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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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t captured." right now at ten... priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. right now, a sarasota women behind bars for trying to have her husband killed. why she wanted him dead. >> for thor stand there and being in the condition she is in, i would do something like that. >> friends of the woman arrested for setting a car on fire. what they want to know about her. >> we didn't know when he would strike again. he had nothing to lose at this point. >> a man preying on people after selling an app. how deputies managed to track
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good evening. >> thanks for joining us. first up, it's a developing story, a woman charged with trying to have her ex-husband killed. rachel leahy had a specific reason for wanting him out of the way. we are they're explain what was the reason. >> this was a may, december relationship. he's 24 yours younger than her ex-husband. this started deputies got a tip. they launched an undercover investigation with the detective posing as a hit man. she would pay him $5,000 to kill david. she wanted her ex-husband dead so she could get custody of the children, that according to deputies. here she's this afternoon being escorted from the sheriff's office. she said nothing to reporters as she was loaded into a patrol
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solicitation of murder. deputies say when they arrested her, her bags were packed. her ex-husband lived in a half million dollars house in a gated community in sarasota. david leahy asked for a divorce because their marriage was broken. the documents say she did not agree with his assessment, but she went ahead with the divorce anyway. we learned that she had accused him of domestic violence in the past. the three children were placed in his custody after the divorce and that's where they are now. >> thanks. how about this update on those recalled samsung galaxy smartphones. a man's phone exploded and
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the faa is involved. they are asking travelers not to turn them on or charge them while on any aircraft. it's extremely unusual to warn about a specific product. the passengers were urged to not even put the phones in checked bags. dozens of these devices have caught fire. new at 10, you have saw this woman burning what she thought was her ex-boyfriend's car. that is going viral. we spoke with those close to her. what did they have to say about the now viral video, josh? >> well, kelly, we spoke to her best friend. despite how bad this looks, she's glad it happened. her friend carmen was headed
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life around and get help. it's the clear water car fire that set the internet ablaze. watch as 19-year-old carmen torches what she thinks is her ex-boyfriend's car. only problem it wasn't hers. it's become a running joke. >> don't think she thought it would lead to >> reporter: she said carmen had been in a bad place. she calls it shocking. >> it needed to happen to her. if it didn't, she would end up dead. between being on drugs and being in the streets. >> reporter: she thought her x
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she appears to stoke the orange flames. she's wearing orange in jail for second degree a arson. the fire would destroy the car. his luck would go from bad to worse that day. >> he had an outstanding warrant, so he ended up getting taken to jail and losing his car on the same morning. not a good day. >> a bad day all around. and played over and over. >> if it keeps going over and over, maybe somebody will come out of the woodwork. >> hopefully she learns from this mistake. hopefully this helps her be a better person. >> reporter: carmen is still in jail. $10,000 bond. we also have an update to a
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night at 10:00. the man shot by officers has passed away. he had a lengthy criminal history. take a look at the giant scroll of arrest charges. it began with arrest for weapons. they stopped his car last night. a navy veteran has died when deputies used a taser family and friends say he was having seizure-like activities and acting irradically. he became disoriented and had trouble following directions. friends remember him as a gulf war veteran and was a family man. >> he was friendly, he was nice. he was joking with us all the time. his kids loved him.
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>> remember using a taser, supposed to be nonlethal force but it can it cause cardiac arrest. he called himself freddy james and portrayed himself as a buyer. but he's a thief and murder. his real name is victor mans. detectives say the on-line buying site to meet his victims. he met his first victim in the walgreens parking lot, stole an ipad he was there to buy. six days later he robbed another man he met on the site at gun point. then three days later, it turned deadly.
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to defend himself with a shotgun. but man shot his gun off. >> he went from a theft a robbery. he actually hit the person. to a murder. we knew we had to operate quickly. we didn't know when he would strike again. he had nothing to lose. >> detectives in on mans. they provided him with plenty of information. the profile picture matched one of his facebook pictures. new at 10, police are asking the public for help finding three men. they broke into the radio shock and stole a bunch of phones from the display. you can see them running around. yanking phones off the shelfs.
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they appeared to be in late teens or early 20s. police are asking anyone who recognizes them, please call heartland crimestoppers. some folks are getting their first look at their flooded homes after hurricane hermine. >> we'll look at their cleanup efforts and why they are concerned the trouble may not can over. we were all there, were we on 9/11? many kids who graduated college can't even remember before 9/11. third day in a row, showers and thundershowers south of tampa bay. sky tower is busy. it rained multiple times. that rain continues to move to the west and rainfall coverage the west and rainfall coverage will increase into the weekend.
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mandatory evacuations mandatory evacuations were lifted today. some people getting back inside their homes. in many cases they are returning to mucky water, debris inside, probably mold. this has been going on for months. you are talking to neighbors who lost so much. they can't catch a break, can they. >> reporter: they can't.
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neighborhood. the road is still closed because of watter on the road. some homes are inaccessible. some people are in clean-up mode. >> my front patio has become my front dock. >> his property is close to becoming part of the lake. but the water didn't make it inside his home. you can't say the same about the garage. he says the lake behind his hurricane hermine. >> the next day it started going up. by two days after the hurricane, it raised seven or eight people. >> bass lake was under a mandatory evacuations. he never left. now neighbors are returning to find a mess. >> 14, 15 inches.
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platform and ruined everything on the floor in his shed. he and his neighbors were still cleaning up thursday. as water pumps buzz at the front of the community. in bass lake, rain makes frustrated neighbors nervous again. >> we are worried as soon as it rains, it's going to be in the house. >> reporter: the count h added up the damages to $90 million. they expect some type of federal aid. >> 90 million is no joke. another successful launch today. this rocket is on a special space mission. nasa hopes to pull off something that scientists thought was impossible. scoop up parts of an asteroid.
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so there you go. it's happening. >> it is happening. it's amazing. >> it is, if you think about how they are able to do it. >> and without bruce willis. >> local firefighters are getting a different kind of training. >> even st. pete participated in the training. the focus is on flame fires. these are flames have to deal with. it's a different approach to put these out compared to a normal street fire. they are trained to work with hundreds of passengers. >> we have the dynamic of a large amount of jet fuel which burns differently than other fuel and materials in the
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receive this type of training. it's good to have it. a delightful day. i do feel the dry. >> a little bit this morning. did a twitter poll, 80% said they felt the fall. 20%, still in the house. >> the humidity has got to be off? >> you think so? a little bit. tampa bay north, it's back. we have got rain part. we got pictures like this. a big duck over new tampa earlier today. that's the aflack duck. it's a new cloud formation. thanks, ron. this was a picture of the atlas 5 launch.
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coming back in the year 2023. great shot on the river tonight from joe and this on the gandy bridge. beautiful sunz ly done. it was cooler than average. a lot of you were in the upper 60s. good east the east wind is still a byproduct of what is left of hermine which is on the map, very week, then very late in the day there were a couple of boundaries intersecting to our south. those of you watching us in our southern counties, you had multiple bands of rain.
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an outflow bound doorry. another round of rain weakening over sarasota. some rain, now venice, north port also in play. won't last too much longer. once this line goes by, we are pretty much done for the night. temperatures still in the mid 80s. 79. the dry air mass is still over the state from about owe cala to it's not going to last too much longer. having fun with all the countdown calendars. this is a great time of year. two weeks to go. 34 days to go until the lightning have their opener.
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the tropics have become more active. we are watching two systems. the first one doesn't look like much. it's developed here. the one behind it, 20% in two days, 60% in five days. some of the models have the first one spinning off our east coast. the second one should be a classic fish storm going up and causing waves and falling on the fish and moving out to sea. right now 85, the dew point 73. high pressure dominates in the u.s. it's another heat wave. you see the l. right here spinning off cape cod? that's still what is left of hermine which is still trackable on the map. check out temperatures now, 83 in new york city. columnee is 82. this cold front is not going to
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down to 76. a few thundershowers tomorrow. generally south of tampa bay, 92. back to typical summertime stuff on sunday. seven day looks like it should in mid september. we stay in the 90s for highs. back to you. >> miami remains the focus in the fight against zika. officials are working together. >> let's hope.
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now to the zika outbreak.. state health leaders now say now to the zika outbreak, there have been 750 patients with the zika virus in florida. the mosquitoes are carrying the virus in some parts of miami. the university of miami held a discussion. they focused their understanding on zika's patterns through the mosquitoes.
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living in an interconnected world. >> it's clear we live in a world that's more enter connected. we need to expect the spread of diseases, this is an era of pandemics. zika is not the first one and likely not to be the last one. >> they plan to track cases and learn about the long-term effects. the has set up a hotline. the number is here on your screen, we'll also put it on our website. the fbi is looking for man that robbed a south florida bank. a man recognized the shirt as one that was stolen. he burst into his home, pulled
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cash. the day he broke n he was not wearing a shirt. evans immediately recognized his stuff. >> i saw the video, i knew that was my shirt. it was a button-down, double collared shirt. >> the robber can keep the shirt, but he wants the rest of his stuff. >> we mean major. what they may have done, why they may have done it, and what they may have done it, and what this ? this week, you're taking a well-earned staycation... determined to make it the
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it's a scandal shocking it's a scandal that's
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wells wells fargo opened accouns without their permission. >> the government fined them $185 million. we are joined with more on the scandal and fallout. >> the scope of this fraud is shocking. the feds say over the past five years, they opened more than 2 million bank accounts. they had to pay fees on accounts they didn't know they had. staff used money to open new accounts without customers' knowledges. they made fake e-mail addresses and pin numbers. some customers were charged overdraft fees because money wasn't in there original accounts to cover expenses.
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it's also a reminder that banks are in the sales business. >> banks make money off the accounts you open. they make money off the credit cards that you apply for and make money off the loans that you are approved for. of course, they are going to push these things on you. you need to know what it is you want. don't be afraid to ask fo for a summary, what did i sign up if you are told no, you have to follow up, you have to ask. that's the only way you are going to protect yourself. >> good advice. a lot of people are going to look at the fees they charge. wells fargo says we take responsibility for customers may have received a product they did not request.
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wells fargo is worth more than $250 billion. guys? >> 5,000 employees? that's an entire city. >> watch out. many media outlets saying the real loser moderator. >> there was a social media frenzy about whether or not hillary clinton was receiving help through an ear piece. >> matt lauer wasn't throwing softballs, he pressed hillary clinton on e-mailing classified information. >> you were communicating on highly sensitive topics. why wasn't it more than a
10:33 pm
disqualifying? >> if you say things, you can spark a conflict, destabilize a region. you can put american life at risk. >> but today they were drawing criticism. clinton backers say lawyer was tougher. >> this is an important issue. we are on tv, we don't have a lot of time. >> we'll get to questions. >> i will get to it quickly. >> people were suggesting this was sexist. a new york times story says lawyer sulauer.
10:34 pm
iraq. >> one advantage for trump, no mention of recent controversies from his foundation to trump university unrelated to national security. veterans in the audience confronted both nominees. trump's son caused a stir by tweeting a link, was hillary wearing an ear piece? there is zero evidence of that, just as there was nothing support the chatter that george bush had a hidden device. the hammering of an interview is a preview of lester holt, anderson cooper can expect during the debates. in washington, howard cuts, fox
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kindergarten when 9/11 happened. those kids aren't such kids. if you were 5 on 9/11, you are about to graduate from college and embark on the first generation not to know the world before. >> what impact and how will they use their unique perspective on terrorism. we sat down with six members of generation 9/11 to find out. >> no one around the remembers when america wasn't at war. >> on 9/11 i was six years old. >> when america wasn't in fear. >> i was boarding the bus for kindergarten. >> smoke started coming into the classroom. >> that are at ut, two at usf, another one just finished a medical degree. >> my teacher at the time, her brother worked at the pentagon.
10:36 pm
>> 9/11 is the first event. y2k, columbine, oj are history lessons. she remembers her teachers not wanting to talk about the news. >> why is everybody reacting this way near florida? >> ut junior was a military kid, 5 on 9/11 and on a base in japan. >> a month prior to 9/1 a big earthquake. essentially being a five-year-old, it's another earthquake. >> reporter: she knew things had changed. >> my dad had this strange look. he came back from his room. my mom said where are you going?
10:37 pm
we didn't see him for a month and a half. >> reporter: terror poisoned her friend and family. >> when i went on the plane, we handledded, everyone was clapping, everyone had this sigh of relief. >> reporter: she says it had a tremendous impact on her mentality as she came to understand what was going on. >> people can leave and not come home. people can leave their house in the morning, say goodbye to their kid and they won't see them again because people are attacking. >> reporter: it has impaced their careers after seeing the way 9/11 has shaped the world, she wants to be a reporter. >> me being 11, that's when i got t there is a lot of areas.
10:38 pm
>> reporter: she's planning to teach kids that were the same age she was. >> to become humble people and have kindness. it's what it comes down to. the root comes from negativity. it comes from the way you were raised. >> reporter: is there hope of living in a post, post 9/11 world? >> we look at wars in the past, even looking world war ii. those have subsided, those were on larger scales. >> i think that we at one point will get to a place that is better. i don't think we'll ever get to a pre-9/11 state again. i think us as a generation will pass on what happened to us. >> our parents knew a time before. we only know this. we are trying to go for better.
10:39 pm
our kids and grandkids, so they don't have the same fears. >> there has to be hope. what were all those deployments, there has to be hope. >> glad you shared that with us. they are touched. >> i asked them for a show of hands, how many of you feel that the war on terror afterwards was only one out of the six of them approved of the way that the united states has approached this. >> you were in ithaca, new york. >> i waved goodbye. it was one of the worst days of my life.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says
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a puppy is recovering at a humane society in marion a pup is recovering after he suffered 3rd degree burns to 30% of his body. >> the puppy is just five weeks old. here the little guy is.
10:43 pm
humane society. on tuesday where they named him and bandaged him up. they are not sure what happened. but they do not think somebody burned him on purpose. >> this is very indicative of a puppy oar d or a dog. we think it crawled under something, maybe from the storm. >> they are referring to hurricane he needs multiple surgeries. he needs bandages changed every day. they are going to wait until he gets a little stronger. they think he will be healthy enough to be adopt in two or three months. he is precious. he will go quickly. we hope he recovers strong. looks like he's doing okay. >> looks like he's in good hands. the big question hanging
10:44 pm
winston pick up where he left off? they are playing home run derby in new york city.
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator.
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a man from hialeah becomes the first person to get the world's smallest a man has become the first to become the world's smallest pacemaker. the fda approved it back in april. it was emplanted into 78-year-old. because there is no incision to close, the low. with matt duffy on the shelf for the rest of the season, the rays, a hole in the middle of the infield. they landed a former all star. alexi, they are around to be picked up this late in the season. his production has fallen off quite a bit. this year with the padres etches
10:48 pm
>> excited for the opportunity to acquire him. he's played a lot of short stop. we are excited to get him here. we want to see others get opportunity. we thought he was a guy that can provide extra depth for us. >> the rays new hitting coach trying to make a difference on his firs in the first, finds the new york jet stream to the right. this is the first time a rays homered in the first inning. double trouble for the first inning. tie it up at 4. they club six home efforts first six innings.
10:49 pm
austin, comes through with a walk-off. his first career walk off homer. the yankees win it 5-4. new york mets signed him. they will begin in the fall instructional league. the mets gm insistings this isn't a publicity to make it to the majors will be difficult for a guy who last played baseball in high school. they continue to tweet their roster. they called up peyton to the active roster to fill in for mike james. bucks starting receivers are set to go. they are completely healthy.
10:50 pm
they missed a big chunk of the year, a total of six games. that left mike ins, not being able to contribute a full season. they are excited for sunday's opener in atlanta. >> it's a 0-0 slate. i think everybody has those first week optimism and things like that. no different for us here. we know that we have opportunity in front of us. we want to take advantage. >> events help everyone out. he's been center and done that. he's been in experiences and situations i have never seen. him out there playing is more calm. he just does amazing things. age can do that for you. >> here's our sunday lineup.
10:51 pm
atlanta. we'll be in studio. you can catch the bucks and falcons, followed by the cowboys. finally the real football season is here. >> left guard. a 9-year old girl shows up at school... scraped and bruised -- after being hit by a car! why the school never told her mother... tonight at 11.
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at. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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fantastic sunsets are back. a good spot. sunset beach. jill is a fox 13 brazil winner. nice c trees. we had some activity today. late in the day. if you are watching us in manatee, a band of rain went by, a break, that the band goes by, another band. it's been busy. one of the outflow boundaries produced a string of rain. that is moving to the west. i think we are done with this go-around of any rain.
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along 75. but that rain is moving along. and that's about that. tomorrow i think a day a lot like today except the rain coverage could be hire, especially tampa bay south. we'll see day time highs back in the 90s. drivers listen up, we have recalls. ford is adding a round of a million vehicles. several models are being impacted. mazda is pulling back 760,000 vehicles. the rear hatchet can fall on passengers. this recall is for a bunch of cars and suvs made over the past six years. if you are looking for a home, a 30 year fixed rate mortgage,
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football fans, bring your appetite and your wallet on game day. according to a new survey, people are expected to spend $20 billion on tailgating parties. the dip will always get
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uscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox? if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines.
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ok, sci-fi fans.. today all right, sci-fi fans, you know that song. the anniversary is a special one, 50 years of the premier of star trek on television. it premiered in 1966. that show held on for three seasons. considering how many other tv shows went on for fans gathering around the world. now we have how many movies? however many episodes. a hospital in virginia has found a way to get people talking about colon cancer. >> the 14-foot blow-up organ sits outside the general
11:00 pm
teaching people about colon health. colon cancer the second leading cause of death for men and women. sadly, one in three adults is not getting tested. they are hoping this enormous colon will raise awareness for cancer screening. the inflatable colon, i'm not sure if i can get my kids to get in there. >> it prevention or early detection is so big. time for the 11 news. >> right now at 11, we are starting with this, a local mother outraged after her dater had to ask this. >> can i go to the nurse's office because i just got hit bay car. >> neither the driver or school did the right thing.


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