. she told detectives she thought the car belonged to an ex-boyfriend of h out it was not the case at all. she is facing chargings of second-degree arson. the threat of more flooding has officials in pasco county telling residents to evacuate as soon as possible. thunderstorms on saturday soaked an area already soggy from hurricane hermine. emergency officials say the banks of the river could overrun the banks this afternoon. >> lindsay: that is what we are watching in the days
6:31 am
chance to drop below the major flood stage? it won't be until early in the workweek. today the levels we have been tracking are near the crest point. we are talking about a river that is near 25 feet. remember last august, remember all that rain we had pasco county? this crest is comparable to that big event that was august of last summer. early august. so the forecast crest is 25.08 feet. that is this afternoon. but the key here is what below that. it won't drop below flood stage until wednesday morning so it's sunday morning. any additional rain would not be good news for pasco county. at least they are dealing with the clean-up under the rain-free conditions and we get to see breaks in the clouds. it should be a nice sunrise at 7:10. the radar is quiet. i have showers west of cedar key but we knead to bring in
6:32 am
the 40-50% rain chance. we are in the mid-to-upper 70s out the door. 75 hanging on to a slug of tropical moisture to the west. a little more typical in the rain chance and the coverage department today. what i i'll bring in is a 40-50% chance of seeing that. inland and north are the best coverage as they will switch inland later in the day. for labor day we have dry hours the first half of the day before we flip flop storms in the coastal counties. pattern change through the weekend. >> alcides: all right. thank you. some tense moments on the river where a boat capsized saturday afternoon throwing four people on board to rough currents. one boater couldn't swim. the hillsborough fire rescue found the person holding on to a tree limb in the water. they were pulled to safety. two boaters made it out okay. a third person swam to a dock
6:33 am
a polk county school teacher is facing domestic violence charges after her husband says she threatened his life. deputies arrested 41-year-old jennifer jimenez of winter haven. she is a kindergarten teacher at gibb bonnes street elementary school in bartow. in the arrest affidavit her husband reported that she pushed, slapped and punched him in an argument a couple of weeks ago. generaller if admitted -- him but denied the threat. a previous is not part of a church service after he is facing larceny and scheming to defraud charges. more charges could be coming. the catholic diocese said in a statement they are saddened by the news of father king's arrest and pray for all of those who are involved the investigation. hundreds gathered in nebraska
6:34 am
graves. you will remember the 2-year-old boy who was killed earlier in year after an alligator dragged him into a lagoon at disney resort. they released 5,000 balloons on what would have been his third birthday. his parents set up a foundation in his memory. the ntsb is investigating a plane crash off the coast of fort lauderdale this morning that left two people dead. according to the coast guard officials the cessna plane took off from 8:30 saturday morning. crews arrived shortly after the crash and found the passengers' bodies north of a debris field. it's unclear what caused the crash. in world news, the search has been called off this morning for two missing american climbers. kyle dempster and adamson had been attempting to climb a mountain in pakistan. visibility in the area was reduced by thick clouds and snowfall for days.
6:35 am
last sunday. when they couldn't -- they didn't return to camp. they were actually trying to climb the peak has only been reached once before in the 1980s. president obama and the chinese president continue to earn praise after ratifying a paris agreement aimed at cutting emissions. the u.n. says the move sets the stage for other countries to follow suit. america and china are the world's two biggest p producing 38% of the world's manmade emissions. 55 nations must join in for it to take effect. 26 have signed on so far. after the break, excited catholics across the world witness the historic canonization of mother teresa. we'll show you how a pastor is dedicated to carry on her legacy of helping the poor and the sick.
6:36 am
sunday" donald trump leads out to black voters as polls show hillary clinton's lead is narrowing. we have a debate between ben carson and meeks, a top clinton supporter on who has better ideas to help minorities. then the other woman on the presidential ballot. dr. jill stein, the green party nominee on her strategy for november.
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thousands were in attendance this morning in >> alcides: thousands were in attendance in vatican city to dedicate a woman who -- honor a woman who dedicated her life to helping the poor. we sit down with a priest that knew her well. >> let us pray -- >> monsignor is dedicated to carry on the legacy of mother teresa. whom he met as a american seminary student in rome working with the city's poor. >> she always had time for everybody. >> reporter: it was 1969. monsignor manion was asked by a religious sister there if he had access to a car to pick up the head of the missionary of charity flying in to rome from india. it was the beginning of a 28-year friendship between mannion and mother teresa. >> the less she tried to impress people the more she did. her extraordinariness was
6:40 am
her holiness. >> reporter: mannion was ordained a priest in 1971 in rome. he said mother teresa couldn't make it but left momento. he worked with mother teresa in calcutta and would see her half a dozen times a year and would often take picture of mother meeting her admirers. >> in washington, many, many people would line up by the hundreds to meet mother. >> reporter: his favorite, this magical moment of mother teresa and a little baby at the gift of peace house in washington, d.c. a framed photo now hangs in his office for all to see. >> that brought out the very, very best smile of mother. the eyes say it all. people would sometimes look at mother's picture, not having
6:41 am
wrinkles. the people that met her never noticed the wrinkles. they only noticed the smile and the eyes. >> reporter: on september 5, 1997, mother teresa died at the age of 87. after finishing her dinner and prayers, her weakened heart finally gave out. shortly after her death, st. pope john paul ii waived the five-year waiting period and allowed the process to declare her a saint to she was bee atfied in -- beatified in 2010. monsignor mannion is grateful and humbled to be attending her canonization. >> i think it will be something to absorb and experience. and not to try to figure out
6:42 am
to try to absorb it with my heart and not my head. >> alcides: monsignor mannion says he believes that mother teresa was a saint the minute she passed and closed her eyes. she was widely known as the saint of calcutta for her devotion to sick, poor and hungry and it earned her a nobel peace prize in 1979. today she became saint teresa of coming up, college football season is underway. on the first game of the season, nebraska cornhuskers make a touching tribute to everyone and everyone is talking about it. good morning. >> lindsay: good morning. 6:42. show you an actual sunrise to enjoy. this is beautiful. welcome sight after a rough couple of days. sunrise 7:09 this morning.
6:43 am
but most is dry this morning. in the afternoon, 40-50% rain chance. but by tuesday, yeah, you see that. lowering rain chances with drier air. we talk about a much drier
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you need to get out. >> i don't. >> who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? >> alcides: former university professor melissa click landed a new job. according to gonzaga university website she is listed as a lectureer. you may remember she was fired from her position as an assistant professor in february. she made headlines after the video showed her muscle to remove a student camera man in a protest last november. a month earlier she was recorded cursing at a police officer during a separate demonstration. one of the famous airmen passed away. he even served as a bodyguard in martin luther king jr. in
6:47 am
causes saturday morning. classy move last night by the nebraska football team. the cornhuskers honored their late punter sam fultz who lost his life in a car crash over the summer. when the team faced a fourth down they fielded just ten players leaving the punter's position empty. the team was aware they would receive a delay in game penalty. but wanted to honor him in what would game in the final season of his career. the opponents declined the penalty. you see the reangst. they loved it and they cheered in appreciation. >> lindsay: classy move. >> alcides: very classy. that is really neat. really neat. >> lindsay: gives me the chills, too. and football is back. >> alcides: i know. goodness gracious. i was loving it.
6:48 am
my boys and i were magnets watching the game all day. my wife got fired up. she goes, "are you going to be doing this the entire football season?" >> lindsay: it's a long season. then we break into nfl next weekend. we would like football-like weather. drop the humidity. it's been a very tough couple of days. over the next couple of days what we'll do is lower rain chances. gradual process but w what we can get. that is a quieter sky tower radar. notice with the clock going, set it in motion, it's a light wind flow. north of tampa bay, i can't rule out a coastal shower but the closest rain drop to show you is west of cedar key. a thunderstorm that will rain itself out. saturated grounds in place. how about breaks in the clouds this morning over downtown tampa? a good looking sunrise. that means a warmer day with more breaks in the clouds, too. boating much improved.
6:49 am
less than two feet. i want to point out it's not a good idea to hop in the water at the beach. the water is churned up. we have report of bacteria at the airport beaches. we are in the low 70s from brooksville. upper 70s from tampa to sarasota. no fog to show you. but because we're so moist can't rule out cloud cover. good visibility but mist on the windshields out the door depending where you live. we have a stalled front to the north. this is attached to hermine, which is no longer t nature. what is attached to it is still a deep plume of tropical moisture for tampa points westward. the further south you live near the coast today the lower the rain chances you will see. all we need to do is bring in heating and that will give way to 30-40% rain chance. storms are shifting inland. heavy rain means more flooding. good news for the northeast we have a very intense no longer tropical system east of the region, most of the rain with this is staying offshore. the problem is it will slow
6:50 am
days. so with that, the huge low churning and churning means the shift of the on shore winds. a lot of strong wave heights. coastal flooding. gusty winds. current wind gusts this morning are only near 21. as we head to monday, tuesday and wednesday the wind gust forecast with the strongest winds offshore. near the cape. look at this. overnight monday to tuesday, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. winds shifting on wednesday. then thursday the exit. check out the waves. feet. not a boating weekend or beach weekend by the area. by thursday shifting east. posttropical hermine moving east/northeast at 12. 65-mile-per-hour winds. then it gets hung up as we don't have much steering in the atmosphere. so approaching hurricane force monday and tuesday. then slowly shifting toward the east. this will get out of our hair. elsewhere in the tropics we are nice and quiet. i have a disturbance moving west to dry air.
6:51 am
local weather. what we'll see today will be extra storms. take the heating to move those in. they will be shifting inland this afternoon. 89 for the high. more heat today. any storms across the interio should wind down by 9:00 or 10:00. partly cloudy overnight. nice start to the day on labor day. more scattered storms pushing west. 90 for a high tomorrow with 50% rain chance. good news for the boaters. light chop two feet. let's head through the next seven days. lower rain chances on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. more afternoon storm coverage as well. we will be watching the anclote river as it will be cresting this afternoon near 25 feet. >> alcides: thank you. still to come, remembering a tampa icon. we have reaction from some of the thousands of people that
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: he was a tampa icon. earlier in week many saying goodbye to monsignor lawrence higgins, the pastor who did immeasurable good for the congregation. anjuli davis has more on the
6:55 am
>> he knew how to captivate a crowd and drive home his message of faith and family. >> it was like he was calling us into a huddle. he would speak directly, passionately and not long and literally break the huddle with let's do it! >> reporter: monsignor lawrence higgins passed away a week ago at the age of 87. wednesday, more than a thousand packed in the church he built when he arrived in tampa at the age back then he was given a tough task of turning a cow pasture into a parish. his one of a kind personality made the mission a success. >> he had charge, charisma. he had wit. twinkle in his eye, combined with a mischievous grin. >> reporter: he stayed on as the pastor for a record 49 years. but the service went beyond the pulpit. he was known as an adviser and
6:56 am
biggest name including former bucks head coach tony dungy. >> he said you may consider giving the ball to young alstar a little more. he is a fine boy. he is a fine boy. i remember telling me that is he telling me that because he's a fine boy or because we have a better chance to win. >> he was heavily involved in a number of bay area charities. >> all those places, he was there. he and he was there reaching out and being that person who is just the lord's representative. >> that is what he will be remembered for. >> he will not be forgotten because you are remembered for deeds. not for your lifespan. >> reporter: in tampa, anjuli davis, fox 13 news. >> alcides: we have much more ahead in the next hour of "good day tampa bay." hermine may have cleared out
6:57 am
what you need to be careful of coming up. tampa was just named one of the best places to retire in the entire country. so when it comes to retiring, what do you look for? our real estate agent will give you some ideas. and say hello to ziggy. he is looking for the forever home. we tell you how you can adopt this guy in the pet of the week segment. ?? dogs - sure can be messy.
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hermine may be up the >> alcides: hermine may be up the east coast but water levels are still rising in pasco county. more people being asked to leave their home ahead of the anclote river peaking. he dove into the water to save his sister but he never resurfaced. now polk county authorities are looking for that man who is 18 >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time is 7:00 a.m. on sunday morning. i'm alcides segui. anjuli davis has the weekend off. thank you for being with us. start the morning like we always do. good morning, lindsay milbourne. >> lindsay: good morning! how about this? remember yesterday all the rain around? a decent up is rise, low rain chances -- a decent sunrise,


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