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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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caught on camera .. a thief makes off with >>laura: caught on camera. a thief makes off with thousands of dollars in jewelry. the clerk chases after and now he's in the hospital. this morning deputies need help >> this is the fear of floridians right here. it is not good enough. >>russell: david jolly creating the buzz in washington, bringing mosquitos to work as he calls for emergency action to fight zika. >>laura: and missing for years. the flag that represented our country's resilience in the wake of the september 11 attacks is finally found. but where was it? >>dave: got some 60s on the map this morning.
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from this map. new port richey, tampa still at 74 but it's lovely, lovely outside this morning. we'll get a beautiful sunrise in an hour and 11 minutes and just a 20% rain chance. that's it for later this afternoon. very similar to yesterday as highs sneak back in the lower 90s. >>vanessa: we'll check the roadways starting off with an seems to be the most serious crash of the morning as far as lane blockage is concerned. pinellas county southbound 275 in the area of pinellas point drive. make sure you're using caution. we're not seeing very many delays in the area and we're keeping it here in pinellas. a new crash at 126 avenue north at 66th street north. appears to be on the shoulder but remember your move over law. >>russell: thanks.
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after stopping a man who ran away with nearly $25,000 in jewelry. now, the thief was caught on camera and deputies hope that someone can help to track him down. >>laura: and shayla reaves is live for us at the sheriff's office. there's a lot to talk about. is there any prognosis yet on the clerk? >>reporter: we found out the worker in the case remains hospitalized with critical injuries and at this point, the the person responsible for causing those injuries. in fact, deputies are asking anyone with any information to come forward and share what you know. i want you to check out the video on the screen. these are images captured in the mirage fine jewelry in brandon mall. this is westfield brandon mall. these are images captured on tuesday and a short time after the video, that's when everything changed for the clerk
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according to deputies, a man asked to try on about $25,000 in jewelry but instead of handing over cash, he bolted. the employee hopped on the hood of a getaway car. the thief took off, throwing the worker from the hood of the chevy camaro. >> this victim, as valiant as he was trying to be, has been he'll survive it. so it is definitely a serious offense and we take it very seriously. we hope the public will give us some information in identifying who he is. >>reporter: the thief is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old. getway car is described as a two door newer model chevy camaro seen heading north on i-275. the worker was not only thrown
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over as well. he remains in the hospital in critical condition. as for mirage diamonds and fine jewelry, they were closed on wednesday, the day after this happened. but if you have any information that can help detectives working the case, you're urged to give the hillsborough county sheriff's office a call. back to you. >>laura: thank you. also developing this morning, officers go from protecting their own lives to trying to save the life of a man who threatened theirs. >>russell: a man shot at them during a traffic stop. they fired county deputy were conducting the stop as part of a drug trafficking task force and the man they pulled over opened fire on them. he's identified as francis perry, a man that sheriff judd calls a wanted, violent felon. there's a warrant out for perry's arrest and investigators say he had meth in the vehicle. >> the message is very clear. don't point your guns and shoot at law enforcement officers if
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we shot back because he shot at us. and we shot at him a lot. >>russell: perry was hit multiple times. officers started c.p.r. while waiting for medical help. he was taken to the hospital. we're still waiting to get an update on his condition. none of the officers were hurt. they're on paid administrative leave. multiple agencies are investigating, including state attorney's office. sheriff judd plans to release more information >>laura: facing public outcry, miami dade county is delaying the use of a controversial insecticide in miami beach to fight zika. >> this after dozens of protestors called the chemical dangerous. it's over an insecticide that's already been banned in the european union. the county had planned to start
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tomorrow. governor scott mandated aerial spraying after the discovery of mosquitos infected with the virus in miami beach. it's not harmful to humans in the amount the county crews are planning to use. >>laura: david jolly held up a jar of mosquitos on the house floor. >> can you ima this chamber. members of congress would spray themselves before coming down here. this is the fear of floridians right here. >>russell: he criticized congress for failing to pass a $1.1 billion bill to help combat zika. mosquitos are actually harmless.
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well, here's the thing, though. it could take weeks for congress to reach a compromise. senior lawmakers are hinting at the most likely outcome. they suggested rolling it into a stop gap measure that lawmakers need to pass by the end of the month to avoid a government shutdown. i know. coming up at 6:30, we'll take a closer look at the local efforts to combat zika. major chad will be here to offer some tips to keep your family safe. >>laura: just -- samsung recalled the galaxy iphone, this phone blew up. he had only had the phone for four days. at the time he said he wasn't aware that samsung had recently recalled the note 7 after 35 incidents of note 7's catching
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>> that's the last thought in my head is that a brand new device, something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my car or my house or hurt a family member. >>laura: luckily nobody was hurt. family service dog noticed something was wrong and alerted the family. samsung is aware of the fire and the company is planning to investigate this. in a statement they're asking note 7 owners to take advantage of the product exchange program. that was announced on friday and owners can exchange their phone >>russell: hillsborough county commission wants to crack down on animal abusers after the death of a famous flamingo. a man grabbed pinkie, shook her and slammed her to the ground so hard she had to be euthanized. county commission is holding a public meeting on a plan to create an animal abuser registry. offenders would be required to register or face fine. the list would be online so adoption agencies and the public
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to learn more, the hearing is being held at 10:00 at the county center downtown. a local woman is calling for harsher animal cruelty statewide. she launched an online petition after pinkie's death. it's got n nearly 150,000 signatures. it needs to reach that goal before sent to governor scott and other leaders. >>laura: former secret service agent is facing child pornography charges in florida. moore was originally aes delaware. he tried to solicit sex from an undercover agent he thought was a 14-year-old girl. he was indicted by a florida grand jury on more serious charges including the production of child pornography. he is due in court this morning. moore served as a uniformed officer at the white house. >>russell: man from new port richey pleaded guilty to impersonating a u.s. senator to avoid paying off his home loan. 67-year-old hines pleaded guilty
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home and failed to pay it. years later when a collection agency came calling, he claim to beed a u.s. senator, specifically dick durbin from illinois. now he faces three years in prison. >>laura: it is 6:10 now. with twos monthing -- to go until election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are trying to convince people they are ready for >> each of us should be presenting our experience, our expertise and our plans to protect and defend the united states. >> i built a great company. i've been all over the world. i think the main thing is i have great judgment. >>russell: because of this format, they did not share the stage at the same time. they will go head to head on september 26. that will be the first presidential debate.
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voters who have previously served in the military. 55 to 36% in a new survey monkey poll. on tuesday, a group of 88 retired generals and admirals signed a letter backing trump. >>russell: nasa's big mission happening today. >>laura: and it was raised on one of the darkest days of our country's history. the flag at ground zero. but what you may not know is that that flag vanished shortly after this picture was taken. >>dave: 6:11. what a beautiful start to the day. 74 degrees outside at tampa international. what i love is that second number, that dew point. it's getting down to the upper 60s at least for a brief period. it's going to be a warm one as we sneak back to the lower 90s this afternoon. keeping the same rain chances as yesterday and that's only 20%
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
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tonight nasa plans to launch its >>russell: tonight nasa plans to launch the first mission to land on an asteroid.
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from the cape. it's carrying a robotic probe designed to study an ancient asteroid that is taller than the empire state building. the key to enlighten the with - universe. the probe will scout it out for two years before scooping up samples and head home. all told, that mission will take seven years. >>laura: do you think it's interesting an ast after a dinosaur? >>vanessa: it's like an acronym. origin spectral interpretation resource identification security regulus explorer. i was just curious like why they came up with that name. >>russell: vanessa? >>vanessa: i'm sorry. nerd. >>russell: wow.
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just then. >>dave: you win. >>vanessa: what do you win? >>dave: chocolate chip cookie. i want to know how can they do this? it's amazing. and i hope it goes off without a hitch. 6:16 and i got 66 degrees in crystal river. brooksville, 67. i mean, a lot of temperatures in the low 70s. outside this morning. brandon, you're at 72. same for our friends in wauchula this morning. lakeland at 72. bartow at 73 and notice how if you're from tampa north, it's two to four degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. not a huge difference but in some cases, it is a noticeable difference. what we've done is take this dew point and knock it back in the
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70s all summer long. now i'm going to say this. get used to it because it does look like this lower level moisture will start to increase again tomorrow. but at least this morning, it really is a nice little start to the day. the further south you go, the more moisture there is in the atmosphere, the better rain chance you're going to have. albeit, it's only slightly better. today we're looking at 20% rain chance in the tampa area. i didn't see much on the it was all further south from sarasota south and the same thing will happen again today with high pressure really in control. the future cast does a decent job of pinpointing. these little green blips are isolated showers. i'm going to tell you that it may not rain exact until that spot, but it gives you an idea of the general coverage and it's light and mainly south of tampa for today. then beginning tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a little more moisture in the atmosphere. notice you'll see a few stronger
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tomorrow and then from there, we'll go back to 40% later in the weekend. partly cloudy and hot today. i can't wait to see the beautiful sunrise and it's coming up perfect time right over downtown. we'll show it to you on the tampa cam at 7:15. we've got mostly clear skies tonight, mild, 77. for a low tomorrow, back to the lower 90s. hot and humid with the isolated storm chance. the next seven days, we'll show you the rain chances in general are going to be about 30% for bumping it up a bit to 40% for sunday and monday, tuesday and wednesday. now on to the traffic nerd. >>vanessa: i have a feeling i'm not going to live this osiris rex thing done. i just google machined it. i was just curious. >>dave: good. >>russell: but you win. >>vanessa: all right. thanks, guys.
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as dave said i'm the traffic nerd so i have to bring you the traffic report. it looks clear right now on the roadways. it's six minutes across the howard frankland bridge which is ideal. eight minutes, 75 to branch forbes. still dealing with the wreck here taking up the right lane. this is southbound 275 at 54th avenue south. use caution in the area. no big delays, though. >>laura: thank you. u.s. swimmer ryan lochte will be suspended 10 months after an incident in rio. he said he and three teammates were robbed in gun point but an investigation later found the swimmers were stopped by security guards after committing acts of vandalism. as part of his punishment, he will not be allowed to participate in the 2017 world championship. his teammates also face suspensions. >>russell: senate panel is
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than $500 since 2008. industry insiders estimate it costs no more than $30 to make one. pharmaceuticals have named plans to sell a less expensive, generic version of the drug. >>laura: it is one of the most iconic images of the 21st century. three firefighters raising the american flag at ground zero. >>russell: not long after the picture was taken, the flag disappeared. 15 years later, the mystery has been solved. two y showed up at an everett fire station in washington state with a flag in a plastic bag. he said it was given to him by someone else. they sent it to the state crime lab for testing. forensic scientists compared dust. guess what? they're a match. >> my god. well, i figured it was incredibly patriotic for one thing just to know i'm looking at something this important.
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significance is a once in a career for me. that's for sure. >>russell: later the flag will be delivered to the national september 11 memorial and museum where it will stay. detectives are trying to track down brian to found out how he got his hands on such an important piece of history. >>laura: faster, lighter, everything you would expect from the new iphone. >>russell: coming up at 6:30, new additions that you didn't know were coming to the new apple device. and che we're going to reveal the winner of the national beard championships. sorry. i can't look at that right now. [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: welcome back. time to see what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: i'm going to try to redeem myself from yesterday. it didn't go well, remember? >>laura: it's always fun. >>jennifer: yesterday was yesterday. today we'll focus on this. >>russell: thank you, scarlet. >>jennifer: you probably noticed facial hair kind of all the rage. guys everywhere rocking the big,
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who has the best beard of them all? there are some portraits taken by photographer greg anderson. are you look ago -- looking at this right now? just for men national beard and mustache championships. it's been going on for years. styles pretty far out. big mustaches, huge beards. i don't know what's going on with this one. >>laura: it should come with a warning in advance. it's cool but do you know what i mean? >>jennifer: wha and there's even one that looks like a wolf. overall winner, kind of simple. i was surprised. he's taylor weldon. also not pictured here, the winner of the best mustache. his name is fitting. mansfield. >>russell: do you think that's real? >>jennifer: what does the winner get? prize is called the bouquet of
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>>russell: i don't like this. >>jennifer: you don't like facial hair? >>russell: it's not that. i don't know. i don't know. >>jennifer: we'll just move on. >>russell: i always hope they wash it. >>jennifer: mr. clean is taking an extended vacation after nearly six decades of being tough on dirt. now he's looking for a replacement. actor lutz. >>laura: from sex in the city. no. from twilight. >>russell: twilight. >>jennifer: he wasn't successful. he was one with the curly hair we saw, right? winner is slated to win several prizes, including $20,000. the seven for the next mr. clean, russell rhodes, ends october 7. >>russell: that guy has got it right there. do you see the eyebrows? >>jennifer: you could totally be mr. clean.
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those guys are in shape. >>laura: thank you, jen. >>laura: we have all this rain left behind by hermine. >>russell: a single tire can breed hundreds of thousands of mosquitos. what you should do to keep them from having babies in your yard and follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx. - marco. - polo. - marco. - polo.
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marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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good morning, i'm laura moody rhodes. it's six-thirty, let's check in with dave for a look at >>laura: good morning. >>russell: let's get to dave for a look at weather. >>dave: mid to upper 60s. big smile on my face. hernando county, sneaking into parts of pasco county as well. it's a real nice start. 72 in brandon. 72 in the bartow area as well. we have highs today back in the lower 90s. i think that's the thing you have to realize. it's still september. while we're getting teased by the lovely mornings, still warm in the afternoon.
6:31 am
down. 20% for today and 30% -- actually those days are wrong. it should be thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday. 20% to 30% the next couple of days. >>vanessa: i was already confused what day it was anyways because of labor day. >>dave: i love working with you guys so much, i want to bring it back a day. >>vanessa: right. all right. thanks. it's 6:31. one new lane blockage crash to mention out of pasco county. looks like it will be affecting eastbound state road 52 from what we can tell. seeing delays, eastbound direction but it's at state road 52 at i-75. i haven't heard as far as the number of lanes that are blocked up but we know there are some lanes or at least one lane blocked in the area so particularly if you're heading eastbound a couple of extra minutes out the door. >>russell: 6:31. jewelry store clerk is fighting for his life after trying to stop a man who ran away with nearly $25,000 in jewelry.
6:32 am
run over after clinging to the hood of the man's car. they're looking for the man wearing the dark blue shirt and hat. >>laura: a 10-year-old boy is charged in the death of his 2-year-old cousin. journey blidon was rushed to the hospital with severe head trauma and died a few days later. deputies were told she fell from the play pen. 10-year-old said it was an accident. another physically a bused her and jurney. all three were unsupervised at the time. >>russell: investigator says there are no early clues to what caused a military helicopter crash in palm bay. the older military style hospital had just -- helicopter had just had work done. it was on a post maintenance test flight when it went down tuesday, killing a three person crew. the victims have not been identified. >>laura: and a carnival cruise ship is on the way back to
6:33 am
overboard in the bahamas. she jumped from the 11th deck of the carnival ecstasy yesterday. coast guard crews spent hours searching for her. they covered 27 miles southwest of grand bahama but the search turned up nothing. >>russell: a loft unanswered questions this morning surrounding an officer involved shooting in polk county. >>laura: and officers are okay but the man they say opened fire on them ois in the hospital thi morning. investigators are expected release more information about the man shot and why he likely fired on officers and no surprise here, strong words from sheriff judd, right? >>reporter: that's right. i have to tell you, laura and russell, after learning the circumstances behind the case, i'm realizing this could have been a lot worse. according to the sheriff, they pulled this guy over on a traffic stop. as they were approaching the car, they couldn't see inside because the dark tinted windows. it was blacked out. they had no idea this guy was
6:34 am
they returned fire, hitting him several times. he was rushed to the hospital. as of this point, his condition is unknown. also this morning, the sheriff is expected to release additional information about this case. we're hoping to find out what was in this guy's car. law enforcement officers pulled over 32-year-old francis perry. they approached his car and the sheriff said that perry shot at them. obviously they returned fire, hitting him none of the officers were hit. investigateors believe that perry had a large amount of drugs in the car and were hoping to confirm that information sometime this morning. sheriff judd said that perry is a known convicted, violent felon. his extensive history, including attempted second degree murder, fleeing to allude, impersonating a law enforcement officer and possession of meth. and he was just released from prison about five months ago.
6:35 am
for his arrest. he was a member of a white supremacist movement. state attorney's office, by the way, is investigating this as well but as you mentioned, russell, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered and we're hoping to get some answers this morning and we're continuing to follow the story throughout "good day tampa bay." back to you. >>russell: thanks. it's 6:35. we have been talking about zika, seems like forever. it's something we'll have to deal with especially wit this rain we've had in the last few weeks. but dealing with it is something that the hillsborough county sheriff's office has been doing for a long time and it's in an obvious way but something you may not have thought about very much. tires. major chad is with us this morning to talk about it. good to see you. >> good morning. >>russell: we all know that mosquitos like to breed in tires, but your office and mosquito control have been working together for awhile to help get rid of all of these extra tires.
6:36 am
county the past year and past several years. i don't think any of us would have thought what a serious problem standing water is. we're not talking hundreds. we're not talking thousands. we're talking hundreds of thousands of mosquitos. it becomes a breeding ground so a serious problem. when you talk about 81 waste tire dealers and tire dealers across the county, you can imagine what a problem this truly could be. >>russell: after you all sent the information about -- to talk about this, i was -- i didn't know that there are specific laws for how many tires you can have on a premise. >> and i'll be completely honest with you. either did you until we did some research for today's topic. but yeah. they're not allowed to have more than 1,500 waste tires there. you know those tires that people they get new tires?d them when - no more than 1,500 and some of
6:37 am
breeding ground for mosquitos. a lot of people don't know the species that carries the zika virus is here in hillsborough county. luckily no reported cases, but the species that can carry it is here. >>russell: and so how does it work? you've got people going out to actually inspect these businesses that have, you know, discarded tires? >> and we do. a couple of weeks ago we talked about the rapid response team and environmental deputies and they do. they visit all the search for new sites and they go out and visit. we take mosquito control. the county mosquito control with us and we spray. we spray everything to make sure that that zika virus doesn't come to the tampa bay area. >>russell: i read, there are 81 waste tire locations in hillsborough county. >> yeah. i didn't know that many, either. and that's a lot of dealers and that could be a lot of potential for some standing water which, you know, in turn becomes such a
6:38 am
mosquitos. they removed over 3,000 tires. you see them on the side of the road. some people don't properly discard them. they pick those up and collect those. one tire becomes a breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of mosquitos. >>russell: which brings us to, you know, we just came through a really bad rain storm, a hurricane and a lot of rain for us. it's a good chance to tell people, don't have standing water. we've learned a bottle cap, a ground for these kinds of mosquitos that spread zika. >> everything becomes a potential of a breeding ground. if you have any type of standing water where there's a flower pot, anything around your house, get rid of it. >>russell: it's good to see you. we have some advice right there. major chad, after tonight. >> after tonight it's official. >>russell: we'll be saying colonel chad starting next week. congratulations. >> thank you very much. very excited, very grateful. thank you, everyone.
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>> take care. >>laura: dave is next with a look at the forecast. >>russell: and a big announcement on "live with kelly." cming up, how you can win a day in michael's old chai introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received.
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>>dave: 6:42 and there it is. a beautiful start to the day and once again, the sun coming right up over the middle of downtown at 7:12. it's just a beautiful start to the day and i'm loving some of these temperatures. pinellas park sneaking back to 70 degrees this morning. west chase, new tampa, both at 71. brandon, sun city center at 72. jackpot for the north.
6:43 am
bushnell, dade city at 69 degrees. brooksville, love it at 67. yeah, it's a little warmer and muggier south as you go mid 70s from bradenton through englewood and low to mid 70s for the inland counties. satellite and radar set up almost exactly the same way as yesterday. northeasterly wind and we still have some of that drier air in the mid levels of the atmosphere and this gives you of -- look at all of this red, this drier air that's been separating the state in half. northern part of the state has been delightful, southern part of the state a little more moisture so they had a few showers yesterday from sarasota south. same thing for today. tampa, we're holding you to the 20% rain chance and then slowly increasing the rain chances as you go a little further to the south. gradually over the course of the upcoming weekend, we're going to
6:44 am
i'm like punching it out, right? we'll get more tropical moisture to settle back in. once that happens, we'll raise the rain chances again. but even if we raise the rain chances for saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, at least we had a nice break. from all the rain last week, not much going on this week and then we'll head back to normal with the rain chances running, say, 40% into the weekend, early next week. the thing is, i know you're in the upper 60s citrus county, county. still you get back to the lower 90s for today. one or two isolated storms to the south but i don't think you're going to see a ton of rain there. mostly clear, mild tonight. instead of 74, maybe 76, 77 in tampa area and then i did notice that the computer models want to increase the humidity a little bit tomorrow. 91 for a high. hot, humid with one or two
6:45 am
east wind shifting to the north at 10 knots. seas running a couple of feet. water temperatures out at the beach still 84 degrees. we had a high tide about a half hour ago so low tide coming in just before 2:00 this afternoon. as far as the tropics go, they'll stay relatively quiet as well. nothing in the foreseeable future. 40% rain chances sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday afternoons. >>vanessa: all right. thanks, dave. 6 c. -- 6:45 right now. the crash i mentioned in a few reports back, this is in pinellas southbound 275 in the area of pinellas point drive starting to cause some minor slowdowns in the area. it's not a full blockage. still taking up the right lane with traffic passing on the left. we'll check out the rest of the majors. southbound i-4 to pinellas bayway is running up to speed here. 26 minutes is the drive. it's 12 minutes from buchman
6:46 am
fowler avenue along 75. we're checking in with charley belcher. are you making a list right now? >>charley: i'm coming up with your homework assignment. it's going to be very important today. you're going to have to pay attention so i can tell you about the elite animation academy. stop the clock. stop the clock. the golden spectacles award? >>russell: now we call it the >>vanessa: that was my name for it. okay. they like the name. i got the nerd alert award today. >>charley: wow. i'm so -- i feel like i've just entered a cocktail party and the record went -- and i have no idea what anybody is talking about. >>vanessa: it's on twitter but i can fill you in on it more. >>charley: you just summed up our news cast. it's on twitter. >>vanessa: it's on facebook, too. >>charley: we'll be right back. >>vanessa: it's everywhere.
6:47 am
film me in on what you're talking about? >>vanessa: apparently earlier we were talking about the osiris rex. >>russell: he doesn't know what that is. >>charley: you have to tell me the hour and a half of the news cast. >>vanessa: we'll talk about it later. >>russell: okay. earlier we were talking about the osiris rex, charley, which is this probe that is going to go to the -- >>charley: to the asteroid. we didn't know what that she looks it up and gives this long litany of what it stands for. >>vanessa: it's an acronym. >>russell: we're going to get eyeglasses, put tape on them and it's the nerd alert award. whoever is the nerdiest on "good day." >>charley: vanessa, don't let them bully you for your smarts. >>vanessa: are you kidding? i'm so thankful for this award. i would like to thank my parents and i would like to thank -- >>russell: i'm walking out of
6:48 am
>>vanessa: i would like to thank google and my "good day" family. >>charley: i like the show that goes 30 seconds off the rails. >>vanessa: i wanted to mention it briefly but -- >>charley: but you went there. all right. i'm out of time. i'm going to tell you about the elite academy in west chase. it is an art school created -- it is an art school animation by former -- created my former disney artists, one in orlando and one hire. i can't wait to tell you what they offer for adults, for kids. if you know somebody who is artistically inclined at all, you'll want to pay attention. we'll have a "good day" in west chase. >>vanessa: this is a testament to how good of a reporter you are, charley. you didn't give up. you kept asking the hard
6:49 am
the audience going, what the heck they talking about? there are probably a few folks tuning out, too. >>vanessa: thanks. i'll take notes. we'll get to laura. >>laura: wheels fell right off. despite the economic recovery, florida will not have much extra money for the year 2017. new forecast shows the state will have a surplus of only 7.5 million dollars during the importantly, it sets up a 1.3 billion dollar budget gap during rick scott's final year in office. legislators may have to cut spending in some parts of the budget or push for additional taxes next spring. american airlines' first trip to cuba completed the round trip yesterday. jet blue started last week. southwest airlines' first flight from tampa international was
6:50 am
that should happen sometime later this year. a warning for teco customers. scammer vbz calling customers trying to get their money. at least one tampa man ended up losing hundreds of dollars because of this. teco says between 10 and 15 customers are hearing from the scammers every day. but it is a reminder to customers that teco will never call and ask for credit card or debit card information. >>russell: picture this. oreo cookies inside a candy bar. we have very we're finally getting a chance to pick over the new iphone from the camera to a new game that has a lot of people excited.
6:52 am
- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
6:53 am
apple likes to keep their new p >>russell: apple likes to keep new products under wraps. yesterday they blew the door wide open, though, on 7. >>laura: to talk about it, lauren simonetti is here with us. good morning. >> hold up. amazon blew the door open first. they unveiled their page of the new assessries with pictures of the iphone 7 an hour before apple unveiled the 7. nonetheless, we were right with all the predictions. are you ready for this? it's all about what it doesn't have. doesn't have the head phone jack f. you're annoyed you have to
6:54 am
be. with the 7 purchases, they are including an adaptor. so you plug the adaptor into the place where you charge your phone and on the other end, plug in your original head phone set and you should be good to go f. you're feeling rich, next month buy the new wireless headsets that apple is selling for $160. you have to charge them, though. and they're small. so if you're charging them because they only last five hours and you're constantly losing them, you might be angry of audio, right? wireless. other spectral quick, it's water resistant. not waterproof. also dust resistant. comes in more colors. it's faster and the camera on the 7 plus is amazing. when you zoom in, it's going to be so crystal clear so people who like to take pictures are certainly liking that one. >>russell: but it's not all techie stuff. there's some fun going on here,
6:55 am
>> nintendo is coming to the ipad and iphone by december. it was such a small announcement but it was such a big deal because super-mario brothers is the iconic game and i'm hearing it in my ear. i remember this game. and nintendo is not doing well because of console sales so now with the legendary game making it to the smart phones by the end of the year, nintendo investors and some apple fans were certainly happy. soon but first apple. >>laura: interesting. i don't know. that is fun. finally, there's some competition in the world of milk chocolate. >> okay. so it's a global snack brand. they tried to buy hershey many times and hershey said no so now they say, all right. we have to come out with more chocolate to make a bigger splash in the united states.
6:56 am
oreo. they're bringing that to the united states and other offerings as well. you're going to see more types of chocolate here in the u.s. and if you have a sweet tooth and you want something other than hershey's, this is good for them. >>russell: so it's a candy bar with oreos inside? >> inside. correct. >>russell: that sounds good. >>laura: cookies and cream. >>russell: that's cool. >> it's good. i've had it. i think so. i loved it. i love any type of chocolate that i have the texture of the chocolate is different. and then they always put different things inside yiek -- like wafers. any time i go to another country, i buy as much chocolate as possible. it's my thing. >>russell: that's so you. >> most people buy mugs. i buy chocolate. >>laura: listen. nothing wrong with that. >>russell: it's okay as long as you share. see you later. >> bye. >>laura: it is 6:56 and how
6:57 am
>>russell: that would require us to stay on longer than we already do, so no thanks. but if anyone is out there interested, kelly is taking applications. she made the big announcement yesterday. one lucky fan will have the opportunity to be her guest host. you have until september 20 to apply on the show's website and the facebook page. the search continues for the permanent cohost and you know the names. anderson cooper, fred savage, rob lowe have all been much more ahead in the next hour. a woman calls 911 when someone is shooting at her. the clues she gave police about her killers. >>laura: plus an olympic sweetheart. the story of american gymnast simone biles in her own words. >>dave: waiting for the sun to come up over the lakeland camera. as we do, it's going to be another beautiful day. we've got our temperatures starting off in the 60s and 70s starting off in the 60s and 70s with highs today in the lower
6:58 am
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((russell- a brazen bandit. not only did he >>russell: a brazen bandity. a search to find him. us hillary clinton and donald trump share aid stage last night. i'm in washington. we'll tell you what happened coming up. ? happy birthday? >>laura: remember that? an iconic piece of history. the chance to own the dress marilyn monroe wore while she was singin to the president in that moment and it is not cheap. and welcome to the 7:00 hour of


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