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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ((walter this morning on good day: the search is on... for a heartless thief. who? he targeted and even more shocking... what? he used as a weapon. ((jen triumph... from tragedy as the ?final survivor from the orlando terror attack, is finally back home. ((walter and... a special delivery today... for tampa foodies. if you get hungry, and don't want to leave the hous ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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developing this morning in st. pete: police need your help... finding a ?heartless criminal. he beat up and robbed a handicapped veteran. police say he even used the man's ?walker ... as a weapon. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in st. pete right now...
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a crime alert out of pinellas park. police are investigating ?four car break- ins... within the past month. and they all took place at a "planet fitness" off u-s 19. and all those cars were ?locked. detectives say the thieves ?smashed the windows... and grabbed what they could. fox 13's crystal clark talked with some
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the treadmills weren't the only thing at planet fitness that took nicole allen's breath away monday night..she and her husband came out of the gym off u-s 19 in pinellas park to find her car broken into after parking just 20 minutes prior.."i didn't think it could happen that fast. i really think they could hit two cars that fast."allen's ford -- and another vehicle -- were left with shattered windows..her purse and iphone were missing..nicole took to facebook to share her frustration..only to find out..she wasn't alone.."we've heard from multiple people who go here that they've contacted them. they've said, 'hey, the lights don't work.' there are lights everywhere here, and not one of them works." pinellas park police reports show -- there have been ?four? vehicle burglaries in the ?same parking lot in the last month..each break in was after 9 p-m..police say -- the surveillance camera at planet fitness was no help in catching the crooks -- because the parkg lights out here so that other people don't have their cars broken into.""these lights have been here for probably 25 years, so they're not quite a bright as some of the new leds that are out."i reached out to ron frank -- owner of "pinellas park square"-- the shopping center where the gym is he says after just learning of the problem tuesday -- he has called duke energy to work on getting brighter lights. "we've spent a million dollars in here. we came in and purchased a very depressed shopping center and have almost filled the whole center up, and to have something like this happen is really hurts."he doesn't want the crime to scare people away.but for maybe too late.. "i'm not going to come back here. i went ahead and cancelled our membership
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the property owner says he expects the lighting issue to be fixed within the next month.. anyone with information on these crimes is asked to contact pinellas park police. a developing story across the country: i-t-t tech... one of the nation's largest for-profit colleges... has just ?closed it's doors. and that means tens of thousands of students and educators have just lost their
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for months. and on tuesday, the company said it finally had enough. i-t-t was recently told by the federal government that they would no longer be allowed to provide loans to enrolled students, after they were accused of widespread fraud and poor standards i-t-t had more than 45 thousand students in 130 locations across the country. including a campus on memorial highway in tampa. we found students showing up there yesterday, who didn't even know about the closing. hillsborough community college is already i-t-t students transfer and try to keep their credits. h-c-c says this should teach all prospective college students to do their research,
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the government will likely forgive most federal loans students have taken out, but the students could be on their own for private ones. tampa police are looking for a couple and their stroller. but they weren't going for a walk... they were committing a crime. this is surveillance video from the "sam ash" music store on dale mabry. police say a man walked into the store just after midnight sunday. he was pushing a stroller, and had a woman and child with him. police say the man walked into where d-j equipment is kept... and hid about 18 hundred dollars worth of equipment ?inside that stroller. then...he just ?strolled out. if you know who he is, call crimestopers or tampa police. in polk county: a judge has given the sheriff's office custody of more than 175 animals. they were all seized from a rescue group called "darlynn's darlins" last month. the animals include 120 pigs... 40 chickens and more than a dozen cats... dogs... ducks and other wildlife. investigators say the rescue
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feeding the animals. some of the animals were in such bad health... they either died or had to be put down. the polk sheriff's office will now try to find homes for the animals. today in citrus county: the community can get answers... on hurricane hermine relief. the county is hosting a disaster relief information event. it will take place at the lecanto government complex... from nine a-m to four p-m. emergency management officials will be represented, along with the sheriffs office, the red cross, and the salvation army. the county was hit hard by hermine... the areas of saw major flooding. thousands of people also lost power. in hernando and pasco counties... crews are out picking up storm debris this week. they're also asking homeowners to do their part to make this a smooth process. here's a list of tips they just released. first... they ask that all debris be placed on the curb. but avoid blocking fire hydrants, mailboxes and utility boxes. second... they ask that you separate the debris into categories. make a separate pile for
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such as tree limbs and shrubbery. statewide-- more than 18- thousand people are still without power following hurricane hermine. that may sound like a lot... but officials say electricity has been restored to 90-percent of homes and businesses that lost it. governor scott still says recovery hasn't been fast enough... and wants more utility and tree removal crews to help. state leaders argue that ?too much help could actually slow recovery: most state government buildings in tallahassee reopened on tuesday. but some are expected to remain closed because of those power outages. a great update out of orlando today. every survivor of the pulse nightclub attack, is ?now back
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the final patient was released from orlando regional medical center on tuesday. the hospital cared for 35 survivors from the shooting and performed more than 70 surgeries on them. they didn't release any information on that final survivor... the family wanted to keep that information private. the shooting back on june 12th killed 49 people along with the shooter. 53 people were hurt. and all the hospitals that cared for the patients... ?waived their medical bills. a new option if you get hungry today in tampa... just ?uber it. the ride-sharing service is now offering restaurant deliveries. the "uber eats" service has already started in other parts of the country, and it comes this morning to tampa. starting at eight you can order from about 75 tampa restaurants. the cost is 3.99 per delivery.. in addition to the cost of the meal.. the best part -- "ubereats" is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. it will expand to the rest of the bay area in
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congress is finally ?back to work this week. but apparently, not getting much done. up next... their big vote on zika ?funding... and why florida lawmakers are ?not happy about it. plus... the wait is almost over... apple lovers. the big iphone annoucement is just ?hours away. but the ?real question is... when
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it's like deja vu... for lawmakers in congress. they got back to capitol hill tuesday... after a seven-week break. and the "zika funding bill" was still on the table. but once again... they ?failed to pass it. and it's all over party lines. for a third time-- senate democrats blocked a 1-point-1 billion dollar zika measure. it needed 60 votes to advance... but failed 52 to 46. democrats say they voted no because republicans added provisions to the bill that would have blocked funding for planned parenthood and allowed confederate flags to fly at military veteran cemeteries. similar zika bills also failed along party lines... back in june and july. ?so what happens now? the zika funding can be added to the overall government budget plan that needs to be passed by the end of the month. the white house says if it doesn't pass then... research on
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we now know when comedian bill cosby will be going on trial... for his sexual assault scandal. the judge in philadelphia has told both sides that the trial must start no later than june fifth of next year. prosecutors hope to have at least 13 cosby accusers testify at the trial. the women all claim cosby gave them drugs and alcohol before assaulting them. but the actual case cosby is charged with involved a philadelphia woman in 2004. the other accusors claim before that. and it's still not clear if the judge will ?allow their testimony. and... it's the event tech fans have been waiting all ?year to year. apple is holding it's annual "iphone" announcement later today in california. the company is expected to reveal details on the "iphone 7" and "iphone 7 plus." they could also release a new apple watch. the biggest new feature on the phone is a new ?dual camera that helps take pictures in ?low lighting. presales for the new phone are
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well. and if apple follows previous years... the phone will be made available in ?stores starting on friday.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and the dust has settled from the first week of college football. following florida state's hugh win monday night... the first in-season rankings were released on tuesday. and both the a-p and coaches polls are pretty much in agreement... over the top four teams. they both ranked alabama number one... clemson number two... florida state number three... and ohio state in fourth. the ?hottest team could be right outside the top five...
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about nine spots in the ap poll to ?sixth place, after upsetting number three oklahoma. and experts are already predicting the college football playoff. they think bama, florida state, ohio state and ?houston will make it in... and alabama and ohio state will play for the championship... right here in tampa. to baseball now... where the rays just had a big shakeup to the staff. hitting coach derek shelton was fired tuesday. and those hitting problems continued last night. the only exception... the rays ?first batter of the game. logan forsythe started the game off with an oppo-field bomb... his 18th of the year. the rays didn't get much after that. and it all really ended in the fourth inning. rays
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"jake odorizzi" gave up ?six runs, including a grand slam to manny machado. baltimore wins the game 11-2... taking the first two games of this series. game three is this afternoon at 1-10. to the nfl now... where the bucs ju reciever "cecil shorts" on tuesday. shorts had his best year in 20-12... his ?rookie year with the jaguars, getting almost a thousand yards. he later battled through injuries and was cut by the houston texans over the weekend. bucs coach dirk koetter actually worked with shorts in jacksonville... when he was their offensive coordinator. and we may see shorts on the field this sunday... for the bucs ?first game.
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for the ?first nfl sunday of the season! scott smith will be live in atlanta for our first tailgate sunday of the season. then you can catch the bucs and falcons right here on fox 13 at one p- m... followed by the giants and cowboys around 4-25. when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast. plus... reunited and it feels so good. how a dog missing for three ?years... finally found his way back
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and now, an inspiring story for any family that had their pet disappear over the past few years. don't give up just yet. one texas family just got a surprising call from an animal shelter. the shelter had found their dog... about three ?years after losing him. the moore family says they let their dog "bruiser" go outside one day at their waco home... but never saw him again. they put signs up in the neighborhood with no luck. but this month, a
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and a microchip in the dog gave the shelter information about bruiser's owners. the family says they are very happy to have him back... after all this time: no one knows where bruiser has been all these years. but he's healthy and home.. and that's all that matters. this story should also be a reminder to ?all owners, to get them ?microchipped. just in case. still ahead: the search for the owner of an american flag found on the side of a bay area highway. we first told you about the story tuesday on good day...
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13's shayla reaves is ?live in
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