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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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carrabba's. this is how you do italian. ((russell- a senseless crime. >>russell: a senseless and horrible crime. outside of a wal-mart. we're live with a search today for the attacker. plus -- >> who passes the commander in chief test? i'm doug in washington. we'll have the latest sparring between hillary clinton and donald trump just ahead. >>laura: and motivational speaker. jameis wins ston in the locker room. hear what he said to start the florida state comeback. welcome to the 7:00 hour of
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>>russell: you were there. not in the locker room but the game. >>laura: what a game. i'm glad i wasn't in the locker room. actually, i would have liked to have been there. >>russell: we have a lot ahead of the welcome back. first we need to talk about your commute. there's some delays going on out there. hey, vanessa. >>vanessa: good morning. we have two crashes that we're following right now. we're starting with the latest one that does involve a hart bus and we have a shutdown south of busch boulevard. the exact cross street is okalussa. now we get to the other crash that sky fox is flying away from right now but it's off i-4 westbound. some delays building at the exit ramp. that crash is blocking all but a right lane on the ramp itself so i-4 westbound at hillsborough. make sure you're giving yourself extra time. avoid if you would like to, maybe find your way to mlk and then heading in the area westbound on i-4 between 75 and 301, that hillsborough area, you might want to plan a few extra minutes for underspeed
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area. >>dave: we've been steady this morning, not moved from 76 degrees where we were when i first walked in there. 72 the dew point. it's muggy outside. the difference as honestly we've had back and forth, on and off all summer long has been this drier air that we have above the surface. we start beautifully, mix a few clouds in but the rain chances just don't get going for most of us. now, south of sarasota, as you get down toward venice, down toward englewood, fort those areas, rain chances are higher today. we'll put from 20% tampa north, 30% further to the south and highs solidly back to 92. >>laura: thank you. it seems outright senseless. attacking a man using a walker outside of a wal-mart store. >>russell: and the victim is an army veteran. the attacker took his money, even his walker. shayla reaves is at the st. pete police station with new video that detectives need to you see.
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streets now. >>reporter: you're absolutely right. authorities are hoping they can catch this crook before he strikes again. in this case, an already injured veteran became the target friday and authorities need your help to track down his attacker. i want you to take a god look at your screen. this all started on friday afternoon around 1:00 on 34th street north. according to st. pete police, a trip to the store took a dangerous turn for a 66-year-old man on the we're told a robber approached the victim with a question but that's not all he wanted. >> he wint hid -- i went behind me. he asked for the time. i told him and he said, what? then he grabbed me around the neck and started choking me, punching me in the head and he was grabbing for my stuff. >>reporter: now, the attacker
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made off with his wallet, personal items and about $600 in cash. he stole the walker, too, after the attack. cameras captured video of a possible getaway vehicle. it's been described as a blue dodge durango. a witness said the license plate may have started with the letters gka. the victim tells us he was already recovering from a leg injury at the time he was targeted and suffered bruises and sore ribs in this attack. the suspect is described as a man in 30s, about six feet tall. anyone with information in this case is urged to give st. pete police a call. back to you. >>russell: they have to find him soon. thanks. >>laura: there is still no additional funding to fight the zika virus. congress did vote on it after returning from a seven-week recess but it didn't pass in the end because democrats are refusing to accept a bill that falls short of the amount of money that president obama wants
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the bill also cuts money from planned parenthood. bill nelson is not happy about the delay and funding. he said 80 women here in florida have the zika virus and he's urging colleagues to stop what he calls monkey business. meantime, mosquito control workers are out again spraying in zika virus hot zones in miami. turbine engines on the trucks spread the chemicals faster and help cover a large area much faster, too. it's it's not enough. they'll start aerial spraying for about a month. we have 56 non travel related cases of zika here in florida. those people got it from mosquitos here, not somewhere else. >>russell: uber cuts ties with a drivary kuzed of stalking two local women. he posted bond. detectives say he drove the women to a home in st. pete early sunday morning.
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about a prowler. they found him outside. he came back because the women were drunk and they asked for him to check on them. they denied that ever happened. he's facing multiple charges. hillsborough deputies want a crook to face the music accused of using a baby stroller to steal a mixer. he had a woman and a child with him. they were only in the store for a few minutes before leaving just after noon back on august 28. equipment he stole is worth the baby was in the stroller. >>laura: presidential race is close. some polls show donald trump ahead, and others hillary clinton in front. she came to tampa yesterday making a campaign stop at the university of south florida. that's the democgraphic that wil play a lot of roles. she also called trump unfit for the job. two candidates will shift
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tonight, appearing back to back at a forum in new york. >>russell: they're calling it the commander in chief test. doug is following it from washington. >> for hillary clinton and donald trump, this is about passing the commander in chief test. it's also about trying to win over one specific group of voters, veterans. a conflict raging. iranian navy still harassing u.s. warships and isis still capable of carrying out devastating no shortage of national security topics for hillary clinton and donald trump. he was in north carolina yesterday arguing against nation building and for eliminating the budget sequester caps that have limited military spending. >> we take the parts off planes that are in museums and graveyards and put them on our jet fighters. this is not the united states of america, folks. this is notnited stat. >>reporter: trump unveiled a list of 88 retired generals and
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clinton, something that clinton dismissed. >> compare where trump is with where both romney and mccain were. they had between 300 and 500. i'm doing better than any democrat. he's doing worse than recent republicans. >>reporter: john mccain, a war hero. clinton also hoping to make inroads. experienced, steady hand to tackle national security and the war on terror. but the truth is, this is an issue where voters are split and according to a recent fox news poll, a majority of registered voters think the united states is less safe now than before 9/11 with the anniversary of the attacks just four days away. and in that same poll, hillary clinton has a slight edge when it comes to dealing with terrorism but it's within the
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>>russell: new questions this morning regarding the relationship between donald trump and florida attorney general pam bondi involves a $3,000 per person fundraiser he held for her on march 2014. she was seeking re-election at the time. that event was held shortly after her decision to not investigate complaints against trump university. critics question the timing of the fundraiser. bondi denies any wrongdoing and she thinks hillary clinton is behind the credibility. she told the fox business network yesterday, quote, i will not be collateral damage in a presidential campaign, nor will i be a woman bullied by hillary clinton. hillary clinton will not bully me. >>laura: students at one of the nation's largest for profit colleges are out of luck this morning. i.t.t. tech announces it is closing. one student who showed up to the school had no idea they had closed until we told him. and now he is going to have to
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next. he's one of the 45,000 students across their 130 locations in 38 different states that are having to make new plans. hcc is already opening doors saying four students have inquired about programs there. >> it's rough. you know they probably put in a lot of time, effort and money, whether it be out of their pocket or through financial aid. so they have a lot invested only to find that the institution is no longer that's tough. >>laura: it is possible, however, that the credits will not transfer over. the federal government recently told i.t.t. tech that they would no longer be providing loans to enrolled students, either, and accused them of widespread fraud and poor standards. the government will likely forgive most federal loans. students who took out private loans may be out of luck. students aren't the only ones. 8,000 employees are now without jobs, too. >>russell: we talked about getting too little.
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coming up, why anything other than the right amount of sleep is hurting your health. >>russell: >>laura: and the trial date for bill cosby and why he might have to do this more than a few dozen times. >>dave: here at 7:11, great picture from the johns hole kins all hospital camera. you see the beautiful sunshiny day. you're getting the kids ready for the bus stop and i think absolutely temperaturewise, we're good to go. we're sunny, mild, in the mid 70s. we'll be hot coming home but the rain chances holding back. it will be about 20% in the tampa area. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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>>dave: 7:14 on this wednesday morning. perfect time of the year because you get this, the sun, coming right up over downtown. this is a pretty shot. let's just take a second and enjoy. good. now we have to get ready for work. we have to get ready for school. it is a pretty start to the day
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have above the surface, it will once again keep the rain chances on the low side which we're okay with after all the rain we've had as the hurricane comes through and all of that. so it would be nice to get rid of some standing water. 76 degrees in tampa. apollo beach at 74. i've got brandon, new tampa, all at 73 degrees. crystal river, inverness, bradenton at 74, sarasota at arcadia and pros proof, bartow, lakeland all at 73 degrees. lovely temperatures but you see the drier air aloft. it's going to keep the rain chances low. not everybody has low, low, low rain chances, though. from tampa north, you're looking at 20% rain chances. then as you go further south, you can see here. we just switch channels on the satellite and we're looking now at the mid levels of the atmosphere. not the surface.
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you've got to go aloft and you see this red, there's your drier air which is why from tampa north the rain chances may hold at 20%. yet the further south you go, the more moisture we have. so there will be a ramping up in rain chances like this. like tampa is at 20%. fort myers will be around 50% on the rain chances. depending where you are between the two areas, the rain chance is going up a little bit as you're going further south. not a big deal. just 20% sarasota so you get down to about venice, you'll be closer to 40% and then 50% for fort mierdz. that's the way the next couple of days are going to run. and then by the time the weekend comes in, we'll get more of those afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. nothing out of the ordinary, just kind of a back to normal setup for september. partly cloudy, hot, 92 today but it's going to feel like it did yesterday. it's not going to be oppressive with humidity.
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oppressive. mild and muggy tonight, low 75. 20% the rain chance again tomorrow with the scattered clouds and the isolated afternoon storms. 92 for a high temperature. boaters, a light to moderate chop today with the northeast wind which will back down to about 10 knots this afternoon. high tide at 5:32. low tide 10 minutes before 1:00 this afternoon and while we stay in the lower 90s, subtle changes, meaning rain chances go up to >>vanessa: all right. thanks. right now we're getting our first look courtesy of sky fox of the crash we machiningsed -- we mentioned out of tampa. nebraska, full shut down and north lane blockage as well. looks like maybe just that right lane is going to be passing. that's northbound. this is southbound. we told you before, it does involve a transit bus. looks like a hart bus and one other vehicle we saw which appears to have been moved away from the scene but you have some
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the area. drivers will get to give themselves extra time or you might want to find your way over to florida if you have to head particularly in the southbound direction. this is nebraska once again south of bush, more specifically at the intersection with oakaloosa. southbound 275 is in the red as we would expect this time of morning. 20 minutes from bearss to i-4. westbound delays about the same here. 14 minutes coming into the interchange from 75. taking 75 southbod plan for about 17 minutes to get from 275 to i-4. we want to remind folks out of citrus county, we learned about this yesterday and it's still closed. u.s. 19 in the area of snug harbor road. this is near the crystal river wall. you can see the picture has opened up in the roadway blocking southbound lanes. work around, northwest sixth avenue. we'll let you know once it
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you may face a detour the next time you go to drop off or pick up somebody at tampa international airport. charley just went through this. starting last night, the curbside lanes on the blue side are off limits from 8:00 at night until 4:00 in the morning. they're detouring the traffic to short-term parking while workers build a nie train system. this affects passengers flying american, dealt arcs jet blue and united. there will be some exceptions. during thanksgiving and the college football national championship game in january. >>laura: parking meters are returning to downtown sarasota. city needs the revenue. the meters were taken out about five years ago after complaints that they were not user friendly. also a lot of business owners felt they were keeping people from shopping downtown. meters are expected to be back by early next year. >>russell: covering the coast of repairs. coming up, gettin a longer warranty for your computer or appliance will help you decide if it's worth that money. >>laura: and then another
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just three months this time. why it didn't work out. bless her heart. but first, charley belcher. welcome back. >>charley: thank you. boy, she and tom -- what's his name? hittleson? and i thought that was going to last forever. i'm surprised. bless her heart. i'm at the dog t st. petersburg. what a neat, interesting place. non profit, all the instructors are volunteers and look at that. doing a little nose training back here. they're sniffing out a "good day." they have to find -- by the way, that looks like my wife after a week, all those amazon boxes. but one of them has something that the dog should pick up with their nose and that's what they're working on over there and also they have lots of work with local rescue groups like
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that's dallas who is up for adoption. stick around, everybody. we're going to have a doggone "good day." giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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((russell- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. after years >>russell: it is 7:24. after years of accusations and denials, bill cosby will stand trial for one of his alleged sexual assaults. >>laura: 79-year-old comedian may be in prison this time next year if there's a guilty verdict. >>reporter: bill cosby his way into and out of court as a judge sets a trial date in the sexual assault case against him. about 50 women accused the comedian of rape but this race only concerns an alleged victim and former temple university employee. >> seen a barrage of new accusers. >>reporter: the judge did declare cosby blind, who was guided in and out of court. lead defense attorney argueses a a victim of racial bias.
7:25 am
entire life fighting against injustice. >>reporter: they're asking to play a phone call of cosby during the trial which was recorded by the victim's mother. >> i believe that the call should come in. it's a call that was made into canada and it was legally obtained there. we should be able to use it. >>reporter: star attorney gloria allred held a conference on tuesday along calling for an end to the statute of limitations in response for rape and sexual assaults. >> miss presley, no longer his attorney but was set, said the following. mr. cosby, as of today, is innocent until proven guilty and there shall be and shall not be proof because the statute of limitations has passed. end quote. >>reporter: the judge in pennsylvania set the trial date
7:26 am
2017. >>laura: cold case that haunted minnesota for nearly 30 years has come to a close. jacob weatherling was victimized when he was 11 riding his bike and was never seen again. a man accused the boy of sexually assaulting him and then shooting him. 53-year-old brought police to boy. prosecutors agreed not to pursue charges while he pled guilty to child pornography charges. he faces at least 20 years in prison. >>russell: former stanford university swimmer brock turner now a registered sex offender. he went to the sheriff's office in ohio to fill out paperwork. he made headlines this year after receiving a lenient sentence from a judge in california. six months in prison for raping an unconscious woman.
7:27 am
of the sentence. protestors with assault rifles were standing outside his house letting him know if he does it again, they'll shoot her. it's okay to carry those types of weapons in ohio if you have the right kind of permit. >>laura: in a half an hour, ntsb is expected to arrive at the scene of a deadly helicopter crash in central florida. three people died when the aircraft went down in a remote area along the space coast yesterday. police found military style helicopter on the ground fully engulfed in flames. witnesses saw it flying low just before it went down. >>russell: a rocket launch tomorrow at the cape. united launch will carry spacecraft that will spend two years traveling to an asteroid. this is only animation of what the mission may look like. spacecraft will collect samples and bring them back to earth. a lot of launch pads over at the
7:28 am
explosion last week. >>dave: and i think nasa is doing live interviews tomorrow about that and the reason -- how they're going to get it to work and all of that. hopefully we can bring that as well. it is 7:28 and starting off this morning, on a beautiful note, okay, we do have mostly sunny skies, a mild start. we're averaging it out to be in the mid 70s. inland, you're in the lower 7 0z. we'll all get back to the lower 90s for today and we're keeping the rain chances lower than normal be around 20% and then over the course of the next few days, we'll try to slowly slide them back up. by the weekend, we'll get rid of the drier air a lft and eventually get the rain chances around to 40%. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. we'll check on other trouble spots. looks like out of pinellas county, we have a couple of things to touch on. vehicle fire reported along 580. this might be more in a parking lot so less of a delay concern
7:29 am
a look. we're hearing there are flames showing from the engine part of the vehicle. we have a crash out of palm harbor blocking one lane. belcher road at tampa road. some delays here, probably minor because it's a single lane that's dealing with the travel lane blockage. we do also have some utilities work that started yesterday, seminole boulevard at 16th avenue southwest and it will be causing, i would say, extended lane closure. northbound lanes completely blocked. we're hearing for 10 days. work arounds to avoid some delays in the meantime. clearwater largo road o starkey. >>russell: making money from kaepernick's protest. >>laura: and a scam warning for you this morning. alcides segui is covering that. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. hermine hit florida almost a week ago. you can still see the effects being felt here in the bay area. we're in pasco county and new this morning, scammers are pretending to be fema employees to take your money.
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(russell- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. there's a ??scam warnin >>russell: 7:33. there's a scam warning for people who are trying to from hurricane hermine. >>laura: some con artists are trying to rip off victims. alcides segui is in pasco right now in the elfers area. good morning. >>reporter: you hear stories like this and it just makes you angry. there are people in the world that take advantage of other people. we're in the elfers parkway area and i want to talk about this briefly. we know that hurricane hermine
7:34 am
week ago. you can see how the storm is still impacting the pasco county area. no doubt, the water has gone down from where it once was a couple of days ago but again, folks in the area are still dealing with flooded streets and their homes sustaining water damage and now on top of all of that, the pasco county sheriff's office is warning folks about a phone scam. callers claiming to be from fema and demanding a deposit for storm damages or they're demanding m now, obviously fema does not operate that way so do not fall for it. florida cfo is investigating allegations of fraud across the state of florida. reports suggesting people posing as federal officials and then demanding cash, as much as $150 to help residents fill out fema claims, not the case. that's not supposed to happen. so again, state and local officials want to remind you,
7:35 am
information or money without verifying the identity of the person who is asking for it. government officials carry official identification as do insurance company representatives. if they don't have it, walk away or just hang up the phone. these scammers are also asking for personal information like social security numbers. so again, if they do not have that identification number, if they don't have the proper i.d., don't fall for that scam no matter where you're living the state of florida. pasco, hernando, citrus, big bend area, make sure they have the proper identification before you give them any information at all and remember, you don't have to give fema money to fill out one of the forms. those forms are free. you send it to fema and they respond accordingly. it doesn't cost money. it's just infuriating when you hear stories like this and people taking advantage of other people but it's happening and happening now so be careful. back to you.
7:36 am
general pam bondi was talking about last week. this comes about every time we have a disaster like this. thank you. we'll leave it there. russell? >>russell: 7:36 right now. imagine having trouble checking your emails. computer is not working. you can't figure out what's wrong and the warranty from the manufacturer is now history. our money adviser geoff simon in to talk about extended warranties on electronics and appliances. good to see you. >> you, too. >>russell: let's start electronics. you know, you're checking out and you bought the new computer and you've bought the new thing in the store and as you're leaving, they say, hey, would you like to buy the extended warranty on this? and then you're lost. well, maybe. i don't know. what's the best advice? >> you know, when you go to buy the appliances or computers in particular, we've all had the experience. you go to the checkout and they say, hey, we can sell you one,
7:37 am
it varies depending upon the merchandise that you buy but how do you know? the reality is, almost everyone who has ever done this has been solicited. three out of four people who buy electronic devices are solicited and one out of seven actually buy that. the average cost of a warranty, whether it's on a computer or a big screen tv is roughly about $80. so the question is, gee, is it worth it? one out of every seven people who buy devices tries to make that decision. but the question is, is it really worth it? in the long run, less than 50% of people who buy them actually use them so, you know, sort of -- you're taking a shot and the other question is, if you don't have a warranty and you do need a repair, what's the cost of the epair compared to the cost the warranty? and that's what a lot of people don't really understand.
7:38 am
know going in the warranty that comes with the new product, how long that actually lasts. >> that's right. and usually you don't know that because you haven't read the warranty. you haven't seen it and very often, the manufacturer's warranty will cover most repairs. certainly at least up to a year. now, appliances like refrigerators and stoves and other big appliances, well, the cst of the most major -- eight out are solicited. the cost for a major appliance, refrigerator kind of appliance is $125 the average warranty. for a smaller appliance, a microwave or something, that's about $37 for a warranty. but less than 50% of people who buy these ever use them. as you pointed out, the manufacturer's warranty covers at least the first year in most cases. if you're buying a one-year plan, it's completely redundant with the manufacturer warranty.
7:39 am
some coverage but most people don't actually use it. >>russell: what's the best advice here? you know you have some advice you want to give folks about what to do in a situation. >> buy a reliable product and you must check that warranty. you know, most items, whether they're appliances or electronics, are going to last several years. they don't break that quickly. you need to look at the warranty. don't be pressured into buying it until you read that and here's the crazy thing. even if it repair is only $16 more than the cost of buying the warranty. if only 50% or less of the people use them, it's probably more or less okay not to go. now, there are exceptions where you have to really make an expensive repair and those are the exceptions. but most of the time the cost of the repair is just slightly more than the warranty and most of the time in the three-year period you don't need repairs on most appliances and certainly
7:40 am
>>russell: i'm a warranty buyer. i double warranty. i have a home warranty and then i get a warranty on new appliances and so i'm double covered and that's kind of stupid. >> well, you're very protective. let's put it that way. but if you actually sat down and did the math, you would realize you need all the coverage. profit margin for the stores that shell them is 50%. half goes into the pocket of the retailer. there it is. thanks. i love what you've been doing the last few weeks. this has been great advice for me. thank you. loim timely if nothing else. parents of teenagers often worry about marijuana use but a new report shows it's not the kids that you need to be worried about. centers for disease control says that older people are turning to marijuana at a more rapid rate. since 2002, 50% more people between the ages of 45 and 54 use pot.
7:41 am
number is even higher. up 333%. surprisingly, marijuana use among 12 to 17-year-olds is fallen by 10%. however, the total number of young people using marijuana is still greater than that of older people. the experts believe the increase in use could be because more places are legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana. and we always hear about how not getting enough sleep is bad for your health but so is too much. sleep more than 10 hours a day can be a sign of disease or even cause diseases. 30% of adults in the u.s. are considered long sleepers. and while sleeping in once in a while won't kill you, making a habit just might. experts say sleeping more than 10 hours a day puts you at higher risk for heart disease, obesity, depression and even dying early. >>russell: 10 hours?
7:42 am
all right. his protest over the national anthem is paying off. jersey sales for 49ers quarterback for kaepernick is skyrocketing. more of his number seven jerseys have been sold in the past week than during the previous eight months. not bad for a backup quarterback. he is sitting or kneeling during the anthem to protest what he calls an injustice against people of color in this country. his protests will be on full display monday night when the 49ers play the crams. and one perso tolerate his players sitting during the national anthem is the head coach of team u.s.a. which will compete at the world cup of hockey later this month. he said if any player that sits during the national anthem will stay there for the rest of the game. no xexceptions. he coaches the columbus blue jackets right now and i think not a man to be messed with, either.
7:43 am
in sports, rays are going to try to end a three-game losing streak this afternoon at home against the baltimore orioles. baltimore beat them last night and beat them good. 11-2 was the first loss since the all star break for rays pitcher rizzi. he gave up seven runs in four inings tying his shortest start this season and also gave up the first grand slam of his career. a lot of people are still talking about florida state's win over old miss monday night. they overcame a to win. that's the biggest comeback win in fsu history. bucs quarterback wins ston might deserve some of the credit. how? he gave his former team a passionate speech at half-time in front of cameras from showtime. here's part of it. >> let's go, man. >> you cannot be stopped! the whole game! we got the best running back in
7:44 am
a quarter back that's going to toss that thing! you all got the hardest coach! >>dave: wow! >>laura: i told you what the fcc will allow. >>dave: he got me scared. >>russell: me, too. >>dave: he got me pumped up. >>russell: me, too. >>dave: take that leadership this sunday against at does. wow. >>laura: tough love. and you know, to think that he -- i mean, he kind of faced that adversity when he was a new player for the bucs. he's a freshman. just paying it forward. it's a true testament to how far jameis winston has come. >>dave: a lot of quarterbacks become the team leader, you know what i mean? i think that shows you what kind of passion he has for the game. >>laura: what an exhausting game. >>russell: you were there.
7:45 am
>>dave: me and russell were like -- yes, sir. yes, sir. we'll play harder. >>russell: he's a nice guy when he's not upset. stick around. much more ahead, including taylor swift's latest breakup. >>laura: one of the reasons why it didn't work out for her. 7:45 and we'll b oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side.
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d i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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>>dave: boy, what a beautiful start to the day over at the brookdale, bayshore camera. there's bayshore boulevard. you can see how quiet and lovely and beautiful and sunny that it is this morning. lakeland net camera giving us clear skies. just another vantage point of how beautiful it is. i should have warned you how bright this one is. tampa net cam. we saw a little tiny sun coming up over downtown earlier in this hour and just beautiful. how about toward the beach? we're so quiet this morning. get out and just truly enjoy
7:49 am
get back into the 90s. you have to remember now, it's still september but our typical 40% rain chance will be half. we'll drop it from 20% tampa north. we're 76 in tampa. owe kal arcs real nice this morning. northeast winds but it's above the surface where you have those -- that drier air just kind of hanging around. because of that, the rain chances drop to about 20% for us. now, a little further south, you may notice from sarasota south, sparking off later today. they've got a little more mid level moisture. honestly, a similar day to yesterday incomes one in terms of temperatures where we'll be around 92 degrees. 30% rain chance around sarasota. you'll run into decent rain chances around fort myers. gradually we get the mid level moisture back to the point. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday come along and the rain
7:50 am
40%. >>vanessa: we have an update here. nbraska south of busch boulevard, that crash with the southbound shut down and a single lane blocked in the northbound direction. tampa police tell us that not only does it involve that hart bus you saw in the live look a couple of reports back but also involves a pedestrian with some serious injuries and also a lot of debris in the roadway. southbound is the biggest area of concern but you also have a single lane blocked in the northbound direction. avoid, please. tarpon springs, another area to avoid. pinellas avenue, aka alternate 18, two lanes blocked at rainville road. we do have a lot of delays northbound and southbound. unfortunately your best workaround is u.s. 19 which is also jammed so it's like a pick your poison scenario. make sure to leave early no matter when way you're taking. i-4, i want to update you on the crash we showed you earlier at
7:51 am
that's cleared off to the side. we're not seeing any lane blockage but it looks slow in the area. i-4 as you might suspect is slow from 75 heading in towards downtown. that's 18 minutes. 36 minutes southbound 275 from that 75 junction in pasco it the interchange and 21 minutes from bruce b downs to i-4 taking 75. >>laura: well, the couple known as hittleswift split up. the two stars got together earlier this year after the met gala in new york. it wasn't long before they started taking vacations together and photographs holding hands and looking like the perfect couple took no time to surface. looks can be deceiving sometimes. taylor broke up with tom because he wanted to keep the relationship too public. she's 26.
7:52 am
life, she's never been able to do much in private at all. >>russell: i was driving in the other day and i saw a sign that said daft is more perfect than hittleswift. i had no idea what that meant. >>charley: when the sign is hipper than you are. >>jennifer: every day of my life. >>charley: my daughter says something. oh, t what does it mean? i'm in st. petersburg this morning at the dog training club of st. petersburg from basic obedience to the most extreme agility, they teach it all here. from the basics to some of the high he is of competition levels. and it's all non profit. it's a volunteer instructor system and this saturday is a great time to come check them out. they have an open house happening. i'll tell you all about it was doggie destiny
7:53 am
toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
7:54 am
7:55 am
y23yey yy6y >>charley: breckin says "good day tampa bay." i'm charley belcher from st. petersburg. the dog training club of st. petersburg to be exact. oldest club of its kind in pinellas county. you guys from the basics of
7:56 am
obese -- obedience training but a non profit and everyone is a volunteer. >> our mission is a public one. we want the public to come and train their dogs. number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelter, because they're unmanageable. that means they're not trained. we train people to train their dogs. we don't train dogs here. we train people here. >>charley: nine times out of 10 it's the people problem. the dog is fine. you have to understand how to communicate with the dog. do i pay to bring my dog here? >> absolutely. you can sign u we have people here at our club every night from about 6:00 to about 8:30. you can come in person, sign up online. we have classes all the way from puppy all the way up through very advanced obedience. >>charley: prices vary. >> because we're an all volunteer organization, our pricing structure is a little less expensive than if you were to go to somewhere else. we pride ourselves on training people. >>charley: saturday, best time
7:57 am
>> we do our annual open house in accordance with the dog responsible ownership days. we have four rescue groups, including dallas with somebody, inc. >>charley: that dog is up for adoption. >> and we'll have three other adoption rescues here. >>charley: time for the open house? >> 9:00 to 3:00. >>charley: that's this saturday. give the address. >> 4400e 34th >>charley: highway 19 overpass. look it up. plenty more from the dog training club of st. petersburg
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
((russell the hidden dangers in your child's phone.. the warning from l > hi warning fromaw enforcent about something that could change your students' life forever. >> and flu season already? why you might have to make yr little one get the shot instead of the nasal spray thisyear. >> from tab'sumr n oews station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody its agent o'clock. good morning everybody thank you for waking up on this wednesday morning september 7th. and the roads just got a little busy. we're going to get straight to traffic with vanessa. >> yeah, good morning. we have two big closures to talk about. the first is carrying over from our last hour as the secd.


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