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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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the race for the white house comes back to tampa as hillary clinton prepares to the race for the hillary clinton prepares for address the borders. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining me. clinton will hold a rally at usf student recreation center right next door to the sun dome doors just opened which starts around 1:45 and fox 13's aaron mesmer joins us now live. what's the crowd like, aaron? >> well, you can see the crowd over here behind me starting to gather here. we've got 100 or so people a long line waiting to get in outside. like you said, we're about two
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hillary clinton is scheduled to take the stage over there. and with labor day behind us, we really are in the stretch run, really the countdown to election day. it is no mistake and nocco incidence she's beginning that stretch right here in florida. once again, this is key battle ground state. just like in previous years one of the most important states. and this is clinton fourth visit to florida this year. according to a news release from clinton campaign former secretary of state will discuss how she plans to keep the nation safe by working with our and why she believes donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. major reason she's starting this crucial campaign stretch at usf could importance millennial vote during last two presidential elections roughly one in six voters were younger than 30 according to recent census bureau statistics now more li menials than baby boomers in the u.s. this rally comes a questions continue to surround clinton use of private email server as
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foundation's donors. those concerns have caused that lead that we mention a little while in shrink to roughly half. what it was about a months ago. now this rally is probably not going to be clinton's last here in florida. maybe not her last here in tampa. and her husband former president bill clinton will be in orlando tomorrow nor a rally. obvious obviously in favor of hillary clinton. where he plans to discuss her plans for the economy. and is probably also safe to say linda, we will see donald trump in the no so distant future as well here in will be a busy time, thanks, aaron. an after falling behind in polls clinton rival donald trump appears to be gain thing some momentum according to a cnn poll trump now stands at 45 percent with clinton receiving 43 percent among likely voters. we'll take look trump's campaign coming up in our next half hour. we now have a preliminary damage assessment from hurricane hermine. nearly 300 homes in pasco county with a major water damage, close to 20 oh with minor damage.
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thankfully that water is starting to recede now there's a risk of mosquitos breeding with the zika virus. money to fight that virus is almost gone but hopefully that is going to change this week with congress finally back from a seven-week recess. fox 13's shayla reeves is in pasco county where they might neat that help in a hurry. right now we're looking a standing water in streets as parts of pasco county continue to dry out right now we're in elfers one the areas hardist by all the rain and flooding associated with hurricane hermine. though the water is receding, standing water is a big concern especially in some of the neighborhoods along elfers parkway. that water can become a breeding ground for mosquitos. and of course mosquitos can carry the zika virus. today we can tell you lawmaker are headed back to work in washington zika funding is on the agenda. congress tried to pass a bill,
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earlier this year about. but it didn't get enough support to pass. measure failed on party lines this summer florida health officials identified dozens of locationally acquired zika cases and four different counties including pinellas. governor scott authorized millions of dollars in emergency funding to combat the virus. he said most of money has been spent. well today, the governor planned to a trip to washington to speak face to face with lawmaker but cancelled trip to deal with hurricane hermine recovery efforts here in here in communities like pasco county, and elfers, we know that it doesn't take much water for those mosquitos to breed. to lay eggs and multiply. according to the cdc, it only takes about a teaspoon or a bottle cap of water allowed to stand for more than a week. that's enough water for mosquitos to breed and multiply. and it's encouraged if you have any places in your yard, where
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any place where water is allowed to stand, you're encouraged to dump that water out to reduce the number of locations where those mosquitos will be able to breed and multiply. other things you can do to protect yourself include covering your skin with clothing or some type of insect repellent. you can also run your air conditioning. that's another option available to help reduce the number of places for mosquitos to breed and we will continue to follow the progress as communities like elfers clean up and address the aftermath of hurricane hermine. we'll be following this throughout the day, and we'll keep you posted as we learn any further details. reporting here in pasco county, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. shayla, thank you. we're also in pasco county, bayonet point hospital has reopened for first time since a major evacuation during hermine.
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small fire last wednesday and knocked out the power. all 209 patients were evacuated. it took six hours and more than 70 ambulances to pull that off. the hospital finally got the power back on late lat week. >> governor rick scott who you just saw in that earlier from shayla is questioning whether city ask county officials are doing enough to restore electricity in tallahassee. following hurricane hermine. cews have been working to restore power to more than 26,000 people. well this is in contrast to other parts of florida where only a without power. >> tampa police are saying good-bye to one of their own. a funeral service is being held for officer fred arnold life point church. officer arnold died last month during an off duty scuba diving trip in nevada. he suffered a heart attack. he was 48 years old. crews are looking into what sparked a fire that destroyed a tampa home overnight. it broke out on east 12 avenue and firefighters can see the smoke and flames coming from the roof of the single story wood
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took about an hour to put that fire out. good news here, no one was hurt. polk county deputies are on hunt for suspect they say murdered man over social media transaction gone wrong. so this all happened sunday night. around 9:45 in family dollar parking lot on comey road in lakeland. the two traveled to the a store that night to sell an undisclosed item to someone they met over a social media site. when the suspect showed up, he grabbed the item and ran. order car with shotgun and threaten to shoot suspect turned around and shot and killed morrow wis hin own gun. polk sheriff grady judd says frighten reminder of dangers of selling anything to strangers. when somebody is wanting to buy something from you, at 9:45 p.m. on a sunday night, be
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meet with somebody and sell an item based upon a communication on a social media app, do it during the daytime at a well-lit place. and think about it for a second. sheriff judd says if you're planning on selling anything over social media like he mentioned meet during day go sheriff's office. deputies by the way are still tracking down the suspect in that case. >> there's a mystery surrounding an american flag. whyin determined to find its owner. and how you can help. and an fda ruling on antibacterial soap that's raising a lot of questions. we'll going to ask dr. jo about it. and jim's here checking your forecast. hey linda we're look a pretty nice looking weather. after the weekend, and after hermine, all the rain we've had, we need some dry weather. and you look outside right now, what a beautiful looking day. we're seeing mainly sunny skies. a lot of dry air is worked its way down. sue may notice if you step
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just a little more comfortable and we will see this over the next couple of days. eventually we bring rain chances back in. but we'll share you where rain is falling on skytower radar and talk about how long this kind of weather will last coming up in a few minutes. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing
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those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. z2300z z5yz y2300y y5yy donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'."
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"you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. you probably heard this story pop up over the weekend. the f-d-a has told companies you probably heard story pop up over weekend. f.d.a. told companies they can no longer market antibacterial soap because it's not safe for long-term use.
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talk more about this. first of all what exactly are they banning and what's the reason? linda, what they are banning is they are banning about 19 different chemicals. and basically it's going to be in things that liquid foams like this one where you kind of spritz it on. gel hand soaps or regular soaps and body washes. usually label this antibacterial or anti septic. so yeah you got to look on the label there. this is probably the most common there are lots of concerns about these particular chemicals. i got to tell you since 2013 when lot of this came out, manufacturers started to remove them from certain products so they are in less products then they were previously. but now f.d.a. is asking them to come out of these things, hands sanitizers. is that all antibacterial soaps and products or is some things this doesn't apply to >> no, it not. reason why they are doing this, why they are banning them is because there has been some
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disrupter it acts like estrogen and blocks hi thyroid. they are saying the reason they are blocking them in these particular products is they've never proven they are better than just plain soap and water. so why take the risk if you're not showing a benefit. other products do contain them. i was shocked at how many do contain them. kitchen products contain them. furniture, toys, foot baths, socks. even toothpaste. it's toothpaste because that particular manufacturer did prove it was beneficial in a prooefrnt been gingivitis. lot of other onesist going to come out. oh, wow. so, you know, you can't always find soap and water sometimes it's easier to take antibacterial stuff in your purse. what does mean for you and me. reading labels. the thing with, for example, is that they found it in breast milk and urine and blood. because it was ubiquitous. if you're using things once once
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would be really, really harmful. there are other things like some wipes, they contain some banned products and. but another one of them. some of other hand sanitizer that is you get. a lot of times they are alcohol based. they really don't have these added chemicals. just familiarize yourself with them. read the labels. and again, we're waiting for more information on the risk. because really, weaver got animal studies so far. and when i looked back at the literature on that toothpaste they studied over 20,000 people so jury is going to be out. but for now, it's also going to be out of products like this. all right. so afind soap and water, better just stick with that. >> yeah. thanks dr. jo. >> a man found an american flag on the side of u.s. 19 in clearwater. but as fox 13's ken suarez reports it was way it was folded that made him pull over. hey guys let me introduce you to ted right back here. little did he know when he was
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on saturday on u.s. 19, that he would see this on the side of the road. well he pulled over. he picked it up. but now we had a problem. who does this belong to? this nothing something you put aside. you know this is a very meaningful item for someone. possibly someone who lost a loved one in the military. let's just update you on this search for the person who owns this flag. so what have you been doing lately to try to reconnect? >> yeah. well it's been posted on 13,000 shares so far. and people have been messaging me. saying hey, you should contact this person or that person. and i think i might know it might be mine and what not. so, why is it so important for you to make sure that this gets back to the person who lost it. i think i understand the emotional connection between such an item like this and the and owner. because when i was 11 years old my father who was in the
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the funeral and a flag from his casket being folded neatly like that in triangle shape being presented to my mother. and you know, when i saw this, that's very first thing i thought of. so it's got to mean great deal. leads are starting to come you've knocked a couple people out box because too general or didn't seem like the right fight but you got a call from somebody o an email from somebody over macdill. explain what s what way. >> she's funeral coordinator over there. she's says their specific dimension to flag that they use for funerals to drape a coffin. and she didn't know what it was specifically at that time. but she's going to check and find out. we know from measuring the distance between two of these stars that this flag is about four feet by 7 and a half feet. so i'm hoping that's what she tells us. if not, then, it may may not be
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a flag that was flying on a staff somewhere. whether it's a funeral flal or not, it's just a flag. got to be very meaningful to someone. he's going to keep going probably best way way for you to get ahold of him i know who that belongs to or belongs to me 0 whatever. any kind of comment or pat on back lot of people are doing that is to go to his facebook page. it's f r o b e r g. in the meantime back to you. reason for hoping that flag finds its family pie know what a folded flag when presented to me during my father's funeral arlington national cemetery. i'm sure your picture of that moment on my facebook page along with link to the story you just watched so you can share it and together we can make sure the flag finds its family. because as ken said we don't know what extra meaning this it may have to them. jim, we have over million fathers on facebook. hopefully we can make that connection. make it happen.
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wow. it looked beautiful. almost wanted another day off. really. it happens that way. doesn't it? you know as soon as we're all back to work. we've got just spectacular looking weather. just a touch lower humidity. you see we're seeing mostly sunny, to partly cloudy skies for today. still warm one for today. rain chances stay extremely low. and of course getting bah to our count down now that hermine has passed we can talk about this, because we've got four days left of that average high of but by saturday, we drop it from 90 to 89. it's florida. so we take in little minor steps. at least we're heading in right direction. we start to see that average high heading down towards that cooler weather. chp probably still about a month, month and a half away until we really start to see some big changes across the area. now skytower radar is showing a couple of showers down to our south. down in highlands county. near the lake.
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dry air continues to work its way over central florida. so most of the rain going to stay well to our south, really for the next couple of days. outside right now, we're at 86 degrees. the dew point is at 71. making the humidity at 61 percent. and currently the winds are out of the northeast at eight miles an hour. so plenty of sun means warm temperatures. places like sarasota, 88 degrees. bradenton you ever got an 87. clearwater beach, 85 degrees. you head up to new port richey and brooksville both at 8 in tampa we're currently sitting at 86. just a touch cooler over in lakeland. with some scattered clouds at 82 degrees. so you can see, still some moisture but notice once you get north of this line, how how much of a difference you see across the state. we continue to see mainly sunny skies. high pressure building in across much the southeast. so as you look at the water vapor imagery, you can really see that dry air in place across much of the southeast.
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chances extremely low over the next couple of days. we'll average out with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. if you go outside you may just notice it's not quite as oppressive with humidity. especially since we kind of carried away a lot of deep tropical air we've replaced it with that dryer air. not necessarily that it's low humidity outside, it just feels a touch better outside. now we're still watching hermine. here's the latest position on this. 39.5 north. 71.9 it's a post tropical system. that means it's lost mainly all of it tropical characteristic. but the winds are still at 60 miles an hour. still causing some large waves across the atlantic seaboard. that will eventually work its way away. but going to still take some time. couple more days before front finally picks that system up and moves it away from the east coast. mainly sunny skies for today. daytime high of 91 degrees. then for tonight, mostly clear skies.
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another nice looking day for tomorrow. plenty of sun, warm afternoon. daytime high of 91 degrees. on the water, winds are out northeast 5 to 10 knots. seas two feet moderate chop on bay gulf water cooled down to 83 degrees. high tide comes up at 6:11 this evening. seven-day forecast, there you see as we head towards the second half the week heading into the weekend. you see those rain chances they at least for next couple of days we've got really delightful weather. thank you, jim. was national mall has undergone some major renovations that are
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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((linda)) the national mall has been undergoing an historic multi-year restoration project ... that is theed national mall undergoing hi store multi 83 project that's no final stages.
12:24 pm
touches on iconic grounds a behind scenes look what exactly went into transformation. more on this massive collaboration just months away from being unveiled to the public. this is america's front yard we want it to be available to everybody stretching from steps of u.s. capitol to banks of could positive mac river the national mall also known an america's front yard leaves a lasting impression on tourists. the mall sees an estimated 30 million visitors each year. making it trafficked grounds in the country. so, how exactly do they keep it looking so great all year long? >> year after year? >> well, as we learned it hasn't always looked this great. after years of wear and tear, the lawn area has been undergoing a year's long intense restoration projects. in an effort to preserve it long-term. >> over the course of the last 45 years, since the last panels have been change it had was much needed repair.
12:25 pm
durability for better irrigation, better long-term resilience preserving it has no easy task. the efforts started in 200 seven and is now nearing completion. the final phase involved the mall's turf restoration. one the leading forces behind it is michael, head of turf management. >> he and his team meticulously seed, monitor and manicure the grounds as each stage i as far as construction goes a huge collaboration engineering when it comes to drainage systems. also helping to make it all come together is john deere manufacturing. from the beginning their equipment has played a key role in giving iconic landscape a needed face lift. >> donation of equipment has allowed us to update our fleet. and this was important for lot of reasons. important for crew morale. who are operating the equipment that was 30 and 35 years old.
12:26 pm
ultimately improve the park's ability to serve the public need for national celebrations demonstrations, festivals and a number of other special events. an undertaking to this degree requires big bucks. >> those with at trust for the pnational mall credit investmens from united states congress among others for helping to make it all happen. >> to accomplish our fund raising goals the trust relies on generous contributions such corporations such a john deere, foundation and individuals to help us enhance and restore the national >> and after years of collaborating all teams involved are happy to report that the mall's fully restored turf should be ready and open to the public in time for their next big event. the inauguration. the national mall has been host to all of the inaugurations. and this january 2017 will no different. what will be different, is that the turf looks magnificent. if you want to help preserve america's front yard or find out the latest events going on here,
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to learn more. in washington lauren blanchard, fox news. a mother's found unique way to pay tribute to victims of the pulse tragedy. it involves high heels. and the next time you take your
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cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara?. hillary clinton is gett supporters in tampa. hillary clinton getting ready to address supporter? tampa. democratic presidential nominee will hold a rally usf recreation center. that event starts around 1:45 and we will be live streaming the rally on our fox 13 facebook page. with labor day behind us the campaign for president kicks into high gear. election is two months from today. joel waldman reports from washington. while millions celebrated labor
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wasn't the case for presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump. the two virtually cross's paths monday in ohio a key battle ground state that's taking on new importance. as new poll conducted over the holiday weekend shows donald trump retaking the lead nationally although within the margin of error. that much criticized speech he gave over immigration in arizona last wednesday, perhaps was not received as badly by the voters, as it was by the critics pundits. we're not going to have country. meanwhile clinton cleveland rally monday got off to rocky start. the candidate health and stamina questioned by opponent suffered nearly 2 minute long coughing fit she did her best to take it in stride. every time i think of trump i get allergic. later speaking to reporter she was asked about the incident. >> are you concerned about conspiracy theories about your health and whether that will
12:31 pm
you concerned separately about titan polls i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theorys. there are so many of them i've lost track of them. and so i pay no attention to them. both donald trump and hillary clinton are holding rallies in battle ground states. donald trump in north carolina and virginia. hillary clinton in florida. according to average of polls taken in the three states, clinton is leading in all three. in washington, joel waldman, fox news comedian pennsylvania court later today. it all stems from 2004 civil lawsuit filed by andrea con stan. her lawyers may ask judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence in the sexual misconduct case against the complete und. they want 2005 deposition and a recording of a phone call between cosby and her mother thrown out. she's charged with three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault in connection with the case. he is pleaded not guilty.
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trying to lure children into the woods in south carolina maybe moving north. police in winston, salem, north carolina say someone in a clown costume tried to lure a child into the woods sunday night. police say two children saw him and one adult heard him. fortunately the clown was not successful. police are still looking for him. well disney will start scanning fingers of three to 9-year-olds in order to plenty fraud. older children and adults have already been having their fingers scanned for younger children tickets were more easily transferable because they no finger images attached to them that would change to stop the use of stolen and shared tickets. >> parents who feel uncomfortable with having children get their fingers scanned can use their own instead. well a florida mother is 18 gaining quite recognition for her creative abilities. the rock ledge resident found special way to pay tribute. with pair of high heels, she designed herself.
12:33 pm
a strong desire for $6,000 pair of stilettos is how nicole started a small business out of her garage back in june. >> i didn't want to spend that type of money on a shoe i said well it looks i can try to design those myself. >> and she did. it took 30 hours to make, and they are attention grabbers. but her business was born on the same month as the pulse night club massacre. which stirred an desire in this mother of 3. my husband and i we actually went to saw the crosses that were designed for the victims. and it was just really touching. and i wanted to do something to honor them. and this is the result. a glittering and eye catching pair of pumps she created that feature the pictures and one name of each of the 49 victims. the shoe, to me is just something different.
12:34 pm
memorial magazines. she says the bottom is colored red symbolize bloodshed by the victims. the rest is covered in 4,000 tiny ryan stones that make a rainbow and letter p for pulse. >> about four to 45 hours. vast majority of feedback she's received on social media about the tribute shoes has been positive. >> but not all. >> some people think that i'm trying to sell the shoe with a profit. but like i said before the shoe is not in fact she'll only gve them to the keepers of the permanent memorial if they wish. if i wasn't asked to do that, i would give it to one the victims family members. local shoe designer says she's been contacted by several local businesses requesting they remake this exact shoe but she says she will not make this one for sale. in rock ledge, daryl nail, fox news. hundreds of migrants are
12:35 pm
including three babies. italian coast guard rescue crew worked for three hours to res skul the people. migrants can seen panicking jumping into water to get into the rescue boat, cause something workers to jump into water as well. first for president obama. he touched down in laos becoming if u.s. sitting president to step foot in that country he was greeted by country's president. he is there for annual meeting association of southeast asian nations. flights returning to normal london airport. active's with black lives matter change themselves together on a tarmac for several hours. they posted video on their twitter page. they were protesting a planned expansion at the airport which they said would negatively impact the surrounding community in one london's most deprived area online active's were eventually arrested. a computer glitch caused delays for british airways passengers traveler in san francisco and
12:36 pm
many frustrated fliers took to twitter to post photos long lines and crowded airports. one passengers says she waited six hours to board a flight back to heath row airport in london. well apple gets ready to take the wraps off latest gadgets and gizmos and potential deal could create a 1 stop shop for farmers. foxx lauren simonetti has these stories and more in your midday market report. willing to offer more than $65 billion to acquire world largest seed company. buyer is adrug and pesticide company. it is looking to take bigger piece of rapidly consolidated farm supply industry. >> texas base spectra energy are merging to create a largest aring in infrastructure company in north america. the deal is worth $28 billion. it comes a time when companies
12:37 pm
with lower oil prices. this as oil producers saudi arabia and russia agree to on oil pact without a production freeze. iran also says it supports measures aimed stable oil market prices between 50 and $60 a barrel i peck holds a formal meeting this month apple gets ready to unavailable latest gadgets on wednesday. new iphone dubbed the 7 is expected to be unveiled. big is change may be no head phone jack. that means likely buy apple expected to announce apple watch 2 and a new mac book pro. and lego says its sales rose in first half the year but not because american kids love playing with the toy building blocks. legos are seeing strong demand in europe and asia. for more log on to a fox in new york i'm lauren sip nelson mandela a new line of skin care products is catching
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(linda) a denver-based business is creating quite the buzz, with its new a denver base business is creating quite the buzz with new line cannabis skin ware products and holly mckraid has more on products seen to be used by the movie stars. >> to fill a room full of boxes, it helps to have a people who think outside of them. >> everything i do is in my dream. dream began several months ago. i knew it was going to big elvis edwards and two business partners vanessa and chris set out to locally produce a full line of skin care products. we have, anti aging for women.
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we have help live long and we have lipsticks. unlike cousin thc it won't get you high. but they say the benefits are endless. we're 80 percent organic 100 percent natural. we're all vegan. members are excited because what once was a taboo subject is now becoming mainstream. >> the buzz of the nation right now. and hollywood elite are taking notice. >> be wearing this. asked to be one 26 products featured in a vip emmy award gift bags given to all the nominee as this month ceremony, the company that started out of this denver lot of is now busting at the seams. i didn't think that this company would excel so fast. it's their products, there's most excited about. we plant ingredients, purist in their most rawest form completely organic.
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the benefits of cbd. another green colorado company making good use of one the state's fastest growing industries. >> here's a live look outside right now. i don't know about y'all, but
12:44 pm
if you've ever wanted to train like a ninja... a local school is offering a unique opp if you've every had like ninja a look el school is offer a unique opportunity. >> good afternoon walter allen in for charley belcher. we're in temple terrace. and here's he is himself. the ninja. what is this? what this is school? its a school. but ninja playground. it's a playground for people who want to develop their bodes through functional body movement and have fun most importantly.
12:45 pm
so everybody knows american ninja warrior you teach that but also teach some other things too. you core and aerials like you see in cirque du soleil and on stall coursing american ninja type stuff. aerials. so, why aerials, what is this teach these people to do? >> well, you notice, they are not really on ground that much. they are having to support their body constantly i make joke crossfit guyi myself. that's what they are doing. a variety of different tools. sill action and then trapeze. she was holding on to herself wher neck and head. it's crazy. normal for students. they don't know any better. it's goal oriented fitness. and then people don't know park core n it was developed by firefighter who wanted to be more sefktive at saving people.
12:46 pm
movement running jumping climbing lifting things like that he developed what we know park core. he taught his son david bell gymnast who incorporated all flips you see in the movies. >> well so, we don't really cover much free running we cover more park core learning how to overcome obstacles in your environment and developing your body to overcome obstacles. when you do that haven't become easy. when people go watch video and try to skip that's where not quite a safe as it could be. okay. and then obviously american ninja warrior you do all that. a great place to have fun, run around climb stuff. birthday parties >> yeah. do things for all ages. and then our young students 4-year-old. from the show we have let's see wildfire warm ball unstable bridge. steps floating steps. floating stairs. devil steps. double stand lawyer peg wall
12:47 pm
built one more piece of equipment every single week. >> so, what is big difference between when you're students first arrive no matter what anal, and when they leave? >> well first thing they say i didn't realize how >> right. or the steps i didn't realize they are that far apart. after a while, those gaps and height seems a lot smaller to them they develop that confidence. >> all about confidence, right? i will say this, these kids have been running around all morning long. and you parents at a perfect situation if you want to get them ready for nap time and burn some energy out of them. this school is perfect place to come. so where are you located? >> we're in temple terrace. right next to the pizza and coffee. go to wore yeb site. we also have facebook. appreciate it. thank you so much. >> that will do it here from walter allen, fox 13 news. that looks like so much fun,
12:48 pm
me that would mean chiropractor. >> exactly. i don't know about you. i cannot get enough of the sun. >> 83 it nice to see sun back across the area. ton on top of that you may notice if you step outside just, slightly lower humidity. i don't want to say low humidity compared to what we have had, where it has been so oppressive. at least it feels a little more comfortable outside. you're looking right now a beautiful view from our john hopkins all children's hospital camera. you can see few scattered clouds but, most areas are actually going to see mainly sunny skies as we go through the afternoon. you can see visible satellite loop. we do have some thicker clouds as you head a bit further to our south. throughout interior still have some of that left over moisture down in highlands county. hardee and de soto. you're see some scattered showers. but as that dry air continues to filter down across the central part of the state. we'll see most areas are going to stay dry for this afternoon.
12:49 pm
north. the further north you go. better conditions look as we go through the next couple of days. outside right now. we're at 86 degrees. pinellas park you're at 87 downtown st. petersburg. 83. palm harbor has an 86. you head over to brandon though, still looking at 90 degrees. at the noon hour. brooksville 84. weeki wachee 87. dade city currently at 86 degrees. 88 down in sarasota. and bradenton lakewood ranch 89. you head over to lakeland, 82. and b degrees. the view across the state. you can see more moisture as you head down southern part of the state. high pressure is really built in across much of the southeast. as you look at the water vapor imagery, looks pretty nice. you see this red shade. that is all dry air in the atmosphere. dry air means very slim rain chances. in fact that will stick around over the next several days. where we're going to keep that rain chance pretty much a
12:50 pm
second half work week heading towards say about thursday and friday. now we still watching post tropical storm hermine. and this is basically lost its tropical characteristics. but still producing some pretty strong winds and still some rain along the coastline. you can see winds are currently sitting at 60 miles an hour. it will kind of drift over the next couple of days. but eventually, as the cold front swings down across the northeast, it will kind of boot this system out into the atlantic and we'll finally say good-bye to thi as it works its way away from the coastline. otherwise, still got some areas to watch. we've got hermine. we've got invest 92. which really is just kind of a very disorganize area of showers and thunderstorms working its way across caribbean. very slim chance of anything happening with that. then we do have one tropical wave which just made its way off to the coast to africa. short-term doesn't like like anything will happen with it. but some of the computer model suggest maybe a few days from
12:51 pm
of course, its ways way out into atlantic nothing of any big concern at this point mainly sunny skies daytime high of 91. then for tonight we will see mostly clear skies. overnight low not bad at 74. then for tomorrow, plenty of sun, warm afternoon. daytime high of 91 degrees. on the water winds are out northeast 5 to 10 knots. seas two feet. moderate chop on bay high tide 6:11 this evening. seven-day forecast, looks really nice over next couple of days. daytime highs in low 90s. but they work their way back in as we head towards the weekend. linda. thank you, jim. >> well fsu not only won last night. but one team member scored big
12:52 pm
in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car o save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
stevie nicks is coming to tampa the legendary member of fleetwood mac is stevie 96 is coming to tampa a legendary member of fleetwood mac is drinking her tour to amalie arena bring pretenders with her tickets go on sale monday september 12th a good news for bucs fans value of tickets to see the bucs is among the top ten best in the nfl. now that's according to a recents report. using a cost per win index a based on likelihood that ticket buyers will get to see their team win at home. they found fans would spend about $294.12 to see a win at ray jay. the nfl average is $397.69.
12:55 pm
football, right? last night ole miss was hoping for upset over fsu seminoles had other plans. did you watch? it was a tail of two hats for the noles. it look liked was a ole miss's game. almost scored. he fumbled right before endzone. they settle food field goal at one point in second quarter ole miss le florida state about 22 poindz. secretary half all fsu and rebels could not fs. out scored 39-six in final 30 minutes. fsu wins 39-34. >> and we're pretty sure that you've already seen this picture. fsu wide receiver travis rudolph having lunch with student last week in middle school in tallahassee. boy's name is bo. and rudolph sat with him because he was all alone bo has autism. story quickly went viral and he was lot more popular after that
12:56 pm
reunion with bo and gave him a personalize fsu jersey if that wasn't cool enough, bo and his family got tickets to last night's game. check it out even even got to go on field. i think that smile says it all. awesome story. >> this one is too. a chemistry professor ohio stayed told students if he could throw a ball across lecture hall into a trash can he would give every student one 00 percent on a quiz. so watch what happened. oh. [ cheering ] >> which on he made it look easy sunk shot on first try. you heard it. a fro professor was a demonstrate electron energy levels according professor it makes up 3 percent of students final grade. oh, yeah now that is the most popular kid in class. 100 thank you very much. love it.
12:57 pm
right on. >> oh. you know not bad. we're looking some nice weather. we need it. after kind of weather we've had hurricane hangovers. what she said. hurricane hang over all weekend. cleaning up from that. but you looked like looks over next couple days we keep rain chances extremely low as we head towards the weekend. we bring them back in still we're talking 30, 40 percent chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. love it news doesn't end sheer we'll keep post latest all day on hope to see you right back with us tonight at 5. have a great after noon. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
12:58 pm
with just one bite, they knew.
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lights, camera, access. a promising lineup for the new tv season. i'm scott evans. so many shows and so little time. we'll tell you which are the ones to watch this fall. plus, the aliens have landed. >> do you come in peace? >> get rdy out-of-this-world season on the voice as mylie cyrus and alicia keys join the coaches. >> i got an 83/20 diving for the record. >> they call it a miracle on the hudson, but behind the scenes hero pilot faced scrutiny after saving so many lives. >> we love a fashion icon. >> and add style star to oscar winner to the growing resume.


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