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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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zika funding >>russell: zika funding fails again after congress returns from a seven-week vacation. now the issue is taking center stage at the florida senate race. >>laura: and i.t.t. tech leaves students high and campuses nationwide without notice and now tens of thousands are left wondering, where to go from here. >>russell: and the future of law enforcement. virtual reality is giving crime fighters a new edge in keeping us safe. we're taking the wraps off a new system that proves it's not just for gamers. >>dave: we're hanging at 76 at tampa international. 78 in st. petersburg. a lovely 70 up in crystal river. it was nice to have a couple of
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thunderstorms. today we're going to keep them further south from sarasota south the better rain chance. overall 20%. that means with a lower rain chans, the heat goes back up to partly cloudy and hot today and vanessa, i'm looking at 92 for a high temperature, okay? >>vanessa: thanks. and on the roadways here, we're not dealing with any notable crashes but we do have a couple of road projects that will be causing blockages for folks. starting off with this which we learned about yesterday afternoon. citrus county, u.s. 19 southbound lanes completely blocked due to hole in the roadway. this is near the crystal river mall. work around here is northwest sixth avenue and this picture of the hole coming from citrus county sheriff's office. you can see it's quite large. state road 72 remains closed this morning, also due to a hole in the roadway. we have emergency road work six days away from the reopening but meantime, 72 is closed from east of myakka park to west of sidell
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are blocked at 16th avenue southwest. it's a 10-day project. in the meantime, alternates are clearwater largo road or starkey. >>laura: thank you. the search for a violent criminal who beat and robbed an army veteran. >>russell: the thief used the vet's own walker as a weapon and he stole that, too, when he was done. >>laura: shayla reaves is live for us at the st. petersburg police department with new video that could help. th >>reporter: you're right. authorities are hoping someone recognizes the vehicle and if they have any information, detectives would like you to come forward and report it. this is what we're talking about. this is a crime that happened last friday while a veteran, already recovering from an injury, was travelling to wal-mart. it's a trip that took a dangerous turn for the 66-year-old man when authorities
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robber who first asked for the time and then put the victim in a choke hold using his walker as a weapon. now, authorities tell us this suspect took off with not only the victim's wallet but about $600 in cash. he also stole that victim's walker as well. authorities are telling us that several people witnessed the attack that happened in the middle of the day. this was, again, on 34th street north in the wal-mart parking lot. one victim describ as a blue dodge durango with a partial plate, possibly started with gka. there's only a vague description of the robber believed to be involved in this case, described only as being between the ages of possibly 29 and 35 and at least six feet tall. anyone with any details is urged to come forward and contact st. pete police. we'll hear from the victim in
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back to you. >>russell: see you then. thank. florida health officials confirmed seven new non travel related zika cases in the miami area. >>laura: and one of those case $ outside of the area where past cases have been identified. >>russell: we expect to learn more once the person's family is tested and meantime, congress once again fails to pass funding to help florida and other states fight zika. walter is here with more on that. >>walter: before congress went on a seven-week july, there were about 250zika cases in florida, all travel related. now there are more than 600 cases and a number of pregnant women with the virus has doubled. for congress, it appears to be business as usual. yesterday senate democrats blocked a $1.1 billion bill to combat the zika virus. it would have blocked funding for planned parenthood and
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at veteran cemeteries. they needed 60 votes to advance. congressman patrick mufshry tweeting this. rubio voted for a third time to pass a zika bill that short changes the prices by $800 million. rubio had this to say. fact, i voted five times to fund the effort against zika. murphy fighting it. senator bill nelson saying it had been poison. quote, it ought to be common sense folks like me come to plea with our colleagues. let's stop this monkey business, end quote. the clock is ticking. last week the head of the cdc said the agency has spent $194 million of the $222 million allocated to fight zika. 35 of that has gone to florida.
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november election. some lawmakers suggested roll that go into a stop gap measure that lawmakers need to pass by the end of the month to avoid a government shutdown. >>russell: and this. miami dade isn't waiting for congress to act. local leaders have approved the use of a controversial insecticide to kill mosquitos in miami beach. it's banned in the european union. millions of honeybees it was used to fight zika. >>laura: world health organization has broadened guidelines for safe sex in the area where the zika is spreading. they say people should abstain or practice safe sex after going from miami beach. men without symptoms may transmit the virus to female partners. according to experts, once a person has been infected, he or she is likely protected from
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are on track to hit a 25-year low. nationally there have been two since may 1 for a total of 15. florida has not put anyone to death since january. that's because of questions about the way death sentences are imposed on this state. even texas has seen a reduction with an appeals court stopping four in the past month. legal experts say the longer a state goes without an execution, the harder it may be for them to resume. >>laura: with just two months before november's presidential election, the candidates are back on >>russell: hillary clinton was leading by as much as 10 points. now donald trump has a slight edge. according to a new cnn poll, he leads. gary johnson is at 7%. he needs an average of 15% in recent national polls to make it into the debates. >>laura: and this morning, there are new questions about what trump said to florid attorney
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cutting a check, prior to his charity cutting a check in 2013. trump denied having any communication before making the $25,000 donation. now trump's campaign spokeswoman is clarifying the remarks. he meant to say that he never spoke to her about trump university. it's not clear what they did talk about. bondi has called the timing a coincidence and said she was not aware of the numerous consumer complaints her office had received about trump's businesses. >>russell: also learning mor into the clinton email scandal. perhaps the most striking is that all of clinton's mobile devices are unaccounted for. f.b.i.'s report shows clinton relied on multiple devices while secretary of state, including blackberries and iphones. when asked about them in february, clinton's lawyer said they weren't able to locate the devices. a laptop was lost in the mail and at least two of the devices were destroyed by a long-time
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them with a hammer. chairman of the house government oversight committee has asked the u.s. attorney to investigate whether clinton and her team obstructed justice. >>laura: one of the country's largest for profit colleges has closed doors without any notice. and now tens of thousands of former students at i.t.t. tech are scramble to go make new plans for the semester. many found locked doors and unanswered questions. in an email from the college, officials apologized students. they blame the department of education for new rules that banned them from accepting students who get federal aid. college will have to reimburse students who have paid for cancelled classes. most federal loans will likely be forgiven but students may be out of luck on private ones. >> i'm hoping i'll find another school that i can continue the program in. as far as money goes, it sucks. we have to pay this money back and they just like closed the school down.
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encouraging community colleges to accept as many credits as possible from transferring students. officials at hillsborough community college say that some will while others won't. they're adding extra staffers to handle prospective i.t.t. students. students weren't the only ones hung out to dry. laid off teachers have filed a lawsuit on behalf of 8,000 employees. they were not given 60 days' notice which is required under federal law. >>russell: uber cut ties with a driver after being accused of peering into the home of two female passengers. this morning, he's out on bond. according to st. pete police, he dropped the women off at the home early sunday morning about an hour later a neighbor called to report a prowler. officers found him inside. said he was checking up on the women at their request because they were intoxicated. the women denied ever saying that. uber removed access to the ride sharing app. >>laura: new phone scam is
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>>russell: alcides segui will tell us what we need to avoid. and an american astronaut returns home with a new record. we'll explain why his russian counterparts are not too impressed. >>dave: we've been holding at 76 degrees since i walked in the door this morning. northeast winds at five miles an hour today sets up like yesterday. 20% rain chance, high temperature running 92 degrees. tomorrow pretty much the same. after tomorrow the rain chances slowly go up
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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folks in citrus will have to wait >>russell: folks in citrus have to wait before they see any help from fema. county officials say it's a process. in citrus, 1,800 structures suffered some kind of damage from hermine. initial damage assessment roughly $53 million. crews ask that all debris be placed on the curb but avoid blocking fire hydrants, separate them in categories.and- can you imagine having to deal with this?
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appliances and vegetation like tree limbs. >>laura: this is just the beginning. now comes insurance, now comes paperwork. >>russell: and it's a process. >>dave: it is. a hint of fall to the north? 68 degrees in ocala. i like that. but that's not coming down here. our temps have been pretty consistent since the storm went away. we've been back to the lower 90s but i think the most important thing for us is that the chances have dropped down to a level that gives us a chance to get rid of some more of that standing water which is good. 71 the current temperature in brooksville. lakeland at 73. frost proof, sebring, you're both at 74. 76 to 78 degrees from sarasota to st. petersburg. dew points in the 7 0z. further north you go from ocala to gainesville and going toward jacksonville, it is an absolutely lovely morning up in
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so yeah, we're getting there. a few more weeks, a few more weeks and we'll start to turn the tide on these temperatures. solid northeast winds running five to 12 miles an hour. between that and the drier air that we have just kind of sitting in the mid levels of the atmosphere, the rain chances, tampa, st. petersburg to the north, even including polk county so going east around 20%, there is more moisture in the atmosphere further south so we'll put sarasa on the edge of about a 30% rain chance but once you get down to fort myers, for instance, the rain chances go up to 50%. so it's like 20% and then 30%, 40%, 50% as you go further south. by the weekend, some of that moisture will start to get pulled back to the north and just allow for more of these afternoon thunderstorms. but nothing out of the ordinary. temperatures stay pretty close to normal and the rain chances head back there for the weekend as well.
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it made its second landfall, okay. went through baja and now mainland mexico and the only reason i'm showing this to you is over the next couple days, you're likely to see flooding video out of arizona. this is a big issue for folks. as this tropical system moves north and into the desert southwest, not that -- they can't handle the kind of rainfall that we can get around here. they're going to get a lot of it so i think you're goi t arizona from this tropical system over the next couple of days. so in the atlantic, things are relatively quiet. of course, hermine is gone so that's good finally. 92 for a high temperature with the sunrise a little less than an hour. we'll get some beautiful camera shots soon as we get the light of the day. clear skies, mild, muggy tonight, no big deal, 75 the overnight low. normal low is 76 and then
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thursday with a 20% rain chance continuing tomorrow and your high which is going to be around 92 degrees. a light to moderate chop boating today with seas around two feet and temperatures running close to normal. 90 to 92. rain chances sneak up a little bit by the weekend. they'll run around 40%. >>vanessa: looks a little slow here on the exit ramp off i-4. this is hillsborough where we have a crash reported lane blockage. hard to tell but at least one lane is passing. the flashing lights but it is moving slower and it is starting to stack up on the ramp itself. we haven't seen really any impacts quite yet to the interstate as far as slowdown. if you have to take the hillsborough exit ramp and give yourself a few extra minutes. >>laura: a record setting american and two russians landed safely on earth after a six-month stay on the
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record set by scott kelly. world record is still held by a russian two spent 876 days in space. in fact, 13 russians have more time in space than williams. not to negate the accomplishment. >>russell: no. >>laura: space station's next crew is already on deck. >>russell: they're in the final stages of preps before their launch later this month. they will perform a range of scientific experiments aboard the statn. in orbit. during that time, they'll need supplies. space x, one of the station's main suppliers. one of the company's rockets exploded during routine test. he feels good about the mission. >> so it's a little premature to project we're going to have issues logistically getting things to the space station. we do have other vehicles that we can move, payloads and experiments around if there are some issues with the space x,
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space station. >>russell: they're scheduled to depart september 23 and will not be back until late february. >>laura: it's hard to believe school for a lot of kids in other states. >>russell: coming up, one kid is very excited for his new school year and one that's really kind of not. and how would you like to take this for a spin? this could be the scariest amusement park ride -- dave? >>dave: oh, no, no, no. negative. in hot apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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6:24 am
the one on the right, clearly not thrilled about the school thing. it says i hate school and i refuse to hold a sign unless it said, i hate school. he's very honest. his friend seems pretty pumped for the first day of kindergarten. that poor kid. he has a lot more years in the classroom. he'd better get used to t. >>laura: at least they vent. tough. >>jennifer: sign me up for this one. people are calling this the scariest amusement park ride ever. it's at fantasialand theme park in germany. what do you guys think? i don't know from the screams. >>laura: you would do this. >>jennifer: i would total cool this although i had a really bad experience at a ride in epcot. >>russell: you need to be in a
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monday. why would you do this? >>jennifer: this is weee. is anyone going on this ride with me? >>laura: i would with you. >>russell: i can't do that. >>jennifer: from the screams, it sounds like a lot of fun. >>russell: there's fire coming out of that thing. >>jennifer: there is fire. that's right. they're cove in southern california ... and then -- you know what's coming up next, right? he does not sit down and have a picnic. he's going in the water. i used to jump off quarries when
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>>russell: i couldn't do that. that's a leap of faith right there. >>laura: he had scraped on his back. he hit the cliff. >>jennifer: he hit the cliff? what? leap of faith. >>laura: in the script it said he scraped his back. >>russell: you stopped reading. >>jennifer: i was done. i was mesmerized by the jump. >>laura: sorry. she talking about? i didn't scrape my back. >>laura: we'll move on. still ahead, criminals are taking advantage of people already hit hard by hermine. >>russell: after the storm deputies are warning people about a new scam and this is what the next generation of law enforcement could look like with the help of virtual reality. the high tech crime fighting
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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good morning, i'm laura moody. and i'm russell >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. take a look now at dave for a look at the forecast. kind of nice this morning. >>dave: it is and i'll tell you, over the next three weeks, four weeks, it will start to get nicer and nicer. we're getting past that point. it's still warm and muggy outside. great start to the day overlooking the lakeland net camera at this hour. our temperatures are running low to mid 70s inland. we've got mid to upper 70 as long the coast and the forecast keeps us in the lower 90s the next couple of days and holds the rain chances to around 20%. don't get me wrong. by the weekend, moisture levels ride back in and so do the rain chances and we'll talk more
6:31 am
>>vanessa: all right. thanks, dave. see you then. we're watching this crash off the i-4 westbound ramp. this is the ramp to hillsborough as we told you before, lane blockage here, traffic is passing from what we can tell, at least one lane but now we're starting to see impacts to the westbound travel lanes of i-4. just looking slightly under speed with the underspeed conditions southbound of 75 approaching i-4. it's starting to the backed up as that way, 75 to 275, nine minutes is that drive westbound i-4 and then we'll just check and see how the other majors are working. eight minutes southbound 75, bruce b downs to i-4 and 13 minutes over the howard frankland bridge heading to i-4. if you're in the area of concern, exit ramp off i-4, just give yourself a few extra minutes as well as travelling along the interstate itself between 75 and hillsborough. >>laura: in a little more than
6:32 am
arrive at the scene of a deadly helicopter crash in central florida. three people died when an aircraft went down in a remote area along the space coast yesterday. police found an older model military style helicopter on the flames. fully engulfed in - witnesses reported seeing it flying low just before it went down. >>russell: florida businessman who faked his own death to defraud insurance companies pleaded guilty. he faces up to 50 years in prison. prosecutors agreed t he owned a jacksonville furniture business and concocted a story he had mad cow disease and was traveling to venezuela for treatment. he went there to get a fake death certificate. he was arrested last year while applying for a passport in other person's name. >>laura: it is 6:32 now and if the rain and flooding were not bad enough, criminals are now targeting people in the areas hit hardest by hermine. >>russell: there's a new phone
6:33 am
alcides segui is at the pasco county sheriff's office? is that where you are? >>reporter: no. elfers parkway in pasco county. we're talking about the pasco county sheriff's office. on their facebook page, they're alerting residents here in the county not to give out personal information or money to people you're not 100% sure if they're with the insurance company or fema. i want to show you how bad it is out he flooded out here, still plenty of standing water. this is a residential road that goes into many homes out there and so residents are not only having to deal with the flooded roadways, they're also having to deal with water damage in their homes and again, now the pasco county sheriff's office is urging folks to not give out your personal information without being 100% sure the person you are speaking with is either with your insurance company or with fema.
6:34 am
apparently, according to the pasco county sheriff's office, there are plenty of phone scams. callers are claiming to be from fema and demanding money for the storm damage or demanding money to file a claim. obviously fema does not operate that way. florida cfo jeff atwaters' office is investigating allegations of fraud. reports suggest that people are posing as federal officials and they're demanding 150 bucks, to help residents fill out the fema claims. so again, state, local officials want to remind you, don't give out any personal information or money without verifying the identity of the person who is asking for it. government officials carry official identification as to insurance company representatives. if they do not have that, either walk away or just hang up the phone. these scammers are also asking for personal information like
6:35 am
again, don't give that away, either. don't be a victim. do the research first and again, it's almost a week since hurricane hermine pounded the state of florida. we saw some of that damage here in pasco, hernando and citrus county and even now, you can see there's plenty of flooded streets and folks are waking up this morning still picking up pieces from that storm. we'll continue talking about the phone scams and how people are trying to take advantage of others, even when they're having to deal with all of this throughout "good day." back to you. >>russell: you remember that scene in the matrix where reeves plugs into a computer and learns kung fu? we're not there yet but some are getting close. >>laura: virtual reality could help train the next generation of law enforcement.
6:36 am
enforcement is training right now at the seminole state college center for public safety. >> when we began, we would have done it strictly for food and a place to stay. that's how much we enjoyed it. >>reporter: associate lee was a cop more than 30 years. he knows students face is likely to look much different because of technology. >> what we look at today will be so advanced, it will some day be obsolete. >> the only radio we had was the one inside the car. when you were away from the car, you didn't have any communication. >>reporter: that's changing rapidly. >> i have to pull my taser. >>reporter: this is the first public demonstration of a new
6:37 am
-- >> right now i'm recording from my body one camera. >>reporter: not only that but this video automatically streams to a commander back at the police station. >> what we're going to do is jump to the live demonstration of how it works. >>reporter: broader system is called the virtual demand center and it takes the live feeds from the connected cop, drones or traffic cameras and puts them all inside virtual reality gogg police station wear. >> it's letting commanders feel as if they're there. officer perkins here has a head mounted camera in the glasses he's wearing. the virtual command center is on right now. by just using her eyes, she can move around the command center and pull up the live video feed from officer perkins and see exactly what he's seeing with
6:38 am
advances in wi-fi availability and speed are still needed but it's heavy stuff, stuff that people like jim lee, who are training our future law enforcement officers, think will make a real difference. >> it cuts the distance from miles to zero and gives them an accurate, real-time events as they transpire. >>laura: that was tom johnson reporting. >>russell: stick around. dave's next. plus they boldly went where no one had gone before. all household names thanks to the voyages of the starship enterprise. this morning the cast looks back.
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>>dave: good wednesday morning and a beautiful one at that. you know, we came off our 92-degree high temperature by getting back down to the mid 70s which is where many of us are now. and clear skies.
6:42 am
brookdale bayshore camera. we're sitting at 70 degrees in crystal river. these are hourly observations coming from different areas. i'll bet you get into the rural areas and the way city center and there's probably a few spots in the 60s this morning. pretty comfy start. a little warm along the coast because the water temperatures are still in the mid 80s. love panama city, 67. gainesville at 64 degrees this morning. jacksonville at 63 so it's like a big wow for those temperatures up there. go down to the south florida, and it's still in the upper 70s to low 80s. northeast winds to start so you would think that we would have a big thunderstorm in the afternoon but there was a difference yesterday in the atmosphere and you could see it. you could feel it. it wasn't quite as humid and we have a lot of drier air aloft. well, for many of us, that drier
6:43 am
morning. not at the surface but mid levels of the atmosphere. you'll get the puffy, cumulus clouds to develop, but they don't have enough umph to produce the thunderstorms we would typically get. further south, you notice how there's a little more moisture down in miami and fort myers and naples and those spots, they'll have a little higher rain chance so we're separating the state. tampa north, running rain chances today. closer to 40% as you get closer and closer to the fort myers area. everywhere else seems to be relatively quiet. by the way, this is what's left of hermine. the mid level spin still hanging around, generating a lot of surf in the northeast but tropical storm warnings, long cancelled on that one, which is good. 92 degrees for a high temperature for today. it will be hot. but the rain chances keep down
6:44 am
oh, you know, the rain chances but with all the rain we've had, we can squeeze out two or three more days where it's relatively quiet. you get some standing water out here and then we'll get back to saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. more normal rain chances for september. and that being around 40% for weekend into early next week. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. we have sky fox checking out the crash on i-4 still causing trouble here. westbound at the exit ramp to hillsborough avenue. still seeingus passing. it will be on the right-hand side and as we told you before, delays building not only on the exit ramp but also you can see here on the interstate south. looks like it's slightly under speed at 52 miles an hour. also just note while we're here checking it out, 75 southbound starting to slow down as you approach i-4 itself. we do have a new crash reported out of pinellas county. ulmerton road at 34th street north, lane blockages reported. most of our delays we're seeing reported eastbound here on this
6:45 am
data. however, showing some westbound delays as well. so just a couple of extra minutes out the door. all right. it's about to switch over to 6:45. let's get over to charley. welcome back. >>charley: thank you very much. first of all, i have to reference the dogs behind me because i know that's all you'll be looking at when i'm talking to you. yes, yes, beautiful, fun dogs on "good day" this morning. i'll explain why and where in just a second but was i yesterday? >>vanessa: where were you? >>charley: new york city. i had the craziest, fastest trip to new york city ever. like it was weird. i was there less than 24 hours. i flew up on labor day in the afternoon and came home last night but feels like i was gone a week. it's weird how travelling makes -- i feel like somehow i time travelled. >>vanessa: like you spent three days or something. >>charley: it's weird. but i went up there to meet this
6:46 am
when harry met charley. that's the name of the new movie. harry connick, junior. by the way, don't ever take a picture. you'll never look uglier or fatter. >>vanessa: you look like peas in a pod. you both look dapper. >>charley: harry connick, junior is the one on the right. thank you, vanessa. >>vanessa: seriously, you both look very handsome together. get you all dressed up. >>charle >>vanessa: you've got your sunday best on. >>charley: he has a brand new daytime show and it starts monday here, right here on fox 13. it will be on at 2:00 in the afternoon. i hope -- look. he could not have been a nicer, more genuine person and i really am rooting for him. he's so likable and i'll tell you, he's deserving of that
6:47 am
you're a fan. if not, give him a chance. he's going to try to bring like a late night feel to daytime which is a good idea. that's kind of missing from daytime right now. i'm old enough to remember mike douglas and merv griffin and these guys would sing, do some goofy skits and he's going to do that. his executive producers are former writers from the late night with david 2:00, fox 13 and i have a sit down interview with him which will air at some point before then. i have to talk to the bosses today but i'll definitely let you know. this morning i'm going to let you know all about the dog training club of st. petersburg. the dogs are here. oldest dog training club of its kind in pinellas county. it's a non profit. instructors are all volunteers from basic dog training to agility skills, they do it all, got it all for you. don't go anywhere.
6:48 am
a "good day." >>vanessa: thank you, charley. >>russell: the last survivor hospitalized after the pulse nightclub attack is finally back home. that person is not identified. most of the victims were taken to orlando regional medical center blocks from the club. the hospital treated 35 patients and performed 76 operations. last month it was announced that none of the victims would be charged out of pocket for the care that they received. suspected baby and a stroller to swipe $1,800 in merchandise from a music store in tampa. it happened last month on northdale mabry. man filled the stroller with deejay equipment. the baby was inside the stroller at the time. deputies hope someone will recognize him. there is a cash reward. finally, we want to remind you that starting tonight, the blue side of tampa international airport will be closed. this will affect passengers
6:49 am
and united. pickups and dropoffs will be directed to short-term parking. this is happening from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. the closures, this closure will last until early next year. >>laura: say it with me. space, the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. 50 years ago the crew launched on their maiden voyage. this morning we're taking a look back. and you're getting tired of getting a machine when you call customer service? new app that will help you new app that will help you connect to a real human. new app that will help you connect to a real human. we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear.
6:50 am
i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait.
6:51 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. n america.
6:52 am
it's become a semi-annual tradition ... almost every year, apple comes out with a >>laura: almost every year, apple comes out with a iphone. >>russell: just when you think you know how to use the old one, it's time for an upgrade. let's get to lauren simonetti. there's a lot going on with this. a lot of rumor. we won't know until this afternoon, will we? >> i don't know about you guys but i'm just waiting for iphone 48. that's the iphone that i want. 48. in the meantime, we're on iphone 7 when they call it that. they're expected to make the
6:53 am
camera lens on the back is big and it might have two cameras which means the pictures are going to be better. waterproof. take it in the shower with you maybe. we'll see. oh, and go out and buy new ear buds because yours don't work anymore. they're getting rid of the head phone jack. how annoying is that? got me thinking. i can't remember. sometimes i want to put like dvd into my mac. you can't. they make like one mac computer that still takes dvd's. apple is away so we have to buy new products. other rumors include getting rid of the 16 gig version and starting with the 32 gig and then also, changes to the watch, the new apple watch and refresh with the mac computers. all rumors, by the way. we don't know. >>laura: seems like as soon as you get your phone, it becomes obsolete. it's frustrating. let's move on, though. a lot of us hate this and i know
6:54 am
them on the line. right away you get a machine. you get an automated line. but you say there's a way around that now. >> and the machine sounds like a human and they could actually understand you for the most part because of artificial intelligence, yet they can't actually give you what you want because they're a computer and you press zero a million times and you're not getting the human being on the phone because the computers are smart. they know you press zero and they're not making it work. get human. the name of the app, the name of the and type in the company that you want to reach and they're going to give you the secret code which is often like 064 or whatever to get you to the human representative. they'll give you the wait time that you have to wait to get a human on the phone or for a fee, they'll wait for you. how nice. >>russell: nice. really nice. i just wrote it all down. i'm doing it. can we talk later? >>reporter: absolutely. >>russell: it was only supposed
6:55 am
it's gone on 10 times longer than that. >>laura: franchise turns 50. there are still plenty of strange new worlds to explore. >> the final frontier. >> boldly going where no franchise has gone before, star trek is celebrating the 50th anniversary with a loyal fan base that continues to grow. >> it's the fans that create it's their undying love, passion and support that they've given us. it's given us this 50 years. >>russell: science fiction tv features created in 1966 only ran for three seasons. but warped into five more shows and 13 big screen films,
6:56 am
be beyond. >> let's make some noise. >> i think it's got themes and ideas that set it apart as a franchise because they're actually relevant and resident to today's society and that's something that always been a corner stone of star trek. >> we like to feel like an episode of the original series has been injected with a little bit of modern super pizzazz. star trek discovery due to hit the web in 2017, former cast members believe the central theme continues to live long and prosper. >> we feel very grateful for the fans because, you know, gene created the series. it was his vision and his philosophy and his belief and
6:57 am
move forward. >> it has to be star trek's inspirational message for the future. inspirational and positive. it's a future where technology and exploration and science rather than destroy him and that's a message so important now. >> this then is the epic journey of the starship enterpise. >>russell: i'm such a fan. a goodbye or waste of money? warn -- waern tis, are they worth it? >>laura: too much sleep can be bad for your body. the health risks and why it could be just as bad as being sleep deprived. that's ahead. >>dave: and a great, great start to the day. sun will be up in a little bit and we have 76 degrees in the tampa area. 71 in brooksville.
6:58 am
next few days.
6:59 am
introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family
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carrabba's. this is how you do italian. ((russell- a senseless crime. >>russell: a senseless and horrible crime. outside of a wal-mart. we're live with a search today for the attacker. plus -- >> who passes the commander in chief test? i'm doug in washington. we'll have the latest sparring between hillary clinton and donald trump just ahead. >>laura: and motivational speaker. jameis wins ston in the locker room. hear what he said to start the florida state comeback. welcome to the 7:00 hour of


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