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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 8, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> >> >> being a woman is tough. and it's not any easier when buying a home. we will explain why ladies are pa tranquil get away in middle ever the state i'll take you to an oasis that's just one tank. from tampa bay's number one news station is this is good day tampa bay. one prompter pedal two anchors. it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. it's team work makes the dream work. thanks for waking up with us on thursday morning september 8th. we need to get a check weather forecast with dave.
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okay. 75 degrees we've gone up a whole one degree in past hour. honestly a very nice start to the day. for everybody. even it's a little bit warmer at the coast. still feels nice. you got temperatures in the mid to upper 60s here in the 8 o'clock hour. for citrus and hernando county low to mid 70s just about everywhere else. enjoy today it will be hot this afternoon rain chances stay low 20 percent. with highs in the lower 90s. >> vanessa, good morning. good morning dave a couple trouble spots we will start hillsborough avenue eastbound direction a right lane blocked near harney road. so most of your delays you will see heading that way. meantime this crash carrying over from last hour of good day is causing big delays here northbound particularly but also southbound u.s. 41 at 27th avenue west northbound lane blockage complete blockage right now drivers will want to avoid that area until this is all cleared out. we will get to some congestion points and it looks like we're even worse here from the last
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275. we don't have crashes reported just appears to be good old fashioned back ups. 50 minutes from 75, 75 to i-4. you can see a looking a little slow westbound i-4 coming in from 75. southbound approaching i-4. thanks. 8:02 women get short end of the stick with lot of things. they can add one more thing to that list now. turns out they are paying more for mortgages. two new reports took look at the role of single women in home buying market and challenges their motor mortgage on time default on their loans less often they get charged more for their loans and denied credit more often. and the reason is each though women voo much better repayment performance they are still viewed as having somewhat weaker credit characteristics. part of this is because they are paid less. and some are single mothers. and this should be concerning for real estate industry in total. right now single women make up the second largest group of home
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percent. single men make up only about 9 percent. >> new this morning a retirement is not what it used to be. a new survey shows many people in america plan to work as long as possible. some, because they say they need the money. some because they want to. and others say it's a combination of both. a survey by bank rate shows that many retirees know they cannot count on social security benefits. to pay the bills. so many seek out supplemental income and many say getting another job helps keep the sharp. well the kids are going to be all right. it turns out their parents may need a little bit of a help newly released statistics show young people committing fewer crimes older people continue to behave badly. either way the crime rate is going up. it has decreased by almost a third over last two decades. analysis by bureau of justice stats shows that the fear of being in trouble could be driving that. young adults are getting in trouble 23 percent less frequently than people our age
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people ages 40 to 55 is 9 to 12 percent higher than it was 20 years ago. as parents, we have to be optimistic about things. niece numbers show the kids are law abiding citizens and the numbers are regardless of race or ethnicity. it is 8:04 now. jewelry is just not worth your life. that's message from hillsborough county sheriff's office after a clerk tried to take matters into his own hands when a man took off with jewelry. by a thread. and the thief is still on the loose. fox 13 shayla reeves us live for us at the sheriff's departent with their plea to find this dangerous man. who caused this scary series of events, right? >> oh, absolutely. and we're talking about events captured on camera. in fact the deputies that are working this case are asking anyone with any information to please come forward. and inn this case the worker hurt remains in the hospital
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i want take you right to images if you check out your screen, this is what started an inn jewelry store and land ad worker in the hospital hurt. this is video from the mirage diamonds and fine jewelry story westville brandon mall. captured tuesday. deputies say a man asked to try on about $25,000 worth of jewelry. but instead of handing over the cash he bolted. a worker chased the thief all way the way to parking lot and hopped on hood of a get away the thief still took off throwing worker from hood of that chevy camero. >> that property is nowhere near the value of a person's life. but number two you're not going to get anything for it out on the street. and certainly is tragedy all the way around. we hope we get the guy. he needs to be behind bars. and prosecuted for this horrible act. >> now we're told worker was not only thrown from the vehicle,
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well. he's in the hospital again in critical condition. mirage diamonds and fine jewelry remained closed on wednesday unclear if they plan to remain closed today or if they plan to reopen. in meantime deputies are focused on finding the thief and described to us as a male believed to be between 25 and 30 years old. the vehicle they are looking for has been described as a two-door newer model silver chevy camero. if you have any about that vehicle last seen heading north on i-75, you're urged to give the hillsborough county sheriff's office a call. back to you. >> all right shayla reeves live for us from hillsborough county sheriff's office. russell over to you. >> all right. thanks. 8:0 six right now. and a ten-year-old boy is facing manslaughter charges. in death of his own cousin. it's a case full of tragic horrible twists and turns.
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she was taken to gainesville hospital and she died there. her ten-year-old cousin was baby-sitting and gave investigators three different stories about what happened. but another child in that home told investigators the boy had been abusing journey girl's injuries were not consistent with a fall they've ruled her death a homicide. the little girl's father is in custody a well awaiting trial in 2014 killing of another child. investigators say the this believe psych behind whole incident ten-year-old is expected to face a judge today. a man is in in hospital this morning and reason he is there, likely his own fault. polk county sheriff deputy shot at him only after he shot at them first. this man frantzi perry is pretty well known to the law enforcement community. fox 13's alcides segui is live and a sheriff grady judd is
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information. do we expect that soon? >> yeah that's what we're kind of hoping for thp deputies will meet about 8:45 morning to try to figure out what game plan will be. i expect that news conference to happen some time later on this morning. but again, as you mentioned we're expect some new information on this case including what this man had inside of his car. we're hearing there was a possible drugs inside the car. and that's what led to all of this. but again we're hoping to confirm that information with the polk county sheriff's office. this was traffic stop that happened at about 7 o'clock. the polk county sheriff's office saying it was 32-year-old frances perry, they an approached his car perry shot at them. he was only person in that car. officers obviously returned fire hitting him several times. sheriff says officers immediately began cpr and called for ambulance. none officers were shot. investigators believe that perry had large amount of drugs inside that car and we're hoping to confirm that information some time this morning.
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known, known convicted violent felon. he has an extensive criminal history. including attempted second degree murder fleeing to allowed. impersonating a law enforcement officer and possession of meth. get this he was just released from prison 5 months ago. we're told he admitted to several law enforcement agency he was member of white supremacist movement. state attorney's office is investigating this as well. which by the way is standard for a case like this when ever law enforcement officer opens fire get involved. we're hoping to learn more information? some time this morning find out what this man had in his car and find out his condition as well. at last check they gave him cpr emergency response. but we don't know his condition as of yet. again we hope to learn a lot more through the day. back to you sheriff grady judd made it clear immediately this was not situation at that was not warranted, right? >> correct. exactly right. this guy apparent had dark
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they didn't know this guy had gun according to sheriff. that's when they say, he opened fiery on those law enforcement officers. so, obviously you got to return fire fury life is in danger like it was yesterday. that appears to be the issue here. >> you shoot at us we'll shoot at you. concisely said yeah. all right. alcides, thank you. >> that's right. >> yesterday was just beautiful wasn't it in what about repeat today in dave's forecast an oasis in middle of state i will take you to place of beauty and tranquility in this morning one tank trip. 8:30 standing or sitting those are two controversial options and we have a very emotional reason why an nfl player says he wishes he could stand. >> and charley belcher. hi laura hue doing this morning?
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good. fantastic because i love watching people draw. in i just there's something about seeing somebody create something from nothing on a page. always just so interesting to me. we're place called elite animation academy in the westchase area of tampa. computer graphics animation. movies obviously. but, you've got to learn how to a crawl before you can run. yeah. obviously i didn't draw any of this stuff. because it's really good. these these students, next generation
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((russell bw)) when i y23y6y yy6y started 8:14 when i started work thing here now laura, 23 years ago. bach towery was one of my first stories. place really an oasis. i was stunned that such a place exists in the middle of the state. well, have you seen the place lately? there's some big changes. let me take you inside in this one tank trip. it remains one most beautiful unique places i have seen anywhere. high up on heel bach towery gardens all of these years later
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they say if it ain't broke, but somehow, some way, they managed to improve on edward bach's vision. new gardens at bach. when i heard you guys were doing things i thought how's that going to work. and i look around and it works very well. we're real proud of what we did. it took a lot of thought. we, we ask the same question when we change things are we going to change the nare started a master plan. and then a design planning. and then construction and so what you see is, result of probably 5 or six years of work. new gardens really are stroerd. like this one. the pollinator garden. >> focus your eye. just above the flowers you can see all insects flying around. and if you look at them and there are some that small as a gnat. and a some flies here that
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bees. they are an important for seed production can as well a vegetable production. there's outdoor kitchen for demonstration and events and children's garden design to allow children to climb and play. ecosystem gardens, most everything here native plants. and all of it is designed to make bach towery gardens. in 1920s. it's about about beauty education and a teaching about the beauty of nature as well agriculture. and agriculture is strong part what if we are. our entry road a mile and a half drive through citrus. agriculture has always been a big part of what we do. you know in case you missed the first grand opening of bach garden that was in 1929. there will be another one this saturday, september 10th.
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spaces. just like in 1929, when edward was there, there will be a few baches on hand as well and on saturday, we should point out. saturday. admission will be free. so there are baches still living in area. let me take that back. i'm not sure if there backs still living in our area mr. back was from new york i believe. up north. i think they are coming in for this grand reopening. so i've never been there a bell towery. and they have a carol lawner. which is person it looks lie organ a keyboard. and they play it like a pipe organ. they play it and it rings the bells. i've been up there it's really quite something. yeah. it's, really a neat, neat place. if you haven't been if you've been here forever you need to go. and maybe i need to rent a van we need to do a road trip. >> i'll take you. >> i've honest never been there. i think drive out there would a nice.
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8:17. and whatever you're doing this morning it is pretty outside. and we're starting oh of with temperatures which range believe it or not the 60s up in hernando and citrus county. to mid 70s in a few other areas. and yeah, of course we have at beautiful sunshine as well. 75 at tampa international. still happening out in that 69-degree start in brooksville. 64 in ocala. lakeland, frostproof, wales. beautiful, beautiful. 76 degrees in sebring. and 77 in sarasota. now like yesterday here's what we do. we bring temperatures back to lower 90s. we're going to keep low rain chances around because of the mid level dry air. and that dryer air squashes down those clouds. not allowing big thunderstorms to form. tampa around 20 percent rain chance maybe 30 percent a little bit further toward the south.
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chances back. 92 degrees today. one or two isolated storms to south. tonight overnight lows some 77 degrees. then tomorrow back in the lower 90s. with rain chances tomorrow holding about 30 percent. it will drop to 40 percent a little closer to september norms. highs around 90. second half the weekend lows in the mid 70s. vanessa. dave i think we pinpointed the source of our delays on southbound 275 north of the interchange. it's a crash. not blocking any travel but it's here south of hillsborough avenue. you can seton the shoulder. and it is cause something folks to slow down. it looks like it is picking up once you pass that crash site. so an update on travel times right now. just two minutes shy of an hour to get from 75 to i-4 traveling southbound on 275. so definitely give yourself some extra time here or if you have another work around that you like instead of 275, maybe think about taking that. looks like we have some improving congestion here. just down to 11 minutes.
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totally clear northbound on 75 between selman expressway and fletcher avenue. >> we have a new crash reported out of bradenton with some lane blockage. eastbound here state road 64. we do have minor delays. not too bad. at k road. watch out it's the left lane
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we are sketching out a good day tampa bay. and it's starting to take shape. my name is charley belcher i'm in westchase area of tampa this morning. at elite animation academy. gladys formed this. you guys started in orlando. in orlando. which makes sense. you used to be pew operation side of disney. animation king >> and so it started in orlando. and so popular and so much demand you open ad tampa campus. two locations now. what all, what all do you teach? what do your students learn? we started we traditional and digital classes. we started from drawing fundamental comics cartooning and sketching and at digital side which is we do photo shop, 2 d flash. three d >> that foundation is and this
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because you can do anything with it. you can work on websites. you can do graphic design. make movies for pixar. >> right. you really, i mean, the smallest company is using that skill set. and the largest set in apple one largest companies in world using that skill set, right? yeah. that's right. because, also, they can go into another defense industry they can go into architecture graphic design. so much more than you can learn that's just fundamental of it and going to branch out. classes starting back up tomorrow. they start tomorrow. we have after school programs and we also have classes on saturdays. >> nice. and an adults too. yes. we also teach adults. we start kids 8 and up. we also have classes for adults. we also offer a lot virtual classes. right. right. really technically a world wide audience. dana is one of professors here. you have a pretty prey prey steejs background yourself in art world
8:25 am
of tampa and university of south florida as well. >> and you, you would start the kids out as we said earlier i had dana draw some examples here. you have to crawl before you can run. and here's how you start crawling. you just teach them how to just draw an every day simple object break it down into shapes? >> yeah, normally to bring a strong cartoonist an important to want have strong foundation in basics and often in realism even if feels a little bit dry at first. stronger your you have over your cartoons i usually start them off with basic objects that can breakdown very easily visibly into shapes. in this one for example you can break it down from cylinders on top of each other and detail them from there. then we build up to shapes that are built up top objects that get more complicated. and you vo to draw realistic human form. and then they can transform that into more cartoon human form and a draw the hand. hands are tough. hands are tough.
8:26 am
are standing with hands in there pockets. those are basics. when we come back how they transfer that to computer and take it to the next level which would be animation. very nice. thanks, charley. great. see you later. freedom, love of our country, those are all reasons people say they stand for the national anthem. and an nfl player is adding a few more reasons to that list. jen's going to explain. then poll after they all say something different. what do they really mean these illusive polls? we will find out coming up after apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. welcome ebbed. 8:30. almost every day we hear about a new poll telling us who on top in this presidential election. is it hillary? is it trump. for instance, yesterday alone, there were 16 new polls that showed different outcomes. this real clear politics here. clearing house for these polls. it can be confusing. this morning we want to help make it a just a bit more clear. so, w mcmanus from usf to break it all down distinguished profess are and very good friend of outs here. good morning to you dr. mac man us. say what you will or headline does. most people see illusive polls they don't look under surveys. a lot there, isn't there? >> absolutely. and you really have to be consumer advocate to figure out what these things mean. it's very, very important to look at how many people are
8:31 am
being done. because smaller number of people being sfafd less reliable the poll is. >> but you know you do have to be careful for this. because, you know, news publications we're guilty of this i will say. headline gleaned from each poll is different and it seems like some have an agenda and some don't. have there certain polls you want to pay attention and certain ones you want to snow way one way or another? you absolutely have to look who paying for p you have university sponsored polls. you have ones that are done by the news networks in combination with a university. you have others that are being sponsored by special interest introups. other being done by political consultants. who does it and who is paying for it can really make a difference in whether you rely heavily on it. there are several very reputable national polls. pugh polls, gallop polls and some others. and then there are others that
8:32 am
like anything. a business. and people want to make money doing polls because everybody loves polls. and at the end of the day the polls that are really wrong are going to be out of business and those that are closer to being right probably get new business the next cycle. you know an important thing to mention too what questions did they ask end who worded questions? how did they decide what order they are asked even? those kind of things matter. absolutely. i can almost make any poll say what i want to and how i order it in the line up if i give statement ahead, most people think this, what do you think. that's obviously a leading question. it's like a leading question in a courtroom. it's not very professional. but there's a lot of that being done. and of course, the order that you ask it in is going very important. if i put something ahead of something else i asked you bunch of questions about taxes and then all of sudden i ask a tax question. but i've already given you some information ahead of that that makes you think one way, you're going to fired up about it.
8:33 am
we can, is there a difference? can we go back to that we just showed that when we tack about margin of error. you do have to be careful for this. you show a poll or neck and neck this is the headline that we say. you know these candidates are neck and neck but you got to pay attention to that margin of error. what you have to do is when it says margin of error and smaller margin of error the better that gives you more confidence. in this particular example, you would have to add and subtract the 3 percent toot those results. so what you see here is the smith candidate, you're 95 percent sure only that it falls the actual polling results shows it only falls between 49 and 55 percent. taylor 45 to 51. if there's any overlap whatsoever, it means it's a tie. let me assure you most of polls being done in florida right now will have a hillary clinton up one day by 2 percent. trump the next day by 3 percent.
8:34 am
margin of error which means we have a tie in our state. >> yeah. all right. we can talk so much longer but we have to leave it there dr. susan mcmanus thanks for coming in. always good to see. it does it how many. all right. we'll get over to you, russell. thank you. 8:34 right now. intercould not negligents tampa hotel is about to become the paramount. it's been sold to tribute fort foal leo. tampa was recently named a top ten city for young entrepreneurs. that was a big selling point for this currently undergoing renovations. those are expected to be completed in november. you need a car. whap about a motorcycle hub cap antique up for grabs a massive estate sale. i mean this is, a monster sale. and walter is live in tampa where there's a lot of history packed into this as well. right? oh you're inside now. great. moved inside. and you want to talk about history right here. december 6th issue of time.
8:35 am
life magazine. with wow. just amazing. just some stuff here. "new york times" there from 1948. just so much history. so much stuff around this, this little house. and this is not even the half of it would you say? yeah because they are like containers outside of this house. look here a trench coat from world war ii. world war ii? >> yeah. >> so, there's just so much stuff. danny, you are in charge of getting all of this stuff how long you been doing this estate sale? good six weeks since, about 18th of the july. >> how much stuff do they have? how much stuff? oh, wow. there was 20 container we consolidated that. stuff in every contain the house two acres full of cars and unbelievable amount of stuff. jacqueline kennedy onassis, obvious. the history around here local history as well. looking a chandelier.
8:36 am
came out columbia restaurant years ago when they would like you know update. they had a lot of chandeliers they stored in a little 5 and dime store on seventh avenue. and, over the years they would sell them off and i guess they either bought them and gave them to this family. and containers here they are for sale now finally. what's coolest thing you've seen here. eye opening for you. oh, that's a good question. well the family did have a large amount of coins. there was a very large amount of coins. some of them here. it was coins. and of course the die cast cars. lot of collections. very avid collector of lot of things. of course oddities too. there was like a lion clubber, made up knot of a tree all swords of bizarre stuff. how do you price this stuff out? how oourjt licensed appraiser with certified appraisers guild of america out st. louis we research stuff online and kind of get comps. appreciate it. i'll let you get back to work.
8:37 am
through sunday. you can check it out. there's, website that you can look at all of these different things think they are like 1500 different pictures of things that you could come out and buy. so there you go. russell.pwalter before we go, t describe to me where this is. because i'm, i'm a little confused. the airport. right at the airport? >> south of hills bo are and air cargo. yes air cargo. okay. now i'm understanding a little bit better. okay i was confused. thanks. see you later, okay. you bet. bye. and we had some eyes in there right now. we will find out soon. we've got our scouts going in to check things out. scouts. listen to to you. >> hey dave.
8:38 am
really do have beautiful start to our day too. can't wait to be outside in 9 o'clock hour. mid to upper 60s to the north. ocala is still sitting at 64 degrees. 69 degrees in brooksville. mid 70s in tampa. i still think we got that shot getting back to lower 90s. the further south you go, the more moisture you have in the atmosphere. you can see, look dew points in naples. 76 forth meyers 74. yet dew point is 61 in al humidity levels. not to mention in mid levels of the atmosphere. we've got dryer air. especially from tampa north. that's holding back the rain chances. so isolated rain chances to the south today. you see how things are setting up again. as these showers work their way across the state. let's say from sarasota south. quick shower in the forecast. that rain chance overall 30 percent. tampa north, 20 percent or less.
8:39 am
okay. after what happened last week, right? still drying things out. 92 degrees for high temperature today. tonight, upper 70s for overnight lows. tomorrow, we finish the week off slightly higher rain chance. we'll put it at 30 percent. it's not a tremendous chance, with your high temperature around 91 degrees. and then the next 7 days. 40 percent. that's where we got, really from sunday afternoon, through wednesday afternoon. highs around 90. lows in the mid 70 time to give away another fox 13 good day mug to get your mug go to fox 13's dave osterberg facebook page. first you got to like page and click on #we live here photo just like barney did. and barney, i'm jealous i want to sitting on that balcony my friend. just enjoying that beautiful shot of a siesta key beach. barney sent that picture into us and there you go. now you can sit with that shot,
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>> clear skies. >> look at blue skies. isn't that beautiful? >> white sand. you can't go wrong with beach picture. absolutely not. enjoy that mug, barney. right now 8:39. we want to turn our attention to roadways. we have a crash with some i'd say minor to moderate delays. eastbound bushy boulevard at himes we do have eastbound lane blocks reported in area. couple extra minutes. meantime avoid this area. we have structure fire reported out of clearwater affecting drew street. a couple of intersections to west of highland en out there to do traffic control of course you can expect a lot of fire equipment delays we're seeing both eastbound and westbound in the area. an update here especially here on 275 where we're concerned with unusual delays we're seeing southbound coming into interchange. some minor improvements. we're still just i'd say shy of 60 minutes or an hour or so you can see to get from 75 to i-4. so keep giving your self that extra time there otherwise just
8:41 am
just ta home. 75 to. all right. why i stand. their words with a much bigger meaning these days after 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick decided to kneel during at national anthem instead of stand it has been controversial to stay say the least a player that was injured in preseason game has lot to say on issue. fox 13's jen epstein is here with ben watson's very powerful and emotionally driven wards. ben watson plays for ravens was injured in final preseason game and will most likely be out for the rest of the season. he's passionate player and passionate man of god. and has optimism the country will one day be better. that why he says he's stands when the national anthem plays. and oh very long facebook post he says in part, i never forget the ills of america. but for a moment, i envision it's potential. remember it's prosperity, and give thanks to god for the land he has placed me in and for the
8:42 am
i stand because thp mixed bag of evil and good is my home. and because it's my home, my standing is a pledge to continue the fight against all injustice and preserve the greatest attributes of the country. including collin capper income right to kneel. he goes on to action and similar action by others in past and present are a key component in equation for social change and should be respected. but he also hopes it brings attention to at problem not protest. adding that conflict when handled correctly strengthens. but when mismanaged it destroys. >> all right. and laura i went on his facebook page. i read the whole post, and i encourage everyone to go out there and read it we just took snippets from but it's very powerful biggest point anthem as platform we need to move on to actual conversation and the issue. absolutely. right. we certainly hope that's the case. that's what we stand for here in america. all right.
8:43 am
>> very nice. yeah. i like that. i do too. thank you, jen. 8:42 now emergencies happen. it's a fact of life. and they can heart breaking and costly. but, places and people do help. coming up next we will tell you about a group that does just that. show you how can you can assist introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured.
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pets.. there aren't two better things in this wod don't think.. this food and pets nothing better in world we think. this weekend an event that builds on that idea. and guess what i'm going to fart of it. it's called frankie friends bubbly and ben addicts. this morning jana smith and becky thomas along with lady, that's lady right there. to talk about this great program that i love being a part of. how are you my friend? good to see you. big deal on sunday. big deal on sunday. eddy b's 10 to 1. $150 is the ticket. it's all inclusive from bubbling
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>> and auctions. auctions we've got some amazing auction items from super bowl tickets, i ever got 1988 hockey stick from the usaa team signed by every member that was when remember the big 1988. yeah. got that one up for auction. she's good everybody. glad we got her. all right. so, frankie friends. let's tell everybody what, inse convey ascan. frankie frien i an organization that helps people out when they have threatening illnesses, injuries for their pets. for their pets, correct. specifically family owned pets. >> so when they have an emergency care situation, and they can't afford the full >> or long-term cancer situations that's good point they can't afford the full cost of care we step in. so we've specifically provide grants to families who get into an emergency care situation. the idea is that we want to a good prognosis obviously for the animal. we want to bring the animal back
8:48 am
have a life together. >> lady here was a benefitted you all benefit from frankie friends four years ago? >> absolutely. what happened to lady? she got para site from rain water. we took her to blue pearl she was deathly ill. she was not going to make it. and frankie friends stepped in and saved the day. that's why laney is here with us today. if anyone has a pet and you have to go to the vet, and if you have an emergency, and i've been to blue pearl i've been and i know, it's just not cheap. and i mean it can a thousands of dollars. uh-huh. i mean sometimes you can't pay that. >> that's very true. >> for us, we all have a health insurance. when we go to pay a bill we still have shocker shock but insurance company helping subsidize that bill for many families that have pets they don't have health insurance just becoming popular today.
8:49 am
after my last trip to blue pearl i've got to too. so what we tend to forget is that the education and the background of the doctors that are specialistses that are working in oncology department, the surgeons, it's expensive. they went to lot of school. they have very specialized training. the equipment they are using is very similar to what they use for us. mri machine is exact same. so, anyway when a situation comes up and there was air man that came home fire, four dogs in that house. they all, three. and they needed, they needed help. there was a dog in here they break in and dog got injured and all of this and frankie friends works all time not just in a tampa but around in. and they've done a wonderful job because frankie was a family dog of mr. d's. an candy's and that's why, it's
8:50 am
because we love ed v's folks. there it is right there this sunday 10 o'clock. and are tickets tim available tickets are still available. they are $150. again all inclusive. you can get tickets at frankie's /florida. >> okay. all right. got to run i'll see you sunday. yes. absolutely. thank you for coming in. thank you. laney i'm glad you're well sweetie you take care thanks for coming in you brought joy to our little hearts here this morning great little dog. thank you. thank you. >> all right. to charley. hey. gp stuff sounds fun russell. i'm in westchase the westchase neighborhood of tampa. talking about elite animation academy. first students learn basics of drawing, sketching that sort of thing then they can come to old computer and start to make it move. that's what we're talking about when good day tampa bay
8:51 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
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reat. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a, start all loud to camera.
8:54 am
i'm charley belcher coming to you from westchase neighborhood of tampa this morning. elite animation academy. dana one the fro professors here they teach kids starting 8 years old from basic art all the way up to pretty sophisticated computer animation. they also have classes for adults. you teach adult classes too? i do. nice. nice. all right. so last segment we saw you saturday start out with basic sketching shapes and hds graduate to next step here or many steps in between. but, focussing in on animation. how do we begin here? what are we doing here? >> well usually with animation we start with bouncing ball. a simple exercise. ball's easier to maintain the volumes and shapes. it gets hart harder to maintain shapes the more complicated characters you work with. so with bouncing ball we can talk about physics we can talk about volume control. and really simple way.
8:55 am
start with guides so, and ball doesn't jitter as going up and down. i usually start with a little mountain. this just direction for the ball i create new layer if on paper i put another sheet of paper on top. >> right. which in essence you see old school animators doing this. this draw one piece of paper and next one. kind of like old flip books. that's computer version of that. in yes, exactly. we roshing with layers basically they represent paper. or in this case frames on time line. that's exactly right. it just saves us the time it takes to scan. >> right. so and here we start with at ball. then we would create a new frame. down here is our time line. animation is done typically 44 frames per second. 24 drawing for every one second of animation. we have our.
8:56 am
so create a blank key frame. now it gets a little hard to draw the ball even with a guide. not knowing where the first ball is. so in traditional animation light box. we put paper on top and have light shine through. see through it see drawing before you know where it is for movement. that's right. on computer we use on gin skinning we turn on on gin skinning feature. like one you drew before. then you can have a that one and then putt-putt it altogether and gives a sense of movement. that's right. if you did all of that. absolutely. i have my original guide and then i have the actual ball. i'm going to turn off on gin skinning we can see it. so, for first i will play it with the guide. >> and now i'm going going to turn the guide off we get to see ball in action. >> here it is, over here. okay. there you go. the basics of animation. bouncing ball. as we look around and see what everybody is doing over here, that's exactly what everybody who has got theirs finished.
8:57 am
those little kitty clocks going. tom is blinking and smirking. i love it. the future of animation happening right here in happening right here in westchase. wish your skin could bounce back like... happening right here in westchase. used to? neutrogena? hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back. hydro boost... from neutrogena?. see what's possible. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico.
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so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
8:59 am
(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
9:00 am
with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. looking for the key to the universe.. we'll talk to nasa ahead of looking for atey the universe. good look with that. no, that's you. dave's going to be talking to nasa about their mission to look for the asteroid. >> that tall task. then usually it's the cheerleaders who support the football players. but one high school is switching things up a little bit. we will have the reason why. and good morning. welcome to at 9 o'clock hour of good day tampa bay. >> hi laura. i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. old habits die hard. it makes more sense to do it our way. how you doing?


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