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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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((russell ahead this hour on good day: three ?days after a hurricane... is pasco county finally drying out? we have a live update, from the anclote river. ((laura plus: their son was ?killed by an alligator... at disney world. almost three ?months later... the parents of lane graves finally speak publicly about the tragedy. ((russell and: l starting ?today... you won't need it, to ride the bus in two bay area counties. ((russ)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm russell rhodes.((laura)) and i'm laura moody. happy labor day! those stories in a minute, but first... lets get a check on the holiday forecast from lindsay milbourne... in for dave this
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(lindsay plan on a dry start to labor day. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon with a 50% chance of afternoon and evening storms. these build west. tuesdaydrier air settles in highs near 90. these build west. evening storms. these build west. highs near 90. drier air settles in tuesday new this morning: clearwater police are investigating a stabbing... at a 7-eleven. it happened just after two a-m at the
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missouri avenue. police say it was the result of a fight, that actually started at a mcdonalds restaurant just up the street. police say the person stabbed was rushed to the hospital and the injury is ?not expected to be life- threatening. the other man was taken into custody at the 7-eleven. his name has not been released. developing this morning: improving conditions in pasco county... an area still feeling the affects of hurricane hermine. the anclote river has finally receded out of major flood stage this morning. but it could still be a lot longer... before those homes are really in the clear. fox 13's shayla reaves is
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"labor day" is here!
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unofficial end of summer. well.. for the ?rest of the country anyway. that means folks packing local beaches today. but we have a warning... about a couple of those sandy destinations. in pinellas county -- state officials say water samples from honeymoon island..sand key park..indian rocks beach..and reddington beach at 182-nd avenue west -- all came back showing high levels of "enter-o-coccus bacteria." that usually indicates some sort of fecal pollution -- from something like storm water, sewage or anims. department says the bacteria could make swimmers sick. officials will be out to re-test the water later today. but until further notice, the beaches are ?closed for swimming. florida fish and wildlife officers will be out in full force today, making sure boaters are enjoying labor day responsibly. officers will be out patrolling the water -- looknig for the proper safety equipment, decals and keeping an eye out for anyone who shouldn't be behind the wheel. last year -- there
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state. that's about a hundred more, than the year before. those accidents lead to 55 deaths. they say the leading cause of death is people falling overboard. and 87 percent of those people who died... were ?not wearing a life vest. and another boating-related death is under investigation today in central florida. last night in volusia county, crews recovered the body of a man who jumped off his boat for a swim with a woman in lake george. back to the boat... but the man never resurfaced: fish and wildlife investigators has not released the man's name. a sad update out of polk county: a teenage boy has ?died... trying to save his sister. sheriff grady judd announced sunday that the body of 18-year-old "austin welch-- was recovered from the peace river. officials say welch dove in, along with his
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fishing. the two women survived -- austin did not. his body -- found a few feet from where his family escaped the rushing water. sheriff judd called austin's actions "heroic:" an autopsy is underway to determine austin's official cause of death. investigators say it appears the teen drowned. polk deputies are looking for thieves... that made off with a ?dangerous haul. they stole ?dozens of handguns and rifles. deputies say it happened just before 3 a-m sunday at the "titan arms" gun store in lakeland. thats on south florida avenue. ((russell fox-13's ken suarez is live in lakeland now... with the latest on the
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the parents of a two-year-old boy killed at disney world, celebrated his third birthday over the weekend. you may remember, back in june, an alligator killed lane graves outside a disney resort. hundreds turned out to celebrate and remember lane graves in his hometown of omaha, nebraska. they gathered on a high school football field and released balloons into the air. his parents... melissa and matt graves... say they wanted to celebrate lanes quote... "first birthday in heaven." they also spoke publically, for the first time since the
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lane died back on june 14th near the grand floridian hotel. since the attack, disney has installed rock walls and fences along ?all their hotel beaches. today in pasco county: bayonet point hospital in hudson is hoping to reopen... for the first time since a major evacuation. a lightning strike sparked a small fire on wednesday... and knocked out the power. all 209 patients were evacuated. it took six hours and more than 70 ambulances. the hospital finally got the power back on late last week. but they have to have the ?backup generator working too... before they can bring all the patients back. the generator should be up and
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police are searching for vandals this morning... who caused ?thousands of dollars in damage, at the tampa veterinary hospital. most of the damage... was to just one ?sign. it happened early saturday morning, just before 1 a-m. surveillance video shows a group of people running past the custom sign along kennedy boulevard. all of a sudden, one person barrels into the sign, falls with it, and then gets up to run away. the hospital says that sign is worth more than 2- they hope someone will recognize the person who did it... and call tampa police. . taking the bus around tampa bay is getting a lot easier starting today. both hillsborough and pinellas are testing out new ?mobile ticketing technology. "hart" and the "p-s-t-a" have teamed up to use a system called "flamingo fares tampa bay." they've been
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customers just have to download a free mobile app on their phone... ?pay on the app... and then show the phone to a bus driver. it works similar to the "starbucks" app. you can buy a ?virtual three day ride ticket for just 11 dollars... and that works in ?both counties. the buses will continue to use ?cash as well. the pilot program will run until next march. it could be a ?permanent service in 20-18. tropical storm hermine... still heading north this morning. but the east coast is ?not out of the woods yet. how they're preparing, up next. ((laura plus: this excursion was definitely ?not on the itinerary. a cruise ship has actually been sailing right ?through "hermine." and passengers have the video
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y23ppy yy6y braving a storm in your ?house is one thing. but imagine doing it... on a cruise ship! this is amateur video recorded on royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas"... on sunday afternoon. it was taken
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effects of "hermine." rocking and swaying in all those waves. royal caribbean says the boat was ?safely sailing... to it's destination in bermuda.((more)) and for the people on ?land... the conditions are getting ?slighty better. hermine ?is still strengthening... but it's impact on the east coast, is ?less than originally feared. the area ?most damaged by the storm... could be tourism. dangerous currents from the storm have forced ?dozens of beaches to close... from virginia to massachusetts. right in the in the middle of the labor day holiday. here's fox's kristin fisher with more, from ocean city, maryland.
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this morning in sports: one of the most ?exciting first weekends in the history of college football... ?not over yet. fans saw another
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austin, texas. the unranked texas longhorns got past ninth ranked notre dame... in ?double overtime. texas actually led by 17 at one point, until notre dame stormed back. texas won the game... 50 to 47.((more)) ((russell)) and there's still one more big game on the college schedule ?tonight. my ?fourth ranked florida state seminoles... taking on number 11 "ole miss." here's fox 13's kevin o'donnell with more on the big matchup and the rest of your
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((russell/ still ahead in our next half hour: she lived the life of a saint. and this morning... she finally has the title. we have more on mother teresa's amazing honor. ((laura plus: no life is too ?little to save. and this tiny trooper... knows all too well. the latest on one adorable rescue... in south florida, just minutes away. [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's
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this morning in pasco county: many homes and businesses are ?still dealing with flooding from hurricane hermine. the anclote river is finally out of major flood stage... but the problems are far from over. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in pasco county right now... with the
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also in pasco county: a woman was stopped for stealing a cell phone charger.
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pasco deputies say "angelica nason" was at a c-v- s pharmacy in zephyrhills...and opened a box containing a new phone charger ?without buying it. she then tried using it. investigators say...that amounted to stealing, so they arrested her. and when deputies opened her purse, they found a bag of meth, a pipe, and a loaded gun!. they also found two checkbooks that ?didn't have her name on them. in hernando county: a large house is a complete loss... after a big fire. midnight sunday at a home on wilson boulevard in masaryktown. it was fully engulfed in smoke and flames when firefighters arrived. and because of the lack of fire hydrants...they had to ?shuttle water to the scene. the two people living in the home were able to get out safely. the red cross helped them find a place to stay. it's been almost a ?week since florida's primary election day. but at least one race is still not ?official. democrat "darryl rouson" has had a slim
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senate district 19... over fellow democrat "ed narain." after two recounts late last week... the difference was just 73 votes. election officials said over the weekend that the vote count did not change from those recounts. so rouson's win is expected to be ?certified, this coming thursday. polk deputies are looking for some thieves this morning... that just made off with ?dozens of guns. deputies say it happened just before 3 a-m sunday at the "titan arms" gun store in lakeland. thats on south florida avenue. ((laura fox-13's ken suarez is live in lakela
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new this morning: north korea is firing back... at other world leaders. and we mean that literally. the country launched three ballistic missiles off its east coast earlier today. they landed in the water with nothing damaged. it was a show of force, right in the middle of the g-20 summit in china. the summit officially got underway yesterday. the chinese president welcomed leaders from other countries, including president obama, for the two-day meeting. those in discussing the world's most urgent economic issues. this year...the main goal is to find ways to shore up sluggish global growth. rescue crews in fort lauderdale saved an adorable little life. a puppy was trapped in a home... when a fire broke out. you can see from these pictures just how small the pup was.. compared to the oxygen mask they used to resuscitate the little guy. the puppy was reunited with its owner -- and
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((laura/ a shocking sight on florida's east coast. a spacex rocket... explodes on the launch pad! up next: why the company now has to pay up... for that massive mistake. ((russell plus: better get used to seeing a lot more adorable videos like this. because these guys aren't going anywhere! we've got some big news... for the panda bears' future.
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y23msy yy6y in other headlines this morning: last week's huge rocket explosion is proving to be a very ?expensive mistake for space-x. a company that had a satellite on that rocket... "space communication limited"... is now demanding space-x pay them back 50 ?million dollars, or give them free cargo space on another rocket launch. "facebook" was one of the companies
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insurance space-x had on that rocket... or how much it would cover. 19 years ago today... the world lost a saint. mother teresa passed away at the age of 87. and over the weekend, teresa was officially given that sainthood. pope francis presided over her canonization mass at vatican city yesterday. tens of thousands of pilgrims came out to witness it. mother teresa started charities and worked with poor families around the world. the process to make her a saint only person to achieve sainthood ?faster in the modern era... is pope john the second. surfs up... in hawaii. and this time... there's a reason for it. hawaii is no longer near the eye of hurricane lester. but there are still plenty of high waves to contend with. these brave surfers on maui didn't seem to mind though. they actually look forward to those post-storm waves. it's now 5:??. time
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the month of september is barely underway... but it looks like moviegoers just
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horror thriller "don't breathe" is holding on to first place at the box office, for the second week in a row. it's now made about 60 million dollars.... or six ?times it's ten million dollar budget. "suicide squad" is in second place, with ten million. and some "giant" news for a once-endangered species. after spending more than 20 years on the endangered list... giant pandas have been "downlisted." they are now in the "vulnerable" category... meaning, that while threats to pandas' survival remain hig danger of extinction than before. it's proof that conservation efforts are working. wildlife officials say giant panda habitat is increasing and population is growing. nearly 2-thousand giant pandas are believed to exist in the world, with the majority of
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in case you ?missed our newscasts last friday, we were just a ?little busy, covering hurricane hermine. so we ran out of time to air our weekly "goodies" segment. but you're in luck this morning, because we saved it... to give you some labor
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((laura)) the presidential campaign comes ?back to tampa this week. up next: where you can see hillary clinton... tomorrow. (russell plus: something you can see ?today in tampa bay. that's if you can catch up to it. after the break: why some people are turning their cars... in c we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!"
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tampa is getting another visit this week... from a presidential candidate. hillary clinton's campaign confirmed over the weekend that she's stopping at u-s-f on tuesday. clinton will hold a rally at at u-s-f's student recreation center. that's right next door to the sundome. doors open at 11-45 in the morning, and the event starts about two hours later. a release from clinton's campaign says she'll outline why she believes donald trump ?doesn't have the temperamen ((russell/2shot)) and new reaction to donald trump's ?updated immigration policy today. his team says he is backing ?away from mass deportations. fox's molly
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a quick check now of some events happening today in tampa bay. in st. petersburg: you can hit the road for a very cool art exhibit. a t it's called "car-mada." it's supported in part by local and state grant funding... and helps promote florida's "state of the arts" license plate. the car art will be featured as part of the "shine" mural festival. it runs today through september 10th. it's all taking place along central avenue. and best of all... it's free! and today at the florida state fairgrounds... your last check to get home improvement ideas. florida's largest home show wraps up it's weekend run. there are more than nine ?hundred exhibits on ways to organize, repair or landscape your home. experts will be on hand as
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it. doors open this morning at 11. ((laura)) there's much more to come on good day. ((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. (russell) ahead at 6:00: a string of robberies and gunfire overnight in ybor city. (laura) the wild series of events that ended with the suspected thieves under arrest in a fast food drive thru. (russell - take vo) floodwater is receeding in pasco county... but things are far from normal. we're live with the issues homeowners and businesses still face... days after the storm. (laura - take vo) and a encounter with a great white shark in this morning's hot clicks. when good day
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days after dumping buckets of rain on florida , >>russell: days after dumping buckets of rain on florida, parts of florida are feeling the effects of hermine. >>laura: and a rough ride for the passengers of this cruise ship sailing storm for the second time this year. further north, hermine puts labor day plans in jeopardy, too. >>russell: and police say this man uses his mug shot as his facebook profile picture. find out what happens after his family told him to take it down. >>lindsay: what's going down tomorrow are the rain chances meaning today, more numerous storms building but they're going to push west.


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