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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  September 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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. that's why we are out here for volunteering and just try to help people in need, you know. >> anchor: with flood waters high in pasco county two went along for help. we went along for the ride as they rescued stranded neig neighbors. >> you can build a house, move house are be mobile and tough like that, your life. you can't bring it back. >> florida governor rick scott spent the day touring the damage left behind by hermine. what he says were the priorities right now. and a local vet clinic hope someone who knows more about what happened will come forward. the act of vandalism they are upset about this labor day weekend. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> good morning, i am aaron
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hinds. thank you for joining us tonight. flooding on the anclote river in pasco county tonight. several areas in the area new york city are under evacuation -- in new port richey are under evacuation order. we penitentiary up with good samaritans helping the rescue efforts. kellie cowan talked to two guys who are lending their time and their boat to rescue stranded neighbors. >> anchor: sorry about that, we will try get story in just a moment. also in pasco county, governor rick scott touring the city for storm damage. governor scott had an update from emergency officials on flooding. they are telling the governor the reason the area is seeing so much flooding is because of runoff starting south. could the saw the damage and talked to home owners in thousand oaks, trinity and the governor said people need to take evacuation notices seriously. >> this is life-threatening.
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going to happen. we don't know if we are going to get more rain. there are other storms, and this is just the beginning of hurricane season. >> you can rebuild a house, you can move a house are be mobile and stuff liar that, but you can't change your life. you can't bring it back. >> anchor: county leaders say the number one task is draining the water. governor scott said the state is looking into fixing the flooding problems in the community. marco rubio visited areas hit he will help those cut through red tape in a roundtable discussion, he said he will make sure fema does not forget florida. and sheriff grady judd announcing this morning that the body of missing teen austin welch was recovered from the peace river. officials say welch dove in along with his mother after his younger sister slip and fell while fishing. the two women survived. austin did not. his body found a few feet from
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rushing waters. sheriff judd called austin's actions heroic. >> austin passed away saving the life of his sister. a sad event any time you lose a child and makes it extra sad when you think mom was here doing what she should do on a labor day weekend. spending time with her chi children. >> haley: an august under way to determine the official cause of death but officials say it appears that drowned. tampa veterinary hospital ising can for help to find a vandal who destroyed their custom sign and left a real mess behind. it happened early saturday morning just before 1 a.m. a surveillance camera caught the whole thing. you can see a group of people running past followed by another crowd walking and all of a sudden a person barrels into the sign, falls with it, and gets up to run away. the hospital says the sign is worth more than $2,000. they tell us they are a small family-owned business and they
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recognizes them. >> i think people aren't thinking. i mean, that's, first of all, an expensive thing. they could have gotten hurt. but a huge inconvenience. i would rather as a business owner be taking care of people and their pets, and my employees, than worrying about a sign, especially on labor day weekend. mess around and add another three hours to my day yesterday, and i already worked 12 hours. >> tampa police are investigating. if you know anything about who did this, give them a call. we are going t our top story tonight. the flooding in pasco county. fox 13's kellie cowan spent the day with two men who are lending their efforts, their time and their boat to rescue stranded neighbors. >> you have the plug in. >> not going nowhere without a plug. >> reporter: like so many in the area joe and eric are spending their labor day weekend in a boat. but this is no pleasure cruise. [whistling] >> reporter: joe and eric are on a mission to help pasco
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neighbors caught in floodwaters. >> do you need anything? >> most people are either watching sports or just out in the back having a good time with the family, but -- is my time to give back to the community and -- and do -- do my part in it, i guess. >> stay to the right. we -- honestly we -- we just love helping people. that's it. >> reporter: since hurricane hermine hit, they have been out navigating roads that are impassible to cars and checking in on those pinned in by the flooding on saturday, the anclote river rose rapidly catching many neighbors offguard. joe and eric went door to door to help rescue families. >> we came back, picked up two, brought them back. came back. >> reporter: kids, adults and pets as well. >> you hold on little kitties, we will get you home. >> reporter: serious work. >> housekeeping. >> reporter: by a pair of friends who are having fun doing it. >> you know, it is pretty
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there knowing that you can help somebody. i would hope that someone would help me, you know, in i was stuck. >> reporter: eric and joe brought 17 people and nine of their pets back to dry land saturday. >> kitty cat. >> reporter: after rescuing her kittens and her owner, the pair found this mommy cat in need of their services as well. she will be reunited with her babies thanks to these extremely modest hometown heroes. >> i wouldn't say we are considered heroes. i would say good samaritans out >> reporter: in new port ri richey, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. a large house fire and no hydrants in the area. hernando county fire fighters say that was a recipe for an incredibly destructive fire this morning that broke out shortly after 12:30 a.m. it was fully engulfed in smoke and flames when crews arrived but due to the lack of fire hydrants they had to bring in water tankers and shuttle water to the scene. the home is a total loss. the two people living there
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hurt. the red cross is helping them find a place to stay. st. pete police say a man walking along 18th avenue south overnight was killed when he stepped into the street and was hit by an oncoming car. 54-year-old emory carter was thrown to the roadside when the driver of a ford sedan hit him. paramedics rushed carter to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. we are told there are no criminal charges pending. detectives say alcohol was not a factor in the crash. still ahead, celebrating for a good cause. >> anchor: behind the biggest charitable surf fest in the world bringing thousands of people to florida this weekend. and a nice time in florida. right, mike. mi >> mike: good day at the beach and more storms inland. we will look at the storms and
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while the kids are back while the kids are back in school well, the kids back in cool here in the bay area in weekend is the last hurrah for most of the country before summer ends. >> haley: reporting from cocoa beach on a surfing competition that brought thousands of people to our state this labor day weekend to celebrate for a good cause. >> reporter: thousands of people packing cocoa beach this labor they are here to enjoy the sun, sand and, of course, the surf. this weekend marks the 31st annual national kidney foundation rich, solid serve festival, the biggest charitable surf fest in the world. >>00% of all the money raised goes directly to the national kidney foundation of florida, and that money stays in florida and helps kidney patients that are on dialysis or in need of a transplant. >> reporter: the event has a little bit of everything from food and fun to competition.
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on the main stage and they are awesome and the really cool part of the event are the amateur surfer. poly wogs 9 and and you and 4-year-olds in the contest. they are fun to watch. >> reporter: if you stop by a chance to meet guests of honor like blake adams, a true fighter who just received his second kidney transplant back in december. >> when i was on dialysis, i couldn't play, like, i couldn't do wheelies on my bike. after i got my kidney transplant over again. . >> reporter: each year the event continues to grow raising $4 million to date. >> it is really cool to see the community come out and support the cities behind us. west gate pier is here sponsoring the event. long john's is a sponsor. a fun event to be a part of. >> reporter: gina benitez, fox 13 news. and most of us had sunny skies but people in the northeast are bracing for a
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as we . as we speak, coastal new jersey is bracing for hermine's gusty winds and strong surf. >> haley: places like ocean city are not taking any cha chances. business owners are spending thweekend stocking up onon s sandbags and moving inventory out of the way. many are frustrated that the storm is hijacking the last unofficial tourist season and still they know they have to be ready.
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state of emergency for several counties including ocean city. >> a trippers don't come. people who have rented think, i am going to leave early friday and not stay friday and saturday, and people who are coming saturday say, i am going to wait until monday. but, you know, we will revamp. >> haley: tropical storm warnings remain in effect for most of the jersey coastline. and mike is here, mike, you know, it's -- people forget that this is still going on out there >> mike: amazing how far this system is coming. it is post tropical but the effects are still the same. the good news -- we talked about this last night at 6:00 and we were watching this storm as it moved east-northeast and waiting for it to slow down and waiting for it to turn. it is still kind of waiting for that turn. the effects for the jersey coastline there for much of new england, mid-atlantic, kind of dodging a bullet with this. it is still going to be pretty bad. we are still going to see minor to moderate coastal flooding
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as we thought would be 24 hours ago and hermine continuing to throw curveballs out there. >> aaron: that map you showed yesterday the band of rain dragged all the way to the u.s., the east coast. >> mike: we will get to that. i do want to get to this because sunday night, 6:00. we don't have too many of these shows in the fall, so it is weather trivia night. >> aaron: time to get a question wrong. [ laughter ] >> mike: this has to do with hurricanes. while we were focusing in on hermine, were basically in the crosshair of two hurricanes that actually missed them thugh, one to the south and one to the north. they got spared too. what was the effect? why did they get? the corolis effect, the pujiora, the k+ a dpshtion estrophic flow or the isotropic list. i made sure because last time i couldn't pronounce any of th these.
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corosis effect is. i know what that is because i took entry level geography in college. paid off one day. >> mike: 25%. >> haley: are all made up. >> mike: all of these are legitimate weather terms. i did think about making them up but legitimate weather terms. think about it. get it down. we will talk about this at 10:00 and go into more details with -- with exactly what the answer is, but i want to get to this because -- i mean, the weather has been so bad at the beaches for just the last four or five days. finally get a break, and what a day it was. beaches absolutely packed as they should be with this weather. hilton, clearwater beach cam great weather out there right now. sirata beach looking nice as well. we have boats on the water. the waves obviously down significantly from what they were. inland, it is kind of a different story and a different story this evening. we will see big storms out there. a lot of you folks have evening
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we are going to have to check in with that and sure enough, down toward polk city, the north side of lakeland, au auburndale and haines city, this storm right here and there is a ton of lightning with this home run so if you are watching right flow haines city and you are planning on, perhaps, grilling outside or doing some outdoor activities, you will want to rethink that if that is over the next hour or so. this storm headed your way and with the lightning with this, you want to be indoors as that moves through. beside that, not a whole lot of activity. continue to expand inland through the rest of tonight. and currently 24.11 feet. so still above major flood stage, but down from the crest that it was last night, late last night. 25.1 feet. it won't drop below flood stage until midday tuesday, but it should drop below major flood stage later on this evening. good news with the anclote river there. rainfall. now this has been credible.
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the first few days of the month. we are at three inches in ta tampa. yes areas that are well above that for the last few days. you look at where we are for the year, just shy of 50 inches. typical year in tampa. we average about 46.5 inches. so already above our yearly total. and here we are just in the first week of september. that is pretty incredible. 91 degrees our high today. 77 our low. so the heat starting to return across the area. 89 the current temperature. dew point at 75. other temps, 85 in new port richey, 84 76 in leesburg. with the showers rolling through. 93 down in lake placid. 93 in sebring. here is the latest on hermine. and winds 70 miles per hour. notice it is a little farther east and still moving to the east-northeast. still good news up there. satellite and radar across rest of the state showing the showers and storms working southward with that northerly wind and this all ex-tenldz now back to the east. there is hermine, right. you get that band kind of
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of moisture. the good news though as we head through the next couple of days the plume of moisture drops a little farther south and we drop our rain chances. rain chances by the middle of the week significantly lower than what they have been. 76 for tonight. evening storms and clearing. for tomorrow, 91, scattered afternoon storms building west. here your seven-day forecast. rain chances 50% for tomorrow. but by tuesday, 20% rain chances, highest rain chances tuesday will be to the south. likewise wednesday and thursday and they will climb back up to where we typically should be 40 to 50% rain chances. hey, kevin. >> kevin: the rays don't have a lot to brag about but had a chance to win a season series against a team most likely going to the playoffs. and willie taggert on the bulls' season opener. he did like what he saw or the bigger question did his daughter. a complete update on the gators
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kevin sports willie kevin sports willie taggart well, willie taggert thought his gulf coast offense could have been a little better especially in the first half of the season opener but no denying that the bulls go the it going. usf finished the night tying a school record for most points in the taggert had to be pleased with how the bulls ay offense. usf scored four touchdowns in the first 2:22. two came on the very first plays of the drive. quentin flowers led the offensive pile up 444 yards and finish night with four touchdowns, two in the air and two on the ground. usf's defense can be better gave up 20 point against a soft, soft team here but also
6:24 pm
overall, the bulls boss liked what he saw on the night at times, but as you can see though, a need to whistle after the post-game news conference. >> at times -- at times i thought we were going fast and the tempo was going fast and a lot of good things happened to us. a lot of mistakes here and there and guy missed a block here and there and hurt tempo and you use your heart -- or blown coverage or blown assignment it slows down the tempo and that is when things didn't look well for us but we were going at a pace that we are capable of going. good things happen for us. we can be better. >> reporter: definitely going to need new whistle though. gators opened the season like they did a year ago. unimpressive and this wasn't the opener and game two where
6:25 pm
carolina a year ago. florida managed one touchdown against umass and they are a weak team, a team they were favored to beat by 36 points. penalties were the main problem that slowed down the gators offense and offense that put the ball in the air 44 times. luke del rio making his first start finding rhythm in the fourth quarter tossing the second touchdown. perfect on special teams. the major problem last season. freshman eddie pineiro connected on three field goals. and the coach was a little chilly after the game when asked about so many passes. >> no, i mean, that's kind of who we want to be a little bit. and i don't know, is that a lot or not enough? or what do you think. >> more than any game last season. >> really? well, to me that wasn't very many. offensive players, how many do we have? >> seven. >> didn't study enough. >> if you were going to ask questions, you got to know,
6:26 pm
nice question though. i like the way you prepare yourself coming to it. that's good. i like that. >> wow, he really got on him. the gators had 73 plays, 24 masses coach and 29 runs. the seminole have the opening week staged actual themselves. tomorrow night fsu played in the citrus bowl against ole miss. game is a sell out. the second time under jimbo shirt freshman. francois will make the first start. the 'noles on dalvin cook to carry the in the opener with francois managing the oven. a strong statement with the big win over ole miss. the 'noles open the season ranked fourth in the nation, and one of the favorites to make his way to tampa, jimbo fisher likes this big test early.
6:27 pm
atmosphere that, you know, if you were fortunate enough to get in a bull game, major playoff game, you get that atmosphere and environment. you get that again and i think it is great national exposure and you get to play an opponent you don't always get to play, a top-notch opponent in a big situation like that on national tv and you get to find out where you are at. the bucs opening week roster seems complete. they brought back 9 players they cut for the practice squad and added former baltimore wide receiver jeremy butler from sarasota. not getting the call back is kenny bell who is injured with a concussion and tight end danny vitale. vitale was picked up by the buffalo bills a twond draft picks over the last two years that didn't make this team. the rays with a chance to sweep the jays. they spot toronto one on the first but get it right back. evan longoria off happ. logan forsythe scores and we are tied. rays take a 3-1 lead.
6:28 pm
the fourth hits russell martin looking and you know what, john givens, he didn't like it and he is going to get tossed. archer with nine strikeouts in 6 and a third innings of work. in the 7th, bases loaded. travis ripping the two-run single to tie it. here is the bad news were game winner in the 8th. launching a two-run homer off of jepson and the rays avoid the sweep 5-3. a chance to win the series against a team and will much win the division or make the wild card. so bad day. >> haley: on to the next. they still take the weekend series. >> aaron: thanks, kevin. mother teresa is saint teresa. >> aaron: pope francis has a
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, mother teresa, a catholic nun who devoted her life to helping india's poor has officially been declared a saint. pope francis delivered a canonization mass at the vatican today. >> aaron: amy kellogg has more from rome. >> reporter: bestowing the highest honor. the albanian nun is considered a saint. >> for our heart and give that smile to those we meet along our journey. attended the ceremony.huge portrait hung from st. peters basilica. 1500 homeless people were given seats of honor and served a pizza lunch by nun. >> the teachings of mother teresa have helped me a lot to understand the concept of love. >> reporter: known as the saint of the gutters, mother teresa was revered for work with the poor. in india a special mass was
6:32 pm
charity the order she founded in cal -- calcutta. >> and every word. but you know, our minds she is already a saint. >> mother teresa died in 1997 at the age of 87 and beatified in 2003 the first step forward sainthood. pope francis cleared the way when he recognized a several miracle. on sunday, the pontiff admitted he may find to hard to call her maternal. >> we have difficulty of calling her saint teresa with great spontaneity. we continue had to call her mother teresa. >> reorter: her canonization is pretty quick compared to standards. she was made a saint faster in the modern area. in rome, amy kellogg, fox news. pope francis paid trib
6:33 pm
responded after an earthquake in italy. the pontiff blessed and shook the paw of an italian rescue dog named leo. the black lab was part of a rescue team that helped locate a 4-year-old girl in the ru rubble. pope francis sent time with the dog's handler and his coll colleague. two months after the people of great britain voted to leave the european union, the prime minister is once again talking about the decision. teresa may touched down in china for the g-20 summit as protesters over the so-calle uk. speaking at a ceremony with president obama, may declares that there will be, quote, no second referendum in the uk on exiting the eu. and the referendum is nonbinding and the final decision rests with the british parliament. brexit was opposed by both president obama and david cameron. >> we respect the wishes of the people and we will put that into practice. no second referendum. no attempt to turn the clock
6:34 pm
this. the uk will be leaving the european union. prime minister may goes on to say that the uk plans to continue pursuing a strong trading with the u.s. despite the decision to leave the eu. in the race for the white house, indiana governor mike pence says he will release his tax return drawing a stark contrast with his running mate donald trump. the vice presidential nominee made the announcement during an interview with "meet the press." pence said he will release his full returns trump will release his following a completion of an audit by the irs. trump has been under pressure to release his returns but repeal theedly said he can't until that audit is complete. the irs says no laws prevent trump from releasing them. and as for hillary clinton, the associated press says she has a lead in every measure normally used to win the white house. she has raised large amounts of money. flooding the air waves with advertisements and give clinton
6:35 pm
electoral votes. clinton's biggest advantage may be trump's failure to capitalize on the democrats' shaky standing with voters. more details of hillary clinton's next event in tampa. on tuesday, she will be back with a public event at usf student recreation center. the event starts at 1:45 in the afternoon. doors open two hours earlier. a release from clinton's campaign said she will discuss plans to keep the nation safe, work with america's ally and why trump does not have the temperament to serve as commander in chief. fed up with thieves stealing donald trump signs from his property came up with an electrifying way to put an end to the sign swiping. station's jamie topkins has more. >> it is important for me because i believe in the rights to say what i believe in. >> reporter: his nightly routine may shock you. >> this takes money. it takes time. >> reporter: he sticks trump
6:36 pm
>> it is on my property. it is not out in the road. >> reporter: since may, thieves have stolen five trump signs from his property. unnerved, he installed surveillance cameras which he said captured the thefts in action and that's when goat a bright idea. >> i have a light for the power for the flag pole. so i went out to the farm and got the electric fence that we don't use anymore and i figured if it was good enough to keep the cows and horses good enough to keep teenagers out. >> reporter: you can't tell from the outside, but these trump >> and inside down here, you will look in there, there is a yellow, an orange machine in there, and that is the fencer tied into the bush very well and we run the copper wire all the way around and hook a live lead to each side and turn it on. since souping up the signs, ray things thieves are channelling his message. >> she comes rummaging through and grabs sign and pulls and gets right bout here, and that is when it hit her. and she stopped.
6:37 pm
stop. and she -- started ripping and kept going. >> reporter: he insists it is harmless. >> they touch it and it gives them a little bit of a jingle. >> reporter: not a jolt, but a jingle, and a friendly reminder not to steal from a man so ground in his beliefs. put your signs out. if they steal them, put it out again. keep putting them out. don't stop. that is one way to do it. experts fear this could be the deadliest labor by a weekend for drivers in several years >> aaron: up next the role of that distract i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones...
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discourage drivers from texts have increased in recent years. the consensus among police, safety advocates and drivers themselves that the problem is only getting worse. a new report from the national safety council sthawingts this labor day weekend may be the gravest in recent years. >> aaron: that grave prediction puts blame on a number of factors but dis distracted driving may be one. >> reporter: on the streets of a boston suburb, a frequent site for law enforcement. >> hello. >> hi. phone. what are you watching. are you streaming a video? >> yes. >> pull over in there. that is unbelievable. is that facebook. just be honest with me. just pull in there. >> what were you doing on your phone. >> i was just texting my mom. >> reporter: drivers distracted by their phones, a problem officer matthew montero and law enforcement across the country say is only getting worse. >> on a busy day, probably you can get one every three min minutes. >> reporter: nearly 3500 people
6:41 pm
involving distracted drivers in 2015, fatalities involving cell phone use spiked by 17% from the previous year to 476 deaths nationwide. tens of thousands more are hurt, but safety advocates say crashes involving cell phones are vastly underreported because police have to rely on what drivers tell them. while distracting driving tickets have gone up in many states, consistent enforcement remains difficult partly units and gray areas created by texting laws that haven't kept up.emerging technology. >> people are doing so much more than texting. they are e-mailing, they are skyping, they are snap cha chatting. >> reporter: 46 states have laws against texting but in many of them, the offense level of distracted driving is the same as a parking ticket >> the general public and also members of the legislature and all the states do not yet take distracted driving seriously enough. >> reporter: harvard school of
6:42 pm
campaigns to combat distracted driving. >> stained of trying to convince people that they are the problem which they will turn off to as a message, we want to talk instead about the other driver who is creating a threat to themselves in order to get their attention. >> reporter: for now though officer montero is educating people one by one. >> a ton of gray area. we understand that. >> i will be more aware of my surroundings. >> reporter: a warning that despite the clear danger. >> florida is one five states where texting while driving is not a primary offense. that means the driver must commit another driving violation before getting cited. state troopers say texting while behind the wheel is not worth the risk. more than 200 people died in florida last year from dis distracted driving crashes. >> haley: keep your eyes on the road. it is not worth it. >> exact will he, exactly. >> haley: kevin o'donnell is
6:43 pm
>> kevin: we are jealous of this young man. a few golf courses that people can dream of playing on, augusta and st. andrews in scottland and pebble beach. the brandon teen getting a chance to tee it up on the best course out west. somehow this strawberry crest
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
kevin sports playing at pebble beach is a privilege usually reserved for the pros for the pros, but this month james moretti is a rising sophomore at strawberry crest high school and he gets to tee it up on california's best golf course. how this teen is get a rare chance to be on the ropes at pebble beach. >> reporter: wanting to play golf has never been just about
6:46 pm
moratti. >> you learn how this count because each stroke was one, two, three, four. >> reporter: golf has taught the brandon teen integrity and respect. to earn a trip of the lifetime to play with the pros at pebble beach later this year >> the most miraculous course after. crazy to me. i can't believe it. >> reporter: james will join 80 other participants in the nature valley open at pebble beach. the young golfe opportunity to play with pga tour champion players. >> i am hoping john daley. i heard he is going to be there. >> reporter: what do you like about john in. >> he's funny and he is always smiling what i see. >> it's a big deal and when he gets there he will see the pros because he is aspires to be a professional golfer and ask them questions and what they act like and what it takes to get to his final goal. >> reporter: away from the course, james always acts like a p ro. trophy from tournaments line
6:47 pm
his father says showcases the fine young man that james is becoming. >> it is a girls trophy. he was ten years old and there was -- there was a age group lesser than him, the little boy was crying and my son -- my mom said he went up to the boy an said, here, you have mine, and i will take yours. and that was just saw some. >> reporter: golf has already taught james so much about l life. >> the game of golf meant to you >> it is just -- the six inches between your head. it's -- it is all about mental. you can't stray off at any point or you are gone. >> reporter: merissa lynn, fox 13 sports. >> i wonder if james needs a caddy going out there. i will just do the 18th hole, you know. [ laughter ] >> haley: i will take 17. >> kevin: exactly. >> haley: what a dream. one golf course to play in, that would be it. >> aaron: exactly. >> haley: i think our golf
6:48 pm
starting to dry a little bit. >> mike: maybe the grass will be green they are week once the lakes dry up over the fairway. you can start playing them. a little bit dryer over the next few days. we see this afternoon storm pattern like today into the day tomorrow, but by tuesday, we see om big, big changes. a look the sky tower radar view and the rain coming down across northern portions of polk county starting to pread southward as well. here is a look at the storm that has been sitting across the the northern fringes of lakeland, haines city, polk city. a lot of lightning as well. numbers come down a bit over the last 20 minutes. that is good news there. the sign of this storm kind of weakening. as far as rainfall totals go, they have been impressive because this is slow moving and some areas across northern polk county, eastern portions of pasco picked up 2, 3 inches of rain out of this in a pretty
6:49 pm
talking about an inch and a half north of polk city and street flooding and localized floodings that continues to push through. meanwhile, a couple of storms popping up off to the south of that. this one between bartow and ft. meade and moving through lake wales. more to the south of that duette to myacca head. this is building along the breeze that is continuing to shift south and eastward. we will watch these showers and storms gradual low kind of pushing off to the south and east but i think we will continue to see them at least for the next four or five hours. weather headlines and another fairly active afternoon on monday. we will see the storms kind of roll through building to the west, but the dry air moving in from the north on tuesday. that means lower rain chances tuesday, wednesday and thu thursday, but they will head back up by the end of the week. not too far away though at this point to the end of the rainy season. we are getting there. we are getting close. 90 in tampa. the high today 95 in brandon.
6:50 pm
current temperature 89 degrees. dew point at 7. winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite and radar view. you can see the storms kind of spreading now southward across the state. at the same time, sea breeze pushing inland and kind of where they meet, that's where you get your bigger storms. meanwhile here is post tropical storm hermine. moving to the east northeast at 5 miles per hour. yesterday we talked about it if it continued moving east northeast that is good news. westward extent does not get as close to the coast here so the effects to say the delmarva peninsula, the jersey coastline, long island up to connecticut, rhode island and the cape noted a bad as perhaps it looked 24 hours ago and by thursday and friday, we could probably say goodbye to her hermine. on the south end of it, we have this lingering moisture working through. eventually again tuesday, wednesday, you see drier air.
6:51 pm
good news. it is sunshine and warmer temperatures. that is allowing the grounds to finally dry out after the big storm there. so futurecast for tonight, again the storms wrapping up. more to come for tomorrow afternoon. for tonight, 76 degree. the evening storms. for the next few hours, especially inland. the seven-day forecast, rain chances 50% for tomorrow. down to 20% tuesday. back up to 30% wednesday and thursday. >> haley: mike, tropical storm lester and high waves are near the island look at these waves hitting beach in maaui, a steady stream of s surfer. some tried to catch a massive ride. >> so far the waves have been really big. the hurricane is passing by very quickly and the current is i really out of control and i would say on the bigger sets 6
6:52 pm
and only a few people going o out, and it's pretty fun out there, but with the rain and the current, a lot of people are really reluctant to get in the water. haleigh hail lester was d downgraded from a hurricane to tropical storm saturday night. forecaster there is say folks should expect some light rain in the coming days, but luckily the storm has begun to move away from the states. >> aaron: you have got to be brave to get in the waters when a tropical storm is making those kind of waves. >> haley: and talented. st tampa bay icon. >> reaction from some of the thousands of people that packed
6:53 pm
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plus specially tagged vehicles get another $1000
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he was a tampa icon. he was a tampa icon. . he was a tampa icon. earlier this week the community said goodbye to monsignor lawrence higgins a pastor that did immeasurable good. and anjuli davis has more on the legacy he leaves behind. >> reporter: he knew how to captivate a crowd and drive home family. >> it was like he was calling us into a huddle. and he would speak directly, passionately and not long, and then we literally break the hudle with let's do it. >> reporter: monsignor lawrence higgins passed away one week ago at the age of 87. wednesday, more than 1,000 p paked into the church he built when he arrived in tampa at the age of 29. back then, he was given the
6:56 pm
pasture into a parish. his one of a kind personality made the mission a success. >> he had charm, charisma, he had the looks. a twinkle in his eye combined with a mischievous grin. >> reporter: he stayed on as saint lawrence catholic pastor for a record 49 years, but his service went beyond the pulpit. he was known as an advisor and friend to some of tampa's biggest name including former bucs head coach tony dungy. >> and he said giving the ball to young alstott a little more. he is a fine boy. he is a fine boy. [ laughter ] and i remember thinking, is he telling me that because he is a fine boy or because we have got a better chance to win. >> reporter: laughs aside, dungy said the monsignor's heart wasn't helping. he was heavily involved in a number of bay area charities. >> all of those places he was there and he was there gladly.
6:57 pm
and being that person who was just the lord's representative. >> reporter: and that's what he will be remembered for. >> you will not be forgotten because you are remembered for deeds, not for your lifespan. >> reporter: in tampa, anjuli davis, fox 13 news. >> haley: a man who surely touched a lot of lives. >> aaron: we can only hope to impact as many people as he d did. >> haley: he will be missed. the news is always on a >> aaron: see you back at 10 and 11:00. until then, have a great evening. ?
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