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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ((walter ahead this hour on good day: a hit and run... ?after a robbery. it happened right outside a local mall. a man opens ?fire at law enforcement. but we'll tell you why ?he's the one in the hospital. ((walter plus... a scary "wake up call" for one bay area man. how his "samsung" phone... just set his ?car on fire. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now,
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developing this morning in polk county: the state attorneys office is investigating a shooting... involving ?four law
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three police officers and a deputy were doing a traffic stop for a drug task force. and they say the man they pulled over... opened fire. the deputy is from polk county and the three officers were from winter haven, haines city, and lake wales. the man shot was 32 year old "francis perry." he was rushed to the hospital... and no word on his ?current condition. the task force ?knew perry. he had an active warrant and he's a known violent convicted felon. and as the task force surrounded his car... they say he started shooting at them ?through his passenger window. they returned perry several times. law enforcement leaders are now just grateful, this didn't end
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perry has a long criminal history. he just recently got out of prison in march. he's been convicted of attempted 2nd degree murder, impersonating a law enforcement officer, fleeing to elude, and other drug charges. robbed...and run over. this week at a shopping mall jewelry store. a store worker is in the hospital... fighting for his life. and the thief who made off with ?thousands of dollars in jewelry... is still on the run. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live at the sheiffs office right now, with the
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today in marion county: a ten year old boy heads to court... charged with manslaughter. and it's all over the death, of his two year old cousin. the victim is journee
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it happened while she was left unsupervised inside an ocala home with the 10-year-old... and another child. investigators say the other sibling witnessed the ten year old ?hitting the toddler... because she was calling him names. the case will likely stay in ?juvenille court. that would mean a maximum sentence of about eight years. polk deputies expect ?more children to come forward... in a child molestation case. they say molested at least 2 toddlers, and showed child porn to other kids. ballone was already in jail after being arrested a few weeks ago for possession of child porn. the new charges were added, after more evidence started to emerge. deputies say ballone even had an elaborate camera setup in his home, while committing his crimes. today in south florida: a former secret service agent heads to court... accused of trying to have sex with a 14 year old girl. "lee robert moore" was arrested last november
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delaware. agents say moore was talking online from his home in west palm beach... with someone he ?thought was a 14 year old girl in delaware. it was actually an undercover agent. prosecutors say moore also had ?other chats with ?real underage girls. he was also indicted back in june, for ?possession of child pornography. polk county deputies are looking for two thieves who stole a truck and a trailer... filled with expensive equipment. it happened on labor day at "mr. and mrs. asphalt" on u-s highway 92 west in auburndale. the truck and since been recovered... but deputies are still looking for the thieves. take a good look at this video. crime stoppers of tampa bay is now offering a three ?thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of this armed robber. he held up the hampton inn on waters avenue around eleven-30 monday night. hillsborough deputies say the robber pointed a gun at a clerk and took money from the register and the clerk's
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the fallout continues... for samsung new "galaxy note 7" phone. the device almost cost one st. pete man... his life. that's because it actually ?caught fire... inside his car! nathan dornacher says he had his phone plugged in to charge it.. when it burst into flames. he wasn't seriously hurt... but his family's jeep was completely torched. that fire is why samsung started ?recalling the phones last week. dozens of these fires have been reported all across the country. and t a month ago. the company stopped selling them, and is offering replacements. dornacher says he's gotten the run around from samsung so faraabout the fire. he said he wasn't aware of the recalla&until now. can't wait for the first presidential debate? well we got a bit of a preview last night. both donald trump and hillary clinton took part in a "commander-in chief"
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answered questions from matt lauer in front of a live audience. the only catch? they didn't have to face each ?other. fox's jane metzler has the details. :15:48 ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ------------------------(track) hillary clinton and donald trump taking the stage back-to-back wednesday night... answering questions on national security and the military during an n-b-c news "commander-in-chief forum" clinton says: "each of us should be presenting our experience our expertise and our plans to protect and defend the united states." trump says: "i've built a great company, been all over the world. i think the main thing is i have great judgement." clinton, the democratic presidential nominee and trump, the republican presidential nominee addressing an audience of veterans and active service members aboard the intrepid sea, air and space museum. trump has repeatedly attacked clinton's foreign policy record...calling her "trigger-happy and very unst no faith in hillary clinton or the leadership...she's been there for 30 years...we need change." clinton leaning heavily on her tenure as secretary of state... saying trump is unequipped and temperamentally unfit to serve as commander in chief... clinton says: "now my opponent was for the war in iraq war. he says he wasn't you can go back and look at the record... i have taken responsibility for my decision, he refuses to take responsibiltiy for his support..." both candidates differ on how to support american troops once they are back on home soil... and on the best way to improve health care for veterans... trump says: "the va is really you could say is almost a corrupt enterprise... we are going to make it effficient and good." clinton says: "working to provide more support for the care of our take care of those who are coming back with profound injuries." (tag) while the candidates did not appear face to face wednesday night... they will go head-to-head on september 26th during the first presidential debate.
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and the questions about clintons email server... not over yet. up next: why the state department is set to give some answers today... to congress. plus: let the games begin... all over again! why thousands of athletes are
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happening today in washigton: another hearing... on hillary clinton's email server. it's being led by the house committee on oversight and reform. several state department officials are set to testify... but hillary clinton will ?not be there. the hearing will focus on the
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how the state department's email ?policies could have put national security in jeopardy. there's also another hearing next week... where the house committee will ask the state department to release the information they ?redacted from the previously released clinton emails. today in paris: the lone surviving suspect from last november's paris terror attacks appears in court. this is the vehicle carrying "salah abdeslam" to the courthouse. the 26-year old has been detained at a french prisons since april, when he was extradited in belgium. talk at a previous hearing because of 24-hour surveillance of his prison cell. the attacks in paris killed 130 people last november. and... the competition has begun ?again in rio de janeiro. the 2016 paralympic games kicked off last night with the opening ceremonies. more than two thousand performers took part in the two hour event. the paralympics feature more than four thousand athletes from 161 nations. the actual games begin today... and they will run through
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so denver will have to beat cam newton and carolina this time... with quarterback "trevor siemian" the 250th pick... in the 2015 draft. siemian got the job after last years back up... brock osweiler signed with houston. and denver couldnt find any ?veterans that would fit. defense still has a pretty good defense. they host carolina tonight mile high stadium. and the ?rest of the nfl will be taking the field this sunday. including our tampa bay bucs. here's another look at the game day schedule here on fox 13. scott smith will be live in atlanta for our first tailgate sunday of the season at 10-30 in the morning. then you can catch the ?first bucs game... playing the falcons ?in atlanta. that's at one p-m. and it's followed by
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giants and cowboys around 4-25. the tampa bay rays wraped up one of the ?last homestands of the season wednesday. and fans at the trop got their money's worth. the scoring went back and forth with several lead changes. but the rays finally took the lead for good in the seventh... cory dickerson getting an rbi double. that put the rays up seven to six. bullpen was the ?real star... they only gave up one ?hit... over the last four innnings. rays avoid the sweep, winning the game... 7-6 they start a series against the yankees ?in new york, tonight. and... u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte finally learns his punishment, from his rough trip to rio. the u-s olympic committee and u-s- a swimming is suspending him
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world championships next year, as part of the suspension. it all follows an incident at a gas station in rio during the summer olympics. lochte claimed he and several other u-s swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. but brazilian authorities claim the swimmers actually ?vandalized a bathroom, and were fighting with a security guard. when we come back, i'll have another check on your skytower forecast. plus... all the details from apples big "iphone" announcement.
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((vanessa)) a fun start... to the biggest ?tech event of the year. the late late show's james corden giving apple ceo "tim cook" a ride to yesterday's main event. and oh yeah... singer "pharrel" was in the backseat too.((more)) but after all the fun... cook had to get down to
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tech world waits all ?year for... to see apple's next big product line. and there was plenty for consumers to drool about. even a few things for them to ?complain about. but we start with the ?positive: apple revealed two new iphones... the iphone 7 and the iphone 7 plus. the new phone is faster, has more space... and it's even more water resistant. but here's where the reviews got a little mixed. the new dual- camera system that's been rumored for the "7 plus." the regular iphone 7 won't have it. so you'll have to shell out an extra 120 dollars to get that new telephoto wide angle lense. another complaint from users... the headphone jack. apple actually ?removed it from the new phones. instead... you can connect the headphones to the phone's lightning port... with an adapter. or... you can buy apple's new ?wireless earbuds for 150 bucks. they're called
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when you take them out of your ears. they'll be available next month. apple also used the event to real a new version of their "apple watch." it comes with g-p-s tracking... and has enough water resistance to ?swim with it. the "series 2" watch will also get a faster processor and a brighter display for outdoor use. it will also be able to pay... "pokemon go!" the pricetag... 369-dollars. presales on the new iphones start friday... and they sale a week later. and the big announcements didn't end there. coming up in our next half hour... the new ?game coming to iphones this winter... that has nintendo fans.. ?super excited. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in brandon , with the latest on
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