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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: well, the storm may be gone but water levels are rising in pasco county forcing some people to leave their homes. plus, it's official. pope francis c teresa, formally declaring her a saint. emotional start to the college football season. how a team paid a touching tribute to a former player. good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time is 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning. i'm alcides segui. anjuli davis has the day off. >> lindsay: i'm lindsay milbourne. glad to share an actual sunrise. breaks in the clouds and not a drop of rain yet. storm chances building this afternoon. it just kind of looks
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leftover moisture from hermine. so just because it's dry now, that's not to say it will be dry all day. more of a typical storm coverage at 40-50%. beach looks cloudy with high clouds. i want to encourage you to keep it on the sand and not in the water today. radar looks quiet. what we're seeing is a sign of what is to come. moisture building on the near shore waters. most of this 13 miles west stays offshore. by midday one or two of these could make bay. we are in the mid-to-upper 70s. we will warm up to 79 in tampa. low 70s hanging on. enjoy it. bartow and arcadia. 73 and 74. stalled front to the north. moisture to the west. gives way to interior storms this afternoon at 40 to 50%. on the back side of hermine, which is no longer tropical is drier air. that moves in to the early part of the week. we want to point out this system really is going to bring rough surf and strong winds to the coast.
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65-mile-per-hour winds. no longer tropical. i'll have the latest track coming up. >> alcides: all right. thank you. after another day of heavy rain, dozen of families in pasco county are under an evacuation order this morning. county officials say 259 people have been evacuatedded from their homes since the storms began. that number is only expected to go up. the anclote river is in a major flood stage and should fox 13's kelly cowen joins us live from elfers where some folks are being asked to leave. anyone still behind? >> reporter: yeah. we have seen people wandering about down here but they are under mandatory evacuation at this point. this is why. take a look behind me. you the see this is the anclote river. it has overflown the banks.
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you can see it's up to some people, the mobile homes. right up into their homes and underneath. and we know that there are even lower lying homes behind here. so this water also moving quickly. it's very deep right now. so county officials are warning people to stay out of it. stay out of the water. you should not attempt to drive through here. they are asking people not to walk through the area either. they are ais who might be trapped in their home, if you are completely surrounded by water at this point you need to go ahead and give the county a call. they can come out with a boat and rescue you. i'll give out that number. because it's also the number they want people calling to report any damage or any flooding. they are saying they are amazed right now at how few calls they are getting to report damage. they know there is a lot of damage across the county. they really are relying on the community to report damage.
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727-847-2411. you can use that number to report damage and use it to ask for information or get yourself rescued if you need to. now because this road is completely impassable right now we are seeing also if we can swing the camera this way, we have a boat right here waiting to assist people. we know that the county has been out and about on boats. going through the neighborhoods that are completely flooded out. they will be back out today. there are good samaritans we have seen that take it upon themselves to check on people. there are neighbors helping neighbors is what we're seeing. that is the story. emergency evacuations. we have seen plenty of mobile home parkers evacuated as
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as well. voluntary evacuations going on throughout pasco county. i'll give you the number to report damage or if you need assistance or any kind of information about the flooding that is going on. 727-847-2411. we have another report in 30 minutes. back to you. >> alcides: i'm looking behind you. i can't believe it. that is to know that it's only going to get worse. the river has yet to crest and that won't happen until this afternoon. i can't understand people staying behind. i understand about looters worried that people go in your house and take your things but you have to be worried. the river is going to continue to rise and you will be stuck there not able to get out. >> reporter: i'm sorry.
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i am having ifb issues. >> alcides: we'll talk to you at 8:30. marco rubio promised local officials he would cut through red tape to help the region recover. in a round table discussion, rubio said he would meet with democratic senator bill nelson to make sure that fema does not forget the rural areas of florida. in vatican city, more than 100,000 people gathered in st. peters square for the canonization of mother teresa. known best for her work with the mother in india, mother teresa was elevatedded to sainthood by pope francis. in a mass, pope raised the work of volunteers and said that ignoring those suffering, hunger, sickness and exploitation is a modern sin. a person is requiredded to perform at least two miracles to become a saint. mother teresa's case two people say she helped them
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back at home, new this morning, a motorcyclist passed away after being hit by a van near the clearwater mall. police say the accident happened at 11:30 last night. at the intersection of gulf to bay boulevard and sky harbor drive. the motorcyclist was taken to the local hospital. he has died from the injuries. the driver of the van was treated at the scene. the crash is still under investigation. people across the bay area with beach plans over the labor day weekend mig to think twice before jumping in the water at a couple of local beaches. the florida department of health in pinellas county issued advisories for honeymoon island state park, sand key county park in clearwater, indian rocks beach and redington shores. all of those beaches has tested poorly for bacteria. officials say the area should be considered a potential health risk for swimmers.
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point regional center in hudson will accept patients again. lightning strike believed to be the cause of an electrical power outage that forced full scale evacuation. more than 200 patients were transported to other hospitals. the race for the white house, indiana governor mike pence says he will release his tax returns drawing a stark contrast with his running mate trump. he made the repeatedly said he can't until that audit is complete. the i-r-s has said, ??no laws prevent trump from releasing them. as for hillary clinton.. she's has a lead over trump in nearly every measure
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house. clinton has raised large amounts of money. she's flooding the airwaves with advertisements. the advantages are so great -- she has multiple paths to the 270 electoral votes needed to win on election day. the associate press says, clinton's biggest advantage.. may be trump's failure to capitalize on the democrat's ?shaky standing with voters. still ahead.. we'll talk to a registered diic to keep things healthy -- during your labor day cookout? and.. college football is underway.. and on the first game of the season, nebraska corn huskers make a touching tribute, ???everyone is talking about
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>> alcides: all right. labor day weekend is here. the unofficial end of summer, which means a lot of people out there will be firing up the grill. jamie, a registered dietitian for tampa general hospital. thank you for being with us. >> of course. >> alcides: we don't always have to eat unhealthy. there are things we can do on the grill or even on the stove top to make it easier and healthier, right? >> definitely. as far as grillinging ons it's great to choose lower fat options. chicken breast is great. sa are great. >> alcides: really? >> yeah. even burning mushrooms also. >> alcides: where do you find bison? >> whole foods has it. >> alcides: nice. what are we making? >> today we are making a healthy side dist. petso-roosted potato salad. the great thing about this we are subbing mayo for a nice light refleshing pesto.
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basil, garlic, walnut and parmesan cheese. we will add in cherry tomatoes for a pop of color. i'm just going to mix this up here. this is three pounds of roasted baby gold potatoes. we are just going to pour a nice homemade pesto in here and mix it all up together. this side goes great with anything you make on the grill. whether it's burgers or chicken or fish. >> alcides: i have never seen pesto like that. it's >> it's different but every time i have made it for people, everyone just loves it. it's just so fresh and tasty. it's very light. >> alcides: serve it cold? >> you can serve it cold or room temperature. it doesn't matter. you can make it in advance which is great for labor day making a million other things. >> alcides: i bet if you put parmesan cheese in that, it would be even more -- >> it's in the pesto.
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color. extra freshness. tomatoes are still in season now so they are extra delicious. >> alcides: so any like variations? what substitutes can we use for french frys? you grill -- not grill them but if you fry them they are not good for you. >> you can bake them. you can just cut up -- >> alcides: baked french fries. >> they are great. you can season them with stuff, too. >> alcides: okay. i'll try it. >> you can bake fries. you can grill anything. other side dishes. it's great to have different platter of fruit and vegetable so people aren't loading up on chips and salsa and fried things. >> alcides: chips and salsa good. it has tomatoes! >> it's nice to have fresh options that you have more of that are more filling to keep you away from the unhealthy options. >> alcides: not bad. i like it. >> yeah. >> alcides: i am going to
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>> you would eat it? >> alcides: i would eat it. sounds good. >> great. >> alcides: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> announcer: now your skytower radar forecast with fox 13 meteorologist lindsay milbourne. >> lindsay: we are going to sneak in dry time for the remainder of the holiday weekend. at least in the morning hours today. it looks gorgeous. mid-to-high clouds on the brookdale bay shore. quieter on sirata beach. less angry in terms of the wave heights. the waves feet. stay out of the water, though. we are churned up. we have bacteria at the area beaches but we are dry. we have moisture west with the light on shore wind developing. that is a sign of inland storms in the afternoon. i'll monitor the showers. they may make their way to crystal river but the bulk of us staying dry until the afternoon hours. warming up. 79 in tampa. 80 in clearwater.
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today. it's 79 in venice. low to mid-70s from lakeland to lake placid out the door this morning. so while we are dry, the moisture that has been in place is still there. more of it will be settling in near a boundary today. the further south you live near the coast the lower amount of rain you will see. the further north you live inland the better rain chance you will be seeing. because we are so saturated, if you get under a downpour can't rule out temporary flooding returning. 50% rain chance north of tampa including in a flood-prone area in western pasco. 40% in tampa. to sarasota 30% coverage. i want to point out the river where kellie is at. we are still in a major flood stage. the current level at 24.72 feet. but the river crested last night at 25 feet. while this is slowly dropping an inch per hour we won't fall below flood stage until wednesday morning. so gradual improvements over
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big improvements by midworkweek. let's talk about hermine. it is still going. it's mo longer tropical but it might as well be. look at the circulation and the moisture offshore. the flow around it to bring battering storm surge and the threat for big-time beach erosion in the next couple of days. at least models we are in line with heavy rain mainly staying offshore. as of 8:00 a.m. they are staying it's still post-tropical with 50-mile-per-hour winds. slowing down after the region until thursday or friday. so a couple of days with big-time wave heights. wave heights this morning are upward of 12 feet off the jersey shore. future cast for us today, here is the clock. here is lunchtime. by 2:00, scattered storms developing. heaviest east of i-75. in the evening tonight they wane inland. monday for labor day, check the pattern change. wind arrows are more easterly. afternoon and evening storms are building west.
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the barbecue plans are not ruined. you can squeeze in some today depending where you live. tomorrow may be lunchtime barbecue with storms later. 89 today. scattered storms inland. down to 76 with the interior storms ending tonight at 10:00, 11:00. 90 is monday's high which is average. scattered storms pushing west. by tuesday, how about drier air moving in. boaters how about the lighter winds? lighter chop at two feet today. next tide is low tide 10:22. days typical rain chances, below average rain chances tuesday through thursday. we need the break. looks like tampa north will get it. >> alcides: all right. thank you. classy move last night by the nebraska football team. the cornhuskers honored their late punter sam foldz who lost his life in a car crash over the summer. the team faced a fourth down and they feeded ten players leaving the punter's position empty. they were aware they would receive delay in game penalty
8:20 am
this would have been the first game on his final season with the team. the team's opponent fresno state declined the penalty. and the nebraska home crowd of more than 90,000 people cheered in appreciation. that is class act. after the break, excited catholics across the world witness today's historic con non-ization of mother teresa -- canonization of mother teresa. we show you how a pastor is
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>> alcides: thousands were in attendance this morning in vatican city to witness a woman who dedicated her life to helping the poor. fox's jennifer frederick sat
8:23 am
mother teresa well. >> let us pray. >> reporter: monsignor michael mannion of the camden archdiocese dedicated to carrying on the legacy of mother teresa. whom he met as a 24-year-old american seminary student in rome while he was working with the city's poor. >> she always had time for everybody. >> reporter: it was 1969, monsignor mannion says he was asked by a religious sister there if he had access to a missionaries of charity flying in to rome from india. it was the beginning of a 28-year friendship between mannion and mother teresa. >> the less she tried to impress people, the more she did. her extraordinariness was found in her ordinariness and her holiness. >> repoter: mannion was ordained a priest december of 1971 in rome. he says mother teresa couldn't make it but left this momento
8:24 am
him. >> dear father mike be only for jesus through mary, be a holy priest. god bless you, mother teresa. >> reporter: mannion worked with mother teresa in calcutta and would maybe see her half a dozen times a year and would often take pictures of mother meeting her many admirers. >> in washington, many, many people would line up by the hundreds to meet mother. >> reporter: his favorite, this imagine call moment of mother teresa and a little baby at the gift of peace house i w the framed photo now hangs in his office for all to see. >> it brought out the very, very best smile of mother. the eyes say it all. people would sometimes look at mother's picture, not having known her and say look at the wrinkles. the people that met her never noticed the wrinkles. they only ? -- only noticed the smile and te eyes. >> reporter: december 5, 1997, mother teresa died at
8:25 am
after finishing her dinner prayers her weakened heart finally gave out. shortly after her death, saint pope john paul ii waived the five-year waiting process and began the process to declare her a saint. she was beatified in 2003. monsignor mannion remembers well that october day. that is him standing there at the ceremony in the front with some 400 other priests. >> i just sat there kind of in >> reporter: monsignor mannion says he feels grateful and humblinged to be attending mother teresa's canonization on september 4. >> i think it will be something to absorb and experience. and not to try to figure out at the time. to try to absorb it with my heart. not my head. >> alcides: wow! monsignor mannion says he believes mother teresa was a
8:26 am
and closed her eyes. she was widely known as the saint of calcutta for her devotion to the sick and poor and the hungry. her work earned her a nobel peace prize in 1979. today she officially became saint teresa of calcutta. still ahead on "good day tampa bay" -- donald trump has been delivering a message of unity in the black community. we'll talk to fox's chris wallace about it after the break. >> lindsay: 8:26. most of us staying dry this morning. dry hours to early afternoon. so now is your chance to do boating. you missed it. wave height in check at two feet or less. johns hopkins children hospital cam, that is sunshine. skytower radar showing mid-to-upper 70s. the rain is offshore and it will start in the coastal counties north of the bay and give way to a 40 to a 50% chance of inland storms. how about tuesday, wednesday, thursday? lower rain chances. we need it. i'll talk more about it after
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we've had a lot of weather to talk about this week.. but the >> alcides: we have had a lot of weather to talk about this week but the race rolled on. chris wallace has a jam-packed morning full of politics. morn, chris. >> good morning. i got to tell you. we do have a jam-packed show. we'll begin with the latest on hermine, which has passed you guys by but now is up along the eastern seaboard. we'll have a report on donald trump's visit to detroit yesterday. and then we're going to be talking to our guests about donald trump's outreach to the african-american community. >> alcides: well, i also
8:30 am
presidential debate moderators. it fits you well. you are such a -- you are so great at what you do. >> thank you. >> alcides: i have to ask you. what do you plan to ask the candidates? give us a preview of what you plan to ask. >> i'm not going to tell you. i suspect if i did the two candidates would hear. frankly, i don't know. i'm doing the final debate on october 19. less than three weeks before the election. at this point you have no idea. first, you have to watch the they talk about there. see what is going on in the campaigns what happened is going on in the world. so i'll get into it. but not for a while. >> alcides: you know, we saw donald trump appealing to black voters this weekend in detroit. is there any chance he is going to pick up his numbers in that group? >> well, we'll get to talk at the top of the hour with ben carson one of his rivals in the primaries, now one of his top advisers and who escorted
8:31 am
grew up. we'll talk to him about exactly that. can trump make in-roads with the african-american community? we'll talk to congressman meeks who is a clinton supporter who i suspect will be skeptical about that. >> alcides: i assume you will ask him about her private e-mail servers and the revolution that came out recently. it seems every time there is something that comes out with the private e-mail server it doesn't take long before it falls flat. >> well, we'll be talking about that. i think it has hurt clinton in the polling. no question. this race tightened up in the last weeks. trump has generally speaking been a more disciplined candidate. in addition there is a steady series of revelations about clinton's e-mail server, the f.b.i. investigation and the cozy ties between clinton foundation and clinton's time as secretary of state. >> alcides: chris, great to see you. thank you for joining us.
8:32 am
in the next hour. thank you. >> thank you. >> alcides: you can watch "fox news sunday" at 9:00. >> lindsay: good morning. 8:31. we are gearing up for more afternoon and evening storms but the morning looks dry for most of us. we need the break. temporary break. it will lower the rain chances overall for most of us midweek. this morning how about a treat? we could use brightness. it still looks tropical. we moist feel to the air. skytower radar showing that the moisture exists but it will settle in throughout the day. we look west of crystal river, spot showers here and there. but these will give way to the west wind by the afternoon to push the storms inland. this morning as a result of more sunshine, we are in the mid-to-upper 70s. a warmer start to the day with sunshine especially south. clouds, they are not opaque. but they are there for tampa north. what is well to the north is post tropical hermine. more models are showing more
8:33 am
but still close enough to the midatlantic and the northeast to bring rough surf and coastal issues the next few days. for us, the next few days flip-flopping the winds. today, west winds mean inland storms, especially north. 40% coverage. but for labor day we are dry to start. we will bring storms to the beach. tampa south, 50% rain chance and high of 90. >> alcides: all right. all that rain we have had the past few days has left part of pasco county no doubt drenched. kellie cowan is in a hard-hit area, elfers this morning. we are learning that the governor will actually be in that area sometime this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. yeah. we will be there as the governor arrives. he is expected to get here around 9:30. they will be touring some of the damage that this flood has wreaked on the area. especially in the elfers area. i know he will be touring a mobile home park this morning.
8:34 am
there are a couple under mandatory evacuation and a couple are under voluntary at this point. we are in elfers. the elfers area. right now as you can see, the anclote river completely overflowed the banks. this is another mandatory evacuation area. you can see the water is coming up right into people's homes. it's moving quickly. this is actually if you are not familiar with the area this is a street behind me right now. it looks like a river at this point. these waters are moving rapidly. emergency officials are warning that because of how quickly this water is moving they are expecting plenty more damage to occur to people's homes and properties and the roads themselves. when the water is moving this quickly it degrades the structural integrity of the roads. erosion occurs. this is not something that you want to try to drive through. and certainly not something
8:35 am
we have just right next to us, i know corey clark, the camera guy i am working with just locked in everything but we have boats waiting here next to the road that people have left here for themselves to get safely across. right now the river completely overflowing its banks. emergency officials feel like this might be the peak, but they are not sure at this point. they won't be surprised if this rises a little bit more. the more it rises the more damage it right now they are urging everyone if you didn't happen to evacuate and you are under an emergency evacuation, and you do need help at this point because you can see some of the homes can't get themselves out even if they wanted to. the number to call to get a boat rescue is 727-847-2411. as the governor visits today, he is visiting to look at all the damage. that is something that emergency officials with also stressing. you need to report damage out there.
8:36 am
damage throughout the county but they are telling me they are getting very few calls at this point from people reporting the damage. the more you report the damage the more help the county can get you and the more eligible the area is for state funding and disaster relief monies. that is another reason why they are stressing people to report damage. i believe what you were going to last me in the last hour or so why aren't people evacuating or something along those lines? i know a lot of people feel st homes. no one wants to have to do it. it's a terrible situation to be in. a lot of people have various reasons. one of them might be pets. but yesterday i saw plenty of people evacuating with their pets. so the county can work with you for whatever needs you have, whether it's evacuation or whether you need something. maybe you need assistance in some way. the number again to call is 727-847-2411.
8:37 am
>> alcides: the video behind you and that river there which is not supposed to be a road and it's frightening. i can't imagine what folks are dealing with in pasco county and citrus county. thank you for being with us. see you later today. we were mesmerized by the olympic athletes in rio but this week is the turn of the paralympians. after the break, inspirational story about overcoming obstacles and reaching the
8:38 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day tampa bay."
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for the paralympic games. jonathan martin introduces us to woods, a sprinter born in marion county whose dedication to the sport is inspiring to all. >> reporter: woods is used to being told what he can't do. >> every time before competition, i have to put my legs together. >> reporter: it's been the ultimate fuel to get ready for the race of his life. >> it's just a great feeling to be at this level. something that they said was impossible. but what is impossible to man is possible to god. >> reporter: at 35 years old the double amputee is about to fulfill a 20-year dream of competing at the paralympics. this week he and the other u.s. track athletes are training at texas southern university before heading to rio. >> just because you are missing a leg doesn't mean they don't box jumps, not in the weight room, not squatting, not lifting. they do everything a traditional athlete does. >> when i get to that line,
8:41 am
i have always been a fighter. i'm going to fight to the end. >> reporter: woods was been with a condition where the bones in his legs never fully developed. before he was 3, both legs had to be amputated above his knees. it was around age so he fell in love with track and -- age 10 he fell in love with track and field. >> it's an individual sport. it's just me and the track. me in my lane. that is one of the things that gave me a sense of worth. >> reporter: already a national medalist, woods h a great shot at the ultimate prize. winning gold on the world stage when he competes in the 100 and the 200-meter dash and the long jump. the road to the paralympics has been anything but certain. >> my body is now getting used to it. >> reporter: with injuries and personal setbacks. you sacrificed a lot to be here. you lost your job? >> yes, i lost my job. that was my means of taking care of my family. but in spite of it all i always talk about overcoming
8:42 am
>> reporter: the attitude is rooted in his deep faith. when he returns in rio, he will also have the comfort of knowing some of the same people who told him he would only be able to compete in a wheelchair will be some of the same people now cheering him on as he sprints across the finish line. >> i have lost 100 races before i got to this point. i got knocked down but i got back up. the race is not given to the swift or the strong but the one who endures until the end. >> alcides: the opening ceremony is wednesday. the games will run until sunday the 18th. if you are frilling this labor day weekend, our couponing
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time now for our deal of the week.. and here with >> alcides: time for deal of the wee kati kiefer with us. go! >> we talked about subway. we were talking about free food last hour. the one we didn't get to was free subway. just text the word "offers" o-f-f-e-r-s to 782929. so you are signing up for the next club. you don't have to have an app or anything family. just text it. respond with a "y." they will send you back this coupon. you want to redeem in the store. so that is basically buy a
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don't get upset if you don't get publics because they're targeting to certain zip codes. you can use the target one. sometimes public accepts the target coupons. you will get a $10 gift card and public you will get $10 off. >> alcides: can you drive to a different zip code? >> yeah. if it doesn't come in the paper that is probably one next to you get its it in the store. >> alcides: that all you >> under two minutes. >> alcides: you're so good at what you do, kati! for more information on the deal of the week we post it have a great sunday. >> you, too. >> announcer: now, your skytower forecast with meteorologist lindsay milbourne. >> lindsay: welcome sight at 8:47. we are dry over land. a couple of showers, flirting with citrus county. i say "flirting," over 20 miles west of citrus is where
8:48 am
west wind to pop. midday, a couple showers will reach the coastline. but storms shifting inland this afternoon. coverage is down from yesterday. it's about 40 to 50%. sunshine wise, well, first, we are seeing it to start out the day. we wrapped up yesterday with brightness. scattered strato cumulus overlooking brookdale bay shore. i want to encourage people to stay out of the water today. there is a lot of bacteria issues at the area beaches. temperatures are warming because of more 78 in sebri ing. 79 in tampa. it's still muggy. we still have a string of tropical moisture tampa points west. we just need heating to bring in a 40-50% rain chance. as we get to the early part of the week, check out the red. that is dry air on the back side of hermine. that will settle in the area tuesday, wednesday, thursday. lowering our rain chances. so today, 40% chance. 50% tomorrow. tampa south, near the coast.
8:49 am
chances tampa north. what is to the north is hermine. no longer tropical but still with strong area of low pressure. this is kind of similar to a nor'easter type of setup. the good news is the computer models have trended a little further east of the midatlantic and northeast. it will be battered with rough storm surge and the rough coastal flooding in terms of the big wave heights, rain should generally stay offshore. 65-mile-per-hour winds. new update at 11:00 a.m. slow movement is now until wednesday. that is all it moves. hence more of the coastal issues for the region. by thursday and friday this finally exits. i could come close to hurricane strength again. the waver height is impressive. upward of 18 feat offshore this morning. here is monday night. in orange. that is over 12 foot waves. the waves subsiding in the middle part of the week. not a great boating week. another storm we're tracking
8:50 am
and wind sheer. it -- dry air and wind sheer. it won't impact us whatsoever. today is 89 for the high. the storm coverage, highest inland and north. so any additional heavy rain could lead to more flooding. but hopefully not as many storms over the same places today. 76 overnight. muggy. inland storms ending by 11:00. for labor day, 90. the storms build west and favor tampa south. it's a three-day holiday weekend and we'll be drier for some places, tuesday, wednesday, thursday with a 30% rain chance. we have a special first birthday shout out to austin. hey, buddy. he is turning 1 today. he loves riding along trucks obviously, lawnmowers and sometimes even a dog. he also loves telling people how to do things like change a tire or mow the grass.
8:52 am
my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about
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nes. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. >> announcer: you're watching "good day tampa bay." >> alcides: he was a tampa icon. earlier in week many said goodbye to monsignor higgins a pastor who did immeasurable good for the congregation and those beyond the church walls. anjuli davis has more on the legacy he leaves behind. >> reporter: he knew how to
8:54 am
home his message of faith and family. >> it was like he was calling us into a huddle. and he would speak directly passionately and not long and then he would literally break the huddle with "let's do it." >> reporter: monsignor lawrence higgins passed away a week ago at the age of 87. wednesday, more than a thousand packed in the church he built when he arrived in tampa at the age of 29. back then, he was given the pasture into a parish. his one of a kind personality made the mission a success. >> he had charge, charisma, wit. he had a twinkle in his eye combined with mischievous grin. >> reporter: he stayed on at st. lawrence catholic church pastor for a record 49 years. but his service went beyond the pulpit. he was known as an adviser and a friend to some of tampa's biggest names including former
8:55 am
>> he said you may consider giving the ball to young alstad more. he's a feign boy. he is a fine boy. i remember thinking is he telling me that because he is a fine boy or because he've got a better chance to win? >> reporter: laughs aside, dungy says the monsignor's heart was in helping. he was involved in a number of bay area charities. >> all those places he was there. he was reaching out and being that person who is just the lord's representative. >> reporter: that is what he will be remembered for. >> he will not be forgotten because you are remembered for deeds, not for your lifespan. >> reporter: in tampa, an an, fox 13 news. >> alcides: monsignor higgins impacted the lives of so many people. he will be greatly missed.
8:56 am
it's dry this morning. we're are rain-free to start out the day. heading in the afternoon the onshore flow kicks in. so tom pa north the best -- tampa north the best chance for heavy storms. afternoon and evening. built west for labor day and dry it out tuesday, wednesday, thursday. thank goodness. the anclote river at elfers is still in major flood stage. wednesday morning, below flood stage. >> alcides: wow! today is sunday september 4. thank you for watching. >> lindsay: see you tomorrow. have a great sunday. what day is this? sunday. >> alcides: have
8:57 am
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i'm chris wallace. donald trump reaches out to black voters as polls suggest hillary clinton's lead is narrowing. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination, that must still be made right. >> today, a debate between dr. ben carson a trump adviser and congressman gregory meeks, a top clinton adviser on who has better ideas to help minorities. then, the other woman on the presidential ballot. >> jill stein! >> dr. jill stein on her


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