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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> this is the road we are on and it's a river today. >> now at 11:00, hermine's effects still being felt in the bay area. we are there as governor scott touring the damage. >> this is not your ordinary smash and grab, why deputies need suspect behind this brazen burglary. >> austin died making sure that crystal lived. >> the body of a missing teen is found on the peace river. how he is being remembered as a hero. >> good evening, i'm aaron mesmer, lloyd has the night off. >> and i'm haley hines, dwa tody
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flood damage firsthand. the reason he is seeing so much damage now is because of the run-off from parts north. the river is going down but slowly. >> country officials expect this river to be out of major flood stage by monday. it could still take days before this neighborhood of elfers dries out and the water first responders spent much of the day doing rescued in a high-water vehicle, they spent the day checking on neighbors and evacuating anyone who wanted to leave. the neighborhood was under mandatory evacuation orders but many stayed behind, and the governor says of his tours across the state, pasco county has been hit harden by flooding
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everything he can to investigate why this area has such poor drainage. >> the ready cross continues to help families out as a felter ir in hudson. >> evan, thank you. well, they say they are just good samaritans but a lot of their neighbors are calling these guys they are spending their weekend using their boat to rescue people from the floods. eric papapanos and joe vidalis have helped to put 19-year-old and several pets back on solid ground. today they only found one cat in need of help. they had already rescued the momma cat's kittens and owners and now they will all be
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>> it's just sawsome knowing that you can help someone. i would hope that sw someone wod help me in i was stuck. >> in p pinellas county, officis say hermine's impact on beaches may result in the worst erosion the county has seen in decades. it's expected to be more damage than what debbie left once the storm is gone, officials will head out to accurately assess the sand lots. >> and new at 11:00, thieves target a lakeland gun store nabbing more than 30 guns and rivals. it happened at titan arms. a window and burglar bars were
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>> a sad update out of polk county. sheriff judd announcing that the body of teen justin welch was recovered from the peace river. more on how he is being remembered as a hero. >> austin passed away saving the live of his sister. >> austin welch, 18 years old and a hero in death. the family's fishing gear still on this says the nightmare began. >> the 11-year-old crystal was casting into the water and flipped and fell. >> austin immediately jumped in following by their mother. >> all floating down river and fighting for their lives. now, they all three had been
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usus a austin being held by his shirt, and when she turned lose to grab crystal, austin went under the water. >> and then sunday morning, the worst possible news. >> fwc using their side radar sonar was able to spot what they believed to be an human being in the water. deputies from our dive team went into the water and we were able to recover austin. >> his body logicked under a tree, just beneath the surface only a few feet where his mother and sister were able to escape the rushing water. >> it makes it can extra sad wht you think that mom was here doing what they should do on a
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with her children. >> austin died making sure crystal lived. >> and it was a dangerous weekend on the water in central florida. in vo volusa county, an eerili similar store story, after a mad woman jumped off of their boat for he never reappeared. >> a tampa vet hospital becomes the target of a rowdy group and it's all caught on camera. it happens just after 1:00, address you see a group of people running past this sign, and all of a sudden one person just b barrels into the sign and then they get up and gun away.
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worth more than $2,000, and they are hoping that someone recognized the person who did it. and this home is a total loss tonight. due to a lack of fire hearing fire hydrantscrews had to shutt. no news on what sparked the fire. >> and a puppy a fire broke out in its owners home. you see how small the pup is compared to the oxygen mask. he is expected to be okay. and has been returned to his owner. meantime, hermine continues to church in the atlantic. >> and folks prepare for a windy labor day. >> we will talk about how hermine is still impacting our weather even to the start of the
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this right here? nobody expected this. >> folks along the virginia coast drying out after what was left of hermine brought rain and flooding and the flooding threat is still real with more storm surge and tides expected tonight. >> the rec area devastated by sy is making notice tonight, and tropical still in lace place from the gn state. >> it's greetings from a mainly deserted beach. as far as the decision to stay or go, among those still here, some are waving bye while others are stick ago round to see how large the other waves get.
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are safe and we are facing the ocean and we have lots of food. >> we are leaving, we are just down here enjoying the breeze. >> was it heerd weird with no n the beach. >> no traffic... very strange. >> both the board walk and the walk out seemed busy, so many people walking off the beach because no one was on the beach, but furniture, and trash cans put behind the do yo do dunes and ue board walk and what they couldn't move, had sand bags surrounded it, the only sound still going the go-karts for those not "going" out of town. >> yet we were still feeling
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a sphwhiel. while? >> you could almost take a case that the moisture we have is from hermine, and so i guess you could make a case that we are not done with her yet, but you have to remember, that we are getting to the end of the first week in september and so we are getting closer to the end of the rain y season, but we are gettig there. here is a view camera and you still see the afternoon down pours and storms developing but more of your typical summer-time patterns with storms off in the distance there. this shows all of the rain hitting across the eastern half of the bins peninsula, and i thk it's going to take a while for this rain to wrap up and dissipate. it's not really going anywhere
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wait for it to rain itself outside. still plenty of flood warnings across the area, and if you're joining us it's dropped below major flood stage, and it's not going to drop below minor flood stage until some time tucson tuy morning but at least it should be improving conditions as long as we don't pick up more rain during the but this would pose a threat to some of the rivers that are in flood stage. dry air moving in from the north and a much-welcomes period of dry air through thursday before we start to up the rain chances through week's end. current temperature, 79, a dewpoint of 72.
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you take a look at the do you d, sitting in the low to mid 70's. here is your satellite and radar. a lot of shower activity dissipating with the loss of the daytime heating. still with a batch of showers that worked down the peninsula, and this is what i'm talking about. there is hermine and you trace back that finger of moisture tracing all the w the northside of it this is where we have dry air. overnight, should be drying out over the next couple of hours. otherwise, elsewhere we are dry. tomorrow we start to see showers and thunderstorms pop up, and they build once they hit that west-coast see b sea breeze ando could be big afternoon storms
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well. clearing for the day tomorrow, 91, scattered will afternoon storms building west, but by tuesday just a couple of isolated storms, otherwise sunny and hot, and 91. winds out of the east, a like chop, gulf temp, 82. and tomorrow, a lot of outdoor activities. just make sure you pay attention to the sky tower radar app, once you hear thunder, time to head indoors. if you can hear thunder within 30 seconds of seeing lightning, you are too place. >> that is a good tip, mike, we have had so many dangerous lightning strikes to far this year, and you may want to think device about diving into the water at some bay area hot spots.
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labor day weekend his here! and that means the unofficial end of summer. that also means folks will be packing local beaches... but there are a couple of bay >> it's the official end of summer. >> and that means that folks will be packing local beaches but in pinellas county officials say there are several beaches all came back with samples showing bacteria.
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some sort of fecal pollution from s storm waters or fish. they will be back out to test the waters on tuesday. >> and officers will be out patrolling the waters looking for the proper safety equipment, decalls and anyone who shouldn't be behind the wheel. last year there were over boat accidents and many of them folks who shouldn't be behind the wheel. >> and one flight attendance is going viral for the way he put an animated spin on those land ago announcements. >> ehhh what's up, folks, this is bugs bunny, and on behalf of southwest airlines please be
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>> if you close your eyes you can just see the cartoon, right? that is zach doing his best bugs bunny impressions. at last check that video has been scene on youtube 1.6 million times. >> a good >> always entertaining. >> always a fun flight. >> well, i'll tell you the bucs are anxious to get to atlanta because they want to get the season underway. and alexander feels he had some making up to do, we'll hear from
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y23ppy yy6y the practice games are >> practice games are over and it's on to atlanta. they open this sunday on the road against the falcons. this is a game that has been circled on the calendar since the schedule was released in october. and you know it's going to be
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opening against his old team. he was let go but this time he returns as head coach and getting a win against their division rival would be a perfect start for koetter. >> glad to be back and ready to play. show you guys what we are capable of and just go out there and have fun. that's all i'm saying i want to do is just go out and have fun >> what player on this team is going to surprise people? >> um, i'm going to go with 57, he is going to surprise a lot of people. you know we didn't get him in the first round, but i'm glad he fell to us in the second and he is going to sprie surprise a lof people with that speed and edge and his never-quit attitude to get to the ball. people so watch out for him.
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afternoon. one run in the first but they get it right back. longoria dropping a double and forsythe is going to get in and we are tied. the rays take a 3-1 lead and then archer catches martin looking, and gibbons going i don't think so. really? okay, you are out of here. in the seventh, here jays. this two-run single ties it up and then the game winner. and the jays avoid the sweep, 5-3, and the rays are right back
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for that... we thank you. ? this is a very inusual virus. >> as the zika health crisis
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break and now they are hiding back to work. >> some members said they deserve a raise. >> senate hair care. >> we'll take a closer look at what they do with our money. >> it's the public subsidence gift shop. >> lifestyles on the members of congress. and since i lampoon politicians every day. our writers turn the table on me in one of the weirdest they thinks we've ever done. welcome to money, power & politics. >> oh, my goodness. yes. >> money, power & politics, go. go. go. >> flus we ask marco rubio how he is say trump cannot be trusted with nukes but plans to vote for him. if he ducks the question we'll keep asking. this is money, power & politics. >> thank you for joining us and please welcome senator marco rubio. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you're aware of the frustration of voters.
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to voters who say you ought to throw out every one of them in congress and start over. >> first of all, i can tell you since january of this year, i've been talking about zika. by march and april i was banging on the table, literally on the senate floor to all of my colleagues. i'm optimistic we're in a situation next week something will happen. it's unfortunate to take the outbreaks to generate more attention about this issue. i'm hopeful. you extremely dysfunctional and both parties are to blame in that regard. >> in the race you made a powerful case against donald trump in the course of endorsing him. here's the part i want you to address. how can you say that donald trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes and with that concern, still be willing to vote for him? >> well, for me the primary is over and the voters have chosen their nominees. it's a binary choice. hillary clinton is the most dishonest person to run for


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