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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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((russell- tough love. telling your kids to go to bed >>russell: tough love. telling your kids to go to bed early. they may thank you when they become teenagers. plus -- >> the day after labor day and this begins the final push to election day. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. >>jennifer: a grateful little girl. she's thankful for the stranger who came to her rescue but she didn't know that woman was famous. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm jennifer epstein. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. first talk weather. lindsay in for dave. loich good morning. it feels darn good for early september this morning. humidity is down, increasing
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clouds. you name it, get out and about. take that dog on a longer walk. they earned it after the weather last week. lakeland, clouds sweeping the sky. sunrise in 10 minutes and i'll be showing you that coming up. no temperature changes in tampa. tampa north, it's a little cooler and a little more comfortable. it's 77 in sarasota. mid 70s in frost proof. st. pete at 77. dew point 70 or below manageable humidity, not oppressive. lots of sunshine, no rain, skytower showing very, very limited actions this afternoon with a 20% rain chance. that's it further south. but the question is, does it last? i'll let you know on the seven-day coming up. right now, here is vanessa with an update on the commute. how are we doing for a tuesday? >>vanessa: not bad but we do have a serious crash out of manatee county. we have sky fox arriving on scene.
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down happening at betts road and it involves a large truck at some point. it appears to have been carrying some sod and that's what we have the crews removing. you can see no passage here at this point. drivers advised to take state road 64 to the north. if you do plan to head this way, maybe you don't want to go all the way out this way, eastbound traffic detoured onto vernon bethany and westbound traffic detoured at >>jennifer: hillary clinton coming to tampa today. campaign rally students at 1:45. doors open two hours earlier. >>russell: donald trump also going to a battleground state today. doug is following it all from washington. how are you doing? >> good morning. this is kind of the sprint to the finish now. two months to go before election day and most national polls show that this race is within the
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hillary clinton's post labor day push means travelling on a new plane. at one point it was parked almost along side donald trump's ride in ohio and she's showing a new willingness to speak to reporters. >> i'm so happy to have all of you with me. >> after some nine months since holding a press conference, she ventured to the back of the plane and finally took questions, some of which focused on her email controversies. >> i take classification seriously. the fact i certain meetings, whether or not they had occurred doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> after a handful of questions, it all came to an abrupt end as clinton suffered a coughing fit. it followed a similar incident in ohio where she blamed the attack on her opponent. >> every time i think about
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>> donald trump took another swipe at clinton over her stamina. he's behind in most polls but he has agreed to participate in a series of three debates with clinton. he also faced questions about his shifting immigration strategy. >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come back in. you're going to have to get online. this isn't touchback. >> these remaining weeks, no doubt, bouncing from one swing state to another. you mentioned hillary clinton in florida today, donald trump will spend some time in both virginia and north carolina. >>russell: thanks. talk later. >>jennifer: we now have a preliminary damage assessment from hurricane hermine. nearly 300 homes in pasco county are major water damage, close to 200 with minor damage. nine homes will need to be
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starting to recede but now there's a risk of mosquitos breeding with the zika virus. hopefully that will change this week with congress finally back from a seven-week recess. shayla reaves is in pasco county this morning where they might need help in a hurry. >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you. right now we're in elfers. people are waking up, some for another day with water outside their home. we're all of the water that still has not receded in this community. right now we're seeing someon walking towards us in that water. this is left over after so much rain fell oef the weekend. drainage systems couldn't handle it. anclote river spilled into neighborhoods like this one and essentially left neighborhoods like this one drenched. as we move further and further away from that initial rainfall, the initial storms, the concern
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communities just like this one. lawmakers are returning to work today in washington, the vacation is over and we do know congress tried to pass a $1 billion zika bill this year but it failed along party lines. well, funding for zika is an issue in florida during the seven weeks that congress was off this summer, florida identified dozens of cases locally -- of locally acquired zika in four different counties. now, this includes one cas pinellas county. earlier this summer, governor scott authorized more than $26 million in emergency state funds to fight zika and he says most of the funds have been spent and he was planning a trip to washington today to speak face to face with lawmakers but he had to cancel that trip to deal with hurricane hermine recovery. if we bring you back out here, the concern when it comes to standing water, according to the cdc, it really does not take much water.
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or a bottle cap amount of water for mosquitos to breed. that amount of water can just sit over seven days and that can provide conditions ideal for mosquitos to breed. if you're in an area where you're dealing with that standing water, one of the suggestions, of course, is to make sure you remove any of those sources. if you have things like tires or children's toys outside your home or even trash or trash containers that might collect water, if you have the ability to dump that water encouraged to do so. also, insect repellant is a way to protect yourself and you can also wear long sleeves. these are some suggestions that are out there that you can use so that hopefully you can prevent your risk of contracting anything or also prevent those mosquitos from breeding, laying eggs in some of those areas where standing water still exists. we'll be out here throughout the morning working to provide you
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started. reporting here in pasco county, shayla reaves, fox 13 news. >>jennifer: thank you. a meeting to sell something turns deadly. >>russell: now detectives in polk county are00ing for a killer. buyer and seller agreed to meet outside of family dollar sunday night. the buyer instead stole the item and ran. the seller and the friend ran after the person. and the suspect began shooting at them. at marrow, killed him. the marathon gas station owner, deputies woke him up after the shooting. >> they say they spotted a man in our parking lot and wanted to see the outside camera. we showed whatever they needed. >>russell: investigators have not said what item was up for sale. they suggest meeting in a public place if you ever try to sell something online.
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persistent in east tampa. six days of demonstrations over the shooting death of riggins. those protestors were blocking the street last night. johnson did not have to shoot riggins but the sheriff's office said that riggins was reaching for his waist band last tuesday. fred arnold will be laid to rest this morning at the life point church. the service starts at trip to nevada last week. >>jennifer: the debate over vaccines. dr. jo will try to set the record straight. >>russell: and standing tall. florida woman's creative tribute to victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. how she came up with her high heeled designs. >>lindsay: and almost 7:10 on what's a beautiful start to tuesday. very limited rain today and humidity is noticeably lower i think for most of you. great boating this morning but
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hopkins all children's hospital and we are below average tampa north. it's 70 in brooksville. we'll talk about how long this slightly drier weather lasts coming up. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this
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ing shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>>lindsay: i want to give you a tropical update. not only do we have hermine which is bringing waves to new england but in cabo san lucas, they had a hurricane make landfall this morning. that's a strong category one hurricane and this is video before the storm moving in. good thing people took precautions they needed with businesses boarding up. a lot of flights were cancelled. wind field strong near cabo so i wouldn't be surprised if we get damage video later today. rain moving into the southwest the next few days. hermine, the storm that doesn't want to let go has really brought some rough surf to parts of new england starting sunday but especially yesterday and even though people were told to stay out of the water, sadly it's blamed for at least three
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tides and rip currents that we often talk about here with our tropical systems. so i'll start in the northeast because those waves are still brewing in new england. the good news is the storm is weakening and the winds are lopsided so not as windy today but still very choppy. notice less about magenta shade this morning but still in the yellow. those are wave heights upward of 10 feet. long island, a minor storm surge. some of those waves near six, seven feet and hop jersey this morning with waves near eight feet. we'll be monitoring post tropical hermine, not tropical weakening in the coming days. still 65-mile-per-hour sustained winds but the strongest winds are north and east of the center so it's mainly just a drizzly, breezy start to the day. the storm system, while it still is hung up and stuck, it gets -- evolves in wind shear the middle part of the week so winds down 40 miles an hour as this
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new england. here is newton, made landfall this morning as a cat one. here is the southern baja peninsula and this will be whipping north in the coming days but a lot of wind with this system bringing perhaps 10 to 15isms of rain and mudslides to baja and we're not done. it's a big hurricane season. one area has a 20% chance of development in the caribbean. that's headed west and another feature hasn't developed yet but if it has, a 40% chance this will develop as it moves the next few days and quiet locally in the tropics for at least the next week. really a great start to the day. lakeland looks lovely as well. here in tampa, we're at 75. that's a milder start and notice the dew points. they're not in that oppressive mid 70s range. they're near 70 so it's not as oppressive and cooler. crystal river, 66. i don't remember the last time you were in the mid 60s.
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mid 70s in arcadia, sebring and frost proof. 77 in st. pete so that blue hue means we're cooler than this time yesterday and also much brighter. remember those low clouds. it's six degrees milder in leesburg. also much more comfortable this morning as instead of those dew points in the mid to upper 70s down south, which is that tropical feel to the air, a little more manageable in the humidity department, especially tampa north with dew points the solid red, meaning limited rain today. this is on the back side of hermine and it will linger for a few days. let's discuss on future cast. heading into the midday hour, maybe an inland sprinkle. sure, a couple of sprinkles south but that's only 20% and wednesday, it's more of the same. drier air not going anywhere. mild start to the day wednesday afternoon features a slim 20 we ares rain chance under those breezy northeast winds driving
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showers. let's take you to the current forecast today. temperatures will be rebounding into the low 90s. here we go for today, 91. a touch less humid, even though it will be a warm afternoon. more sun. you'll notice that. 74 overnight, nice and mild. that's below average. i would expect a few upper 60s tomorrow morning examine -- and a slim 20% rain chance, warm in the afternoon. we'll take the break from the rain so we can deal with the jaf smat breezy if you're boating, moderate chop. next tide is a low tide at lunchtime on st. pete pier. if you have beach plans later this week, storms will be creeping back in as they build west but today less than a 20% rain chance. we do double that by friday, though. looks like things are heating up for you. >>vanessa: definitely that incident we are following right now out of myakka city and also some congestion.
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this is the fatal crash at the top of the hour, state road 70 at betts road. we had reports it involved livestock and sky fox took a closer look at the scene. we found a deceased cow on the side of the roadway. we're unsure if that's the reported fatality in the fatal crash but keep you posted as we learn more. eastbound/westbound blocked off. state road 64 the work around once again. we have some minor delays here pinellas county. ulmerton at a couple of extra minutes. otherwise, not looking too jammed up in the area. looking quite jammed up here. this is a live look i-4. we showed you some eastern hillsborough county camera shots the past couple of reports and it looks like it's backing up even more. this is the camera west of thonotosassa road. westbound traffic looking slow heading in towards the tampa area. 12 minutes from branch forbes to 75. we do have in the red congestion
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avenue to i-4. 23 minutes that drive. 13 minutes southbound 75 to get from bruce b downs to i-4. >>russell: a phony pregnancy. a woman posts a facebook picture to make people think she's having a baby and then the bomb shell. >>jennifer: and mercy in the mountains. a 6-year-old girl says thank you to the female firefighter who came to her rescue during a hike. but first, walter allen is in for charley. good morning. >>walter: you forgot me already? >>walter: i didn't forget you. remember the tumble monkeys? i found one. >>jennifer: my spirit animal. >>walter: i found your tumble monkey. >>jennifer: you did. >>walter: she learned all her skills here. stay with us. [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ((jen= welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. people living in winston-salem, north carolina are getting nervous.
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nervous. >>russell: there's a clown trying to lure kids in the woods using candy. seen only by children, never an adult. they say he has a white face with a red nose and bushy hair. same type of description that children a few hundred miles away in south carolina gave to police recently. detectives are afraid the person may do it if -- what the person may do if he succeeds in luring a child. >>jennifer: bill cosby heads back to court today. the judge might set a t for sexual assault case but first, the judge will hear a defense. they want to prevent the jury hearing a phone conversation he had with the mother of the alleged victim. he says the sex was consensual. she says it doesn't. dozens of women accuses cosby of slipping them pills to have sex with them.
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and outspoken voice against liberalism in the 1960s and 1970s has died. she fought heard against the e.r.a. she was a strong advocate for family values and died at her home in st. louis. 92 years old. >>russell: a group of vagrants destroying a statue in oregon. now they know the they want to find the people who did it. >>russell: wow. have you seen this? less than two weeks after it opened, world's longest grass -- longest glass bridge has closed. too many visitors. about 80,000 people a day, the bridge is built to only handle 8,000. bridge goes over a canyon that's about 900 feet deep. it will eventually reopen. they don't know when yet.
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no thanks. >>lindsay: it's nice this morning. a couple of things. we don't have the low clouds and second of all, it just feels so much better out and it's beautiful. live look over downtown tampa. does it get better than this? it's the rainy season. we saw so much rain and issues with hermine last week. nice to change up the pace a bit this morning. it's 72. good morning, lakeland. 70 in brooksville. 76 in sarasota and mid 70s from frost proof to sebring. it's not quite as c dew points are a bit higher but tampa north, we continue to drag in the dew points which have dropped probably five degrees shy of 70 meaning it feels more comfortable. with high pressure to the north, it will stay that way for probably another two days, meaning mild mornings and limited showers. that's not to say dry but limited rain the further south you live, we'll throw in a 20% rain chance today. a warm day with lots of sun, 91 today and tomorrow. great mornings on deck. hopefully you're enjoying this
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7:25. we'll check the roadways starting off with a reminder for sarasota county drivers we do have the emergency road work underway closing state road 72 completely east of high ak a park to west of slidell road and this is related to the hole formed in the roadway blamed on hermine and we're hearing it should take seven days to get everything completed here. a fairly extended closure to deal w. make sure you're avoiding the area. 275 looks clear. 28th street south, not a lot cars we're seeing. pinellas bayway to the north in the grown. moderate congestion, not too much to complain about just outside of the interchange heading towards it, eight minutes is the drive from mlk. six minutes northbound 75 from the selmon to i-4. >>russell: think about this. what is the most desirable face? >>jennifer: i'm looking at it. >>russell: coming up, the
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this nose. the features most people ask for when they see a plastic surgeon. >>jennifer: you got it all, baby. searching for the owner of a flag. ken is covering that story. >>reporter: some really cool stuff is happening. all kinds of social media activity about this flag and some very good leads. ted found it over the weekend. we'll tell you what kind of
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is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue
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dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. (russell- welcome back to good day tampa >>russell: welcome. time is 7:30. pinellas county man needs your help. he's looking for the owner of an american flag. he found it on the side of the road. >>jennifer: it might have special meaning to someone.
7:31 am
found it. >>reporter: there's no better way to get the word out on something than social media. this story has gone viral, close to 13,000 hits on his facebook page and a lot of nice comments. i want to read two real quickly and then we'll go to ted. he'll tell us about some of the leads that seem hot to me that are starting to come in. number one, larry king writes in, i learned to fold the flag as a seventh guard. this is the flag we're talking about. joseph wilson writes, may god bless you for treating our national symbol with respect and honor the way it should be. i hope you have the best -- or wish you the best finding its rightful owner. the way you're going to do that are the leads coming in. why don't you read one from mc gill. >> the lady who is the coordinator, she said my name is jennifer and i am the funeral honors coordinator for macdill
7:32 am
post. i would love to help. my team of 60 covered the largo, tampa, st. pete, clearwater area and do an average of three veteran funerals almost daily. i also have the information for the local army's funeral coordinator. let me know if i can be of help. and then she gives her number. >>reporter: it was probably military related. you made a call a short time ago when we were off the air to someone. tell me >> she just said that her son was killed in action in iraq and she thought it might be the flag that his casket was draped in. >>reporter: why don't we do this. we'll give her another call. lots of other possibles out there. you actually got an email from a funeral coordinator, non military saying that they're trying to get the word out as well. >> right. right.
7:33 am
this kind of taking on the magnitude it is? >> it's -- i don't know that it's overwhelming but i don't mind doing it. it's a challenge, obviously. but i'm pretty dedicated to finding the owner so i don't mind doing it. >>russell: you're a humble guy and he's saying he doesn't want any pats on the back but a lot of people on social media are doing that. fox 13, we'll do the same thing even though we're going to embarrass him. we'll throw it back to you for the moment and tell you what we me from now. >>jennifer: sounds like you guys are getting a little closer to finding out who the flag belongs to. >>reporter: hopefully. >>jennifer: thank you. >>russell: it's a touchy issue with some parents. the requirement to vaccinate children against preventible diseases like measles, mumps, polio. nearly 80% of americans think that parents should do that but there are a lot of parents that are not doing it and now pediatricians are starting to push back.
7:34 am
new study on the subject. how are you doing? >> great. vaccines, they've been so controversial, especially recently and what this particular study did was it looked at the patients and the peed trigs -- pediatricians and are you seeing vaccine hesitancy? so that means those are individuals that are just not sure they want to get their children vaccinated. in 2006 about 75% of pediatricians said they had in 2013 that jumped to 87%. of those who refused one or more vaccines, that also jumped from about 9% to almost 17%. and then refusal of all vaccines, that was 3% so most of the time the parents will accept one or two or just -- you know, something. but a 3% are not getting vaccinated although -- at all. they feel it's unnecessary and
7:35 am
people don't understand it. they think the vaccine is riskier than the disease itself. autism, but that declined. they think there's too much pain. they're not tested enough so there's lots of reasons why they're saying that they're not getting the vaccines. >>russell: so you've got pediatricians starting to push back on this. what are they saying? >> there's been a problem but some pediatricians have gotten frustrated and started to dismiss patients. there's kind of been a backlash there's concern because what if there are no other options for that parent? what if there are not enough pediatricians in the area? where are they going to go? you have to think about the pediatricians' perspective. they're sitting in the same waiting room with newborn babies that are too young to be vaccinated, that could be devastated by getting something simple like whooping cough. they're concerned about protecting their patients from those not vaccinated so it's
7:36 am
conversation right now. >>russell: so what do you advise parents? i know you feel pretty passionately about this, but if you have a parent out there who really truly believes it's a problem, what's the best advice to them? >> what they're asking the pediatricians to do is talk to the parents and they're actually giving them tools. there is the american academy of pediatricians has a way to have conversations. it's an educational piece and it's open to any health care provider. i took basically it's that discussion. the other problem with this is that pediatricians are saying they're spending at least 19 minutes, 20 minutes talking to parents about this and it's frustrating because their well baby visit, they're spending it talking about vaccines so i would suggest to parents to go out there. there's a lot of resources. i can't tell you how many links there are here so you can learn about it, you can kind of get a little more educated before you walk into the pediatricians'
7:37 am
you have to remember, we need immunity. we have kids who can't get vaccinated and kids that have immune problems or on chemotherapy. think about kids going through cancer treatment, with h.i.v., with other auto immune diseases or transplants so there are kids that can't get vaccinated. and so we have to think about those as well. >>russell: thank you. good to see you. >> you, too. >>jennifer: speaking of kids, did you have a were little? me and my sisters would do everything to get out of going to sleep. i need some water, i'm thirsty,ive to go to the bathroom. no? >>russell: i don't really remember my parents ever telling me i had to go to bed at a certain time. >>jennifer: really? you were just a good boy. >>russell: no, no, no. there was nothing good about me at all but i don't remember that being a good issue. >>jennifer: i think mine was 8:00, 8:30.
7:38 am
carson came up at 10:30 and i stayed up for that. at least the monologue. >>russell: new research shows that children benefit from having a regular bedtime and a bedtime routine. the earlier, sorry, kids, the better. only 10% of kids who went to bed at 8:00 p.m. or earlier in preskrool became obese by the teenage years. that compares to 16% of preschoolers who went to bed between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. that number climbs to 23% for so if you're wondering how many hours of sleep kids should be getting, here are the latest guidelines. 12 to 16 hours a day for babies four to 12 months old. 11 to 14 hours of sleep for children one to two years old and 10 to 13 for children three to five and then nine to 12 hours for children six to 12. >>russell: now i go to bed at
7:39 am
doesn't work and you have to be blunt. that's how a 32-year-old michigan woman felt when the boyfriend's family joked about them having kids. facebook read, hey, everyone, now that i got your attention with this random ultra sound chefrn that people's reproductive and pro creative plans and decisions are none of your business. none of your business. she went on to never know if a couple is struggling with infertility or grieving a miscarriage. maybe a health issue prevents them from having kids or relationship issues. that post has gone viral with more than 50,000 shares and it's trending on twitter with the hashtag -- this is the hashtag. none of your business. >>jennifer: she's on to smething there. a woman in florida is gaining national recognition for her creative designs. she made a pair of high heels to
7:40 am
we see what they look like. >>reporter: a strong desire for the $6,000 pair of stilettos is how nicole started a small business out of her garage back in june. >> i didn't want to spend that type of money on a shoe so i said, well, it looks like i can try to design those myself. >> she did. it took 30 hours to make and they are attention grabbers. but her business was same month as the pulse nightclub massacre which stirred an even stronger desire in this mother of three. >> my husband and i, we actually went to -- over and saw the crosses that were designed for the victims and it was just really touching and i wanted to do something to honor them. >> this is the result. a glittering and eye catching pair of pumps she created that feature the pictures and one
7:41 am
>> the shoe to me is just something different. >>reporter: she cut each picture from memorial magazines and says the bottom is colored red symbolizing bloodshed and the rest is covered in 4,000 tiny rhinestones that make a rainbow and p for the letter pulse. >> about 40 to 45 hours. >>russell: the vast feedback has been positive but not all. >> trying to sell the shoe with a profit but like i said before, the shoe is not for sale. >> she'll only give them to keepers of the permanent memorial if they wish. >> if i was asked to do that, i would give it to one of the victims' family members. >> the local shoe designer has
7:42 am
one is not for sale. >>russell: 7:42. sports right now, rays will try to end a two-game losing streak tonight against the orioles. best news for the rays was an injury to evan longoria is not serious. he was hit in the hand by a pitch in the first inning and he left the game in the fifth. test came back negative. nothing broken. he is batting 281 this season. high scoring game last orlando for the seminoles. they start the college football season with a 45-34 win over old miss. it wasn't easy. noles were down at one point. 22 point deficit is the biggest comeback win in florida state history. f.s.u. went into the game number four in the country. old miss number 11. >>jennifer: a family is thankful for former ufc bantam weight champion tate.
7:43 am
their 6-year-old daughter broke their arm at the top of the mountain. mom was struggle to go carry her daughter the nearly three miles to get help. tate saved the family hours of lost time. the mom put a picture on instagram with a thank you note and the daughter had this adorable video message. take a look. >> thank you for carrying me. thank you for helping me. >>jennifer: the girl's family didn't even realize who tate all she told them, she was a professional athlete. by the way, this isn't her first act of heroism. she gave her boyfriend's mother cpr during an asthma attack while on a boating trip in mexico two years ago. if anything ever happens, want tate around. >>lindsay: get her number. yeah. get outside this morning. do yourself a favor. it's enjoyable to start out the day, nice and bright, good
7:44 am
hey, we'll take what we can get this time of year. the question is how long will this pleasant feel to the air last? i'll let you know after the break. i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kin it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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>>lindsay: nice treat this morning. good visibility and lower humidity. don't get too excited if you haven't been outside just yet, but i think most ofyou feel the difference. we're waking up as gorgeous. a few more clouds over in lakeland but no low clouds. good visibility nationwide. 60s and 70s north of the bay. inverness 66 degrees. 72 in lakeland. mid 70s from frost proof to sebring. 76 in sarasota. 77 in st. petersburg so the further north you live, more of this drier influence. it's several degrees cooler but as we head through the day today, some lower dew points
7:48 am
moves in from the north. any time this summer where we say it's a team ji start to the day, dew points have been in the mid 70s so here we are slightly lower than that, tampa north. that explains the way it feels outside. we're dry but with a swift east wind, can't rule out a light passing shower today, primarily south of tampa bay. here is the drier air coming in from the north. it will be here for a few days and it's not just at the surface but aloft so on water typically this time of year, on the back side of hermine, well, it's nice and dry. i do want to point out the anclote river is in minor flood stage so no longer major flood stage. still need to drop below 20 feet for it to not be dealing with flooding at all. so gradual improvements for that community. today with abundant sun, upper 80s at the beach with limited
7:49 am
91, a touch humid. i'll keep the rain chance generally less than 20%. mild overnight, 74 meaning likely a few more upper 60s tomorrow morning north and then for wednesday, rain chances still only at 20%. warm in the afternoon but mild to start. a little bit of a breeze the next few days, i think, on the water. northeast winds at 10 to 15 knots today, moderate chop. low tide at 11:53 on the st. pete pier. seven-day forecast shows it takes a couple of days to moisten up. friday, storm chances up next few days look great. >>vanessa: thanks. we're starting to build a few more delays westbound on i-4 because we have a new crash reported here. this is the camera near 301 westbound direction as we mentioned and looks like we have one lane that's taken up the left lane and part of the left emergency shoulder. backups from this point towards 75 so they're not super widespread. we definitely would be worth a
7:50 am
extra time here southbound eisenhower as it heads into the veterans expressway. we have a crash with one southbound lane blocked. >>jennifer: think about this. the perfect facial features. a plastic surgeon in london came out with a list of most popular features that his patients ask for. he even put a composite together showing what that person would look like. here it is. she is pretty. eyebrows like jennifer lopez, eyes and nose like middleton. cher's jaw line, a forehead like miley cyrus, cheeks, of course, like angelina jolie, skin like reese witherspoon and selena gomez's chin. what do you think? >>russell: beautiful. >>jennifer: yeah. we could all dream. >>russell: i wonder what the ideal man is. >>jennifer: i was wondering that, too. >>russell: we should come up
7:51 am
>>jennifer: you know who could be in the running for it. mr. allen, of course. >>russell: those lips, those eyes, that hair. >>walter: in the running for what? >>jennifer: most desirable face. look at that mile. >>walter: we are at -- that's very nice of you guys. thank you very much. we're learning about acrobatics and tumbling, jumping, crazy stuff. if that's not golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
7:53 am
it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
7:54 am
america runs on dunkin'. >>walter: good morning. we're waiting for him to come -- come on down. that's the beauty part of this place. if y that's the name of the game. >> that's normal here. >>walter: that's great. what is this place? >> we're in tampa, florida. we focus on functional body movement, helping people learn to unlock their bodies. >>walter: so why did that even come about? why do you need to jump over boxes and climb up walls and that kind of thing? >> think about like people and what not, like functional body movement means learning running,
7:55 am
that. it's not how much i can lift. it's your body is the only thing you're going to have the rest of your life. so you have to take care of it, grow it. >>walter: i love the saying that you said on the facebook live video. there are certain things you can't lift and you're okay with this. you just need to lift this, your body. >> that's all i need. >>walter: this is not what you see in the movies. >> we offer parcourt. that's learning how to overcome obstacles in the environment and teaching your body to overcome vierms. that's what you see in the movies and stunts and things like that. we don't teach that here. >>walter: we talked about this a little bit. the scene is jumping out of my mind. >> one of the founders, accredited founder of free running was in that movie and that was -- when that movie came out, people looked and said, that's parcourt. that's it. now it's very much more from an
7:56 am
parcourt was developed by a firefighter to be more effective at saving people. a gymnast brought it to the forefront of what we know. >>walter: when team come here, what's your spiel? do wha do you tell them? one of your older students is what -- >> 68. our younger is four and our oldest is 68. my daughter has been doing it since she was two. >>walter: what's your spiel? what do you tell people? >> when they come throu door, like i said, i was never a gym guy but i play and at the end, i'm tired of playing. if you're looking for a fun way to motivate your healthy lifestyle, this is the place for you. we're a whole bunch of nerds and geeks who want to be video game characters and stuff. we do travelling stunt and aerial type performances and help people get ready for american ninja warrior. they unlock their bodies over time. if you're looking for a fun way
7:57 am
>>walter: don't go anywhere. if you see younger kids, we'll talk about them and why it's so good, so good for them to be jumping and climbing and swinging and all of this stuff here. >>russell: see you later. >>jennifer: thanks. >>russell: be careful. see you later. single mom tends to play two roles and one mom took that to heart. at 8:00 we show you what she did that made her son smile and also making people across the world smile, too. >>jennifer: plus some kids won't hve the chance to go to prom to one program, it doesn't have to be that way. i'll introduce you to a girl that got a chance to dance the
7:58 am
8:00 am
could what happens between the sheets land you in the hospital? dr. jo could what happens between the sheets land knew in the hospital? the dr. jo explains the possible price of pleasure. okay. plus the push to reunite this flag with its owner. why it's so important from the man who found station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm jen epstein laura moody has morning off thanks for waking up tuesday september 6th. time to check in with lindsay she's in for dave. great start to day weather wise we started out a little cooler in most spots. skytower catching a break we have dryer air moved in and we need a break from rain if we're enjoying start to our tuesday. >> outside as we look towards


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