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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this is the noon. if you're headed to beach today, there are some advisories you need to know about. in some cases people are being advised to stay out of the water altogether. and good afternoon i'm laura moody. in now for linda hurtado. we're going to have more on that coming up in a minute. first your labor day forecast with lindsay milbourne. >> laura hope you're having good holiday so far. thank you for watching good day with us this morning. kind of cloudy, but low clouds
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dale day shores. the beach so crowded. looks beautiful. with high clouds. but get in your beach plans in a next two hour rain chances or rise on costal areas. quick update show moss most uf us in mid 80s with an exception brandon you're 90. north of tampa bay few extra clouds. mid 80s in brooksville. upper 80s in sarasota. bartow you're at 82 degrees. and do want to point out those clouds and notice where they are coming from, north and northeast yesterday. so instead of rain building towards orlando and east, well that rain builds back towards our coast el area is this afternoon and evening especially between 2 and probably 8 o'clock. here's look skytower radar not much happening yet. patchy right lane diving south near i-75. one small shower north a few more near dade city. nothing major yet. showers do build to storm the second half the afternoon spelling it out by 1 o'clock a
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5:00 p.m. here come storms. i know we have barbecue plans tonight. keep an eye on radar. coastal counties most of our storms interesting. and tomorrow, looks dryer. on backside of hermine. still bringing tropical-like conditions to northeast. although it is post drop full. i'll have latest advisory and look a big wave heights coming up, laura. all right, thank you. few bay areas beaches are off limits for swimmer they include hone moan island sand key park reddington beach all 182nd avenue north north leto beach. siesta beach and venice fishing pier. high levels of bacteria which normally comes from storm water or sewage or animals. the bacteria can make people sick too. officials say areas should consider ad potential health risk to swimmer. tampa police say they arrested suspects between two armed robbery overnight. police say robber approached the victims after the bars closed in
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warning shot. in one case officers say a victim was pistol whipped. >> these were real weapons. they weren't the fake bb guns some people will pick up. and certainly, when ever you're with other people you wouldn't expect to be approached like this. >> officers say they found weapons and ammunition, others stolen items inside the car. search on for men robbed a lakeland gun store. get away vehicle was caught on surveillance video too. from the store early yesterday morning. fox 13's ken suarez explains how they did it. so how many illegal guns are out in streets? investigators say way, way too many. unfortunately now there are even more. about 2:30 sunday morning surveillance camera caught this extended cab 4 f 150. get away vehicle. investigators say three men get out of it here titan arms on south florida avenue.
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the guys, break out the burglar bar. smash through window and then get into the store. >> they grabbed a 40 guns in all 30 handguns and ten semiautomatic rifles. they high tail it out, and probably took off down south florida avenue. polk county sheriff's office now investigating case and obviously very concerned over the situation. you don't know whose hands the guns are going to end up in. but you can certainly assume it will be at wrong ones. now, listen to this, here's a description of the gray in color ford. it has an extended cab. it's probably 2009 to 2014 or so. chrome wheels, chrome bumper as horizontal slat style grill and black bed cover. already plenty of unregistered guns on the streets. usually when this happens, you know they don't sell them to somebody was legit they sell to somebody hells under table on black market.
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crimes. back to you. it is 12:04 around state people oar saying damage caused by hurricane hermine. storm flooded streets and damaged property. it prompted massive evacuation. pasco county suffered some state most significant flooding too. that according to governor. fox 13 shayla reeves spent morning in elf evers some streets remain closed to drivers. >> when the anclote river orr flowed all of that to go somewhere. well you didn't have to look far to find it. right now we're off elfers parkway in the elfers community. i want you to take look right over here. today mobile homes are looking more like islands. each one is surrounded by standing water. officials say it could take a week for communities like this one to dry out. sunday governor rick scott toured parts of pasco county back anded by hurricane hermine. he said the storm caused more flooding issues here than
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so much rain fell over a short period of time, water from the anclote river spilled into neighborhoods. and some areas, rising water caused enough concern to shut off utilities. the county's emergency management director ordered mandatory evacuations for hundreds of homes and voluntary evacuations for thousands more. during his visit governor scott expressed concern about how fast water is able toll drain some some flood prone areas. he did not discuss specifics. but he did call it an wanted to a take on. and figure out. right now state and the county officials are focused on safety and getting people out of danger, getting them out of those flooded areas. and also, making sure that no one gets hurt. teams spent weekends in some of those hardest hit areas. surveying the damage, also, assessing the human need from the people who live in those areas. this is a process that could
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the river is continuing to drop. that water level continuing to drop through overnight hours. and into the daylight hours now as well. we will continue to follow and keep you posted as we learn any new information reporting here in elfers in pasco county. shayla reeves, fox 13 news. president obama wraps up his final g20 summit in china with press conference. commander in chief touching on topics like global trade and conflicts in syria and ukraine. washington. after nearly eight years in office, president obama's tenth and final g20 summit is finished. during his time in china president met with the russian president putin huddling on sidelines of the conference. >> typically the tone of our meetings are candid, blunt, business-like. and this one was no different. earlier this year the u.s.
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cease-fire in syria bloody civil war. talks to ending the fighting between government and rebel groups have yet to produce a political solution. as the situation in country remains dangerous, with at series of deadly bombings, hitting mostly government controlled areas today. we're back into a situation in which assange's regime bombing impunity. that in turn we thing is actually strength enning the capacity of news ra to recruit. trip to louse. he's first sitting president to visit communist nation u.s. forces heavily bombed lousea top think president obama is expected to an address in remark on the sidelines of summit. lot of work can be done around war legacy issues. for the lao that a plaguing big chunks of the country side. president obama also says the
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for americans lost in vietnam war. prisoners of war and those missing in action. in washington, rich et son, fox news. it is 12:09. a chain reaction collapse in it tel aviv israel left two people dead and 18 others injured. collapse happened in a construction zone. it was triggered first by a cave-in an underground parking garage. that led to top mg of a crane that then caused part of building to collapse as well. at least 18 workers were able to climb out on their own and first hour after that collapse. sad story now. you'll always be mommy's loving sweet baby boy. those were words mother lane graves shared with her nebraska community on what would have been his 3 birthday lane you remember died while he was on vacation while he was with his family after he was attacked by alligator a walt disneyworld
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thousands of blue balloons into sky for his birthday. service was held in their sons honor and hundreds of people attended all to support the family. the graves still say they do not plan to sue the disney resort for what happened but they have started a charity in their son's name to help out other families. and tragedy for another family, polk county deputies recovered body of a teenager who was swept away in peace river while tr he was with his mother and 11-year-old sister saturday morning. at some point the girl lost her footing on the dock and fell into the water. odds and his mother jumped in after her. officials say atwater was too deep and current was too fast. >> the mother and daughter were able to hold on to each other. they tried to hold on to austin. but lost their grip. deputies found his body trapped by debris not far from where he went under. a lot of you will be driving home today or tomorrow and end of a long holiday weekend is
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million americans took a trip of 55 miles or more this weekend fourth 83 in row that travel numbers have gone up. most team drive about 90 percent. speaking which gas prices are creeping higher. a little every week. nothing dramatic. average price for gallon of gas in area is currently $2.18 22 cents more than this time a month ago penny more than this time last year. stay with us still ahead rescued and just in the nick of the coast guard saves 26 people
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue
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dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. 40-thousand homes in florida's panhandle are still without power after hurricane hermine. at the height of the storm 250- 40,000 homes are still without power of a hurricane hermine. at the height of storm 250,000 people were in the dark. governor has called on private contractors to come and help remove downed trees and power lines. he expects 90 percent of electricity should back on by end of the day.
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after hitting florida, hermine continued north. this is video that was shot from deck of royal caribbean cruise shimmy anthem of seas as made its way through hermine. ship was more than 1 photo miles from center storm you could still see choppy conditions. some passengers record feeling sick to this stomachs as they sailed through the storm. but nothing more severe than that. in f. this situation seems familiar it because it is bab in februarying anthem of seas failed through powerful storm off carolina coast. waves rocked that ship. the ship suffered minor damage in that storm. cruise was out cut short. >> and so this morning hermine continues to wander along the east coast. in countless labor day plans in jeopardy rain should not be an major issue waves rip currents mean beaches will be off limits for today. we will bring in lindsay to talk about it. this storm has stubborn, hard to
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first we had invest 99 l then hurricane. 19 days is how many days we've tracking this disturbance. and it no longer tropical in nature but bringing tropical impacts to new england. i'll start with that. you have family up there are concerned with what you're dealing with, it's primarily coastal impacts. so what we have is a nontropical area of low pressure packing 70 mile per hour winds. and those strongest winds are north and northwest of the center. just in path of nantucket as well cape cod. and also long island. we've tracking some strg winds. biggest gusts i have to show you right now 51 miles an hour in nantucket. where they are under a tropical storm warning. but the brunt of all of this rain, with the exception of coastal massachusetts, this is going to stay east of jersey shore. as well a delmarva peninsula as more modeled trended a little further east. this will make pass northwest over twoert to 48 hours. wave heights, those are extreme. this is what we are expecting all along. check out wave heights in the magenta shade.
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kind of brushing near the coast. sop waves near cape cod we take you to jersey shore 11 food waves in location. in next couple of days not only will the waves continue to stay up, but will be tracking the threat for some coastal erosion. here's latest post tropicl key no longer tropical in nature. look at the winds, 70 miles an hour. moving northwest at only 6. slow movement until mid week when it weakens and slips to the east, but because of that close pass from long island to cape cod, we error. we do have that tropical storm warning before this finally exits towards canada of fry upcoming week. for us a lot of craving beach day after all of our rough weather. fantastic afternoon on our sirata beach net cam. clouding up next few hours with storms moving in. late this afternoon, and early this evening. look take you to one more net cam. our tampa cam looking west towards the beach. a couple miles filling in from
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locations mid to upper 80s most spots st. petersburg you're 82 because of our cooler water temperature with humidity though, well there we go feeling like one 00 in sebring. 94 in tampa. on track for upper 80s for highs for most of us today. while skytower radar really not too active, we have that north and also northeast wind which will drive or storms back towards the west coast later on today. here's a sneak peek at some of the, light showers. a one north of brooksville another my last stop in polk county patchy light rain. not amounting to much here we go south of pointer approaching polk county city if you head to orlando for seminoles take on ole miss rain on our coast not on east coast. so whether look good there. 89 for today. 50 percent rain chance clouding up this afternoon. stormiest between two and p8 o'. and a mild and sneaks in tomorrow bumping our rain chance
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too. 90 for high on tuesday. water today northeast wind veering northerly boating plans early this evening. watch skytower radar. catching a break. reason chances down to 20 to 30 percent mid week. weekend, laura.ack up again thi- all right lindsay, thank you. some friendly fisherman and u.s. coast guard keep a fishing trip off the coast of mexico from turning into a disaster. 26 people were rescued over the weekend from a sink fishing boat. foot sport fishing boat hit some rocks and was taking on water. by time they arrived the boat had already broken apart. but 21 passengers and 5 crew made it on to life rafts and picked up by commercial fishing boat. only one person suffered minor injuries. president obama speaks out on collin capper milk controversy. what he says about quarterback's decision not to stand for the national anthem. and then behind the scenes at national mall. look historic restoration
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president obama is weighing in the colin kaepernick debate. while acknowledging the welcome back. 12:21 a president obama is weighing oh collin kaepernick debate acknowledging. president says kae generating a conversation that need to be talked about. i'd rather have young people who are engaged in the argument. and trying to think through how they can be part of our democratic process than people who are just sitting on sidelines and not paying attention at all. the nfl quarterback is refusing to stand for the national anthem.
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injustice. yesterday u.s. soccer player megan showed support for kaepernick she took a knee during the national anthem in chicago. she says this is her way of keping that conversation going. she said a gay american she knows what it means to "look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties." national mall in washington is in final stages of a multi year restoration project. it will be months before everything is done. and it's all unveiled to fox's lauren blanchard is getty behind scenes look at this historic renovation. this america's front yard. we want it to be available for everybody. stretching from the steps of the u.s. capital to a banks of the potomac river the national mall also known as america's front yard leaves a lasting impression on tourists. the mall season estimated 30 million visitors each year making it one the most heavily trafficked grounds in the country. so how exactly do they keep it
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>> year after year? >> well, as we learned it hasn't always looked this great. after years of wear and tear, the lawn area has been undergoing a year's long intense restoration projects. in an effort to preserve it long-term. it was much needed repair. both to sustain it for durability, for better irrigation better long time resilience effort started in 2007 and is now nearing complooes completion. the final turf restoration. as far as construction goes, this is huge collaboration. there's engineering chen when it comes to drainage systems. main goal of the project was to ultimately improve the park's abilities to serve the public need for national celebrations demonstrations festivls and a number of other special events. to accomplish our fund raising goals the trust relies on generous contributions corporations such a john deere. foundation and individuals.
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report that the mall's fully restored turf should ready it open to the public in time for their next big event. the inauguration. this january 2017 will be no different. what will be different is the turf looks magnificent. if you want to help preserve america's front yard or find out latest events going on here, head over to national to learn more. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. stay with us, he was malnourished and near death. but now a lovable pooch is getting fresh start. the special equipment well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. man's best friend beats the odds in idaho and it's all thanks to a ?chair. this is elijah. the seven-month-old german all thanks to chair.
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german shepherd when his original owner couldn't take care of him he was mall nourished and slim chance of survival. then he broke his leg. they say his chances got even worse. but that's when a vet tech adopted him. and took him home. and she found out that he had big issues when it came to eating ring was growing over he esophagus from heart that normally should have broken down during development. it didn't. so it didn't. allowed milk to pass through not solid food syringe fed in a full liquid diet every two hours. and that was for the first three months of his life. >> so, they built this special chair for him to eat in. like a high chair. it allows gravity to do work and get elijah a full tummy. they say so far the chair has been a success. >> that will do it for us. right. happy labor day.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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