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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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burglars are targeting. >>woman: i didn't think it could happen that fast. i really didn't. i didn't think they could hit two cars that fast. >> those weren't the only cars they hit either. why victims say the gym is partly to blame. >>man: and then he grabbed me around the neck and started choking me, punching me in the side and head. >> a vicious attack on that army veteran. he was robbed in broad daylight and his attackers still on the loose. a tragic when a helicopter falls out of the sky. what witnesses saw moments before it came down. and we're starting tonight with that crime alert out of pinellas park where police were investigating four car break ins all within the past month at planet fitness off us 19. in each case, the victims had their car doors locked. we on hear of cases where the
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we saw shattered glass in that video, how are thieves pulling this off? >>reporter: they seem to be using the smash and grab technique. this gym is a prime location since people are going to be in there for about an hour since they're working out. one victim we spoke to says the gym is actually playing a part in helping these suspects get away. the treadmills weren't the only things at planet fitness took nicole's breath away sunday night. she and her husband came out of the gym off us 19 in pinellas park to find her car broken into after parking just 20 minutes prior. >>woman: i didn't think it could happen that fast, i really didn't. i didn't think they could hit two cars that fast. >>reporter: a ford and another vehicle left with shattered windows. her purse and iphone missing. she took to facebook to share
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>>woman: they contacted them saying the lights don't work. >>reporter: pinellas park police report show there have been four vehicle burglaries in the same parking lot in the last month. each break in was after 9:00 p.m., police say the surveillance camera at planet fitness was no help in catching the crooks. the parking lot was too dark to see anything. >>man: these lights were here for 25 years. >>reporter: i reached out to frank, owner square where the gym is located. he said after hearing of the problem, he is working on getting brighter lights. >>man: we purchased a depressed shopping center, having something like this happens hurts. >>reporter: he doesn't want the crime to scare people away but for allen, it may be too late. >>woman: i'm not going to come back here, i went ahead and cancelled our membership. it's sad.
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me he expects the lighting issue to be fixed within the next month. >> let's hope they get those new, brighter lights up there soon. thanks, crystal. new at 11:00, an uber driver arrested after getsing caught prowling around his passengers home. an hour after he dropped off two women sunday morning, police say a neighbor saw him outside their home tam window. according to police, he said he was checking on the women because they asked him to because they were highly intoxicated. he changed his story several times. now he's charged with loitering, and prowling. uber says they have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. they have personally removed his access to the platform. police are looking for
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they took his walker and used it as a weapon against him. >>reporter: jeffery is recovering from a leg injury. he just switched from a wheelchair to a walker when all of this happened. unfortunately, the suspect may have seen him as an easy target. it happened around 1:00 p.m. last friday near the walmart on 34th street in st. pete. he said a man in his early 20s or 30s asked him what time it was. he gave him the time and when the man choke holded him, punched him in the side of the neck and head. that's not the worst part. he took his walker and beat him with it. he took off with $600 and yes, he even stole the walker. >>man: he took my walker. there was a bag tied to it. he probably didn't want to take the time to untie it.
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and again. eventually, he will get caught. >>reporter: witnesses say the suspect ran to a blue dodge durango that had a license plate beginning possibly with "gka" he's now walking with a cane, not just for mobility, he said it's something he can at least use to defend himself if this ever happens again. if you know anything about who did this, give st. pete police a call. and of bavard county, three people died when a helicopter crashed into a remote park. it left behind smoldering wreckage and three grieving families. investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly went wrong there. >>reporter: well, right now palm bay police are guarding the scene of a deadly chopper crash that you see over there. they're waiting for the ntsb to
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now, police say three crew members on board were killed at around 1:30 p.m. moments before the crash, a viewer took this video of the chopper flying erratically. it crashed ten miles away from the airport. the victims work for a company called aar air group which makes aircraft parts. a spokes person said they're concern at this time is for those on board and their families. we talked to a witness who to helping the victims. >>man: i looked back to see they were behind me but i saw nothing but black smoke. we raced to it. as soon as i touched the water, you felt the heat. >>man: it seemed to be coming down, and came down a little faster. and she said it did not appear to be in distress. >>reporter: the names of the victims have not yet been released. >> valerie, thanks, the
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level flight test maneuvers when it crashed. it's not clear yet if there were mechanical issues. also developing tonight, students in one of the nation's largest foreprofit colleges is closing. the government had been cracking down on it and itt said it finally had enough. the former itt campus out in tampa and what did the students sa >>reporter: well, one of the students we spoke to said he had no idea that the school was closing until he got here, found the news crews, and we told him that his school had shut down, even before the semester started. now he's going to have to figure out where to go to school next. he is one of 45 thousand students across 130 locations in 38 states that are making new plans for the semester.
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that four students have inquired about programs there. it's possible that credits won't transfer over. itt was recently told that they would no longer be providing lons to enroll students and they were accused of widespread fraud and poor academic standards. itt students should look carefully at alternatives to find the best fit. >>man: become educated. first thing you wan to do is when you're purin degree, do a lot of research on the institution that you're going to be pursuing the degree in. look at the credentials of the - faculty members, a lot of that plays a part into the quality of education that you will earn. >>reporter: the government will likely forgive most federal loans that students have taken out but the students could be on their own for the private ones. hcc has pledged to work with
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and reimburse them for courses that are already paid for and students are not the only ones out of luck in this case. we've learned that there are 8 thousand employees across the country who are now out of work. >> yeah, troubling for everybody. thanks so much, evan. at least they're getting their money back. i was wondering about that. looks like they're going to get reimbursed. >> tough for students trying to need credits at other colleges where the cre alert for late night fliers in and out of tampa international. >> to build up the airport, they have to close down so crucial roads. we'll explain it all for you coming up at 11 24 but first. i'm josh in citrus county tonight where residents affected by hurricane hermine are learning options available to them. we have storm damage numbers. all that coming up after the break. a very quiet weather day today.
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weather clouds, afternoon storms
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new numbers into the newsr we have new numbers into the newsroom tonight from hurricane hermine. we now know that nearly 2 thousand structures suffered some kind of damage in citrus county. that includes 70 homes that have major damage. >> it's been 7-days now. and josh tells us victims in citrus county are still trying to >reporter: the county held an information session here at the government center tonight for those affected by hurricane hermine. one of the biggest questions they're getting is where is fema? the county is working on it and it's a process. in citrus county, 1881 structures suffered some type of damage from hurricane hermine. 70 residential homes, 111 mobile
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we're told initial damage assessment is in the neighborhood of $53 million. so that gives you an idea of what we're looking at. here's a few folks who attended that meeting and the storm's impact on them and county officials on fema's role. >>man: when the electric came back on, that didn't work. i had a little refrigerator, that went out. dryer, that went out. >>man: we expected title through tide wise. it sure did. >>man: there's a process in place. we started that process but it may take time. >>reporter: among the damaged businesses is charlie's fish house. you heard chris there, his family owns that. it's been closed since the storm. they hope to have it up and running again by friday. bottom line still a lot of clean up and recovery to be done here in citrus county.
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ticking when it comes to fema's arrival. >> people are out there still picking up storm debris. the crews are asking home owners to do their part to keep it going. they're asking all the debris to be placed on the curb but they say please avoid blocking fire hydrants, mailboxes, utility boxes, they're asking people to separate the debris, the categories to make a and things like tree limbs and slush ri. >> there's more than 18 thousand people without electricity. officials say electricity has been restored to about 90 percent of the homes and businesses that lost it. governor scott says that recovery hasn't been fast enough and he wants more utility and tree removal crews to get out there and help. other state leaders are arguing
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actually slow recovery. >>man: without a doubt, we've not been perfect in this process and now is not the time to talk about oh, whatever imperfections. or staff morale needs to remain at the highest level possible. help is still on the way, to not lose faith in that process, there are folks who are working around the clock to make sure we can cure that issue. >> now, most state government reopened today but there are some without power. hard to imagine. 16 thousand of the 18 thousand outages are in the tallahassee area. >> we're looking at five days post storm. that's a lot of time. >> a lot of them ended up on their side which doesn't help. for us, we're looking good. humidity was down a notch or two
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there was no rain to speak of in the bay area. dry air filtering in at the loft. it was really an uneventful, early september day. we could use a couple more uneventful days. even though it was hot, we hit 92 today. showers that didn't develop, they didn't impact our southern counties. nothing like last night with the storms that impacted sarasota number of tweets and messages on my facebook page of rainfall amounts of 4-5 inches late in the afternoon. today, showers and that's about it. you can see the wind flow today, generally from northeast to south west, a lot of dry air north of this map and that dry air is filtering down all day today. you could see it. this is the water vapor imagery, the red of course means dry air
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tropical moisture. tomorrow, it doesn't move much. if you want to see rain, you head south. if you want to see dry weather, stay in tampa bay where rainfall coverage will be less than 20 percent, if that. temperatures now not bad. tallahassee 73. gainsville 72. brooksville 77 early today. there were upper 60s. tampa is 71. and slightly lower dew points in gainsville, mid afternoon dew point of 64. that's a nice bonus for early september but it's not going to stay around much longer. obviously, with the peak of the hurricane season here, we have to drag all the invest of waves in the atlantic. the good news is at least in the short term, the one wave -- this one here was coming off the coast of africa about a week ago and looked very impressive, moved all the way across the
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a lot of wind in the caribbean, no development from this. there's another one, this orange here indicates a moderate chance of development, moved off the cape islands. good news about this, even though it should become a storm, i'm thinking it will stay across the open atlantic and curve well east of us. that's good. and every day that goes by with no tropical systems is one less day that one can develop as the season wraps up on november 30th. in the pacific, a different story. map. this is hurricane newton, top winds of 75, moved right up baha and now it's making a bee line for the desert south west and for the first time -- actually, i think it's the fifth or sixth time in history, as far as we know, there could be a tropical storm over land in arizona of all things, even if that does not happen, it's going to be a huge rain maker, blowing dust
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and phoenix developing late tomorrow. dry air continues to filter down the east coast, the remanence of hermine moving away. most of the dry air staying in tampa bay. you can see the purple is just south of tampa bay. rain chances small in the bay area and slightly higher as you head south. that's pretty much it all the way into the wee pleasant. we bottom out in the mid 70s. tomorrow, hot day, back up to 91. a couple of thunder storms south of tampa bay and that trend will continue on thursday. a few storms south and a high in the low 90s. the rainy season is not done yet, in fact the weekend could be fairly active. 40 percent chance of storms in the afternoon. coming up, seeing it a third
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>> once again, congress has failed to pass the funding for zika. we'll tell you what that means for florida places next. tonight, we investigate a federal program that gives people in florida free and legal medical marijuana even though it's banned in our state.
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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>> they picked up right where they left off. failing to pass a bill for zika. it needed 60 votes to advance. failed 52-46. democrats say they voted no because of provisions in that same bill. they would have blocked funding for planned parenthood and would have allowed to fly at veteran cemeteries. the cdc says it's safe but the pesticide is known to "essentially kill everything on contact" it's banned from the european union. you may recall millions of honey bees were killed last week by accident. this decision comes after more mosquitos in south beach did test positive for the virus. this time the spray will be done
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it bb it byb it beginsb planes.yb it by planes.yb it begins it b thursday and will be done for two months. now, this will effect passengers flies american, delta, jet blue and united. pick ups and drop offs will be directed to short term parking. the work will paus holidays, and the national college football championship in january. we'll have tons of people here. nasa is preparing for liftoff. a readiness review was completed today. united launch of fire is ready. it will spend the next two years
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>> any launches in tropical field tonight? >> there sure was. after a shut down and a shake up earlier in the day. details coming up in sports. plus, as the bucks prepare for sunday's opener, they reach for sunday's opener, they reach out and sign a player today or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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a couple shake-ups for the rays well, a couple of shake ups for the rays today. short stop duffy is going to be laid up for having foot surgery. meanwhile, the head coach has been fired. the only hitting being done
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orioles. with the exception of this one came in the first inning. loves hitting in the lead up spot. 18th of the year. jake rizzie, one of his toughest innings all season here. the broken double by jj. scores two. walks another guy. and machata tees rays fall 11-2 tonight. six year veteran cecil. he was cut over the weekend after just one seasons with the texans. to make room, the bucks have cut evan spencer, a wide receiver. the bucks will return to the field tomorrow as preparations for atlanta continue.


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